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30 July 2010 (Sheshi/Yom Kippur)
Day #137, 5934 AM
The Curse of Heqet
Exposing the Egyptian Frog Goddess

It's truly amazing what depraved, unspiritual man will stoop down to worship. If I were to tell you that millions of men and women planet-wide were today worshipping a frog goddess, you would likely laugh. And it's true. You don't find modern, sophisticated man bowing down worshipping green amphibians. But you do find him worshipping the spirit or power behind this slimy beastie...which amounts to much the same thing.

Don't get me wrong. I love frogs! Ever since I was a teenager I have been a keen biologist and naturalist and amongst my interests was raising frogs and toads. What fascinated me about them was their morphogenesis, the way one kind of creature could be transformed into a totally different kind. I became quite skilled at raising South African Clawed Toads in the end and only abandoned my hobby when I moved abroad.

I, and one of my sons too, have also had a great interest in Egyptology. It wasn't until I was much older and had become a believer that I understood the Egyptian connection with the House of Joseph, which is essentially the descendants of the Germanic peoples (UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, etc.).

The Egyptians worshipped tens of thousands of gods. If it could be worshipped, they worshipped it. The fact that we don't have shrines to these deities doesn't mean we don't still worship them. The apostle Paul said:

    "When we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world" (Gal.4:3, NKJV).

He doesn't, of course, mean that the ancients worshipped the elements of the Periodic Table like iron and cadmium but the principles on which the world is organised - they worshipped the created order rather than the Creator which they believed was controlled by spirits - spirits which had to be controlled or appeased so that they could have good weather, health, children and crops. Moreover, this tendency to worship the lesser is something that needs aactively resisting even after conversion:

    "But now after you have known Elohim, or rather are known by Elohim, how is it that you turn again to the weak and beggarly elements, to which you desire again to be in bondage?" (Gal.4:9, NKJV).

He then goes on to list their former pagan observances of "days and months and seasons and years" (Gal.4:10, NKJV) as they related to the Greek and other gods which existed in profusion just as they did in Egypt. It is apparently easier to worship what you can see than what you can't, and like the behaviour matter itself, carnal man tends to occupy the course of least resistance. And naturally, dark powers will help him to do that all they can.

What on earth could have persuaded the Egyptians to worship a frog goddess? Simple, really. They associated frogs with fertility because they reproduced in such massive numbers after the annual inundation of the River Nile. So they created a deity for childbirth and a demon called Heqet was more than willing to provide some occasional supernatural power to make it look real. With its cult centre in Elephantine (Her-wer), Heqet was represented as a plain old frog (as in the illustration above), a woman with a frog's head (the Minotaur might have been more attractive), or as if to make the point as to what was actually going on, a phallus with a frog sitting on the top.

Heqet came to fame when she was apparently invoked for the birth of the first three Pharaohs of the 5th Dynasty by hastening the final stages of labour and delivering the babies safely. Thereafter pregnant women wore amulets and scarabs featuring Heqet to act as talismans during child birth. Midwives were officially called 'servants of Heqet'. And according to one researcher, Heqet is believed to have been the water mother goddess who birthed all the other gods. She was the daughter of the sun-god Re, and consort of Khnum who made the gods and mankind and is depicted as a ram (male goat). Khnum was one of many counterfeit Yahweh's as Satan attempted to rôle-play at being Elohim (God) amongst mankind.

If Heqet was so important. why haven't we heard more about her? The answer is we have, but by a different though similar name in a different culture. Heqet came to be adopted by the Greeks who called her Hecate. She is mentioned in Scripture as "Diana of the Ephesians" (Ac.19:28,34-35), which was her cult centre (her temple was located there), and where the Apostle John made his headquarters. She is one of the Seven Consorts of Satan (counterfeiting the Sevenfold Ruach haQodesh - Rev.3:1; 4:5; 5:6), joining Lilith (puts you spiritually to sleep), Choronzon (the female half of the Beast, causing disintegration of the mind), Morena (counterfeit Virgin Mary empowering the Catholic institution), Ashtoreth, Sophia (counterfeit Ruach haQodesh/Holy Spirit), and Jezebel (promoting rebellion against patriarchal authority). (They go by other names too such as Athena). And they are all favourites of feministic occultists.

When Yahweh sent a plague of frogs to Egypt, He was dethroning Hecate in front of His people Israel and exposing her as the false Mother-God who claimed to be able to resurrect Osiris from the dead as well as to enable the Pharaoh to levitate and fly through the sky. You see, every single plague was directed at one of Egypt's chief gods (Ex.12:12) that blasphemously claimed credit from Yahweh for the creation and its maintenance:

    "[Yahweh] sent Moses His servant, and Aaron whom He had chosen. They performed His signs among them, and wonders in the land of Ham. He sent darkness, and made it dark (overthrowing Ra, the sun god); and they did not rebel against His word. He turned their waters into blood, and killed their fish (overthrowing Hapi, god of the Nile). Their land abounded with frogs, even in the chambers of their kings (overthrowing Heqet). He spoke, and there came swarms of flies, and lice (overthrowing Kheper, god of beetles and flies) in all their territory. He gave them hail for rain, and flaming fire in their land (overthrowing Nut, the sky goddess). He struck their vines also, and their fig trees, and splintered the trees of their territory. He spoke, and locusts came, young locusts without number, and ate up all the vegetation in their land, and devoured the fruit of their ground (overthrowing Set, god of crops). He also destroyed all the firstborn in their land, the first of all their strength (overthrowing Pharaoh, who claimed to be a god)" (Ps.105:26-36, NKJV).

This was a judgment against demonic powers. Interestingly, foolish Israel attempted to resurrected one of these condemned Egyptian fertility deities, Apis, by building a golden calf! And the northern Kingdom of Israel repeated the same error and blasphemy by doing exactly the same after separating from Judah...all in spite Yahweh's demonstration of His power.

Today the ex-Christian world is infested with Heqet or Hecate. She was known anciently also as Trivia from the underworld (also being called Chthonia) and could only be seen by people through barking dogs who told of her approach. Known as Queen of Ghosts, she was known to steal away young maidens to assist her in her powers. This demoness operates today as she has always done, enticing young women to obtain her powers, encouraging them to change direction, for which she was known as the 'goddess of the crossroads' (as Triodia). She is a mistress of witchcraft and even today is hightly revered in the occult. She devotes her energies to overturning Yahweh's Law for women by getting them to rebel and exercise their own independent will...her name literally means 'will' in Greek. She has at least a dozen names including Phosphoros (bringing or giving light - she rewires the brain of her victims so that they think along prescribed routes and patterns), Soteira (saviour - a counterfeit alternative to Yah'shua the Messiah) and Trimorphe (Three-Formed - a counterfeit Trinity).

Yahweh has given me much revelation about this demoness over the years because she is encountered in deliverance ministry on a more or less continual basis. And even though she is rarely acknwoelded by name outside occult circles, her spirit is as common today as it was anciently. Her characteristics are heavily imprinted in the modern collective demonised mind.

The dog was Hecate's regular sacrificial animal and was often eaten in a solemn sacrament. Why the dog? Because the dog was thought of anciently as a manifestation of the restless souls or demons who accompanied her. And finally, of course, through the earlier Heqet, she is associated with frogs.

A few days ago Yahweh gave me a prophetic dream, which is why I am speaking to you about this subject today, because it is very important not only to know the enemy but to expose her. In spite of their covers, demons are easily exposed. The Name and Presence of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) highly agitates them but they cannot be removed until their grounds have been exposed. Though all demons arouse fierce anger, Hecate is a specialist in provoking people to it.

You will recall in the Psalm that recounts the plague that David reminds us that Heqet seeks emtrance "in the chambers of...kings". Corrupt a king (or any ruler) and you have corrupted the nation under him. Pharaoh thought of himself as a god - do we wonder that so many people these days believe themselves to be gods and goddesses? Wherever there is a nation whose rulers and people are filled with rage, there you have Hecate or Heqet:

    "Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?" (Ps.2:1, KJV).

In the prophetic dream I was shown two very large frogs, perhaps 6 inches across, that had the tails of a tadpole that was being absorbed. I thought this rather odd because in the metamorphosis of a frog, the tadpole grows legs and then absorbs its tail and only subsequently grows to a larger size. But in the dream the tail was still present...the animal looked an adult but in truth it was still a juvenile

This is one of the effects of Hecate on someone afflicted by her. They appear mature and well developped but in reality they are in their minds and emotions still infants. They make themselves appear to be 'bigger' by their anger and cleverness...not their own anger and cleverness, but that of the demoness herself. Demons always appear much larger than they are. Thus a key to dealing with people with Hecate is to recognise that they are actually very small inside because the demoness has stunted their growth.

The enemy knows that traumatised children can often make the best slaves. The Khmer Rougue communists of Cambodia knew it and used children as armed guards. They were vicious and merciless. Children are used as soldiers in the many civil wars in Africa. But their hearts are bleeding...crying out to escape from their hell and to simply become children again and grow up normally.

There are many children in adult bodies who need the same thing. We see them as adults on the outside and often mistakenly treat them that way, expecting of them things they cannot do. Knowing how to deal with the victims of severe demonic oppression, who have been traumatised over a very liong period of time, is facilitated by understanding how Hecate and Lilith work. Their victims can often be mentally very bright but are emotionally retarded. They just don't have the skills to operate as mature human beings.

The Good News is that Yahweh took care of Heqet in the days of Moses and His power remains no less strong today. But there are costs to be paid by those who turn to these false deities as the children of Israel did to Apis in the wilderness of Sinai: many had to die after that rebellion. To be free of Hecate requires no less than the total death of self, including all her counterfeit spiritual resurrections and false saviour offers. Those who refuse to yield their lives fully to Yah'shua, dying to self, cannot break free of her. But if they will surrender their lives, then they may indeed know true liberty.

Yahweh delivered Israel under Moses and He is delivering Messianic Israel in Yah'shua our Messiah today. Make a stand against the enemy and go full out in giving your life to Christ. It will be infinitely worth it.

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This page was created on 30 July 2010
Last updated on 30 July 2010

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