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    A New Terrifying Vision
    25 December 1998 Update

    The latest crisis in the Gulf "ended" last Saturday/Sunday (19/20 December) when the combined US/UK air forces announced that they were ceasing their attacks on Iraqi targets, their objectives having apparently been met.

    My prophetic dream was completely fulfilled, with not only a war based on only aircraft and missiles, but also attacks on four of Saddam Hussein's palaces taking place and the wiley dictator surviving...yet again. But is this war -- started in 1991 -- in fact over?

    My answer is a definite NO! It isn't. At about 9 a.m. on Sunday 20 December 1998 whilst lying in bed I saw 5 visions which I relate below:

      I. It was a desert scene, not entirely flat, with rocks strewn all over the place. I was, it seemed, standing on a slightly elevated area, and on that area, just in front of me, were two ENORMOUS crude rock pillars -- perhaps 100 metres tall -- with a slab of rock connecting and lying on them at the top. The pillars appeared to be made of huge blocks of rock and were partially made by man and partially by nature -- they were broader at the bottom than at the top and were roughly square in cross-section. Out of the desert came long twisting column of thousands of people towards and between these two pillars, looking like mere brown ants in comparsion to the pillars. The vision closed.

      II. I paused to reflect on what I had seen when another vision opened up. I saw myself by the door of my room on the inside only my legs were three or four times as long as usual as though I had been streched or was wearing stilts and long trousers. My legs were apart forming an arch so that anyone entering the room would have to pass between my legs. I appeared to be wearing white. The vision closed.

      III. I paused again to reflect. A third vision opened and I found myself in the ravine of a desert next to a slope which arose to about 50 metres at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Part of the side of the ravine wall was flat and on it was a curious inscription made of thin lines in a pale yellow colour. It looked something like a stylised representation of a boat, like a hollow slice of orange, with a mast-like object in the middle and some unrecognisable lines underneath it, such as is used by the Ecumenical Movement. The image at length disappeared and a small tornado appeared at the top of the ravine and begin to wind its way down the wall towards me, throwing up dust as it went. The vision ended.

      IV. Again, I paused, and a fourth vision opened up. I saw what I recognised to be the roof of a modern airport consisting of concave sheets of metal held up by thin pillars and open to the elements. I have seen this before in pictures -- it is an airport somewhere in the Middle East and probably in Saudi Arabia.

      V. The vision changed, without pause this time, to a fifth vision. It was the desert again only this time I was looking at the base of a HUGE rocket or missile. It was coloured white and was so tall that at least four-fifths of it was hidden in the clouds. Moreover, it was being launched, for steams of flame were pouring out of the rocket motors. The vision ended and I saw no more.

    What do these visions mean? They appear to be connected with other visions that exist in this and parallel New Covenant Christian web sites. Let us take them in sequence.

    I. The first is connected with the revival we are expecting in Norway and which we have had confirmed by a completely independent dream received by a lady in the USA;

    II. The second vision is connected with the first and is about revival;

    III. This vision is in some way connected with the 'Christian' Ecumenical Movement which has recently demanded that TWO states (Israeli and Palestinian) be set up in the Holy Land with Jerusalem becoming a neutral UN-administered city! Bearing in mind that the UN is now completely under the control of New Age forces it is not hard to imagine how such could lead to the building of various religious structures -- a false Jewish Temple and a Roman Catholic Cathedral (with perhaps the Pope moving the Catholic Church's HQ from Rome to Jerusalem) -- on or near the Temple Mount which, in conjunction with the Muslim Dome of the Rock, would serve as a symbol of religious unity and/or unification leading to the prophesied ONE WORLD RELIGION. Scripture says that the Antichrist will declare himself to be God inside the false Jewish Temple. The ecumenical council's declaration may well be the small "tornado" which sets off other processes leading to these apocalyptic events.

    IV. This vision links the other two with the recent attacks on Iraq. Saudi Arabia has supplied the US and UK with facilities in two warns against Iraq now. Vision #4 indicates that whatever happens next will likely occur in the Saudi kingdom.

    V. This is the ominous part -- a GIANT missile which even now is being "launched" but is only partially visible -- something is happening secretly which we know little or nothing about. Or do we?

    Many of our readers may have heard that millionnaire Usam bin Laden has called upon all Muslims world-wide to kill as many Americans and Britons as they can following the attacks on Iraq. History can turn on small hinges as we know -- we need only recall the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria by a Serb assassin which started off Word War I and arguably was responsible for World War II too. What if some misguided Muslim fanatic let off a thermonuclear device or released a biological weapon on some American or British target?

    And what is, following such an attack, the forces that are secretly organising to crush all religions opposed to the New Age goal, decided to use this as an excuse to outlaw and persecute Islam and the other monotheistic religions -- Judaism and Christianity? This is just speculation but these are possible scenarios.

    I do not know what the "missile" being launched on Saudi territory means for sure -- I just have a premonition that the latest clash in Iraq is not over yet. The dictator still lives as do his agents worldwide. The world remains a highly volatile and unstable place.

    Keep your eyes posted on this web site for more developments! And of course, if you have any insights into the visions, please e-mail me.

    Laget: 25. desember, 1998
    Oppdatert: 25. desember, 1998

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