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    A Gathering of
    Wickedness in Oslo
    1 November 1999:
    The Halloween Plot
    23 October 1999

    On 1 November a special gathering of national leaders is scheduled to take place in the Norwegian capitol, Oslo, to revive the Oslo Peace Accords. Present will be some of the most wicked political leaders in the world whose intent is far from a "just peace" in the Middle East but a satanic plot, orchestrated by a secret power Úlite without accountability whose agenda is to turn the post-Christian world into a bastion of occultism and wickedness and ushher in a one world government and one world religion. For from being lovers of democracy the plotters wish to see a one world dictatorship with complete political, economic and religious control.

    I am sure that many have noticed the date for this scheduled gathering - 1 November - which is none other than witchcraft's holy of holies: Halloween. Is this a coincidence or might there perhaps be some occult significance known best by the hidden power Úlite? And has anyone noticed the numerological significance of the date: 1.11.1999 and 1.11.1999? Occultist are obsessed with numbers and rarely plan important events without reference to astrological alignments and numerological correspondences. It will not have escaped the occultists' attention that 999 is 666 upside down or the various combinations of 1.11.1999.

    But no matter what the occultists think or what mathematical operations they perform on the date, the fact remains that according to biblical numerology the number 9 signifies JUDGMENT. This year represents a triple judgment: 999. And those who have been following this homepage will know that last November (1998) we predicted the beginning of judgment against Norway for meddling in the affairs of Jerusalem and for its tragic moral slide into depravity. Though the expected economic difficulties did not begin last year as we had expected, there were ample signs that cracks were appearing in the economy. There was also a sudden surge in crime in Oslo and crime statistics show that there are three murders a day in a small country of only 4.5 million which only ten years ago had practically none. Oslo has become one of the most dangerous cities in the West.

    Last November was a dire warning of the disaster that is soon to strike Norway. Now the wrath of the Lord is to be provoked again by the infamous assembly of the creme of world and Middle Eastern leadership, with the star player - the most powerful man in the world, Bill Clinton - adulterer, lier, and up to his neck in conspiracy.

    In its desperate attempts to be "politically correct" with the USA and to boost its international image, Norway has continued its long slide into paganism. Blasphemy in the media has multiplied over the last year. The truth about Israel is hard to find as Norwegian television stations and newspapers don't even bother to strike a neutral position as do, for example, the BBC and CNN. There is little doubt that the media is completely biased towards the PLO to the extent that sometimes TV stations like NRK stoop to outright lying. One night we monitored NRK and compared it with the BBC and CNN and could not believe what we heard. In an attempt to become renowned, Norway has sold its soul. Before very long it will have lost its wealth and prestige too.

    It is still the firm belief of this site that Norway is on the verge of an earthquake and/or a financial catastrophe (as represented in the vision of the two tornadoes) to remind its people that its wealth is not primarily owed to the ingenuity of its people but, like the USA and other great nations, to NATURAL RESOURSES placed there by God for a blessing. What was given as a gift of God for a blessing to the Norwegian people will soon be taken away from them - unless they repent and return to Christian roots.

    In these times of God's sifting of the nations to see if He can find any righteous persons that may spare these nations the destruction that will come in the not-too-distant future at the end of this age, we should never forget the fate of Sodom, Israel and Judah for their rebellion against the Most High. God will not be mocked. Not only has the Lutheran Church degenerated into a political puppet of the secular state teaching blasphemous doctrines and endorsing murderous practices but is even now daily moving closer to the Great Whore of the Book of Revelation, the Roman Catholic Church. Recently an agreement was reached on the thorny question of Justification which has long separated Lutherans from Catholics, with the Catholics apparently stepping down. But you may be sure they have not, and that this is just a tactical move in their quest for the total religious hegemony of Western Europe.

    It is impossible to say what will happen in Oslo in little over a week's time but should the Holy of Holies - the Temple Mount - suddenly become international property as a result of an agreement between Arafat and Barak, with the Jews being allowed to build a Temple next to the Dome of the Rock Mosque and the Catholic Church being allowed to build a Cathedral alongside the other two shrines, then you can be sure that the end is very near. Of course, this may not be on the Illuminati's agenda...yet. Doubtless Israel will be required to ceed more territory in exchange for an illusiory security "guaranteed" by the international community. We shall see. Whatever new "accords" are reached, they will not only be bad news for Israel but positively disasterous for little Norway whose reward will be to be cut low because she tried to act big.

    Whatever happens, there is good news for Norway: imminent revival. No doubt our readers will have read about the several visions we have had on the subject. But it will not be in the way that the lukewarm and watered-down evangelical churches have been expecting, nor will it have anything to do with the counterfeits like Pensecola and Toronto in America and Canada. Both secular and Christian Norway are going to be in for a big surprise!

    More will be appearing on this subject on this site....

    Laget: 23. oktober, 1999
    Oppdatert: 23. oktober, 1999

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