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Month 5:5, Week 1:4 (Revee/Shavu'ot), Year 5935:119 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Thursday 4 August 2011
Oslo, Utøya and 9/11
The Tangled Web of Deceit Exposed

    Continued from Part 1

    There is no doubt that the Oslo bombing of a government building and the Utøya massacre of young Social Democrats is Europe's 9/11, the only difference being that the latter was carried out by a 'white extremist Christian' whereas the former was carried out by 'Arab extremist Muslims'. A week has passed, the shock is still real, and families are still devastated from the loss of loved ones. However, a pattern is emerging that really doesn't suprise me, namely, that Anders Breivik wasn't the only one involved in this act of terror and that he probably wasn't even the mastermind.

    What alarms me the most, though I am far from being surprised, is that this double terror action is quite possibly another inside job like 9/11. The state pre-packaging is all too 'neat' and, as we shall see, the 'official version' of events is looking highly improbable. We are already seeing the predicted reaction by big government in Europe and we are being asked to swallow the Big Lie - Europeans need to trade more of their freedoms for safety. I see the hallmarks of transforming Europe into a police state like the one emerging in the United States and I also see damage control by the Eurocrats whose Union is not only highly unpopular amongst Europeans but is an economic failure, with the €uro currently in a tailspin. What I see is a well-proven psy-op or psychological operation to distract a hostile population by creating a situation to make it sympathetic. And if the Breivik Affair doesn't persuade Europeans to sacrifice their freedoms for an illusiory safety then I predict something far worse will happen, perhaps even nuclear. At least that is what the pundits are saying.

    I have to say from the outset, to preclude any false accusations, that I have no sympathy whatsoever for murderers or religious or secular 'extremists' - the real ones, that is - even those who use and abuse the name of my religion. As I said in my last article, Breivik - whatever he is - is not a 'Christian' however much anyone else may be able to stereotype him to arouse hostility against Christians, because Biblical Christianity is a pacifist religion. About the only thing we can be sure about at this stage is that Mr.Breivik is white though I doubt the powers-will-be will want to make whites in general out to be the 'bad guys' since most of the élite are in any case white themselves. And though fundamentalist Muslims are well known for their terrorist outrages, and though the Koran supports literal Jihad in the name of their religion, including deception, murder and warfare, there is no such parallel movement amongst Christians on anything like the same kind of scale - if there are 'Christians' who believe and carry out terrorist outrages, they will find scant support (in fact, the opposite) in the New Testament. You just can't compare the two. The teachings of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) are of high moral and ethical content and forbid the kinds of activities perpetrated by the Muslim bombers.

    There is, however, a greater evil than the Muslim bombers, and that is those who try to pin crimes they have themselves committed on whole communities, religious and secular. They specialise in the art of blame-shifting and finding scape-goats for their own outrages. I'll not get into the whole sordid business of 9/11 - I am sure most of you have already done your own research, weighed the evidence, and come to the same inevitable conclusions as other honest people.

    There are few governments that are popular nowadays because they are rightly perceived as dishonest and corrupt. It gets harder and harder for them to shore up the images they want to project of themselves as being the guardians of the welfare of the ordinary citizen, and like the late General Galtieri of Argentina, they are in search of Falklands-type wars to distract the public attention from their own shady activities that run the high risk of being exposed. With the media mostly behind them, they know how to shift our attention from one disaster to another and away from their own misdemeanours and to actions designed to win public sympathy. And one of the greatest ways to curry sympathy is to be seen scurrying around doing all they can to help the victims of terrorist outrages.

    I am not, of course, speaking of the public servants 'on the ground' - the men and women of the police, medical services and the like who do stirling and often valiant work, motivated as they are with a desire to help their fellow man, though the intervention response time to Utøya was bad. I am speaking of those in 'high places', the ones who rule in the shadows, whose days are numbered if they do not repent, however giddy and flushed with success they may feel as they see things unfolding supposedly in their favour. They have not taken into account how Yahweh-Elohim, the Creator of the Universe, has taken care of their wicked designs in the past. Only their steering invisible powers know of the doom that awaits them.

    Karma Singh [1] has made some important observations that I want to share with you today so that the public can wise up as to what's actually going on. Firearms experts, he says, "have commented upon the astonishing (their words) ability of almost complete novices to shoot people with a kill rate way above that of a highly trained military sniper. Further, that of more than three hundred people, not one, apparently, made any attempt to stop the “assassin” as most such lone shooters are almost always stopped."

    But before we look at Utøya massacre let's take a closer look at the Oslo bombing itself. As we carefully examine the evidence, we will discover that a lot of things don't add up at all if we are to believe the offical explanations given out to the media. We are told that a car bomb outside a government building went off that caused all the devastation we have been shown in the pictures at 3.20 pm on a Friday afternoon. Singh thinks it odd that the entire building was empty - there wasn't a single person in it. That is perhaps not so strange, though, as public offices tend to close any time between 3 pm and 5 pm, they close earlier on Fridays, and this was the height of the holiday season when everyone is on holiday. Breivik would have known this, especially as he had supposedly been planning the attack for over two years. If the government was the 'big enemy', why attack the building when it was empty? Was he so stupid? Why, if he was prepared to murder 80 or so youth on Utøya island and a few passers-by on the streets, did he not try to kill government officers, including the Prime Minister? Surely that would have been the real 'coup' for him! And yet, the powers that organised this - whether Breivik or someone else, did not actually want government officials as victims, it would seem. Indeed, does this not ominously remind us of 9/11? The twin towers were completely empty of government officials and security agency employees when the attack took place, leaving only innocent civilians to perish.

    If Breivik had really been interested in protesting against corrupt government, then surely murdering government officials would have taken precendence over killing innocent youth on an island. Here we have a supposed 'right-winger' wanting vengeance on the left-ruling Norwegian Government yet the high officers of this leftist government are totally unharmed because they aren't even there - the only victims are youngsters and passers-by. Yet right-wing, conservative governments do not seem to be immune from such 'attacks' being successfully carried out - I am thinking of the plane that carried Polish President Lech Kaczynski with other government, military, economic and religious diagnatories - including National Bank President Sławomir Skrzpek and Army Chief of Staff General Franciszek Gagor - that 'accidentally' crashed near Smolensk in Russia, killing 88 people in all.

    So there is a huge question mark in my mind as to why an empty government building was attacked when Breivik (assuming he even did the bombing - plenty of fundamentalist Muslim organisations were quick to claim credit) was willing to gun down vaccationing youngsters from the same political party. But then the public are more likely to react against young people being killed, aren't they?

    As far as the actual bomb itself is concerned Singh notes:

      "According to the official story, one Anders Breivik Behring purchased six tons of fertiliser out of which he made a huge bomb. He, somehow, managed to pack all this into a car about the size of a Renault Espace which could never have held more than ¾ of a ton of such an explosive and would, in any event, have been completely undriveable with anything like that weight of “luggage”. We see a photo of this car here.

      "Had this vehicle, however, actually contained a bomb which did so much damage to the building then you would not be seeing a wreck like this; you would find nothing larger than 3 inch (7 cm) pieces of metal etc. scattered around the street. You would also see a very large hole where the vehicle had been parked; the pavement appears to be completely undamaged. (Had ½ lb of gelignite been detonated under the vehicle, it would look something like the one in the photo.)

      "Staying at street level for the moment, we see a car which looks like a Volkswagen Golf size vehicle just a few yards (metres) away from the alleged bomb. Had the bomb really been in a car in front of the building then the Golf size vehicle would have been blown at least 20 yards through the air. As we can see, however, the only damage to it is from falling masonry from the building itself.

      "This blast which wrecked six floors of a steel and concrete building, had it been from a bomb in a car in front of the building, would have uprooted the trees on the other side of the road. We see here that they have not even lost a single leaf.

      "Turning our attention to the building a few yards away on the other side of the road we observe minimal damage whereas the alleged bomb would have almost demolished it.

      "When we look at the target building we observe a number of strange phenomena. Firstly, although the blast, allegedly, took place at street level we see almost uniform damage from top to bottom of the building. Further, the damage and heat intensity appear to have been much higher on the upper floors. Looking very closely, we note that much of the obvious damage is from the inside outwards as though an explosion or explosions had taken place INSIDE the building. Were this the case, then we would expect to see exactly the window damage to the building opposite that we do see and which would have been so impossible from street level.

      "Some time before, there was a practice security alert in a nearby building to test exactly this scenario! With events of this kind, this is nothing unusual – the co-ordination is usually tested first.

      "Let us go now to Mr. Behring and his many weapons. The first we see is a “photo” of him with a high-tech military sniper rifle costing many thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, it is a fake. If you look at his eyes, you will see that he is not looking at the rifle at all but at something further away as though he were completely unaware of the rifle. Photoshopping experts have confirmed that the face has been photoshoped onto what may have been an advertisement from the manufacturer of the rifle.

      "Now things get really curious:-

      "Here is a lone man who has just set off a massive bomb walking through the streets loaded down with a large collection of guns and ammunition who gets into a boat which he had previously readied for the task and drives off to an island where he single handedly shoots down more than 60 people. AND NOBODY SAW HIM!!!!!

      "It might happen in Rambo films but experts in such things say it’s completely impossible. A minimum of three people shooting would be required to get this amount of killing and some of the witnesses who did survive tell tales of more than one gunman."

    As the evidence seems to mount against the 'official version', what are we supposed to believe? And how did Breivik finance all of this? We are left to guess but given his involvement in Free Masonry and all the connections with high and mighty people in that organisation, it is not hard to speculate where financing would have been obtained and indeed his marching orders, if this was not a one-man operation which it looks less and less likely as being.

    The 'talk' now is that Breivik is 'insane' though others say he is not. Certainly he would need to be a psychopath at the very least to have cold-bloodedly massacred so many innocents. Singh further notes:

      "Pictures apparently taken on Tuesday show an apparently completely unconcerned Anders Breivik Behring being transported in a police vehicle either going to or coming from a hearing with a judge held in complete secrecy. The general impression which I, professionally, get of Mr. Behring is a very weak personality who either believes when he is told that he will be a world hero or is subjected to mind control. Either way, his complete unconcern over his future is remarkable. Added to this the fact, disclosed during the week, that Mr. Behring is heavily addicted to drugs and we are further puzzled as to his finances: From wide experience, I can verify that drug addicts do not have any financial resources worth mentioning."

    Why Norway? Singh has his own theories which make good sense:

      "One of the two European countries not subject to the whims and fancies of faceless bureaucrats and their even more hidden puppet masters, which has no national debt and is, therefore, not susceptible to the manipulations of the banking cartel. The other such country is Switzerland into which almost the entire Rothschild family are busily moving their homes. Are the lodges trying to convince the Norwegian people that they would be better off with the “protection” of the Rothschild controlled European “super” police? Is it just a warning to London, Berlin etc. to toe the line or look what could happen to you? Or is another game afoot.

      "I must wait for further reports before I can answer any of these questions.

      "One thing is certain, the image presented to the public is very definitely deliberately falsified."

    As the inconsistencies of the official version of events multiply with fresh outrages, the less trustworthy governments are becoming, and the more they are seen as puppets on strings. None of this surprises us, of course. But before we get smug because we are able to 'see through' these events, the more important question has to be asked: 'What is to be done?' And, 'Who will do it?'

    That is up to the man and woman on the street. They have to get vocal. If they don't, and just passively accept the distorted junk that is fed to us on the media or just can't be bothered to do anything about it, then they deserve the dictatorship that has already crossed into our back yards and is even now banging on our front and back doors demanding entrance.

    I am honestly not optimistic about the broad masses whom governments have learned to successfully dupe and manipulate, but I do expect the courageous Few to start making noise. If they don't, then we will sink into the abyss of a new dark age where the tyrant is not an institutional religion but atheistic Marxism.

    We know that the communists will get global power before Yah'shua (Jesus) returns but we need not make it easy for them. Men and women of emunah (faith) need to stand in the breach and call down the powers of heaven against the dark forces that steer the élite, not so much to destroy it (because the legal grounds for their oppression are given to them by the wickedness of the people themselves) but to halt it so that Yahweh's agenda can be completed before Satan is given his 3½ years of total global control. Then Yahweh Himself will carry out the final destruction of these sons of perdition in His own supernatural power.

    I suppose I should share a vision I had last night before concluding since it relates to these things. I saw two windows and behind them was much blood. I believe these two windows depict identical events in terms of the global agenda, namely, 9/11 and Utøya. We are being granted insight into what is really going on.

    In the meantime these inconsistencies with the official view of the Oslo Bombing and Utøya need to be broadcast far and wide before the next act of élite-sponsored terror is carried out. Singh, as we have seen, thinks some city like Berlin is the next target. I would put my money on London based on a vision of a nuked centre I saw some time back. But we will see. In the meantime if the people do nothing, nothing will happen, and these psychopaths will walk all over us, save those who are walking under a supernatural covering.

    Things are heating up for sure. There is lots more yet to happen, and soon. Stay close to Yahweh!


    [1] Karma Singh, Norway and Berlin

    Essential Listening

    Red Ice Radio: Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde discusses the Norway Massacre, Anders Behring Breivik and Mind Control:


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