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29 March 2011 (Shleshi/Bikkurim)
Day #378, 5934 AM
Consider What I Say
Be No Man's Theological Slave

      "Consider what I say, and may the Master give you understanding in all things" (2 Tim.2:7, NKJV).

    There are a lot of theologies out in the Christian churches and Messianic assemblies, aren't there? Thousands, in fact, and at times it can be very confusing. Go to a particular denomination or association of congregations and you are presented with a multi-course meal of teachings. Some are considered 'essentials' and others are, more or less, optional. To join one of these denominations you are usually presented with a doctrinal package and are expected to basicaly sign on the theological dotted line if you join. For this reason it is very important that you carefully weigh the teachings of each group so that you don't find your conscience compromised, particularly in those groups who claim to 'have it all' or (worse) say they are the 'only true group/church'. (If they say claim or imply they have it all, you can be pretty sure they haven't).

    In this ministry we divide doctrine up into seven categories that correspond to the seven annual festivals of Yahweh. Each category of teaching is fundamental on its own level. You might even say that there are Seven Dogmatic Bodies of Emet (Truth).

    As most know, you can't expect everyone to accept and apprehend everything all at once. We have to grow "into all Emet (Truth)" (Jn.16:13) and specifically Yah'shua (Jesus) says that the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) will "guide" us "into all Emet (Truth)". Let's not miss that, for what the Ruach does not do is 'announce the truth' in mere words, without penetrating the whole being, and then demand obedience to it. To hodegeo (guide) someone into all truth is specifically to 'show the way' by living it out. So when Paul said, "consider what I say", he was not simply presenting an intellectual dogma but was asking his spiritual children to observe how he lived it. Guidance, in the biblical sense, is incarnated Emet (Truth), not a mere mental proposition.

    When the apostle Paul spoke, he would call on Yahweh to witness his words, he would appeal to sane judgment based on Torah-Emet (the Truth of Yahweh's Law) and sensitive conscience, and he would appeal to his lifestyle. Paul was never rigid in his statements unless they were words uttered to Him by Yahweh Himself which is why he could say:

      "Do not be wise in your own opinion" (Rom.12:16, NKJV).

    None of this is to say that we should not passionately adhere to what we believe to be Yahweh's Emet (Truth) but it is to say that we should never be so close-minded that we are not open to more truth or to be corrected when what we thought was truth was in fact error. Neither are we to be so open-minded that we allow our brains to fall out.

    Atheists like to think of themselves as 'free thinkers' though I have met an awful lot of them who are totally close-minded and dogmatic - even evangelistic to the point of fanaticism - for their unbeliefs. A true Christian/Messianic is a Free Thinker because, as Aaron Linford puts it, "a free thinker is a safe thinker". We are to be a voice, not an echo. We are to be a solid, sober rationalist, not a mere reflection of other men's minds. Personal judgment, plus personal responsibility, are tokens of maturity.

    I am open to be persuaded on another point-of-view but I am not open to be brainwashed. A person who is conceived by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) at Pesach and born again by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) at Yom haBikkurim is born a free man or woman. And if born free, we should always remain free - free to make personal judgments about claimed truth. We were not designed by Yahweh to become rubber-stamps for other people's theological discoveries or revelations - we were created to find out the emet (truth) for ourselves from the inside out. And even if we do have revelations and visions of the night - which many of us do - this is not a licence for us to blinker other people with them - they must find out what Yahweh has revealed to us in their own way and in their own time. You cannot rush anyone into authentic, live-bearing truth, however enthusiastic you may be.

    I love to read the stories of men and women who have met Yahweh and received personal revelation, but I refuse to be hyped up by them. Someone else's experience is precisely that - theirs, not mine. Will Yahweh reveal to us what He revealed to these people? If it's authentic Emet (Truth), yes, He will, if we are sincere, open, teachable and humble but it will be in His own way and in His own time

    The Scriptures instruct me to be sober and diligent. They inform me that I must accept their admonition. But my decisions will be free, personal, and sincere. So should yours. Therefore none of us should ever become another man's mental slave or be padlocked into just one school of thought. The school may be right or partially right but there will always be more. Yahweh does not reveal everything in the same way to everybody as I hope to explain this coming Passover but we all start from the same ground of Emet-Truth and if we submit to Yahweh's tavnith (pattern) revealed in Torah and not go seeking for truth or trying to measure using the lenses and yardsticks of men's philosophies and crooked patterns, respectively, then we can actually walk together on that narrow path and see and understand the same things in an orderly, meaningful and highly satisfying way.

    It is right, then, that we assert that the Bible shall be our guide and mentor and declare it to be the Emet (Truth) that makes men free (Jn.8:32) but if we insist on reading and interpreting it through worldly lenses that have little or no connectivity to eternity, then we will keep on seeing the same truths differently. Whilst we have to recognise that this is reality, and work with people wherever they are, we do at the same time have a sacred responsibility to show them how the Bible writers themselves 'saw' and 'thought' and 'were'. For if we cannot connect to that, we will all have a million-and-one theologies where every man becomes his own private church.

    We are free to choose whatever we want but once we have chosen Messiah, we are no longer free to 'do it our way' any longer. Freedom is a wonderful-sounding word but can also lead to destruction, for not all 'freedom' is authentic freedom in Messiah Yah'shua (Christ Jesus): we are free to choose Messiah's Freedom or the anarchy which is the 'freedom' of the world.

    All I ask you, the reader, to do is "consider what I say", measure it against the Word and seek the Ruach (Spirit). Take your time, no one will pursue you. If it's true, it will stick, and if you reject it, it will come back again somehow. The Emet (Truth) always takes care of itself and needs no human guardians or enforcers.

    Comments from Readers

    "All we can ever do is give 'clues' really or evidence as to where the food is found as the bread and wine and the OIL to burn in our own Menorah. We get our 'eyes' set on the Master then follow Him and in our walk while encouraging others to do the same but as we see in the ten virgin parable each of us must get our own Oil. We should consider everything we hear or see from others such as these words as witness of our savior or not but never eat anything as in 'believe' one thing that is not heard from the Masters voice, one on one. So we get just what we need because Yahushua is the only one who knows us best. Though we were brought up on 'milk' eating from pre-digested stuff that some of was as muddy 'clues' into the better reality when we find that every true reality of thought of any scriptures or existence outside of that is found within the Heart of the Master as in the Righteous Garment we wear. And we find that we get to different 'levels' of perspective on the same things... maybe looking behind the veil to say but first without the 'dust perspective', a maturity level... is the first clue we find in seeking and think where books could be written about mere words or short passages of scriptures... We live in a world where even many of our fellows and loved ones even saved for many many years have not even gotten past the 'dust' level yet but no wonder when so many are doing things just like it is said in Jeremiah 5. But not saying as bad but as in we should see the wonderful times in which we live now where the Masters voice is to say where the 'veil' is lifting and some hidden things are becoming very clear on the 'front lines' of the battle... So describing that in words such as English gives possibility of interpretation to even a different meaning by others as we all try to fit what we hear into our own paradigm of how things are, but many times in my walk, as my testimony, when we give up our own 'idols' or 'fallacy' and let our teacher renew our mind we are given the solution for perfect harmony on everything He is literally being, in His thought, on His terms. Eze 14:4. So we see a huge problem in writing some words where we are not in discussion to clarify meanings but even in speaking with others to erase any presumptions we/I all make at times. And things we know absolute from the Heart to Heart discussions with the Master at Yahuwah's Right Hand are often not seen by any not thinking out of the Dust Mind yet. (As in being dead already but still living in this old body...) a different perspective gets the perfect harmony. By the only Door that counts the Way of Truth where the Life is found! That's by the only 'key' to unlock the 'door' said as in one Name! (*no 'out of body' is safe outside the DOOR!!! and in Yahushua we are 'in the Spirit of Yahuwah!' the only 'legal' way without sin!!! and we see those in greater deceptions galore running to and fro.. we know if we witness to others out here how bad it is...especially in the head of the desolation...) So also, as my testimony, we should not look at others witness of what they have experienced as something about themselves and should regard according to the scriptures and truth as well to weed out anything that does not match the scriptures. Ask questions also if possible to dissolve any presumptions. If anything is given by any of we as members of one another in Yahushua, it is for edification of the whole body and not for the 'lower' thoughts of self glorification though we see many doing that these days and most successful in Babylon's ways. There are many things that we would never give to anyone as we all have our pearls we know are sure and not to be trampled upon and also hesitate to share some things but do when we know we must. For peace, and for letting others know as we all have the same testimony that our Father in Heaven still has everything under total control and He might shake us a little to stretch our paradigms of just how wonderful it is in His Kingdom where even the earth is His footstool, and we know the challengers are where the battle is! Though it may appear that things are falling apart... there is peace in the storms of life like in the eye of the hurricane! So many written words but still only a few compared to when we speak with others face to face..." (RDR, 29 March 2011)

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