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25 March 2010 (Chamashee/Thursday)
Day #10, 5934 AM
What Colour is Yahweh?
Black Hebrew Israelites and Others

Racial and cultural chauvanism have no part of the Gospel of Yah'shua the Messiah. There are no racial or cultural supremacists in Yahweh's eyes. We have white supremacist 'Christians' in Evangelical circles and in the Messianic movement we have been plagued by Jewish chauvanism for decades. The latest are the 'Black Hebrew Israelites' who claim that the black people are the true Israelites and the true descendants of Jacob. They are so obsessed with this quest to prove that Hebrews are dark skinned that the salvation message of Yah'shua the Messiah has been all but swamped out by it, though they mention Him by Name occasionally. They are very much 'in' to the sabbaths, festivals and moedim in general, like Messianics Jews and Messianic Israelites, and like some very chauvanistic Messianic Jews regard all 'Christians' as lost.

James MacBride, an African-American author and musician, once, as a boy, asked his Jewish mother what colour God was. "Is He black or white?" he asked as they were walking home from church one day. Her reply was wise indeed: "God is not black. God is not white. God is the colour of water. Water doesn't have a colour."

The quest for Hebrews based on skin colour or genetics is, in my opinion, a total waste of time. For one thing, we're all mixed up, racially-speaking. For another, Yahweh was wise indeed to promise Abraham that His seed would mix with all the nations of the world so that they would essentially be invisible to the physical eye. We would only know His seed by their fruits - whether or not they accepted Yah'shua as their Saviour and obeyed the commandments:

    "And in thy zera (seed) shall kol goyei ha'aretz (all the nations of the world) be blessed, because thou hast obeyed my voice" (Gen.22:18, OJB).

Yah'shua went to great pains to say that He did not give a fig what race you come from because an Israelite is not one who is descended from Jacob but one who was descended from the New Man called Israel, which name is given only to those who overcome the flesh. Paul therefore said:

    "For you are all sons of Elohim through faith in Messiah Yah'shua. For as many of you as were baptised into Messiah have put on Messiah. There is neither Yahudi (Judahite) nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Messiah Yah'shua. And if you are Messiah's, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise" (Gal.3:26-29, NKJV).

Your DNA, however wonderful a piece of created biochemistry, is in the end just dirt. Salvation is not by DNA but by trusting and obeying. When Yahweh calls His Israel home, He will not be asking for a map of your genome or proof that your skin is this or that colour, but whether you are right with Him or not. And those who are right with Him, irrespective of their racial background, are what? "Abraham's seed".

The latest 'fad' in the Messianic Movement is the 'Black Hebrew Israelites' (for the most part, an American phenomenon) who have all sorts of strange beliefs. Many black people are being lured by them off the Path of Emet (Truth). Yah'shua commanded His disciples to go into all nations making disciples of all men, but groups like Israylite Heritage are only targeting blacks. These people are racial élitists like so many other heretical groups. Many of them are blatant cultists (see Black Hebrew Israelites FAQ of Black Apologetics.com).

Black chauvanists, white chauvanists, Jewish chauvanists, or any other kind of chauvanist have no part of the Kingdom of Yahweh. They are prisoners of pride and of the flesh and need to repent. Messianic Israel is not a race but a condition of soul. And anyone who is not a Messianic Israelite in his heart, by faith and obedience, is a slave of his unredeemed passions.

    "Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of Yahweh" (Acts 3:19, NKJV).

Comments from Readers

HalleluYAH! Yes! It's so good to discern our true Kingdom of the redeemed!

So many need to grow up in the salvation they have been given to properly discern who our Messiah is Being Within us. To have our mind renewed from above in seeing Him exactly as He is! To examine that 'seed' of righteousness if it is planted inside the Heart and to learn how great of things He has done and is Being for us all. To see Him now...! in that brightest of light that encompasses all colors if we were to break it out using a prism! At the right hand of our Father in the throne room of Heaven, a place beyond this earth but even encompassing everything still and even right where we are, our Yahushua is reigning and is where the great river of love of that overcoming power is flowing to give mercy in Unconditional Yes. That's all I can say, Yes Master whom is so precious to me, and anyone who will go before that throne and He is closer than we think, even in our mouth for He is Being the Light within us.

And could it be said that any of us following the flesh of dust are following after the Serpent because the Serpent is cursed to eat the dust. Our great savior to whom all honor is due, overcame the flesh as He came in the likeness of sinful flesh to put and end to the rebellion, even that within us of the flesh, and to redeem all who will simply say Yes to Him in confession of mouth and belief of Heart to have that Knowing within to experience His power of creation of a new man. And we strive against sin even that is within the flesh, having the power of redemption of the seed of YHWH of Himself of the Holy Spirit of His power to put under any rebellious nature that arises in our life, from confession of sin to avoiding sin we are overcomers where there is impossibility to be condemned in remission of sin walking in that grace of Spirit and Truth. As Redeemed Yisrael we all must discern our sin, as the breaking of the commandments of YHWH that were never done away nor changed in the least for that Heart of our Messiah making our righteousness as the Y Righteous Branch is the Being of perfect Commandment and to all of the Aleph-Taw Torah to Know our Aleph-Taw Father YHWH by that Living Covenant our Yahushua of Salvation He has so Wonderfully and Greatly Made. A Love Affair of Heart and isn't that still flowing abundantly from the throne room of Heaven, from His Heart to All of Us. We do consider to not break His heart? He is so wonderful and our Father so good!

In our great Power of the Holy Spirit to Overcome all things. Thinking on the good things we who are even so far apart in physical distance, but so close in family. Turning any to righteousness who will hear that most beautiful voice within. Shalom! (RDR, 25 March 2010)

My wife works with a lady whose whole family is involved in this and I had wondered, since they keep sabbath and true names, why they seemed exclusive instead of having that 'family' inclusiveness attitude we know in Spirit and Truth where we love everyone, even our enemies as we love our Father YHWH. (Our Father will be the one who decides who will receive His vengeance...) Well, it seems they are doing similar things to the exclusive Messianic "Jews" groups and other divisions we see of religions where people are esteemed and become prideful in their 'spirituality'.

The more I've learned of the true kingdom the more of a humiliating experience it has been to truly see the place where we have fallen in the scattering. And that contrasts an awesome restoration that we shall all have at the appointed time, for all of us who are of redeemed Yisrael! Red, Yellow, Black and White. We are all precious in His sight. And our brothers and sisters who have come out of the rebellion that began at the fall of Adam.

All we see in religion is more division, more pride, more exclusiveness, more working on the vile unredeemed flesh by enlightment of the mind. Hiding the fact that the flesh will perish one day and the true matter of Life will be right before our face.

Some good may be done in these groups but what happens when each division decides that "god" is ready to exterminate the heathen around them to setup their version of Israel? Maybe of all who are wanting a 'flesh and blood' kingdom and have been deluded by the flatteries of the 'beast'? I could only fathom more confusion, more bloodshed, more hatred, more division, more pride of life and lust of flesh thinking it might be made 'good' enough to dwell in. A battle without Spirit and Truth is doomed to fail in my opinion. And prime for that man of perdition to lead them into a stronger delusion.

I wonder also, seeing that each group has a 'holocaust' mentality concering their special people, that they are blind to the fact that ALL mankind under their world masters have suffered. Red, Yellow, Black, White, it does not matter. Easy to think in delusions that it is all based on the color of the skin.

Looking specifically at the past history of America, and the whole reason slavery was finally abolished, was because of redeemed people, even white or of any color, who had influence in this country to end it. The controllers, the master rulers, the 'hidden' hand was and is always the cause of persecution, racial divisions and hatred. Part of my family tree has Cherokee and other native American in it, so I could have some right to create a 'holocaust' division too? What nonsense, but we see it in the small division all the way to one of the heads of the dragon?

There are only two sides really, one reveling in sin and the other having remission of sin. It would be good for all redeemed people to come to their senses who are caught up in doctrines of man which are abomination to our Father and stand up for our true birth right no matter what color or what nation we happen to be redeemed in. And we knowing the Power, the absolute authority of our Father, is taken away from "Pharoah" when we leave in Exodus and given to His Redeemed Saints of our Kingdom of our Great and Awesome King, our Righteous Branch who is our dwelling and Aleph-Taw Torah at the right hand of our Father YHWH. It is not long now and some are given to understand the authority we have already been given.

May more come out of the strong delusions, into that Love flowing of our family that makes us truly Love our fellow man even understanding that many are still bound by the Serpent eating the Dust in every social class of life, every color, every nation.

When in Israel visiting one Holocaust memorial, not the national one, a man was there who became very upset at our visit and wanted us out. He was yelling and acting like he would become violent, blaming 'christians' for the Holocaust that had killed his grandparents. It was an eye awakening experience to see that hatred and to understand that there are many more people like that than we may think. But, that is in every flavor of division, "Divide and Conquer" is it really working for or against the redeemed people??

The man who gave us the tour was one of the caretakers and explained that the reason they feel as they do is that many of the 'christians' in Germany sat back and did nothing while the slaughter took place. They also saw the religions proclaiming to be 'christian' along with the very leaders who were fomenting the hatred just as Hitler was a 'christian' too...!?? What! (Bush in America???! Obama!??) What is that propaganda of the Beast? How can the title 'christian' include such wickedness and twisting of the truth? Who is behind that and why do we see even today 'christians' loving leaders of Iniquity and Lies?

Do we understand Baal-Peor yet? Or what Balaam did? See it taking place again and again in history and even today. To cause hatred against the real target, the truly redeemed people having their true citizenship not of any of the nations of this world but of the Righteous Nation that will be made manifest in this earth when the ultimate deception is crushed under the feet of our Messiah.

We never hear much of what happened to those 'christians' who were caught hiding Jews and we see where some were hidden by none other than those truly redeemed people who stood against the hatred and oppression of what is in reality the enemy of all mankind unleashed upon those who love to revel in their sin just as Cain who hated his brother and killed him.

It is sad today to see so many in this country, even in the world, who are proclaiming to be 'christian' or 'torah keepers' or 'messianic' loving their relationship with Babylon, money, power, the facade of building up wealth, making merchandise of the 'sheep' but then the 'sheep' are loving to have it that way? Building up the pride of life and the lust for this world while proclaiming their version of Messiah... in Torah or not. All scriptures are merely a witness of the reality of Messiah's Being, the real Aleph-Taw Torah that we learn of by the written. The perfect intact Torah is Messiah Himself.

Some even proclaiming to keep the commandments while they bear false witness of the Aleph-Taw Torah Yahushua "Jesus", continuing with the inherited doctrines of man or/and making new ones or proclaiming an enlightened Torah where there is debate and strife instead of the Love and Mercy where our Messiah has fulfilled it ALL and is why He said "It Is Finished" the t (Taw) of the First and Last Word!

What happens in effect, is that there were, are, and will be to come many more diverse groups, describing another "Jesus" who is lawless or who merely as a man did Torah perfectly or did away with Torah, or does whatever is His whim instead of understanding the I AM Being All Things Made to the Light of All Mankind, of what our Father YHWH has declared. In reality many are making a LIE... Sad... Married to Babylon and loving that mixed relationship of having the Word in their mouth but whose Hearts never truly believed by having that reality of Messiah come to dwell within to then Walk in His Spirit and Truth which requires standing against Iniquity to Love YHWH above all and to Love others that way we are loving our self.

I see where many proclaim the love of the second greatest commandment, thinking Love is compromise, but not understanding the umbrella of that true love for one another begins by never going outside of the bondaries of loving YHWH first. We love one another in that kind of Love and the Spirit and Truth of that Power Flows among us. And will not compromise to Iniquity in the guise of what is taught by many to love others by taking on their delusions, that we have no love if we will not, but that if we truly are where we hate lawlessness but will love others to show them that lawlessness though they may think we are not loving them. We truly love, to turn to righteousness of YHWH our Father, that they may avoid the spear that is coming.

There are more enlightened people just as in all of these separate divisions we see poping up like popcorn everywhere who become enlightened of mind. Years of falling away in the 'churches' have now allowed this apostacy to occur. Even those trading their vocabulary for a Hebraic one and making a good outward show of new things of Torah but have never come to discover what is Baal-Peor and it is happening all over again in it's final revelry.

Still there are a few compared to the masses who still know the power of a new life, eternal life, of becoming born again and set-apart away from Babylon, away from the flatteries of the 'beast', to still follow our Masters voice no matter where we find ourself, even if He has us being a witness of His truth of Being Alive within us, in any gathering, or nation or wherever we can. Though we be wary of the leaven of Babylon and it's final outcome if we compromise to Iniquity of twisting or breaking our Messiah's Heart in any way. The calling of our great Messiah is to come out and become set-apart, to stand with Him, that His spear when it comes, will not run us through.

Our Messiah will run it all through with a spear! That Harlot Babylon, Baal-Peor, Mixed Redeemed and this World, the Spiritual-Worldly, the Spirit and Iniquity, where His people having Salvation are not following Him but loving the Harlotry with Babylon in this world. The spear is already raised and it is coming not long now.

Thus, Rev 13:7, Daniel 11, Jeremiah 5 and 6, more... we were warned but few discerning who will not Love The Torah Alive in witness and in discovering the truth of who our Messiah is by renewal of mind and in awesome witness of doing what He said to do. Though the Heart must believe first and then the outward grows from that beautiful seed that is planted within us of perfect righteousness.

And, in our understanding we are given more accountability. And to focus on something to pray about is that more wake up to what is happening and to love YHWH enough to love others His way that He will protect those who will listen to the Holy Spirit calling within. That is beyond what I can say. Right where each of us are, He Is Calling (RDR, USA, 26 March 2010).

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This page was created on 25 March 2010
Last updated on 10 November 2010

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