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4 June 2010 (Sheshi/Kippur)
Day #81, 5934 AM
October 2010
A Prophetic Warning

I have been hesitating sharing a vision Yahweh gave me a few weeks ago because I had hoped to receive some more clarification and interpretation, not being sure whether this was something just for me, my family, our ministry, for Sweden (where I live), for the European Union, or indeed for the whole world. I still have not received any further understanding but I have felt strongly, more than once, that I should share it and leave those who feel it speaks to them to take it further to Yahweh for personal revelation to themselves and any personal action.

Most of us are aware that a great deal of prophetic significance is going on in the world and as usual believers are either ignoring the signs or overreacting. Since I have been guilty of the latter myself in the past I have grown more circumspect and careful in treating revelations that Yahweh has given to me. The current disaster is the catastrophic BP oil well leak in the Gulf of Mexico which has the potential of becoming the worst man-made pollution disaster ever. So I will simply present what Yahweh gave to me and no more, asking those who are not familiar with the visions I received last year about the current year of 2010 to take a look at The Death Cloud first

    The vision came suddenly and intensely one morning as I woke up in May and lasted no more than 5-10 seconds. I saw a calendar, and specifically the page showing October 2010. And then an invisible blade quickly sliced across the top of the sheet from left to right so that it fell away. And then I heard the words: "The End".

The last day of September is, significantly Shemini Atseret or The Last Great Day, signifying the first day of the coming Millennium. It is therefore the end of the annual festivals cycle for 2010. I do not believe this is a coincidence.

I have to state right away that I do not believe this is the 'beginning of the tribulation' or the 'second coming of Christ'. I still believe we have another generation before this happens, and for reasons I have given elsewhere. What this is the "end" of I cannot say though naturally I have speculated. I do feel most strongly to warn people to get their houses in order by the end of September and I will update you if Yahweh shares anything more with me.

    "Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame" (Rev.16:15, NKJV).

Further Reading

[1] Madeira Island: A Mystery and 12 Day Countdown

Comments from Readers

I am posting a dream, (with a foreword of some thoughts of today), I had posted on the old Ning site. It seems in my heart the beginnings of this dream is underway. Quite surreal in a way but sure enough.

Here are my thoughts on what is taking place now, (from a perspective of keeping the global plans of YHWH Yahushua in mind), with the Gulf of Mexico oil, gas and toxic organic minerals, blowout becoming worse each passing day. We see YHWH Elohim having precedence over the hearts of All Mankind. The Hook is in the Jaw where the leaders who began this 'ploy' cannot back out now.

Rev 17:17 For YHWH Elohim hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of YHWH Elohim shall be fulfilled.

The main understanding to get out of what I am writing? If nothing else. Please we must consider this. And that would lead to how we view our leaders and others who are caught up in Babylon, Egypt, whatever we will call this world and nations in rebellion... We know what our savior taught us? To love our enemies, do good to those who despitefully use us and persecute us, we do our part and He will do His. Vengeance is Mine says YHWH. YHWH has been measuring the Hearts of His people everywhere and sees us just like we are, regardless of the esteem of man.

*** YHWH is still in charge ***

If we fully trust in Him and seek after His righteousness, our righteous savior, we can find ourselves hidden in Him until the indignation is past and we find our redemption that will draw nigh that we will See With Our Eyes if we are Alive and Remain. Otherwise we having held on to our Faith in the Living Word we have Heard of Heart to the end we will receive a crown of life and see Him much sooner then! Fear Not!! Life to Life!!!

There has been reports this past week that BP drilled into more of a volcanic lake of oil where oil is in the stages of becoming oil from the minerals of the earth mixing with other organic compounds in great pressure and heat. What is coming out of the blowout is estimated at anywhere between 26000 PSI to 70000 PSI, and it is a blowout, now with at least six fissures in the ocean floor pouring out material about twenty miles radius from the sunken well head. I have pictures of the sunken well head from about four weeks ago and also oil coming out around the bore. The media has been putting on a dog and pony show with the BOP on the pipe coming up from the well head. Sealing that off would have accomplished nothing but to cause all of the oil to come up from the fissures on the ocean floor. Toxic air is increasing along the LA coast line and will get worse as time goes on. Hydrogen sulfide, Benzene, Methane, and Methelene Chloride are just four of the gases measured in higher than normal concentrations. Anyone breathing this stuff will be affected no doubt as there are Exposure Limits as in how long anyone can breathe a certain concentration and not be severely affected. Full time exposure is just not a consideration nor a possibility without consequence at any concentration. Anyway, the air is just one concern, as well as toxic rain reported to be destroying any green thing where it has fallen, spotted leaves to burning them off of plants, etc. Like acid rain. One ph test from one public forum member of such rain has shown it to be highly acidic. This has just started and will get worse as time goes on. There are also many many reports from people on the coast who are not seeing clean up activity except for a media dog and pony show. Fishermen and others who rely upon the sea for their income are shut down. BP is paying many they have put on contract to do nothing. Likely the real reason is the toxicity of the air and water. There has been reports I've seen or heard of people along the coast experiencing sickness, increase in miscarriages and even deaths likely related to the toxins in the air. The oil is traveling around the gulf and is washing up in greater quantities each day in Louisiana, Alabama and now in the Florida panhandle. From reports also of the national guard being called up, usually they go in for a couple of days each month, now reports are that many have been out for fourteen plus days and are not in normal training mode. Military is on the beach and security is being handled by British BP contracted "interpol"? Strange things are going on. But, is likely in preparation of the inevitable which will be an evacuation of the coast from LA to FL. In event that will become a reality and could in the next weeks to months, or sooner if the blowout increases or some other event takes place to cause evacuation plans to escalate. I cannot imagine the huge event this will become. From understanding what has happened on the sea floor there will be no stopping what is planned, and that goes well beyond just the Gulf Oil problem If we have been wise to understand the plans of the 'elite' we understand fully well. And we know YHWH has put it in their hearts to fulfill HIS PLANS!!

One word about the Harlot. She will be destroyed. There are still today many redeemed and those proclaiming to be redeemed who are fornicating and committing that adultery of HEART where YHWH is Calling HIS people Out of. 501c3 compromise should be a clue and all of the other Commandment Breaking that is prevalent without call for repentance since they assume "that stuff is done away" instead of realizing in full effect forever..., but are in BED with the satanist club's thugs and the Federal Reserve all owned by private interests. Compromising the unchangeable WORD of YHWH in esteem of money, power, and living to fulfill any desire Babylon has said is good. Just look at all of Her advertising... From the greatest to the least. Does YHWH's People Love to Have it That Way? Do we love to become as Jezebel and Ahab? Or will we we see as the people of Israel of old and burn down our idols? A Heart issue, one on one, individuals before the throne. We will not see national repentance in this world's nations. We will see what has been foretold just as YHWH has formed our Perfect Yahushua, that righteousness to the very 'jot' and 'tittle' of His Interpretations of His Heart.

The "satanist's" club does OWN Babylon the Harlot Version. The dollar and sterling. They will fulfill the plans of YHWH, however. YHWH is shaking this world and will shake out any who are holding on to Babylon too hard. Those of His whom He loves and has in His Hand. He desires our Whole Heart.

Babylon the Final Version is coming and it hates the Harlot and they do not plan to include anyone in fornication or adultery with Her nor those who will not bow to their 'man god'. We can either partake of Her plagues or be protected by YHWH. Either group is hated by the Ten Horn power in control NOW. See the Ten Horn has been for many years one of the power structures prophesied from rebellious Israel, become a nation and has had rulers, where now the one in power is not of the traditions of the previous rulers but shows preference to a strange 'god' but still sets himself above 'women' (religions). An Edomite, (prophecy of Issac), and exactly the leader of what YHWH has given him/them to do. Affiliations of the Ten Horn power are world wide. The current ruler also has the multitude/number of a man, the world of Islam following him. Same are in league with the Two Horn power (the proclaimed bloodline of David) and both have played a part in the current formation of Israel. Are we of rebellious nation or of redeemed nation? Do we ask ourselves one on one to 'see' before the throne of YHWH where our Yahushua is residing?

Baal-Peor is the beginning cause of scattering and is why YHWH has given the TEN HORN power led by ONE MAN the power to destroy. The fullness of the gentiles. He is Called the Destroyer. The TROJAN HORSE. The masked Man. They have been laughing and mocking by giving news reports in full view while few to none discern Do they have full delusion? I sure hope not. The TWO HORN power has a current ruler. There may be another even and there have been past rulers as well.

And there is the OFFICE OF THE Supreme Ruler that has been for many many years. That OFFICE has not proclaimed publicly to be 'god'. When the Ten Horn, and Two Horn, rulers get done with what they are doing now, with that 'supreme ruler' riding on their back instead of the Harlot who will be destroyed, He will Publicly Proclaim Himself as 'god' and it will become the penalty of death to disagree.

The plan is a 'go'. Events dictate that it will not stop, the hooks are in the jaw and it will play out to the end. World wide war is planned and will we see the last verses of Daniel 11 play out? Have the Ten Horn and Two Horn, the North and the South, those rulers already sat at the same table and spoken lies to one another? That level of the 'play'. What is up next? We have a good 'newspaper' if we have eyes to see and ears to hear.


(Latest understanding just to mention, Revelation seven seals, seven layers like a seven tiered chess board. Now that is more than I could even comprehend to be playing... but the master is doing quite well!!)

Rodney Ready

The dream of Jan 2, 2010:

Sharing a vivid message from a dream and one of those I will never forget. One of those where it was like being there. In outline format. The actual dream was in one 'play' and the interpretation of it after I asked Messiah even in the dream but closer to waking.

Fire is consuming the world in the dream.

The fire is destroying lives, burning the people, cities, land.

Many people are running in fear but do not know where to go.

Some places and people, even believers are consumed by the fire.

Fire is seen coming from the perspective of those not in it but see it coming and what has happened to those who are consumed.

Questioning of believers, to Messiah, where to run?

Many are running to and fro trying to save their lives.

Two times questioning the Father.

Both times we are told to stay put where we are planted.

Believers who see the fire coming feel the terror, are given Shalom.

Questioning of Father what to build where we stay?

No time to build anything, rescue whom we can.

Occupy till I come.

Be faithful unto death or until He arrives none of His will see Death.

Messiah is seen bringing his people out by the hand just in time, at the appointed time.

He knows how much His own can stand and gives to each one their service for reward.

His love in what He can see and knows from His perspective.

Saving the bride that she is not consumed.

He will preserve His people even in Death but Life to Life.

The perspective of YHWH Yahushua is not like we see from this one of Flesh and Blood.

The terror is severe.

The whole world in fear.

The believers begin to fear but are given Shalom for those who will stay in Messiah and do what He said, even the power to overcome and be His light even where they are in the face of Death (RDR, USA. 17 June 2010)

Comment by Lev (17.06.10)

Whilst I do believe that this October will mark an important change towards the end - a change of gear, as it were, marking an end - I do not believe that it will be the end, for reasons I have given elsewhere.

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