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Month 7:4, Week 1:3 (Shleshi/Bikkurim), Year 5935:175 AM
Teshuvah 34/40
Gregorian Calendar: Saturday 1 October 2011
Lev's Hot Potatoes
Hard Truths for the Remnant

    Since these are the Days of Awe (Yammin Nora'im) directly preceeding Yom Kippur and are therefore also the Days of Repentance (Teshuvah) too, and since there is always a continuous flow of new investigators trying to find out who we are and what we believe (it's a pretty big website we have created for your digestion, so summaries are always helpful), I every now and then "serve our teachings raw" so that those who are going to run away get the chance to do so sooner rather than later. What follows is not comprehensive but quickly thrown together, off the cuff, such as I might present meeting someone on the street asking for a summary of our beliefs, no holds barred and nothing hidden or diminished out of respect for the feelings of people with diverse beliefs. So some of the things I am going to say are going to be 'hot potatoes'.

    I can't say that this is always the best way to do it because I don't think there's any easy way to serve emet (truth) to sinners. I know. I'm one. So it's a hard choice for me, as a minister, personally to make: do I serve up the meat in total transparency and risk being accused of choking babes young in faith or do I serve it piecemeal and risk the criticism of being secretive and dishonest?

    I have never been able to resolve that dilemma and I have my vocal critics who attack me whichever way I choose to do it. C'est la vie (that's life). The only way I have ever been able to resolve this difficulty is to trust that Yahweh brings people to this ministry when the time is right for them. Then it's up to them to grapple with the emet (truth) or flee. I have to believe this or I would be paralysed with the fear of upsetting people and end up never doing a thing. It is better, in my view, to be bold (making sure that the boldness is liberally seasoned with grace, otherwise it will fruitlessly turn off people for sure) than to cower for fear of what others will think and simply pander to human foibles. As a result people either love or hate us, as I think it should be. So by the time we have finished today, I think I can confidently predict that you will either love or hate me! So if you're wondering why we have such a large turnover of people visiting this ministry, this is one of the reasons. We're not here to 'get members' but to attract fellow-travellers who are willing to metaphorically sell all they have for that "pearl of great price" (Mt.13:46, NKJV). If you're such a trader, welcome!

    "Truth is stranger than fiction" not because truth is strange but because those who believe in lies live in a fiction. The real world is so utterly divorced from the emet (truth) and so utterly absorbed in the multi-layered matrix of lies upon lies served us by the Enemy that encountering that real world can be a terrible shock, even if we already think we are 'Christian' or 'Messianic'. I have had so many false beliefs corrected during my long journey as a believer that I wonder how I would react were I to be suddenly transported back to my teens when my search for truth began. What seemed to me then to be so very real turned out to be dross not worth having.

    We construct our lives around dross, invest our passions and time into it, and so naturally it is hard to separate from it because any connection to lies creates an addictive dependency. It's the same principle as in drug and alcohol addiction. And it's a fact: we don't learn all in one go, especially if we have a whole edifice of untruth to dismantle first as most of us coming out of the world, do. We have to have something to hold on to and unless we are willing to literally leap into the arms of Yah'shua (Jesus) and trust Him 100% from Day #1, it's going to be a long journey as we exchange one false pole of fleshy security for another until there is nothing left but Him. That's why Yahweh permits and/or engineers crises for us to speed up our willingness to make that leap of emunah (faith)...if we want Him to.

    Or we can choose the low road... That's a pretty big choice in itself, for those who take the more cautious low road tend to take a lot longer than those who choose the faster though much more dangerous high road. The only thing is that the high road entails a lot more risks and therefore pain. The High Road leads to the Cross - fast. If I am to be completely honest, I have taken the high road in some things and the low road in others...like most of us. But now I sense time is running out. As I enter my autumnal (fall) years, I no longer have the luxury of postponement, and I am doing my level best to quit the low road for good. I admit freely that it's very hard. Yet I am seeing Yahweh do amazing things as I do, so I am not about to quit.

    So much for the long introduction. Now the promised "hot potatoes" to do with as you please. I am not going to justify or explain much here as you can use the rest of the website to do that as I simply want to serve solid meat. I will, though, add as many links as I have time for to spare the impatient amongst you from searching.

    Lev's Sack of Hot Potatoes

    Elohim (God) is a Family - a Big One - and not an all-male undefiniable and incomprehensive and unscriptural Greek Platonic-inspired Trinity of co-equal Persons who are one Deity. This Elohimhead (Godhead) is One, Three, Nine, Fifteen and Millions. The Supreme Elohim (God) is Yahweh the Father and everyone and everything else is subordinate to Him. The highest Elohim (God) is a trinity of Three Divine and Eternally Existent Persons consisting of Father (Yahweh), Son (Yah'shua/Jesus) and Ruach haQodesh/Holy Spirit (Heavenly Mother). Simple Truth: Father + Mother = Son (uniquely begotten). There is no other true tavnith (pattern). What holds in earth holds in Heaven too. So, yes, the Ruach (Spirit) is Female, not Male. Big revelation. But there's more. There are Seven Ruachot, Spirits or Mothers, making for an Elohimhead (Godhead) of Nine. Furthermore, there are Seven Daughters reflecting the Seven Mothers, making for an Elohimhead (Godhead) of Fifteen. All of These are Eternally Elohim (God), Derived rather than Created in the same way that Eve was derived from Adam. All are Echad or One, that is, in perfect agreement. Everything outside this Upper Echelon of the Elohimhead (God) is created and therefore not eternal by nature but only by association. This includes the Malakim (Angels) who remained faithful, and Saved Human Beings. They too are elohim (with a small 'e' - they're a part of the Family on second and third tiers). For now, the faithful Malakim (Angels) are a little higher than faithful Humans (like us) but in the resurrection the faithful Humans will be a little higher than the faithful Malakim (Angels).

    Marriage is eternal...for those in Messiah (Christ) because He is eternal. The natural marriage lifestyle is monogamy into which everyone is called by default unless they have a special calling to remain single for this life. The supernatural marriage lifestyle is plural marriage or polygyny (the same as obtains in the Elohimhead) which is only for those who follow Yahweh in everything - supernatural because it can't be lived properly in the flesh (it's very, very hard) but only by the power of the Ruach (Spirit). Most people attracted to this lifestyle come for all the wrong reasons and are not called. It won't be practiced widely until the Millennium and so we strongly discourage it because the Body of Messiah will not be ready for it until it has been purged of carnality. Both the Heavenly and Human family is patriarchal, that is, father-ruling, but a woman is only subject to her father (when unmarried) and husband (when married) and not to all men. Feminism and coheadship will spiritually castrate the husband, defeminise the wife, and ruin Christian marriage. A husband owns his wife in the same way that Messiah owns the wife's husband and that is the foundation and security of both. That's why she is to call him 'lord', 'master' or 'sir', just as Sarah did.

    We all existed (once) before we came to this earth (pre-existence) but there is no such thing as reincarnation. After this life comes the final Yom Kippur and Judgement. The only way we can come back is as physically resurrected beings. The Millennium is on earth, not in the spirit world, because heaven eventually comes to earth and they become one or echad. The spirit world is simply a holding station for disembodied spirits until the resurrection when it becomes fully integrated with the resurrected physical cosmos just as human spirits become fully integrated in resurrected bodies. The separation that exists now is only to allow souls to work out their salvation by faith. Accordingly, the spirit world remains largely invisible for now.

    Salvation is pretty much the way Evangelical Christians teach it - by emunah (faith) in Messiah alone and not by works, least a man boast. There are no priestly intermediaries to it - it's between the individual and Messiah. Churches and priests can't save you. The Besorah (Gospel) lifestyle is pretty much the way Messianics teach it - according to Torah mitzvot (commandments). Our spontaneous, natural and joyous obedience to the mitzvot (commandments) is the evidence of how much we are saved for salvation is, scripturally-speaking, past, present and future. The final outcome is determined by how we finish, not by how we start, even though the first act of salvation is the most important one - trusting in Messiah and staying adhered. This lifelong process is hidden up in and explained by the Festivals of Yahweh, which was what they were ultimately designed for. There is no such thing as 'Once Saved, Always Saved' - that's the lazy man's myth.

    There is no such things as the 'Church' which was a Roman invention. The Body of Messiah is Israel and is composed of all those who trust and obey. It is not based on any race or genetics. It rejects man-made Roman pagan (Christmas, Easter, New Year's Day, etc.) and Talmudic Jewish traditions (Hanukkah, Purim, Rosh Hashanah, etc), follows the Creation Calendar which sets the sabbaths (not Sunday or Saturday), new moons, annual festivals and other observances. It observes the Kosher dietary laws. The ministry is for men and women, meaning there are priests and priestesses. However, men and women have their own separate priesthoods, ministries and rôles, in the same way that the Father Yahweh and Mother Ruach do. We were made in Their image. In Yahweh's Way the genders are accentuated, not reduced as the world does, and both are equal and glorious because of Whom they reflect. There is no misogeny in the Kingdom of Yahweh-Elohim.

    The modern-day Republic of Israel is not Biblical Israel restored but is a counterfeit established and ruled by the descendants of Esau under Illuminati control. It is one of the many fallen kingdoms of the world. Zionism is a false communistic system inspired by Moloch-worship. The Jews are not Yahweh's chosen people and most of them (about 95%) are not even racially connected to Judah, Jacob or Abraham. There are no 'teacher's pets', and that includes 'British Israelites', Afro-American 'Black Hebrews', or any other supremacists. Yahweh's chosen people are those who, first, accept Yah'shua (Jesus) as the Master (Lord) and Deliverer (Saviour), and second, obey His mitzvot (commandments) in Torah. There is no difference between racial Judahite/Israelite and Greek (Gentile) because in Messiah all racial differences are abolished. The Holy Land is set-apart real estate owned by Yahweh and reserved only for Yah'shua/Jesus-trusting and Torah-obedient talmidim (disciples) - it will not be occupied by True Messianic Israel until just before Yah'shua (Jesus) returns. It does not belong to either Palestinian Muslim Arabs or Israeli Jews. The turbulent events in the Middle East are a set-up to take believers' attention away from the true Israel which remains scattered throughout the nations. The True Messianic Israel will not become visible until each of the Twelve Tribes become visible as separate tribal identities assembled in special gathering places. The Second Exodus will be so dramatic that it will make the first one pale into insignificance. It hasn't begun in earnest yet and won't for another generation.

    Charismatic tongue-speaking is false - true tongue-speaking is the gift to speak supernaturally in known foreign languages. Believers can be, and are, demonised so long as they believe in any lie or practice any unkosher lifestyle. Deliverance is rarely 'exorcism' but is the process of being converted to the emet (truth) which is in Yah'shua (Jesus) alone thereby removing the grounds for demonic oppression. No born-again believer can be possessed but he can be oppressed. Full deliverance is usually a life-long process. So pursue holiness and let Yahweh spiritually relandscape you!

    There are different resurrections. The first is for those who fully trust Messiah and obey the Torah (and pass the nine character tests) and the second for those who trust Messiah but are not fully obedient, and also for those who were not saved. The first is likened in glory to that of the brilliance of the sun, the second in glory to the brilliance of the moon (for disobedient believers) and in glory to the distant stars (for those who refuse to believe and obey). Thus there are two categories of second resurrection, being called 'first' and 'second' for chronological reasons because the first occurs at the beginning of the millennium and the second at the end of it. In addition, the already saved (by trusting) are rewarded separately according to our works, though we are not saved by them. Salvation is by trusting alone and the sole basis by which we are declared righteous.

    Hell is both an inner state of the living as well as a real place or incarceration and tormet for the dead who refused salvation. But is it eternal or just aeon-long? Either way, it's not a place you want to go to - so repent!

    Ahavah or Agapé (love) is the most important thing and we demonstrate our ahavah (love) by our obedience to Yahweh's Torah (Law). Ahavah (love) without obedience is not true ahavah (love). If we break one commandment we break them all. Therefore making teshuvah (repentance - changing direction) is a daily activity. That's why we are commanded to get the leaven of sin out of our lives as taught by the feast of Chag haMatzah.

    Finally, there's no escape for atheists, or its Fairy Godmother Religion known as Evolution. Likewise, the earth is a globe, not flat. There are also no aliens out there who enhanced our 'evolution' millennia ago even if UFO's are real and a real menace. Indeed, there is no phenomenon that the Besorah (Gospel) cannot explain once the fundamental truths are in place. We are headed for a One World Dictatorship, Antichrist (or Antimessiah) is a real character, there will be a seven year tribulation, there is no pre-tribulation Rapture for lazy, lawless evangelicals (all believers of the last generation are going through the Great Persecution), the 'Health and Wealth Gospel' is a lie, as is 'Kingdom Now' theology, Preterism, liberalism and existentialism, and every short-cut to salvation invented by the futile imagination of man. Nor will the King James Version of the Bible save you - 'News Flash': Yahweh's Word existed before 1611! And, no, Islam is not the endtime antichrist religion (it is an antichrist religion) but the unholy trinity of Catholicism (false Ephraim - birthed in Rome), Judaism (false Judah - birthed in Hasmonean Judea) and Marxism (false Reuben - birthed in France) - between them they produced Islam, Zionism, Europeism and many more.

    If you haven't had at least one 'Golden Calf' provoked to rage, I would be very surprised. There's a lot more, but let this sack of hot potatoes suffice. There, you have any number of 'good' reasons to 'flee' to any number of false comfort zones! May you have a blessed Teshuvah!

    Continued in Part 2

    Further Reading

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