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28 January 2011 (Sheshi/Kippur)
Day #318, 5934 AM
Who is Edom Today?
Dispelling Modern Racial Myths

    I recently read a sermon given by a Messianic minister who boldly asserted that all Christians were 'Edomites', and that they are the main adversaries of true Messianic Israel, the Jacobites or Israelites. Then there are some Christians who are declaring that all Jews are 'Edomites' and the main adversary of the Gospel. Which, if any, of the assertions, is true?

    The first thing we have to do is clearly distinguish between the genetic Edomites (the descendants of Esau - Gen.25:30; 36:1,8.19; Num.20:18,20-21; Amos 1:6,11; 9:12; Mal.1:4), the geographical land called Edom (Gen.32:3; 36:20-21,30; Num.24:18), and that group of people who spiritually are represented by Edom in prophecy.

    The land of Edom was occupied by Horites and others before Esau settled there and mingled with them (Gen.14:6). Later, nomads from other tribes moved into the land. The territory was not conquered and added to Judah until David occupied it (2 Sam.8:13-14) resulting in considerable slaughter of the Edomite population. David's commander there remnained for six months until he had, so he thought, cut off every male there (1 Ki.11:15-16) but some, including Prince Hadad, escaped to Egypt to later cause trouble for Solomon (1 Ki.11:14-22). The females of Edom would have intermarried with the tribe of Judah as war captives, as was the practice in those days.

    The surviving males must have multiplied because we later read about them joining the Ammonites and Moabites in their raids on King Jehosophat's Judah (2 Chr.20:1). The Edomite king eventually recognised the supremacy of Judah for he joined a Judah-Israel colation in an attack on Mesha, king of Moab (2 Ki.3:4-27). Under Joram (Jehoram) Edom rebelled but though defeated in battle, Judah failed to subject him (2 Ki.8:20-22; 2 Chr.21:8-10) and Edom gained a 40 year respite.

    The Edomite population must have considerably grown for we next learn of the slaughter of 10,000 of their number by Amaziah,, the capture of the capital Sela, and the execution of a further 10,000 (2 Ki.14:7; 2 Chr.25:11-12). Later Edom would invade Judah and carry off captives (2 Chr.28:17). Once Elath was lost to the Edomites, Edom was never again recovered by Judah, becoming instead a vassal state of Assyria around 736 B.C.

    When Judah fell, Edom rejoiced (Ps.137:7) and was condemned by the prophets for her bitter hatred (Jer.49:7-22; Lam.4:21-22: Ezek.25:12-14; 35:15; Joel 3:19; Amos 9:12; Obad.10ff.). Some Edomites pressed into southern Judah and settled to the south of Hebron to become the Idumaeans, of which Herod the Great was a descendant. Edom proper fell into Arab hands in the 5th century BC and in the 3rd was overrun by the Nabataeans. Throughout these centuries yet other Edomites fled to Judah and were later subdued by Judah Maccabaeus (1 Macc.5:65) of Hanukkah fame. John Hyrcanus forced them to be circumcised and incorporated them into the Jewish people with whom they intermarried and integrated.

    Thus at different periods of history there can be no doubt that the ethnic descendants of Esau thoroughly intermingled with the Tribe of Judah. This is historical fact. This does not, of course, mean that the modern Jews are all Edomites. What it does mean is that the Edomite nation became submerged and integrated into the original Judahites who have since, over the centuries, absorbed other racial stock from (amongst others) the Khazars, a Turkic tribe that descended from Ashkenaz (hence the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe as opposed to the Western Sephardi) that converted to Judaism many centuries ago. Your modern Jew is therefore a mixture of Judahite, Edomite, Khazar and many others, including Ethiopians and other converts to Judaism.

    The claim that modern Christians are 'Edomites' in any racial sense is, of course, pure nonsense since Christians aren't a 'race'. There is a greater likelihood of finding Edomite blood amongst Messianic Jews than there is amongst Christians of non-Jewish origin. Those racist Christians who claim that all the Jews are the descendants of the Edomites are only partly right but they are off probably in the order of 90-95%. So they are mostly wrong too.

    This leaves us with the symbolic, prophetic 'Edomites'. To understand who they are we have to understand who Esau was. This is a more complex question that I need to split into two parts.

    First let us consider the spiritual issue - who are the modern Edomites spiritually? To answer that, we need to know something of the character of Esau himself. Esau was carnal, sensual and devilish by nature. He had no love for, let alone interest in, Yahweh. As a result Yahweh makes it perfectly clear what He thought of this wayward son of Isaac:

      "'Was not Esau Jacob's brother?' says Yahweh. 'Yet Jacob I have loved; but Esau I have hated" (Mal.1:2-3, NKJV; see Rom.9:13).

    Esau and the Edomites represent those whom Yahweh has not elected whilst Jacob typifies those whom He has chosen. And yet Esau believes and claims that he is the elect! This we must explore more deeply.

    In Hebrews Esau symbolises those who abandon their hope and glory for the sake of the things that are seen and not eternal:

      "Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Master: looking diligently lest anyone fall short of the grace of Elohim (God); lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled; lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright. For you know that afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears" (Heb 12:14-17, NKJV).

    Those who claim to be believers but who reject Yahweh's Messiah and Torah, whose religion is entirely external but not based on any inner emet or truth, are the children of Esau and are modern spiritual Edomites. They are carnal believers but not faithful followers.

    Second, let us consider the political Edomites. Esau, as the firstborn son, had the de facto right to receive the birthright and firstborn blessing from his father. This Isaac fully intended to give to him because he was his favourite son (Gen.27:1ff). He did not have to and indeed two generations later Jacob would impart the firstborn blessing on Joseph's younger son Ephraim, in place of Manasseh, by divine revelation. Why Isaac was prejudiced in favour of the unspiritual son we do not know other than he seemed to respect Esau's hunting skills and the food he made for him. Rebekah knew the truth as to who was the spiritual of the two and to whom the blessing and rights should go to. Her mistake was seeking to do what was right by breaking divine tavnith or pattern by cooking up a plot to get Jacob to masquerade as his elder brother and so steal the firstborn blessing, dishonouring both Yahweh and her husband, and placing a curse upon her son. This landed Jacob in a heap of trouble.

    The result of this chicanery and the duplicity of Jacob, the forefather of the Israelites, would lead to the deep-seated animosity that dominated Judah's relations with Edom, resulting in their eventual fusion by violence after much blood-spilling between them. Jacob got the birthright, which Yahweh intended him to have, but by foul means because Isaac failed to do what was right. The result was that Esau still was owed his debt - he still had the right of the firstborn due to him. He did not get it in the Biblical period, though, but would get it in 1947 as explained in detail in my series, Jacob's Trouble. In a nutshell, Yahweh effected a separation over the centuries between authentic Judah and Edom amongst the Jews (see What is a Jew?) so that Esau would have the opportunity to claim and exercise that birthright. He has been the political power behind the Republic of Israel in the Middle East since its inception and revealed who he really is and what he is incapable of - ruling in righteousness. And that is why the Republic of Israel will never accept the Messiah as a nation and why it is so antichrist today. Authentic Judah is with him in the land along with the Khazars of Ashkenaz descent. And as my series demonstrates, the Republic of Israel is not Israel Restored and can never be, but will be wiped out before Messiah returns to set up His Millennial Kingdom.

    Political Edom is today's to be short-lived Rothschild-inspired and Illuminati-controlled Republic of Israel that has so destabilised the world. Racial Edom is to be found amongst the non-Messianic Jews though they have been separated out genetically once again and are key players not only in the Middle East but everywhere in the New World Order's banking, industrial and political Úlite. They want government by carnal means, as the original Esau did, without Yahweh or His Son Yah'shua. And the spiritual Edomites are those believers who claim to be Yahwists but whose god consists of external things like gold and silver.

    Can Edomites come to Messiah? Yes, anyone can come. Will they? That is another question altogether. Certainly some Jews and many authentic Judahites are coming to Him and playing their part in the end-time remnant of Yah's Kingdom. Neither they nor Christians are Edomites in the symbolic sense.

    So beware of those who lie and sow division based on race for Yahweh has no respect for such people. Yah'shua died for everyone but not everyone will choose Him, and that includes the spiritual Edomites.

    Continued in Part 2

    Comments from Readers

    "Good sorting. There is more detail also in looking at 'types' as well and 'symbols' of what the names mean and the representation based on the division of Cain and Abel. (As in Adam of two Parts, Dust and Spirit as we). Those walking after Dust Things (1 part) ending in Death. Those walking IN Spirit Everythings (2 parts until the old is put off for the new), ending in Life! And an opposites list could be made such as Reveling in Sin vs. Remission of Sin, Imitation of Heaven vs. the Real Thing, Creation Worship vs. Creator Worship, and if we get down to blood we all have Dust eaten of the Serpent and being mixed into the nations likely have some physical 'blood' of all of these nationalities. The wisdom of YHWH! He Always Makes His Chosen Seed the HEAD and every other mixed in the TAIL!! So the Battle Within, the Battle Without. In Yahushua LIFE walking literally on serpents and scorpions of the Dust until He is Done regardless of physical 'blood' and we get His new Incorruptible Garment to put on outwardly as inwardly. Life to Life!! And the fear of those as 'Edom' of mixing their bloodlines... lose as in Dust to the seed of Yisrael. Though we know that absolutely no matter the Dust 'blood', every 'type' 'race' 'nationality' will always lose to the Spirit of YHWH the Life given of the Blood of Yahushua by doing His Confession by the Mouth He Said to Do (He Does it With Us Doesn't He!! We to Him He to our Father at the same time literally.) The best news, any confessing in the Mouth of Yahushua within to know Him of Heart when He calls will Always Win over the DUST!! I Love the Last part of the Last sentence of Zechariah!! Can we imagine? But reality is coming soon!! What a Day That Shall Be! And to mention the Imitation of Heaven is in Beasts a progression of this: Lion to Calf to Moon/Man to Eagle. We are in the Eagle kingdom of Mystery Babylon of the last part of it. The 'star' 'gods' (hosts of heaven) whom have caused worship to it's image seen in many parts of many nations always has a head. The fallen 'stripes' it proclaims to be in authority over as the 'brother'. Were given that ability of bondage by YHWH in the scattering and only by continual 'allegiance' of pledging by mouth to the deception instead of to confess Only Yahushua YHWH as our Supreme Authority. The Mask is coming off. And Daniel 7:12 says this part: "they had their dominion taken away" YES!! HALLEL-U-YAH!!! They only now have TOTAL DESOLATION and PRETENDING TO CONTINUE!! (A Transition IS Occurring!! Though is according to exactly One Interpretation of the King on the Throne of Heaven!) And Rev 14:7 Is the total Solution to the Desolation as in 2 parts everything, get a Divorce from Babylon or partake in her plagues redeemed or not!! No more trying to serve two 'gods' even in our speaking of mouth!! And until I get taken out of this Dust will keep on doing something that maybe even one precious soul will let the Master wash their feet and to know what it's like to meet Him and our Father, to sit at His feet and to hear such wonderful love He has for we all. Face to Face, Eye to Eye when we get there we will know that is such love never thought of by man. I think John described that well and can we imagine what it was like for him knowing who Yahushua was / is and looking at Him eye to eye. No words for that. Shalom!" (RDR, USA, 28 January 2011)

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