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Month 3:22, Week 3:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5936:081 AM
SHABBAT 3:3, 7 Sabbaths + Omer Count Day #14
Gregorian Calendar: Monday 11 June 2012
Pyramid & Mountain
A Prophetic Vision of Imminent Events

    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el!

    Today I have a prophetic message for you from Yahweh about what is happening in our world and what is about to happen. It's pretty straight forward so I will be brief.

    In particular I want to share a vision with you that I had earlier this morning in which I was shown a large scroll in the sky. Though the sky was dark there was a bright light just behind the scroll. A hand then took hold of the upper edge of the scroll and pulled it open downwards. The scroll was like a TV screen with moving pictures. There were dark, menacing clouds whirling around a large tall, thin pitch-black mountain at whose base I was standing. Hovering above the mountain was a small black pyramid. And then the vision closed.

    I was then shown various key players of the demonic host, disguised as human beings, or rather controlling human beings in high places. I was never in any doubt as to the meaning of what I was being shown - the mountain representing Satan's Kingdom and the pyramid the élitist powers trying to steer global events. We have entered the summer months, when most people's minds are turned to vaccationing and who are thinking less about international events.

    My message is simple: this is the time when the élite are going to make their main moves for world power, all cards on the table, chips down. I saw other visions too, which I will only mention in passing and which I will condense to give you their core message: this is the time to put on your full spiritual armour because all those who love liberty and righteousness, and most particularly those who love Yah'shua (Jesus), are going to come under massive, concerted spiritual (and possibly also physical) assault. And as they say in the army, this is not a drill, it's the real thing. It's what we have been leading up to for the last few years and what I have been warning you about all along. Check back over the devotionals of the past two years if you are new to my devotionals and sermons, and see what preparations we are supposed to have made.

    I have two messages to the men and women of Elohim (God), respectively. Brethren, this is the time when your will has absolutely got to be surrendered to Yahweh - for real. This means giving up your plans and ambitions that are not in Him, laying aside all bitterness, malice, contention, dishonesty and dereliction of duty. If you are not fully in female, submitted position to Yahweh, the next few months are going to be a very, very rough ride indeed for you. Similarly you sisters, if you are not fully submitted to your husbands and doing the same things as your husband is supposed to be doing, this is going to be a rough ride for you too. Children, submit to your parents who are thus submitted and maintain the cohesiveness of your families in Messiah. This is not the time to be quarrelling or falling out. If there are bridges to be mended, mend them quickly, or you will find the forces being unleashed wrecking such havoc on family life that you will not be able to focus where your attention is most needed: on Yah'shua (Jesus) for your daily instructions, protection and daily spiritual bread.

    Now I know you will be wondering what exactly is going to happen this summer. I cannot give you precise details because I haven't been told them but what I can do is make a rough guess based on what I already know and what Yahweh has been telling me over the last few years.

    First, there is going to be global economic collapse - there are no if's or but's about that, it's just a question of 'when' and 'to what degree'. And if you have not got your paper and electronic money converted into solid assets like silver or gold, or some other valuable commodity, you are almost certain to lose 99% of it. If you haven't cleared all your debts and mortgages then you are going to experience foreclosure. You can expect food and fuel prices to double or triple within the next year with wages dropping, not rising, unemployment rising and state welfare and pensions drying up completely in most countries that provide these. Many more countries like Greece are going to go bankrupt - Spain and Portugal for certain, Italy almost certainly, and possibly even France. The Mediterranean seaboard is going to be seathing with revolution, hunger and hyperinflation. Northern Europe will fare a little better, but probably not much. The United States will go the way of Greece and Spain and I would say there is a very strong possibility of civil war. Militant Islamists will be emboldened to act along with fascist and communist groups.

    The élite have deliberately chosen 2012 to make their move. Why? For many reasons. Firstly, to play on all the superstitions about the end of the world, one reason they have been fanning the fuel about Nibiru or Planet X and encouraging global disaster movies in Hollywood about meteorite impact, sudden super-freezing, super volcanic eruptions, etc.. There is already a strong base of fear in the population which, as behavioural psychologists, they know how to exploit.

    However, there are other reasons they have chosen 2012. Some of them are superstitious themselves and do believe the end of thr world is coming and are riding that bandwaggon. As occultists (at different levels in the hierarchy) they believe all kinds of lies fed them by their demonic masters and are themselves puppets of dark forces. They also know, because of the actual Mayan astronomical calculations, that this is to be a year of super sunspot activity, as is already proving to be the case, that could lead to the power grid being knocked out the people going without power for weeks or months. So make sure you have your own fuel stored up! Volcanoes worldwide are already are more active than ever before and tusanimis and other disasters are widespread. All of this geological instability they have been being fanned by HAARP weapons in order to increase fear, panic, chaos, civil unrest and disease, for they know that the only way they can attain total power is through chaos, as all dictatorial régimes have. Added to this that there have been heavenly 'signs' that are important to these superstitious satanists like the transit or conjunction of Venus drawing out a Pentagram which they believe is a portent of power to be manipulated and exploited.

    They have been deliberately fomenting war in the Middle East and are even now making their last moves on Syria (war with Iran is, I believe, a bluff, simply to raise more spectre-of-war fears, and in particular nuclear war), the reason being to foment a major conflict against the Israeli Republic by belligerent neighbours running on fever-high pitch Jihad fuel in order to simulate biblical events and convince the Christian world that the Messiah has come when it will, in fact be, the Antichrist. I am expecting the Israeli Republic, which is not the restoration of Biblical Israel, to be obliterated at some point, along with the Syrian capital, Damascus.

    The élite have also been causing nuclear incidents around the world, the most notorious and dangerous of which is Fukushima which is probably the greatest physical threat of all to mankind. The northern hemisphere is well and truly irradiated, with the worst being the Pacific Rim, including North and South America. They have already got the Communist Chinese to build dozens of empty cities to house (and control) populations relocated because of nuclear fallout - you may fell find millions of Japanese being transferred to the Chinese mainland...along with their wealth.

    The Bildergroup Group Meeting in the USA marked a watershed in their plans too. I would not be at all surprised if all the participants were admitted into gruesome satanic cannibalistic rituals based on other evidence I have heard which for some, unaware of the satanic roots of the conspiracy, have been forced to participate in for the first time. I have heard accounts of roasted foetuses covered in gold foil being brought in from Taiwan, China and elsewhere where they are a 'delicacy'. Judging by the expressions of some of the Bilderberg delegates leaving, and one incident reported by one of the hôtel workers who was admitted to a meeting to bring a message and who saw and felt a satanic presence, they're running scared on multiple counts. It isn't all going as planned despite the apparent defection of Rand Paul to the Republican illuminist candidate, Mitt Romney who, if he wins, will simply be carrying on with the Obama agenda...unless there is a coup d'état and Obama takes over as a dictator in response to some concocted 'emergency'.

    And we have yet to see what they are going to hatch during the summer Olympics in London. Many are predicting that a nuclear device will be set off and this is a distinct possibility. I have seen a vision of part of the centre of London a complete wasteland. If such an event were to take place, it would be the pretext for dictatorship in Britain. The United States and Canada, not to mention the European Union, are virtually police states now, so you can expect more and more liberties being denied to the people by their governments. Drones, which have been used in Afghanistan, with the capability of killing people, are already in the skies of America.

    Finally, expect new outbreaks of disease as the élite try to execute their agenda for mass world depopulation (they want 90% of us dead). Whatever you do, don't take their vaccines - they're designed to kill you. As the economic collapse gets underway and people can't afford their psycotropic drugs, millions of out-of-countrol people with major psychotic symptoms are going to be appearing, justifying the élite to take even more 'drastic measures' to fill the hundreds of FEMA camps in the USA.

    So what can we expect this summer? More of the same but at a more intense level. Things are going to get a lot worse and those who have not prepared are they sadly going to suffer. Make sure you have a safe place to go away from the cities where you can expect martial law, food shortages, riots, disease, etc..

    I could say more and add UFOs, high tech, holograms, and false raptures into the equation but I think you get the drift - the scale of this conspiracy is mind-boggling. We are entering a dark age but it is not the end, though it will seem like the end for so many individuals and families who have not made preparations. As I have said before many times, the enemy is not going to get what he hopes for. Nevertheless there is going to be a lot of damage in the aftermath and there is still going to be a sueprclass of super-rich and an underclass of chronically poor. Recovery will take a long time with a degree of freedom before the last great move, in the next generation, to establish a satanic world order.

    This is what my vision of the scroll this morning portends. There is no escaping at least some variant of what I have described to you. This is a reality check for those who have not already lost nearky everything. A lot more people are going to be joining their ranks.

    Finally, please don't suddenly appear on our doorstep when everything collapses around you. We are not equipped to take care of you and will probably only be barely able to take care of our own. We'll only be allowing some family members and brethren who have at least three months food supply and other essentials with them - we can't take care of people who have made no effort to make preparations of their own after having been forewarned. So start stocking your larders NOW if you haven't already done so. Those few who will be coming will be in regular contact with us.

    It's also important that you make an effort to keep abreast of what's going on. There are plenty of good websites out there but I have selected the three best, in my personal order of priority, because they are thorough in their respective fields - socio-political, health and economics. The information you get on these you will not get on the heavily controlled and censored mainstream media.

    Remember, if Yah'shua (Jesus) is the first in your life, then He is in control and you have nothing to worry about. As I have said before, those who are true and obedient will actually thrive in these difficult times. But you must do your part and can not expect others to do it for you or take care of you. Every adult must shoulder the responsibility and burdens that will be required in this new era. It is going to be a very interesting Shavu'ot (Pentecost) for those observing the correct summer one according to the Creation Calendar!

    May you make the necessary responses to the challenges given and find shalom. Amen.

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    This page was created on 11 June 2012
    Last updated on 11 June 2012

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