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    Filled with Spirits

    Charismatic Deceptions vs. Filled with the Spirit (Part 2)

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    Many years ago, when I was a young Christian in Oxford, England, I met a group of very nice people who adhered to a philosophy of life called Subud which supposedly transcended religions and religious denominations, and which could be comfortably accommodated whilst still retaining the religion one was brought up in. Naïve but hopeful of better things, I rationalised that no harm could be done by getting better acquainted with these people who appeared so serene and peaceful. Over a period of time I was persuaded that the 'spirit' which operated in their lives was no different from the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) spoken of in the Bible since the ethics of these people seemed to be Christian in every respect. I was promised, moreover, that I too could own this 'spirit' and that it would empower my life in a way previously inexperienced in my Christian journey.

    I was, at this time, to all intents and purposes, a Baptist even though I never officially joined that denomination. And Baptists, as you know, not only teach that 'once saved, always saved' but also that the Torah or God's Law has been done away with. What is important, to Baptists, is that one accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and allows the Holy Spirit guide your life. The only difference between Baptists and Pentecostals, I was to discover, is that the latter offer a 'spiritual power' or 'spiritual filling' known as the 'baptism of the Holy Spirit' and that the evidence that you have received this in-filling is that you speak in ecstatic tongues. Since millions of people the world round had experienced this 'infilling' there was much to persuade a person of my inexperience that this was indeed the supernatural activity of God, the end-time blessing to Christians to enable them to live a victorious life in Christ.

    My new found friends assured me that I could continue as a Christian once I had been 'filled' with this spirit. So one evening this very naïve and hopeful writer went along to a meeting in an old bake house in Oxford where, as it happens, another Church I was then attending also met, so the building was familiar to me. I arrived a few minutes late to find most of the people had already arrived and were waiting for me. This was, I could see, viewed by them as a most serious and solemn occasion which they called an 'Opening'.

    Along with the twenty or so other people assembled, I was told to remove my shoes and socks, my watch and glasses, and any jewelry I had. I was on the verge of being 'filled', so I thought. I was told to simply let go of my mind and allow 'God' to 'fill' me.

    Whether because of my scientifically-trained mind or an inborn scepticism of anything unfamiliar, I did not immediately follow their instructions. I determined I would simply watch them unobserved, for all had closed their eyes. Almost at once everyone in the room started talking in a strange language whilst walking around the room, something they have not forewarned me of. Amazingly, I thought to myself, they were traversing the floor with their eyes closed without anyone once colliding into anyone else. An invisible force seemed to be guiding them I sensed a 'presence' there which sent shivers up my spine. A man, who was near me, began speaking in fluent Arabic and even though I did not know this language, there were some phrases I was familiar with owing to the fact that I had previously made a study of Islam. And what I heard profoundly shocked me, for he at once began praising Allah the god of the Muslims - phrases like 'Allah akhbah' ('Allah is great') mixed in with the fluent Arabic. Others were speaking in tongues too and occasionally I heard someone speak in English, declaring that Allah was his god and that Mohammed was his messenger, as well as the founder of Subud.

    The spirit was powerful and oppressive. I knew immediately, naïve and young though I was in my Christian faith, that I had been deceived. I knew that I was in the presence of a demonic spiritual power that wished to take possession of me, and I resolved that I would leave at that instant. There was, however, a man standing at the door barring my way who I could see had no intention of letting me pass. But so strong was the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) in me at that moment that I lost all fear of what this man might possibly try to do to me that I grabbed my things and walked straight toward him looking him intently in the eyes whilst fervently praying. As I approached the door he stood aside and I left unhindered.

    I was very shaken up by that experience and was kicking myself for a long time afterwards for having nearly been deceived, asking for God's forgiveness and working a genuine repentance for my folly. This was not, however, my first encounter with either this 'spirit' or its manifestation in 'tongues'.

    Previously I had attended a charismatic revival in Oxford where large tent meetings were being held in the evenings. There was the usual contemporary Christian music as well as the familiar charismatic tongue speaking. I was, at that time, a student at Oxford studying Biochemistry but on a mission to find spiritual truth following a number of spiritual encounters from the time I was a boy. (For the complete story request my booklet, A Glimpse into Heaven). I had, previous to this time, met the living Christ on two occasions and was a convert Christian - first, from atheism, and second, from Buddhism and occultism. But I had not yet found my spiritual home. I was seeking for a Church to belong to. Oxford was, and is, a large cosmopolitan city with most of the denominations of Christianity represented, with not a few of the cults, with even the luxury of congregations that spoke several languages to accommodate the many students who had made their temporary home in the city for the duration of their academic studies. During that time I visited many Pentecostal groups, including what one might call 'traditional' Pentecostals (who were running this series of tent meetings) as well as fringe groups like the Church of God of Prophecy. Though open to the possibility that God's Spirit was working amongst these people, I have to confess I was baffled and confused by the chaos I often saw there.

    What is important for this essay, however, is an incident in one of the tent meetings I attended, for I was seated next to (though mostly standing by) a man who was speaking in ecstatic tongues. At school I was given a classical education which means I was taught the classical languages like Latin and (briefly, though I regret I never took it further) Classical Greek. I was also studying Hebrew at the time, and had been taught French and German at school as part of the Modern Languages curriculum. As I listened to the man on my right I was amazed to hear smatterings of Latin, Greek, French and unintelligible gobbledygook all mixed together. It was plain for one who had at least a rudimentary knowledge of old as well as modern languages that what I was hearing was neither a bona fide foreign language nor an 'angel tongue' but a hodgepodge of dissociated speech that ultimately had no meaning. No one was interpreting for the man (since everyone in the tent seemed to be speaking to himself) and evidently he did not understand what he was saying himself, but was simply enjoying the emotional sensation which doubtless he, like others professing the same beliefs, believed was his own private language from, and a gift of, the Holy Spirit.

    If there is one thing I have been taught as a scientist to do is not to simply dismiss one piece of evidence but to take a large statistical sample. It has, indeed, taken me 25 years as a born-again Christian and now Messianic Israelite to come to a final and undeniable conclusion as to what these charismata actually are. But it was not until I became a deliverance minister and encountered the same phenomenon in Satanists and victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) that the circle closed and I could see clearly just what I was dealing with.

    Throughout the years I have met many Pentecostals and befriended them. They still remain good friends. And I have seen God do undoubted miracles through them where there has been great faith. But I am going to suggest that the miracles they have done have not always been on account of their claimed 'spirit-filling' but on account of a simple faith in Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), the Saviour of the world. Indeed I have seen the same miracles performed by those of other denominations who not only claim no such 'spirit-filling' but who completely repudiate that which charismatics claim to be from Yahweh, our Heavenly Father. I am one of those people.

    I have attended charismatic meetings in Norway a great deal because of friends I have in that movement and whilst there I was always very attentive to what was going on. On one occasion I recall a man speaking in ecstatic tongues. I listened very carefully trying to discern the words being spoken. I was, in particular, listening out for key words like 'God', 'Jerusalem', 'Israel', and so forth as at that time many prophecies were being made about the Republic of Israel which was again embroiled in war and terrorism. After this man had spoken, another stood up - an 'interpreter' - and began speaking in Norwegian (a language I understand and speak well) and, lo and behold, words like 'Jerusalem' and 'Israel' started popping up which the original tongue-speaker had never mentioned once (in either Norwegian, Hebrew or any other language). Moreover, the interpretation was nearly three times as long as the original 'tongues'. It was the same story being repeated again - there was simply no relationship between what the tongue-speaker was saying and what the 'interpreter' had to offer. I experienced this many, many times.

    What, then, is charismatic 'tongue-speaking'? We can first answer that question by determining what it is not. I shall be drawing from my own personal experiences as well as those of close friends in the ministry who have come to identical conclusions to my own.

    Some years ago a New Testament Greek scholar decided to visit a number of Pentecostal and other charismatic meetings and put ecstatic tongue-speaking to the test. What he did was very simple: he would simply stand up in a charismatic meeting and recite a dozen or so verses of memorised Greek text from the New Testament, such as an extract from the Gospel of John. Immediately a member of the congregation would stand up and 'interpret' what he had said. This, as I said, he repeated in many congregations in different localities. In each case the translation was utter rubbish and in each case it bore no resemblance to the text he was citing whatsoever, and at no time did any of the interpreters (unknown to each other) ever agree with each other. In short, there was no connection between what he was saying (the meaning of which he knew) and what the charismatic 'interpreters' were saying. As a Christian himself he was entirely satisfied that the claims of the charismatics in respect of tongue-speaking and tongue- interpretation are entirely false. Indeed, a better test could not be devised to establish incontrovertibly that the spirit these interpreters were operating under was not - I repeat - was NOT the Spirit of God, but something lying and deceitful.

    We must, however, apply a better statistical test and indeed the following accounts are from all over the world and from a variety of different charismatic churches including traditional Pentecostals and those from the modern 'prosperity movement'. It should be pointed out, in all fairness, that traditional Pentecostals largely disavow and repudiate most, if not all, the claims of the 'prosperity movement' with its rolling around on the floor making animals noises and so forth, which I don't want to get into here.

    Also to be fair I must point out that Satanists make it a practice to infiltrate all churches that name Jesus Christ or Yah'shua the Messiah irrespective of their denominations, doctrinal accuracy or spiritual purity, since their motive is simply to eradicate the Name of the Messiah wherever it is honoured and no matter in what spirit attends it. They attend Pentecostal Churches and, during praise and worship sessions, pray to Satan in tongues and curse the assembly. These malicious people aside, there are few, if any, charismatics who are out to worship Satan. They believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible and desire to worship and serve Him. However, what they often do not realise is exactly what the 'spirit-filling' they have is. They don't know what it is that is empowering their spiritual life.

    We have seen how the 'interpretation' of tongues does not match what the tongue-speaker purports to say. This does not mean, however, that those 'filled with the spirit' merely utter dissociated speech or just mix up a cocktail of languages and sounds. Some analyses have shown that what tongue-speakers say contains an abnormal amount of the vowel 'a' at the expense of other vowels and, since this is common to juvenile speech, have concluded that much of the ecstatic tongue-speaking comes from a brain centre that is active when babies and small children are learning to articulate and generate true speech. And whilst this may well be true quite commonly, it is by no means the only explanation. As we look at the next examples, we will understand more of the 'spirit' or 'power' behind the filling.

    The following was related to me by another minister who is also experienced in these matters. He relates:

      "I know of a case where a missionary returned from oversees to the sending church - (charismatic) - someone stood up in the audience and spoke in tongues. The missionary when he got up to speak said that was in the language from where he just came from and he knew what the person had said - but the language was so foul he would not translate it - all the while the person had been speaking, people were praising God for the "gift of tongues" being expressed".

    The man had no idea what he was saying, nor the congregation for that matter, but what the 'power' behind the tongues did not realise was that there was a man in the audience - himself a charismatic - who knew the language in question and needed no 'supernatural interpretation', because he had learned this language the 'normal' way in the mission field. The 'spirit-filling power' exposed itself for what it really was.

    It is possible, of course, that this man was a Satanist plant, or that this was just an isolated incident, but the next example totally eliminates that possibility. The case is of a faithful Pentecostal member with a deep love for Christ and a commitment to the Gospel as he understood it. Out of curiosity one day he tape-recorded himself while he was speaking in tongues and sent the tapes to a language laboratory for analysis. The report he received shocked him, for not only was this an actual known language, but the content so full of blasphemy and filthy language. Such thoughts were far removed from his actual faith and intent but the 'spirit-filled power' in him was causing him to say things he was repulsed by.

    None of this means that Pentecostals or other charismatics are necessarily Satanists. What it does mean, however, is that they have opened themselves up to an unknown force, which they believe is the Holy Spirit, which absolutely is not. What it means is that they have been persuaded to receive something they already had (by simple faith in Christ) which was a counterfeit, adding a demonic layer to their spiritual life.

    I was working with a charismatic man from America about a year ago who was being oppressed by demons. He was totally committed to Christ and had no history of occultic involvement. We went through a complete deliverance, including breaking ancestral curses and related phenomena, all without any result. He would describe the symptom to me graphically, for what he experienced was like a steel band that was around his head (covering his Third Eye, incidentally) that would tighten when the demons oppressed him. This occurred a great deal during the deliverance session, giving him terrible headaches. We were both exasperated and retired to pray.

    The next time we met up for a session I asked him if he was associated with anyone in the 'prosperity movement', something it had not for some reason occurred to me to ask him about even though I was then doing an in-depth study of those behind this such as Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard-Brown, and others of the Toronto Movement and the Pensacola 'revival', and discovering that its prime movers were actually Satanist plants. I had studied films of meetings and seen these false Christians invoking demonic curses and placing them upon the people in the revival meetings. All of this is well documented for those who wish to investigate it further.

    The moment I mentioned the name Hinn the invisible band started tightening on this man's head giving him an excruciating headache. I told him - for then I was certain - that I had identified his problem. In plain words, I told him that the 'anointing', 'endowment' or 'spirit-filling' of these men he was following and trusting was not the Holy Spirit but demonic and that this curse on him could be broken if he would renounce his involvement, belief in, and support of this movement. All the time I was inviting him to make this confession and commitment, the invisible band was tightening around his head. He had the evidence now of the source of his problem. He got frightened, was no doubt filled with fear of what to replace his belief system with, and ran away - I never heard from him again. But I had, at that moment, identified the tip of a demonic iceberg that would lead to a number of exposés of the charismatic movement as well as writing this essay.

    The Bible does indeed tell us that the apostles laid their hands on believers and they were filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit. What it does not say, however, is that this was accompanied by ecstatic tongue-speaking, as I demonstrated in my previous essay, Filled with the Spirit: What the Bible Actually Says. Moreover, the Bible also teaches that a person does not need to be Spirit-filled by the laying-on-of-hands in order to be filled with the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). Indeed, in view of the way that so much demonic baggage is passed from person to person by physical contact, in this time and age it is probably wisest not to seek direct contact from unknown ministers. However, simply being touched is not all that will demonise you - just believing in something false will do the same job perfectly well even if you already have faith in Christ.

    What we are talking about here is one of the greatest counterfeits in the Body of Christ that the world has seen since Roman Catholicism. And the truth behind it is going to upset many cherished beliefs and spiritual idols that most will probably be reluctant to forsake because of the emotional 'kick' their demons give them. Consistently, though, the powers that lie behind these charismata are, with almost no exceptions, lawless. They despise Torah and commandment-keeping and not infrequently denounce it as 'legalism' without properly understanding what the Scriptures have to say about these things. The modern charismata and lawlessness (anti-Torah) go very much hand-in-hand.

    The New Testament repeatedly teaches that Yahweh is not a God of disorder and confusion. It also teaches that there is one Gospel, the same as that taught by the apostles. Satan has invested a great amount of time and effort into promoting counterfeit gospels so that he can keep believers in bondage. He is not at all adverse to giving supernatural displays of power in order to maintain this delusion and it is particularly interesting that the majority of deliverance ministers to be found today have a charismatic background. This is because, to their credit, charismatics (unlike Presbyterians, Reformists, Baptists and others) do not accept that the spiritual gifts ended either when the apostles died or when the last book of the New Testament was penned. They rightly accept and teach that all the spiritual gifts are as relevant today as they were 2,000 years ago. The whole charismatic wave was, like the Protestant Reformation, a reaction against spiritual deadness. But what the Azuza Street revivals brought was simply more lawlessness and a new set of charismatic demons that had briefly surfaced in Mormonism in the early 1830s, in Seventh Day Adventism (in the 1840s), and other cultic groups (though both Mormons and SDAs have drawn back from these charismata and channeled them elsewhere, the Mormons - in particular - into their Catholic-style 'priesthood'). The so-called 'Toronto Blessing' simply took the deception even deeper, opening up a flood of demonic activity, the fruits if which we see in the ministries of Hinn, Copeland, Howard-Brown, Kuhlman and others.

    The tragedy is that charismatics, who have supplied most of our deliverance ministers, have become demonised without realising it; but the hope is that once cleaned they will become an unstoppable force. Once the false 'anointing' or 'spirit-filling' has been exorcised and they have abandoned their lawlessness, their openness to the spiritual will make them a real power to contend with. As it is, deliverance ministry in the first decade of the 21st century is haphazard and self-defeating - one set of demons is merely being exchanged for another, weakening the whole work of deliverance and playing into the hands of the devil. I find that I often have to deal with the demonic baggage left behind in clients by charismatic deliverance ministers.

    The fact that I lump people like Catherine Kuhlman together with the counterfeits shocks many. Yes, this woman displayed great supernatural powers, but she was lawless. Moreover, she has known Illuminati and occultic connections and is a friend of the Catholic Church. A minister friend of mine, who had a friend who attended her meetings and followed her cavalcade of meetings around the world, observed that nearly all the people who were healed (throwing crutches and wheelchairs away) were the same people each time - they were healthy people putting on a charade. This kind of activity is sadly very common in charismatic ministries. We are being duped. The mother-in-law of my minister friend also attended Catherine Kuhlman meetings hoping to be healed - she died of cancer.

    You may have heard of the great charismatic preacher from England, Percy Collett, who emigrated to the USA. Supernatural manifestations accompanied his crusades and people were healed. I have even seen a photograph of this 'anointing' over an assembly, a bright white light. But he is perhaps best known for his dozens of tapes describing a visit he supposedly took to heaven which were instrumental in converting tens of thousands of souls ... to Pentecostalism, of course. This man openly prophesied that he would live to see the return of Jesus Christ and that this would be a testimony of the validity of his work. Percy Collet has since died and his ministry has vanished off the Internet. It is nearly impossible to find material on him. Indeed, people come to me asking if they can get copies of his tapes. And, of course, Jesus Christ has not returned. Yet people continue believing His story. Why?

    Indeed, why do people keep on believing the thousands of false prophecies given out by charismatics, great and small, which have not been fulfilled? They never apologise for their mistakes but just keep on prophesying under their 'anointing'. Why? Why don't people renounce them and the false spirit behind them? It is because they are hooked onto a spiritual drug every bit as intoxicating as unlawful sex, occultic powers, money, power, fame, and so on, and they have swallowed the lie that there is nothing better to replace it with. For them Christianity is Pentecostalism. It isn't. Yes, they believe in Christ, just as the Mormons do, but it is Christianity plus - it is Christianity plus (in the case of Mormonism) a bogus priesthood or (in the case of Pentecostalism) a spiritual 'anointing'.

    What is it, then, that is missing? In a word, Yahweh's Torah, Law, or commandments. Please read Psalm 119, and read it carefully, in context, and apart from denominational traditions. And ask yourself, which Law is David speaking about? And then ask yourself what Yah'shua (Jesus) meant in Matthew 5:17-20. The great battle that is going on in the Body of Christ today is between adhering to Yahweh's Law or renouncing it - and, in the case of charismatics, transferring allegiance to that Law to a counterfeit Israelite state in the Middle East whilst remaining lawless themselves. The fact of the matter is, believers are Israel (Rom.11) and Christians are today under New Covenant Torah, not the 'Jews', most of which have no ancestral connection to Abraham in the first place but are descended from a Turkish tribe.

    I was in Oslo several years ago at a large Christian rally. Present was the great Korean charismatic evangelist of the Rhema (prosperity) school who prophesied, to jubilant acclaim, that a great revival would sweep Norway by the end of the year: it never happened. A famous international Argentinian charismatic evangelist said the same: it never happened. Dick Reuben, the Jew-turned-Pentecostal known as 'Red Reuben' for his pithy talking, prophesied the same in Oslo: it never happened. I was there, I heard them, and their prophecies were false. Yet they are getting away with it. Why? Because the people want it to be true. Like the Mormons seeking testimonies that their church is the only true one on the earth, they are seeking vindication of their 'anointing' at all costs even in the face of plain contrary evidence.

    We have to be prepared to swallow our pride and admit we are wrong. We are the losers if we do not. And we have to be willing to forfeit the 'supernatural kick' in place of something a little more mundane and down-to-earth if we truly espouse the truth. The true spiritual gifts, including tongue-speaking, are not for everyone and are given when Yahweh chooses.

    What if someone speaks a true language supernaturally? Is that of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit)? Not necessarily. I have heard an American Mormon speak Dutch fluently. I know a Mormon missionary who spoke Indonesian fluently. Neither knew these languages. And I have heard Satanists speak foreign languages supernaturally too - indeed one SRA victim I knew could speak about 15 languages supernaturally. When she was delivered of her demons, she lost the 'gift'. And then there were those English people from the neo-Islamic occultic group Subud, which I mentioned at the beginning of this essay, who spoke fluent Arabic. Demons know all languages. Most supernatural things can be counterfeited by Satan, including healing and raising the dead. I know people who have been raised from the dead by Satanist High Priests. And this is the point, is it not? Miracles prove nothing. The only thing that actually counts is a changed heart that leads to works of holiness and purity resulting in spontaneous obedience to Torah, the commandments.

    Have I heard genuine tongues? Yes, I have - under the operation of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), as well as stories of the same. A friend of mine recently related this story:

      "Some one told me of a man who went to China for a trip - business I believe. He was on a train and felt moved to give the gospel to two men sitting near him - after they parted he realised he had been speaking in Chinese for a long time to them and yet he did not know a word of Chinese - that sounds more like what tongues are for."

    Have I seen genuine divine healing? Yes, under the operation of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). But I have also seen counterfeits - plenty of them - amongst Catholics, Mormons, Pentecostals and Satanists. Wherever there is a demon there is the possibility of a counterfeit manifestation and miracle.

    I have said it often enough but it bears repeating: what is important - the bottom line - is always TRUTH. And adhering to that truth, once it is found, almost always involves surrendering our demonic toys, however much we love them and have grown accustomed to them. What is a demonic toy? It is a demon-empowered supernatural gift ... or appears to be one. These toys give apparent 'blessings' (such as healing) but there is always a demonic payoff. Nothing demons give is free. Moreover, these false spirits create a solidarity in untruth (lies) of such strength at times that it violently resists the truth, thus putting victims into deeper and deeper spiritual bondage.

    A major battle is being fought in the invisible realm today as Satan aligns his camp of both willing and unwilling followers, corrupting all he can with a view to creating as much confusion as possible. The Body of Christ is fully infiltrated and in chaos, as Christ predicted it would be in the end times, where little true faith is to be found (Mt.24:37; Lk.17:26; etc.). Instead people are following the latest doctrinal fads or miraculous manifestations they can find without checking to see whether they are genuine or not. Western man in particular wants a 'fast food' Gospel that costs him as little as possible.

    Pentecostalism, I have concluded, like Mormonism, is a kind of demonic channeling. Ecstatic tongue-speaking, moreover, seems to be 'acquired' in many ways. My wife was actually taught how to speak in tongues by repetition until she was in the 'spirit' of it and could do it herself. She has long since renounced it and had deliverance. Others acquire it by a laying-on-of-hands and yet others simply by 'believing' and/or being 'near' to some preacher who has this anointing.

    About a year ago I was watching a film of a 'Christian prophet' in Nigeria who had this anointing, and who has made many videos documenting his healing successes, giving this 'anointing' to other ministers. There was no doubt that there was a 'power' in him which acted rather like a magnet, causing those in the vicinity to fall backwards (as when two north poles are put together). It was the same power that the leader of Subud possessed and I still recall the story I was told by his followers in Oxford of the time he was to have been searched at an airport in South America. The customs officers could not get near him because they were repelled by the power in him, so in the end they gave up. It is the same power exercised by Benny Hinn and others that causes people to fall down or slide onto the floor into heaps. It is all counterfeit but millions of Christians are being swallowed up by this end-time delusion because of their thirst for the supernatural.

    Yahweh has clearly stated how He operates:

      "This is the word of Yahweh to Zerubbabel:
      'Not by might nor by power, but by My Ruach (Spirit),'
      Says Yahweh of hosts.
      'Who are you, O great mountain?
      Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain!
      And he shall bring forth the capstone
      With shouts of "Grace, grace to it!" ' "
      Moreover the word of Yahweh came to me, saying:
      "The hands of Zerubbabel
      Have laid the foundation of this temple;
      His hands shall also finish it.
      Then you will know
      That Yahweh of hosts has sent Me to you.
      For who has despised the day of small things?"
      (Zech.4:6-10, NKJV).

    This was the Scripture given by Yahweh to me when the work of NCCG was called into existence. It reminds us to make a clear distinction between 'might and power' and 'Ruach (Spirit)'. Demons operate on the psychic plane, and in 'might and power'. Yahweh works in the Ruach (Spirit). Moreover, we are warned NOT to "despise the day of small things" Satan wants you to think 'big' and 'mighty', but Yahweh says that only He is El (the Mighty One). Satan puffs up the pride of man and would lead him into delusions of grandeur. Only the other day a man from Australia contacted me in desperation after he had met with a charismatic deliverance minister who was out to 'toast demons' - 'demon-toasting' and 'demon-stomping' is Yahweh work, not ours, but is the kind of vanity that fills many charismatics. True deliverance ministry is usually a very quiet affair. We should rather be looking to the plumb-line:

      "For who has despised the day of small things?
      For these seven rejoice to see
      The plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel.
      They are the eyes of Yahweh,
      Which scan to and fro throughout the whole earth"
      (Zech.4:10, NKJV).

    With the plumb-line of Torah in the hand of the High Priest Zerubbabel, who is a type of Christ, we measure the truth to ensure it is entirely vertical and connected to heaven and not of mere horizontal human invention, or a diagonal mixture of the two. Thus correct doctrine is vitally important. In the days of our ignorance Yahweh continues to use us and winks at us, but now we are entering the times of burning where all that is false will be burned up leaving on that which is pure and true. False charismata have to go if the Body - the remnant - is to be purified - "the remnant according to the election of grace" (Rom.11:5).

    This page was created on 6 April 2005
    Last updated on 6 April 2005

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