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19 March 2011 (Shibi'i/Sukkot)
Day #368, 5934 AM
Red April
You Had Better Be Prepared

    Continued from Part 1

      "Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve Yahweh" (Josh 24:15, NKJV).

    Shabbat shalom! Today I had wanted to present a detailed study on biblical circumcision but have been constrained by the Ruach (Spirit) to return back to the subject I started two days ago on the Death Cloud as there was more to this than I covered back then. I refer to Red April and the vision I was shown of next Roman and Hebrew month which start at approximately the same time. It's exactly two weeks to April with Rosh Chodesh and Aviv 1 following two days later. That's not a lot of time.

    It's important that we do not have tunnel vision and get focused on only one cluster of events, namely, the Japanese super earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear plants. Both Yahweh and the Enemy are working on multiple levels simultaneously. We have the global economy on the edge of a precipice. The Gulf of Mexico was poisoned by a deliberate oil leak and the Gulf Stream possibly altered. There's revolution going on throughout North Africa and the Middle East with the United Nations threatening to attack Gadaffi of Libya if he does not stop his military campaign against the insurgents, and Gadaffi threatening to sink ships in the Mediterranean if it does - Obama has already said he is going to create a no-fly zone in Libya which was how the Iraq war started, a costly war that is still going on. Fundamentalist Muslims are stull pursuing their muderous objectives everywhere, UFOs are appearing with increasing frequency in our skies, HAARP weather-modifying weaponry is being used to destabilise the earth, FEMA is suddenly buying lots of coffins and food, gene manipulation of our food continues unabated, governments are still trying to scare us with mythical epidemics to get us to take poisonous vaccines to reduce the population, governments continue take away more of our liberties in the false name of security, banking scams continue unabated to rip off the people of the world and turn them into serfs, oil prices are still being manipulated to destabilise economies, and so the list goes on and on. This whole planet is under a major assult by evil powers in every quarter of life. The nuclear Death Cloud isn't the only issue. In fact, what's going on is 'so big' that not one single human being could possible take it all in and assemble an accurate picture of what's going on, let alone do anything about it. All we can be certain of is that there is war in both the physical and invisible and that each one of us has a calling to do his or her part. The tsunami of assaults on humanity is so vast that were we to view it with a perfect eye we would almost certainly faint from the shock of the revelation.

    Most people, of course, prefer not to see most of this and instead accuse those who are probing and questioning of being 'conspiracy nuts'. But whos's the real 'nut' - the one who is in denial and pretending everying is alright or the one who has a passion for emet (truth), no matter how ugly that truth may be? And the reality of this world is horribly ugly. If we are to survive and prosper in this world we dare not be willfully ignorant, particularly concerning matters that touch us personally. There is additionally so much misinformation out there and equally as many untrue theories about what's going on that for a mortal mind to sift through this slough and makle sense of it is, well, nearly impossible. Knowledge is power, and power used righteousnessly is the instrument of righteousness. Righteous power combined with a genuine relationship with Yahweh-Elohim the Most High, through His Son Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), is not only redemption but also confers real safety, and not the bogus governmental kind. Those who do not turn to Him will go under one way or another. Only He is big enough to overwhelm and protect us from powers whose simple apprehension is enough to crush any soul.

    Religion is not enough to survive and prosper. There is, however, good religion:

      "Pure and undefiled religion before Elohim (God) and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world" (James 1:27, NKJV).

    There are starting places, vitally important ones - taking care of the disadvantaged and unprotected, and keeping away from the enticements and defilements of the world - caring for people and staying set-apart, holy or pure, that is, living by the precepts of Torah. This cannot be done in one's own strength but through submission to, and faith (trusting) in, the Father through the Son. Those who do not do this are living an impure and defiled religion and are likely following after other gods. They then become a part of the world's problem instead of its solution both for themselves and for those seeking emet (truth) who need our witness. And the one who is undefiled and pure Yahweh can not only be spoken to but actually hear Yah's Voice. Do you want to hear the voice and instructions of Yahweh in these terrible times? Then you need to take this scriptural counsel seriously, otherwise you will be swept away in your attemtps to appease and secure the praises of the very system that is destroying you.

    One of the strumbling blocks to this emet (truth) is the claim by many evangelicals that as believers we are not supposed to be religious at all. They say that Christianity is not a 'religion' but a 'relationship'. Unfortunately, that is both true and untrue. What they usually mean is that you can't get right with Yahweh by doing this or that. And they're right in that respect. You can't get into right relationship with Him if you try to earn your salvation by doing good in any way. That kind of 'religion' is most definitely false. Salvation is by trusting alone. However, it does not end there, otherwise James would not have admonished the talmidim (disciples) to live a "pure and undefiled religion". Clearly they were to be religious by taking care of widows and orphans and living a kosher life. In other words, true religion must follow authentic salvation. It is not enough to trust in Yah'shua (Jesus) and live as you were before. Responsibilities devolve upon those who name the Name of Messiah, and these responsibilities will flow compulsively through the lev (heart) of one who is saved. And what I mean by 'compulsively' is that this responsibility will not be undertaken with any kind of hesitation or resentment but with pure uninhibited simcha (joy). It will flow without a second thought and without the doubts and hostilities of the flesh to trip it up because the flesh has been crucified with all of its impure passions (Gal.2:20; 5:24). True religion is not anti-Torah. True religion is Torah made alive through loving and trusting in Messiah. Those who reject Torah are then rejecting true set-apart religion without which we cannot be pure befroe Yahweh.

    At the other end of the spectrum of such excesses are those messianics who live the Torah style but not in Yah'shua's (Jesus') life. The set-apart lifestyle has two parts - chayim (life) which comes solely through connection to Messiah - and style which is the tavnith or pattern of Yah's mitzvot (commandments). Far too many messianics are 'dead in their style' because they try to live a 'styled life' instead of a 'lifestyle'. For many messianics, Messiah is just a theological 'add-on' to Torah instead of Torah arising out of a chayim (life) in Messiah. Therefore we must first be evangelical and then messianic.

    In the midst of all the gloom or world news and the coming 'Red April' there are some words of hope and encouragement that I would like to share with you today. Firstly, the esh or fire that comes in April and Aviv can either destroy or serve you - it's your choice. Whenever Satan unleashes his destructive fire into the world Yahweh always first unleashes His. This means that for every demonic toxin there is always not only a divine antidote but a 'chayim (life)-booster' as well! Yahweh does not leave His people unprotected or unequipped for offensive spiritual warfare. As Satan multiplies His supernatural activity in the world, pouring demons into it through portals opened by wicked men and women who serve him, so Yahweh not only opens His portals and not only sends His malakim (angels) through them in increasing numbers, but He sends His covered and protected people through those portals too as He did the apostle Philip (Ac.8:40)! Who are those people? They are those who are surrendered to Messiah in true tavnith (pattern), who trust Him with all their beings, and who live pure and undefiled Torah-observant lifestyles. This is Yahweh's end-time army!

    Now you don't, of course, have to believe this. You can continue in antinomian (lawless) ways trusting in the arm of flesh - your own wisdom, wits and strength - if you want to. And you can try to save yourself through Torah instead of through Messiah. And they may see you past some of the obstacles that the enemy is throwing up but in the end you will not manage without supernatural aid. I guarantee it. This is a supernatural contest and we all know (or should know) who wins.

    But more about Red April, for this month is not just about Satan's new round of spring offensives but about Yahweh's too. And remember, Yahweh is always ahead of Satan and what may appear to be a defensive counter-offensive on Elohim's (God's) part is in reality a part of the continuing victory march that will sweep Satan back into the pit. It's important to get a right perspective here for we must either walk in that victory Yah'shua (Jesus) has already won over the enemy at Calvary in confident assurance, or we must tremble in fear, doubt and defeat. What do I mean by this?

    Red April is a refining fire for those who will enter it or remain in it. It will badly scald those who are not true-hearted and they will flee. If, having been exposed and they refuse to either repent or flee, they will be burned up by it. Those who offer strange spiritual fire (Lev.10:1; Num.3:4; 26:61) will be consumed whether they be charismatic Christians following after demonic spirits or unregenerated Messianics whose god is Torah instead of Messiah. All pagan practices have to be rooted out as must all Talmudic ones. There is no space for man-made traditions with their unclean spirits in the pure esh (fire) of Yahweh. This also goes, I firmly believe, for those following false religious and secular calendars because without Yahweh's calendar we won't know when His true moedim or appointments are. And this coming year, more than in any one previously, we need to be on time for His appointments, whether it be on the true Sabbaths or at the New Moons because these are the days of the prophets - the days when Yahweh issues prophetic instructions to assembled Israel. And in particular this year we must be assembled at Yom Teruah! I'll tell you more about that nearer the time, but first let us meet the coming Aviv.

    You may care to look back on some of the other prophecies that have been issued here over the last year or two. We were forewarned about big changes back then and there are details in those warning that we need to make especial note of. We will also doubtless better understand the Madeira Revelation in the days ahead - I have been waiting to add to that for some time. Do you remember The Approaching Storm warning and the prophetic warning I gave about the resurgence of communism in the world? Do we not see this rapidly advancing in the USA and EU?

    My friends, the partying will be over in a few days' time for those who are covenant-breakers and are dancing with the world and have turned against Yahweh. It is over for those with one foot in the world and one in the Kingdom for both are claiming you, and you must choose either one or the other. Red April will, I believe, seal the fate of many - the decisions they make may well be final for them and they will either be heaven- or hell-bound. Therefore I ask you to soberly consider your relationship to the world and whether you will finally make a break with it, for you cannot serve Yahweh and mammon (Mt.6:24).

    Yah'shua (Jesus) is calling you back home. There is no safety anywhere else.

    Comments from Readers

    "Yahuwah is One Yahuwah. From receiving the seed of Life in the start, throughout our progression we wind up at the top level to say... now seeing through this 'veil', then we put off the Dust to say, Face to Face. In Him we Live and Move and Have our Being. All is within us is without us to say... and in thinking about Shabbat, the Passover, the Unleavened Bread, the Life Given of the Blood from the Mercy Seat of Shavuot/Pentecost they are fulfilled as in put into full 24x7 eternal effect, built into the 'building' of the Creation Itself by the Master Builder. We enjoy the foundation of It is Finished, to build upon the Power of Life and we will come to know what Yom Teruah means when it is put into full effect that we participate in it even and will know what 24 x 7 turned on really means. No more practice or witness of the Highest Esteem fulfillment in what our Master will do as He will have done Exactly what He said He would do for His chosen having done what He said to Do in our Mouth to Know the Light of our Heart, individuals of all colors, nationalities, Jew, Palestinian, Arab, Greek, .... any 'entity' label of Babylon's brainwashing... having come out of being as "Cain" of Steal, Kill and Destroy on all sides, and will do what it takes to become as "Abel" of having abundant LIFE! The condition of Heart of individuals and seen from the Highest Perspective is the measuring line in the sand as Abraham's seed. To really understand the Delight of Torah/law of the inward man (Rom 7:22) of the Heart and that is where the rebellion is overcome and victory is won to then Love the Word, and every word to the 'jot' and 'tittle' that came from our Father in Heaven to know the Truth that sets us free. Then we absolutely love all of the tools given to us of His witness and are used to Esteem the Master Highly who is the ONE who puts everything into Full Effect! So the Yahuwah is One Yahuwah understanding comes to Light in Everything from all things made; the Light of ALL mankind and He is the only Judge who can see the Heart and the end from the beginning. That our life even becomes His Way of Life in His Interpretation totally loving everything He has done. And that is truly a way of life, how we live to understand sin is commandment breaking of the Fathers commandments and statutes of He whom is no man and is not compromised Love in the least but the kind of Love that will see us to eternal Life to avoid the Second Death where our eternal existence is the issue, the real perspective. And then separation of what Babylon calls sin from true sin is seen and that we confess those things our Father is concerned about before our High Priest His Way, His Terms. So we put our pants on one leg at a time to say from everything of the Dust body not being blind any longer also to the things shown us by hearnig the Voice of the Master and we hear no longer to any other. We give clues, our testimony, and merely point the way for others to get the same from the place where the OIL is and the only way to get that stuff that causes our Menorah within to burn brightly for Light to see by and causes us to want everyone around us to get the same. We let our savior wash our feet and we are cleansed by His word. He is the Way by the Truth of His Interpretation of the Foundation, the Life by the Door of His Mikvah where we receive His Righteous garment to wear and then discern not to let it get dirty or torn as in adding to or taking away from where He has done such wonderful things for real and is no longer just words telling us a form of what He has done, is doing or will do in the progression of making Creation the way He told us He would and in How it is Being Built and soon to have some awesome things added into the building!" (RDR, USA, 19 March 2011)

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