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    The Emerging Horror of the Illuminist

    by Stan and Holly Deo

    Do you ever wonder occasionally if we're not living a nightmare? Suppose only 10% of the information floating around the Internet these days is true, it would be enough to scare the socks of a person.

    Growing up in Missouri, life was pretty average, even good. We lived in the same modest, but comfortable 1600 square ft. house since 1959. Our middle class family hung the flag on national holidays, went to church, took occasional vacations. There were no blacks in high school, no racial tensions. Even in college, trouble happened 'elsewhere'. We saw no poverty unless in the inner city, 30 minutes away by freeway. There was no crime in our suburb - ever. Parents worked hard and I was one of the lucky ones. Mom was always there when I got home from school. Because she didn't work outside the home generating a second income, sometimes meals were S.O.S., Spam (yuck to this day!), boiled chicken or burgers. On the rare occasion we ate steak, two T-bones were split among four people. Dad worked all his years for GSA (Government Services Agencies) after serving in WWII and the Korean War until his retirement as Chief of the region. Mom and Dad's marriage lasted 42 years until his death in 1984. Life was normal.

    People in the neighborhood pretty much kept their noses clean except for one girl the next street over who became pregnant and one girl down the street who had a reputation for being loose. Drugs were rampant in high school and some kids wound up dead or their brains floating somewhere in ether space. When girls became pregnant, nobody got an abortion. Eventually Missouri's "Blue Law" was repealed and retail stores grudgingly opened on Sundays. Kids and working moms loved it. Gone was the "day of rest". Life rolled on.

    Now 25 years later, looking back at those growing up years, it doesn't even feel like we are on the same planet. Are we? Stan's reality as a kid was both similar, yet different. He was the oldest of five kids also from a middle class family. His Mom stayed at home to raise the children. Gussie was a successful mother. Out of Stan's four siblings, one is a doctor in Washington, one does missionary work and teaches in China, one is an electronics expert in Texas and his sister is a youth paster's wife. Thankfully, his parents are alive today sharing a 56 year long marriage.

    Despite modest means, the family income allowed a black nanny whom Stan adored. Though there were certainly racial tensions in the South, Stan was fairly oblivious to it all. He too, escaped the drug scene and instead, had his eye set on the moon to become a "rocket jockey".

    Stan's dad served in WWII in the Army Air Force. He had various interests including oil recovery technology and a publishing business. The family was, and still is, deeply patriotic and very involved in church work.

    This is where our similarities diverge.

    It must not have been until 1994 that I even heard the term Illuminati. Not only did Stan grow up hearing it, but his family fought them since the 1950's forward. They published books warning of the New World Order's intentions exposing their long-ranging plans for the globe and particularly, America, and campaigned strongly against candidates in its corner. Stan's family knew of illegal deeds going on in politics that helped get Lyndon B. Johnson elected. His family devoted much of their resources and time to help wake up America. Few listened.

    During Stan's training at USAFA, certain exceptionally bright cadets were subjected, unknowingly, to mind control experiments. Stan was one of these cadets. Through a series of events that led to his eventual move to Australia, the Illuminati tried to recruit his bright mind for their plans. But this is getting ahead of the story.

    When Stan worked in Texas in the late 60's, he participated in discussions where clearly "numbering" technology was the topic. There were debates where to place the laser mark (not visible in normal light). It would need to be easily scanned and on a place not likely to be amputated like a hand. Placement was considered most strongly for the forehead. It had to be low enough to accommodate turbans, but high enough to circumvent beards and veils.

    Going cashless made sense. The now-familiar arguments used 30+ years ago were that it would eliminate money laundering, balancing checkbooks, illegal drug transactions, theft of pension checks from people's mailboxes and so on. One central monitoring system would oversee everything, but who would see that that system was kept honest? In 1968, the Illuminati already had over 160 IBM mainframes hooked up globally to handle enormous amounts of financial transactions at an individual level. These computers were all in protected sites with no windows and had underground emergency housing and food lasting 60 days for the staff. Stan visited one of these sites. On the surface it made sense, but then again, this was before Stan became a Believer.

    Back to the Illuminati. Stan came to Australia in 1971, presumably to work on advanced propulsion systems, his first love. However, this bright mind also worked in other technology, technology that would make power and energy at very low costs to the consumer. Stan wanted this information to be freely available to the public which was at cross-purposes to NWO plans. Energy and control of same is at the heart of the NWO order and here Stan openly suggested it be shared with the world. Oops! Faux pas alert! Major blunder! Eyebrows raised and a screaming silence descended. Very smoothly during this extremely posh luncheon at the Melbourne Club where decades-long world chess moves were discussed and planned, the conversation switched to benign topics of fishing and vacations. The group meeting rapidly became politely innocuous and Stan was, thankfully, shut out.

    It wasn't until later, when his life was quietly threatened, that he realized the extent of what he had been privy to. Much of this Stan wrote about in his first book, Cosmic Conspiracy. When he first began sharing information about what was really going on in the world and how it fit Biblically, I was torn between memories of a safe, happy, secure childhood and a very comfortable adulthood in America, and knowing that Stan's honesty and integrity are second to none. This set up a lot of conflict and as a result, some serious thinking took place.

    In view of scripture and Bible prophecy, these events take on more reality. A lot of the conspiracy theory information we put down to junk circulated on the Net for the sake of drama or disinformation. Frankly, a lot of it still gets put in that bin. However, in light of world events, the evidence seems indisputable for much, but not all, unpleasantness we may be facing.


    Do you remember your reactions when first reading about the death camps supposedly being built in America and the "red" and "blue" extermination lists for people refusing to go along with the NWO plans? Frankly, it takes my breath away to even think such things could exist. Do you remember feeling disbelief when reading about 120 cities in America as possible targets for NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) attacks? Again the initial reaction was to put it down to patriot, right-wing extremist, terror-inspiring, "us-against-the-government" propaganda.

    However, to see these same groups be the FIRST ones to leak information about mock testing to be done in American cities and then to read about it actually going on in Denver, Portsmouth, NH and Washington, DC, makes one's head jerk. The Federal government has invested $3.5 million in this project so they must have cause for concern.


    This last week in the newspapers we read that the US main worries for terrorism center around Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and North Korea. With goofballs like Osama bin Laden, Quadafi, Saddam, to name a few, we have reason to worry.

    There are more rumblings about Mexico and the thousands of illegals streaming across U.S. borders. One can hardly blame Mexicans and Latin Americans for wanting a better life in the rich country to their North. However the argument is worthy that we, the taxpayers, pay for their schooling and services. More and more frequently we read of border tensions between Mexico and the US with the accusation that the Border Patrol is not doing their job. Or are they not allowed to do their job? The situation is becoming so severe that 250 additional immigration officers have been placed along Arizona's conflicted border this last week. (http://news.excite.com/news/r/000516/10/mexico-border-usa)

    This doesn't help the area along Texan borders where an unarmed Mexican, 23, stopping at an American's house in search of water and was shot to death by a frightened 74-year-old male.

    "Nearly nine out of 10 of Kinney County's (Texas) permanent residents are Anglo, but they are met by a constant flow of Mexican and Central American immigrants, according to (Judge) Senne. Though the immigrants have always come through, the numbers have increased dramatically in the past few years, he said.

    The immigrants often come through hungry and thirsty, and they will break into unattended homes or ranch buildings to look for food, the judge said. Still, Senne said people who have lived in the area take it in stride.

    "Nobody likes to have their property stolen, but you just learn to adjust to it," he said."

    These tensions are now front page news in Mexico. Think things aren't starting to boil?



    Next on the agenda is Russia and Putin with his cold, black eyes. Looking at him and knowing of his KGB background does nothing for our comfort level. Two weeks ago, Putin stated he wanted to sign up all men ages 15 and over for military service. The atrocities in Chechnya should give clear indication that he has little regard for humanity. According to Bill Koenig's http://www.watch.org/articles.html most recent newsletter, Russia is making a new type of nuclear missile outside of the existing agreement he has with the U.S. Regardless of the 60 Minutes segment a month ago where Russia and the U.S. played a game of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" for our respective defense systems, it left an uneasy taste in the viewer's mouth.

    People think Russian/American relations are compatible especially when Russia tried their foray into capitalism. It flopped in a big way which only distanced relations. Despite these attempts at western ways, we often lose sight of the Communist Doctrine which is world domination at any cost and no matter how long it takes. Putin is more "old guard" Communist than any more of its recent leaders. Does this sound like a country anticipating peaceful times ahead?

    Ezekiel 38 and 39 speak of Gog and Magog and the coming invasion of Russia against Israel. With Israel and America as allies, they only way the US would allow this to happen is to be so thinly scattered in conflict throughout the rest of the world or that she were no longer a world power. Stop and think what this implies. . .


    While China/Taiwan's tensions may have eased a bit, China's fur is again ruffled. China warned recently that the "U.S. plans to deploy a national missile defense system will prompt Beijing to expand its own nuclear arsenal".

    "Russia, too, has warned that U.S. deployment of a missile defense system is unacceptable, and that Moscow won't renegotiate the 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty, which forbids the deployment of further defensive systems by either side. While China is concerned that even the proposed 100 interceptor missiles based in Alaska would neutralize its nuclear capability, Russia fears that even though its existing fleet could easily overwhelm the initial deployment, this would simply be a stage toward developing the full-blown nuclear umbrella proposed by President Reagan during the "Star Wars" years."

    And, indeed, that's the way many conservative Republicans see it, too. Both Moscow and Beijing have warned that their primary response to the proposed shield against "rogue" missiles will be to expand their own missile fleets, and they've also got their scientists huddling together to figure out ways of beating the U.S. interceptor system (which, by all accounts, isn't exactly difficult right now, since the system has yet to prove itself able to trump even the most basic decoys and countermeasures used by an incoming missile)."


    Who else but China with a population of 1,246,871,951 (July 1999 est.) could raise a 200,000,000 strong Army with 68% of the population falling into the 15-64 year group. Of this group, males comprise 435,047,915. Possibly India could fill the bill with its one billionth person born last week.


    To add a little more interest to the equation, now China is building a weather modification machine (http://www.newsmax.com/uk/archives/articles/?a=2000/5/16/ 52812 ) Ostensibly this is for making artificial rain and snow, but like most things, in the wrong hands the potential for disaster is limitless. Add in Russia's same technology dating back at least 25 years and HAARP, some of these conspiracy theories look more like fact.

    More conspiracy for you? Look at the on-going debate of chemtrails. One of the best discussions heard to date was a recent interview of Will Thomas on Jeff Rense's Sightings (http://www.broadcast.com/shows/endoftheline/00archives.html). Instead of people arguing whether this chemical is used as weather modification or bacterial contaminations, evidence concludes there are two types of spraying. Too many people are exhibiting 'flu-like symptoms to ignore the data. 'Flu does not last three months and beyond.

    While Stan and I have not experienced this event first hand, we have two sets of personal friends in Western Australia and Christian friends in America who have.

    If you're not up to speed on the chemtrail issue, read his web site http://www.islandnet.com/~wilco/. Mr. Thomas is a journalist who was contacted by ENS (Environmental News Service) to investigate this phenomena in January 1998. At that time, no one knew what the fallout would be. No pun intended.


    When you read the last message below, it might tweak a familiar memory chord from scripture speaking of the prophesied persecutions of Christians and Jews. Stan and I have not seen these Americans camps though others have purported to have done so. One does not have to stretch his or her mind back too far to remember the Jews in Nazi Germany. We also keep in mind that by taking photos of a facility and saying it is such a camp does not make it so, but taken in context of the Antichrist and what he has in store for us, especially for those who refuse the numbering, it is quite possible.

    It is one thing for some folks to read the Bible and understand what it teaches. It is another case - sometimes, for others - to integrate this into reality especially when reality has meant living a pretty nice life. It is admitting and accepting life as you know it will change radically - soon. Sometimes it is very hard to mesh these events into real life. We're all so busy.

    The important thing to remember is to strengthen your relationship with the Lord immediately. It will be your protection in the Tribulation to come. Don't dillydally in favor of going off to a baseball game or the latest movie release. Make it a priority. Instead of relying on others to give you an inside view of scripture, get intimate with God's word. Internalize it. Know the signs of the Lord's Glorious Appearing, the coming deception, if you're right with God. If someone has only a passing familiarity with the Bible and says to you, "Jesus is over there. Let me take you to Him," you would know this is a false christ. When the Messiah comes for us, He will be seen by all. You won't have to go anywhere. This won't be some local magic show. Every living being will know of His coming! This is just one piece of information one should know to avoid pitfalls.

      "Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together" (Matt.24:23-28).

    Viewing world events, it does seem that the final act is only waiting for the rest of the players to show up, nothing more. Pray daily. Read the Bible and fellowship with other like-minded Christians. Develop dependence and trust on the Lord. Build those supports now when we are only at the brink of crisis, not in it.

    In His service,

    Stan and Holly



    We live in strange times. Suffice it to say I am a captain (not my actual rank, but at least that) in the National Guard; but I can't tell you which state, as that information surely will be the quick road to my demise. I have faithfully served my country in Desert Storm and Panama, both events having nothing to do with the National Security safety of this Great Country of ours.

    My wife has the same disease I have, and the doctors are still telling me I have the 'flu. Does a 'flu last eight years? We'll get to that later. We both are under the age of forty, but we no longer look young.

    Nothing can change my mind that my superiors-so-called officers and gentlemen have murdered us. One of my duties requires me to train through rotation with other units, the ongoing guard staff of various clandestine Prisons many Americans that over-sight committees do not know exist. These prisons, or "camps" as we call them, were built for no other purpose than for the common American taxpayer. I know. I helped build three of them.

    Somewhere along the way, I have lost my soul in the process. I know for a fact that this government of ours plans to turn America into a wasteland of proportions that stagger any imagination. It is the Pentagon and Wall Street's ambition to create no less than a slave state by the year 2001. They will do it too-with the media's help-because in many ways, they have already succeeded in destroying our civil liberties and making the middle-class an ancient idea.

    How can I say these things? From where do I speak? A few years ago, I was called to a meeting in Fort Mead to join the augmenting of a unit which would report directly to FEMA in the event of national disaster. Did we discuss earthquakes, tornadoes, or flooding? Not on your life. After obtaining several new written security clearances and after having signed no less than eleven documents-all giving away my life and liberty should I ever speak out-I was let in on the following plan.

    Before giving out the structure of this plan, I beg anyone who reads this document to share with as many people as possible what I consider our last, best chance to reverse the horrible course this country is going to take very soon. The outline is as I remember it, as everything was verbal-nothing was ever written down.

    Troop movements, orders, and materiel was all c oded with words that meant something other than what they were. For example, if we needed 150 new prison cells, we didn't call them prison cells. They became "Cfood units, CIV". Given a code sheet, we could then interpret and act upon any written order. Most were email in our net and were to be destroyed once the order was carried out. This was routine policy and is still in effect today.

      1. Establish a network of prisons to deal with the estimated twenty million Americans who will not go along with the New America. This new country will no longer resemble the USA we all grew up in. It will be a dictatorship with institutionalized and mandated slave labor.
      2. Schools will no longer teach actual history. The schools of the future will mainly be warehouses for the young. They will teach the party system: that family is dead, and that work is good. Discovering this point made me so violently ill I became incontinent.
      3. Voting will be suspended. Many of us already know that the American vote is a sham. Officers above the rank of Major are well aware of who gives the orders in this country. Not the White House, but the CIA. The White House and its changing occupant are merely the visible servant of something much darker and the Presidents sole purpose is to create laws which lower real income, create war states, and keep the military machine running with ever-expanding budgets. I know. I was there at many meetings where foreign policy was dictated by four-star generals.
      4. Gun owners will have their guns taken, by force if necessary, before many of the plans points are made operational.
      5. The enforcers of the plan will be NATO and UN forces working in cooperation with the US Military and headed by the product from the Intel groups and FEMA.
      6. Use the lists compiled by the FBI and NSA and round up all those men and women who have ever showed any inkling whatsoever in the constitution on civil rights. This especially includes gun-owners and religious persons.
      7. Using lists obtained from grocery stores and banks, individuals with income spent in stockpiling of goods will also be rounded up and their property absconded.
      8. The Teachings of Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam will be considered anti-American. Pastors, preachers, and holy men and women are to be rounded up for "re-education."
      9. The establishment of work colonies and the takeover of the media by the Pentagon.
      10. Free trade of stocks will be frozen and the assets of many individuals outright taken away.
      11. The creation of mass crematoriums in Arizona, Texas, and Washington. The dead will no longer be buried, but will be sent to a place where they will be "cleansed."
      12. The creation of a national police force with complete power. This point, as with many others, has already occurred and the force is now 80% operational.

    Friends, there is little more than I can say, except to give you my promise that I will constantly provide as much facts as possible to lead you to the truth. You want camp locations? I'll get them out. You want dates and places, I'll get them too.

    God help us in our time of need.

    Endnote: We leave it up to our readers to prayerfully consider or determine the truthfulness of all the statements made in this article, Please note that anti-NWO websites get hounded off the Internet so many links may no longer be operational. If you want NWO resourse materials, you should save the articles as a while rather than just URLs. [NCCG.ORG editor]

    This page was created on 12 June 2000
    Last updated on 12 June 2000

    Endnote Copyright © 1987-2007 NCCG - All Rights Reserved