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Dr. Michael Ruse, one of the most eloquent spokesmen for evolution today, said:

"Evolution is promoted by its practitioners as more than mere science. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion - a full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality. I am an ardent evolutionist and ex-Christian, but I must admit that in this one complaint ... the literalists are absolutely right. Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today".

(Ruse, Michael. 'Saving Darwinism from the Darwinians', National Post, May 13, 2000, B-3)

Unconvinced? See The Religion of Evolution by Gary DeMar.

Scepticism vs. Denial: A Need For Honesty

Materials in this Register

1a. Creation versus Evolution (Art)
2. Can Science Exist Without Faith? (Art)
3. What is Your Position on the "Gap Theory" and "Day-Age Theory"? (FAQ)
4. Do the New Agers Have a Better Scientific Grasp Than Christians? (FAQ)
5. Ideas on Evolution and Creation (FAQ)
6. Cain, Big Foot and the Bible (FAQ)
7a. Evolution: A Doctrine in Search of a Scientific Theory (Sc)
7b. Evolution: A Doctrine in Search of a Scientific Theory (Illustrated) (Sc)
8. How Dinosaurs Got Wings: The Unenlagia Red Herring (Sc)
9. Interviews: A Question of Life, Religion, Science and Philosophy (AI 4)
10. Was There Life on Mars? Refuting the Claims of NASA (Art)
11. Fingernails: Created or Evolved? (FAQ)
12. Interfering with the Ageing Process (FAQ)
13. Does Science Disprove God's Existence? (Sc)
14. Mapping the Human Genome and Gene-Splicing (FAQ)
15. How Old is the Earth? (FAQ)
16. The Religious Faith of Evolution (FAQ)
17. Uniformitarianism Exposed in the Bible (FAQ)
18. Science So-Called: Exploding the Myth of Scientific Objectivity (Art)
19. Planet X and the Powers of the Heavens (Art)
20. When was the Sun Created? (FAQ)
21. The Darwin Bicentennial: A Message to All Evolutionists (Art)
22. Evolutionary Fairy Tales: How the New Zealand Moa Got Modern (Art)
23. Teshuvah for Evolution: Giving Glory Back to the Creator (Art)
24. The Heavens in Upheaval: Orbits of Earth & Moon Have Changed! (Art)
25. The Expanding Earth: Will We One Day Be Compressed Again? (Art)
26. Science and the Bible: Can the Two Be Reconciled? (Art)
27. Genesis 1:1: and the Festivals of Yahweh (Art)
28. Human Light: Introducing the Humanists' Winter God (Art)
29. The Advent of Nibiru: Are We Facing the Woes of Wormwood? (Art)
30. The 100th Monkey: Proof of Non-Material Communication (Art)
31. Genesis 1: How Old is the Creation? (Art)
Also see the Flat Earth page

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Articles from Other Websites

1. Darwin’s Bodysnatchers: New Horrors

Not all statements made by scientists
are necessarily statements of science

On 26 October 2013 the Governing Board of the Origin of Life Science Foundation, Inc. voted to put on hold the Origin of Life Prize Program, and to temporarily suspend the Origin of Life Prize offer. Over the 13 years since The Origin of Life Prize was first announced in NATURE and SCIENCE, no submission has ever made it past the screening judges to higher-level judges. No submission has ever addressed, let alone answered, any of the questions below, for which the Prize offer was instituted. Most of these Prize-offer questions centered on: "How did inanimate, prebiotic nature prescribe or program the first genome?"

Life origin literature continues to circumvent and ignore this problem, if not deliberately sweep it under the rug. The Prize Program did much to raise consciousness and stimulate more consideration of the real problem of life origin - Prescription of future biofunction that was not yet selectable by the environment - LifeOrigin.org.

"The Age of the Universe: What are the Biblical Limits?" by Gorman Gray, 2000, Morningstar Publications, Washougal, WA 98671-1209, USA. $12 ppd. [email protected]
"The Modern Creation Trilogy" by Henry M. & John D. Morris, 1996, Master Books, P.O.Box 727, Green Forest, AR 72638, USA
"Man's Origin, Man's Destiny" by Professor A.E.Wilder-Smith, 1974, Telos International. Dist. Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 116 Baker Street, London W1 M2 BB, UK.
"A Basis for a New Biology" by Professor A.E.Wilder-Smith, 1976, Telos International. Dist. Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 116 Baker Street, London W1 M2 BB, UK.
"Scientific Creationism" ed. Henry M. Morris, 1974, Public School Edition, Creation Life Publishers, San Diego, CA, USA. ISBN 0-89501-002-4
"The Moon: It's Creation, Form and Significance" by John C. Whitcomb & Donald B. DeYoung, 1978, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI, USA. BMH Books, Winoa Lake, Indiana 46590, USA. ISBN 0-8010-9619-7
"The Genesis Flood: The Biblical Record and Its Scientific Implications" by John C. Whitcomb & Henry M. Morris, 1961, The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, Philipsburg, NJ 08865, USA. ISBN 0-87552-338-2
"New Creationism" by Harold Clark, 1980, Southern Publishing Association, Nashville, TN, USA. ISBN 0-8127-0247-6
"The Troubled Waters of Evolution" by Henry M. Morris, 1977, Creation Life Publishers, San Diego, CA, USA. ISBN 0-89051-015-6
"The Early Earth" by John C. Whitcomb, Jr., 1972, Evangelical Press, 136 Rosendale Road, London SE21, UK.
"What About Origins?" by Dr. A.J.Monty White, 1978, Dunestone Printers Ltd., 43 Gestridge Road, Kingsteighnton, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK. ISBN 0-906511-00-3
"How Old is the Earth?" by Dr. A.J.Monty White, 1985, Evangelical Press, 16/18 High Street, Welwyn, Herts AL6 9EQ, UK. ISBN 0-85234-198-9
"Evolution: The Fossils Say No!" by Duane T. Gish, PhD., 1978, Creation Life Publishers, San Diego, CA, USA. ISBN 0-89051-046-6
"Fossils in Focus" by J. Kerby Anderson & Harold G. Coffin, 1977, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506, USA. ISBN 0-310-35741-1
"The Case of the Midwife Toad" by Arthur Koestler, 1971, Picador, Pan Books Ltd., Cavaye Place, London SW10 9PG, UK. ISBN 0-330-24642-9
"The Neck of the Giraffe or Where Darwin Went Wrong" by Francis Hirching, 1982, Pan Books Ltd., Cavaye Place, London SW10 9PG, UK. ISBN 0-330-26643-8
"The Deluge Story in Stone: A History of the Flood Theory of Geology" by Byron C. Nelson, 1968, Bethany Fellowship, Inc., Publishers, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55438, USA.
"After Its Kind" by Byron C. Nelson, 1970, Bethany Fellowship, Inc., Publishers, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55438, USA.
"Biology: A Search for Order in Complexity" (School Text Book) by John N. Moore, M.S & Harold Schultz Slusher, M.S., 1974, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506, USA. ISBN 0-310-29490-8. Excellent for Home Schooling
"Origin of Life: Evolution-Creation" (School Text Book) by Richard B. Bliss & Gary E. Parker, 1980, Creation Life Publishers, P.O.Box 15666, San Diego, CA 92115, USA. ISBN 0-89051-053-9. Excellent for Home Schooling
"The Biblical Basis for Modern Science" by Henry M. Morris, 2010, Master Books, Green Forest, AR 72638, USA. ISBN-13: 978-0-89051-369-9 . A classic in understanding the relationship between science and religion

Origins: How the World Came to Be (6 videos) - 1. The Fossil Record, 2. The Origin of Mankind, 3. The Origin of Species, 4. The Origin of Life, 5. The Earth, a Young Planet?, 6. The Origin of the Universe - Eden Communications, USA (Tel. 1-800-332-2261)
Basic Creation Series by Dr. Henry Morris (7 videos) - 1. The Genesis Flood, 2. The Age of the Earth, 3. The God who is Real, 4. Scientific Creationism, 5. Dark History of Evolution, 6. The Remarkable Record of Job, 7. The Troubled Waters of Evolution. Institute for Creation Research, P.O.Box 2667, El Cajon, CA 92021, USA (Tel. (619) 448-0900)
A Rotary NanoMachine - Understanding the Structure and Dynamics of a Bacterial Flagella - Project ERATO, Japan Science and Technology Corporation
Animation Film of the Cell's Inner Life - Harvard University
Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, TV Interview, 29 August 2005 - The Grounds for Intelligent Design and the Science of Design Detection
Way of the Master: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution
Northwest Creation: Dozens of Videos on Creationism
Tour Through Reality
The Miracle of Design in the Cell
Young Age of the Earth (Part 1)

Young Age of the Earth (Part 2)
The Dawkins Delusion

Richard Dawkins Stumped by Creationists' Question

Richard Dawkins is dumbfounded after being asked to "give an example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome" - quite a reasonable question that one would expect Oxford University's Professor for the Public Understanding of Science - so adamant in his belief in evolution - could and would provide an answer for.

He then responds but DOES NOT answer the question that was asked of him. Why? Because he has no idea when it comes to processes that add information to the genome - the very premise of what he proclaims!! His writings claiming that he was not stumped are a desperate endeavour to cover his cowardly tracks (and on a further note, his writings don't cover any of these "information adding" processes either).

Check out the URL on the video (or above) for THE REAL EXPLANATION OF EVENTS!! And for even more insight into Dawkins' lack of enthusiasm to be interviewed by creationists, check out the belowmentioned CD. Dawkins was put to shame in a debate against creationists in 1986 at Oxford University and was left so speechless and defeated that he decided never to grant creationists with publicity time again - this policy was adopted not because he simply does not want to grant creationists with the publicity as he so cowardly insists, but because he is terrified his reputation will be tainted by his inability to front up to creationist arguments head-on (as this YOUTUBE video proves). The CD is available from the following link: http://creation.com/Oxford

Don't be as "ignorant" as creationists allegedly are - delve a little deeper and you will be surprised at what you'll find.

NB: The reasons for posting this video is not to disprove evolution or to prove creation - but merely to show that this man who is at the forefront of the modern-day evolutionist movement does not have an answer for the most fundamental question to what he proclaims. There are actually three processes [at the time of writing] that scientists know of that add information to the genome - none of which Dawkins covers in any of his responses - websites, books or otherwise.

Kent Hovind vs. Dr. Mike Shermer Debate
"Evolution is unproven and unprovable. We believe it because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable" (Sir Arthur Keith, Evolutionist)

Centre for Scientific Creation: The most comprehensive Scientific Creationist site I have come across on the net so far - strongly recommended (linked 2001)
Institute for Creation Research: One of the best and most comprehensive resourses on Scientific Creationism on the Web that thoroughly exposes the lie of evolutionism and confirms the biblical witness - publishes many excellent books and magazines. Baptist orientated (linked 1997)
The Fairy Tale of Evolution: An amusing and clever scientific spiff on the teaching of evolutionism - well worth the read (linked 2001)
The Creation Research Society (linked 2001)
Origins (linked 2001)
Answers in Genesis Ministries (linked 2001)
Access Research Network: Philip E. Johnson's Page exposing Darwinism (linked 2001, 2004)
Kent Hovind's Creation vs. Evolution Website (linked 2001)
Why Evolution Makes No Sense: a purely scientific, non religious site debunking evolution (linked 2004)
The Collapse of Darwinism: An audio-visual presentation (linked 2004)
Intelligent Design: Articles in English and Swedish by Kjell Ulander (linked 2004)
Genesis Veracity: An Historico-Mathematical Approach to the Genesis Question (linked 2004)
The Electric Universe: A Revolutionary New Cosmic Theory (linked 2004)
OOPARTS: Out of Place Artifacts and Ancient High Technology: Evidence of Noah's Flood? (linked 2005)
Creation Apologetics: A Christ-Focussed, Young-Age Creationist Ministry (linked 2008)
Twin Cities Creation Science Association: 6 Day Creationism (linked 2008)
Free Hovind: Videos, seminars and blogs (linked 2009)
In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood: by Dr.Walt Brown - online book (linked 2009)
Answers in Genesis.Org: Believing it, defending it, proclaiming it (linked 2009)
Creation Truth Foundation: Leader of Biblical Worldview Development Beginning in Genesis (linked 2009)
Creation Evidence Museum and Archaeological Excavations: (linked 2009)
Genesis Park: Dinosaurs: living evidence of a powerful Creator (linked 2009)
Creation Science Association: for Mid America (linked 2009)
Scientific Facts and Evolution (linked 2009)
Icons of Evolution: What is Intelligent Design? (linked 2009)
American Portrait Films - Creation Videos and DVDs: Art of the Covenant (linked 2009)
Science Frontiers: Anomalies - The Unusual and Unexplained (linked 2009)
Reasons to Believe: Science-Faith Thinktank (linked 2009)
Creation Ministries International (linked 2009)
Creation Design.Org - Things That Could Never have Evolved (added 2009)
Answers in Creation.Org: A Theistic Evolution ('God made everything and then left it to evolve') website - Christians who still believe in Evolution. This website does not reflect what this ministry believes in and should only be studied by those who have maturity in biblical and scientific knowledge. Useful for experienced Christian Creationist Scientists who want to know how the opposition argues (added 2009)
Creation Conversations: A Ning-type discussion network for creationists (added 2010)
Junk Science (Natural News): The Political & Commercial Manipulation of Modern Science (added 2010)
Darwinism Refuted: How the Theory of Evolution Breaks Down in the Light of Modern Science - good science but with a Muslim agenda (added 2011)
Hidden Codes in the Bible: The Value of Pi (added 2011)
DefendingGenesis.org (added 2012)
John Lennox | Science & Ethics (added 2012)
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries - Helping the thinker believe, helping the believer think (added 2012)
Center for Scientific Creation - Dr.Walt Brown's scholarly website and book (added 2012)
Creation-Evolution Headlines - a high tech look at evolution through its proponents own eyes and comparing it with creationism (added 2013)
Revolution Against Evolution - answering tough questions concerning the Bible and science (added 2015)
God In a Nutshell.org - first class articles and videos (added 2015)
Project 315 - Does Absolute Truth Exist? (added 2016)
The Creation Orchard - Developing a Creation Based Classification System (added 2016)
Scheppings Wetenschap - Dutch translation of the CREV swebsite (added 2017)
David Rives Ministries - Revealing Yahweh's Glory Through Creation (added 2017)
Please recommend other creationist sites to us!

Three cultural paradigms*
showing how the One World Religion is Evolving


Old Paradigm




New Paradigm

The Bible reveals reality Science alone explains reality  Feelings and experience prove reality (existentialism, feminism)
Yahweh (God) is personal (loves us) and greater than His creation Religion is a crutch, an illusion, the opium of the people (atheism/fascism/ communism/liberalism) An impersonal universal god (pantheism = occultism) makes all things one (monism = satanism)
Teach personal responsibility (accountability to Truth who is Yah'shua the Messiah/ Jesus Christ and Torah) Teach human rights
(you are your own truth
= self-worship and
Teach collective duties, responsibilities or obligations
(the state is Truth = Totalitarianism = no accountability = dictatorship)
Don't tolerate sin
(but love sinners)
Tolerate all lifestyles
(moral anarchism)
Don't tolerate dissenters
(zero tolerance = persecution = prison, torture and murder)
Trust Yahweh (God/Elohim) Trust self (self as god) Trust the state (state as god)

* A cultural paradigm is a social awareness, a worldview, a pattern or framework for understanding reality, a point of view that determines how the general public evaluates good and evil, right and wrong. A paradigm shift means a cultural transformation, a total change in thinking, seeing, and evaluating social issues.

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