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16 March 2010 (Shleshi/Bikkurim)
Day #1, 5934 AM
Rosh Chodesh I 5934 AM
The Sacred New Year is Upon Us!

Chag sameach kol beit Yisra'el - a joyous festival to you all!

I want to very much understand both the New Year as well as Rosh Chodesh in general much better than I curently do and so my prayers have been directed towards that understanding over the last few days. And with those prayers have come some interesting answers.

Today is the first day of the biblical New Year and the first of a dozen first Rosh Chodesh's or New Moon assemblies throughout the coming year. It is the 5,934th year since the Creation of the world and so we call it 5934 AM, that is, Anno Mundi, which in Latin means 'Year of the World'. Humanity has been here nearly 6,000 years - that's quite a while even though evolutionists would have you believe it is a lot longer. Nevertheless, this is the beginning of new opportunities for those of us who trust in Yah'shua.

Today is the beginning of many 'one's' and 'first's' - it s the first of many firsts. It is the first day of the year that leads into the first of three 'first' festivals - the first or rishon festival of Pesach (Passover), the first step in our salvation - our first choice...our choice for Yah'shua as our Saviour and Deliverer leading to His first life-changing action in our lives of cleansing us from sin and guilt through His blood atonement. Then comes the next 'first', which is our first action in response to salvation, the conscious and deliberate removing of the leaven of sin from our lives as represented by the festival of Chag haMatazah (Feast of Unleavened Bread). This is followed by another 'first' - Yom haBikkurim or the Festival of Firstfruits in which we begin to bring forth the firstfruits of salvation in our lives just as Yah'shua was the Firstfruits of Salvation Himself. This is the Barley Harvest, the first of the three annual harvests. So this New Year's Day is to prepare us for Three 'Firsts' which I shall be talking a lot about in the days and weeks ahead. These are the first principles of salvation and of our relationship with Yah'shua.

I had an interesting dream yesterday that taught me a great deal about this important marker in time. The sacred new year is not just about the beginning of a new cycle in which we are given the opportunity to draw closer to Yahweh and deal with spiritual issues, but it is also an enabling for closure on some of those issues we have been labouring with. The last few years, as some of you know, have been particularly traumatic and harrowing for my family and myself that has required that I find resolution in a number of areas. When it comes to labouring with people, whether in the ministry generally or especially those we love in our own families, there comes a point where we simply have to move on and respect the choices they have made, both temporally and in our hearts.

I dreamed that I was inside my spiritual garden, in a part that was in the lowlands. In it was a strange looking building which was quite evidently some sort of theatre. The stage was covered by a roof and surrounded by three walls with the front of the one-roomed exposed - the audience, when it was there, either stood or sat outside and looked in. (As there were no seats I assumed it was for a standing or passing audience only). I then saw a couple of labourers working on the building. I though it odd because I have never seen them before and had certainly not employed them, but they were working on the theatre walling up the front. However, instead of using brick, they were stacking up large quantities of huge encyclopedia-like books...hundreds of them. This struck me as both odd and highly impractical but I did not interfere but continued looking. They left a long, thin rectangular area 'unbooked up'. As the wall increased in size it looked highly precarious.

I turned away for a while and then looked back. Now the wall was completed and since plastered over and painted. It was a 19th century style building and the workmen had painted over their new wall with elaborate artwork in yellow and white. It did not quite match the rest of the building and looked 'wrong' but I thought nothing of it and moved away. Shortly afterwards I came across a Swedish woman whom I had ministered to many years ago over a long period of time. She was in conversation with another woman whom I did not recognise. Neither of them were aware that could both hear and see them.

The conversation surprised me: though the woman had come to me for ministry she was not (according to the dream) really that serious about getting help Yahweh's way. It was clear that she had a relationship with the unknown woman but wished to keep that hidden from me, pretending that it was me she really wanted help from. Realising that she had not been honest with me, I turned around and walked away saddened by her deception.

There was more to the dream that I will presently relate but I pause to explain this part of it which Yahweh explained to me later. The theatre was this Swedish woman's performing area or 'stage', as it were, for the drama of her life. The two workers were demons who were, by her request, trying to conceal her original motives and intents. The books represent knowledge and mental processes by which she is justifying her actions. The plastering and art work are all a part of the denial of what she did, her 'cover-up'. The demonic left a thin rectangular area covered only with plaster no doubt to exploit at some future time to plague or manipulate her. In the dream Yahweh showed her true heart and intentions, her 'woman' friend being another demon whose fellowship overall she preferred to mine and who had originally caused her to perform her attention-getting act.

When I woke up from this dream I simply handed the 'theatre' over to Yahweh and asked Him to remove it from the garden as it was giving demons access rights based on my orginal agreement to trust her and take her into my heart. She is not the first person coming for ministry and putting on a show - this is quite a common phenomenon, as those in ministry among you will already know. I have had one woman coming for help who has lied through her teeth under at least two different persona with all sorts of horror stories in order to get pity and sympathy. Some people come to be so dependent on their demons, in spite of their oppressions, that they are unwilling to let them go. They won't take the responsibility to grow up and struggle until they have overcome - they want everything to be done for them, which is impossible. We all have to "work out our salvation" (Phil.2:12) and though help is available to us we have to do our own choosing and struggling. I worked with this woman for a very long time and it eventually became clear to me that she was not willing to put forth the effort to do her part. The demonic does, of course, agree to do lots of things 'free' (such as numbing feelings of guilt and emotional pain) but always at a terrible price. In this dream Yahweh was showing me that this woman was no longer my responsibility in spite of her suffering a stuffed basket of demonic problems, and that I should simply let her go and give her to Him. He was bringing the relationship and ministry to final closure, painful though it is to admit that it was not a success.

I said there was more to the dream, and there was. After turning away from this lady, I found myself climbing a gentle, grassy hill. I was at the top in no time to be greeted by an overwhelmingly beautiful sight. Firstly I noticed the trees - they were breathtaking in their glory. Behond them was the sea sparkling in the sunlight, a deep, rich blue. Everywhere I looked I saw this incredible loveliness that I just wanted to absorb. When I turned to my right I saw a mist which lifted slightly so that I could vaguely see a city in the distance and a harbour. I understood that I was not supposed to see more at that time but that it would soon become clear.

The ending of the old year and the starting of a new one, with its cycle of feasts and observances, is to enable us to find closure and move on. It is a bright sunny day here in Sweden today and winter is in retreat. Further south spring has already begun and the first ripe wild barley has already been found in the Promised Land, confirming that Yahweh's spring has begun.

I think we are often hesitant to get closure on both issues and relationships because we want to cling on in the hope that something can be salvaged. Our motives can be both right and wrong in this - right inasmuch as we are not responsible or people with whom we are not in a covenant relationship with who, like the rich young man, decide to walk away from us - wrong inasmuch as we refuse to admit that something is over, like the death of someone we love which can send some people into denial and to make false projections into others. We must move on from that which is not our responsibility and hand them over to Yahweh - our responsibility is over. Conversely, we cannot just walk away when we do have responsibility still. If a wife walks away, no matter what she does, we still have responsibility to seek and draw her back and no amount of adultery or whoring can change that, as we learn from the book of Hosea. But we do need to absolutely know the difference.

Yahweh showed me on the day before this Rosh Chodesh and New Year that my responsibility towards this woman was over, and that my not letting go was giving the enemy legal rights in my life in the form of that theatre and its demonic constructors and overlords. I dismissed them all together. This action enabled me to climb my inner Mount Zion and commune with Yahweh with clean hands in this matter. I hope that you too will be able to do the same so that you can enter this new cycle of Yahweh's ministries to you and reap the maximum fruits both for your own personal blessigs and so that you can bless your families, friends and brethren in Yah'shua our Messiah.

Baruch haShem YHWH!

Comments from Readers

Baruch HaShem YHWH! And we are commanded to 'come out of her' my people. Those who have grieved us so even our children that they refuse to come out and become separate for YHWH Yahushua. We love dearly and have the heart for them to hear and see. Will we see this year YHWH increase the shaking of the earth to get the attention of all and to open blind eyes and unstop deaf ears?

What can be shaken may be shaken to see what will remain. How we hear His heart though that He would gather all of us into His safety if only we will listen to Him. So much tragedy already in this world. The divide is great between those who are affected and those who have not been. That divide will close even more in the days ahead.

We are also in shock sometimes of those relationships where the other person has deceived us and one of the things we come to find out is that they are telling us what they think we want to hear, not what true things are in their heart. May YHWH Yahushua have mercy and kindness to draw them within the heart that they would not have kissed his face and walked away from him. We are not like that way to cater to the esteem of man but to know that YHWH sees our heart and that is exposed totally before Him.

Blessings Lev. I feel this is a new season, the dead grass of winter is being covered over by the new grass springing forth! And it won't be like any other spring ever before (RDR, USA, 16 March 2010).

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