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Month 6:21, Week 3:6 (Sheshi/Kippur), Year 5935:163 AM
Teshuvah 22/40
Gregorian Calendar: Monday 19 September 2011
The Heavenly Landscaper
A Revelation on Huge Earth Changes

    For far too many believers, their 'Christianity' or 'Messianism' has become something 'separate' from the day-to-day realities of the world around them. In short, their religion has been compartmentalised for certain days of the week or for certain times of the day, with family, work and entertainment occupying places in their beings as separate realities. Many are in huge denial about what is going on around them and have made no attempt to reconcile the wider reality with their religious faith. In this respect, New Agers are far ahead of the majority of us, even if their interpretation of the reality around them is inevitably seen through the wrong set of spiritual lenses. Most believers have not come to terms with the realities - however demonic some may be and are - of UFOs, nefilim (fallen angel-human hybrids walking our streets), secret (though becoming increasingly more visible) government occultic conspiracies, deliberate environmental ruin, state-sponsored genocide, teletransporation, time-travel, and the like. Most believers laugh these off as the silly fantasies of those with over-fertile imaginations who have bought into all kinds of foolish conspiracy theories. And whilst there is a lot of nonsense out there, not all of it is fantasy. Some of it is frighteningly true.

    People still don't understand - and are wholly unprepared for - the imminent birth of a completely new reality in our world caused by a parallel convergence of two other worlds. It's just too scary for them so they go into denial and just try to laugh it all off and pooh-pooh those anouncing it. I am not speaking of the Great Tribulation or of the Second Coming, which are a way off yet (a generation), but of a complete change in the way this world operates. New Agers have been expecting it for a long time which they variously call an 'Ascension', 'Harmonic Convergence', the 'Age of Aquarius', and so forth. What they don't realise (because they don't know Yah'shua/Jesus and don't live in His reality) is that it is simply the next and final model or version of the counterfeit antichrist system.

    In truth, there are two parallel universes and two separate parallel 'realities'. No, don't worry, I am not suggesting there are 'two of us' or anything like the science fiction nonsense of the TV series Fringe. I am, rather, speaking of two spiritual realm consisting of abolute emet (truth) and a demonic one full of confusing counterfeits. These two invisible universes not only converge on planet earth but are becoming increasingly visible. And, of course, the counterfeit demonic one wants people to believe that it is the ultimate reality, and clothes and advertises itself accordingly.

    How does it do that? Quite simply, by manufactuiring counterfeit 'opposites' of its own evil reality and by setting the two 'against' one another in a futile battle in which truth can never win. This not only distracts people from the reality of Yahweh's world, but also tries to persuade us to take 'sides' in its own own artificially-created pieve of theatric war ('all the word's a stage'). This is illustrated in the diagram below:

    The satanic reality is represented here by the red sphere with a minus (-) sign in the middle. Any human being seeing this 'head-on', as it were, would automaticaly flee from it, including the most sold-out, committed, die-hard devil-worshipper. Therefore Satan has to disguise his evilr eality by setting up plausible opposites containing a sufficient amount of truth mixed in with deadly lies in order to attract those who love a certain amount of truth, but not the whole truth. These opposites are represented here by light grey circles containing dark-grey plus (+) symbols with 'False' written in the middle.

    These opposites consist of systems of thought and behaviour like, for example, capitalism vs. communism. Communism is the Gospel without Yahweh and without Torah and with man as god, whereas capitalism contains elements of Torah (like the right to personal property) but also sufficient lies to make it unChristian. You only have to go to Communist China, for example, to see both systems present. And in the system being set up by the banking and industrial élite, both systems operate together. The 'Cold War' was a classic example of this set-up with the 'capitalists' on one side and the 'communists' on the other. Yahweh's system is to be found in the Torah which contains elements of both (that Satan has copied...he does nothing original) and much else that is not found in either - such as the Sabbatical Year (during which nature is allowed to rest from human use - Yahweh's own 'Green' Politics) and the Year of Jubillee (in which all debts are cancelled...a nightmare to explotative capitalists). Today both capitalist and socialist systems are openly robbing the people.

    The same holds for the spiritual realm. Satan's 'religion' is occultism but to keep believers away from the true faith, he has set up numerous counterfeits containing admixtures of truth and lies. In my diagram I show only three examples (A-C) - in reality, there are millions. The great debates and arguments that take place in the world in the arena of politics, economics and religion take place in this dark realm of absolute opposites to Yahweh's Way (like Marxism and Devil-Worship) and numerous counterfeits (like hundreds of different political systems that fight it out in 'elections', and churches with hundreds of different doctrinal cocktails of light and dark that compete for followers).

    A classical pair of opposites, which is played out again and again in the movies to condition people to think in the staanic way, is 'white magic' versus 'black magic'. Satan wants us to pick sides in this artificial contest since both sides are his, because both are occultism. Yahweh wants us to support neither and not get sucked into the lies of any. He wants us to choose His reality which is entirely and completely DIFFERENT.

    As I write now, the world is locked in a huge battle involving two secretive 'sides', and they are not between the nations even though sometimes this battle has been fought between the nations in behalf of one or the other. The two contenders are a typical good cop/bad cop demonic set-up consisting of the overtly red minus (-) fascistic/communistic/satanic New World Order (NWO), the bankster and industrialist élite trying to take over the world, who owe allegiance to no nation and are to be found in every nation, whom I and others write about a great deal: and on the other 'side' is a 'rebel' force that goes by several names like the 'White Dragon' or 'White Hats' consisting of those actively opposing the NWO that are also to be found in every country. The 'White Dragon' (the name itself should be a give-away as to whose side they are actually on utlimately - i.e. white witchcraft) consists of all kinds of people from every political, religious and economic persuasion you can imagine who fight under the amorphous standard of 'liberty', whose various belief systems are all tainted one way or another by the very system they are seeking to overthrow. And, of course, there are plenty of 'Christians' among them. Indeed, they are as mixed a force as the different Libyan groups who, with Western (NWO) help, have just ousted Ghadafi.

    Whatever the 'White Dragons' are, they are a better option than the élite...for now. When they topple the NWO (as they will), they will eventually establish another global order in due course, but one with very religious overtones: a New Age-type of all-inclusive religion. The NWO are naked satanists and though the enemy wants them in power, there is too little truth in them to attract anyone to their ranks: their members are bred within the cult and their political arm is bought by recruiting an ocean of highly paid bureaucrats to run their secret empire. As their more satanic side becomes revealed (deliberately poisoning the environment with staged oil leaks, creating fake earthquakes using nuclear devices on the ocean floor - the Japanese tsunami leading to Fukushima, itself deliberately set off to punish Japan for not handing over its huge economic reservs, sending in killers like Anders Breivik to massacre Social Democratic youth in order to blackmail the Norwegian government into handing over its huge oil-generated economic wealth, and so forth), so even lower-level élitists are beginning to rebel, spill the beans, and join the 'other side' - after all, they have nothing to lose as they are on NWO hitlists now. The NWO, knowing that its time is short and that it only has a small window of time in which to operate if it is to succeed, has overplayed its hand and revealed the deep evil that drives it to the whole world, one of the reasons it wants to close down the rpesent free internet and create 'Internet 2' under full corporate/government control.

    Whether Satan knew this was going to happen or not is hard to say. He is pretty desperate himself. However, he always has numerous Plan 'B's and the 'White Dragons' are one of them. Or it may be that he planned it this way, knowing that this counterfeit Grey Minus (-) will be viewed as liberators once the dasterdly disclosure of NWO plans have been officially disclosed. In the same way there was huge optimism in the world when communist Russia collapsed, and the first George Bush announced a new global era of 'peace' under a 'New World Order', so the new liberators will say the same thing. This is simply globalism under different colours, though it will not announce its one world vision until it has become firmly established in the hearts of the people. One thing Christians and Messianics must not assume is that this is 'God's own' system that is replacing a brazen evil. It's just another counterfeit, as should be obvious when all the different people's beliefs that will run it are closely scrutinised. There will be many 'good' and 'well-meaning' people in this movement, believing in, teaching and practicing enough truths to dupe the whole world into following it under an eventual One World Religion that will at first present a 'white' humanitarian and spiritual side but which is, in truth, the obverse side of the coin whose true face is - again - Satanism.

    Of course, when this new system comes to power people absolutely will not want to hear what I am telling you now in advance. They will say it as ridiculous as people once said the NWO was a generation ago. (Aren't people stupid, never learning from the mistakes of the past?) They will do practically anything to get 'peace' but will still refuse to repent and accept Yah'shua's (Jesus') own authentic shalom (peace). Yes, there will be one last final harvest of true believers but they will not be gathering to Evangelical or Messianic groups (which are both Grey Plus (+) counterfeits, containing both truth and error) but to the new and final gathering about which I spoke a couple of days ago. These will be purged evangelicals and purged messianics, along with new converts from neither tradition, who will unite as 'messianic evangelicals', though by then there will doubtless be a different label to reflect that unity.

    This morning I had a powerful experience that I want share with you to conclude today's deviotional. I was in open vision looking at a landscape. An invisible hand was changing it, altering mountains, filling in valleys, completely reworking it. I could, moreover, feel this happening within me as it took place, and knew that what was happening was a complete reworking of mental and emotional landscapes in believers. It was a little uncomfortable, I must admit, as familiar 'landmarks' disappeared. I had no power to be involved in this other than to permit it to continue or to stop it. Knowing that this was the hand of Yahweh, I chose for it to continue.

    All who seek emet (truth) and who love Yahweh with all their souls and who trust in Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) completely and who obey His mitzvot (commandments) unconditionally will experience this, and are likely already experiencing it. During this spiritual relandscaping, many, many choices have to be made that will determine whether the Heavenly Landscaper contines or ceases changing us by returning us to where we were before...and to confusion. The new emerging world will not be comprehensible to those who refuse to allow Yahweh to make these changes in understandings, perceptions, and attitudes. Moreover, those who are not thus changed will be swallowed up into this 'New' New World Order (NNWO) because they will be unable to discern its core. And when the same evil cartel behind the present 'Old' New World Order (ONWO) finally disclose that they are the same masters as the new one, it will already be too late for any 'New White Dragons' to rebel, as it will have been plunged into the Great Tribulation. Everyone who has accepted the Mark of the Beast (his character) will be totally under his power and unable to resist.

    I may not have all the details correct here (as I, too, must interpret based on limited data) but I absolutely believe the overall 'plot' is correct. There will be, as ever, many mutations and variants in this 'new' system that will compete with one another as in all satanic matrixes. Those who say that the Second Coming and Millennium is in a few weeks or months or years have got it wrong because they are still deceived by the false system to some extent - they have not discerned the 'bigger picture'. Indeed, there is one messianic group now ordering its people to gather now because it still believes in this false paradigm and believes that Islam is the #1 enemy, not discerning that Islam is but a tool of the élite that will in all likelihood be defanged for a while as its arch-enemies - 'Israel' and 'The Great Satan' (the USA) are revealed to be something other than what they originally thought - created tools of the ONWO...just like their Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaieda.

    The Middle East will change too. Unless it is completely destroyed first (which is hinted at in the Book of Ezekiel), the Israeli Republic will likely become a kind of United World Religions 'Mecca', with Jerusalem coming under the control of some UN-like body. How the United Nations comes out of this I don't know - that will depend how much of its involvement in the ONWO is exposed. It will likely mutate into something else or simply be reorganised. There are many things that we don't know yet. The satanic system is a tangled web of 'alternatives' as the enemy hedges his bets, and you can waste your entire life trying to unatangle it all and barely getting a glimpse of parts of it. That is why we must focus on Yahweh and not so get lost.

    Tomorrow I want to talk more about Yahweh's system and how you can prepare for it as He does His spiritual re-landscaping in you!

    Continued in Part 2

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