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    The Chosen Race

    NCW 67, March-April 2000

      "We are assured and know that {God being a partner in their labour}, all things work together and are {fitting into a plan} for good to those who love God and are called according to {his} design and purpose. For those whom He foreknew - of whom He was aware and loved beforehand - He also destined from the beginning (foreordaining them) to be molded into the image of His Son {and share inwardly His likeness}, that He might become the firstborn among many brethren. And those whom He thus foreordained He also called; and those whom He called He also justified - acquitted, made righeous, putting them into right standing with Himself - raising them to a heavenly dignity and condition {state of being}" (Rom.8:28-30. Amp.V).

    Brethren and sisters, I occupy the pulpit today to share with you a message which has been lying on my heart for some time and which I feel disposed and prompted by the Spirit to dispense for it brings together many of the pieces of the Gospel puzzle that many have struggled in vain to assemble. There are many ways to approach this topic so I will simply select one entrance point arbitrarily and allow the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) to do the rest.

    I wonder how many of you have reflected on the circumstances that caused you personally, your parents or friends - or indeed anybody that happens to interest you - to be brought into this world? There are so many people who reflect back on tragic circumstances in their lives who cannot see the hand of God at work. I recently received a letter from a young Christian man who was in love with a girl who he had planned to marry. And then, quite suddenly (for this tends to be the way these things happen) she was killed by a drunk driver in a hit-and-run road accident. This young man came to me for counsel - bitter, broken-hearted and confused. He did what so many people do in this sitiuation by blaming God, even to accusing Him of being a cruel sadist with no heart who took pleasure in his misery.

    Now such a reaction is not uncommon and indeed we may sympathise. I know for a surety that many of us gathered here today have experienced similar tragedies in our lives and cried out from the bottom of our hearts, "Why, O Lord, why?" Thereafter we have a choice, and that choice will fundamentally affect the way we live our lives. We can either accept what happened and trust that the Lord allowed what happened in His wisdom and love for the blessing and benefit of all concerned, or we can first accuse God of being mean-hearted, cruel and uncaring, which thereafter invariably leads to a loss of faith. I know of many people who turned agnostic or atheist after such life-shattering experiences. I believe with all my heart that such made the wrong choice because the fruits lead inevitably to disharmony of soul and great unhappiness.

    In the end, we must make a decision based on faith - not a blind faith, mind you, but an intelligent faith. We must decide whether God is love or hate, and if the latter, whether He actually exists or not.

    I have known many people whose Christian faith became strengthened by such tragedy in their lives. Others, like one of my former employees in Oxford whose small son was killed by a car, who turned into a rabid atheist with a vengeance against all believers. Many don't face the problem, bury it deep within themselves, where it festers and occasionally bursts out in irrational behaviour. The young man who wrote to me a few days ago said that he was losing faith in God but was open to hear if there was anything I could tell him to restore his belief. Though he was heading towards agnosticism very fast he was still humble enough to be teachable and open enough to receive God's love and grace.

    Former President Bush of the USA lost a son. When asked by a journalist whether he had ever been angry with God about his ordeal his reply was no, for he had never even thought of blaming God. He went on to relate how the tragedy had brough him and his wife closer together and strengthened their Christian faith.

    When we are deeply hurting we tend not to think logically. Ironically, it is in such situations, when the heart is an unreliable judge of truth and untruth, that logic can actually best serve us. For the young man who lost his girl friend had had a deep relationship with Christ which had brought him joy and peace. He had received many blessings in His walk with God. Yet in the moment of tragedy and its aftermath all of these things were suddenly forgotten. Suddenly, the God of love, who had proven His love in times past, was no longer the God of love, as though He had never loved him before. I am not saying it is easy to think rationally and clearly, nor am I saying, incidentally, that we should not feel grief at tragedy - what I am saying is that in the midst of storms and trials we do absolutely need to think clearly so as not to lose our cool. Though traditionally we say this kind of character belongs only to great leaders I believe the Word of God is saying the opposite - rather, that the promises of blessedness, happiness and peace belong to the believer so many of what life's situations may bring us because we can rest in the assuredness that such tragedies which, whilst in the short term seem terrible, are in the long term meant to bless not only us but many, many other people as well.

    Some of you in this meeting room have lost spouses either to war, divorce or natural causes. I know you have all suffered dreadfully because of these experiences. You may remember a woman in the New Testament who lost seven husbands (Mk.12:18-23). No sooner had she married than her husband died. Many of us can point to one tragedy in their lives but few can name seven. You will all remember Job's family - he lost all his children in one day - seven sons and three daughters - ten children in all - plus his servants (Job 1). Many lost entire families in the last war. And in all these examples you will find those who became stronger, more loving, and more graceful as a result of their tragic experiences, and those who became bitter and revengeful and who ceased believing in God anymore. And this is still going on today in Kosovo, Bosnia, Chechenya, and in many other places over the world. The difference between the two categories of people boils down to one word: faith.

    Many of you - especially those of you who are young - would rather not face these situations. Many of you will simply say that war is evil and refuse to have anything more to do with the realities of suffering around you. It is not untypical of the young to try and avoid the unpleasant realities of life and instead pretend they don't exist by pursuing a hedonistic life of pleasure-seeking or by ignoring the problems exist. The Hindu religion has found a brilliant solution to the problem: blame a person's misfortunes to bad karma from a past life and leave them to stew in their own misery since interfering with them by helping them in any way is simply to make their karma worse. And so one religion has created a subcontinent of abject poverty and misery where helping one's neighbour out is a sign of interference and weakness and not strength as it is in Christianity. But the fact of the matter is, you youngsters, that no matter how hard you may try to avoid it, you are going to meet tragedy in your lives, either in your own lives or in the lives of others, and you need to be equipped to face it. That is not to say you should not be idelaistic - for Christianity is an idealistic faith - but it is very much to say that you must be realistic. Realism will stare you in the face at some time or another - you will not be able to avoid it unless you choose to deny your heart and corrupt your personality in the process. And in the end he or she who succeeds will be measured not in terms of worldly success in business or marriage but in terms of how he copes with that tragedy. You'll meet it - I guarantee it - for that is one of the reasons you were born into this world. It is why you chose to come here at this time and not choose the easier path of the angelic beings.

    In my opening scripture today I read to you the well known statement of Paul who said that "God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose" (Rom.8:28, NASB). If we want tragedy to work to our good, there are two conditions: (1) we must continue loving God; (2) we must be called. Those who love God and are trusting in Christ for their salvation are, ipso facto, called to serve. If we stop loving God, and if we stop serving our fellow man because of tragedy, then all things cannot work for our good - indeed, they work a destruction in us psychologically, emotionally, physically and, ultimately, spiritually. But it is up to us to choose the path. God has laid down the spiritual law - we must choose whether to obey it or not.

    Put in that way, we see that the only way tragedy can be turned to spiritual victory is by living in God's love. It's really that simple. It would, however, be a mistake to think that the reason we experience tragedy in our lives is some sort of divine punishment if, like Job, we have been seeking to live a life of obedience. If tragedy strikes a good man, then it is for the good. And even if it strikes an evil man it is still, ultimately, for the good. Though that may at first seem incomprehensible to us in the long term - and not necessarily in this life, though often we may gain such an understanding while we live - we will, ultimately understand; and in understanding, we will rejoice, because the moving power behind all circumstances will be seen not just for our individual good but for the collective good also.

    One of two illustrations may help us. The universal flood, destroying millions upon millions of humans, was ultimately for the good, even those on the ark who witnessed the drowning of men, women and children may have wondered as to the justice of it all - especially when it comes to infants. But as I mentioned in my 3 April sermon, the world was corrupted by a hybrid angel-human race called the nephilim which were using bodies not to incarnte God's sons and daughters in the pre-existence but to provide bodies for themselves and for demonic entities who were denied natural incarnation because of their rebellion in heaven. Even nature was corrupted by these 'Watchers' (fallen angels) and their progeny. That global tragedy led to good, because it enabled the birth of the Messiah and the redemption of the world to take place. And, moreover, it allowed us to be born. Had the nephilim succeeded no more humans would have been born and the planet would have been swarming with reincarnated demons.

    But let us move away from cosmic examples to more local ones that affect you and I. Let me take the example of someone who loses a young sweetheart in a fatal accident. Why would the Lord permit duch a thing? Before we start looking at reasons let us be perfectly clear that it is not God who does the taking away of life - rather, He permits Satan to do the killing. Everything that Satan does is by permission only. Were Yahweh not restraining Satan and his angels we would probably all be dead by now, except those who were truly living in Christ and in complete victory. Though Satan and his hosts certainly take evil pleasure in killing and maiming, ultimately God is working Satan's own destruction. ALL things work for the good, even - at the last day - for evil persons.

    It is impossible to always say why a tragedy takes place. Ultimately, only Yahweh knows. Sometimes His prophets get insights into part of the picture but not necessarily the whole. My own existence is owed to the fact of a tragedy - my mother's first husband was killed in the last war. As a result she subsequently met my father - who was divorced from his first wife - and I came into being. Had my mother's first husband not died - a man whom she deeply loved - and had my father's first wife not been unfaithful and not divorced him, I would not exist, nor any of my children. I am sure we have all played around with such scenarios which teach us how complex life is. All we can say for sure is that this was the way Yahweh wanted it and that He wanted it for everyone's sake, including my mother's first husband and my father's first wife. The scale of such divine providence is, moreover, so large that in the ends our minds give up trying to understand how the Omniscient One "arranges" the lives of trillions of people, not to mention all the living creatures, including the humble sparrow.

    Most people who at least have a casual belief in God but who have not thought life's hardest questions through usually think in very limited terms. Something terrible happens to them and like Pavlov's salivating beheaded dog are reflexly shaking fists at God as though they've been hard done by. My sermon today is not for such casual people but for those who sincerely want to have at least some answers to the problems I have raised.

    Let us take my own life story. If you believe in God then you must also believe that He wanted my mother married to my father, her second husband. Since polyandry is contrary to God's law, she could not have been married to both at the same time. Similarly, my father could have married polygynously but since this was culturally not available to him, and since his first wife probably wouldn't have accepted it, he too could not have lived with two women. We cannot, in this scenario, say who will be married to who in the resurrection (assuming you believe in eternal marriage) since we do not know. Yahweh sorts that one all out in the next life. So what of my mother's first husband? What was his part? Was it fair on him (let alone her) having his life cut short?

    To answer such questions we have to ask others lest we find ourself making silly generalisations and coming to conclusions that are obviously man-made and not divine. To begin with, God is not only love but also justice. He is completely fair. Assuming that life on this world is most desirable, then He would naturally provide for that early terminated life to be lived here to the full, with his dearest, at some time. That "some time" is the Millennium for those who have been true. Those cut off in their prime come back to live as mortals and presumably with sweethearts they had lost...assuming they were intended for one another in the first place.

    I make no judgments here, you understand - I am only asking hypothetical questions and suggesting possible answers. Many marriages of this world - the majority, in fact, are not of God. They will all end at death. People fall in love with each other who are hopelessly incompatible because they are not soul mates. Those who are compatible and soul-mates often don't fall in love or find that their mates are married to others. This is not a perfect world. People make mistakes, listening to their passions instead of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). I do not know who my mother's eternal companion is - it could be her first husband, it could be her second, it could be someone she has never met, or she may not have one. This being so, how does God "use" marriages not necessarily of Him? And how does He use the ones which are?

    To begin with, Yahweh has spirit-children who need to incarnate at certain times and in bodies with a specific genetic make-up. Everybody you see around you is where they are supposed to be at any particular time. God foresaw it all, including their every interaction and choice. This incredible complex of mathematical formulae He uses to bring to pass foreordinaed world history, national history, family history, and individual history. Millions of things are happening simultaneously. He even foresaw the meddling of the Watchers and of Satan's hosts. He foreknew every tragedy and every earthly blessing and combined them to ensure the ultimate good of everyone. Before we came to this world we were probably asked whether or not we were willing to place our lives as God's disposal in the cosmic system of things to do with as He saw fit. We were warned it would mean tragedy, loss and unhappiness at times but that these would be compensated for a thousand-fold over in a time and world to come. If we didn't want to run the risk of all this we had the choice of becoming angels, to receive a lesser reward at the end of the day but having our salvation secured provided we did not rebell. How much He told us in advance of what would happen to us I do not know. Whether we knew we would find our soul-mates or not I again do not know. I suppose he must have told us that we might find ourselves in unhappy marriages but that these were only temporary and for a purpose. I believe He did for I have seen in vision my covenants with my first wife in that spiritual world before we came here.

    What of negative circumstances? Many people are born into lives of abject misery in pagan societies that are highly demonised. What of those incarnated in Sodom and Gemorah, for instance? What possible purpose could there have been to be there? Or in the middle of China's Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, or Eskimos in the Arctic? What use is earth life to them or anybody else? There are many Christians who not only have no answers to these questions but who consign such to an eternal hell even without them hearing the Gospel. Yet since Christ commissioned His disciples to take His Gospel to all the world - to every nation, kindred and tongue - we must logically conclude that everybody at some point - whether in this or in another - must have the opportunity to hear the simple Gospel of Salvation and so be delivered. Obviously not everyone will hear it in mortality, so it follows that they must have the opportunity to hear it in the world of spirits, for which purpose Christ visited spirit prison to preach the Gospel who had died in the great flood (1 Pet.3:18-20).

    Yahweh has created trillions of spirits. We existed before we came to this earth and progressed to different degrees. We are born with different skills and gifts - some earned and some given freely by Yahweh's according to His grace - and so we come with different degrees of preparedness and discernment. We are placed in life's circumstances partly according to what we deserve based on previous choices made and partly because of God's sovereign will. I suspect we made the choice to come down here long before the world was even made otherwise most would probably have chosen the easier angelic route! And yet the latter is full of dangers as we know with a third of the heavenly host being lost. It is a fact that some make far better progress here than others, but no matter who you are or in what circsumstances you are born, you are acquiring different skills which will enable you to make an informed choice, one way or the other, either here or in the next world - for or against Christ. I believe we are all brought up to a certain level of awareness that enables us to make a choice for Christ, and it is at that point that Yahweh causes the Gospel to be presented to us to accept or reject as we will. Thus there is purpose in every life situation. This is, I believe, consistent with the revealed love and justice of God in the scriptures.

    I do not believe in luck, randomness, chance, reincarnation, karma, or any other false system used to explain man's situation. I believe there is divine purpose in everything even if that sometimes seems obscure in the extreem. I also believe, moreover - to return to the theme of marriage and procreation - that people marry and are given in marriage to fulfil multiple purposes that may in some cases have little to do with them personally, though circumstances are designed that there is, actually, much purpose for them too. We all have a meaningful job to do. Take Rahab the pagan prostitute from Jericho (Josh.2; 6:22-25; Heb.11:21). Her purpose - or at least one of them - was to ensure the right genes got into the lineage of Christ. Whilst locally in time her purpose was to aid the Israelites in their conquest of the Holy Land and to herself be saved by joining God's covenant people, in the long term it was to ensure that the Messiah could be born. And to do that she needed to marry an Israelite.

    The picture is now getting quite broad. We see numerous forces at play, many of which do not become visible until generations later. My own personal existence may well be to, in part, determine that the right genes get to the right place in several generations' time. Which brings me to a subject that particularly concerns us as New Covenant Christians and the restoration of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, for this is really what I want to talk about today.

    Some three millennia ago the northern Ten Tribes of Israel were taken into captivity by the pagan Assyrians and dispersed throughout their great and terrible empire. In time these Israelites forgot their religion, intermarried with the heathen, and migrated across the surface of the planet, putting roots down in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. The prophecy made to Joseph by his father that "Joseph is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough by a spring; its branches run over a wall" (Gen.49:22, NASB) refer to this global dispersion. Unfortunately, a lot of silly theories advanced by British Israelites and Mormons claiming that they are the lost ten tribes, or at least a part of them, preserved unblemished with their origina identity and separateness, have done much to obscure the truth. For every tribe of the earth - and that includes all 12 Israelite tribes - has mixed with the gentiles to one degree or another. The original 10 tribes as separate peoples are well and truly lost, as are, in fact, most of the Jews, modern Jews being are largely hybrids themselves or not even of Israelite origin at all.

    Having said that, though, let me now state that the Tribes are not genetically lost because God has, over the centuries and millennia, been breeding the Israelites out of their lost state. This has taken a very long time. In fact He has done it in such a brilliant way that when the 12 Tribes are finally regathered they will appear to be of every race under the sun. Yahweh promised Abraham that through his seed every nation of the earth would be blessed. And this is because they would intermarry with every race! The blood of Israel flows through the veins of Africans, Asians, Americans and Europeans. We all have it to differing degrees.

    For three millennia Yahweh has been involved in selective breeding. By careful matching He is ensuring that the blood of the Twelve Tribes becomes purified and the blood of the heathen gentiles becomes eluted out. He specifically causes those who have a preponderance of Isarelite blood to come together in marriage to bring forth seed which in time becomes more and more pure...and more and more Israelite. These Israelites, in their turn, gradually come to recognise the God of Israel because it is in their genes. Yahweh said that he was the "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel)" and He is referred as such many times. I worship this God as most of you do and the fact that we recognise Him and have accepted Him, and His Israelite Son Yah'shua (Jesus) is because we are able to recognise Him. And those who, in the pre-existence, were true are incarnated into bodies here on earth which reflect their trueness. We are where we are supposed to be.

    There are many kinds of Christian on the surface of this planet. There are Christian Churches of every imaginable sort, some more pagan than Christian, and a few quite pure Israelite-Christian. Christians will be attracted to different types of Church based on the manifested Israelite genes in them. We are where we are because of our genetic propensities and choices. Do you see how Yahweh in His infinite love has provided for us? He has allowed the evolutoion of hundrds of different types of Christian denomination and church to minister to His children depending on the amount of Israeliteness in them!

    Everyone who is truly born again of the Spirit - who has genuinely accepted Yah'shua ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) as their Lord and Saviour - are witnessing that they are Israelites to one degree of another. There are many who "convert" to Christianity who have not been born again - they are the nominal or symbolic Christians. In fact, they are probably almost completely Gentile with little or no Israelite blood at all. They are counterfeit Christians - gentiles subconsciously pretending to be Israelites.

    Is this all a fanciful, speculative theory? I don't think so. It explains all the scriptures. For one, Yahweh says that all of Israel will be saved (Rom.11:26). Every one, because every true Israelite recognises His Maker. Now just as every Christian is not necessarily a born-again Christian in the true sense of the world, not every "Israelite" is necessarily a blood descendant of Israel. Alot of genetic mixing took place even before the dispersion of Northern Israel. And your modern Jew is a mixture of practially every race under the sun, most "Jews" being religious converts to Talmudic Judaism rather than being blood descendants of father Judah.

    I believe this is why the most "unlikely" couples are sometimes brought together in marriage, because they have a unique genetic makeup that will allow more and more Israelite genes to become expressed in progeny. I also believe that this is sometimes (though not always) why the Lord permits various marriages to "break up" so that certain gene combinations do not arise. Sometimes gentile spouses have to be 'taken away' by death, dessertion, or adultery to ensure that the Lord's breeding program takes place. I also believe that many agreed beforehand in the pre-existence to do these things in order to fulfil Yahweh's plan. Too often the flesh leads us in the wrong direction - look what happened when Abraham agreed to Sarah giving him Hagar as a concubine. Israelites, the descendants of Isaac, have suffered ever since because of this. And yet the Lord permitted it for a purpose of His own.

    Do not think that I am advocating that the Church should embark on some sort of spiritual eugenics. I do not believe the Lord is ever going to reveal the kind of data that He uses in bringing people together for this would lead to spiritual racisim. He keeps us in the dark about His breeding program, deliberately; we need only respond to His call to marry when that comes and leave Him to deal with the raising up of Israel. Great battles are fought between angels and demons on the pairing of the human species just as Satan tried to destroy the Messianic line before. Today He wants to make sure that the Israelite line is wiped out - that is why Israelites are so badly persecuted and marginalised by the gentile cultures we find ourselves in. We are of a different race - a heavenly race - a race Satan wants to exterminate. He tried to wipe out Judah in the 20th century and he'll probably try to wipe out Ephraim in the 21st.

    Israelites are born rulers. They are a nation set apart to govern this world. This has led to radical Jewish groups who are not necessarily descended from Judah or who are not pure breeds to engage in a conspiracy for world dominion outside the authority of Yahweh. This conspiracy is what has sparked off nazism and anti-semitism in general. Ironically, the persecutors of Judah have often beenby the descendants of EPHRAIM! Yes, the Northern and Southern kingdoms are still at war, envying one another, at each other's throats. This century, however, will see an end to that as true Ephraim and true Judah come together as one united Israel.

    Now the Millennium is going to see Israel governing the gentile nations. Israelites will be found in all the key leadership positions of the nations, sent by Christ to administer the new world order. The gentiles will bow down to them and accept their righteous dictatorship for their rule will be the rule of the King of Righteousness, Yah'shua haMashiach (Jesus Christ). They will accept this gladly until the end of the Millennium. When Satan and his demons are released for the last time from their captivity, they will stir up the envious hearts of the gentiles to rebell against their Israelite overlords, resulting in a bloody worldwide conflagration that leads to the annihilation of this planet and the creation of a new heaven and a new earth. It will be the last of all rebellions. Then, finally, the Creation will rest for ever.

    There is, however, one last dimension to this question of being an Israelite for we have not really asked what an Israelite is. An Israelite is one who has the mind, heart, and flesh of God. He is, in short, an image of Yahweh-in-the-flesh (Gen.1:26), which is His Son Yah'shua (Jesus). Are we not told that we shall be like Him at the last day? We shall indeed - not deity, but of the same earthly substance in its perfect form. We shall think and feel as Yahweh and Yah'shua (Jesus) do. We shall become, like Abraham and David, His friends.

    No amount of selected breeding, however, is going to make a perfect 100% Israelite. There has been too much genetic degereration over the centuries and it would be impossible to get rid of every single gentile gene within the Israelite gene pool. Genes, in any case, recombine and change. Our physical bodies are degenerating and are already dying because of centuries of disease, many diseases actually becoming a part of our genome (genetic makeup). Even in the time of Jacob there was never a "perfect" Israelite which is really more of a spiritual description than a physical one. Isrtael is, if you like, a shadow of Yahweh's makeup Himself.

    Yah'shua (Jesus) was, however, genetically perfect. There wasn't a flaw in His makeup. Though He inherited the same Adam nature as we did, being tempted as we are in every respect (Heb.4:15), His body was (as far as mortal bodies go) genetically flawless. His blood was pure and without blemish, allowing Him to make a perfect and flawless atonement for our sins. As He is in the perfect inage of Yahweh His Father, so we too shall be in the perfect image of the Son.

    However, our flesh - no matter how "Israelite" - is still corrupt...it is decaying, a victim of the second law of thermodynamics - the same problem the nephilim are facing today though they are in a predicament a thousand times worse since they are indulging in artificial genetics...and doing a rotten job at it. So Yahweh has provided an end-time solution to allow those Israelites who have "discovered" themselves to be perfected in the flesh and to receive the literal blood of Yahweh in their veins. He has caused the original Passover Meal to be restored which will, when partaken of by an Israelite, not only give Him the blood of Yahweh so that he may instantly be recognised as a true son or daughter of Yahweh, but also confer upon him immunity from all disease, and much else besides, something that is going to be vitally important as the world is plunged into terrible epidemics. Just as the Isdraelites were protected from the destroying angels in Egypt by the blood on the doorposts of their homes in Goshen, so Yahweh's end-time people - Messianic Israelites - will be protected against the plagues that are shortly to be sent to this wicked witchcraft-infested world to punish them for their flagrant rebellion against Yahweh's laws, by partaking of this special bread and wine.

    This, then, is part of the scenario for gathering latter-day Israel. Moreover, I hope it will explain to many of you in part why there is tragedy. I have not given all of the reasons - there are many spiritual ones too - but there most assuredly is a reason, and the gathering of Israel is one of them.

    Be alert because this New Covenant work will soon receive global exposure. Great things are about to happen. I hope that you will be aware enough to be a part of it.

    May Yah'shua (Jesus) bless you all.

    From a sermon given on 8 April 2000 in Kadesh-biyqah, Sweden

    This page was created on 20 April 2000
    Last updated on 20 April 2000

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