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    A20. Double Binds and Double Agents

    One of the most successful spies of the Second World War was a British agent who convinced the Germans he was working for them and against the British. His deception was so masterful and the results of the sabotage against his own people so convincing that Adolf Hitler personally awarded him the Iron Cross - the only Englishman ever to earn one. He was, what is called, a double agent.

    In this ministry you soon come to discover that the double agent is one of Satan's favourite devices. It is particularly common amongst the victims Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). A demon is sent in to torture and make life miserable for the victim whilst another one apprears as a benefactor and liberator who drives the 'bad' demon out and brings the suffering and pain caused by the 'bad' one to an 'end'. Thus another demon is actually welcomed with open arms and regarded as a kind of saviour or deliverer. It is, however, a masterful deception.

    In a recent case, the victim was convinced that she was being protected by an angel called Samael who repetedly came to her rescue by driving out pain-giving demons. Samael therefore appeared to her as an angel of light and it was not long before she fell in love with him and began to view him as her husband, even to consummating the relationship. What she didn't know was that Samael was Satan in disguise, using lesser demons to act out a theatrical performance in which the Devil himself appeared as a being of benevolence and kindness. By subtle deception he led the girl unwittingly into what psychologists call the Stockhokm Syndrome where a captor falls in love with an abductor following perceived (but which are only in fact relative) acts of kindness - like giving the victim a piece of bread after starving her for weeks and pretending to be 'going behind the back' of the other kidnappers. This is just a device to win trust and acceptance). In the end, my client accepted the challenge to have Yah'shua (Jesus) identify the true motives of Samael and was shocked to see who he really was.

    This is but another variation of the "good cop/bad cop" deception. Another example would be Wicca vs. Satanism, suppsedly 'good' or 'white' occult vs. 'evil' or 'black' occult - the one a supposedly 'harmless' nature religion and the other a sadistic wicked devil-worshipping cult. But both have the same origin and the same driving forces. The movies set people up into rôle-playing by pitting white magicians against black magicians - the Harry Potter stories are a perfect example. It's a lie - Satan is running both shows.

    It is much the same on the political scene. Satan has infiltrated all political parties. The rival candidates in, for example, the American General Election are, in truth, both Illuminati/Satanist representatives appealing to the electorate by supporting one issue or another. Both Bush and Kerry are from satanic bloodlines. Whoever you elect is a representative of Satan whilst paying lip-service to various good (and sometimes Christian) causes.

    Satan has double agents everywhere infiltrating churches and organisations. He sets his own people against each other in public who are otherwise secret allies. For them it does not matter, for instance, who wins in a general election because they're both on the same side. The play acting is good - the antagonists really do appear to have opposite and clear-cut agendas. It was the same during the Cold War between NATO and the Soviet Union. The leading players were, for the most part (with one or two exceptions), competing Illuminati stooges who simply followed a script. Once the Cold War no longer served the interests of the Illuminati masters, the Iron Curtain 'suddenly' came down and communism was swept away. It appeared that the 'West' had won. In truth only Satan won and the new era of peace which was promised after the end of communist East Europe never came to pass. Instead a new 'scape goat' has entered the scene - fundamentalist Islam - run, of course, by the Illuminati.

    A knowledge of these things is vital to deliverance ministry, and particularly in SRA and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). When Satanists traumatise their victims they establish hierarchies of multiple personalities within that resemble the political structure on the outside world. Demons play the rôle of 'good cop/bad cop' to keep the victims confused and in bondage. 'Good demons' replace the rôle of Yahweh, the true God, and Yah'shua (Jesus) the Deliverer, so that to all intents and purposes they are 'irrelevent' to the victim's life. Indeed, the victim is either told they are weak or dead. Their attention is diverted to a false battle set up by Satan himself - of one set of demons posing as liberators and another as enslavers. Both are in the pay of the same Master, however, and following either gives the same result.

    A long time ago I used to like detective stories and was a fan of Sherlock Holmes. For some reason my interest waned and I focussed on simply getting to know Scripture. Recently I felt inspired to revive my interest in detective stories and murder mysteries and went and purchased the complete set of Agatha Christie's Poirot. At first I couldn't understand why Yahweh would want me to watch what is, in essence, a very worldly series, and I can't stand crime and 'thrillers' anyway. As a Christian I desire only the peace and holiness of the Gospel. Rôle-playing the crimes and criminals was not something I particularly wanted to do, least of all to imagine the process of deception, since such things are abhorrant to disciples of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). But I was soon to discover that the purpose in watching this series was to acquaint myself with satanic techniques which are not very original and tend to be repeats and variations of basic themes. Once you know the basic themes, you know or predict pretty well all the devices he uses.

    I will give you two illustrations, both highly devious, from my ministry. Recently I was working with a victim of SRA and taking the core alter through deliverance. She had successfully completed all-but-one of the essential deliverance prayers, and had exposed a 'good-cop' controlling demon, when another alter - who was programmed to emerge at this particular point of deliverance (Satan knows all about deliverance too and what must be done) - suddenly appeared and praised what I was doing. She claimed to be an ally, invited me to pray for the core alter (who had just been taken in), and seemed supportative in every way. It looked too good to be true, and indeed it was. She was what is called a pre-programmed 'religious alter'

    Religious alters are Christian in almost every respect. This one believed she was totally saved and even claimed to be demon-free. In my experience with SRA/MPD, however, there is no such thing as a demon-free alter. The name of this alter was a further clue and I was at once told by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) that this was a highly demonised alter under the influence of Hecate.

    Now Hecate, as you know, has as one of her functions to imitate the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) by creating a sense of total well-being. She is, in fact, a numbing- and narcotic-demoness who puts aspects of the heart to sleep. She is responsible for the sense of bliss and 'nirvana' which the devotees of various oriental reincarnation cults experience. Now these religious alters are completely sincere - they are not necessarily out to deceive - but they have been totally brainwashed. They can know their scriptures well and even feel a kind of 'love' for 'God'. They honestly believe they are on the right side. In previous cases where Hecate has been identified (and there have been many - she is practically ubiquitous these days) it has come as a great shock to these religious alters to learn that they are not saved. Indeed, it is another case of 'good-cop/bad-cop' - they honestly believe the supernatural experiences they have had are from the God of the Bible, Yahweh-Elohim.

    There are usually several religious alters in SRA victims. They are united by a false, though unifying, theology. They are without exception (that I know of) anti-Torah, anti-Law, and anti-rules. They invariably believe in a 'once saved, always saved' doctrine and their clarion call is 'all you need is love'. Indeed, they exhibit the theologial abberation of millions of modern-day Christians who have been deceived by counterfeit 'Holy Spirits' that have become established through double-binds [1].

    This religious alter had me fooled for a few seconds until I could see what she was being used to do. When I asked her to pray for an in-filling of the true Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) she ignored me. The deliverance session was halted about 90% of the way through. A religious alter had temporarily sabotaged the process.

    Never underestimate Satan's deviousness and subtlety. To become a deliverance minister you have to know about these things, and be subtle yourself but simultaneously harmless as doves (Mt.10:16, KJV; Phil.2:15; Heb.7:26). Understanding the mind of Satan is important. And as I said, there isn't much to learn once you know the basic, recurring thematic techniques.

    One of the most dangerous deliverance ministers is an SRA victim with MPD who is not fully delivered, who possesses saved alters attempting to do deliverance on others. Here Satan uses a similar technique which I will illustrate using another story, also from the last war. In this story, an English woman falls in love with an Irishman who is a German agent. She loves her country but is blinded by her misplaced love, and so she becomes an unwilling recruit in order to save her lover's life from execution. She refuses to harm her own people and thus serve German interests in that way but she does help him escape and, doubtless, to perpetrate further crimes for his masters. Satan often recruits victims in this way too, as we have seen from the Samael story above, exploiting our God-given sense of loyalty by manoeuvering people into a set of circumstances that results in the Stockholm Syndrome.

    And so it was that one SRA victim, whom we helped lead to a partial deliverance, became a self-appointed deliverance minister. The alter in question labours hard to serve Christ to the best of her ability and ministers to other SRA victims with MPD. And there is no doubt that she has done a good service. She is not, however, her own mistress, and a large part of her system remains demonised and in the service of a Satanist coven. Though I had always knows that things were seriously wrong (her anti-Torah stance reminding me of the continuing presence of Hecate, whom I encountered in her many times in her own deliverance), I did not realise how dangerous she was until she appeared in our chat room and started ministering to another SRA victim. She gave excellent advice, demonstrated a clear understanding of many saving principles, and was altogether viewed by those present in a very positive light. What she did not know was that at the same time she was ministering to victims of SRA that other dark alters and/or satanists to whom she was linked by unrevealed soul-ties within, of which she was not conscious, were sending curses our way. It was my wife who picked them up, along with a trainee minister in the room who suddenly became very drained and had to briefly withdraw. My wife recognised what was going on immediately and reported it to me.

    Please understand just how devious Satan can be. Partial deliverance is never enough. Partially delivered SRA victims can be, and are, reprogrammed to do different tasks if they fall into the hands of their original coven and programmers again. I recall distinctly after this particular victim was recaptured by her old coven that Yahweh told me that she would be used by Satan as an infiltrator and double agent. Exploiting the trust of clients gained by the almost totally delivered alters because of their experience and ministry, he would use other cult alters to send curses to those people with whom an open door of trust had been established through the 'delivered' Christian alter. Indeed I know that this particular victim had a cult alter who sent curses out 24 hours a day with unswerving religious, almost monastic, duty.

    This is precisely what has happened. Her demons knew that my wife and I knew what they were about and have carefully kept us apart. Instead, she had an influence on a trainee minister who was asked by her to keep certain 'secrets' and confidences, for reasons that the discerning will readily appreciate, and even told him 'confidentially' that I was 'demon-possessed'. This victim stubbornly refused counsel time and time again to extricate herself from her present circumstances and remained under coven control. The Christian alters did not, however, know this. They believed that the whole system was nearly totally healed and integrated.

    Whoever you are reading this, please understand that I am not writing this to 'attack' any victim but to expose the trickery of the Enemy. He is far more devious than people give him credit for, including and especially Christians. I take no pleasure in writing these things for I know it will simply make me the object of further hostility by those still in bondage and delusion. Understand that you take a major risk in seeking counsel from a partially-delivered SRA victim especially if you are the trusting sort. Every SRA victim has cult alters, who pose as true believers, programmed to deceive Christians . And even when alters meet the resurrected Christ and experience a genuine salvation, Satan is not slow in putting them into a spiritual slumber. It takes only belief in some lies to do that, especially about Torah. The first principle of deliverance ministry is not Love but Truth - Love in Truth. By recruiting and happily accommodating watered-down versions of the Gospel, Satan is able to reimpose spiritual bondage on delivered souls and to make them agents on another level of deception and control. There is no such thing as a full deliverance without Total Truth, just as there is no such thing as a full salvation in Christ without the fruits of that salvation, viz. Torah-obedience. Total Truth very much includes, as a fruit of true salvation and love, obedience to the commandments which is why Satan opposes it so vigorously - our lawlessness is, quite simply, the ground for his own claims, control and continuing abuse. And it is over this issue that this ministry separates itself out from those offering deliverance without Torah-obedience.

    How does Satan maintain this delusion? Quite simply, when SRA victims are programmed by their controllers, key scriptures are paired with certain traumas. This has the perverse effect of disrupting a victim's relationship with Yahweh when she meets such scriptures during her deliverance. Certain scriptures either become a kind of taboo (such as commandment-keeping passages) or twisted (ones especially relating to our relationship with Yahweh).

    Planned fracturing of personalities follows the biblical script except with each concept, trauma is bound to them (like sexual abuse, torture or murder) that leads to demonisation. Almost universal programming involves recreating a type of Trinity system within in which the victim becomes a pantheist, believing she is God in three parts. The core is split two ways into two opposites of 'good' and 'evil' (relatively-speaking, but in 'good-cop/bad-cop' mode). The Luciferian heresy is engrained and the victim believes in the blasphemy that she is the embodiment of self-worship, self-glorification, self-sufficiency and self-empowerment. That is why so many partially delivered victims are so independence-minded and want to do things their 'own way'. And in typical occultic fashion, the 'good' (yin) and 'bad' (yang) parts must be held in perfect balance. Typically, dark alters make the decision to remain in that mode because they believe this is the only way they can 'support' or 'sustain' the work being done by light alters who have accepted salvation because they are still controlled by the Luciferean programming that they must 'balance' the saved alters out in some way. This is, of course, both impossible and ultimately subversive. Even though they may initially have had some sympathy with the saved alters, they are slowly drawn back more fully into the original patterning and serve as 'behind-the-scenes' operatives for Satan, using the light (Christian) alters to serve their ultimate interests.

    Free Masonry and other occultic bodies like the Rosicrucians operate in exactly the same way in the outside world. Those not of the 'inner core' have no idea that an inner raw satanist élite even exists. Those on the outside are involved in charitable work of all kinds and naturally win the confidence of grateful citizens for their masonic hospitals and the like. They believe there are 33 degrees on Masonry and that once you reach the 33rd, you're at the top. In truth, that is simply a border between and inner and outer organisation. Above the 33rd degree are others run by hard-core satanists and Illuminati. The outer structure acts as a perfect cover for their devilish operations, and those on the outside have no idea than anything else exists within their organisation.

    It is the same with SRA/MPD. A partially delivered victim of SRA is exactly like a Masonic Organisation with an outer, saved, benevolent Christian front serving (without their knowledge) the controlling powers of the inner, unsaved and undelivered demonic hosts. The game is winning trust in circles where trust is needed so that subversive activity can take place. In the political world communists and other totalitarian socialists have always ridden into power on the backs of liberals who become the unwitting propagators of revolution. The satanic infestation of the world today is the result of the liberal Hippie revolution of the 1960's. And today, by popularising Wicca, raw Satanism is able to ride the back of public consciousness of these seemingly harmless nature-worshippers. As I said, Satan's tecniques and tactics all follow basic well-tried (and proven) techniques. But sadly uninformed (and usuelly lawless) Christians fall for this deception time and time again. That is why partially delivered SRA victims can often be highly dangerous satanic infiltrators. And the reason they remain only partially-delivered is because they reject the fullness of the Gospel and the requirement to be obedient and submissive - part of the old satanic programming still overrides the whole system of Christian thought, instilling mistrust in those who are commandment-keeping, setting liberal Christians up against conservative ones, etc..

    The reason deliverance ministers must work with the core alter in SRA victims is because the core occupies the rôle of Yahweh Himself in the satanic programming. Once she is converted to Christ - and I mean properly converted, with full Torah-obedience (a sign of true submission to Yahweh) and not just submission to fickle feelings and 'love' (which are easily tampered with and twisted ... unlike Torah which is specific) - the whole system can be reached and the possibility for deception by the kind of infiltration scenario I have described above almost totally removed. The other two parts of this initial 'trinity' are, of course, important too since it is out of them that principally all the other alters derive. Once the core alter realises she is not the 'Great I am' and the 'bad' primary alter realises that she is not doomed to eternal destruction (her demonically assigned rôle) no matter what she does, then deliverance can take place. The twin keys of deliverance remain, however:

    • 1. Faith in Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and His atoning blood;
    • 2. Repatterning lifestyle through obedience to Torah

    Without #2, the false internal programming can simply be readjusted and the Illuminati 'One World Order' structure maintained or varied. Because their families are usually a part of this Order, they often believe they cannot save themselves without their families and so are compulsively led back to their (satanist) parents and siblings with the idea they must save them or they have failed. This is how so many victims wind back in their original covens after having escaped. The truth is they are not Saviours because they are not God. Yahweh takes care of all people in His own time and way.

    This comittment to parents is the result of a wicked double-bind. SRA victims have ungodly soul ties to their parents through sexual abuse which binds and draws them in the same way as husbands and wives are supposed to be drawn and need each other in godly marriage. Double-binding starts at a very young age - a victim might, for instance, be forced to choose to kill a brother or a sister. She has to choose one or the other.

    Getting away from satanist parents or relatives is a #1 priority and victims should under no circumstances try to minister deliverance to them until they have a total and complete deliverance. Another form of common satanist programming is the exploitation of natural God-given virtues. I have been working with Alzheimers for some time now and have seen this technique at work. The Alzheimers client loses short-term memory and as the disease progresses, they recall little more than their childhood. Their one compulsive desire seems always to return home to mother and father. If they are married and have children, spouse and children disappear from their consciousness and are as strangers to them. This is, of course, heart-breaking for the spouse and children. A full article on Alzheimers will appear later but basically the way it works is that lies which are believed by the client cause the truth to be submerged. A form of schizophrenia takes place or partial dissociation like MPD but without full dissociation. Nevertheless a dissociation occurs that looks like a split. If the trauma is great, a full split into alters takes place.

    One client of mine was tricked by a married man into having an affair with her. She did not know he was married and when the truth came out he abandoned her with their child. The shame, pain and sense of rejection caused her to split into two alters, the dark alter holding the original pain which she went into denial over. The dark alter was suppressed and rejected - she behaved as though the event had never taken place, even to forgetting the man's name. Since that time Alzheimers has encroached on her life, a disease caused by demons pinching nerve endings in the brain and thereby causing fogetfulness. This results in physical brain degeneration so that full recovery, short of divine intervention, is virtually impossible. In that respect, it is a horrible disease. The patient becomes increasingly child like in behaviour owing to the denial of the later years, a form of amnisosis or retreat back into the womb. Parts of the patient still have memories of the immediate past and present and there are often lucid moments. The demons, however, try to keep these suppressed. When they are, the demons will not infrequently whisper into the patient's ear and tell her to 'go home to mother and father because they need you urgently' and other such lies (the parents have usually died years before, so the lie is compounded). This is why Alzheimers patients wander so much because their present surroundings are not connected to their suppressed memories or alters. Alzheimers often hear voices or see imaginary people, all theatrics produced by demons. Their suppressed or hidden selves do, of course (in most cases) deeply love their spouses and children and would never wish to hurt them. When in the presence of their spouse, whom they do not recognise, to prevent their system from crashing because of conflicting data, the demons cause them to believe that their spouse is their father or mother by looping them into memories from the past. It is a form of hypnotic masking. Perfectly nice and decent people, including Christians, can thereafter (when they 'get' Alzheimers') literally be transformed from Dr.Hydes into Mr.Jeckells. The demonic purpose is to get unredeemed parts of the personality, whether alters or not, to assume the dominant position by suppressing the redeemed parts who (because that is the usual natural progression of events) were converted to Christ later in life.

    The methodology of subversion in Alzheimers is basically the same as in SRA/MPD. The benefit of receiving Christ early in one's life becomes obvious. Luckily one of my Alzheimers clients was raised a Christian so her nature is basically sweet. Others are not and can be thieving rogues and exploiters of the Christian ones. If you ever get acquainted with people in an Alzheimers Home as I have done you will be surprised how Christian behaviour, cultivated over a lifetime, can slowly degenerate into raw heathenism as all the artificial restraints are bypassed and the soul expresses its essential self. You soon see who are genuinely in Christ and who are not. Alzheimers, in a way, separates out nominal from actual born-again Christians.

    We have but touched the tip of the iceberg where double-binds and double agents are concerned. Doubtless you, the reader, can think of many, many more. It is important to be senssitised to their reality and to learn to spot them as functions of various kinds of abuse. They are exposed by simply asking Yah'shua (Jesus) to shine the light of His truth on them, and to reject and undo through the power of His blood and vows connected to them when their horrible truth is revealed. Then the demons associated with them can be easily expelled.


    [1] A common Pentecostal double-bind fed by demons is that if they let go of ecstatic tongues that they will spiritually die. The true Ruach (Spirit) is, admittedly, very different but is the 'third' way the demons don't want them to know about because it involves Torah-observance. So they choose the ecstatic experience over spiritual deadness and never consider the actual Way.

    This page was created on 1 November 2004
    Last updated on 6 November 2004

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