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Month 5:1, Rosh Chodesh, Year 5935:115 AM
ROSH CHODESH V (Chamashee haChodesh)
Gregorian Calendar: Sunday 31 July 2011
Rosh Chodesh V
A Flower in the Midst of Chaos

    There can be little doubt that we live in both dangerous and bizzare times. People - and believers in particular - are struggling to make sense of the things going on around them, and traditional ways of looking at the world and cosmos sometimes fail to deliver satisfactory answers. I am, as you know, a greater believer in Yahweh's moedim or appointments for the pure and simple reason that when Yahweh calls His people together it is always to impart something of benefit to us. Rosh Chodesh in particular, which I have personally come to highly prize, has without exception since we started observing it correctly, always been a time when Yahweh has delivered a prophetic word, as He did anciently. I find this very reassuring.

    One of the reasons Yahweh wants us to assemble is to wake us up both to His reality and to the 'reality' of the world around us. We are called to be fully aware and conscious of what is going on in both the visible and invisible. Last night my wife and I were discussing the terrible plight of Krister, Annie and Domenic Johansson and the abuses the Swedish government have callously heaped on that lovely, innocent family, and all in the name of their Marxist Utopia. When I heard how Domenic, their abduced son of nearly two years, is in and out of hospital vomitting uncontrollably because of the trauma caused by the forced separation from his family by Social Services because they homeschooled him, it made my blood boil. And I praise Yahweh that more and more people the world around are being outraged by this inhuman treatment and are protesting.

    This got me thinking about all the suffering of believers around the world who are being persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and murdered for their faith. We have as a family recently started praying for imprisoned believers in communist and Muslim countries like Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani who is facing execution because he protested a government policy of forcing small children to study the Koran. The abuses worldwide, not just of believers but of people in general, are appalling. I said to my wife that if we were to become conscious of just a small portion of this global suffering that we would go insane with grief and pain. It really is too much if we try to carry it all. But praise Yahweh, His Son is the burden-bearer and we are to specifically devote ourselves to helping those within our immediate reach. We can only be expected to do so much.

    Most of you who are hearing and reading my words today are carrying heavy burdens of divers sorts. Many of you are desperate and many of you are seeking answers. I know I am. And what is baffling sometimes is the way in which Yahweh answers some questions and not others. In fact, as you know, I brought a whole list of questions to Him last night, and even the day before at our Shavu'ot meeting when He most definitely did speak to me. However, His answer is not what I expected. He gave what was sufficient and needful, and that message was essentially: BE TRUE TO YOUR COVENANTS.

    Shavu'ot has passed and we have our marching orders. They may not answer many specific questions but they do absolutely encompass every single one of them. For those who are under covenant and abiding in it have their promises. It is these - and there are many - that we must lean on. Sometimes emunah (faith) demands that we do not see but only trust, and to thus be requires that we yield more and more sovereignty of our lives over to Him. This is, as my wife reminded me, the 'chief thing'. For if we were to have all our questions answered but are yet unyielded to Him, what would these answers profit us anyway? They would in any case be pointless. So if the answer to our questions is, Be True to Covenant, then that is of necessity the priority, for the rest will automatically be taken care of.

    It was a busy and strange night last night. First something happened that never happens here, save on the secular New Year's Day. At midnight we were awakened by what sounded like gunshots. At first we thought that someone was out hunting (even though this is not the hunting season) and then thought someone was just drunk and doing something crazy out in the forest. But there were so many 'shots' going off simultaneously that that hypothesis had to rapidly be dismissed which then led to a crazier hypothesis that some war had started! But when I went to the other side of the house I saw that a large, bright and noisy firework display was in progress at the local hôtel. Doubtless this was some anniversary, birthday, wedding or something like that, though I have never heard of fireworks being let off in the middle of the night to do it. It broke my sleep and for that I was exceedingly annoyed.

    But that would not be the end of our noctural disturbances. Two nights ago, as many of you know, there was a big UFO flap here when two adults and two children of my household witnessed, documented, and recorded in photographs and videos, the activities of up to three UFO's near our house - you can read the account here. At around 2 a.m. last night the same thing happened again, beginning with the dogs of the household getting very agitated and my daughter, who was the fourth witness two days ago, noticing a very bright light in the sky, in the same location as last time, but this time much closer that it had been on the first occasion. This time the UFO changed shape from looking like a very bright star to a becoming thin yellow tick/check-mark, which then then inverted or flipped, and then flipped back again, before getting round as it got closer and larger before suddenly disappearing and then reappearing at another location much further away. Very frightened, she woke up her elder brother, who also witnessed the phenomenon close up, though he also noticed a red light, and then myself but by the time I was able to grab my camera and get to the scene, it was already far away. I took one poor grainy photograph before returning to bed overcome with fatigue from the two interruptions to my sleep in one night.

    I don't intend to get into UFO's today - that subject has already been thoroughly exhausted elsewhere other than to remind everyone that the enemy is busy in our night and day skies. Satan is called the "prince of the power of the air" (Eph.2:2, NKJV) Most of this activity is deliberate distraction, to excite our curiosity sufficiently to shift our focus from what really matters. The enemy is always seeking attention anyway, and especially delights in provoking fear. I know that many believe these are extra-terrestrials or ET's, which I don't, and that this is shaking the faith of some believers. I am open-minded enough to believe that ET's are a possibility but all the evidence I have seen over the last 30 years convinces me overwhelmingly that we are not dealing with aliens but with humans and nefilim. We don't in any case need to go down that cul de sac. All I know is that my sleep was disturbed at a time when I was actively listening for Yahweh's Word. And perhaps that was the purpose of the disturbances. And it's even possible that Yahweh Himself may be behind some of these phenomena, though I very much doubt it. It's just not how He deals with us.

    This is the fifth Rosh Chodesh of the year, and five is the number of grace or favour. And I can't help but notice that five is also the Roman letter 'V' and that the UFO flashed a V-like symbol, though a distorted one in the form of a check-mark with one arm shorter than the other. Given that the enemy always tries to mimick everything Yahweh does, and then invert it, it does not then surprise me that the enemy would also create a distored 'V' in the form of a check-mark and then invert it. Yahweh always forces Satan to reveal his hand for the discerners. Notice the double layer of deception - first distort the original and then create an inversion of the original so that when the inversion is discovered to be 'false', people will autoamtically assume that the 'original' - the distorted V, is the authentic item, and so follow it!

    For me, V is also a sign of victory as well as a depiction of the seven festivals of Yahweh and in particular, the juxtaposition of the three pilgrim festivals that we were talking about yesterday, with Shavu'ot being a pivot or mem (m). I call this the 'Messianic V' (see diagram to the right). So I am making many associations on this the fifth New Moon of the month. You may also recall a vision Yahweh gave me back in March of an inverted V or Lambda, a symbol used by the warrior-like Spartans of old that appears liberally on American and Israeli tanks.

    The world is trembling from earthquakes and volcanoes right now and I am awaiting one in Norway, a country recently shocked by a mass killing at Utøya. Truly many things are converging and we are heading for a major conflict in the physical, psychic and spiritual. Add to this the imploding U.S. Dollar and collapse of world economies, the Fukushima nuclear disaster (which we hear nothing about any more even though radioative material is still spewing into the sea and air), the €uro crisis, and the scramble by nations to institute totalitarian Marxist-like Third Way régimes for the banksters, the health crisis as our governments are poisoning us to death with dangerous vaccines and processed food, the rise of militant Islam, the collapse of the traditional family, the child-trafficking, and so forth, and it is pretty obvious that our world is teetering on the edge. It is in this mix that Yahweh has sent us! With so much going on and with so many threats we could be reacting to, knowing His will becomes all the more imperative.

    When I arose this morning I was led to Psalm 17 and it is this I want to now share with you - I believe you will find it encouraging. I also believe it is for us now:

      "I am pleading for your help, O Yahweh; for I have been honest and have done what is right, and You must listen to my earnest cry! Publicly acquit me, Yahweh, for you are always fair. You have tested me and seen that I am good. You have come even in the night and found nothing amiss and know that I have told the emet (truth). I have followed your mitzvot (commands) and have not gone along with cruel and evil men. My feet have not slipped from Your paths.

      "Why am I praying like this? Because I know You will answer me, O Elohim (God)! Yes, listen as I pray. Show me your strong ahavah (love) in wonderful ways, O Saviour of all those seeking Your help against their foes. Protect me as you would the pupil of your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings as you hover over me.

      "My enemies encircle me with murder in their eyes. They are pitiless and arrogant. Listen to their boasting. They close in upon me and are ready to throw me to the ground. They are like lions eager to tear me apart, like young lions hiding and waiting their chance.

      "Yahweh, rise and stand against them. Push them back! Come and save me from these men of the world whose only concern is earthly gain - these men whom you have filled with your treasures so that their children and grandchildren are rich and prosperous.

      "But as for me, my contentment is not in wealth but in seeing You and knowing all is well between us. And when I awake in heaven, I will be fully satisfied, for I will see You face to face" (Psalm 17, LB).

    We are, and have been, mobilising for spiritual warfare since March. Four months have passed since then. Have you been preparing? Are you ready? You had better be - our world may change overnight at any time now.

    After readding Psalm 17 and contemplating it, I went outside to allow the dogs to do their ablutions. I was heavily in thought for this morning's address. As I walked over my main flower bed, where I have been cultivating some late summer blooms, I got a surprise - a small, solitary four-petalled pink poppey, one of the most fragile flowers there is. was there in the midst of the green! I wasn't expecting it to be there. Years ago I used to cultivate pink poppeys and then they all died out. Every now and then one appears seemingly out of nowhere - and there was one such (see picture at top of article). As I looked at it, Yahweh reminded me to two important things:

    • 1. He is the Elohim (God) of the Unexpected; and
    • 2. He is the Elohim (God) of the Last Moment.

    When everything seems stagnant, and nothing seems to be happening, when you are starting to doubt and despair, He leaps in to demonstrate that He was always there. That He does so at the last minute I have never liked, and have said so openly, but I am getting used to it. I have seen Him crush my enemies again and again, just as David experienced. And He does so in unexpected ways though sometimes He does announce His intentions in advance in visions.

    I am confidently awaiting several interventions in my life, my family's life and in this ministry's life. As the enemy's troops come over the horizon in their hoardes, and as we engage, I look confidently to Yahweh's 'Blücher', the Prussian General who intervened on the side of the English at Waterloo to decisively defeat Napoleon. And as you know, I am expecting a major Illuminati defeat and set-back in this approaching battle. We have much yet to do. Satan will not get his way this time.

    May you all be encouraged! Amen.

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    This page was created on 31 July 2011
    Last updated on 31 July 2011

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