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2 January 2010 (Shabbat/Sukkot)
Choosing Your Words Deliberately

Shabbat Shalom!

I sometimes wonder if back in the time when he wrote his books, 1984 and Animal Farm, which were parodies of fascism and communism (though the boundaries between them were blurred), respectively, George Orwell really believed the world he described would actually come about in his native country, Great Britain. Hitler and Mussolini lay defeated but the communist Soviet Union continued to be a real manace. We have mercifully been without the latter now for nearly two decades even though its Chinese progeny still exists. As I wrote yesterday, we here in Europe are now in a resurrecting Soviet State, and a similar one is trying to take over in the United States.

One of the features of Orwell's fascist state was something called Newspeak, a language whose vocabulary shrank every year (take a look at some modern American examples). All linguistic constructs of freedom and rebellion were progressively removed so that people could no longer communicate in these terms. All shades of meaning were purposefully removed leaving only black-and-white dichotomies. The purpose of this devolution of the English language was to ensure easy mind-control of the populace.

There can be little doubt that similar experimentation has been going on by the unelected ruling élite in real time - in our own world. Orwell spoke of 'thought crimes' and today we have 'political correctness'. Certain words are now punishable by law and they are increasing in number. Accordingly they are being used less and less, as is the intention. Worse, perhaps, is the fact that the meaning of words is being changed. A century ago when people in Europe and America spoke of 'God' everyone knew it was the Christian God of the Bible who was being spoken of. Not so today. 'God' could be the deity of the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, New Agers or even Satanists. It has come to the point now that the word 'God' has lost a substantial core of its meaning. This is one of the reasons that it becomes important, when speaking of 'God', that we make it clear who we mean. The God or Elohim I worship is called Yahweh and I make sure I use his name when in conversation with others who also claim to believe in 'God'. Unfortunately, this Name is gradually being outlawed because it offends Jews who believe it cannot be mentioned. Catholics are now forbidden from using it so as not to offend their 'Jewish brethren'.

When it comes to words, we have two choices in the modern world of evolving totalitarianism:

  • 1. Say nothing. Bite your tongue, sterilise your words, surrender to political correctness and live your life as an entirely ineffectual and spineless word weasel (you can also seek election for government if you're any good at this and will probably get an enthusiastic endorsement from the Élite);

  • 2. Say what you mean. Use words with purpose while running the risk that somebody somewhere will have an issue with your words, but so what? If people decide to feel offended from your uttering of a name of Deity, or the name of a holiday, or something that distinguishes the genders, that's their choice and not your responsibility. Of course if the thought police come along, discretion might in some cases be the better part of valour

The same is true of Jesus. Hindus have included him amongst their gods and Muslims have their version, as do New Agers. The Jesus of liberal churches is very different from the Jesus of conservative evangelicals or the Jesus of the Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses. Even the Messianic terms like Yah'shua, Yeshua, Yehoshua, etc., are having their content and meaning changed. Though we in this ministry use 'Yah'shua' there are, sadly (and doubtless unavoidably), cults who use the same. What can or should we do about this so as not to be misunderstood?

For one thing, live out the Messiah's precepts so that people can see which Jesus or Yah'shua we follow. We also need to be able top explain our faith clearly to people using the language they are familiar with and explaining how similar words are used in the Bible, especially if they are used differently. You only have to look at the words 'love' and 'hate' to know that they have meanings very different in modern political Newspeak to the meanings commonly accepted a century ago.

To prevent the degradation of our languages we first of all have to expand our own vocabularies, use correct grammar, avoid 'street talk' and make sure that we can define words both as they are used in the secular word and as they are used in the Bible...and know the difference.

Take the word 'peace', for example, which in the world means an absence of war but in Hebrew encompasses many other things too. Yah'shua is described in the Bible the Prince of Peace (Sar Shalom, in Hebrew). You may have already known that the word shalom means peace. But actually, it has several meanings in the Hebrew. Shalom means peace, completeness, prosperity, safety, contentment, health, blessing, and rest -- and not only that. Shalom is the common word for hello and goodbye. Accordingly as messianic believers when we greet someone or bid them a farewell shalom, what we are actually doing is speaking all those blessings upon them -- and really, speaking over them the ultimate peace, Yah'shua, Himself! Don't you agree this is a very different concept to a hippie or a political activity who may wish you 'peace'? So if someone wishes you 'peace', wish them 'shalom' and explain what you mean by it! By the deliberate use of certain words you will find yourself given an opportunity to witness and not be misunderstood. And then teach your children to do the same. If you can, homeschool them so that they can grow up able to both better communicate the truth and to relate more deeply with others. We need language to express ourselves effectively!

Let us so conduct ourselves in our speech that we can say with Elohim:

    "These words are faithful and true" (Rev 22:6, NKJV).

Comments from Readers

Good thoughts Lev. In witnessing to others it is important in these days to expound upon the name and character of the meaning of Heart of the savior whom we love. That in witness to anyone but especially in this 'enlightened' generation where knowledge has become their 'god' and many already know who 'Jesus', Yahshua, Yahushua, is, or 'god', Lord or even YHWH of Dust Brain thinking or knowledge and we mistakenly might believe they have the same meaning of Heart as we do but that Living savior and our Father within is nothing to compare to Dead Knowledge is it!

But as wise servants the Holy Spirit tells us beforehand these things and we ensure the understanding of Messiah cannot be mistaken by the definitions we witness of. Those who have more of what I call a Mind Code salvation will be offended if we do not match exactly their thought patterns required for their salvation, though they may or may not be redeemed by the true Aleph-Taw of Heart, as well as those who do not have the Life of the Word.

There are lost people who are quickened by the Holy Spirit to hear and are convicted of sin and our brothers and sisters who are of the same mind are blessed for we are walking in that remission of sin and owe our all to our savior! And surrounding and encompassing His wonderful name of Heart is the Righteous Branch Y, the Aleph-Taw, the Living Torah who is Alive and Well at Father's Right Hand and who was made as a Man!, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, yes that one who is coming in the clouds of the Heavens who was pierced, his hands and feet nailed to the Taw of It Is Finished, the one whose beard was plucked and spit upon, the one who wore my crown of thorns and whose side was split open to pay the price for my sin, the one who Loves us dear if we all would only let him.

This morning I was awakened and heard some things we know is coming but do not like to hear.

And there are others whom we know already know what Father has shown, but I'll just put what I was shown here. I grew up in the country and how it is so wonderful to remember those days. Even exploring the woods, fishing, hiking, working on the farm, running equipment, calling up the cows to feed them. Lifting those hay bales!

Well, I was thinking about calling those cows up to feed and what we would do is honk the horn a few times giving it a good blast of sound. Before long there would be a mini-stampede of cattle heading into the barn and you'd better have that hay already set out or there would be some angry bellowing cows and bulls in that herd. Now we are much better than cattle and is it an analogy we could use? Has our Father been blowing his 'horn' every day to feed his sheep and gives us some good unleavened bread to eat. But we wonder where are all of those calling themselves sheep. There aren' t as many claiming to be, coming up to eat on the Holy Mountain and all of that food is just sitting out there while the Father calls. How few come to eat of the Life he has provided.

We see many eating on the mountains, other food that our Father has not given for Life of the Spirit of Truth. The results of that bad nutrition is seen everywhere. Mostly in those sheep making our Father's kingdom of Spirit and Truth into some worldly kingdom of Flesh and Blood. And that is seen in everything of the leaven of the enemy in whatever form it comes in, the leaven of the harlots and daughters, the leaven of the Pharisees, those full of debate, strife and call the righteous evil who are having the Life of YHWH to show how Messiah is Being the Aleph-Taw, but so many are flocking after the flatteries of the beast where there is no true Life. Word without Life. Imitation without knowing who Became and Is the "Great I Am"!

And Father says he is seeing multitudes offering up sacrifices upon their own altars making His greatest gift and effort of bringing His Righteous Branch for Life of low esteem even trampling Him underfoot.

The Living Torah. The very son of YHWH Elohim our Yahushua, the Aleph-Taw, the Righteous Branch Y. What is better than our Eternal Living Shabbat, (24x7 Always, Being, Living, Forever!). And to do better than that? Not possible. So we have that of Heart and then we can Live! If we rest in practice of His kingdom or not, we cannot add to nor take away from what He has done and there is no other altar of Shabbat of our Messiah. So we can rejoice in Him even any time but become in greater understanding of Him to understand His being of Torah, of Shabbat or anything else He Has Become, to practice outwardly knowing what our messiah has become only as a witness or memorial of Him.

We are resting in that inward place where we can never be condemned for doing or not doing knowing we cannot form one drop of our own righteousness that would be good enough for YHWH. He gave us the perfect righteousness we need and then we simply become a witness of all of the things our Messiah has done in anything showing his Mercy and Love and Remission of Sin to All even those the religious crowd of today think are despised by our Father but in error from their own self rightousness as our Father is no respecter of persons. He will reach out to the man fallen in the pig sty just as anyone whom He is calling no matter where they are. We are told to, "Occupy Til I Come!" wherever that voice leads of our only shepherd.

Just as Israel determined to destroy three tribes hearing they were offering up sacrifices upon altars they had built other than the One YHWH had commanded at the tabernacle where the Living Word, Yahushua was. And they discovered that Rueben, Gad and Mannasah had only set up a memorial and that was fine. We do in memorial of Messiah but not to add to or take away from His Righteous Life of what He has Become on the true altar. How many think they have to be bound to do or not do Torah things? or even Commandments of Man of Torah keepers, church keepers, anything beside the commandments of YHWH the way He wants us to keep them? And we know who has found the commandments of YHWH by their Love, Mercy, reaching out to others, to give without getting, to be YHWH Yahushua minded and not self righteous minded.

How many "torah keepers" or "church keepers" or religion keepers should become Yahushua "Jesus" keepers of the Heart to hear His voice and to not follow another man, woman or anyone else? He is the only High Priest and only one worthy to be called our Rabbi. But if we do not have the Holy Spirit of that circumcision of Heart how could we Hear His voice in the first place? Or who has reasoned away that voice by their own desire?

And those proclaiming Torah this, Torah that, Bible this, Bible that, know YHWH by doing this, please Him by doing that, know the Lord, god, on and on without understanding our Messiah who became the Living Covenant Alive, are the same following Baal-Peor and that wickedness in attempt to curse His Yisrael, His Messiah, His Savior, Our Yahushua whom we are grafted Into of his Body as He is Yisrael and we are of His Redeemed Yisrael of one Body with one Head.

And those trampling out their own olives to make torah or bible oil are not getting the Oil of Spirit and Truth from the Father's Heart. But we are told if we know this thing, to interceed, to request mercy, to ask for understanding, to have that Power come alive for all, but even there are many babes who profess to have great understanding of their own learning unable to submit to our Father by His Yahushua, to count His wisdom and knowledge far above their own. Thinking their learning is pleasing the Father by not even witnessing of His Y Yahushua!

In my own walk, my knowledge is dung, the very flesh is vile, and I await the putting off to be in that place I was shown in reality of being of our Kingdom where only the Love of Messiah will give us the desire to leave from His very presence to do what He has for our life in this wilderness outside that gate of the Zion Above. There is great reward far beyond what we can fathom! We who know and have that relationship are still fighting the good fight, and mostly that is against this garment of flesh to overcome it in greater and greater ways, the diabolical leaven of Word without Life, to reach out in reconciliation to All even Messiah paid a great price for and we just hear his cry and his voice, Father Forgive Them!, and It Is Finished! But even we showing this Flesh and Blood meaning to the kingdom is worthless in the end and will return to the dust. The Spirit of Truth of witness to our Mind Renewed and of our LIFE is all that will Last Eternal. We see that real person inside and we know we are either wearing the Kings garments or not. A beautiful robe of the Master's that is the same as His!

Now, what is on my heart, said from what I heard this morning. Those things I wrote for this understanding. I will put in my words. Father is not happy with the many altar thing. It has grown worse in these days of those wanting to have their ears tickled instead of following upon the Path of Life of the Living Torah of that Way, that Truth, and that Life. Father Loves His Redeemed People and all to the last person on earth. And those who may be chasing after the wind but have not grown to a full understanding of Him. He is very sore at those professing to be shepherds who are diverting His sheep from following Yahushua, and to keep Yahushua to hear His voice. I say nicely these things. It is no light matter though. I could not emphasize with what fortitude and with the severity that our Father will chastize those whom He loves. But the dogs will not be chastized but will be reserved for the wrath of fire just as their forefathers before them and will all be together in that fire and many who have trampled underfoot the Living Torah of Life and have worked to lead astray the true sheep of the Father. The pretenders follow them well. Father is coming with a big stick and He is going to use it. And those holding on to vanity will see it as such and come to Rest in the Eternal Shabbat our Yahushua and the one who Loves us all so Dear. Shalom. (RDR, USA, 2 January 2010)

I agree wholeheartedly. I am now in my 10th (and sadly last) year homeschooling. Our oldest will be off to college next year and we have two others now in college. We used the KJV of the Bible with the Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary of the English Language in our homeschool. That dictionary was created so the meaning of the words as used in the KJV would never be lost. The dictionary even uses Scripture verses as examples of how the word is used. Looking us a work=d such as marriage in the Webster's 1828 and comparing it to the modern dictionary definition shows how much even commonly used words have had the meaning compromised or changes. And reading recently written books shows a much lower use of vocabulary level and word variety. In public schools here in America, even in "honors" literature classes, they watch movies of the classics because so many can't deal with the vocabulary. So sad...our language used to be so very rich. Now everything is described as either "hot" or "sexy". It is shameful. (PH, USA, 3 January 2010)

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