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8 October 2010 (Sheshi/Kippur)
Day #206, 5934 AM
Rosh Chodesh VIII 5934
The Madeira Revelation II Opened

    Continued from Part 1

    The revelation I am commanded to share with you today and over the remainder of this month, and which I began with my first exposition of the Maderia phenomenon, is no small matter. By the end of it I hope that you will both be filled with awe for our Creator as well as better understand your situation here on this world. Today is the 8th Rosh Chodesh of the year, and it is no 'ordinary' Rosh Chodesh. As the Madeirans would themselves say in Portuguese: 'Recomeçar - Let us make a fresh start!'

    I want to begin today's short address by first sharing a fourth sign that Yahweh gave me last night. My wife suggested that we watch a movie last night which she had passed by when she first obtained it. Once she gave me a short synopsis of its content I knew this was what we had to see. Some of you may be familiar with it as it is a remake (1999) of a classic called The Winslow Boy. Set just before the First World War, it is the story of a 14 year old boy who is expelled from the British Naval Adacemy after he is falsely accused of stealing a five shilling postal order. His father risks fortune, health, domestic peace and his daughter's betrothal in order to pursue justice. Aside from the film's propaganda for feminism to make it popular with a modern audience, it is well worth watching. Sensitive as I currently am to all things Madeiran, I could not fail to perk up when at the beginning of the film Madeira wine was offered, and I could see that not only was this a fourth sign but also a fourth clue as to what is going on at this time.

    The message that I have for you is huge. It has five layers as it concerns myself personally, my family, this ministry, the Body of Messiah as a whole, and finally the whole world. Moreover, this is not just a revelation for the mind but also a revelation for the heart. And finally, so that no one is under any illusion that this is not real, it is happening in events which everyone can interact with. I hope you will therefore bear with me as I unfold this and be patient with me. I cannot bring all of this forth in a day, let alone a week. And though I know you will have many questions, they probably can't be properly answered until I have finished, because the essence of the revelation is in the whole. You may find the clues along the way a little strange so bear with me. Please remember that every revelation does, to some extent, bear the mark of the revelator and therefore I must explain what the various symbols mean to me personally for you to make any sense of them.

    Let me begin by sharing with you a dream I had this morning. I am sure you have all had dreams about animals and have wondered what they mean. Usually they represent psychic principles in the makeup of man, good or bad, though like all prophetic revelation, there can be many layers of meaning that may point to people, events and other things too. In my dream last night I was in this fast, luxuriant field. It was a crop ready for harvesting, though I could not tell you what crop as that was immaterial to the dream content. And in the dream I was followed by this very ordinary-looking though colourful, Mallard-type duck. It nestled up against my leg and would not leave me. In the end I kneeled down, picked it up, and embraced it. I felt great love, faithfulness and affection coming from this duck and I simply enjoyed what it wanted to give me. I found this very puzzling when I woke up but as I got to thinking about this animal, I thought of all the clever ways in which is eludes its enemies by flying, running, swimming or diving for cover. The duck symbolises resourcefulness

    In the movie we saw last night a very talented lawyer offers his services, at great sacrifice to his own personal advancement, in order to vindicate the young Winslow boy and his family once he is satified that the boy is honest. The battles are long and hard but in the end the truth prevails. Anyone who wants to pursue a life in Christ in this life must expect no less. The world will not give you an easy ride but will seek with all its power and influence to destroy both our good name and the Name of the Saviour. You will receive in terms of opposition from the world in direct proportion to your faithfulness to Him and to Emet or truth. To say that the vigour of the opposition against this tiny, madeira-like ministry has been vicious would be an understatement. Most of you know what we have been through and and are still going through. And one of the gifts that Yahweh has given us, as symbolised by that duck, is resorcefulness. And a duck, as you know, has waterproof feathers - hence the expression 'water off a duck's back'. However, this gift does not mean that we do not have our part, for as you also know a duck, in order to maintain its feathers in tip-top condition, must also preen them regularly. For this this is no less than the requirement of spiritual hygiene. A gift not exercised is a gift that is eventually lost.

    There is a fundamental difference between someone who is in Christ and someone who is not that bears repeating here. When a man (or woman) in Christ is knocked down by his enemy (whether human or demonic or both), he will arise again and again. When a man (or woman) who is not in Christ is knocked down by Yahweh, he will never arise again! We are not promised, as believers, that we will not be knocked down, that we will not suffer, that we will not be humiliated, disgraced, attacked, beaten, imprisoned, villified, or anything else that the enemy throws at us, but we are promised that if we will remain in Messiah Yah'shua that we will arise again and again. The island of Madeira, though it sits on top of a precarious 2 mile tall submerged mountain, has been there for a very long time. I have told our enemies so many times that we will not be crushed, and when they have refused to repent, it is always they who have been crushed. And it will remain that way. They can deny this all they want until the day when they have fallen down into the dust, and then they will know it. For they are not dealing with just flesh-and-blood but with that which inhabits it. So I have to say, brethren and sisters, that having Christ IN you is very, very good news indeed! Just make sure you are realistic and don't buy into the lie of the 'Prosperity' or 'Health and Wealth' Gospel - you aren't going to be riding through this life on a highway in a fancy Mercedes-Benz - you are going to be climbing the hilly crags of Madeira on tiny pathways created over the centuries by the feet of Yahweh's pioneers.

    We are about to start a study in our home based on the book, Hinds' Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. It is a beautiful allegory of the yearning of Yahweh's children to be led to new spiritual heights. This highly popular book, which has been published in the millions and is to be found in most Christian bookshops, deserves its reputation. It's a testimony of how a soul submitted to Messiah can do amazing things. Sadly, however, this highly gifted author never got beyond the personal Gospel to the communal one, as we shall discuss in a moment, and in her later years abandoned the truth faith and prostituted her gift and served the demons of gnosticism and New Age philosophy. As one commentator observed, "strong individualism emerged in her later years. She liked to be the boss and usually wanted to do the talking" (Bookstore Journal, December 1995, pp.65-66). I mention this as a warning for unless we complete our spiritual journey in true tavnith, only a fall can await us. (See G. Richard Fisher, From High Places to Heresy: Evaluating the Writings of Hannah Hurnard).

    The island of Madeira presents a startlingly accurate symbolic picture of what those who come to this end-time work may expect. The nature of the terrain mitigates against the construction of large groups of houses. Because of the wild ravines that everywhere furrow the land, the first settlers built their houses alongside water courses. Anyone coming to this gathering who is not willing to plant him- or herself alongside the River of Life which is Messiah Yah'shua, but instead expects to parasitically feed off others by piggybacking members in the community for their spiritual life, will not succeed or prosper. Everyone must know the Messiah personally for him- or herself. Everyone must have their own Pesach-conception in Messiah, everyone must be working strenuously to get sin out of their lives as Chag haMatazah disciples, everyone must have been born-again and be covenanting to follow Messiah with all their souls in their own Yom haBikkurim daily renewal, and finally everyone must enter into the communal covenants of Shavu'ot, be baptised in the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and be strictly obedient to all the mitzvot or commandments of Yahweh's Torah. These are the foundation principles that mark the life of a 'spiritual Madeiran', one who has been called up into Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon. Sadly, Hannah Hurnard did not to this and died believing in the cosmic lie that man can save himself through his own suffering.

    The description of Millennial Israel in the Bible is remarkably similar to the way of life that the natural environment of Madeira foced on its first settlers. In order to survive on Madeira, the settler had to be reconciled to some fundamental truths and operate within their rigorous parameters. First, he had to understand how inaccessible the mountainous terrain was. Fields had to be close by otherwise the amount of time and labour required to reach them and till them would mitigate against his succeeding - he would simply not be able to survive. In order to create an agricultural yield which would sustain him and his family, he literally had to be surrounded by his fields. As a result, it was impossible, say, for two or three families to live close together. If you look at a picture of Maderia outside the modern towns, you will see that houses are scattered all over the landscape, with each settler subsisting from his fields and gardens in comparative isolation. A fair degree of independence is therefore essential for survival.

    Yahweh showed me that this rugged independence would have to characterise those who belong to this community until the final gathering takes place, that this would be necessary before we would be ready for the cities of refuge. Madeira is therefroe a picture of our comparitive isolation from one another required to form us in preparation for the times immediately before the Tribulation gathering. If you have felt isolated and cut off, this is why, and resisting it is to resist Yahweh's purposes. If you want to be a part of this work, you have to be prepared for a degree of isolation from one another, at least geographically, as John the Baptist was. And it is true - we are scattered all over the world as pinpricks of light in the darkness. And what is the purpose of this isolation? To force us as individuals of the Bride to have total dependency on Yah'shua the Bridegroom. This is the only way to learn true tavnith. So if you are feeling cut-off and lonely, understand that this is the main reason. The permanent coming together can only happen when this dependency on the Vine by each Branch is finally learned. Then you have real grafting.

    The second thing the early Madeiran settler had to learn was to be a craftsman. He had to make and maintain his own farming implements. He had to be his own carpenter and mechanic. He also had to know how to store his produce in barn and cellar so that he would not go hungry in the years when the harvest was lean. This was no Amish community. That is a post-Madeiran goal. Our people have to know the Scriptures for themselves and develop their own exegetical tools as they walk in the spirit of revelation themselves, relying on the Ruach haQodesh. Have we not been pleasantly surprised when others, who have done these things, have come searching for us and discovered we believe in more or less the same things? Yes indeed! But at the same time we have also met Hurnards who, initially walking in grace and emet (truth), have wandered off the Way into the darkness, still teaching truths but within a matrix of error. Thinking they were still in the light because of their earlier revelations of emet, they were in fact quite lost. Many of these have refused to repent but became quite hot-headed and bossy. Their fruits betrayed their apostacy.

    What this revelation means for us as a community is that there can be no physical gathering until these spiritual skills are first learned. And they are not easy. Madeira, like the formation of a good Madeiran wine, requires time to mature. You cannot throw a firstborn community together until the truths and principles behind the first three festivals are learned and applied. They, of course, continue even after the Shavu'ot covenants but they must have reached a certain point before Shavu'ot can be realised. This is for their own good because a community thrown together before its time will congeal into something imperfect and therefore destructive, as numerous attempts at utopian communities have demonstrated throughout the ages. Barely a handful, like the Amish, survived but they are locked into old mindsets that refuse to reform and mature. What we are called to do must be done right and it falls upon my shoulders to guide this people as Yahweh reveals the fullness of His tavnith to me.

    I have much more I want to share with you - this is just the beginning. One last thing about Madeira in parting today before we assemble in Sabbath tomorrow, and that is the colours of the flag of Madeira - a vertical tricolour of blue, yellow and blue stripes with a red Portuguese cross in the centre. These are both our fellowship's colours, along with the red cross on our local congregational banners, as well as the colours of the country in which we are headquartered: Sweden. Coincidence? I think not.

    We shall continue this story presently. May you have a blessed eighth monthly Rosh Chodesh!

    Continued in Part 3

    Further Reading

    [1] The Advent of Nibiru: Are We Facing the Woes of Wormwood?

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