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Month 1:1, Rosh Chodesh, Year:Day 5936:001 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Friday 23 March 2012
Rosh Chodesh I
New Year's Day Prophetic Message:
Between the Nile and Euphrates

      "Put in order the buckler and shield, and advance for battle! Harness the horses, and mount, you horsemen! Stand forth with your helmets, polish the spears, put on the coats of mail. Why have I seen it? They are dismayed and have turned backward, and their mighty warriors are beaten down, and have fled in haste, and look not back; terror is on every side! says Yahweh. Let not the swift flee away, nor the mighty man escape; in the north by the river Euphrates they have stumbled and fallen. Who is this that rises up like the Nile River, whose waters surge and toss themselves like the branches of the Nile [in the delta of Egypt]? Egypt rises up like the Nile, and its waters swell and toss themselves like the rivers. He says, I will rise up, I will cover the earth; I will destroy cities and their inhabitants. Go up, you horses, drive furiously, you chariots! Let the warriors go forth: men of Ethiopia and Put who handle the shield, men of Lud who are skilled in handling and stringing the bow. But that day is a day of Yahweh-Elohim of hosts, a day of vengeance, that He may avenge Himself on His adversaries. And the sword shall devour, and it shall be satiated and shall drink its fill of their blood; for Yahweh of hosts has a sacrifice [as of a great sin offering] in the north country by the river Euphrates. Go up into Gilead, and take (healing) balm, O virgin daughter of Egypt! In vain so you use many medicines, for you there is no healing remedy. The nations have heard of your disgrace and shame, and your cry has filled the earth. For warrior has stumbled against and thrown down warrior, and they are fallen both of them together" (Jer.46:3-12, Amp.Ver).

    Chag Sameach Rosh Chodesh Kol Beit Yisra'el, a blessed first of Aviv and may Yahweh's blessings be upon you all this New Year! Hearing as you just have a rather gloomy prophecy I expect you are wondering what Rosh Chodesh message I have to share with you.

    I have to say that yesterday I was filled with optimism for the coming new year, and I still am. However, there are multiple threads in my message today, depending who the message is for, some of which are far from optimistic. I will try to unfold these as best I can with what Yahweh has given me over the past 24 hours.

    I am going to give the threads to you in the reverse order I received them. Today's passage is not about good things, as you have guessed, and specifically relates to wars between the Nile and Euphrates. On the one hand, we have the 'Nile' nations of Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, with neighbouring Libya; and on the other, we have the Euphrates nations of Iraq, Syria and Turkey with neighbouring Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. And though today's passage relates to an historical event that occurred a very long time ago, what we are to experience is a kind of recapitulation. These two regions are aflame with war and revolution, radical Islam is on the rise, fuelled and aided by the élite through the Western nations and NATO which they for now control.

    In addition to fuelling the Israeli-Muslim conflict, the élite are also fuelling the Sunni-Shia divisions in the Muslim world. And just as the clay-iron mix of Nebuchadnezzar's statue applies to the respective weaknesses and strengths of the élite and their system of control, so the same clay-iron mix applies to the divisions within Islam too, itself bent on world domination, as well as that of China. We live in the age of Iron and Clay. This means, because of the incompatibility if the two elements, that the totalitarian systems that exist in this end-time consist both of dangerous strengths as well as fatal weaknesses, a condition that will not change until Messiah returns. Indeed, as far as the West is concerned, this iron-clay mix may be understood to be that peculiar and unsafe mixture we have grown accustomed to now, consisting of totalitarian communism/fascism and anarchistic liberalism. And the different rivals at different levels of power reflect this identical mix.

    The world we are entering can only be understood and successfully lived in by understanding the strange combination of these forces. When I was making a logo for New Year yesterday, I felt a strong leading to title it, 'End Game', because that is what the current year is for the élite that pull the strings behind the scenes of national governments. This is their end-game, mind you, not ours. They are fighting for their very existence so as not to lose all they have worked for since 1815 and they are willing to raise the stakes and take enormous risks in order to secure their hoped-for victory. They have enormous domestic problems as people the world over are waking up to what's going on and people in high places are resisting them. Like all dictators with domestic crises, both economic (which they have themselves created to loot the wealth of the world), social and military, the only way they can deflect the public's attention away is by creating war abroad. That is why there is so much sabre-rattling going on, that is why they have created revolution in Libya (as well as to get control of that country's oil and gold), that is why they want revolution in Syria, and that is why they want war with Iran. And for those of you who may either be citizens from these countries, or Muslims, please understand that the problem is not the 'West' or 'NATO' but the secret élite behind these nations and indeed all nations including your own. They want you to see this as a West vs. Islam issue when in truth it is an Élite vs. Humanity one.

    And it always has been. In recent times, the Napoleonic wars, First Word War and Second Word War were all deliberately fashioned and planned. And this cabal of wicked men have a Third World War all lined up that is unfolding right now. With Russia and China guaranteeing Iran's protection, and Syria's to a lesser extent, you can see how the chess pieces are lining up on the board. Their techniques are no longer a secret - now we know, in great detail, how they work...which is one of the reasons why they are panicking in this Global Poker game of theirs. They're raising the stakes as high as they go - and those stakes are our lives whom they are more than willing to sacrifice. Indeed, they plan to kill nine out of every ten of us.

    This demonic system - for that is what it is - is not, of course, anything new. The élite are all satanists, which should come as no surprise, whether hard-core or soft-core, it doesn't really matter. The trouble is, in order to get where they have got to today they have had to use two incompatible systems which at some time had to fuse - they are the good-cop and bad-cop political systems known as liberalism and totalitarianism which are combining in the European Union and in Obama's America. All the contradictions you see in their behaviour is on account of their having to manipulate both systems in order to dupe the maximum number of people. The trouble is, they mix about as well as water and oil. And that is their Achillees heel.

    The battle ground is North Africa and the Middle East, essentially the Arab world. The élite have chosen it because the religion and ethnic temprements that occupy it are easy to inflame quickly. The demonic behind them have multiple agendas too, one of the chief being to draw believers into the contest by securing their loyalties to Zionism, the good-cop component of another good-cop/bad-cop set-up, with the bad-cop being Islam, by convincing Christians and Messianics that the Jewish State in the Middle East is in some way their country because it is God's. Understand, that this entity was created by the élite precisely because of this and several other agendas. If you are new to this demonic trickery, then please read my series, Jacob's Trouble.

    The Middle East is, as I speak, on fire and the flames are being violently fuelled. As I have predicted a number of times, expect the Israeli Republic to collapse or be destroyed in the times ahead and when it does, this will not only have the apparent negative effect of causing theological crisis amongst believers but will positively lead them into the emet (truth) about so many important latter-day events. As it is, those who have been sold the lie of Zionism are but puppets on one of the élite's many strings. If you refuse to believe me now, then please at least recall my words when these things come to pass, because Yahweh has something very glorious to show you. But i would rather spare you the long and arduous walk into the emet (truth) when it is available here and now.

    And now we come to the second major aspect of today's Rosh Chodesh message. In the chapter before today's main passage, Yahweh speaks a davar (word) for Jeremiah's assistant, Baruch, whom you will remember had been his scribe for an important revelation. Baruch lived in a time very much like our own, which is why Yahweh gave me these passages for you today - a very distressing time especially for Yahweh's servants with high hopes and ambitions for the Kingdom. This is what Yahweh said to him:

      "You said, Woe is me! For Yahweh has added sorrow to my pain; I am weary with my groaning and sighing and I find no rest. Say this to him, Yahweh speaks thus: Behold, what I have built I am breaking down, and that which I have planted I am plucking up, and this means the whole land. And do you seek great things for yourself? Seek them not; for behold, I will bring evil upon all flesh, says Yahweh; but your life I will give to you as a (snatched up) prize of war wherever you go" (Jer.45:3-5, Amp.Ver).

    Brethren and sisters, ministers as well as lay-people, please pay close attention to this prophetic Davar (Word) because it will give you an anchor in the days ahead in this new year: whatever you are building, whatever you hope for, whatever you desire, whatever is normal in the ordinary course of events, these things are not applicable in this time and must take second place. Baruch was a man of high birth - his grandfather Maaseiah was governor of Jerusalem in the days of King Josiah (2 Chr.34:8). Considering all that Baruch was doing to make Jeremiah's prophecies permanent, it is not surprising that he seems to have expected to share the prophet's rewards: "To play a prominent part in the impending crisis, to be the hero of a national revival, to gain the favour of the conqueror he announced", seems to have been his dream. When its realisation was denied him, "he sank into despair at the seeming fruitlessness of his efforts" (Smith's Bible Dictionary).

    Many of you out there are feverishly working to build up ministries and are earnestly looking for revival. These are not wrong things, of course, but you must learn to walk in Yahweh's prophetic will if you so much as want to survive what's on the way, so that your life will be a "snatched up prize", forever escaping the Evil One's plan to destroy you. Understand, that these are Jeremiah-type days, with world war being deliberately cultivated to vainly try to prop up a failing élite. They, like Hitler, will not surrender, but will take down their deceived supporters with them to calamity into their crashing Fourth Reich. Understand that you, like Baruch, must come to realise the following things:

    • 1. That the gift of prophecy does not depend on men and their works - we are simply here to announce what Yahweh is going to do in spite of ourselves; and
    • 2. It is entirely up to Yahweh whether He grants you and your ministry prominence or not, however 'deserving' you feel you may be.

    And with this in mind understand also that each man's eternal rewards are proportioned only to his faithfulness in what Yahweh wants him to do at any one moment in time, and have nothing to do with the desire for earthly recongition. And so it might be well that we recall this teaching of the Master:

      "For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country, who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them. And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability; and immediately he went on a journey. Then he who had received the five talents went and traded with them, and made another five talents. And likewise he who had received two gained two more also. But he who had received one went and dug in the ground, and hid his master's money. After a long time the master of those servants came and settled accounts with them. So he who had received five talents came and brought five other talents, saying, 'Master, you delivered to me five talents; look, I have gained five more talents besides them.' His master said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your master.' He also who had received two talents came and said, 'Master, you delivered to me two talents; look, I have gained two more talents besides them.'His master said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your master.' Then he who had received the one talent came and said, 'Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you have not sown, and gathering where you have not scattered seed. And I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours.' But his master answered and said to him, 'You wicked and lazy servant, you knew that I reap where I have not sown, and gather where I have not scattered seed. So you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received back my own with interest. Therefore take the talent from him, and give it to him who has ten talents. For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away. And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth'" (Matt.25:14-30, NKJV).

    Today I am not so much interested in the prophetic significance of the sums, which I have discussed at length before, but on emphasising the need to do what Yahweh wants us to do and not what we want to do or what we think we should be doing. The word we face next year at Aviv 1 (in 2013) is going to be very different from the one we are facing today. I want you especially to keep your eyes on the bigger picture and not get bogged down in all the details...all the smoke-screens, however dramatic and life-threatening they may be. And I particularly want you to remember the counsel and promise given to Baruch:

      "And do you seek great things for yourself? Seek them not; for behold, I will bring evil upon all flesh, says Yahweh; but your life I will give to you as a (snatched up) prize of war wherever you go" (Jer.45:5, Amp.Ver).

    If you want to be snatched up and delivered and not drowned in the economic and social chaos that is coming, you must follow this prescription. Consider your calling well and if you don't know it, find it out quickly, and multiply the gifts given to you to accomplish it, seeking not prominence for yourself.

    With these thoughts in mind I leave you my blessings with the prayer that you will be attentive to the Ruach (Spirit) and the authentic prophets in this dangerous time. I will not ask you whether you have made provision for the economic collapse or not for I am assuming that you have already done so. May Yahweh guide and lead you safely along the way. Amen.

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    This page was created on 23 March 2012
    Last updated on 23 March 2012

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