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    Revival Imminent
    in the New Covenant
    by Herman Rustad
    Seen on 17 November 1998 at 09:30

    I am standing on the beach of a lake with several others behind me. Without anything telling me to, or any apparent reason, I suddenly shout to people on the other side of the lake: "Lots of fish, come and help us!" Even if I can't see anything, there is great rejoicing on the other beach. People run to prepare themselves. I shout, "Hurry!" They start running into the water which is very shallow between me and the other beach. It is about twelve inches deep. I was afraid this would drive the fish in the wrong direction.

    Suddenly I shout to them, explaining: "There is a net in the water which is keeping the fish in the cove". At the same time a net, without help from anybody, rises up by itself several meters above the water. The net is standing in thin air and is keeping the fish in the cove between me and my unknown friends across the water. The net is held up and steered by invisible hands.

    Next to the net there are several boats. I cannot tell who are in them because I can only make them out as dark shadows. Then, while I see the net standing in the shallow water, I notice that the people from the other beach are running in the right direction -- towards the most shallow part of the water, and at the same time I can see several shoals of many hundreds of fish, heading in to the cove. The water is crystal clear, but the bottom is dark and muddy. (This kind of evenly coloured greyish brown, muddy ground is typical of lakes that are shallow a long way out -- when you step on it your feet sink into the mud).

    By a little bonfire on my beach, there are some transparent glasy/silver-pure, apparently living fish that are surrounded by a heavenly light from above, which is focused only on the fishes and the bonfire. Strangely enough, the fishes seem to thrive perfectly. (I cannot describe these fishes in any other way than as heavenly). Standing there on the beach by the bonfire, they look like small statues made from transparent glass with silvery patterns. These fishes are actually talking to each other, and are apparently the fishes first caught in from this enormous catch and are telling me how wonderful this catch is.

    Where the fish, the net, the boats, the bonfire and the fishes on the beach are coming from, I don't know -- it seems like if everything is coming from nowhere out of the darkness. The hills and the wood around me, and even the beach I am standing on, is in complete darkness, as in the middle of the night, with a black sky, but the shallow cove where all of this is taking place is nevertheless bright as in the middle of the day. It is obviously a sudden event and it is happening fast! The dream ends as I see the fish closed off in the shallow cove, but still in the water. -- Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Translated from Norwegian to English, and drawing made, by Deaconess Jannicke Larsen.

    E-mail us if you would like to send your interpretation! We shall be posting our own interpretation in a few days.

    Comments from Readers

    [1] There is a great 'calling' of the unsaved. Where Christians have been passive and complacent they suddenly 'see' that there are yet many 'fish' called. Though they are excited to 'bring in the sheaves' it is actually the LORD'S (Yahweh's) doing for the net rises up without the help from anybody and it is HIM that is keeping the fish in the cove. The fish are alive on the beach - in fact MORE alive because they've been given NEW LIFE (born again) hence the illuminous appearance from a heavenly light. They are talking excitedly because of the new LIFE they've found. It is dark (the world/sin) and yet we don't know where they are coming from because this is a work of the LORD (Yahweh)! He has called them. It is not by our efforts, it is outside ourselves. "'Many are called...." we have only to bring them in. I believe there is going to be a great move of God (Elohim) where many souls - those who have been called but not reached by 'professing' Christians but are still on the LORD'S (Ya

    Laget: 21. november, 1998
    Oppdatert: 15. mars, 2013

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