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    D12. Janus:
    A Twist to the Freedom of Choice

    by Ruth Johannesen

    Ruth Johannesen is a recent convert to Yah'shua (Jesus) through this ministry. During deliverance we came across the demon Janus and a connected entity called Oith (Iath). This article is a summary of what was learned during this deliverance session.

    Janus is the name of a Roman god represented as two faces looking in opposite directions. He is believed to rule over doors, gates, beginnings and endings. Consequently, he was the god of important beginnings is ones life, such as marriage, birth, harvest time, and also of important transitions, such as that of growing up, of moving to another city. He is also known as Janus Geminus (because of the twin faces) and Bifrons.

    About Bifrons:

    The Forty-sixth Spirit [of the 72 of Solomon] is called Bifrons, or Bifrous, or Bifrovs. He is an Earl, and appeareth in the Form of a Monster; but after a while, at the Command of the Exorcist, he putteth on the shape of a Man. His Office is to make one knowing in Astrology, Geometry, and other Arts and Sciences. He teacheth the Virtues of Precious Stones and Woods. He changeth Dead Bodies, and putteth them in another place; also he lighteth seeming Candles upon the Graves of the Dead. He hath under his Command 6 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, which he will own and submit unto, etc.

    Goetia - S. L. MacGregor Mathers (1904)

    Manifestations: Janus's Rôle in Overcoming Pain and Trauma

    This is the demon of duality, of black and white. Doors, gates and passages show the transition from one place to the other and the demon can see into past and future at the same time. He is the demon that splits personalities in SRA victims. After they are subjected to extreme physical and emotional trauma, they are forced to choose between two choices, one dark and one counterfeit light, neither of which has any truth in it. The victim must sway back and forth and his/her personality is torn apart eventually.

    The personality splitting applies to everyone almost, not only SRA victims, although it is very much milder. After small and great disappointments, people tend to make radical decisions about the future, so that they will not repeat their mistakes. If this is all done without Yahshuas help, the demonic will take control over it because that is exactly what they want in order to take control of us: change ourselves for the worst.

    To develop this further, Janus is evolving eventually to chaos itself, by multiple changes/splits one on top of the other. Even if you are not an SRA victim, the process of changing over and over again leaves behind loads of emotional ruins which one tries to forget when they start haunting you.

    The Changing Process

    As Janus sees both our past and our future, he only lets us see images selectively so one forms a distorted image about both past and future. One of his slyest tricks is that confusion exactly, which will not let you follow the trails of thought it does not want to follow. People who tend to rationalise and try to find reason behind all this will have a hard time dealing with it, because reason itself is manipulated.

    More specifically, one begins imagining what the future would be like if he changed things about his past, and this process is control by Janus also. Finally the victim is given a choice between the past he has and the new past hes imagining. Both images are false, because the image of his existing past is altered and the new past (i.e. what it would be like if things were not as they were) is pure speculation. Then the victim considers that future, and there is another choice between the distorted future as Janus presents it and the new future, as the victim pictures it.

    Whatever the choice, the victim has lost the battle. There is more than one reason for that: First of all, any choice offered by the demonic cannot be for the better. Secondly, there is no truth anywhere, so one shifts from one lie to the other. Thirdly, changing oneself is a painful process in itself, so the victim will toss more of his emotional health to the fire to change supposedly for the better. The result is that the victim will be split between the new self, which is all created and based on lies, and the old self which is painful as it is.

    All this internal suffering as a process of changing looks quite natural to onlookers as everyone declares that people change and most people admit that changing is sometimes painful but it is worth it. However, even if one detaches the whole argument from Yahweh and demons, nature teaches as that whatever is painful is usually harmful. If you try to stretch a muscle too much it will start giving you pain before it gets damaged, and the deeper a wound is the more it hurts. Indeed, changing as described above is like opening an already existing wound even more.

    Here is how I used to experience anxiety attacks when I was going through depression:

      First I felt as if my chest was very heavy and something was close to choking me. Because of that, I could not eat at all for a whole day sometimes. When it was tired of carrying this weight in me, I decided a good idea would be to cry it away. So I went to a quiet place and sat down thinking what might have caused all this despair and pain. I was looking into my past, and I could only think of the most painful moments I have ever experienced and as I was sinking further into despair, I was getting closer and closer to tears. At this moment it seemed like something else was feeling what I was feeling, that even though I was isolated I was not alone and my despair was such that any presence, demonic or not, would be very welcome. I opened my hand in front of me and I visualized a glowing little sphere, like a shining levitating golf-ball. This was female, because it told me, in a womans voice, I understand your pain. Feel your pain. At that cue I started weeping bitterly and violently, as if someone who understood what I was going through was holding me in their arms. As I went on weeping, it felt as if my soul was being ripped apart: It was not letting go of the pain, it was submitting to it as much as possible. What made me stop weeping was the feeling that I was one step away from madness, that if I let myself fall a little more, something would break in me, some part of me would be destroyed.

    At the end of that there is only chaos, there is madness.

    Numerical Aspect

    Janus is the demon that offers two impossible choices and forces you to pick between them. Indeed, one sees in the numerical aspect of his, number 8. This was presented during deliverance as Oith, which means eight in Welsh. The numerical aspect backs up the rest of the evidence in three ways:

    1. 8 = 7+1. That means 8 is the number of new beginning, another step (1) after a full circle (7)
    2. 8 = 2x2x2 = 23. This focuses upon the great evil this demon does. It is splitting in two, upon splitting, upon splitting: 3 times of the same number always indicates the infinity of what the number symbolises (same way as 6 symbolises imperfection and 666 symbolises Satan, i.e. the infinity of imperfection).
    3. 8 is similar to the symbol of the infinite: . This indicates the chaos Janus creates eventually.

    Janus and Faith in Yahweh

    Janus can be a great threat to ones faith itself in Yahweh. He promotes salvation by self-effort by using the free agency that was granted to us by Yahweh to support his side. This is the same technique that was used on Eve in order for her to taste the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. What is very important to understand is that considering the choice itself is enough to make you deviate from Yahshua's Path. That is because considering abandoning the Path is in itself lack of trust - it is spiritual adultery. And lack of trust is the first step to damnation.

    The problem with us humans is that we forget so often. Even after some of us are presented with indisputable evidence that we are walking on the right Path, that the way of life in Yahshua is the right way, we tend to forget. And sadly, it is not that evidence and the knowledge that we forget but the feelings: we shut our hearts to the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). Before all understanding there is emotion. After we forget what it is like to have Yahshua in our hearts we start considering, like Eve did, Is this God for real?. The questioning itself, making comparisons, listlessness, always looking for something supposedly better forgetting one has already found exactly what one needs, are the first steps to a downfall.

    Indeed, even angels forget. Satan himself forgot how mighty Yahweh is before he decided to go his own way.

    Some might ask, why are we given free agency anyway, since it is causing all this trouble? The answer is simple: there is no value in forced love. Yahweh rejoices in us loving Him because we choose to and the only way for us to be happy is to rejoice in Him.

    Month January and the New Year

    Here is the beginning of a sermon by Christopher C. Warren titled The Malady of Spiritual Idolatry which covers this point perfectly:

      Last night people in Scandinavia were up until midnight, partied, had a firework display, and generally enjoyed themselves as only the world knows how. What almost everyone didn't know, however, is that 1 January is a Druidic Feast Day and a high Satanic Day on which human victims, usually between the ages of 15 and 33, are sacrificially offered to Satan. The fact that the world celebrates the 'new year' on 1 January is not therefore a coincidence - the enemy of our souls has ensured that the world, totally ignorant of demonic agendas, is mindlessly celebrating that which they do not know. Indeed, without knowing it, they are participating in great evil. For those of us who know the truth, this is just another ordinary day. Yahweh has His own calendar and His New Year begins in the Spring, not in the height of winter. And for those of you who may be wondering if the secular 'new year' has a name, it has: it is called Janus, named after the two-faced Roman god of the gateways or 'janitor', also known as the two-faced Jupiter, one of the names of the devil. This, brethren and sisters, is known as 'Satan's Day', the reverse side of the double-face being known as Jana. This androgynous 'god' derives from an even older tradition, to the pagan demoness 'goddess', 'she who looks backward and forward', 1 January being her festival. In mediaeval Naples, the word for a witch was not the usual Italian strega but 'janara', the demoness spirit of January. Indeed, that is where we get our word 'january' from. The Roman Catholics created the mythical 'St.Januarius' at ... yes, Naples.

      Brethren and sisters, Yahweh has established one divine calendar, for all time, in which we are to celebrate the changes of the seasons. Satan has his counterfeit which glorifies him. We have all, at one time, been fooled by it, but those who love Yahweh are repenting and changing their ways. For us, then, 1 January is just an ordinary day, but for the enemy of all of us, is a time of great evil. For many of those we are caring for, coming out of Satanism, this is a day they have long dreaded. For those who have been delivered, it is a day we have turned our backs on. We want nothing to do with Janus and other pagan idolatries. Yahweh is generous, merciful and forgiving with us in the days of our ignorance, but once we know the truth, we are without excuse if we do not change our ways. I am at least glad that today is a Sabbath, and so I hope all of you will join with me in giving this day to Yahweh to whom it rightly belongs.

    The way out

    Climbing the ladder of life has only one way, not two. The way is upwards and every step of it must be joy because every step is a liberation from the bottom if the ladder. One must trust that the next step will be firm and sure and relax as he does this, because the ladder itself is Yahweh and the way he offers us is sure and secure. So trust Him that He will save you and those you love, because He is the Lord of this creation and no demon, no army, great or small, stands a chance against Him.

    Also see, New Year's Day and Cognitive Dissonance.

    This page was created on 27 July 2005
    Last updated on 27 July 2005

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