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4 September 2010 (Shibi'i/Sukkot)
Day #173, 5934 AM
Teshuvah #27 Visions
Shakings in the Land of Norway

Continued from Part 2
    "O Elohim, You have cast us off; You have broken us down; You have been displeased; Oh, restore us again! You have made the earth tremble; You have broken it; Heal its breaches, for it is shaking" (Ps.60:1-2, NKJV).

Shabbat shalom and welcome to the penultimate sabbath before Yom Kippur and the last sabbath before the autumn or fall moedim. We are at the 26th day of teshuvah and have been observing it with great care this year and experiencing all sorts of surprising things. We are still wondering what October will bring though we have been given lots of clues. But what is the big picture? There are lots of 'events' taking place like another oil rig that just blew up in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana. If we could but view the spiritual 'trajectories' of all these events we would be able to see where they all converge or meet, for converge I believe they must and will. It's almost as though the beginning of a major a separation is taking place, a separation like that of the sheep from the goats.

Last sabbath we looked at UFOs following a curious dream I had. I have been digging a lot into the UFO question again and realising that not only are sightings multiplying everywhere but that a new triangular-shaped vehicle is appearing in our skies with increasing frequency. The politicians are feverishly pushing the New World Order agenda in Europe and America as though they have an urgent deadline to meet. What exactly is going on? And what is it that will end at the conclusion of Sukkot this month?

The sequence of three festivals that define autumn (fall) are prophetic markers indicating the Return of the Messiah (Yom Teruah), the Final Judgment (Yom Kippur), the Marriage Feast of the Lamb (Sukkot) and the Beginning of the Millennium (Shemini Atseret). Shemini Atseret or the Last Great Day falls this year on the last day of the Roman September and, as it happens, one of your birthday's. This means that the 1st October is the day after the Last Great Day. This year, Shemini Atseret is the last day or 'end' of what has been and something 'new' starts on 1 October. What I can say with certainty is that the Millennium won't be beginning on 1st October and Yah'shua won't be returning at Yom Teruah - these we must still look forward to and, I believe, the next generation will see these prophetic feasts literally fulfilled.

The message I have to share with you today I do with much concern which is why this devotional is late in being published. I have had disturbing dreams and visions all night. As I do not fully understand them yet and have yet to properly test them, I do not present them to you today as prophecies or revelations but as possibilities which you yourselves must privately test. They may represent literal events or they may simply be symbolic of something else. Or they may mean absolutely nothing at all and are just reprocessed personal fears of mine - we have to consider all the possibilities. As I said when I first obtained the October prophecy, this may only have application to me personally or my family. If it does, then it will hopefully be an object lesson in how Yahweh deals with us as individuals and families. However, we won't know whether this is the meaning until after the events portrayed have occurred. Or it could pertain to one country or to the whole world. Again, events will determine the correct interpretation. Because I have been presumptuous in the past and 'raced ahead' in 'forcing' Yahweh to give me a date and instead getting deceived, you will forgive me if I am very cautious and non-comittal today. So let me share one dream and three visions with you that I am sure are connected - the visions almost certainly are for Yahweh often communicates in triple visions to convey the same truth in different ways, or different aspects of the same truth.

I dreamed that I was in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Precisely what happened I cannot say, but it felt like an earthquake though at the time some people seemed to think that a nucear explosion had gone off. There was widespread panic. I could see that government officials were the only ones who seemed to know what to do - they were donning radiation-type protective clothing (or so it seemed to me) but they too were in a panic like the rest of the public. They seemed to be underground either in bunkers or in the city's underground railway tunnels (the T-bane in Norwegian).

When I woke up I was, naturally, highly disturbed. I prayed and asked Yahweh for a meaning. A vision opened up to me and I saw a shaft going deep into the earth, perhaps for several miles, though I cannot tell the scale or distance, as it was difficult to work out the dimensions without familiar points or objects of reference. It seemed to be a man-made shaft.

I prayed again for understanding and I was shown an immigrant's corner shop - the owner was from a country in Asia where there is much trouble with militant Islam and recently terrible flooding. The only distinguishing feature of this shop that I can remember was that it had wooden panelling on the outside and that it was painted a pastel green colour.

Again I asked Yahweh for understanding and a third vision opened up to me. It was of crowds of people lifting their arms, waving their hands, and cheering about something, though I could not tell what. They were all looking in one direction, presumably at a person or other object. I was in the crowd, a little lower than them, looking slightly up.

If we take the dream and then the last vision there is a recognisable pattern in recent political events and natural and/or man-made disasters. A disaster (earthquake and/or nuclear explosion) results, somewhere down the line, in people being relieved and happy. I am thinking principally here of a disaster being exploited by a government to justify making drastic political changes to 'restore order' and make the people feel more secure. The immigrant shop suggests to me the location of a terrorist cell (who may or may not have been involved - they may simply be the scape-goat as with 9/11) and the shaft the place where a device was placed and set off to create the effects of an earthquake. The final vision suggests a happy populace rejoicing that such events are unlikely to take place again because of some action taken by the ruling body, perhaps clamping down on terrorists using draconian methods, implying, perhaps, dictatorial rule, and perhaps forcing Norway into the European Union as a result of economic collape (paralleling that of Iceland) - the EU has long coveted Norway's oil fields, the richest in Europe, the only major oil fields it possesses currently being that of Great Britain and Romania.

I will say no more than that because this is all speculation at this stage. If anyone else has had parallel experiences they may care to share, perhaps they could write in. This does, though, seem to harmonise with revelations received in the 1990's about something starting north of Oslo and then striking the capital which I preumptuously tried to date and in the process made somewhat of a fool of myself. It is a warning at the very least to be careful about dreams and visions which can have multiple sources - divine, human or demonic, or even admixtures of the three.

    "And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows" (Matt.24:6-8, NKJV).

May we ever be on the alert and ready to respond when the Father wants us to act or warn others. Amen.

Continued in Part 4

Comments from Readers

Golden UFO's and False Rapture

"I had a vivid dream a few weeks ago about a false rapture. I've only shared with my wife to date however will share here as well. It was from the point of view being present in the dream but watching apart, a strange thing to describe in words, but was with, my wife's dad and step mother and I even seeing from their point of view in the dream were deceived by golden UFO's landing all around and gathering up people. The thought being that this is the foretold rapture and we were to get on the ships to leave. There was excitement in the air and rejoicing. Even thinking apart that this couldn't be right because it was of flesh and blood where it opposes the true kingdom of YHWH which is of incorruptible body. We got aboard and were taken to our seats. There was still great excitement in the air. Well, we arrived to the destination and there were many ships around where people were moving into lines to go up some long ramps. Rejoicing. Ours led up into a building and came time to turn a corner. The revelation there was a guillotine where it was being used in great horror. The realization of the facade was over and a grief that cannot be described. Yes, there is a rapture but that falsity made I saw was to leave this body before the true re-gathering for many redeemed caught in that facade not according to the Truth, who will be re-gathered from heaven instead of being alive and remaining on the earth.

"I was then taken off of the ramp and went to see what was going on in the world where people were left. I could only describe it is something similar to the movie, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Only those of like mind were welcome and anyone else had to move around in secret and in hiding. Everyone being challenged to show their loyalty and position in the "new world". The main point of the rest of the dream that had several encounters with different people was that if we are true servants, trusting in YHWH and have come fully out of the facade of the corruptible world, we will be used by Him to do His will until our appointed time to leave. Even some to make it in this body to the true re-gathering of the great trumpet blast. A strange dream that has a powerful message in it, to warn others, to also show the way of Hope and to absolutely Know that our Father even is Holding the Serpent in His Hands if we will become aware and know to Look upon Him, our Yahushua the one Holding the serpent By His Authority to Do His Plan, our Salvation, the same true prophet, that Jesus of Deuteronomy 18, having to come to know His Supreme Authority within the Heart.

"Well the strange things greater than fiction do occur and what was on the Discovery/History channel the next day or so? UFO Hunters talking about these golden UFOs that have been seen. And another ministry reporting of another having revelation of the same thing. Coincidence? Well, I don't know if this will be literal or something similar in type planned by the false light rulers... Good to be full of the truth of the Living Word and know to cast down all vain imaginations, the false doctrines of man and to love those things making our Righteousness, the garment we must be wearing! We then cannot be deceived" (RDR, USA, 13 September 2010)

I had an interesting vision back in 1989 about golden spheres or UFOs arriving over the Gulf of Mexico which I think links with your dream though at the time I was unsure what it meant and merely speculated. I did not at the time make the connection with a possible counterfeit Rapture but I now see that as a very distinct possibility. If the UFO's are operated by our governments (even if together with nephilim) what a perfect way to dispose of millions of gullible Evangelical Christians who have swallowed false rapture doctrine (by posing as God's agents) as well as giving a perfect cover story for all the rest - they can simply say that wicked 'aliens' grabbed them or invent some New Age story.

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