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Month 6:14, Week 2:6 (Sheshi/Kippur), Year 5935:156 AM
Teshuvah 15/40
Gregorian Calendar: Monday 12 September 2011
Tenth 9/11 Anniversary
The Final Deception

    Continued from Part 1

    Messianics sometimes ask me why I don't do more detailed Torah parsha studies. Well, for one thing, I am Messianic-Evangelical, which means I believe the primary focus must always be on the Person of the Messiah, however important Torah studies are. Secondly, I have literally thousands of articles and sermons on the main website which look at scripture in great depth. Thirdly, my principal calling and therefore ministry is to give both believers and unbelievers alike an overview of the bigger picture because it is so easy to get submerged in details and miss what's really going on both in the world and in the invisible spiritual sphere of activity. As Yahweh said to me recently, He has given me a "broad watch".

    Right now we are commemorating the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon that took place a decade ago. Hopefully you noticed that in the big commemoration service yesterday, which both Bush and Obama attended, those most conspiciously absent were Bible-believing Evangelical Christians and the police and firemen and women who paid such a heavy price in life, saving as many of the victims as possible. Yet the Catholics, Jews, Muslims and crooked politicians were well represented.

    Like I said yesterday, anyone who is in the 'know' understands that 9/11 was perpetrated not by the Muslims (even though the extremist branch would love to have done it) but by the very people who were supposed to be protecting the victims of the Twin Towers and Pentagon, with the assistance of Mossad and some other foreign organisations. However, the general public at large won't know the whole truth until the present system collapses. And when it does, there are going to be a lot of very, very angry Americans - and quite rightly.

    Today, though, I don't want to talk about 9/11 per se but about the aftermath of the currently emerging battle. What I want to reveal is what the world is going to be like after the élite suffers its defeat. I don't know the details, of course, of whether the United States as a country will survive or not - or at least in its present form - personally I would like to see something more along the lines of the old Confederate States of America (minus the slavery, of course), radically defederalised and squarely libertarian. I would love to see someone like Ron Paul as President, even though he is, sadly, a Freemason, and therefore potentially manipulatable. I should like to see the €uro and the European Union collapse and be replaced by something like the old European Free Trade Association (EFTA) incorporating all of Europe, including Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus. I would like to see NATO replaced by something more democratic. I would, indeed, like to see all of these things and many more. Whether they will happen, in part or in whole, I do not know. What I do know is that this present rotten system has to be entirely removed and replaced by something more free and not so easily corruptable. Of course, nothing will be durable unless the banksters have all their illegal gains seized and returned to their rightful owners, which probably won't happen, even if some of them might be lynched like Stalinist Romanian dictator Ceaucescu was.

    So what's going to happen? Firstly, the popular revolt against tyranny will force the élite to make concessions and to change tactics. Nothing like a a Utopia is going to emerge - what appears will simply be a lesser than a greater evil. The old problems with human nature will remain unchanged so long as the Messiah is rejected. However, some positive change is better than none. We are altogether too close to the creation of a Global Soviet Union, which is what the One World Government will be like - for the masses, at least. The upper echelons will be a secretive cabal of fascist, corporate ultra-capitalist bankers and satanists who will continue to work behind closed doors until the Antimessiah or Antichrist goes public.

    I think many of the élite now know that their 'final time' of triumph is not to be now because so many things necessary to secure their absolute dictatorship are not in place yet. The reason they have been rushing at breakneck speed to destroy family and liberty and to create the North American Union and United States of Europe out of the EU is twofold:

    • 1. If they fail now, the centre of the élite will be shifting from London and Washington DC to Beijing (Peking) and the Western branches of the Illuminati will have to become subservient to the Chinese Branch - they obviously want to be at the top as long as they can; and

    • 2. If they fail now, they will not attain the coveted power but rather the next generation, and being the carnal devils that they are, they want to wallow in that power here and now.

    A new generation of élitists will be the Global Lords and they will be a little different from the current ones who, though evil, have not descended as far as it is possible to go yet. Only a few at the very top are out-and-out devil-worshippers with barely any vestigaes of humanity left. Some of the élitists have a conscience still - the last generation will not.

    What will the next phase of the élite strategy consist of? A lot of things have failed. To be a successful parasite you need to keep your host alive. However, they have nearly totally vampirised the USA and Europe - the rich West - in their rush to get absolute global power. Greece is the first corpse. Their victims have nearly been bled to death economically. And if their hosts (us) die, so do they.

    Satan backs all sides and has multiple Plan B's. You can bet your bottom dollar that he has a foothold even in libertarian movements so that they can be infiltrated and take over when they get power (through, for example, Freemasons). The enemy's last big card, yet to be played on any scale, is going to include the UFO phenomenon and the New Age Movement in a very broad sense of the world. The last phase or corruption will be a combination of false religion (to replace the humanist Trojan horse) and false science and technology connected with so-called 'aliens'. All the signs clearly point to this. This religion will not, of course, be Biblical Christianity. It will be occultism.

    The first phase will be a counterfeit 'Religion of Love' to counter Christianity, namely, the White Occult. There will be an upsurge in interest in UFOs (especially after Disclosure) and the 'alien's' religion...which will be New Age Occultism. The 'Good Cop' side of it will be a kind of technologised 'white magic' and, of course, there will be a 'Bad Cop' side with another kind of technologised 'black magic'. The two will be set against each other so that people, either unable or unwilling to consider Christianity, will automatically 'take sides'. The 'aliens' will even be fighting one other - 'Pleideans' vs. 'Reptillians', for example. The bait will be fantastic technology to alleviate the human condition, supposedly - tech that's actually been here for decades which governments and the military have kept for themselves to also later engratiate themselves with the people. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the 'Good Cops' crush Big Pharma to win public accolades, the bosses of this malevolent industry 'switching' to 'alien' technology - the good and the evil.

    When I said a new world was about to emerge, I meant it literally. After a brief period of relative peace, leading to a 3½ year of Counterfeit Paradise under a fully revealed Antichrist Global Dictator playing the benevolent father, then the 3½ year horror will come, right before Yah'shua (Jesus) returns.

    This will all take about a generation to be accomplished but things will move at a dizzying pace that many weak believers are going to be swept off their feet as Star Wars, Avatar and all the other Hollywood propaganda seemingly comes to life. Those who are not properly grounded will be washed away by the flood of 'new' and 'exciting', psychically-titillating things. Yes, even the good folks who are opposing the system now will be suckered in, not realising that the same forces of evil will be behind tomorrow's (pre-millennial) world as today's. Indeed they will be fooled into thinking that the Antimessiah is the Messiah and that this technological renaissance is the Millennium! The counterfeit will be that good.

    If you don't know what the philosophy and religion of these 'aliens' is then you need to find out by reading my materials on UFO's. Suffice to say they are not what they will be telling us they are, and neither are we what they will be telling us what we are.

    Though all of this may sound frightening it, there is much good in it. For one, it will shake Christendom to the bones and expose all the falsehoods in it, leaving behind a pure remnant of true believers powerfully anointed by Yahweh. If you're a crowd-follower - one of the 'sheeple' - you'll be shaken off the Tree which is Messiah to go and find where your dark heart really belongs - or to repentance. If you're an Emet- or Truth-Follower, even if for now you are not a believer in Messiah, you will find your way home and you will be saved and you will escape the Beast's mark. For, you see, the end-time remnant are either all for Messiah or not at all. There are no fence-straddlers. If you give your all to Yah'shua (Jesus), unreservedly, you will be called to the Final Gathering. If not, be prepared to lose your head.

    This has been by way of a 'casual' summary of what is to come. There will be no 'evangelicals' or 'messianics' on the other side of this battle who belong to the remnant because they will have yielded to the new false religion. And I know how the enemy will lure them. It's an ingenious plan and it will work for those not properly grounded in all truth, who cling to Christian and Jewish traditions which will be their ultimate undoing. It will consist of a corruption of the three domains of man about which I have spoken elsewhere:

    For instead of leading the world into a complete threefold man in Messiah, the system will lead him into the new Beast-Man or 666-Man centred in Satan, combining the main ingredients of the Beast System, namely, Roman Catholicism and Talmudic Judaism (the "Synagogue of Satan" - Rev.2:9; 3:9) which spawned Islam, Romanism and Marxism which spawned the Third Way or Europeism that is at the heart of the European Union, and Judaism and Marxism which spawned Zionism. All of these are essentially Molech-worshipping religions and have proved it by all the death and carnage they have left behind them in their wake. Each of these has offshoots, of course, that incorporate Protestantism, Paganism, New Ageism, Talmudic Messianism, Hinduism, Nazism/Fascism, Freemasonry, and so on. Combined, these all make for Satanism.

    These are the primary forces we will be contending with as a new World (Satanic) Religion is formed by a series of Hegelian dialectic mergers - a kind of 'Harmonic Convergence', as New Agers call it. The Satanic nature that lies at the heart of the system will not, however, be revealed and manifested in its full destructive fury until the last 3½ years of the Great Tribulation. Then the cat will be out of the bag for the human race. Then people will begin to see en masse that they were fooled because they would not repent of their rebelliousness against the Creator.

    It is hard to know how to prepare people at this stage for what is coming other than to give a very broad overview such as I have tried to do today. Quite how all the different parts of the puzzle will come together is hard to say right now - at least we know practically all the various pieces and how many of them are already interfacing and trying to connect.

    9/ll was a huge revelation of how the enemy plans to work in the future. He has given away a lot of his secrets over the last decade thanks to dedicated researchers. He is being exposed and slowly defeated but he has yet to reveal some major cards up his sleave: aliens-cum-religion. The victims in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were offerings to Molech, just as are the victims of the Libyan, Iraqi, Afghan and numerous other wars, just as are the millions of aborted children - all of these have spilled blood on the altars of Molech. For those who have done these abomnable things, a fearful judgment awaits them at the hands of a furious Elohim (God), unless they risk all and make a full and proper repetance and surrender to Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).

    Our mission is clear - to inform people of the truth and preach the Message of Salvation just as true believers have been doing for the last two millennia. We have a lot to do, and our army is small but the good news is that DAVID DEFEATS GOLIATH!

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    This page was created on 12 September 2011
    Last updated on 12 September 2011

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