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    Millennium Madness

    or 2000 Reasons NOT to Celebrate the Upcoming Millennium
    by Alan Morrison

    I wonder what you will be doing at 11:59:59 pm on 31st December 1999? Shall I tell you what I'll be doing? I'll be tucked up in bed, snoring away, oblivious to the circus of the world!

    If ever there was a prize piece of mind-control hype it is the so-called "Millennium Celebrations". I have just received a press release from the World Council of Churches news service, ENI, about the rather pathetic "battle" between liberals and evangelicals over how to respond to the Millennium. Apparently one of the causes of this battle is a "Millennium" Resolution which should be recited at the bewitching hour, and it goes like this:

      "Let there be respect for the earth, peace for its people, love in our lives, delight in the good, forgiveness for past wrongs, and from now on a new start."

    Words fail me at the stupendous vacuity of this utterance! This "Resolution" was written by a minister of a United Reformed Church and is being sponsored by the "Churches Together in England" ecumenical organisation. Even more amazingly, we read that "Nicholas Rothon, a Roman Catholic Millennium officer, said: 'Every line in the resolution is undergirded by scripture, and we are providing a leaflet to help Christians to use it as a focus for prayer, reflection and Bible study'".

    Understandably, the evangelicals are very disturbed by this. However, what they are disturbed by is the fact that the Millennium is not Christian enough. Philip Hacking, of the Church of England Reform group said: "The whole Millennium celebration needs to be much more specifically Christian. Even members of other faiths are often surprised that we aren't making more of it. The celebration is falling short. The lowest common denominator approach never works."

    My friends, while I have every sympathy for Philip Hacking's concern, the big problem with this is that the upcoming Millennium is NOT a Christian occasion. For the sake of those of you who are aghast at such a saying I repeat: "the upcoming Millennium is NOT a Christian occasion". Neither can it be commandeered in order to make it become one. It is a PAGAN occasion -- and it is going to be a climax of New World Order spin-doctoring.

    We are told by (mostly Anglican) churchmen that we mustn't let the secular world take over the Millennium, as if it had nothing to do with Christianity. But THE VERY MOST that Philip (and all the other reformers) can hope for is that Christianity will be placed ALONGSIDE the religions of the world as but one expression of many religious faiths. Frankly, I am not willing to settle for anything other than the fact that Christianity is THE ONLY TRUE expression of spirituality. Anything less than that is a compromise. What these reformer guys fail to realise is that the Lord Jesus Christ never came to start a religion or one faith of many. To use the expression "other faiths", as Philip does, is in itself a lowest common denominator phrase, because it implies that Christianity is merely one of many faiths, each with equal validity (although I am aware that Philip does not intend it that way).

    The Millennium Dome -- that vast effigy to the humungous stupidity of man -- which is being built in London, is also the subject of the same controversy. Apparently there is to be, within the Dome, a "Spirit Zone" which will contain a dramatic representation of world religion (including Christianity). So the churchmen are going all out to ensure that the centrepiece of this Zone is Christianity, with all the religions of the world playing a part also. In fact, I understand that there had been a struggle to obtain sufficient funding for this Zone, but that a Hindu millionaire has stepped into the breach to provide the necessary cash to enable it to go ahead. You see, Hindus and Buddhists and Mohameddans have no problem sharing a space with Christ because they believe that he was a prophet/guru/avatar also, just like Krishna, Gautama Buddha and Mohammed. Why should we get sucked into that sort of religious relativity?

    You may say "Well isn't is better for Christianity to be there at all rather than having no presence whatsoever?" To which I reply "NO WAY!" Hinduism and Buddhism are steeped in idolatry (not to mention the hubristic idea that one can become "a Buddha" or divine). The Bible clearly shows that idolatry is inspired and empowered by demons (Lev.17:7; Deut.32:17; 2 Chron.11:15; Psa.106:37; 1 Cor.10:19-20; Rev.9:20). How then can a Christian and Christianity share a platform with religions which are inspired by Satan to deceive the minds of unbelievers? Similarly, the religion of Islam is claimed to have been given by divine revelation to Mohammed, putting him on a par with the Lord Jesus Christ. How can Christianity share a platform with what amounts to a crass attack on the uniqueness of Divine revelation in the Word of God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ as THE Logos? “What fellowship has Christ with Belial? The Spirit Zone in the Millennium zone is an interfaith project and, as such, it is wholly unacceptable for Christians to participate in it.

    There is indeed a religious significance attached to the year 2000, but it has nothing to do with Christianity. The "New Spirituality", "New Age" people have set their sights on the year 2000 as THE date when things can be moved into a higher gear towards their planned evolutionary leap into their new paradigm -- the bringing in of the New Consciousness on a global basis. This isn’t a product of this writer’s overactive imagination; this is theactual date towards which all these organisations, without exception, and on their own admission, are now working. It is the goal of their political/spiritual agenda.

    To demonstrate this, one only has to look at the work of three key organisations: the United Religions Organisation, the United Nations, and the World Council of Churches. There is a "gathering" currently taking place into the great "oneness": the satanic oneness, the greatest delusion of all time -- the fulfilment of all that the fallen angel tried to do at Babel thousands of years ago.

    Look at the invitation to join in the new United Religions Organisation based in Taylor Street, San Francisco. The three main movers in this initiative are Bishop William Swing (Episcopalian C. of E. Diocese of California), Judith Hollister (interfaith Temple of Understanding which was behind the 1993 Chicago Parliament of the World's Religions), and Dr. Robert Muller (former Assistant Secretary-General of the U.N., now head of the U.N. Peace University, San Jose, and well-known channeller and New Age Guru. They have called for the world "to join in a daily link of meditation or prayer for the growth of the United Religions Initiative and the creation of a United Religions BY THE YEAR 2000" [emphasis mine].

    In the publicity documentation for the United Religions Initiative, Bishop Swing says: "We stand on the threshold of a New World Order". But, my friends, there’s no place for true Christianity in that New World Order — in such a global organisation. Indeed, just as is the case with the Millennium Celebrations, if you want to participate in it you will, in effect, have to renounce your faith by permitting it to appear as just one way of many possibilities. Then the ancient religion of Satan (which has its many forms in all the religions of the world) will have its heyday. As the Bhagavad Gita says: "There are many paths up the mountain". The Millennial Celebrations and accomplishments are simply an outworking of that satanically-inspired Hindu worldview.

    The United Nations, too, has a plan which called for a World Conference on Global Governance in 1998 for the purpose of submitting to the world the necessary treaties and agreements for ratification and implementation BY THE YEAR 2000. This manifesto for a one-world government is all in a 410 page report entiled, "Our Global Neighbourhood", published by Oxford University Press. In the U.N., we find that New Age religion and its political counterpart, the New World Order, work hand-in-glove towards a common goal. In the political scene -- working alongside the religious sphere -- the year 2000 carries a vital significance to its programme of planned deception. A careful inspection of the hundreds of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) within the U.N. reveals a plethora of socialist, environmental and New Age organisations.

    The same focus on the year 2000 holds true in the church scene also. (By that I mean the false church scene). The new millennium has become a major focus for the Pope, particularly during the past couple of years. He has declared that THE YEAR 2000 will be a "Great Jubilee" for the Roman Catholic Church.

    The World Alliance of Reformed Churches has also given its support to a proposal for the main Christian traditions to start talks IN THE YEAR 2000 "to settle outstanding differences and take a major step towards church unity".

    This is also the plan of the World Council of Churches. According to Konrad Raiser (Gen. Sec. of the WCC), "the world's main Christian traditions -- the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal churches -- should start preparations IN THE YEAR 2000 for a Universal Church Council to resolve the main issues -- including that of the primacy of the Pope - which divide Christians". On the 29th August 1997, the WCC publicly committed itself to New Age aims for the year 2000.

    ENI reported this as follows:

      “Massive changes affecting society world-wide, including churches, are making it evident that the end of the millennium will mark a change in eras rather than being just a "symbolic" date, according to leading ecumenical theologian, Dr Konrad Raiser (Gen. Sec. of the WCC). Dr. Raiser said: "As we move towards the end of this century and of this millennium, there is a sense that it is more than just a symbolic threshold, that there is something of an epochal change taking place".

    Friends, that is pure New Age "speak". An “epoch” is an “age”. Dr. Raiser, in common with so many liberal "churchmen" and politicians today, has forged his worldview out of theosophy and the New Age rather than the Bible.

    Having read all this, you may think that the present writer is just a crank who is obsessed with the occult and conspiracies (as some of you are only too keen to tell me!), but even if that is true, does it negate the reality of what is clearly building up in the world today? If you think it does then I believe that you've got your head firmly buried in the sand. Open your eyes! The upcoming Millennium is surely a visible landmark in Satan's "little season", and the associated celebrations are an appropriate expression of the powers of darkness operating as angels of light through the religions of the world and the false church.

    So I say, HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MILLENNIUM. Let the pagans do their thing. By all means witness to the uniqueness of Christ in an age of relativity -- proclaim to the world what really happened nearly 2000 years ago. But, whatever you do, don't let the pagans lump Christianity in alongside their offerings, as if it was just one religion of many. The very most that it will and can do is make the way of Christ appear to be on a par with the religions of the world.

    The year 2000 is going to be a global celebration of earth magic and New Age spirituality -- not just by the world but also within the church. That is why, in another press release I have received today, we read that "Australia's churches plan an ecumenical pilgrimage by religious leaders IN THE YEAR 2000 to Uluru -- the gigantic rock that is a focus of Aboriginal spirituality". These things are the tip of the iceberg of a massive apostasy, for which the year 2000 will provide a formidable convergence. The Millennium Celebrations of whatever kind are a part of that apostasy.

    For Christians to partake in the Millennial Celebrations is to be sucked into the satanic agenda, and to allow the powers of darkness to call the shots for the Church. For years churches have been dancing to Satan's tune. Soon they will be playing it too.

    Copyright © 1999 Diakrisis International
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    This page was created on 19 December 1999
    Last updated on 19 December 1999

    Reproduced with permission