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List of Contents


Lev's Daily Devotionals began in 2010 as a 'Daily Bread'-type ministry and initially as a one year experiment to meet the needs of those who are members of, or who just follow, this community. It extended into mid-August 2012, the end of the fifth biblical month, when it was finally discontinued by the author owing to a leading by the Ruach (Spirit) to prepare for other kinds of ministry. Whether they return again in the future remains to be seen. For now, moed sermons (weekly sabbath, monthly new moon and annual festival) have been resumed in a new series entitled Lev's Moedim Sermons.

NCCG.ORG Articles & Sermons: 1987-
Lev's MLT Sermons & Discourses: 2005-2011
Lev's Daily Devotionals (1): 2010-2012

The devotionals cover a wide range of subject material - theological, contemporary affairs, pastoral, medical, scientific, and indeed anything and everything that touches the 21st century disciple. It replaces the older series of Sermonettes which were from a wide range of authors and were for the most part discontinued several years ago. Although our Weekly MLT Sermons are on a separate page, we have included them in this register as well as they often form part of a continuous stream of events or themes. Where weekly sermons are not available on the MLT Sermons Page, I have included shorter ones as regular devotionals in their place here.

Though we follow the Biblical calendar system in this series, dividing months off according to each New Moon, we also include the better-known Roman calendar for convenience and easy navigation. This explains the two types of chronological subdivision. Please also note that as of 4 April 2011 we switched over to the Lunar-Solar Creation Calendar which is why things are labelled slightly differently than before. Thus:

Month 1:2 (Aviv), Week 1:1 (Rishon/Pesach), Year 5934:002 AM

means the second day of the first month of the year (which is known as Aviv), the first day of the first week of that month (corresponding to the Ruach haRishon and the festival of Pesach), and to the second day of the 5934th year since Creation.

If there are gaps or missing devotionals, it is because none were written owing to sickness or other circumstances.

You are very welcome to send comments by joining in on our Discussion Networks where devotionals are posted daily and links automatically emailed to subscribers. We value the many insights of our readers which are frequently published at the end of each devotional. Feel free also to link individual devotionals to your Facebook account.

Finally, if you would like to systematically study the Torah or First Five Books of Moses, please click the Lev's Torah Portions image below:


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


01. Welcome to the EUSSR (Secular New Year special)
02. Choosing Your Words Deliberately (Sabbath)
03. The Dot and the Line: Will You Be Straight or Twisty?
04. Raised Valleys & Flattened Mountains: The 25 Death Penalties
05. Messiah Within and Around Us - Daily Blessings of the Festivals of Yahweh
06. The Path of the Just: An Ever Brightening Journey for Yahweh's Own
07. The Messianic Complex: Letting Carnal Dreams Die in Yah'shua
08. Remain Planted in Him: The Dragon's Rage and the Work in Sweden
09. Sabbath Sermon: The Last Exodus and Unfolding Emet-Truth
10. Satanic Signs & Wonders: Don't Be Deceived by Them!
11. Invictus - Invincible: The Soul of Man or the Spirit of Yahweh?
12. The Order of Melchizedek: The Rainbow Upon Yah's Head
13. Motivational Deficiency Disorder: An Excuse for Laziness
14. The Gospel of Self-Esteem: A Modern Heresy
15. Honour Thy Parents: Honour and Obedience Contrasted
16. Sabbath Sermon: The Three Solomonic Principles of Set-Apart Life
23. Sabbath Sermon: Understanding Godly Relationships
30. Sabbath Sermon: Exposing Pantheism and False Belonging


13. Sabbath Sermon: Split to Choose

XII. Shenayim 'asar haChodesh (Twelfth Month) 5933

15. Rosh Chodesh (12th Month): The Spirit of Prophecy
16. Be a Man: Advice to Husbands
20. Sabbath Sermon: Do Not Be Afraid or Dismayed - Promises to the Faithful
21. Challenged or Changed? The Real Choice of Discipleship
22. Bread, Butter and Jelly: How to Fake a Christian Marriage
23. Immersed in Messiah: What is the Correct Doctrine of Baptism?
24. With Eternity in Your Heart: Disposing of Personal Shrines
25. A Counterfeit Korban Pesach: Deceptions of the Synagogue of Satan
26. Doubting Yahweh: When We Stop Trusting in Elohim
27. Sabbath Sermon: Purim 2010 - The Leaven of Babylon
28. Western or Hebraic? Discovering Your Cultural Roots

MARCH 2010

01. The Latter Rain: What is It?
02. Down Labyrinthine Ways: The Futility of Running from Yahweh
03. All Creatures of our Elohim: Are Animals Resurrected?
04. Suicide: Grappling with the Consequences
05. Lost in Mental Chaos: Planet of the Psychiatrists
06. Sabbath Sermon: The Sacred Ot of Hinai haAlmah - The Virgin Mary
07. Chabad Messianism: The Non-Messianic Messianics
08. Did Yahweh Create Time? Solving an Insoluble Connundrum
09. Everything is Possible: Abusing Hyperbole in Scripture
10. Zechariah: Will There Be Two Second Comings?
11. O My Soul! Understanding Your Spiritual Anatomy
12. Dangerous Churches: Avoiding Bad Christian Communities
13. Sabbath Sermon: Tables Full of Vomit - The Mary Magdalene College
14. I, Rabbi: A Question of Respect and Titles
15. Welcoming the New Year: An Adventure in Waiting for Yahweh

I. Rishon haChodesh (Aviv/First Month) 5934

16. [1] Rosh Chodesh I 5934: The Sacred New Year is Upon Us!
17. [2] Toward the Taw-t: Constructing Your Life's Spiral
18. [3] Carry on Sinning: How to Continue Being Miserable
19. [4] Food for the Soul? Hiding from Pain through Eating
20. [5] Keep Your Clothes On! Alert in Yah's Temple (Sabbath)
21. [6] Today, Tomorrow, & the Day After: The Right Place and Time
22. [7] Worse Before Better: Walking Wisely in Adversity
23. [8] Always In Such a Hurry: Learning the Leisure of Trusting
24. [9] Self-Sufficiency: Yahweh is Waiting for You to End It
25. [10] What Colour is Yahweh? Black Hebrew Israelites and Others
26. [11] The Complaining Heart: Gratitude is a Believer's True Attitude
27. [12] Sabbath Sermon: Parable of the Leaven: Secrets of the Kingdom
28. [13] Sarcasm: A Scriptural Analysis and Personal Conclusion
29. [14] Life's Biggest Rocks: Learning How to Fit Them All In
30. [15] Pesach 2010: Passover Made Simple for Evangelicals
31. [16] Sabbath Sermon: Chag haMatzah 2010: I. Beyond Damascus Road

APRIL 2010

01. [17] Sabbath Sermon: Yom haBikkurim 2010: He is Risen!
02. [18] Chag haMatzah 2010: Joanna and Two Marys at the Tomb
03. [19] Sabbath Sermon: Chag haMatzah 2010: II: Chol haMoedim
04. [20] Chag haMatzah 2010: I Will Sing to Yahweh!
05. [21] Sabbath Sermon: Chag haMatzah 2010: III: Into 7th of Romans
06. [22] The Rising Giant: The New Chinese Superpower
07. [23] Test Yourself: Are You Actually in the Faith?
08. [24] Temple of Idolatry: A Prophetic Dream
09. [25] Doing It: Learning the Christian Life
10. [26] Sabbath Sermon: A Life of Utter Dependency on Yahweh
11. [27] Sprinkle, Sprinkle: How To Water-Down the Gospel
12. [28] Tradition: It's Place in True Christianity
13. [29] What Do Men Want? The Messianic-Evangelical Marriage
14. [30] Prayer Paralysis: When Talking to Yahweh Stops

II. Shanee haChodesh (Second Month) 5934

15. [31] Rosh Chodesh II 5934: The New Moon Festival Made Simple
16. [32] The Marcionite Error: Origins of Lawlessness in Christianity
17. [33] The Bible in 50 Words: The Simple Core (Sabbath)
18. [34] Frustrations: Lessons We Can Learn From Them
19. [35] Sign-Seeking: The Right and Wrong Way
20. [36] Red Dust Cloud: A Sign of Things to Come
21. [37] Our Invisible Helper: We are Never Alone in the World
22. [38] Eric Lidell: The Testimony of an Athlete
23. [39] Messianic Evangelical: What Does the Designation Mean?
24. [40] Hidden Within: Things You Never Knew (Sabbath)
25. [41] Keeping Yah's Calendar: Patching Up an Evangelical Blindspot
26. [42] Grafted In: Secret of the Eternal Bond
27. [43] Fruitful Branches: Bearing Fruit for Yahweh
28. [44] The Mark of Repentance: Keeping To Your Assigned Vineyard
29. [45] The Daughters of Job: An Insight into the Ten Commandments
30. [46] Crucified to the World: Embracing the Three Crosses

MAY 2010

01. [47] Minas and Talents: Multiplying to Yahweh's Glory (Sabbath)
02. [48] Customised Fossils: Beyond the Next Level
03. [49] London is Burning: Judgments on a Great British City
04. [50] The Stumbling Block: Humanity's Revolt Against Grace
05. [51] Godly Apologetics: Looking at Priorities
06. [52] Beauty: From Idols to Idyls
07. [53] Violent World: Inheritance of the French Revolution
08. [54] Kakumba: The Ugandan Martyr (Sabbath)
09. [55] Bamboo: Channel of Abundant Life
10. [56] Minority Rule: Promoting Neutrality and Pluralism
11. [57] Working Ministers: Used Car Salesmen Not Welcome
12. [58] The Arab Heart: Understanding the Sons of Ishmael
13. [59] Saved by VMAT2: Or My Genes Made Me Do It!
14. [60] The Atheist Delusion: Improbability vs. Certainty

III. Shleshi haChodesh (Third Month) 5934

15. [61] Rosh Chodesh III 5934: Day of the Head (Sabbath)
16. [62] Is There a God? You Can Know for a Surety
17. [63] Bible Authority: How Do I Establish It?
18. [64] An Extraordinary Thing: Preparing for the Miracle of Shavu'ot
19. [65] Shavu'ot 2010: The Threefold Decalogue Covenant
20. [66] The Bias of Scholars: Do Not Be Blinded By Them
21. [67] Mystery of the Alef-Taw: Establishing the Right Foundations
22. [68] Sabbath Sermon: Garment of the Master
23. [69] I am Lovingly Owned: The Purchase Price of Redemption
24. [70] Evolutionary Fairy Tales: How the New Zealand Moa Got Modern
25. [71] Signs of Whose Times? Deceptive Wonders at Work
26. [72] A Voice in the World: Believers in the Political Arena
27. [73] Wild and Free? That Rebellious Streak
28. [74] Skullduggery: The Truth About the Jewish Kippa
29. [75] Faithful to the Call: Persisting in Truth (Sabbath)
30. [76] Mixed Marriage Dilemmas: Discerning First & Second Order Truth
31. [77] Blinded by Passion: Sorting Out and Redirecting Your Feelings

JUNE 2010

01. [78] Old Flatterer: Beware of the Religious Liar
02. [79] Quarrel & Tardy: A Tale of Two Fools
03. [80] Honesty is Best: But Not All Honesty is Edifying
04. [81] October 2010: A Prophetic Warning
05. [82] The Broad Way: Prophetic Dream (Sabbath)
06. [83] Your Private Zoo: The Important Little Things in Life
07. [84] Spiritual Buccaneers: Fending off the Blessing Pirates
08. [85] Our Last Days: A Prayer for Old Age
09. [86] Looking to Yah's Hand: True Servanthood in Biblical Perspective
10. [87] Creativity as Destruction: Putting Yahweh's Gifts to Righteous Use
11. [88] A Question of Tithing: What is the New Covenant Financial Law?
12. [89] The Ploughed Field: The End-Time Work (Sabbath)

IV. Revee haChodesh (Fourth Month) 5934

13. [90] Rosh Chodesh IV 5934: In the Light of the New Moon
14. [91] Bright and Invisible: The Two Sides of Being Seen
15. [92] Blind Man Healed: Revilers and Excommunicators
16. [93] Preachers Anonymous: When Encouraging Words Save Lives
17. [94] Hiding in the Crowd: The Dilemma of the Secular Man
18. [95] Shalom! The Peace I Give To You.....
19. [96] When People Finally Listen: Unfolding Events (Sabbath)
20. [97] Lucifer's Error: How Mankind Has Imitated It
21. [98] No More Anaesthetic! Becoming Fully Human Again
22. [99] Tudor Madness: Learning the Lessons of History
23. [100] Israelite Errors: The Amplified Version of the Bible
24. [101] Can Yahweh Use Me? A Lesson From the Life of Ezra
25. [102] Alone with Elijah: Making the Most Out of Everything
26. [103] Sabbath Sermon: Sabbath and Festival Controversies
27. [104] Abolished or Established? The Truth About Yahweh's Law Today
28. [105] A Day of Infamy: Meditations on 28 June
29. [106] Circumcision's Mysteries: Some Things You Might Not Know
30. [107] Baptism's Mysteries: More Things You Might Not Know

JULY 2010

01. [108] Viking Capers: Understanding Generational Issues
02. [109] Love Your Enemies: Make Sure You Do It Yahweh's Way
03. [110] The Last Party: A Warning to the Rebellious (Sabbath)
04. [111] Fourth of July Thoughts: St.George, Politics, and Chauvanism
05. [112] The Internet Trap: Survival of the Busiest?
06. [113] The Pig: Symbol of Uncleanness and Debasement
07. [114] Home: Where True Education Starts
08. [115] By Their Fruits: What Does That Really Mean?
09. [116] Cheirographon: Did Yahweh Wipe Out the Law?
10. [117] Your First Love: Whatever Happened to It? (Sabbath)
11. [118] If I Was the Devil: The Counterfeiting of Biblical Events

V. Chamashee haChodesh (Fifth Month) 5934

12. [119] Rosh Chodesh V 5934: A Final Reckoning for the Unrepentant
13. [120] Feeling Disconnected? When Yahweh Seems Remote to Reality
14. [121] Evident Gentleness: The Manifested Gift of the Ruach
15. [122] The Telsiai Perplexion: Meditations on a Turbluent Life to Come
16. [123] Memory's Shield: Walking with a Clear Conscience
17. [124] Sabbath Sermon: Quality of Endurance: No Salvation Without It
18. [125] The Set-Apart Recipe: The Ingredients You Need to Know
19. [126] Beyond Mediocrity: Becoming Who You Really Are
20. [127] The Threefold Cord: One of the Deep Mysteries of Echad
21. [128] The Three Degrees: They are Really Very Important!
22. [129] Single is Better? Understanding Paul to the Corinthians
23. [130] The Higher Spiritual Life: Understanding Your Part and Yahweh's
24. [131] Aslaug Hagen Mjølsvik: Our First Matriarch (Sabbath)
25. [132] Dishonourable Parents: How Do You Honour Them?
26. [133] Denying Yourself: What It Means Practically
27. [134] Swear Words: Why You Don't Need Them
28. [135] Give Me This Mountain! Beyond Messianics and Evangelicals
29. [136] Marie Antoinette: Exchanging the Garments of Life
30. [137] The Curse of Heqet: Exposing the Egyptian Frog Goddess
31. [138] Attitude is Everything (Sabbath)


01. [139] Edward R. Murrow: Journalism at Its Very Best
02. [140] Another Melitz Yosher: Yahweh's Missing Daugher Revealed
03. [141] Wipe the Dishes! Taking Care with Bible Versions
04. [142] The Search for Beauty: What Kind Do You Have?
05. [143] John's Salvation Test: How to Know Whether You Are Saved
06. [144] Dangerous Paradigm: The Triple Negative Totalitarian Excuse
07. [145] Sabbath Sermon: Teshuvah 2010 - Avoiding Insanity
08. [146] Continue Witnessing of Me: The Great Commission to All Believers
09. [147] Teshuvah #1 Evolution: Giving Glory Back to the Creator
10. [148] Teshuvah #2 Warnings: Earthquakes, Sinkholes, Oil Spills

VI. Sheshi haChodesh (Sixth Month) 5934

11. [149] Rosh Chodesh VI 5934: Teshuvah #3 - Spiritual Bloodlines
12. [150] Teshuvah #4 Nineveh: An Example for Us to Follow
13. [151] Teshuvah #5 Micah: Learning to Repent for Sinners
14. [152] Teshuvah #6 No Regrets: Biblical Repentence (Sabbath)
15. [153] Teshuvah #7 A Dream: The Kingdom is People Not Empty Boxes
16. [154] Teshuvah #8 Keruvah: The Kingdom Being Offered to You
17. [155] Teshuvah #9 Fire: The End-Time Medium of Judgment
18. [156] Teshuvah #10 Freedom: The Daily Course Adjustments of Life
19. [157] Teshuvah #11 Big Change: Preparing for the Autumnal Shift
20. [158] Teshuvah #12 Paid: The Fate of the Sins of the Repentant
21. [159] Sabbath Sermon: Teshuvah 2010 #13 - Marriage Repair Kit
22. [160] Teshuvah #14 Pergamon: The Curse on the German Nation & EU
23. [161] Teshuvah #15 Unclean: Understanding the Tzitzit Touch
24. [162] Teshuvah #16 Fire: Judgment Lies at the Door
25. [163] Teshuvah #17 The Lamp: A Prophetic Dream About Knut Hamsun
26. [164] Teshuvah #18 Famine: Yahweh's Punishment for Rebellion
27. [165] Teshuvah #19 Fasting: Understanding Its Biblical Purpose
28. [166] Teshuvah #20 Signs: The UFO Phenomenon (Sabbath)
29. [167] Teshuvah #21 Titles: Don't Get Ensnared by Them
30. [168] Teshuvah #22 Siach: Repenting of the Sin of Complaining
31. [169] Teshuvah #23 Tallit: Repenting of Male Headcoverings


01. [170] Teshuvah #24 The Herald: His Message, Delivery and Authority
02. [171] Teshuvah #25 Man of Sin: You Will Be Shocked to Learn Who He Is
03. [172] Teshuvah #26 The Prophet: Freedom from Atheism & False Religion
04. [173] Teshuvah #27 Visions: Shakings in Norway (Sabbath)
05. [174] Teshuvah #28 Fruits 1: We are Expected to Produce Them
06. [175] Teshuvah #29 Fruits 2: The Benefits of Bearing Them
07. [175] Teshuvah #30 Fruits 3: Abiding is the Secret of the Abundant Life
08. [176] Teshuvah #31 Fruits 4: Evidences of Abiding in Messiah

VII. Shibi'i haChodesh (Seventh Month) 5934

09. [177] Yom Teruah 2010: Teshuvah #32 Silver Trumpets
10. [178] Teshuvah #33 360°: A Sacred Number and the Calendar
11. [179] Sabbath Sermon: Teshuvah #34 Shabbat Shuvah Control
12. [180] Teshuvah #35 Fruits 5: Obedience is the Secret of Abiding
13. [181] Teshuvah #36 Fruits 6: Loving is the Secret of Obeying
14. [182] Teshuvah #37 Fruits 7: Knowing is the Secret of Loving
15. [183] Teshuvah #38 Jude: Yah'shua's Brother Exposes Lawlessness
16. [184] Teshuvah #39 The Judge: Knowing Who Presides at Your Judgment
17. [185] Teshuvah #40 An End: Concluding the Season of Teshuvah
18. [186] Yom Kippur 2010: Subduing the Enemies of Yahweh
19. [187] Who Were the Egyptians? Exposing 'Hebrew Israelite' Scholarship
20. [188] Having a Child's Faith: Applying it to Yah'shua's Talmidim
21. [189] Noah's Ark Refound: But Have You Found Yah'shua?
22. [190] The End of All Things: You Should Be There Already
23. [191] Sukkot 2010 #1: The Day of Consummation
24. [192] Sukkot #2 13 Bulls: Mystery of the Tabernacles Sacrifices
25. [193] Sukkot #3 A Great Light: Yah'shua's Clean Garment (Sabbath)
26. [194] Sukkot #4 Up Tents! The Miracle of the Feast of Tabernacles
27. [195] Sukkot #5 The Cloud: Yahweh's Supernatural Covering
28. [196] Sukkot #6 Happiness: What Do You Believe In and Stand For?
29. [197] Sukkot #7 Ingathering: Harvesting Souls for Our Messiah
30. [198] Shemini Atseret 2010: Plain Talking for a People Being Renewed

01. [199] Others, Yes - You, No: Maintaining a Biblical Perspective of Self
02. [200] The Damaged Vase: The Miracle of Being Repaired (Sabbath)
03. [201] Mass Hysterics: The Kingdom is Not Built on It
04. [202] The Madeira Revelation I: A Mystery and 12 Day Countdown
05. [203] Don't Be Noisy: Learning to Be Yahweh's Voice
06. [204] Romans 4 (Part 1): The First Principles of Deliverance
07. [205] Images and Sounds: What are You Filling Your Mind With?

VIII. Shemini haChodesh (Eighth Month) 5934

08. [206] Rosh Chodesh VIII 5934: The Madeira Revelation II Opened
09. [207] The Blood That Covers: How to Appropriate It (Sabbath)
10. [208] Unanswered Questions: Learning the Secret of Contentment
11. [209] The Chinese Dragon: A Vision Seen in England
12. [210] Walking in the Ruach: Miracles are Preceeded by Right Faith
13. [211] UFOs, Aliens and Demons: Important Things You Need to Know
14. [212] Competitiveness: Exposing Another Facet of Pride
15. [213] Binding and Loosing: Understanding The Disciple's True Authority
16. [214] The Ordered House: From Home to Temple (Sabbath)
17. [215] The Yellow Tulip Vision: Happiness and Safety Behind the Gate
18. [216] Reality or Fantasy? We Must Choose Yahweh's Dual Reality
19. [217] Gold of the Gods: A Prophetic Dream About the USA
20. [218] What's Been Abolished? Understanding the New Covenant Law
21. [219] Loving and Hating: Understanding the Hebraic Perspective
22. [220] Romans 4 (Part 2): The Bigger Picture
23. [221] The Great Commission: Your Part in It as a Disciple (Sabbath)
24. [222] Friendship: What Type Do You Seek?
25. [223] The Blindness of Youth: Learning to See the World Rightly
26. [224] Covenants and Servants: Israel and the Mystery of Marriage
27. [225] Bracing for Winter 2010-11: Some Vital Things You Need to Know
28. [226] Authority Figures: Our Unconscious Submission to Them
29. [227] Cartoon World of Unreality: A Prophetic Dream & Call to Repentance
30. [228] Sabbath Sermon: Winding up October: Preparing for a New Beginning
31. [229] Present Yourselves: The Way to Be Seen by the Bridegroom

A New Beginning

01. [230] A New Darker World: We are Entering into Challenging Times
02. [231] The Heavens in Upheaval: Orbits of Earth and Moon Have Changed!
03. [232] Debating Morality: The Futility of Not Proclaiming the Truth
04. [233] Love is Like Water: Revealing the Substance of Life
05. [234] Mirror of Truth: Torah and the Living Organism
06. [235] The British Pub: The Church of Secular Man (Sabbath)

IX. Teshi'i haChodesh (Ninth Month) 5934

07. [236] Rosh Chodesh IX 5934: The Spiritual Basis of Food Storage
08. [237] Shun Paganism! Catholicising Idols & Islamising Demons
09. [238] The Breaking of Bread: The Spiritual Significance of Sharing Meals
10. [239] Get That Blessing! It's Everything or Bust from Now On
11. [240] First Class Discipleship: Showing Excellence for Christ
12. [241] Millionnaire Symptoms: Be Sure You Have None of Them
13. [242] The Ax is Laid to the Root (Sabbath)
14. [243] Santa Lucia/St.Lucy's Day: A Pagan Festival in Catholic Garb
15. [244] Do Not Go! Learn to Trust Your Prophetic Head
16. [245] Pray for Angel Protection: Resist Idolatry and Witchcraft
17. [246] Embrace Scriptural Rôles: Recognising Who We Really Are
18. [247] Salt Covenants: Legalities When Eating With Others
19. [248] Orders of Angels: Our Heavenly Guardians
20. [249] Sukkot 2003: Torah, Repentance and Salvation (Sabbath)
21. [250] Modern Art: Separating Culture from Truth
22. [251] Deliverance Qualifications: The Four Principles of Ministry
23. [252] The Deception of Sin: Demonic Heart Anaesthetisation
24. [253] Crucifying the Flesh I: Is It Actually Possible?
25. [254] Crucifying the Flesh II: An Actual Experience
26. [255] Lawlessness: The Excuses People Will Make
27. [256] The Jewish Christmas: Exposing Mithraic Hanukkah (Sabbath)
28. [257] If You Have Stumbled...: Yahweh May Have a Purpose In It
29. [258] The Struggle of Life: Learning to Have Realistic Expectations
30. [259] Judge Righteous Judgment: And Stop Recommending Yourself


01. [260] Your Country: Where Do You Actually Belong?
02. [261] The Prodigal Returns: Obedient Parents Change a Son's Heart
03. [262] David Wilcock: Do Not Be Fooled by the Psychics
04. [263] Sabbath Sermon: Hannah the Submitted: The Healed Anorexic
05. [264] The Winter Gods: Whom Will You Worship This Month?

X. Maaser haChodesh (Tenth Month) 5934

06. [265] Rosh Chodesh X 5934: Learning the True Fear of Yahweh
07. [266] Lilith in Eden: Examining a New Messianic Heresy
08. [267] The Burning Table I: Vision of a Covenant-Breaker
09. [268] Divine Conception: Did Yah'shua Incarnate at Hanukkah?
10. [269] 22 Letters or 28? The Lost Hebrew Alphabet
11. [270] Nothing Made Everything: An Evolution Bedtime Story (Sabbath)
12. [271] Greatly Dismayed: Are You a Saul or a David?
13. [272] Wikileaks Revelations: And How Many have You Killed Today?
14. [273] The Two Salts: Understanding Life and Death
15. [274] New Moon and Sabbath: They are to be Kept Forever
16. [275] As Filthy Rags: Understanding the Symbolism of Sin
17. [276] Father Christmas on Tryal: Some Help in Making Tough Choices
18. [277] Change Currency! Vision of Economic Collapse (Sabbath)
19. [278] Making Hard Decisions: Right Choices in Times of Crisis
20. [279] Messianic Ephraimitism: Why Messianic Judaism is Not the Answer
21. [280] Messiah as the God-Man: Yah'shua Lived in Two Parallel Worlds
22. [281] Assert the Truth! A Christmas Revelation in Germany
23. [282] Our Mansion and Place: Learning True Heavenly Tavnith
24. [283] The Beginning of the End: Vision of the Exploding Salt Shaker
25. [284] The Christmas Goat: Yule Customs in Scandinavia (Sabbath)
26. [285] Boxing Day: The Poor Man's Christmas
27. [286] What's the Point? Only Yahweh Can Build It
28. [287] Yahweh's Five Priorities: Focussing on the Gospel Essentials
29. [288] Pulpits of Shame: Flee from Charismatic Deceptions
30. [289] Worry and Pain: Learning To Put Yahweh in Charge
31. [290] First Steps for New Believers: Understanding the Old Testament Primer



01. [291] Hogmany & New Year: Not What You Think They Are (Sabbath)
02. [292] America and Greece: Two Prophetic Visions About Liberty
03. [293] You Forgot Yah's Law! So Had the Children of Israel Before You

XI. Ashte Asar haChodesh (Eleventh Month) 5934

04. [294] Rosh Chodesh XI 5934: The True Biblical Sabbath Day Revealed
05. [295] A New Chapter in Your Life: Getting Ready to Make a New Beginning
06. [296] Crossing New Threshholds: Why A New Work Always Takes Time
07. [297] Striving in Prayer: Don't Imitate the Prophets of Baal
08. [298] Hearing Yahweh's Voice: The Best of Adversity (Sabbath)
09. [299] The Enemy Will Pursue: Demons, Lilith and Overcoming
10. [300] Spiritual Fission: Engaging the Nuclear Processes of the Soul
11. [301] Understanding Authority: Grounds, Privileges and Responsibilities
12. [302] An Authentic Amen: The Right Way to Establish Prayer
13. [303] My Label: Have You Found the Right One?
14. [304] Does He Really Care? You Would Be Surprised About Yahweh
15. [305] The Fixed Heart: Revealing the Glory of Yahweh (Sabbath)
16. [306] The Wild Charismatic West: Dismantling Falsehood for All Truth
17. [307] The 12-Hour Day: Knowing Yahweh's Will for Your Day
18. [308] Proxy Faith: It's Unbelievably Important
19. [309] Hell for Some Believers: Exposing the Once Saved, Always Saved Lie
20. [310] Life's Flaming Cocktails: Searching for Paradise Yahweh's Way
21. [311] The Great Icy Thaw: The Terra Firma of Yahweh's Torah
22. [312] The Unmixed Man: How Complaining Pollutes the Soul (Sabbath)
23. [313] The 1611 King James Bible: Celebrating the 400th Anniversary
24. [314] Alfred the Great: A King Who Loved Yahweh's Laws
25. [315] UFO Disclosure: What It Will Mean for Christians
26. [316] Stop Working and Plotting: Look to Yah'shua Instead for Deliverance
27. [317] Prophecies from Others: Discerning Those Who Claim Revelation
28. [318] Who is Edom Today? Dispelling Modern Racial Myths
29. [319] The Heart of Joseph: Rulership in Messianic Israel (Sabbath)
30. [320] The Begetting of Yah'shua: Understanding the Incarnation of Messiah
31. [321] Nation or Church? Bringing Messianics Down to Reality


01. [322] Astrological Disarray: Exposing the Lies of an Occult Art
02. [323] Cut Out the Darkness: When Unbelievers Judge or Flatter You

XII. Shenem Asar haChodesh (Twelfth Month) 5934

03. [324] Rosh Chodesh XII 5934: The City of Wickedness and Its Tower
04. [325] The New Covenant Assembly 1: What Was It Like in the Beginning?
05. [326] The Religions of our Age: Similarities Today (Sabbath)
06. [327] The New Covenant Assembly 2: Earliest New Covenant Beliefs
07. [328] The New Covenant Assembly 3: Earliest Missionary Activity
08. [329] The New Covenant Assembly 4: Earliest Assembly Meetings
09. [330] The New Covenant Assembly 5: Building Christian Character
10. [331] The Egyptian Crisis: What It Prophetically Means For Us
11. [332] Susannah Wesley: A Woman Worthy of Emulation
12. [333] 333 & 21 December 2012: The Mayan Prophecy (Sabbath)
13. [334] The Day of Juno Fructifier: Valentine's Day is Not About Love
14. [335] Tree Fruitfulness & Puberty: A Great Torah Mystery Revealed
15. [336] Accumulated Dripping Sins: Of Roof and Desert Refuges
16. [337] The Two Epiphanies: Grace and Glory Compared
17. [338] The Missing Finger: Good Evangelicals Only Have Nine Fingers
18. [339] The Cornelius Story: Don't Be Deceived by the Charismatics
19. [340] Sabbath Sermon - Thrones and Kingdoms: Mystery of Elohim's Bayit
20. [341] There's No Place Like Hell: Direct Talk About the Place of Torment
21. [342] Become Immovable: The Foundation of Righteousness
22. [343] Sweet Nonsense: Putting an End to Gender Wars
23. [344] The Y and X of Creation: Biblical Truth About Gender Rôles
24. [345] The Two Watergates: A Tale of Extreme Contrasts
25. [346] Male Chauvinism: Myths and Realities
26. [347] Sabbath Sermon - Biblical Ethics: Yesterday, Today, and Forever
27. [348] Essential Requirements: The Saved but Ignorant of the Messiah
28. [349] Words of Pure Silver: The Sevenfold Refinement of Man

MARCH 2011

01. [350] The Sabbath Day at Jericho: Important Clues from a Famous Battle
02. [351] In Praise of Greeks and Others: Placed in the Mix by Yahweh
03. [352] Unanswered Prayers: The Right Response

XIII. Shelosh Esreh haChodesh (Thirteenth Month) 5934

04. [353] Rosh Chodesh XIII 5934: Mysteries of Yahweh's Sacred Calendar
05. [354] Flags of the Nations: Your Proper Attitude to Them
06. [355] End of the World Mania: More Antinomian Shamefulness Exposed
07. [356] Nothing Apart from You: A Revelation About Ivory Towers
08. [357] The Expanding Earth: Will We One Day Be Compressed Again?
09. [358] Which Seventh Day? The Sabbatarian Conundrum
10. [359] One Night of Shame: How Easy to Blight Your Reputation
11. [360] Biblical Celibacy: Resolving an Age-Old Conflict
12. [361] New Moon Silver Trumpets and the Sabbath (Sabbath)
13. [362] Crop Circles: Natural Pranks or Supernatural Messages?
14. [363] Holy, Holy, Holy! Properly Understanding Yah's Holiness
15. [364] Did Yah'shua Break the Sabbath? Refuting an Antinomian Charge
16. [365] The Wild Cow of Israel: The Two Women Who Built Jacob's House
17. [366] The Death Cloud Has Arrived! The Japanese Nuclear Distaster
18. [367] Purim 2011: Vengeance is Yahweh's
19. [368] Red April: You Had Better Be Prepared (Sabbath)
20. [369] Understanding Tavnith: Bend the Knee and Confess the Name!
21. [370] The World System: A Vision Seen in 2000
22. [371] Purity & Productivity: Knowing the Design in Your Life
23. [372] The Smallest Things: A Canine Prophetic Experience
24. [373] Farewell Symphony: There is a Time When We Must Go
25. [374] Carnal Multiplication: A False Marriage Doctrine Exposed
26. [375] Warning Great Britain! A Prophetic Message (Sabbath)
27. [376] The Open Plan House: Approaches to Sacred Tavnith
28. [377] La Luca Sin Fin: The Costa Rican Struggle Without End
29. [378] Consider What I Say: Be No Man's Theological Slave
30. [379] The New Pentecost: Understanding the Point of Shavu'ot
31. [380] The Spinning Pyramid: Three Visions on the Eve of Red April

01. [381] True Circumcision: A Vital End-Time Restoration Teaching
02. [382] Ancient Saturday Worship: Its Pagan History (Sabbath)
03. [383] The Creation Calendar: Afterthoughts for the Nay-Sayers

I. Rishon haChodesh (Aviv/First Month) 5935

1:01 [04] Rosh Chodesh I : The Way of the Abba Yahweh
1:02 [05] The Four Sabbaths: Sacred Tavnith in the Creation Month
1:03 [06] Preparing for Emergency: Reliance on Others May Cost You Your Life
1:04 [07] Your elohim Unmasked: Music and Choices We Make in Dreams
1:05 [08] Harmony of Divine Time: More Light from the Creation Calendar
1:06 [09] The Victorious Lion Reigns: The Situation is Not as Bad as You Think
1:07 [10] Standing Firm: The Establishment of Yah's Seed
1:08 [11] Thoughts About Prayer: There's a Lot to Pray About! (Sabbath)
1:09 [12] Planet of Madness: When Billions All Start Detoxifying
1:10 [13] The Ten Plagues Today: What They Mean as We Prepare for Pesach
1:11 [14] Gods of the Ten Plagues: They Haven't Changed At All
1:12 [15] Passover Preparations: Learning to Come as a Little Child
1:13 [16] Your First Passover: A Messianic Evangelical Haggadah
1:14 [17] Pesach 2011: The Pesach Child - Finding It and Keeping It Forever
1:15 [18] Chag haMatzah 2011 I: Finding Your Place in Middle Mem (Sabbath)
1:16 [19] Yom haBikkurim 2011: Firstfruits of the Resurrection
1:17 [20] Chag haMatzah 2011 III: Quietness and Assurance Forever
1:18 [21] Chag haMatzah 2011 IV: The Seven Pillars of Wisdom
1:19 [22] Chag haMatzah 2011 V: The Spirit of Israelite Hospitality
1:20 [23] Chag haMatzah 2011 VI: The Four Deadly Leavens of Sin
1:21 [24] Chag haMatzah 2011 VII: No Need to Be in the Desert So Long!
1:22 [25] Watchmen on the Tower: Religion of the UFO Cult (Sabbath)
1:23 [26] Red April Radiation: The Effects of the Death Cloud Today
1:24 [27] Mind-Stretch: Preparing You for Shocks and Surprises
1:25 [28] Ki Mo Ku Inezi - That's Life: Or is It? Double-Mindedness Exposed
1:26 [29] Insanity: It's Origins Revealed
1:27 [30] Sigmund Freud: His Idiosyncratic Religion

MAY 2011

1:28 [01] May Day, May Day! Labour Day is Not What You Think
1:29 [02] Tozer's Source: All as an Extension of Prayer Life (Sabbath)
1:30 [03] Preparation Day: Galvanising for Invisible Things

II. Shanee haChodesh (Second Month) 5935

2:01 [04] Rosh Chodesh II: Vision of the Burning Sky & Two Fireballs
2:02 [05] The Second Chance: Jericho and the Late Passover
2:03 [06] The Trumpet & Water Bowl: The State of the Body of Messiah Today
2:04 [07] Dealing with Certainties: Lessons from the Battle of Jericho
2:05 [08] Mother's Day? The Truth Behind Its Invention
2:06 [09] Get on the Offensive! The Sixth Day of the Jericho March
2:07 [10] The Great Shout: The Overcoming of the Faithful Servant
2:08 [11] The Cure for Complaining: The Heavenly Rose Gardener! (Sabbath)
2:09 [12] I Like the Pain: Problems as Opportunities for Progress
2:10 [13] The Giant Spiral Vision: Fresh Earthquakes and Flooding
2:11 [14] Grand Duke Henri: A Tribute to a Good Catholic
2:12 [15] Repent or Perish! And, No, This Isn't the End
2:13 [16] The Faithful Man: One Who Has Turned to Elohim
2:14 [17] The Faithful Woman: One Who Has Turned to Her Head
2:15 [18] The Faithful Marriage: The Mystery of Falling in Love (Sabbath)
2:16 [19] Salvation or Destruction: It Depends How You View the Law-Giver
2:17 [20] The Tavnith Touchstone: Separating Set-Apartness From Adultery
2:18 [21] True Nobility: Alfred the Great as a Rôle Model
2:19 [22] The Obama-Israeli Game: Don't Be Fooled By What is Presented
2:20 [23] The Raptured Rapture: Yet Another Failed Rapture Prophecy
2:21 [24] Worldliness: The Drum-Beat of Lucifer
2:22 [25] Crossed Swords & Crescent Battle: Vital Visions (Sabbath)
2:23 [26] Mobilisation for War: Getting Your Own House in Order
2:24 [27] The Veiled Woman: A Vision of the Mobilising Army
2:25 [28] The Sacred Number 50: Make Sure You Observe the Right Shavu'ot!
2:26 [29] Two Startling Visions: The Circular Slab and Twin Metal Plates
2:27 [30] 3 Days and 3 Nights: Was Yah'shua in the Tomb for 72 Hours?
2:28 [31] Do What You Know to Do: Yahweh Will Take Care of All the Rest

JUNE 2011

2:29 [01] The Bar Mitzvah Covenant: Doctrine and Practice (Sabbath)

III. Shleshi haChodesh (Third Month) 5935

3:01 [02] Rosh Chodesh III: A Message for the Watchmen of Israel
3:02 [03] David and Abigail: More of Yahweh's Tavnith Revealed
3:03 [04] Proof by Nastiness? How to Resolve Controversies Amicably
3:04 [05] The Patriarch Isaac: A Character Study
3:05 [06] The Excommunicators: Using Caesar as a Whipping Boy
3:06 [07] The Burning Table II: The Lampstands Have Been Raised!
3:07 [08] The Wrong Shavu'ot: The Winter Wheat Error Exposed
3:08 [09] The Flaming Maple Leaf: A Prophetic Vision About Canada (Sabbath)
3:09 [10] Things Which Are Not: To Bring to Nothing What Is
3:10 [11] The Copycat Rabbi: Messianic 'Apostolic' Plagiarism
3:11 [12] What Must I Do? The Jailer and the Judahites
3:12 [13] We Lost a Word or Two: Recovering Biblical Ahavah
3:13 [14] The Kingdom of Joseph: Restoration, the Two Sticks and Judaism
3:14 [15] Lunar Eclipse! Proof of the Sabbath
3:15 [16] Seven Essentials: The Confidence That We Must Have (Sabbath)
3:16 [17] Seven Essentials: The True Tavnith That We Must Know
3:17 [18] Seven Essentials: Applications in Marriage
3:18 [19] Visions and Overview: The Latest in the Visible and Invisible
3:19 [20] What Am I Doing?? Sorting Out Muddles & Learning Patience
3:20 [21] Singapore: Appearances or Reality?
3:21 [22] As Planet X Approaches...Is the USA About to Be Devastated?
3:22 [23] The Tap/Faucet: A Simple Lesson in Faith (Sabbath)
3:23 [24] "God Told Me...": Fantasy, Insight & Inspiration
3:24 [25] The Twelvefold Husband: His Duties Made Plain in Scripture
3:25 [26] Consistent Deliverence: The Promise Made to the Righteous
3:26 [27] The Thar Desert: Lessons for the Spiritual Life
3:27 [28] Your Birthday: What Scripture Has to Say About It
3:28 [29] The Anti-Creator: How Satan Creates His New World Order
3:29 [30] Wholeheartedness: Are You Sure You Will Make Heaven? (Sabbath)

JULY 2011

3:30 [01] Pity on the Poor: Yahweh Repays the Giver - Always!

IV. Revee haChodesh (Fourth Month) 5935

4:01 [02] Rosh Chodesh IV: Yahweh's Promise of Universal Salvation
4:02 [03] Divine Rhythm: The Lunar Ordering of Time
4:03 [04] The Sin of Uzzah: Understanding the Throne of Yahweh
4:04 [05] Unity Amongst Believers: An Illustration of Divine Tavnith
4:05 [06] Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin: The Blind Soothsayers of Chaldea
4:06 [07] Unteachableness: Prisoners of Tradition
4:07 [08] Germany is Not Assyria: Countering a False Messianic Doctrine
4:08 [09] Sabbath Sermon - Pride I - Identifying the Master Sin
4:09 [10] Have We Done Well? Wondering if We are Good Witnesses
4:10 [11] How Can I Know? Thomas, Zachariah & Abraham Compared
4:11 [12] All Things to All Men - What Can One Sacrifice to Witness?
4:12 [13] The Terrible Choice: Will You Have Blessing or Cursing?
4:13 [14] The Decree: Yahweh's Can Never be Changed
4:14 [15] Your Daily Davar: Arising with Your Morning Sword
4:15 [16] Sabbath Sermon - Pride II - The Eightfold Conquest of Natural Pride
4:16 [17] Not 'What' But 'How': How Truth and Lies Get Mixed Up
4:17 [18] Levelling the Ground: A Vision for Yah's Overcomers
4:18 [19] Know Him First: The Seven Useless Religious Hallmarks
4:19 [20] Canonical Scripture: That Utmost Priority
4:20 [21] Back Door to Paganism: Abusing the Heavenly Mother Truth
4:21 [22] Languages and Babbling: The Scriptural Tavnith on Tongues
4:22 [23] Digging Through Confusion: My Faith Journey and Yours (Sabbath)
4:23 [24] Being Born Again: What Does It Actually Mean?
4:24 [25] The Utøya Massacre: The Eyes of the World are on Norway
4:25 [26] Between Hagar and Sarah: The Old and New Covenants Explained
4:26 [27] Be Ye Perfect: I. The Three Thrones of Yahweh-Elohim
4:27 [28] Be Ye Perfect: II. The Three Domains of Man
4:28 [29] Be Ye Perfect: III. Thirteen Believer Personality Types
4:29 [30] Shavu'ot 2011: You are as Good as Your Covenant

V. Chamashee haChodesh (Fifth Month) 5935

5:01 [31] Rosh Chodesh V: A Flower in the Midst of Chaos


5:02 [01] Be Ye Perfect: IV. Husband & Wife - As Above So Below
5:03 [02] Satan's Moving Target: More UFO Mysteries Unravelled
5:04 [03] Secrets of the Menorah: Creation Calendar Tavnith Unveiled
5:05 [04] Oslo, Utøya and 9/11: The Tangled Web of Deceit Exposed
5:06 [05] The Fringe: The New Science of Necromancy
5:07 [06] The Great Hand-over: Rise of the Communist Chinese Empire
5:08 [07] The Heavenly Fireman: Salvation and Works (Sabbath)
5:09 [08] Counterfeit! Understand How the World System Works
5:10 [09] Unwelcome Neighbours: Making More Sense of UFO's
5:11 [10] Fool Britannia: London is Now Literally Burning
5:12 [11] Slaying Goliaths: Your Intercessory Prayers Count
5:13 [12] Yahweh's Anointed: Who Exactly Are They?
5:14 [13] Your Responsibility: Every Believer's Commission to Study
5:15 [14] Sash in the Euphrates: Understanding Our Times (Sabbath)
5:16 [15] An Experience with Angels: Learning to Struggle and Overcome
5:17 [16] Anger: The Three Ways of Dealing With It
5:18 [17] Keep Going: A Voyage into Infinity
5:19 [18] No Rabbi Mentors, Please: Only One Way to Union with Yahweh
5:20 [19] Abusive Discipline: What the Bible Does Not Teach
5:21 [20] Away With Childishness: How to Be Mature and Child-like
5:22 [21] The Sin of Hezekiah: How His Debt to Yahweh Was Repaid (Sabbath)
5:23 [22] Identity Crisis? Seven Things You Can Be Certain Of
5:24 [23] Want to Meet Yahweh? Then You Have to Follow His Conditions
5:25 [24] Want to Meet Yahweh? Then You Have to Meet His Son
5:26 [25] Want to Meet Yahweh? Then You Must Give Him a Fair Hearing
5:27 [26] Want to Meet Yahweh? "Come and See!"
5:28 [27] Want to Meet Yahweh? He is Waiting Right Now
5:29 [28] UFOs, Brainwashing, Antichrist & Last Days (Audio tape) (Sabbath)
5:30 [29] RC Preparation Day: How We Use the Day of the Son

VI. Sheshi haChodesh (Sixth Month) 5935

6:01 [30] Rosh Chodesh VI: Dry Bones & the Restoration of Israel
6:02 [31] Heavens Above! Or Is It Down Here on the Earth?


6:03 [01] Dominion: Will You Fulfill It or Become a Tyrant?
6:04 [02] Dominion: Carnal Man's Struggle for Power & Toqef
6:05 [03] Don't You Wish? Without Faith the Blind Remain Blind
6:06 [04] Holiness: What Exactly Is It?
6:07 [05] Holiness: What is the Holy & Promised Land?
6:08 [06] The Good Mud-Slinger: Salvation's Amazing Calling-Card (Sabbath)
6:09 [07] The Good Shepherd: He Knows Your Name
6:10 [08] Chag Yeshua: A True Festival of Deliverance?
6:11 [09] Christian Humanism: Is It Biblical?
6:12 [10] The Complaining Believer: A Contradiction in Terms
6:13 [11] Tenth 9/11 Anniversary: The Great Battle is About to Begin
6:14 [12] Tenth 9/11 Anniversary: The Final Deception
6:15 [13] Minister or Parasite? Yahweh's Servants and Money Support (Sabbath)
6:16 [14] Character Assassination of DutchSinse: Last Resort of the Scoundrel
6:17 [15] When God Appears Perverse: An Important Key to Understanding
6:18 [16] The 10% Tithe: Its New Covenant Application
6:19 [17] The Tabernacle of Moloch: Racism and Élitism in the Counterfeit
6:20 [18] Lateral Thinking: The Three Dimensions of Thought
6:21 [19] The Heavenly Landscaper: A Revelation on Huge Earth Changes
6:22 [20] The Heavenly Landscaper: The Eye of Lucifer (Sabbath)
6:23 [21] The Heavenly Landscaper: Admitting Your Issues in Black-and-White
6:24 [22] The Heavenly Landscaper: Dealing With the False You's
6:25 [23] The Heavenly Landscaper: Making the Ultimate Choice
6:26 [24] Festivals Down-Under: Observance in the Southern Hemisphere
6:27 [25] The Man-Eaters: A Horrifying Vision of the Nephilim
6:28 [26] Pharisee Disguises: How to Spot Them in Time
6:29 [27] Faith and Power: Infallibly Identifying the True Believer (Sabbath)

VII. Shibi'i haChodesh (Seventh Month) 5935

7:01 [28] Yom Teruah 2011: The Wedding of Rosh Chodesh & Shabbat
7:02 [29] Rosh Hashanah: A False Talmudic Festival Exposed
7:03 [30] They Melt in Fear: Believers Must Adapt to the New Reality


7:04 [01] Lev's Hot Potatoes: Hard Truths for the Remnant
7:05 [02] Universal Graded Salvation: Important Questions Answered
7:06 [03] Universal Graded Salvation: Indentifying the Many and the All
7:07 [04] Universal Graded Salvation: What It Isn't
7:08 [05] Universal Graded Salvation: Shabbat Shuvah & the 30-60-100 Truth
7:09 [06] The Day Before: Have You Prepared for Yom Kippur?
7:10 [07] Yom Kippur 2011: A New and Living Way & The Least Commandments
7:11 [08] The Right Kind of Faith: Knowing Where to Begin and End
7:12 [09] Don't Follow the Crowd: Mass Psychology vs. the Ruach
7:13 [10] Acceptable Sacrifices Today: What Yahweh is Seeking from Us
7:14 [11] To Be "Weird": Sickness, UFOs and Sukkot
7:15 [12] Sukkot 2011 I: The Tent of Perfect Tavnith (Sabbath)
7:16 [13] Sukkot 2011 II: The Banqueting House of Messiah
7:17 [14] Sukkot 2011 III: Shadows of Hidden Things
7:18 [15] Sukkot 2011 IV: In Search of the Heavenly Country
7:19 [16] Sukkot 2011 V: Hidden Secrets of the Mishkan I
7:20 [17] Sukkot 2011 VI: Hidden Secrets of the Mishkan II
7:21 [18] Sukkot 2011 VII: Hidden Secrets of the Mishkan III
7:22 [19] Shemini Atseret 2011: Simchat Mashiach and Out With the Old
7:23 [20] An Authentic Believer: How Can I Know if I am One?
7:24 [21] Getting Eternal Life: You'd Be Amazed What the Scriptures Say
7:25 [22] Staying Alive: Do You Know Yahweh's Conditions?
7:26 [23] Deadly Star: The Mystery of Solomon's Seal Revealed
7:27 [24] The Law of Return: A Dream About Mormonism & Ownership
7:28 [25] Sun, Moon and Stars: When Were They Created?
7:29 [26] Universal Graded Salvation: Gregory of Nyssa's Testimony (Sabbath)

VIII. Shemini haChodesh (Eighth Month) 5935

8:01 [27] Rosh Chodesh VIII: For Yahweh and for Gideon!
8:02 [28] How Do I Join ME? Advice for Seekers after Truth
8:03 [29] Liberty in Peril: Dealing With the Emerging Dictatorship
8:04 [30] Preterism's Error: The Mystery of the Lost Generation
8:05 [31] Halloween: An Unholy Gathering of Demons


8:06 [01] First, Purity: The Gospel According to You
8:07 [02] The Distant Scene: Learning Patient Waiting in Messiah
8:08 [03] 'Aph Kiy: Nibiru, Zetons and the Very First Lie of All (Sabbath)
8:09 [04] Camels, Ropes and Needles: Elements of the Hebrew Language
8:10 [05] Chiefs and Indians: The Illusion of Internet Ministry
8:11 [06] Must I Grow a Beard? What the Torah Says About Facial Hair
8:12 [07] A Pure Language: Hebrew for the Millennium?
8:13 [08] Phylacteries: Should We Wear the Jewish Tefillin?
8:14 [09] Doorposts and Gates: Should We Use the Jewish Mezuzah?
8:15 [10] Prayer & Worship I: Probing the Deepest of Mysteries (Sabbath)
8:16 [11] 11-11-11 and All That: Do Not Be Fooled by the Numerologists
8:17 [12] Prayer & Worship II: Practical Aspects
8:18 [13] Pastor or Rabbi? What Scripture Teaches About Titles
8:19 [14] Four Sets of Eyes: Which Ones Are You Using?
8:20 [15] The Changeling: Moments of Great Revelation
8:21 [16] The Demonic Sandwich: Exposing a Common Enemy Technique
8:22 [17] Sabbath Rest: Understanding the Greatest Act of Creation (Sabbath)
8:23 [18] The Essential Foundation: The Ground of Messianic Evangelical Faith
8:24 [19] Endurance & Overcoming: The Key to Your Continuing Salvation
8:25 [20] The Sack of Rome: Parallel Events to Descend Upon Us
8:26 [21] Headcoverings: New Aramaic Insights
8:27 [22] Who is Jehovah? It Isn't Our Heavenly Father's Name
8:28 [23] Everything But Faith: The Thing That So Angered Yah'shua
8:29 [24] Prayer & Worship III: Getting Answers from Yahweh (Sabbath)
8:30 [25] Thanksgiving Day: How Should a Believer View It?

IX. Teshi'i haChodesh (Ninth Month) 5935

9:01 [26] Rosh Chodesh IX: Be a Kosher Scandal!
9:02 [27] Grace vs. Entitlement: Most are Unaware of Their Bondage
9:03 [28] Stay Busy, Stay Alive: A Lesson from Segovia
9:04 [29] Destination Millennium: What Will Believers Be Doing in It?
9:05 [30] The Sign of Waw-Taw: Marked for Salvation or Destruction?


9:06 [01] Direction not Label: Making True Judgments and Choices
9:07 [02] Ordinances of the Moon: A Sign of New Covenant Israel
9:08 [03] Be Ye Perfect V: The Davidian Yod Directives (Sabbath)
9:09 [04] Hebrew & Roman Watches: More Creation Calendar Evidence
9:10 [05] The Season of Advent: Shall We Light Trees in the Darkness?
9:11 [06] Old Testament Manipulation: Textual Crimes of the Talmudic Masoretes
9:12 [07] Hoarding or Providing? Be Deaf to the Accusations of the Wicked
9:13 [08] State of the World I: A Prophetic Report to the Remnant
9:14 [09] State of the World II: A Prophetic Report to the Remnant
9:15 [10] Crux Immissa: The True Meaning of the Cross (Sabbath)
9:16 [11] In Loco Parentis: To Whom Are You Giving Your Children?
9:17 [12] Follow Peace and Holiness: Measuring Words and Attitudes
9:18 [13] The Mormon Messianic: Latest Counterfeit on the Messianic Scene
9:19 [14] Dead & Live Theology: What Kind Attracts You?
9:20 [15] The Zionist Cult: Why We Have Nothing to Do With It
9:21 [16] 4,000 Years of Christmas: Still Celebrating the Pagan Gods
9:22 [17] Hanukkah Revisited: In the Shadow of the Winter Gods (Sabbath)
9:23 [18] Kwanzaa: The Afro-American 'Christmas'
9:24 [19] Silent Times: When Yahweh Isn't Broadcasting
9:25 [20] Essential Requirements: The Mimimum Yahweh Accepts from All
9:26 [21] The Hasmonean Touch: Which Version of Hanukkah?
9:27 [22] Glitter, Glitter: Which Elohim Will You Honour?
9:28 [23] The Jealous Husband: What Yahweh Feels About Christmas
9:29 [24] Prayer & Worship IV: Yahweh's Conditions for Effectiveness (Sabbath)

X. Maaser haChodesh (Tenth Month) 5935

10:01 [25] Rosh Chodesh X: A Prophetic Word in the Valley of Decision
10:02 [26] 26 December 1914: World War III is Already Here
10:03 [27] Springtime for Yah'shua: The Tavnith of Messiah's Birth Revealed
10:04 [28] Judging Failure: Patriarch Noah & Christopher Hitchens
10:05 [29] Lucifer's Sentinels: Giant Flaming Eyes in the Night Skies
10:06 [30] Last Warnings! The Imminent Collapse and You
10:07 [31] Last Warnings! A Word for Pagan New Year Revelers



10:08 [01] Neither Poverty Nor Riches: The Correct Balance in Life (Sabbath)
10:09 [02] Satanic Feasts & Activities: Learn to Know Your Enemy
10:10 [03] Is Friday 13th Cursed? The Roots of Superstitions & Lies Exposed
10:11 [04] The Goat I: Symbol for Good or Evil?
10:12 [05] The Goat II: Your Opportunity to Become One
10:13 [06] Kidnapping & Slavery I: Yahweh's Realm vs. the World
10:14 [07] Kidnapping & Slavery II: Serial Rape or Glorious Appearing?
10:15 [08] Science and the Bible: Can the Two Be Reconciled? (Sabbath)
10:16 [09] Are You Scorned? A Promise for Victim and Perpetrator
10:17 [10] Shattered Lives: Learning to Start Over Again
10:18 [11] Riding a Tiger: Learning to Dismount the Beast of Sin
10:19 [12] Theological Extremism: Wild West Evangelicals and Messianics
10:20 [13] Yahweh's Prophets Today: How Can We Identify Them?
10:21 [14] The Road Less Traveled: It's Never Too Late to Choose It
10:22 [15] Prayer & Worship V: The Key to Dynamic Power (Sabbath)
10:23 [16] What's It Worth? Don't Ever Discard What Matters the Most
10:24 [17] Berlin: The Prophetic Picture
10:25 [18] Messiah's Humanity: The Testimony of Sceptics and Admirers
10:26 [19] The 2012 Real Deal: Some Prophetic Dream Warnings
10:27 [20] Genesis 1:1: and the Festivals of Yahweh
10:28 [21] The Brides of Hosea: Gomer and the Unnamed Second Wife
10:29 [22] Prayer & Worship VI: Yahweh's Guidance in Your Life I (Sabbath)
10:30 [23] The Thirtieth Day: Why You Need to Know It to Be Saved

XI. Ashte Asar haChodesh (Eleventh Month) 5935

11:01 [24] Rosh Chodesh XI: Shut Up and get Going!
11:02 [25] Your Invisible Allies: A Testimony of Angels
11:03 [26] Ghosts in the Closet: Understanding the Consequences of Life
11:04 [27] Holy and Holiness: Is It Really the Pagan Holi Festival?
11:05 [28] Fritz Kreisler: Austrian Maestro Who Imitated Messiah
11:06 [29] Ich Bin Ein Preuße: Understanding Personal Identities
11:07 [30] Who is Actually Lawless? A Warning Not to Point Fingers
11:08 [31] Prayer & Worship VII: Yahweh's Guidance in Your Life II (Sabbath)


11:09 [01] The Apocryphal Books: Are They Inspired or Man-Made?
11:10 [02] The Spirits of Egypt: I. An Introduction & Warning
11:11 [03] The Spirits of Egypt: II. The Cosmic and Lesser Gods
11:12 [04] The Spirits of Egypt: III. Cucumbers, Melons & Manna
11:13 [05] The Spirits of Egypt: IV. Ethics, Morality, Idolatry & Religion
11:14 [06] The Spirits of Egypt: V. Marriage and Relationships
11:15 [07] More and More 'Ezal: The Abundance That is in Yah'shua (Sabbath)
11:16 [08] Tu B'Shvat: Tree Festival or Occult Seder?
11:17 [09] A Living Epistle: Be Careful to Whom You Commit
11:18 [10] Legalism I: Answering the 9 False Claims
11:19 [11] Legalism II: Anarchistic Salvation vs. True
11:20 [12] Celibacy Revisited: Beware of Radical Religious Agendas
11:21 [13] Valentine Illusions: Know Exactly What Yahweh Thinks
11:22 [14] The Blessed Tree Stump: Prophecy for the End Time (Sabbath)
11:23 [15] The Root That Supports: Seeing the Invisible Through Faith
11:24 [16] Yahweh's Witnesses: Out for Redemption or Recognition?
11:25 [17] Discouraged, Hopeless? A Woman Finds the Way to Happiness
11:26 [18] Forgiveness: The Firstfruit and Perpetual Obligation
11:27 [19] The Lunar Sabbath: Why Is It So Important?
11:28 [20] The Hornets of Yahweh: They Go Ahead of the Faithful
11:29 [21] Guest of Honour: The Ultimate Betrayal (Sabbath)

XII. Shenem Asar haChodesh (Twelfth Month) 5935

12:01 [22] Rosh Chodesh XII: Last Prophetic Warning for the Remnant
12:02 [23] Restoration Journey: Preparing the Last Generation
12:03 [24] Jehovah's Witnesses: Right & Wrong Reasoning with Scripture
12:04 [25] The Looming Famine: You'd Better Wake Up Now!
12:05 [26] Carpo: Exposing the Fault-Finding Demon
12:06 [27] Was Yah'shua Married? An Open Discussion on a Hard Question
12:07 [28] Your House of Yahweh: What Have You Been Called to Build?
12:08 [29] The Treasure & the Pearl: A Wonderful Truth (Sabbath)

MARCH 2012

12:09 [01] The Military Messiah: Time for Men to Become Men Again
12:10 [02] Day's Beginning: I. Sunset, Midnight or Sunrise?
12:11 [03] Boris Becker: The Hopeless Quest for Nothing
12:12 [04] The Golem Mindset: Exposing the Talmudic Frankenstein
12:13 [05] Day's Beginning: II. The Testimony of Manna-Gathering
12:14 [06] Day's Beginning: III. Nehemiah & the Wicked Masortes
12:15 [07] A Word of Consolation: For Calendar Strugglers (Sabbath)
12:16 [08] Escaping Dog: The Folly of Freedom in Sin
12:17 [09] Don't Be Afraid: Finding Your Rôle in the Great Upheavals
12:18 [10] Family or Congregation: I. Which is the Most Important?
12:19 [11] Family or Congregation: II. A Qahal of Families United
12:20 [12] So You're Sure You're Right? Looking at Faith Honestly & Squarely
12:21 [13] Yahweh Will Provide: Will You Trust Him to Do So?
12:22 [14] The Magus Touch: Pray, Aim High, & Stay Focussed (Sabbath)
12:23 [15] 'Erech 'Appayim: Your Calling to Be Longsuffering
12:24 [16] The Third Crashing: Another Prophetic World Event
12:25 [17] Born to Die: Unveiling Life's Sacred Purpose
12:26 [18] Temple for His Name: I. Old Covenant Building Blocks
12:27 [19] Temple for His Name: II. New Covenant Tavnith & Reality
12:28 [20] Temple for His Name: III. The Seven Women of Isaiah 4
12:29 [21] Temple for His Name: IV. Baptism and Circumcision (Sabbath)
12:30 [22] Joseph and Yah'shua: Preparation Day and the Coming Year

I. Rishon haChodesh (Aviv/First Month) 5936

1:01 [23] Rosh Chodesh I: Between the Nile and Euphrates
1:02 [24] Strangers & Foreigners: Understanding the Foolishness of Racism
1:03 [25] Christian Liberty: Salvation and Rewards in Context
1:04 [26] Abram, Rahab, Ruth & Lao-tzu: Hard Journeys with a Happy Ending
1:05 [27] The Roads of Zion: Rejoice for the Approaching Festivals!
1:06 [28] Are You a Game Addict? It's Time to Fix Up Your Time
1:07 [29] The Cult of Circumcision: Your Calling to Return to the Plain Truth
1:08 [30] The Messianic Resumé: Reasons to Recommend Yah'shua (Sabbath)
1:09 [31] Those Sharp Goads: The Driven Enemies of the Gospel

APRIL 2012

1:10 [01] April Fools' Day: It's Not At All What You Think
1:11 [02] The Four Days of Display: Qualifications of the Paschal Lamb
1:12 [03] The Millennial Memorials: Understanding the Historical Divisions
1:13 [04] Biblical Lunacy: Were the Hebrews Ever Moonstruck?

1:14 [05] Pesach 2012: Eternal Beginnings, Eternal Substitution
1:15 [06] Chag haMatzah 2012 I: Spiritual Detoxification Feast (Sabbath)
1:16 [07] Yom haBikkurim 2012: Stealing Easter from Jesus?
1:17 [08] Chag haMatzah 2012 III: First Principles of Spiritual Detoxification
1:18 [09] Chag haMatzah 2012 IV: The Toxin of Unforgiveness
1:19 [10] Chag haMatzah 2012 V: The Secret of Divine Alchemy
1:20 [11] Chag haMatzah 2012 VI: How the Festivals Disprove Calvinism
1:21 [12] Chag haMatzah 2012 VII: Jacob's Delight (High Sabbath)
1:22 [13] The Blood-Dipped Robe: It Isn't a Jewish Tallit (Sabbath)
1:23 [14] Secret of the Late Pesach: Yahweh's Provision for a Second Passover
1:24 [15] Crimes of the Masoretes II: Mutilating the Name Immanuel
1:25 [16] Prophecy on Drought: A Warning to Get a Safe Water Supply
1:26 [17] Got What You Asked For? Why We Need to be Very Careful in Prayer
1:27 [18] Aviv, Month of Blossoms: The 22 Almond Flowers & the Menorah
1:28 [19] Christian Confrontation: Overlooking in Love
1:29 [20] A Napkin of Witness: The Third Sign of the Resurrection (Sabbath)

II. Shanee haChodesh (Second Month) 5936

2:01 [21] Rosh Chodesh II: Jericho, Overcoming and Mind Renewal
2:02 [22] The Second Day of Jericho: Baffling the Defeated Enemy
2:03 [23] The Third Day of Jericho: Why You Need to Keep Going
2:04 [24] The Fourth Day of Jericho: The Great Shavu'ot Hinge of Life
2:05 [25] The Fifth Day of Jericho: Yom Teruah and the Principle of Five
2:06 [26] The Sixth Day of Jericho: Nehemiah's Six Enemy Oppositions
2:07 [27] The Seventh Day of Jericho: Victory in the 7/6 Principle!
2:08 [28] Made in His Image: Here Your Proud Waves Must Stop (Sabbath)
2:09 [29] The Ultimate Lawlessness: Religious Entertainment Roadshows
2:10 [30] Beware the Deliverer! Be Careful of Some Deliverance Ministers

MAY 2012

2:11 [01] Between Beltane and Marx: A Day You Should Not Be Observing
2:12 [02] The Two Witnesses: Who are They Really?
2:13 [03] Meet Cleon: Demon of Makeup & Women's Self-Glory
2:14 [04] Late Pesach 2012: Burning Down the City of Jericho
2:15 [05] Late Chag haMatzah 2012: 1. The True Season of Teshuvah (Sabbath)
2:16 [06] Late Chag haMatzah 2012: 2. A Pastoral Life for Readers & Friends
2:17 [07] Late Chag haMatzah 2012: 3. Of Human and Animal Spirits
2:18 [08] Late Chag haMatzah 2012: 4. Turning the Other Cheek
2:19 [09] Late Chag haMatzah 2012: 5. Are Social Networks a Waste of Time?
2:20 [10] Late Chag haMatzah 2012: 6. Are You Making the Right Sparks?
2:21 [11] Late Chag haMatzah 2012: 7. On Liberty, Money and Admiralty Law
2:22 [12] The Connection I: Understanding the Purpose of Life (Sabbath)
2:23 [13] Getting Ready for War: We are Literally on the Very Edge
2:24 [14] The Three Feathers: A Vision of Our Witness
2:25 [15] Which Bible Version? Examining the Halleluyah Scriptures I
2:26 [16] The Irenic Believer: Why You Are Called to Be One
2:27 [17] Are You Happy? I: Understanding What True Happiness Is
2:28 [18] Are You Happy? II: The Anatomy of Happiness Examined
2:29 [19] [Sabbatical] (Sabbath)
2:30 [20] Outer Darkness: Is It Hell or Something Else?

III. Shleshi haChodesh (Third Month) 5936

3:01 [21] Rosh Chodesh III: A Prophetic Word For All Believers
3:02 [22] Growing Up: The Journey to Shalom and Adulthood
3:03 [23] Are You Happy? III: Echoes of Eden
3:04 [24] Are You Happy? IV: Attending, ADD and the Plea
3:05 [25] Are You Happy? V: Avoiding Rebounds and Doing Right
3:06 [26] Wrong Pentecost! Shavu'ot is Not in May or June
3:07 [27] Are You Happy? VI: In Search of Authentic Peace
3:08 [28] Are You Happy? VII: The Finding of Authentic Peace (Sabbath)
3:09 [29] Are You Happy? VIII: Abiding in the Secret Place
3:10 [30] Are You Happy? IX: Coming Out of the Emotional Dust Storm
3:11 [31] Are You Happy? X: Finding Eternal Rest...While Alive

JUNE 2012

3:12 [01] Are You Happy? XI: Shalom Amidst Endless Agitation
3:13 [02] Dead Religion: Devotion Without Regeneration
3:14 [03] Life After Birth: Discussion Between a Believer & an Atheist
3:15 [04] The Connection II: Finding Fellowship & Communion (Sabbath)
3:16 [05] The Drowning Man: A Lesson in Deliverance
3:17 [06] The Venus Conjunction: What the Scriptures Tell Us About It
3:18 [07] Contentment With Enough: Scale Back Your Consumption Now
3:19 [08] Names & Soul-Ties: Be Careful How You Name Your Children
3:20 [09] Messianic Evangelical: Explaining The Gospel Spectrum
3:21 [10] Belief System Choices: Expectations and Realities
3:22 [11] Pyramid & Mountain: A Prophetic Vision (Sabbath)
3:23 [12] Return of the Nefilim I: Why They Came Before Messiah
3:24 [13] Free to Choose: Between Liberty and Totalitarianism
3:25 [14] To Receive or To Be Made? Learning to Walk in Spiritual Maturity
3:26 [15] Accosting Yahweh: How to Call Upon Elohim for Power
3:27 [16] Submit with Silver: The Fate of the World's Wild Beasts
3:28 [17] Mountains of Faith: Rise from the Valleys of Failure
3:29 [18] The Charging Lion: A Prophetic Vision (Sabbath)
3:30 [19] Are You Prepared? The Five Places You Don't Want to Be

IV. Revee haChodesh (Fourth Month) 5936

4:01 [20] Rosh Chodesh IV: The Great Day of the End Game
4:02 [21] The Two Touches: Redemption and Revelation
4:03 [22] Federation or Confederation? Last Hope for the USA, Europe & World
4:04 [23] Innocence: The Alef & Taw of Being Perfect
4:05 [24] Today's Cities of Israel: The Witnesses Still Go Forth
4:06 [25] Eternal Torment? Revealing Yahweh's True Touchstone
4:07 [26] Can the Virgin Mary Heal? Answering Catholic Claims
4:08 [27] The White Pillow & Red Harvest Visions (Sabbath)
4:09 [28] A Personal Word: I Know Where I'm Going - Do You?
4:10 [29] The Golden Flakes & Fire: A Vision & Revelation to the Body
4:11 [30] The Mousetrap: Others' Concerns are Our Concerns

JULY 2012

4:12 [01] Hidden Hebrew Alphabet? Exposing a Modern Fanciful Myth
4:13 [02] Highways of Escape: Sevenfold Blessings for the Remnant
4:14 [03] What Really Matters? When Success is a Failure
4:15 [04] The Chaotic Mind: Disciplining to Hear Yahweh's Word (Sabbath)
4:16 [05] The Tiger & the Strawberry: Human Responses to Crisis & Death
4:17 [06] The Divine Laundry: Yahweh as Agitator and Cleanser
4:18 [07] The Destroyed Work: When Our Labour Seems Lost
4:19 [08] Bitterness: Dealing with a Hidden Root
4:20 [09] Unity: Illusions and Reality
4:21 [10] The Journey Home: I. Visions of Judgment & Gathering
4:22 [11] The Journey Home: II. Revelation of the 7 Pools (Sabbath)
4:23 [12] Scriptural Tidbits: The Case of Found & Missing Verses
4:24 [13] Acts 29: The Missing Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles
4:25 [14] Shavu'ot Preparations: The Right Place & A Right Heart
4:26 [15] In Search of Recognition: Let's Compliment Our Unsung Heroes
4:27 [16] The Name of the Creator: Why You Absolutely Need to Know It
4:28 [17] Shavu'ot 2012: The Double Pentecost Truth
4:29 [18] Not of This World: Our Proper Relationship to the State (Sabbath)

V. Chamashee haChodesh (Fifth Month) 5936

5:01 [19] Rosh Chodesh V: Tiqvah - Hope
5:02 [20] The Anti-Paulists: 1. A Dangerous Messianic Heresy
5:03 [21] The Anti-Paulists: 2. Objections Refuted
5:04 [22] My Davar Dip: Whose Word Will You Follow Today?
5:05 [23] 2012 London Olympics: Secret Plans of the Élite Revealed
5:06 [24] The EMP Danger: Have You Considered It?
5:07 [25] Elohim of Common Sense: Thank You for Everything
5:08 [26] Steadfast Repentance: From Medicine to Spiritual Hygiene (Sabbath)
5:09 [27] Vanity According to Dandemis
5:10 [28] The Rechabite Example: It's Application to Us Today
5:11 [29] Grasp the Yehudi's Tzitzit! Revealing the Man of Zechariah
5:12 [30] Authentic Living: Learning the Three Elements
5:13 [31] Actions and Resolve: How to Pursue the Straight Course


5:14 [01] Paul and Torah: Probably Not What You Imagined
5:15 [02] Borrowed Things: Three Important Truths (Sabbath)
5:16 [03] An End & New Beginning: Vision of the Landing Space Shuttle
5:17 [04] Your Beggarly Elements: Are You in Bondage to False Observances?
5:18 [05] Enmity Abolished: What Did Yah'shua Bring to an End?
5:19 [06] The Terrible Yoke: What the Jerusalem Council Actually Said
5:20 [07] Noah, Daniel & Job: When a Whole Country Sins
5:21 [08] Revelation for the Diaspora: Home-Grown Food & Prophetic Dreams
5:22 [09] Doctrine to Shine: Learning What It's All Really About (Sabbath)
5:23 [10] The Trinity: What's the Messianic Evangelical Position?
5:24 [11] To All Investigators: The Way Messianic Evangelicals Go
5:25 [12] Seeing Who You Are: A Purpose of Trial & Tribulation
5:26 [13] The Quartodecimans: Would You Have Been One?
5:27 [14] Fear: Overcoming the Spirit of Slavery
5:28 [15] Farewell Devotional:Some Personal Reflections & Counsel

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