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13 October 2010 (Revee/Shavu'ot)
Day #211, 5934 AM
UFOs, Aliens and Demons
Important Things You Need to Know

    Continued from Part 3

    We are rapidly approaching a time when the ignorance not just in the world, but amongst nearly all Messianics and Christians, will be their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical undoing when the devil puts on his best end-time show. They are simply not prepared for what is coming. They will be duped and many will lose faith. The purpose of this devotional, and other articles about UFOs seeks to redress that deficiency.

    The state school systems around the world, sponsored as they are by a minority of atheists and humanists, have been indoctrinating children with the 'fairy godmother' doctrine of evolution, pretending it is Science, and belittling Christianity now for at least two generations. The barrage of Science Fiction movies, TV series and computer games about UFO's and aliens from other worlds has led to a massive popular belief that the universe is filled with millions of planets that have evolved intelligent life. Into this mix has been added various non-Christian evolution-based, religious New Age, Star Wars- and Avatar-type philosophies and what you have is a planetary population conditioned to think in terms of a godless universe full of civilisations that have created themselves out of nothing...by natural selection together with some 'help' from advanced alien species from time to time. A whole batch of recent movies has planted into the minds of ordinary people the idea that our evolution has been 'assisted' by an alien species that has been here before in remote antiquity, aided by the pseudo-scholarship of people like Zechariah Sitchin.

    For those Christians or Messianics who have got beyond the propaganda of evolution and seen the true science of origins unblinkered by atheistic faith, there is still much confusion. What's left in the Believer's Universe is God, Christ, angels, Satan, bad spirits (demons) and man specially created for this planet along with animals and plant life. Beyond that there is nothing...other than disturbing reports of UFO sightings and claims made by various people to have seen aliens and perhaps even to have been abducted by them and had grizzly, traumatising experiments done on them. As more and more sightings are reported, and as reporting of this is now entering the mainstream, so they are having major problems assimilating what all of this might imply with their faith.

    Having been involved with UFO investigations before I became a believer and knowing something about the fieldwork that has been done, I too have had to find answers. Even when I was in the phase when I was the most sceptical about UFOs, I was forced to admit that around 7% of all sitings were genuine and could not be ascribed to hallucinations, natural phenomena or hoaxes. There was a time when I entertained the hypothesis that God had created other civilisations like our own and that we were witnessing a meeting of these civilisations but this neither harmonised with Bible teaching nor with the fact that the UFO phenomenon appears to have been around for a very, very long time.

    Most Christians who believe in the supernatural (many now do not) believe that all there is is what we can see with our physical eyes plus two invisible hosts of supernatural beings - angels and demons. They believe these beings to be spiritual and non-corporeal - having no physical existence. Many, though, believe that angels can take on the appearance of physicality to blend in with us unobserved. A few may believe that demons can do the same though tend not to think of them in quite the same way as angels. And a very, very tiny minority believe that in the days before the flood demonic angels somehow managed to materialise and have intercourse with human women forming a race of giants called Nephilim or Nefilim. And that's about as far as Christian knowledge on the subject goes.

    It is, of course, much more involved than that, even those these basic elements are absolutely correct. There are no aliens, never have been and never will be. The only two civilisations in this universe are man and the angelic realm, both of which are divided into two opposing factions - true believers and angels under Yah'shua and Yahweh vs. unbelievers and demons under Satan.

    These angelic beings - both Yahweh's faithful malakim or angels and the demonic - have always had the ability to materialise temporarily. When fallen angels materialised and came to earth in the antidiluvian period of human history, they were in breach of Yahweh's Law, and they knew it. Once here and once they had taken human women, they pretty much did as they pleased. However, the hybridisation between fallen angels (demons) and human women lead, not surprisingly, to biological difficulties. If we are to believe common elements from the myths and fables of the cultures of this planet, which agree with one another to a surprising degree, taking into account man's capacity to fantasise, we are led to some interesting and plausible conjectures, namely, that the nephilim, either to increase their powers (since they possessed both the supernatural traits of angels as well as the weak and finite capacities of humans) or to simply survive as a viable species with all the problems of possessing the genes of fallen humankind, would appear to have indulged in genetic experimentation and recombination with different animal species. As a result, if this postulate is correct, then we would expect to find many different kinds of hybrid, some successful and some not - some very humanoid and some very unhuman and more animal-like. The effect of this experimentation, introducing more and more genes from human and other earth-bound creatures, would presumably allow them to assume a permanent or more permanent materialised form.

    We should expect these nephilim physical bodies to be quite mortal even though their spiritual essence is immortal like our own. Because of millennia of genetic engineering that appear in these many forms, we can predict several things which should be testable based on the data we have from over half a century of UFO-reporting. These creatures will:

    • 1. Be physically mortal;
    • 2. Possess supernatural abilities (for example, psychic powers);
    • 3. Be very intelligent and possess advanced technology;
    • 4. Vie for power amongst themselves in the same way that humans and nature do; and
    • 5. Be immoral and deceptive.

    All of these five postulates have been verified in UFO and UFOnaut contacts. The most objective observers have concluded that these beings are ultra-terrestial as opposed to purely terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, meaning that they appear to be connected to, emerge from and on occasion retreat into, another dimension, which is consistent with what we know about demons. At the same time, they appear to have been here a very long time, since the dawn of history, which is what we would expect following the Biblical model of demonic involvement with human affairs essentially since the Garden of Eden.

    We know that some of these UFOnaut species - especially when it comes to human abduction - seem to possess the ability to pass through physical objects like the walls of houses. They have powers that ordinary humans do not. We also know from the many accounts we have that they are involved with governments and are trading advanced technology for a free hand to conduct genetic and mind experiments on us and goodness knows what else. The UFOnauts do not respect our free will at all. Ever. They take what they want, do what they want. They have a philosphy which is totally anti-Christian and anti-God as you would expect of beings playing the evolution-pantheistic game. In short they are behaving in ways that exactly accord with, and what we would expect from, demonic entities. They play the classic demonic good cop-bad cop game too, one group of nephilim posing as the 'good guys' and another as the 'bad', with shades inbetween, and occasional conflicts between them.

    Are they capable of space travel? And might they be located on other planets, including those in our solar system. Almost certainly. And they may possess the technology to travel great distances across the galaxy and universe, something you would expect of supernatural entities who posess great knowledge of the cosmos, being as they were originally created by Yahweh to be its guardians. There I think it most likely they have colonies throughout the cosmos, in places they once ruled with Yahweh's approbation before their rebellion, which they seek to conquer again.

    Once we understand that UFOnauts in all their varieties, shapes and forms and supposed divergent dispositions, that they are not evolved in the conventional understanding of the evolutionists, but are self-hybridisations and modifications from a pre-existent malak or angel type that have been combined predominantly with human genes but also, likely, with some animal ones too, then we will understand their agenda. Indeed, seeing them in this light of emet-truth perfectly explains what the UFOs and their occupants are up to, as detailed in other articles I have written. They are here for one purpose: to subvert the work of Yahweh and get control for their master of this planet, destroying as many people as they can through their lies and power.

    Because they are demonic in orgin (being as they are basically incarnated demons in hybridised flesh) they are playing a complex game. Remember that the nephilim are not pure demon. They are instruments. Remember also that humans have been involved in the UFO phenomenon for many years, basically, the military of various governments. They have been using 'alien' (demonic) technology for a long time. They are (except those right at the top) dupes and probably think these are aliens themselves. When you see a UFO remember, then, that they could either be nephilim craft or human...or both. Whatever the nephilim are up to, they are making sure that they have the overall control. There are reported cases of conflicts between UFOnauts and the military in which both have died. This is quite credible, but there will be nephilim types where killing one of these 'aliens' will be very difficult if not next to impossible. I would predict that the demonic goal is to get a hybrid where the demonic occupants can have maximum control and bodies able to manifest maximum supernatural power, though obviously nothing as powerful as a resurrection body. Given their nature, they might either eliminate all the other types or, more likely, in typical demonic fashion, keep them enslaved for their own ends.

    I realise that to some this will sound like science-fiction. If it does, just go and do some research and see which model the UFO data best fits. You will not be able to dismiss the UFO phenomenon as a pure psychological phenomenon. It's just too 'physical'. In the end, people will either believe these UFO occupants are bona fide aliens (friendly or hostile or a mixture of both) or, as I have said, that they're actually nephilim - demon-human hybrids. The UFO phenomenon is likely to be 'used' to further the end-time agenda in many ways. 'Leaks' from those at the top suggest that the élite want us to believe in them but, of course, in the way they want us to believe them.

    One question people need to ask themselves is this: if UFOs represent a highly advanced alien civilisation (or maybe several), why haven't they:

    • 1. Already invaded and taken over; or
    • 2. Intervened and stopped the terrible wars of the past, including those world wars of the last century?

    The answers that are offered are not, in my opinion, convincing. You have to invent theories like Galactic or Planetary Federations that impose restrictions on one alien civilisation not interfering with a less advanced one, etc.

    Who's being Science-Fictiony then? What's the evidence that such a thing exists? Has anyone visited these planets and civilisations to report objectively on them? Why do these people only seem to deal with the military-industrial complex, those who are most likely to either make a buck and/or boost military capability? Why haven't they appeared to the United Nations? Why do these scenarios sound awfully like human behaviour? And why is one NORRAD officer who claims contact with these beings is saying that the reason UFOs will soon intervene in our affairs is because we are destroying the planet with man-made carbon-dioxide emissions, thereby boosting a political 'religion' we all know is scientifically bogus? I see no evidence from UFOnauts that their business is peaceful - rather they are supporting the 'bad guys'...and lies!

    As you examine what's really going on down here on Planet Earth what you find, taking all into account, is that the UFO phenomenon is part and parcel not of some system that will give us enlightenment and peace but a repeat of a very old totalitarian (and demonic) lie: that man will become gods. Just wait and see who says what amongst those in high places when the UFO phenomenon is publically acknowledged by governments. If these are peace-loving aliens who want to ussher in an advanced civilization, why are they dealing with the military instead of with those you might expect who are not involved in all the corruption, economic exploitation, and power-grabbinging that's going on?

    Thanks to the Information Highway (Internet) people are much more informed than they ever were before. This means that the enemy has to be even more subtle and devious than he has ever been at any time present. Just look at the societal trends, the mistakes mankind repeatedly makes, and see what the 'aliens' do to exploit our weaknesses. The world is a giant sandwich of lies stacked upon lies stacked upon lies with ever diminishing fillings of truth inbetween to keep us believing. Do not underestimate the enemy. We can never understand him or defeat him without Messiah Yah'shua. People will automatically turn to saviour scenarios because that was what we were created to believe in - the True Saviour of Mankind. That is why it is constantly exploited. Obama has exploited it in America though not all Americans are falling for it as Germans fell for Hitler in the 1930s. And ironcally, SciFi movies like V and Independence Day have brought this false saviour claim out.

    There are many possible scenarios the enemy may use to play his end-time UFO card. Clearly something is building up. All this activity is not going to be for nothing. There is an agenda and it's not a good one. Two of us in our family have seen three UFOs from our home in the last couple of weeks. They're there all around us and their business is not good. I estimate that there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of them out there, from the tiny ones that may be probes of some sort that have been sween swarming around space capsules, the space shuttle, etc., to the vast ones that are many miles across. Whatever they are, we are dealing with something on an enormous scale in terms of both quantity and activity. We have always been invaded. They have always been here. They are not extra-terrestrials even if they may have established themselves elsewhere too. They may have originated from another dimension (a spirit world) but in terms of physical space this planet is their home just as it is ours.

    A final word on that thought. It is my belief, which I am convinced is supported by Scripture, that the account in Genesis 1 is in fact describing a re-formation of the earth after a catastrophe in the past. I believe that this was an angel planet before man was created, and was the chief one in our universe. It was here that Heylel (Lucifer, Satan) was sovereign before his fall. I believe that our dinosaur past largely stemmed from this period after the planet was cursed following the angel revolt, and that that is why we find them in the geological record.

    Greys - A Commonly Reported Ufonaut Type

    I also think it is possible that some of the life forms we have here were not of the original creation by Yahweh but are the result of the same kind of genetic experiments the nephilim did on themselves. It may well be that many of these types were eliminated in the Flood of Noah but that others have since been introduced. We already know that simple organisms are able to travel through space.

    Whether my belief is wholly correct or not is not in any case as important as the fact that our history may not be as simple as we have been led to believe it is by the traditional Church. There are many phenomena that Christianity has shyed away from dealing with, and UFOs are just one of them. This ministry takes a different view - we want to look at all reality and try to understand it, even if it does not fit in with what we have been previously taught by clerics. I do absolutely believe in the felicity of the Bible record and see no need to challenge it. I therefore do not accept J.F.Blumrich's Spaceships of Ezekiel hypothesis, however fascinating it may be - I do not believe the prophet saw a UFO or that Yahweh is a Ufonaut. I was never really that impressed by the Sitchens and von Dänikens of this world even though they initially captured my interest. And yes, I was once swept away by the romance of Star Trek, Dr. Who, Star Wars and such stuff in my youth. I don't, moreoever, think they are entirely wrong - they just haven't identified the real god and bad guys.

    Would I like there to be aliens out there? I'm not sure I would, though once I did, and dreamed like most boys of traveling in spaceships across the universe like Captain Kirk and the like. There is something 'up' there in our skies (and on the earth, and underneath it, and in the oceans) and it is not good. The Bible explanation of cosmic orgins is still the best there is. Better still, it contains the only Plan of Salvation that works and possesses the only explanations of where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going that I know of. I have tried the atheistic, evolutionary path and its scientific mumbo-jumbo. I have tried the occult and other religions and found them to be false (see A Glimpse into Heaven). I found and know Christ. And He is one power the UFO's and their occupants have yet to reckon with.

    A little booklet by John Allan given to me by a Malaysian childhood friend, Ysa Loo, when I was at Oxford University exploring the occult, called The Gospel According to Science Fiction (1975), still holds true. Outer space religion will not save us but it will enslave us if we believe its lie. It has got more sophisticated and it is converging with other world political and social events, making it especially dangerous now. So if there is a huge UFO flap soon - if millions start seeing them, if there are spectacular displays in the night sky, remember what I have said. They are not what they appear to be. And they are not the saviours of mankind but our bitter enemy, no matter what face they may show to try and win our confidence.


    Continued in Part 5

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    Last updated on 9 August 2011

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