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Month 1:6 (Aviv), Week 1:5 (Chamashee/Teruah), Year 5935:006 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Saturday 9 [Red] April 2011
The Victorious Lion Reigns
The Situation is Not as Bad as You Think

      "Do not weep. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals" (Rev.5:5, NKJV).

    With the world suddenly inundated with trouble, from the so-called 'natural' disasters of the Gulf of Mexico to the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima, from the Ivory Coast to the Middle East and North Africa ablaze in revolution and civil war, from the humanistic Huxlian 'Brave New World' of psychiatric manipulation and abuse of the ordinary citizen in the multiple millions to increasing government totalitarianism and their false-flag 'terrorist' operations in the once vaunted 'Free West', to our UFO-filled skies and weather weapons like HAARP, to the continuing decay of morals and common sense everywhere and the imminent meltdown of national economies caused by the banking crime syndicates that will turn once prosperous citizens into paupers, we are often left with the question: Who is really in control?

    The enemy, of course, wishes you to believe that it is him, that it is futile to resist, and that 'joining the winning side' (as he claims his is) really is the only intelligent choice. Many already are and many more will do so. Indeed most will do so. It was this apparent hopelessness, this apparent 'unstoppableness' of the enemy that led the conquered peoples of Europe and the beseiged nations of Britain and Russia to wonder, in the autumn of 1941, whether the Nazi propaganda machine, which everywhere proclaimed using big 'V for Victory' signs, that he was, indeed, not only "victorious on all fronts" but unstoppable. Not until his air power was defeated in the skies of Britain in 1940 and his land power was halted at the gates of Moscow in 1941 did the Allies begin to once again hope that total defeat was not inevitable because they saw a small light at the end of the dark tunnel.

    The power élite who run most of this planet want you to believe that everything they have designed has come to pass and that everything they have scheduled will likewise come to pass. They want you to believe that resistance is futile. And because many of their plans have been realised with breathtaking results that reminds one of the blitzkrieg speed of the Nazi conquests in the first two years of the last world war, they have started to feel omnipotent and unbeatable, even though there have been defeats even though many of their plans have been halted over and at their modern Londons and Moscows. He is not being given carte blanche by any means.

    There are two things you need to know about all of this:

    • 1. The élite has made sure that these defeats do not become public knowledge, for this would considerably weaken thier intimidating and hitherto successful propaganda machine; and

    • 2. Like the Nazis before them, they have become so drunk with their successes that they have chosen to overlook or ignore their defeats and are, in their conceit and arrogance, simply pressing on regardless.

    I repeat, things have not gone precisely to plan because they are not omnipotent and they are most definitely not in control. They believe in a satanic illusion which the devil has planted in their hearts, playing on their pride and lust for power which is leading them to self-destruction as much as all their dupes in the world system. They need salvation as much as those they are trying to enslave for they are the ultimate slaves.

    The reality is, and always has been, and always will be, that the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" reigns. If you believe in the Scriptures, this is just beyond dispute. And in 1940 and 1941 the Allies were already the victors over the Nazi war machine because Yahweh had already decreed it. These same victors (Russia, USA, UK, France), who have become the word's oppressors, are now standing under the Decree of Judgment of the Most High as their imminent fall is awaited. However much our patriotic and nationalistic sentiments may be offended or wounded by such a claim (I am myself British), we, like Jeremiah who was in the beseiged city of Jerusalem being abused by his own people while the Babylonians surrounded it - we must proclaim the truth and Yahweh's will at the risk of upsetting the people of our own nations.

    What did the prophet say? He told them to surrender to the King of Babylon and resume paying tribute. They refused. They combined nationalism with religion - a deadly cocktail - and were crushed. And after they refused to either repent or yield to Babylon, he pronounced their doom because of their rebellion against the Most High.

    Those of us who are listening to the Ruach Elohim (Spirit of God) are likewise saying: yield to your new ruler, surrender, because this is Yahweh's will, for this is His punishment for your sins. Don't uou know that Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy and Merckel are Yahweh's instruments of punishment? Who, then, is to be our new ruler? China. This I have been telling you for years. The once Christian peoples of the West are not going to repent - that is crystal clear - until they have been utterly crushedk, like Israel and Judah before them, when some - the rest, as Scripture prophesies, will simply curse the Most High and wish to die to end their torments. As the American expressiion goes: 'You ain't seen nothin' yet!'

    Many Messianic ministries are proclaiming that Islam is going to be the next world power. It isn't - it has simply been used cynically by the élite to create instability. Who do you think created Al Quaida? What is happening in the Middle East and North Africa should tell you that the Muslim nations are but pawns. And the change of régimes in the Middle East is simply an orchestrated change of élitist leaders as one group outlives its usefulness having played its rôle. Yes, Saddam Hussein, Mubarak, Gadaffi, Asad and others are all élitists! And the Republic of Israel is simply the catalyst to keep the Muslim fury stirred - that state was started by the élite's Rothschild family to counterfeit end-time events and keep the pot boiling. Who is occupying the Muslin nations of Afghanistan (supplying the elite's opium) and Iraq (its oil)? Who do you think is going to end up controlling Libya (more oil) and Egypt (the Suez Canal)? At some point along the line you are going to see the Muslim nations totally subdued (along with Iran) if not annihilated and the Israeli state, a puppet of the élite, annihilated as well, once the fake end-time apocalypse has been initiated that will lead the world to believe the Antichrist is the returning Messiah. The enemy has created a double-bind, a good cop-bad cop situation in the Middle East to keep us poliically and religiously distracted (such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) from what really matters: Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). He is manipulating and using Jews and Arabs against one another when he (Satan) is the real enemy. Zionism and militant Islam are but élitist distractions and attempts to countrefeit end-time biblical events to deceive believers.

    What, then, is left for us to do? What we have always been told what we are supposed to do: proclaim the Victory of the Lamb in all four areas of our Being by overcoming the flesh completely. For many, the approaching cycle of annual festivals will be their last if they do not repent, whether they observe them or not. Gone are the days of taking theological positions simply because we like being 'right' or to attract sheep - the only theology that will matter will be the theology that places us in Yahweh's fortress of safety, the theology that equips us in all emet (truth) in tavnith (pattern) for a very new world ahead that false theology will not sustain us in. The line is being drawn crisply in the ground and we are being commanded to choose sides - now.

    I am not saying the Second Coming is about to happen - those who have been following this ministry know that we believe it is too early for that. Many think it is about to happen simply because the enemy is counterfeiting end-time events. So many errors are being believed because they look right. But then that is the genius of counterfeiting - the counterfeit almost looks like the real thing, just as tares look like wheat. So many of the Christian and Messianic teachers are merely occultists who are, sometimes without knowing it, working for the élite.

    The situation is not as bad as you think - it is better for those who trust and obey but worse for those who don't! The hearts of the true will grow stronger whilst the the hearts of untrue will faint because of fear.

      "I will put My trust in [Yahweh]" (Heb.2:13, NKJV).

    Remember, He reigns!

    Comments from Readers

    "The agenda of the 'hosts of heaven', those of the desolation specifically are held in bondage to the true King of Kings on the Throne. The highest level agenda is outlined in Revelation...and many other places. There is more than meets the eye on this planet...but we must focus with our eyes on our savior where we will 'walk on water' to say or be overcome by the angry waves if we don't. Just like any before us had to do and as we now. But even then if we call out on our Master's name He is right there to lift us right back up! So some terrible things have and are still coming upon the whole world caused by the root of sin and won't stop until the anger of our Father is done... One reference in Jeremiah... as the whirlwind. The desolation are real people in real bondage to the fallen hosts of heaven... really for generations, and a long time but most of us are blind to it, until our eyes are opened and I know most people just couldn't handle even knowing it now but need to seek the Masters Voice for a 'slow' introduction. Because it will progress to the revelation of it all and it will be just like the Master said in His word, there will be many wondering whose name is not written in the Lambs book of life. Many are already worshipping the beast and have failed to see. Though the Master is not in the work of condemning His people and has given us the remedy in Rev 14:7. So when we Know about what that is, we must absolutely Refuse It because then it Will Be Sin Once We Know. Acts 7 is a great clue! Stephen Knew. SO BE CAREFUL IN SEEKING. May the Master Lead and Show those who will understand and ALWAYS Say YES to Him and Do Accordingly to Keep from That Great Sin, THE LIE, the man. No More Mercy Then, and those whose names are not written in The Lambs Book of Life, (Being As One With Him), will wonder and follow after the desolation even after it is totally revealed. For we whom are Alive and Remain. Those rebellious 'horns' mostly have refused the word of reconciliation... but Jeremiah already foretold, that WORD they heard in this day... His awesome ways our Master!, so now it is the rich men against rich men and they have an agenda they are following. Like Dark 'light' against Black 'light' and a real outcome with consequences and all... in the days of the 2 horned Lamb speaking like a 'dragon'. What color are lambs and what kingdom is the 'dragon' of... an absolute clue to know the "A"bomination. To Rev 13:7. A progression we sadly can't get out of because of 'mouthers' departed from Heart Knowing... see Jeremiah 5 the exactness of the fullness is the progression of this very day... to the fullness...of the Gentiles. So the best way is to Do what the Master said to do for each one of us and to FEAR NOT! Seeing now 'fire' of radiation all aroud and it may get worse. Relief cannot be that far away. The only reason the world isn't already destroyed is because there are still righteous in the lands by the Blood of the Lamb and refuse to Bow to the Desolation" (RDR, USA, 9 April 2011)

    "I agree in part, but the desolation is sweeping the whole earth in, Isa.24:1-6,....the whole earth is defiled because of its inhabitants.....YHWH stopped it with the flood in Noah's time, but He warned the children that if they persist in following their hearts in Law breaking, the curses would be the result, and this time He allows us to go as far as destroying all life, but for the sake of the elect, He will shorten those days. The earth will be waxed clean this time by man's own doings, YHWH will intervene if it hinders His Plan, He is not a vengeful Father as is taught in some sects, look up where vengence is used before or after His Name, and you will find this actually means zealous, His zealous Administration, and merciful, not a vengeful Ruler. The reason that all hasn't come about yet is because there is a remnant that is being called, and being sealed. Once all called are sealed, then the Plan will go forth" (JG, USA, 9 April 2011)

    "Yes earth wide. Total view. The 'beasts' are 'world' order... the plagues of Revelation will happen. The 'sand' to say is turned to 'glass' an analogy for the sealed. Between the Sea and the Earth... inward man, the Kingdom within. We know who is keeping the Sea and the Earth at bay... a great king over the 'sand' between! An analogy for all whom are of the Faith as Abraham. The elect to be gathered as in Mat 24. Then nothing will prevent what will happen then. Now though we will see the last verse of Rev 12, Rev 13:7, Dan 11:44, in the progression if we haven't already seen it we will soon enough. Like an earthquake message in 'Christs' church...?" (RDR, USA, 9 April 2011)

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