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    Soul (Psychic) Power
    versus Spirit Power

    Counterfeit versus Real?

    This analysis is more of a book report/analysis, based largely on Chinese author Watchman Nee's The Latent Power of the Soul, which discusses the difference between soul power (the word psychic derives from a Greek word meaning 'soulish') and Spirit power - and how to recognize them - not only outside of the Church but inside the church too. It may be an important to understand the difference of these two powers in this age of signs and wonders that are happening (and increasing in number) across the board, regardless of religion.

    But nevertheless, I strongly recommend you pray before reading the following - for discernment, for protection. Please let me know if you think this is not of God. From what I've encountered outside of Christianity and inside - it happened to make a lot of sense to me but I do need the opinion and strength of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank-you.

    1. Miracles Outside the Church

    Aside from healings within the Church, you may have heard of other 'miracles' and unexplained phenomena happening in other religions. For example, the Om Sakthi Spiritual movement:

      "Also known as the Adhiparasakthi Movement, the purpose of the Movement is to bring Adhiparasakthi's message to the world and serve humanity through the work of our Guru and the devotees, or Sakthis. Our Guru, known as Amma (Tamil for mother), is the Guiding Light and Spiritual Force behind the Movement. He teaches that the greatest form of worship is service to mankind and that we can all serve God together within our individual religions without strife. The Movement undertakes many charitable and educational activities through the Adhiparasakthi Trust and urges its devotees to take an active role in helping people in their communities." (www.omsakthi.org)

    And of this teacher, part of the website says:

      "His Holiness has performed magnificent miracles like restoring eyesight to the blind, speech to the dumb, hearing to the deaf, and has healed incurable diseases. By "His mere Look" His Holiness has stopped the rains and brought the waves to a halt to show the world that the five Natural Elements are also under His control. Unique exhibition of His Holiness' Supernatural Powers of creating "Life" has been witnessed on several occasions."

    Share International sponsers another 'messiah' figure, 'Maitreya.' (The name itself is also derived from Hinduism). Both point to the miraculous milk drinking statues of Hindu gods as a sign for the next 'avatar' - or voice for the gods, if you like:

      "On Thursday 21 September the news swept around the world of the extraordinary miracles of milk-drinking Hindu statues. Never before in history has a simultaneous miracle occurred on such a global scale. Television, radio and newspapers eagerly covered this unique phenomenon, and even sceptical journalists held their milk-filled spoons to the gods -- and watched, humbled, as the milk disappeared. The media coverage was extensive, and although scientists and 'experts' created theories of "capillary absorption" and "mass hysteria", the overwhelming evidence and conclusion was that an unexplainable miracle had occurred...."

      "While the media and scientists still struggle to find an explanation for these events, many Hindus believe they are a sign that a great teacher has been born. Journalist Rebecca Mae writes: "Most of the worshippers said they only went to the temple occasionally and were certainly not religious fanatics. But they were adamant that a new god had been born to save the world from evil." Krishna Anratar Dubey, a respected Indian astrologer, explained that according to Hindu mythology such miracles happen when a great Soul arrives in the world." (see www.sirius.com/%7Emonte/milk.html for more details)

    Both seem to have a similar orientation - to help those in all religions, not confine itself to one. Oops - more than one messiah figure?! What's going on here?

    Then there is Qi Gong - an ancient form of Chinese medicine - seemingly 'miracle' cures based on the "exercises, mind/body therapy, nutrition, and lifestyle changes." Like the Buddhist, there is a mastery over the body and to release its energy - and hence the miracles are seen as part of a natural phenomena in Qi Gong:

      "There is nothing paranormal about what he does; the practice of Qi Gong, which focuses on the fundamental life force that permeates all things, has been developed and tested in China for over 3,000 years."

      "...Master Liu's program of Qi Gong is a healing approach that, much like acupuncture, unblocks and revitalizes the energy meridians of the body. Along with a complete Qi Gong program readers can practice on their own, Master Liu includes the 'Golden Eight Exercises' recommended for clearing the body's energy meridians as well as herbal remedies for specific ailments."

    Neither do Wiccans and New Age Pagans deny the power of prayer. One involved in healing described prayer in this way: when one person prays for another, they send what looks like a beam of light to that person. When two people pray it is the power of two times two, and so on. And indeed, they see answers to their prayers or 'spells.' Then you have those who commit their life to Christ and suddenly declare by the Holy Spirit, they have discovered a different interpretation of the Bible - a 'true' interpretation.

    What is going on here? What do all these things mean? I am not concerned in this analysis if these men are any kind of 'messiah' or false messiahs - I am asking from where does the power they exhibit derive? To which voices do they listen?

    2. Report: Introduction

    When I use the word 'counterfeit,' I do not mean miracles that are not real. In fact, they very well may be. Instead, I use the word to refer to the source of power for those miracles. Counterfeit miracles are conterfeit only in so far as they look like the work of the Holy Spirit but instead may derive from another source. This source could be demonic OR what Watchman Nee calls the latent power of the soul.

    My husband often thinks that Christians give the devil too much credit. Indeed - he can create nothing. What he does, though, is take God's creation and tries to twist it to his purposes. In Nee's book, The Latent Power of The Soul, the author first explains the difference between soul and spirit, and the difference between Adam's soul and ours. Namely that, so called 'psychic' ability (the Greek word 'pysche' means 'soulish') resided in Adam but instead of being lost, it was bound up in the flesh after the fall - and Satan has always been trying to tap into this 'soul' power - then - and now. For a more detailed explanation of how/why soul and spirit are separate things (see also I Thess. 5:23), I suggest you read Nee's book.

    In this article/report, I will be summarizing three portions from his book to sum up the difference between soul power versus spirit power, and why it is very important to recognize the difference both outside and inside the Church.

    Examples of Soul Power

    The Church of Christ, Scientist, outlived its founder, Mary Baker Eddy. She died but she denied death, disease and pain. Why? Her Church's success in healing is based on using soul power. Buddhists' ascetic practises are performed because one is attempting to break the bonds of the flesh (the physiological) and release his soul power (the psychological) - which is no doubt why followers of Qi Gong also find nothing paranormal in their healing, focusing on a 'life force.' It gives you an idea of how powerful the soul really is - but it isn't surprising if we realize God wanted to make us in His image and likeness.

    The difference between the power of the Holy Spirit and the latent power of the soul, is the soul is alive - it is life itself, but it is not life-giving. For example, I Corinthians says Adam was a living being - or 'soul' (since the Greek for soul in the passage gives us our modern day word of psyche), while Christ, a life-giving (or 'quickening') Spirit. Soul power can heal and do seemingly miraculous things - but it cannot grant ressurected life, unlike the only one who ressurected, Jesus Christ. One power is essentially common to natural man - at least from Eden. The other is straight from the divine.

      "Let me repeat: the soul itself is truly alive, but it cannot make others to live. The spirit, on the other hand, is not only itself living but in addition lives life to others. This is why I state with such emphasis that we must lay down our soul power. All that is of the soul is of no avail. We are not quarrelling over terminologies, for this is too great a principle. Although the soul is alive, it has no way to make others live. Hence in helping people, we should aim at the depth of their beings instead of merely aiding their minds. We must not work according to the psychic force, since it can niether save nor profit anyone. How very careful we need to be. How we must deny whatever comes out of the soul. For it not only cannot help people, it also hinders God's work. It offends God as well as deprives Him of His glory." (W.Nee, The Latent Power of The Soul. 77-78)

    The life-giving spirit comes only through Christ - and this is ressurection power.

    Sometimes psychological methods are used in ministry meetings to 'attract' people or stimulate the crowd. Perhaps this is done by using methods and tactics to create an atmosphere. A revival meeting based on this will have no lasting effect, perhaps merely igniting emotions for a time. Only Spirit led revivals are life-giving, and are not dependant on how a congregation feels. For example, Nee recalled the following:

      "Once I went to a village by the sea. The inhabitants there were all fishermen. There were believers scattered throughout the vicinity of this village. They had meetings with sometimes twenty, thirty, or even fifty or sixty persons present. Whenever they all assemble together and sing, what an irregular tune pierces your ears! Some sing fast and some sing slow, resulting in a lapse of several minutes because the fast ones have already finished the last line but must wait for a spell until the slower ones catch up. Can you possibly meet under this kind of circumstance? You will probably be dying with impatience, and all your power will be all but dissipated. One brother told me after listening to their singing he could no longer preach. I answered him by saying that there was a reason for it: Did the power come from him or from God?" (69)

      "We know the Spirit alone quickens. God works by the Spirit. If we desire God to work, we must ask Him to bind our soul life; otherwise He is not free to work" (82) This is because God wants us to depend on him alone - not us. Christ's example, despite being the Son of God, sets the example of dependance on the Father.

    The Dangers of Soul Power

      "We have already seen how Adam was endued with unusual and astonishing abilities when he was created by God. These seemingly miraculous powers fell together with Adam. People who are ignorant tend to think that at his fall Adam lost all of his wonderful powers. But the evidences produced by modern parapsychology indicate that Adam had not lost his original power, only that he had it hidden in his soul. During the past five or six thousand years, there have been quite a few among unbelievers who were able to demonstrate this soul force. Within the last one hundred years, more and more people are capable of manifesting this latent power of the soul. Adam's original ability has not been been lost, it is merely hidden away in his flesh" (37)

    Nee goes on to summarize four 'facts' including the danger of this latent soul power inside man.

      1. "There is in Adam an almost unlimited power, a near miraculous ability. This we call Soul power. Modern psychic researchers have proved the existence of such ability within man" (38). Such ability was present before the fall and not lost - only it became latent and bound up by the flesh after the fall.

    2. Nee goes on to explain that since Eden, Satan's desire, being well aware of this power, is to control it - and this desire continues. (Remember he cannot create anything on his own):

      "Satan knew there was such wonder-working strength in man, hence he tempted man to declare his independence from God. The fall in the Edenic garden was none other than man taking independent action, separating himself from God. Upon learning the story of the fall in the garden, we can perceive what the purpose of Satan was. He aimed at gaining the soul of man. And when man fell, his original ability and miraculous strength fell into Satan's hand"(39).

      3. "Today Satan desires to release and display the latent power of the soul. As soon as man fell, God imprisoned man's psychic powers in the flesh. His [Adam's] many powers became confined and hidden in the flesh as a latent force - present but inactive. After the fall, all which belongs to the soul came under control and bondage of that which belongs to the flesh. All psychological forces are thus governed by physiological forces. Satan's objective is to liberate man's soul power through the breakdown of the outer shell of his flesh so as to free his soul from its fleshy bonds, thereby manifesting his latent power. This is what Revelations 18:13 means by making merchandise of men's souls. Indeed, man's soul has become one of the many items of the enemy's commodities. The enemy desires especially to have man's psychological abilities as his merchandise." (39-40)

    Satan's intention at the end of the age is to finish what he started out to do in Eden - draw out man's soul force. He was foiled in Eden since after the fall the soul power was bound by the flesh but he has been exerting himself over the centuries to influence men to express the latent power - either from various persons now and then - religious leaders, and in the last hundred years through parapsychology.

      "All these are due to but one reason: the enemy is attempting to finish his previously unfinished work. He intends to release all the latent powers of men. This is his singular purpose which he has been cultivating for thousands of years. This is why he trades in the souls of men besides such merchandise as gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, and cattle and horses. As a matter of fact, he has exerted his utmost strength to obtain this special commodity." (41-41)

    4. What advantages are there for Satan to use the latent power?

      "He will be able to fulfill his original promise he made to man that 'ye shall be as God.' In their ability to work so many wonders, men will consider themselves as gods, and worship not God but themselves." (41)

    Indeed, many New Agers, people like Shirly McLaine, see themselves as god or god-like. The entire system of neo-tech also has a section in its literature called 'God-man.'

      "He will confuse God's miracles. He wishes mankind to believe that all miracles in the Bible are but psychological in their origin, thus lowering their value. He wants men to think that they are able to do whatever the Lord Jesus did."(41)

      ";He will confound the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works in man through the human spirit, but now Satan forges in man's soul many phenomena similar to the workings of the Holy Spirit causing a man to experience false repentance, false salvation, false regeneration, false revival, false joy, and other counterfeits of Holy Spirit experiences."(41)

    Indeed, one thing that relates to the above I have encountered. Nee mentions details in a later section relating to the power of prayer. In the background section I related a pagan's view of how prayer works: "One involved in healing described prayer in this way: when one person prays for another, they send what looks like a beam of light to that person. When two people pray it is the power of two times two, and so on." What I didn't understand was prayer in this sense is soul power - and if a Christian directs their prayers towards a person, and not God, they are also using this power. A testimony by an ex-Satanist, who at one time could see more spiritual manifestations, described Christians praying quite differently - as a beam of light going directly to heaven. I only use this illustration to show the how a pagan's prayer seems to be effective (through soul power) and that it uses real power. Soul power in prayer outwardly counterfeits a Christian's prayer to the living God. It looks the same, and it is effective, but the source of power is different. Christian prayers, on the other hand, are based on the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within them - and there is a dependence on God to answer such prayers.

      "Suppose you have a friend who is over two thousand miles away from you. You pray for him, asking God, as the case may be, to either revive him in the Word or to save him. Instead of directing your prayer towards God, you concentrate on your thought, your expectation, and your wish and send them out to your friend as a force. Your prayer is like a bow which shoots your thought, desire and wish as arrows towards your friends. He will be so oppressed by this force that he will do exactly what you have asked for. You may think your prayer has been answered. But let me tell you, it is not God who answers your prayers, for you have not prayed to Him. It is merely an answer to a prayer which you directed towards your friend." (46-47)

    And perhaps this is why the Lord's prayer is directed to our Father in heaven AND includes "not my will but your will be done."

      "Someone claims his prayer is answered because, says he, 'I have piled prayers on my friend.' Indeed, for you prayed towards him, not towards God. Your prayer is answered, but not by God. Even though you do not know hypnosis, what you have secretly done has fulfilled the law of hypnotism. You have released your psychic force to perform this act.

      "Why is this so? Because you have not prayed to the God in heaven; instead your prayers are projected towards, piled upon, and laid seige to, the person for whom you pray. In appearance you are praying, but in actuality you are oppressing that person with your psychic power....

      "For this reason, we should not pray a prayer that asks that a person be punished if he does not do what is expected of him. Such a prayer will cause him to suffer, and thus make the one who prayed such a prayer the instigator of his woe. If we pray, we should pray to God and not towards man."(47)

    Indeed this explains the pagan's view of 'light beams' heading from the one who prays to the one who recieves - it is soul power. And in the end - it can be dangerous. The Wiccan religion realizes that the power they use can be harmful and hence have created the 'power of three' law, and beliefs such as 'harm none' - possibly to try and keep others from using their soul power maliciously. (Although they attribute this power to the god/goddess, nature, etc.) In this way the Christian who prays to God and in His will has a very real protection against themselves in moments of weakness. Praying in the Spirit leaves things in God's hands so that nothing evil can be perpetrated - even when a Christian is suddenly overcome by angry desires. God is good and will realize they are just angry. He does not grant evil prayers.

    However, there is no guarentee or protection of your own vengefulness or wrongly placed anger when you use soul power. The last advantage for Satan to use the latent power is this:

      "He will use man as his instrument for his final resistance against God's plan in this last age. The Holy Spirit is God's miracle-working power; but man's soul is Satan's wonder-working power. The last three years and a half (during the great tribulation) will be a period of great wonders performed by man's soul under Satan's direction."(41-42)


    I find the following in Nee's book to be a good summary of this phenomena:

      "The Holy Spirit works in our spirit; but the evil spirit operates on our soul. Satan can only operate in the soul and by the power of the soul. Satan has no way to commence his work in man's spirit; his working is restricted to the soul. What he has been doing for the past five or six thousand years he is presently doing and will continue to do in the future. Why is it that Satan seems to be omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient as God? For no other reason than what he is able to do with man's soul power. We may say that while the Holy Spirit is the power of God, man's soul appears to be the power of Satan." (43)

    As I said before - in this view, Satan gets less credit for he creates nothing on his own, rather borrowing or stealing that which is not and was never his.

      "All who serve the Lord ought to pay special attention to this point, otherwise they will get carried away by miraculous powers while trying to help people. Let me reiterate the difference between soul and spirit: Adam's fallen soul belongs to the old creation; but the regenerated spirit is the new creation. God works with man's spirit, for this is his regenerated life, his new creation. Satan, on the other hand, builds with man's soul - that is, the fallen soul in Adam. He can only use the old creation because the regenerated life in the new creation does not sin." (45)

    And God has no use for the power of the old created soul. This is important because as we draw to the end of times, we may understand why in Revelations 18:11-13, the souls of men are listed as things which can be traded by merchants - because of the harnessing of soul power in this day and age. It is important because miracles wrought by this power, counterfeit miracles wrought by the Soul - that even the elect shall be deceived. And as I finish this analysis/book report, I hope you have prayed about all of these things to determine their truth - and that it is the Spirit alone who teaches you. Be sure not to base your faith on feeling alone - or to try and superficially stir up feelings - for you may be stirring up the wrong power.


    Nee, Watchman The Latent Power of the Soul NY:Christian Fellowship Publishers, Imc:1972.

    Website Addresses

    1. http://www.omsakthi.org/

    2. http://www.sirius.com/%7Emonte/

    3. http://www.sirius.com/%7Emonte/milk.html

    This article (minus illustrations) is courtesy of Maranatha Ministries (http://www.oaktree.net/manarantha).

    End Comment

    I consider this article with its observations to be a very important one for all of us trying to understand how Satan is masterminding his big end-time delusion. Though at NCCG we have always known that Satan and his demons exist because of the light they steal (see, for example, the Olive Branch, NC&C 155:36-37) we never realized just how extensive man's natural powers actually are. A couple of months ago an ex-Wiccan shared a vision she had had whilst listening to heavy rock music. She saw a large stadium full of Christians who were being ritually butchered by satanists at a future time, possibly the Tribulation period. A mystical energy was released by their death which was somehow absorbed by Satan. These must be the psychic energies belonging to the soul of man by which Satan and his cohorts empower themselves. Thus Nee confirms what we have always maintained, that Satan is basically a parasite feeding off humans and other living creatures. Where Nee has gone one step further than us is in identifying how the Antichrist will fool so many people, by tapping their latent psychic energy to create miracles and wonders that will convince a deluded mankind that the powers they are witnessing come from the counterfeit christ himself.

    Some years ago, as many members of the former Independent Church will remember, I prophesied that the Antichrist was alive and that he would come from London, England. In fact, an Indian calling himself "Maitreya" travelled from Asia and secreted himself in London some years ago, mingling with the Indian-Pakistani community. Since 1996 he has been appearing as if by materialization all around the world doing spectacular miracles. Announced by New Age teacher, Benjamin Creme, who has advocated the extermination of the monotheist religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam), "Maitreya", who claims to be the reincarnation of all the world's major religious leaders and who calls himself "the Christ", is teaching a one-world religion based on "self-realization", that is, discovering that you are "God". His last magical appearance was on Christmas day in Rome, Italy. By channelling human psychic power, he has succeeded in transmaterialising himself to go wherever he wants to, healing the sick, making Hindu statues suck up milk, and the like. Though the secular media is presently shunning him (except in Kenya where he has made some dramatic entries and has been photo- graphed by the press), the more frequently he displays his occult skills the more attention he will invariably get. And according to Creme a day will arrive when Maitreya's picture will suddenly be flashed across the TV sets of the world and will speak to everyone telepathically in their own language, and

    they will "know" that he is the returned "christ" and able to solve all economic, national and conflict situations. Thence he will become the world's dictator.

    I think such a scenario is not only probable but highly likely. The world - and especially the West - has been so conditioned to think in the New Age mind-frame that it will naturally "tune" in to him. Interestingly, this man has been making a special point to appear to Christian congregations first of all (including Catholic and Orthodox) in order, as Creme puts it, to "soften them up" for the final "Disclosure" or revealment of who he actually is.

    For many years we have been warning people about counterfeit Christian movements because we firmly believe they, being led by false spirits, will be sucked up into the antichrist-delusion. Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Mormon, charismatic/Rhema/Toronto/pentecostal groups, and many, many others - already under strong occultic delusion - will be convinced that this Maitreya is the returning Christ and be absorbed into the Whore Church. We are already seeing many psychic miracles taking place in these today - a sudden increase of Mary apparitions, weeping statues, gold dust appearing on the skin of those caught up in the Pensacola delusion (including people's tooth fillings turning to gold) and much else that is carnal and not of God.

    My only dispute with the article is in the use of the terms "spirit" and "soul" which are used interchangeably in the Bible causing some serious theological problems that have spawned, amongst other counterfeit movements, the Rhema school. This I have dealt with in a pamphlet called, BODY, SOUL AND SPIRIT: The Teachings of Kenneth E. Hagin Compared with the Bible.

    This article confirms how far down the road of delusion Christendom is and how close it is to becoming absorbed into the pagan one-world religion that is being created. What we are seeing is a concerted effort on the part of the devil, who knows that his time is nearly over, to destroy Christianity and as many people as he can. As Baptist writer Alan Morrison recently said, not only are the majority of Christians dancing to Satan's tune but any minute now they will start playing it too.

    On 4 August 1999 I had a frightening vision of the Antichrist being empowered for his devilish work, warning me that he would not only increase his profile but also demonstrate more spectacular miracles:

    The Terrible Vision

    In the early hours of the morning of Wednesday 4 August 1999 I was awakened in the Temple of the Lord to see a vision that shook me to my core, for the Most High showed me the abominations being conducted by the

    Beast and the False Prophet, and one other man; For I beheld a secret occult ritual in which their master, Satan, transferred more power to his denizens of darkness. And great was that power!

    Having seen this vision I immediately betook myself to deep and earnest prayer on behalf of my family and the Church, that the blood of Christ might continue to cover us. Yet I was shaken by what I had seen. For nearly all of mankind are oblivious to the evil forces that are arrayed against them, and there are few Christians who are equipped to fight the adversary and who, unless they awaken from their slumber, will surely be overcome as Satan works his great delusion in these last times. I sensed my own unpreparedness relative to the work that we as a Church were being called to do, and pleaded to the Lord for a Word of comfort.

    The Comforting Word of God

    And the Word of the Lord came to me, saying: "The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad; the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose. The glory of Lebanon shall be given to it, the excellency of Carmel and of Sharon; they shall see the glory of Yahweh, the splendor of our God. Strengthen the feeble hands; make firm the tottering knees. Say to those who are impatient of heart, "Be strong, fear not! Behold, your God will come with retribution, with the recompense of God. He shall come and save you." Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then shall the lame man leap like a deer, and the tongue of the dumb shall sing, becaue waters shall break forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert. The scorching sand shall become a pool and the thirsty ground springs of water; in the haunt of jackals where they lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes. A highway shall be there, yes, a way; it shall be called THE HOLY WAY. The unclean shall not pass over it; it shall be for them alone; travelers and fools shall not wander about on it. No lion shall be there not shall any beast of pray come thither or be found there; but the redeemed shall walk there. The ransomed of Yahweh shall return and come to Zion with singing and everlasting joy upon their heads. They shall obtain joy and gladness, while sorrow and sighing shall flee away" (Isa.35).

    The Spirit of Prayer is Poured Out

    No sooner had I received this Word than the Ruach haQodesh {Holy Spirit} flooded into me and I entered into intense intercessory prayer for nearly an hour. I was filled with awe for the Most High, sensed as never before my own unworthiness, and pleaded as never before the redeeming blood of Yahshua {Jesus} to blot out my offences before Him. Words flowed out of my mouth like a living fountain and I rejoiced in God my Saviour!

    "Thus saith the Lord, the Mighty One of Israel, unto His servant: Stand firm on the path on which I have set thee, and turn not to the left or the right, but continue along the way that I have set before thee. Do not listen unto the words of those who would council thee to take another path, for in due time I will justify thee; Do not be discouraged by those who have fled the battlefield, for they are young in the spirit and lack the discernment of years. And behold, they will return after they have been buffetted a while, and shall confess the error of their ways, and be reconciled. Therefore be not harsh with them. The Path of the Firstborn is not for all, but only for those who are brave and who are built upon true faith. Thou shalt listen unto My council, saith the Lord, and not the council of men and women, for it is requisite that all those who walk in the calling of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs learn to walk alone in Me, even as I have revealed unto thee in the New Olive Leaves. It mattereth not who standeth with thee or whether those who have been called have fled, for I, the Lord, am not dependent upon any man or woman to do My work. Stand firm in thy covenants and wholly lean upon My arm, saith the Lord, and I shall not disappoint thee. And it shall come to pass that thou shalt see the blessings that I showed unto My servant Isaiah, and rejoice. Stand fast upon the Way of Holiness, and behold, thou shalt always be covered. Even so. Amen."


    The Great End-Time Apostacy is about to come to fruition and at any moment the true Church of God - those who are true believers and not caught up in false spirits - will be revealed in great power. If you're one of those people who believes in the pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine, beware, because this was authored by Satan through this same delusional spirit to catch Christians off their guard. You are not going to be whisked away before the Tribulation but will see all the horrors that Satan and his Antichrist have prepared. This is your legacy of the new Millennium - 2000. Be sure you're on the winning side. Yahshua (Jesus) is victor not Satan. Hallelujah!

    This page was created on 20 April 2000
    Last updated on 20 April 2000

    End Comment Copyright © 1987-2007 NCCG - All Rights Reserved