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    Some Recent Articles on This Site (NCCG.ORG):
    Topical Guide | Articles | FAQ | New Materials | Complete Site Catalogue
    Highlights of 1998
    The King James Bible-Only Controversy: Exposing a Modern Heresy (1998)
    An Eye-Opening Message to Charismatic Christians (1998)
    What's the Difference Between Biblical Christianity and all the Rest?(1998)
    "As Birds Flying: Jerusalem 1917" - An Amazing Bible Prophecy (1998)
    The Second Gulf War and How Its Outcome Was Revealed to Us in a Prophetic Dream (1998)
    Vision of the Sheet: A prophecy of a Coming Revival to Norway (1998)
    Prophetic Dream of Herman Rustad: Revival Coming to Norway! (1998)
    Rapture When? Exposing the Fraudulent Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine (1998)
    January 1999
    1999 New Year Message from the Patriarchate (1.1.99)
    February 1999
    Body, Soul and Spirit: The Teachings of Kenneth Hagin Examined (7.2.99)
    The Quest for the Perfect Family (7.2.99)
    Are You Ready for the Year 2000? The Canadian Military Is!
    From a Time Christians Have Forgotten: First Epistle of Bishop Clement to the Metropolitan Colony at Rome
    New Testament Christianity: How it Differs from Denominationalism (5.2.99)
    The Amazing Story of a Mormon Convert to the New Covenant (5.2.99)
    Apostolic Interviews 17: Divorce & Remarriage (26.2.99)
    May 1999
    New Articles on Mormonism (25.05.99)
    Zadokian Priesthood (Deaconate) Temple Lectures, Tabal 4-5, Lectures and Covenants on Pride (08.05.99)
    The Martial Arts: Are They Harmless? (24.05.99)
    The Magic Power of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood (25.05.99)
    The Bible and Christian Science (25.05.99)
    A Prophetic Dream of Mormon Hell (25.05.99)
    One God in Many Manifestations: The Truth About Hinduism and Christianity (26.05.99)
    The Worst Prison of All and How You Can Escape It (26.05.99)
    June 1999
    The Limits of Theological Knowledge (17.06.99)
    July 1999
    Church Banners Page Expanded (03.07.99)
    NEW SERIES: Are You Saved? (15.07.99)
    Latest Church News from the New Covenant Messenger (Vol.2, No.1) (15.07.99)
    NEW SERIES: The Trinity (16.07.99)
    NEW SERIES: 333 - Overview of Beliefs of the New Covenant Church of God (18.07.99)
    Transcendental Meditation: The Worship of Demons (26.07.99)
    Free from the Occult: The Story of How a Guru Esacaped from the Occult (27.07.99)
    Has God Cast the Jews Away? (28.07.99)
    August 1999
    The Finished Wonder: The Story of a Catholic Priest by Charles Chiniquy (02.08.99)
    The Truth About Rock Music: Satan's Greatest Achievement (03.08.99)
    The Wrong Train: The Jehovah's Witnesses (05.08.99)
    NEW SERIES: The Sabbath (07.08.99)
    NEW SERIES: The Five Commissions of the New Covenant Church of God (08.08.88)
    A Satanist Testifies About Rock: The Music of the Devil's Disciples (10.08.88)
    New Revelations added (27.08.99)
    NEW SECTION: The Visions Page (27.08.99)
    NEW SECTION: The Dreams Page (27.08.99)
    NEW SECTION: The Prophecy Page (27.08.99)
    The New Covenant Publications and Electronic Media Page Updated (27.08.99)
    September 1999
    Major expansion of Mormonism Page with Key Articles (14.09.99)
    FAQ Section Updates with new materials (14.09.99)
    NEW SERIES: Explaining Mormonism's Origins (14.09.99)
    EXPLAINING THE INEXPLICABLE: Dealing with Godhead Doctrine Controversies (14.09.99)
    NEW SERIES: Membership and Fellowship in NCCG (14.09.99)
    October 1999
    1-11-1999: The Halloween Gathering of Presidents and Potentates in Oslo (23.10.99)
    God's Organized End-Time Apostolic Church for the 21st Century (23.10.99)
    November 1999
    The Rock on which the Church is Built - Peter (06.11.99)
    Ephesus, John the Apostle, and the New Covenant Church of God (06.11.99)
    The Edge of Explosive Change: The Norwegian Revival (16.11.99)
    Spanners in the Thinking Processes: How Demons Create Mental Bottlenecks (23.11.99)
    Are You Still a Sun-Worshipper? Christmas Celebration is a Sign of Paganism (24.11.99)
    Hanukkah: The New Covenant Festival of Lights (24.11.99)
    Why We Believe Christ Was Born on 6 April 1 B.C. (27.11.99)
    December 1999
    Millennium Madness or 2000 Reasons NOT to Celebrate the Upcoming Millennium (17.12.99)
    Exposing the New Style of Worship: The Great Hymn Controversy (17.12.99)
    The Decline of Western Classical Music: Chaos in Music or A Civilisation in Decline (17.12.99)
    Reunification! The World or New Covenant Israel? (24.12.99)
    January 2000
    NEW INDEX PAGE: Alternative Minimum-Graphics and Simplified Homepage created (01.01.2000)
    NEW BOOK: The Final Gathering (07.01.2000)
    Satanism: A Threat to Our Children (30.01.2000)
    February 2000
    Surely There's No Harm in YOGA - or is There? (02.02.2000)
    THE TAROT: Pathway to Demonization (03.02.2000)
    NEW BOOK (Series): The Song of Songs - A Firstborn Commentary (16.02.2000)
    The Doctrine of Pre-Mortal Existence: Is it True? (19.02.2000)
    NEW BOOK: The Occult (21.02.2000)
    March 2000
    NEW SITE: The Swedish & Arvika Central Colony Homepage (in Swedish only) (09.03.2000)
    NEW PAGE: The Sons Ahman/Aumen Israel Page with section on Gnosticism (22.03.2000)
    April 2000
    The 1 April 2000 General Conference Commemorative Sermon on the Death of Christ (01.04.2000)
    The 3 April 2000 General Conference Commemorative Sermon on the Resurrection of Christ (03.04.2000)
    Eros Made Sacred - An E-book by J.W.Stivers on Marriage and Civilization (04.04.2000)
    The 6 April 2000 General Conference Commemorative Sermon on the Nativity of Christ (06.04.2000)
    NEW SERIES: The New Covenant Church of God: Its History and Life in Pictures (12.04.2000)
    MacDonald Series: (a) A Church Without Women - PDF file (20.04.2000)
    MacDonald Series: (b) Women in Leadership - PDF file (20.04.2000)
    MacDonald Series: (c) Female Church Leaders and Requirements for Ministry - PDF file (20.04.2000)
    MacDonald Series: (d) A Church with Love - PDF file (20.04.2000)
    MacDonald Series: (e) Did Paul Forbid a Woman to Teach a Man? - PDF file (20.04.2000)
    Soul (Psychic) Power versus Spirit Power: Counterfeit versus Real? (20.04.2000)
    The Lord's Supper: The New Covenant View (20.04.2000)
    Reconstructing the Johannine Church (20.04.2000)
    The Chosen Race (20.04.2000)
    The Plot Against Jerusalem (20.04.2000)
    The Nefilim: Short Articles (20.04.2000)
    Has the Catholic Church Truly Repented? (20.04.2000)
    When Tragedy Strikes (20.04.2000)
    Pakistan's War Against Christians (20.04.2000)
    Does Science Disprove God's Existence? (20.04.2000)
    Catholicism and What It Has to Teach Us (20.04.2000)
    May 2000
    What am I Doing? Pausing to Think About the Meaning of Life (02.05.2000)
    June 2000
    Common Objections for not Obeying the Ten Commandments (09.06.2000)
    Nine Signs of a Saved Person Or How Do I Know I'm Saved? (12.06.2000)
    Dream: A Drug Called Self-Worth (12.06.2000)
    Do You Think You're a Failure? (12.06.2000)
    Beware of False Angels! When Kuthumi Tried to Trick Me (12.06.2000)
    The Sovereignty of God and Civil Government (12.06.2000)
    Salvation by Grace Alone (12.06.2000)
    Biblical Health Principles (12.06.2000)
    Satan's Infiltration of the House Churches (12.06.2000)
    The Emerging Horror of the Illuminist New World Order (12.06.2000)
    The Image: To Who's Are You Conformed? (12.06.2000)
    Holiness (12.06.2000)
    Natural Religion - It's Use and Abuse in the Quest for Truth (12.06.2000)
    Do You Believe in Easter? (12.06.2000)
    The True Christian Safe Sex Guide (12.06.2000)
    The MORMONISM PAGE expanded with 12 new articles - #54-66 (12.06.2000)
    The Empire of Nimrod (21.06.2000)
    NEW SERIES: The Sabbath Day Page (21.06.2000)
    January 2001
    FAQ: 31 New FAQ Articles added - #276-306 (22.01.2001)
    New LDS PAGE articles - #67-68 (22.01.2001)
    The Triumph of 21st Century Communism (24.01.2001)
    Of Angels, Sex and Men: Thoughts and Speculations on a Great Mystery (24.01.2001)
    Antipas: He Died at Satan's Throne (24.01.2001)
    Christmas Past (24.01.2001)
    Confessing the Faith (24.01.2001)
    The Council of Nicea: Was It Guided by the Holy Spirit? (24.01.2001)
    Filioque: A Controversy that Illuminates the Godhead (24.01.2001)
    Reconstructing the Johannine Church Part 3 (24.01.2001)
    Reconstructing the Johannine Church Part 4 (24.01.2001)
    Human Life is Sacred (24.01.2001)
    Rapturemania: Exploding the Escapist Myth (24.01.2001)
    Science So-Called: The Myth of Scientific Objectivity (24.01.2001)
    The Sinn Fein Oath: An Object Lesson in Irish Catholicism (24.01.2001)
    Tongues of Contention: Settling a Difficult Issue in the Body of Christ (24.01.2001)
    Apostolic Interviews #18: A Question of Hebrew Christianity (25.01.2001)
    Apostolic Interviews #20: A Question of Symbols and Magick (25.01.2001)
    Religion: Dead or Alive? - Revealing the Ultimate Idolatry in Christendom (27.01.2001)
    Introduction to NCMHL (30.01.2001)
    He's a Great God! (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    Healed by His Love (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    I Want to Witness to My Gay Friends (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    What is Homosexuality? (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    West End Blues (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    The Bible, Sexuality and Homosexuality (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    Homosexuality and Demons (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    Falling into Place - A Personal Testimony (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    The "Gay Church" Debate: Some Comments (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    AIDS - A Disease of Fear and Ignorance (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    Once Gay, Always Gay? (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    Parents, Children and Homosexuality (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    With God Anything is Possible (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    What to Do if You are a Homosexual (NCMHL) (30.01.2001)
    February 2001
    NEW HOMEPAGE - New Covenant Ministries - calling the 12 Apostles (02.02.2001)
    NEW HOMEPAGE - New Covenant House Church Fellowship - (02.02.2001)
    The Family of Yahweh: Being a Part of the Kingdom (05.02.2001)
    Signs of True Faith (05.02.2001)
    A Certain Belief (05.02.2001)
    To Follow Yah'shua (Jesus) (05.02.2001)
    The Amazing Gift (05.02.2001)
    The Five Baptismal Promises - Temple School Lecture (05.02.2001)
    Sukkot: The Feast of Tabernacles 2000 (05.02.2001)
    Sukkot: The Truth Remains: Temple School Lecture (07.02.2001)
    Testing Your Orthodoxy: Avoiding the Heresies of the 21st Century (07.02.2001)
    Your Daily Duty: Antitode to the Western Disease (16.02.2001)
    Green Pastures: Our Views of Earthly Paradise (16.02.2001)
    Yom Teruah 2000: The Feast of Trumpets Part 1 (16.02.2001)
    Yom Teruah 2000 - The Feast of Trumpets Part 2 (16.02.2001)
    How to Be a Christian and to Suffer Gracefully: Temple School Lecture (16.02.2001)
    The Day of Atonement 2000: Preparing for Yom Kippur (16.02.2001)
    The Messianic Significance of the Feast of Tabernacles: Sukkot 2000 (16.02.2001)
    The Great Last Day 2000 (16.02.2001)
    Two Miles Instead of One (16.02.2001)
    Prayer Series I: The Channel to Heaven (21.02.2001)
    Prayer Series II: Maintaining the Link (21.02.2001)
    Prayer Series III: Dialogue in Action (21.02.2001)
    Prayer Series IV: The Living Example (21.02.2001)
    Prayer Series V: Miracles (21.02.2001)
    The King (21.02.2001)
    Hanukkah 2000 - Part 1 (21.02.2001)
    Hanukkah 2000 & the 10 Virgins - Part 2 (21.02.2001)
    Yahweh's Priorities (21.02.2001)
    Feasts of Revelation (21.02.2001)
    The Love that Gives Itself Away (21.02.2001)
    The Faith that Saves (21.02.2001)
    Whom Should I Marry? - Part 1 (21.02.2001)
    Whom Should I Marry? - Part 2 (21.02.2001)
    Everything You Need for Life (21.02.2001)
    Do You Celebrate Lent? (21.02.2001)
    March 2001
    NEW HOMEPAGE: The Watcher - New Covenant Ministries for Mormons -New LDS Page (10.03.2001)
    THE LDS ARCHIVE: A New Sub-page of THE WATCHER (10.03.2001)
    The Sabbath Day: A Major Blunder in the Doctrine & Covenants (11.03.2001)
    The Apostate Legacy: Mormonism and Pagan Festivals (11.03.2001)
    Whom Should I Marry? (Part 3) (18.03.2001)
    A New Way of Living (18.03.2001)
    A The Feast of Purim 2001 (18.03.2001)
    The Right Way: Learning from the Mistakes of Nebuchadnezzar (18.03.2001)
    The Eight Stages of Changing Wrong Behaviour (18.03.2001)
    In the Beginning Was the Word & Strong's Concordance: The Mutilation of 1 Timothy 2:11-12 (18.03.2001)
    NEW HOMEPAGE: Islam - New Covenant Ministries for Muslims (23.03.2001)
    April 2001
    The Wrong Way or the Story of Willful Passionate Blindness (Part 1) (04.04.2001)
    The Wrong Way or the Story of Willful Passionate Blindness (Part 2) (04.04.2001)
    Pesach (Passover) 2001 (07.04.2001)
    May 2001
    Yom haBikkurim: Feast of Firstfruits 2001 (08.05.2001)
    The Responsibility of Life (08.05.2001)
    Understanding the Gift of Prophecy and Revelation (12.05.2001)
    Yahweh's Distribution of the Gifts: Psychic vs. Spiritual (12.05.2001)
    Belief and Unbelief: The Causes of Atheism (12.05.2001)
    Esposing an Existentialist Gnostic Calvinist (12.05.2001)
    Should a Christian Woman Wear a Headcovering? (12.05.2001)
    Love the Law! (12.05.2001)
    Rock 'n Roll (12.05.2001)
    Have You Tasted Jesus? Answering Dr. Paul Tillich (12.05.2001)
    Living in an Attitude of Prayer (12.05.2001)
    July 2001
    (including from now on new FAQs)
    Does Christ Know The Day of His Return? (01.07.2001)
    What is the Johannine Communion? (01.07.2001)
    What is the Solution to the Confusion in Christendom? (01.07.2001)
    Why Our Materials are Copyrighted (01.07.2001)
    What is a Jew? (01.07.2001)
    A Question About Wine (01.07.2001)
    Wives Submitting to Husbands: How and When? (01.07.2001)
    The Wisdom to Know the Difference (01.07.2001)
    Shavuot/Pentecost 2001 (01.07.2001)
    The New Beginning: Parable of the Tree Stump (01.07.2001)
    The Cainites: The World's First Heathen (01.07.2001)
    The Holy City's Treasure: Strangers in the World (01.07.2001)
    The United States will soon be Destroyed (01.07.2001)
    Planet X and the Powers of the Heavens (01.07.2001)
    Ten Important Tips on How to Live in the NEW WORLD ORDER (01.07.2001)
    In the Image of God: Uses and Abuses of the Imagination (15.07.2001)
    For the Love of His People: How Truth Defines Love (15.07.2001)
    October 2001
    The Story of Human Life: The Four Gospel Themes - Sermon (18.10.2001)
    Does Yahweh Show Favouritism? Understanding Spiritual Maturation - Sermon (18.10.2001)
    What Makes Yahweh God? Judgement, Mercy and Forgiveness - Sermon (18.10.2001)
    Yahweh Provides for Us - Sermon (18.10.2001)
    Absalom: The Spoiled Prince - Sermon (18.10.2001)
    A Concealed Mystery: 333, Theomatics and Gematria - Sermon (18.10.2001)
    Fire, Water and Blood: Taking the Bride out of Babylon the Great - Sermon (18.10.2001)
    Yom Teruah 2001 - Feast of Trumpets - Sermon (18.10.2001)
    Yom Kippur 2001: The Day of Atonement - Sermon (18.10.2001)
    Nothing will be Impossible for Them - Sermon (18.10.2001)
    Who is Yah'shua (Jesus)? The Only Way Back to God - Sermon (19.10.2001)
    Of No Reputation: The Mystery of the Incarnation - Sermon (19.10.2001)
    Of Unity: The High Goal with a High Price - Sermon (26.10.2001)
    November 2001
    My Teaching is Not My Own - Sermon (02.11.2001)
    Is Islam a Religion of Peace or of Violence? - Islamic Page (03.11.2001)
    Upon my Word: Speech as a Moral Force - Sermon (09.11.2001)
    Relationships and Eternal Life - Sermon (30.11.2001)
    December 2001
    Hanukkah 2001 - Part I - Sermon (07.12.2001)
    Hanukkah 2001 - Part II - The Mystery of the Number 8 - Sermon (11.12.2001)
    Knowing the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) - Sermon (20.12.2001)
    January 2002
    Including from now on new Sermonettes
    To Live by Faith - Sermon (05.01.2001)
    The Requirements of Godly Leadership - Sermon (11.01.2002)
    In Imitation of George Müller - Sermonette (18.01.2002)
    The Devil's Lie - Sermonette (18.01.2002)
    The Pagan Roots of the Olympic Games - Article (18.01.2002)
    The New Covenant, the Melchizedek Priesthood, and Torah - FAQ (20.01.2002)
    The Difference Between Being a Christian and a Pagan Concisely Explained - Article (21.01.2002)
    "All of These are Given ....": The Meaning of Dreams Explained - Sermonette (22.01.2002)
    The Man with a Grievance: The Jonah Syndrome Examined - Sermon (25.01.2002)
    February 2002
    Yom Beshorah: Yahweh's Day of Good News - Sermon (01.02.2002)
    Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and His Place in the Godhead - Article (04.02.2002)
    Mission Impossible: Spiritual Warfare & a Vision of the New Covenant Work (Part 1) - Sermon (08.02.2002)
    What is NCCG's Official Position on Plural Marriage? - FAQ - (10.02.2002)
    Mission Impossible: Spiritual Warfare & a Vision of the New Covenant Work (Part 2) - Sermon (15.02.2002)
    The Feast of Purim 2002 - Sermon (22.02.2002)
    March 2002
    Trouble and Doubt vs. The Resurrection and Life - Sermon (02.03.2002)
    Love One Another: NCCG-India Youth Seminar, Andhra Pradesh, March 2002 - Sermon (08.03.2002)
    Yahweh Comes in the Dark: Job, His Wife and His Friends - Sermon (08.03.2002)
    Are New Covenant Christians Wrong About Tongue-Speaking? - Article (08.03.2002)
    How I Found the New Covenant Church of God: The Testimony of Richard Banks, Jr. - Article (08.03.2002)
    NEW SECTION: The NCCG.ORG Natural Health Page (10.03.2002)
    The Eye Will See What It is Destined to See - Sermon (15.03.2002)
    NEW SECTION: The Hymnody and Sacred Song Page (17.03.2002)
    REORGANISED & UPDATED: The Chavurat Bekorot (Holy Order) Page (18.03.2002)
    UPDATED: The Sacred Calendar for 2002 & 2003 (21.03.2002)
    Pesach (Passover) 2002 - Sermon (21.03.2002)
    Chag haMatzah 2002: The Feast of Unleavened Bread - Sermon (29.03.2002)
    April 2002
    The Leaven of the Kingdom - Sermon (05.04.2002)
    NEW WEB PAGE: New Covenant Church of God-India (09.04.2002)
    NEW WEB PAGE: New Covenant Church of God-Africa (09.04.2002)
    The Family, the Torah and Grace - Sermon (16.04.2002)
    The Simple Core of the Good News - Sermon (16.04.2002)
    NEW SECTION: Essene Christianity: Is It Really Christian? (25.04.2002)
    Blessed are the Pure in Heart - Sermon (27.04.2002)
    May 2002
    Facing Failure: The Lessons of Jeremiah - Sermon (03.05.2002)
    The Grace of the Longing Heart - Sermon (11.05.2002)
    Shavuot 2002: The Feast of Pentecost - Sermon (14.05.2002)
    Misunderstanding the Law: What Christ Destroyed and What He Fulfilled - Sermon (24.05.2002)
    The Character Refinement Set and the Social Christian - Part 1 - Sermon (26.05.2002)
    June 2002
    The Character Refinement Set and the Social Christian - Part 2 - Sermon (04.06.2002)
    Deliverance from the Spirits of Mormonism - Article (06.06.2002)
    The Human Soul: Understanding the Mystery of Man - Part 1 - Sermon (14.06.2002)
    From Anarchism to the Trusting Bride - Temple Lecture (16.06.2002)
    The Human Soul: Understanding the Mystery of Man - Part 2 - Sermon (21.06.2002)
    NEW WEB PAGE: Ezion-Geber's Personal Page on Messianism & Patriarchy (21.06.2002)
    July 2002
    A Garden in the Mind - Part 1: The Trees of Life and Death - Sermon (19.07.2002)
    A Garden in the Mind - Part 2: The Olive, Vine and Fig Trees - Sermon (19.07.2002)
    A Garden in the Mind - Part 3: The Olive Tree - Sermon (23.07.2002)
    August 2002
    A Garden in the Mind - Part 4: The Vine Tree - Sermon (01.08.2002)
    A Garden in the Mind - Part 5: The Fig Tree - Sermon (02.08.2002)
    A Garden in the Mind - Part 6: Wheat, Flour & Bread - Sermon (11.08.2002)
    A Garden in the Mind - Part 7: Rain & Dew - Sermon (24.08.2002)
    The Mark of the Beast: What is It? - Sermon (31.08.2002)
    October 2002
    Yom Teruah 2002: The Feast of Trumpets - Sermon (02.10.2002)
    Yom Kippur 2002: The Day of Atonement - Sermon (02.10.2002)
    Sukkot 2002: The Feast of Tabernacles - Sermon (02.10.2002)
    Shabbat Shalom! The Peace of Yahweh and Coping with Stress - Sermon (02.10.2002)
    Covenants, Marriage and Coverings: Understanding our Walk in Yahweh - Sermon (02.10.2002)
    Faith Without Works is Dead - Sermon (02.10.2002)
    Wars of the Heretics - Sermon (02.10.2002)
    Loyalty: The Loving-Kindness of God - Sermon (02.10.2002)
    Restoring the Christian Woman - Part 1: The Female Rôle in Creation Re-examined - Sermon (03.10.2002)
    Apostolic Interviews #21: A Question of Love (04.10.2002)
    Apostolic Interviews #22: A Question of Torah (04.10.2002)
    Apostolic Interviews #23: A Question of Experience (04.10.2002)
    Apostolic Interviews #24: A Question of Guilt (08.10.2002)
    Restoring the Christian Woman - Part 2: The Female Rôle in Creation Re-examined - Sermon (09.10.2002)
    The "Remnant": Who or What Is It? - Article (11.10.2002)
    Restoring the Christian Woman - Part 3: The Female Rôle in Creation Re-examined - Sermon (19.10.2002)
    Individuality and Personality - Part 1: Inscrutability and Introspection - Sermon (29.10.2002)
    Individuality and Personality - Part 2: Delusions - Sermon (29.10.2002)
    Individuality and Personality - Part 3: Insanity, Personality Disorder & Demons - Sermon (29.10.2002)
    Individuality and Personality - Part 4: Beginning the Perfect Life - Sermon (29.10.2002)
    Individuality and Personality - Part 5: Completing the Perfect Life - Sermon (29.10.2002)
    Hanukkah 2002 Part 1: In Touch with the Truth - Sermon (29.10.2002)
    December 2002
    Hanukkah 2002 Part 2: The Illuminist Conspiracy - Sermon (07.12.2002)
    A Man of Honour: The Meaning of Integrity in a Lawless World - Sermon (13.12.2002)
    The Way to Inner Peace - Sermon (16.12.2002)
    NEW SITE: New Covenant Ministries Deliverance Page: Freedom from Demonic Oppression (22.12.2002)
    Pudding Theology - Sermon (23.12.2002)
    January 2003
    No Mountain Too High - Sermon (04.01.2003)
    Faith, Acceptance and Work - Sermon (24.01.2003)
    The Gift of Friendship: Part 1 - Sermon (24.01.2003)
    February 2003
    The Gift of Friendship: Part 2 - Sermon (07.02.2003)
    The Gift of Friendship: Part 3 - Sermon (07.02.2003)
    March 2003
    The Gift of Friendship: Part 4 - Sermon (07.03.2003)
    The Gift of Friendship: Part 5 - Sermon (07.03.2003)
    The Day of Betrothal (with NCCG Betrothal Ceremony) - Sermon (07.03.2003)
    Did We Have a Pre-mortal Existence? - FAQ (09.03.2003)
    Is it Wrong to Bow Down to People? - FAQ (09.03.2003)
    A Question on the Post-Tribulation Rapture - FAQ (09.03.2003)
    What is the New Covenant? - FAQ (09.03.2003)
    When was the Sun Created? - FAQ (09.03.2003)
    Unitarianism: One Person or Three? - FAQ (09.03.2003)
    Purim 2003: Earthly and Heavenly Homes - Sermon (14.03.2003)
    The LDS Archive - New Section VII on Misrepresentation of NCCG (17.03.2003)
    New Olive Branch Section PWNC 020521 - Vision of the End-Time Colonies in the USA (18.03.2003)
    Are Demons Psychological Projections? The Biblical View (23.03.2003)
    At War Once More (28.03.2003)
    The Destructive Mind: The Origin of and Solution to Illness (28.03.2003)
    August 2003
    Foundational Studies of the Bible Series, Third Edition: Study Guides and Explanatory Sermons (08.08.2003)
      A. Preface to the Third Edition
      B. An Introduction to Foundational Studies of the Bible
      B. Sermon Introduction: Why Study the Bible? (5 April 2003)
      C. Introduction to the Divine Names
      D. Key to Hebrew and English Biblical Names
      1. THE ATONEMENT: Yahweh's Provision for Man's Sins
      1. Sermon (12 April 2003) 2003)
      2. REPENTANCE and the Lordship of Yah'shua the Messiah
      2. Sermon (19 April 2003)
      3. BAPTISM IN WATER: Gatweway to the Kingdom of Yahweh
      3. Sermon (26 April 2003)
      4. BAPTISM AND CONFIRMATION in the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit)
      4. Sermon (3 May 2003)
      5. THE RUACH HAQODESH (HOLY SPIRIT): The Gift of Yahweh
      5. Sermon (10 May 2003)
      6. Sermon (17 May 2003)
      7. PRAISE, WORSHIP, AND PRAYER: Roots of the Christian Life
      7. Sermon (24 May 2003)
      8. YAHWEH'S PROVISION FOR HEALING: The Great Physician
      8. Sermon (31 May 2003)
      9. Sermon (7 June 2003)
      10. PRINCIPLES THAT BUILD CHARACTER: The Path to Holiness
      10. Sermon (14 June 2003)
      11. MARRIAGE: Yahweh's Perfect Choice
      11. Sermon (21 June 2003)
      12. COMMITMENT TO THE BODY OF THE MESSIAH: The Assembly of Yahweh
      12. Sermon (28 June 2003)
      13. YAHWEH'S AUTHORITY, ORDER & DISCIPLINE for the Messianic Community
      13. Sermon (5 July 2003)
    Yahweh the Rescuer (14.08.2003)
    Roots of the Western Malady (14.08.2003)
    The Ultimate Proof: Love and Torah (14.08.2003)
    Theocratic Government and the Kinsman-Redeemer (14.08.2003)
    Answering Unbelievers (14.08.2003)
    Muslim Convert Describes Hardships in Bangladesh (15.08.2003)
    A Jewish Defector Warns America (Benjamin Friedman) (15.08.2003)
    The USA Terrorist Attack and what it Means for the World (15.08.2003)
    Soul of the Israelite Ruler (22.08.2003)
    The Fiery Darts of the Adversary (28.08.2003)
    The Shadows of Doubt (28.08.2003)
    The Accuser of our Brethren (29.08.2003)
    September 2003
    The Good-Cop Heroes of Babylon (05.09.2003)
    A Life in Christ: The Conversion of Paul and the Core of Christianity (11.09.2003)
    The Season of Teshuvah: 30 Days of Repentance (20.09.2003)
    Yom Teruah 2003: The Feast of Trumpets (20.09.2003)
    Yom Kippur 2003: Face to Face with Yahweh (20.09.2003)
    A Sincere American Mormon Writes (22.09.2003)
    NEW SITE: Hinduism and the Word of the Cross (22.09.2003)
    New E-book: So What's the Difference Between Hinduism and Christianity? (23.09.2003)
    Shemini Atzeret 2003: The Last Great Day (24.09.2003)
    The Divine Eagle: Part 1 (25.09.2003)
    The Divine Eagle: Part 2 (25.09.2003)
    October 2003
    Deliverance Series on Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD/DID) (01.10.2003)
    November 2003
    The Divine Eagle: Part 3 (02.11.2003)
    The Divine Eagle: Part 4 (05.11.2003)
    The Divine Eagle: Part 5 (05.11.2003)
    The Divine Eagle: Part 6 (05.11.2003)
    Guarding Your Third Eye (09.11.2003)
    Spiritual Warfare for Married Men (15.11.2003)
    Asserting Your Identity in Christ (16.11.2003)
    The Runner: The Purpose of Preaching (17.11.2003)
    The Treasury of Wealth: Yahweh's Financial Law (17.11.2003)
    Hanukkah 2003: Part 1 (17.11.2003)
    Hanukkah 2003: Part 2 (17.11.2003)
    The Gift of Tongues: A Known Language or Unintelligible Utterances? (21.11.2003)
    Tongues at Corinth: Languages, not Ecstasies! (21.11.2003)
    Our Relationship to Tongue-Speakers (21.11.2003)
    Establishing Your Ground of Reality (27.11.2003)
    December 2003
    New Norwegian Devotional Series: Alt For Yah'shua [Everything for Yah'shua] (26.12.2003)
    From Borderlands to Dungeons: Understanding The Methodology of Demonic Illusion (27.12.2003)
    Jezebel: The End Time Queen of Heaven Demoness, Part 1 (31.12.2003)
    January 2004
    Jezebel: The End Time Queen of Heaven Demoness, Part 2 (01.01.2004)
    Satanic Ritual Abuse: An Introduction (03.01.2004)
    Satanic Ritual Abuse: A Word to Satanist Abusers (04.01.2004)
    Satanic Ritual Abuse: Prayer Manual for SRA Survivors (05.01.2004)
    SRA: Prayer Manual for SRA Survivors, 1. Introduction (05.01.2004)
    SRA: Prayer Manual for SRA Survivors, 2. Essential Prayer Elements for Ministers (05.01.2004)
    SRA: Prayer Manual for SRA Survivors, 3. Daily Morning Prayer for Survivors (06.01.2004)
    SRA: Prayer Manual for SRA Survivors, 4. Daily Night Time Prayer for Survivors (06.01.2004)
    SRA: Prayer Manual for SRA Survivors, 5. Prayer for Righteous Suffering (08.01.2004)
    SRA: Prayer Manual for SRA Survivors, 6. Prayer Against Strongholds (08.01.2004)
    SRA: Prayer Manual for SRA Survivors, 7. Prayer Prior to Asking Yahweh's Will (08.01.2004)
    Updated Calendar for Festivals for 2004 and New Introduction (08.01.2004)
    Jezebel: The End Time Queen of Heaven Demoness, Part 3 (12.01.2004)
    Into The Heart of Truth: Part 1 - The Manipulated Heart (16.01.2004)
    February 2004
    Into The Heart of Truth: Part 2 - A Radical Life of Power (03.02.2004)
    The Slumbering Spirit: Part 1 - Awake, O My Soul! (03.02.2004)
    The Slumbering Spirit: Part Part 2 - Connecting to Eternity (03.02.2004)
    The Slumbering Spirit: Part Part 3 - Struggling to be Free (04.02.2004)
    The Last Great Millennium (03.02.2004)
    Apostolic Interviews: State of the Church Report, January 2004 (03.02.2004)
    New Covenant House Church Fellowship Page - completely rewritten and expanded (03.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays: Introduction (04.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #1: How Yah'shuah Brings Life to Men (04.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #2: Symbolism of the Miracle at Cana (04.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #3: The Samaritan Woman at the Well (04.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #4: The Significance of Yah'shua's Healing Miracles (06.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #5: The Doctrine of the Shepherd (06.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #6: Background of the "I Am" Passages (06.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #7: It is To Your Advantage that I Go Away (06.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #8: The High Priestly Prayer of John 17 (06.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #9: The Theology of the Last Supper (06.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #10: Who was the Author of John's Gospel? (09.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #11: Rivers of Living Water (09.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #12: The Ruach haQodesh and Truth in 1 John (09.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #13: Loving the Brethren in the Gospel and First Epistle (09.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #14: The Trial and Crucifixion of Yah'shua (09.02.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #15: Two Signs Compared: the Feeding of the Five Thousand and Raising of Lazarus (09.02.2004)
    Purim 2004: Your Moral Choice (10.02.2004)
    The Slumbering Spirit: Part 4 - Conclusion (10.02.2004)
    The Valley of Jehoshaphat (10.02.2004)
    Seeking the End-Time Anointing (10.02.2004)
    SRA: Satanic Lies about Yahweh and Yah'shua (13.01.2004)
    SRA: Warring Against Satanic Introjects (13.01.2004)
    YHWH our Heavenly Father (15.02.2004)
    March 2004
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #16: The Resurrection Narratives & Person of Yah'shua (01.03.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #17: Yah'shua, the Temple and Torah in the 4th Gospel (01.03.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #18: Jewish Ideas & Teachings in the Johannine 'Word' (01.03.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #19: The Advocate, Antichrist and Truth in 1 John (01.03.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #20: Light and Love in the Johannine Epistles (01.03.2004)
    School of Zaqenim, Johannine Essays #21: Similarities of 2 & 3 John to 1 John & the Gospel (01.03.2004)
    SRA: Demons as Saviours (10.03.2004)
    SRA: SRA, Miracles, Kidnapping and Yahweh's Justice (10.03.2004)
    SRA: When Demons Take Your Breath Away (10.03.2004)
    Unconditional Love, Part 1: To Whom Does it Belong? (11.03.2004)
    Unconditional Love, Part 2: What is Loyalty? (11.03.2004)
    Unconditional Love, Part 3: The Sleeping Enchantment (11.03.2004)
    SRA: Healing the Memories of Abuse (13.03.2004)
    April 2004
    Pesach (Passover) 2004: Part 1 - The Source of Freedom (02.04.2004)
    Chag haMatzah 2004: Part 2 - Unleavened and Leavened Bread (02.04.2004)
    Yom haBikkurum 2004: Part 3 - The Firstfruits of the Resurrection (02.04.2004)
    May 2004
    A Civilised Burial (04.05.2004)
    The Hound of Heaven (14.05.2004)
    June 2004
    The Rolled-up Scroll: Announcing the End of Satan's Kingdom (09.06.2004)
    Shavu'ot 2004: Part 1: Preparing for the Feast of Pentecost (09.06.2004)
    Shavu'ot 2004: Part 2: The Meaning of Torah (10.06.2004)
    The Fields of Fire: A Prophetic Dream About Scandinavia (10.06.2004)
    Wisdom for a Price (10.06.2004)
    Zechariah 5 and Female Principle (10.06.2004)
    We're Saved! (10.06.2004)
    Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy: Basic Rules For Observing the Weekly Sabbath (10.06.2004)
    Which Bible Version Should We Use? (16.06.2004)
    The Acts 2:4 Experience: Are Tongues Necessary? (16.06.2004)
    Ceremony, Ritual and Physical Ordinances (16.06.2004)
    Understanding Biblical Periphrasis (16.06.2004)
    Pre-Existence in the Pseudepigrapha (16.06.2004)
    The Names of Deity (16.06.2004)
    The Ten Virgins (16.06.2004)
    The Woman in the Wilderness (16.06.2004)
    The Most Problematical Scripture and Understanding Paul (16.06.2004)
    The Receptor Tongue of the New Testament and the Saviour's Name (16.06.2004)
    Salvational vs. Non-Salvational Issues (16.06.2004)
    Confusion on Wine (16.06.2004)
    James and the Twelve Tribes (16.06.2004)
    Vicars and Antichrists (16.06.2004)
    Reconciling Torah and Clean Foods (16.06.2004)
    Pre-existence and First Century Jewish Thought (16.06.2004)
    The Human Soul: Three Persons or One? (16.06.2004)
    Elohim, Eloah and Yahweh (16.06.2004)
    Names of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) (16.06.2004)
    What is the Sabbath Day For? (16.06.2004)
    Is NCCG "Élitist"? (16.06.2004)
    What is a Woman's Authority in the Church? (16.06.2004)
    Resolving Honest Differences (16.06.2004)
    Watching Out for Concealed Occultism in the Movies (16.06.2004)
    The Bible Teaching on Soul (16.06.2004)
    NCCG and the Number 333 (16.06.2004)
    The Olive Branch: Sweet or Sour? (16.06.2004)
    Yah'shua vs. Yahweh (16.06.2004)
    Is There Place for Righteous Anger? (16.06.2004)
    Can Christians Be Freethinkers? (16.06.2004)
    July 2004
    The Awakened Spirit - Part 1: The 7 Keys to Awareness (13.07.2004)
    The Awakened Spirit - Part 2: Spiritual Parenting (13.07.2004)
    The Awakened Spirit - Part 3: Bitterroot Judgments (13.07.2004)
    The Awakened Spirit - Part 4: Sowing and Reaping (13.07.2004)
    The Awakened Spirit - Part 5: The Mystery of Man (13.07.2004)
    September 2004
    Vision of the Dragon and the Egg (28.09.2004)
    Samuel and Samson: The Story of Two Nazirites (28.09.2004)
    Ichabod: The Glory Has Departed from Israel (28.09.2004)
    You Are My Witnesses (28.09.2004)
    Less Than The Least - Part 1: Unsearchable Riches (28.09.2004)
    Less Than The Least - Part 2: Filled and Running Over (28.09.2004)
    The Wheat and the Tares - Part 1: Tares Within the Body & Local Assembly (30.09.2004)
    The Wheat and the Tares - Part 2: Tares Within the Soul (30.09.2004)
    Yom Teruah 2004 (Feast of Trumpets) (30.09.2004)
    Yom Kippur 2004 - Part 1: In His Presence (30.09.2004)
    Yom Kippur 2004 - Part 2: Delivered from Sin (30.09.2004)
    Yom Kippur 2004 - Part 3: Neilah Service (30.09.2004)
    October 2004
    The Dark Galaxy (26.10.2004)
    November 2004
    Double Binds and Double Agents (10.11.2004)
    Dedicating Your Body to Christ (10.11.2004)
    Mourning as a Part of Deliverance (10.11.2004)
    The NCCG Flood-fill Method of Deliverance (10.11.2004)
    FEAR: The Final Frontier? (23.11.2004)
    January 2005
    Desexualisation and the Psychic Revolution (02.01.2005)
    The Cosmic Principle (02.01.2005)
    Understanding the Law of Spiritual Covering (02.01.2005)
    Keys to Deliverace from Hypnosis and Auto-Suggestion (02.01.2005)
    Keys to Sickness and Health (02.01.2005)
    Sukkot 2004 (07.01.2005)
    Shemini Atzeret 2004 (07.01.2005)
    I Choose to Live - Part 1: Liberty from Spiritual Imprisonment (07.01.2005)
    I Choose to Live - Part 2: Receiving that which is Your Own (07.01.2005)
    I Choose to Live - Part 3: Daring to Step Out in Faith (07.01.2005)
    I Choose to Live - Part 4: Amniosis in Egypt Revealed (07.01.2005)
    I Choose to Live - Part 5: Anger as a Tool of Manipulation and Redemption (07.01.2005)
    I Choose to Live - Part 6: Choosing the Tree of Life (07.01.2005)
    Stand Up Like a Man (07.01.2005)
    Hanukkah 2004 (07.01.2005)
    The Spiritual Orphans (07.01.2005)
    The Malady of Spiritual Idolatry - Part 1: Filling the Divine Vacuum (07.01.2005)
    The Malady of Spiritual Idolatry - Part 2: The Idolisation of Authority (07.01.2005)
    Dedicating Your Life to the Kingdom (07.01.2005)
    Olive Branch PWNC 050104 - The End Times and the Apostles + Commentary (07.01.2005)
    Choosing Your Deliverance Minister (13.01.2005)
    To Minister, or Not to Minister: Understanding Yahweh's Way (16.01.2005)
    I Will Not Leave You Orphans (18.01.2005)
    Festivals Chart - Expanded and updated (19.01.2005)
    Deliverance Through Truth (31.01.2005)
    March 2005
    Programmed to be Inhuman (16.03.2005)
    Are Illnesses Demon-based? (16.03.2005)
    April 2005
    Filled with the Spirit - What the Bible Actually Teaches (Part 1) (06.04.2005)
    Filled with Spirits - Charismatic Deceptions vs. Filled with the Spirit (Part 2) (06.04.2005)
    The Curse of Illegitimacy (07.04.2005)
    Journey Back to the Womb (07.04.2005)
    May 2005
    A Journey Through Time - Looking at the Mormon Past (04.05.2005)
    Hecate, Jezebel and the Subversion of the Male Psyche: Undergoing Spiritual Castration (16.05.2005)
    Exposing the Mechanical Gods (16.05.2005)
    The Demonic System of Unforgiveness (16.05.2005)
    June 2005
    The Miracle of Yahweh's Forgiveness - Part 1: Separating Good from Evil (05.06.2005)
    The Miracle of Yahweh's Forgiveness - Part 2: Turning the Keys for Deliverance (05.06.2005)
    The Miracle of Yahweh's Forgiveness - Part 3: The Relationship to Truth (05.06.2005)
    The Miracle of Yahweh's Forgiveness - Part 4: Releasing Your Enemy's Debt (05.06.2005)
    The Miracle of Yahweh's Forgiveness - Part 5: The Path to Reconcilliation (05.06.2005)
    The Three Tests - How to Know that Christianity is True (05.06.2005)
    An Evil Heart of Unbelief (05.06.2005)
    Roll Away the Reproach of Egypt! (05.06.2005)
    The Pretty Maidens and Strong Young Men (05.06.2005)
    The Day That Matters the Most (05.06.2005)
    Pesach (Passover) 2005 (05.06.2005)
    Chag haMatzah (Feast of Unleavened Bread) 2005 (05.06.2005)
    Yom haBikkurim 2005 - Spiritual Sacrifices to Yahweh (05.06.2005)
    Chag haMatzah 2005 - The Seventh and Last Day (05.06.2005)
    Take Up Your Bed and Walk (05.06.2005)
    The Patriarchal Imperative of Messianic Israel - Part 1 (05.06.2005)
    The Patriarchal Imperative of Messianic Israel - Part 2 (05.06.2005)
    The Path to Perfect Shalom (05.06.2005)
    The Inconvenient Messiah (05.06.2005)
    The Tender Tree and Tender Eyes (05.06.2005)
    Shavu'ot (Pentecost) 2005 - "We Agree Before We Have Listened" (05.06.2005)
    The Purpose of Miracles (05.06.2005)
    All the Hidden People (06.06.2005)
    A Solid Christian Foundation - What our Children Need to Become the Children of God (06.06.2005)
    Stop Hiding and Live Life (06.06.2005)
    The Name Ehyeh - A Name of Elohim (07.06.2005)
    The Bible Teaching on "Soul" (2nd Edition) (07.06.2005)
    The Stranger - Thoughts on TV (07.06.2005)
    Illuminati Defector Warns of International Conspiracy (07.06.2005)
    The Babylonian Circus: A Torah View of Churchianity (07.06.2005)
    The Nations and Our Ties to Them in Light of the Current Iraqi War (07.06.2005)
    July 2005
    Escaping to Reality: Three Dreams and Their Interpretations (21.07.2005)
    Death of a Demonic Generator (21.07.2005)
    Exposing Lilith: The High Queen of Demonesses (21.07.2005)
    Janus: A Twist to the Freedom of Choice (27.07.2005)
    Ashtoreth: Demoness of Fertlity, Counterfeit Love and War (28.07.2005)
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