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    A41. The Demonic
    System of Unforgiveness

    The following revelation was given to me by Yahweh in the form of a prophetic dream. It lasted for many, many hours and revealed clearly to me one of the most common human conditions and one of Satan's most common weapons against us. I am in awe of the magnitude not only of the deception but also of the bondage that the demonic hosts have devised with which to enslave mankind. This experienced followed a deliverance session I had the day before with a young and dedicated believer. More than that, though, was the fact that it was the same pattern I have seen again and again in so many people, and very typically SRA victims, those suffering from schizophrenia, and a multitide of other conditions.

    First some background to the revelation. As a deliverance minister I work day in and day out with people having demonic problems. I have been doing it now for the last four years but of late I have begun to feel frustrated and overwhelmed - frustrated because people seem to fall into the same trap over and over again, and overwhelmed because working with the demonic is a very depressing experience. I had reached the point where I was so sickened by what I was experiencing as I was working with demonised people that I just wanted to run - to quit the ministry forever. Little did I realise that Yahweh was allowing me to enter into these people's world so that I could see and understand what exactly was going on.

    The dream began in a very strange world - strange inasmuch as it was 'unnatural' and unhuman. It was dull, vast, lonely, desolate. But it was not devoid of life. Throughout the dream I was with my wife who is also a deliverance minister. She had been working with another client whom I had asked her to take over as I was just being overhelmed by this sense of gloom as I saw the same pattern of darkness surfacing again in a never ending stream of blindness and self-contradiction - I just had to run again and get my mind onto something else. We had both gone to bed very much in the same 'spirit' of despair over the people we had been working with, seeing clearly their problems but unable to reach them no matter how carefully and intricately we explained things to them. For when you are in an illusion you are blind, and the only way a blind person can see is by having their sight restored to them, and the only way their sight can be restored to them is through faith in Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).

    There I was in my dream in this huge expanse. Behind a very tall metal fence, probably the height of about 10 persons, was this dull looking city consisting of one vast building. It was well guarded and looked like a giant warehouse. Curious as to what it was, I started climbing the fence on the outside to peer in. Naturally in so doing I alerted the guards and they were onto me in no time and yet simultaneously they seemed rather lazy and indifferent, which surprised me. In order not to be taken into custody I lied to them, telling them I wanted to report six men who were trying to get into the compound, but for some reason they were not that interested. These guards were, it would seem, half asleep, perhaps weary from their job, I cannot say. What was important, however, was that in climbing the fence I was able to peer in and 'see' what was going on. It was not a visual understanding I obtained but a conceptual one. This was a place where billions of RECORDS were stored - a vast warehouse of files.

    I know where I got the image from too. When I left my wife to minister to my client, I sat down and started reading some Time magazines a brother had brought with him the day before. One article caught my mind particularly, about a Polish woman who had worked hard to liberate her country from the communists and had been an active supporter of the Solidarity movement which had eventually toppled the totaliterian règime. The article, amongst other things, showed a picture showing miles and miles of secret police records in this vast warehouse containing information about citizens which the communist régime had built up to control the Polish people. Similar though far larger amounts of records were found in STASI archives in East Germany too after that régime collapsed.

    So here I was in the dream looking at this vast warehouse of records. It was depressing. I spoke with the commandant who did not seem at all perturbed that I had 'seen' what I had done so my lying, generated by fear of being caught, had been unnecessary. His was a very boring job indeed, guarding all these records about the negative things about millions of people. What he communicated to me was that what really mattered was a giant slave city far, far away from the place, and that that was well-guarded, because that is where the people themselves were detained.

    Upon awakening and discussing this with my wife I understood that this huge warehouse was a symbol of all the unforgiveness that we hold against others. It is here that we try to hide it away for shame at what we have done. And yet deep down we want the whole system of unforgiveness exposed because it renders our lives dull, monotenous and boring. We try to keep things 'private' here, under demonic prompting, because in keeping all this material secreted away we are serving the demonic agenda. Unforgiveness is a killer. It is disasterous the soul and turns it into a desolate landscape. And it is the one thing that robs us of our salvation. Moreover, it is something that is very commonly done.

    This was not, however, the end of the dream for what followed was a long, long journey toward this slave city. As I said, I was travelling with my wife for together we were able to unmask this system. We travelled with many bewildered men, women and children. They all seemed dazed as though they had suddenly found themselves in a country which had once been free but was now suddenly occupied by a foreign power. We were being herded to one place and then to another on a journey whose end noone knew except myself because of what I had previously been shown. I told my wife in the dream what I was discovering and she believed me.

    I remember we were in this place, and in this place everyone was herded into these bath-like troughs in which everyone was required to wash, all genders. Nobody seemed to care that they were all naked and what reserve they may have had in 'normal' life was all gone for now the only thought was survival. They did not want to antagonise their captors for fear that things would be worse for them if they did, so they played the sheep and just did as they were told. What they did not realise was that the only reason they were prisoners, and compliant ones at that, was precisely because of that city of information ... of records of things people had done to them which they had not forgiven. They were victims of their own lack of forgiveness and love. So they were compliant. After the washing session, which represents forgetfulness ... of artificicially trying to wash away the guilt of unforgiveness in a communal bath, everyone was herded off into busses and another journey commenced. Actually, the travelling conditions were quite good. The transport was comfortable and roomy which deluded the people into believing that perhaps they were not so badly off after all. They had been lured into an artificial sense of security but I could see that it was all illusion.

    Later in the journey we were separated by our captors. I am not sure what the categories were but one of them was 'intellgent' people from less intelligent. This was clearly because different methods were required to maintain the control and illusion for these kinds of people, and it was here that I noticed that a sexual component was introduced to maintain the control, especially for the brighter people. As I said, I found myself swept up in the whole tide that was moving these people to their inevitable destinations based on the choices they had made not to forgive. I next found myself participating in a sexual act with a woman whose face I never saw. It did not shock me in the dream because, as I said, I was swallowed up in the spirit of what was going on though when I awoke and reconnected to the real world, I was naturally disturbed. But then, in the dream, I was having intercourse with a woman whose face I never saw, with my wife next to me as though nothing was out of the ordinary. It did not last long and when it was over my attitude towards it was much as someone performing a necessary function like going to the bathroom. My wife was undisturbed about it also.

    What was being shown to me in the dream is that once unforgiveness takes root in your soul and you become detatched from the truth of sinful behaviour, which becomes heavily cordoned off, everything becomes unnatural and distorted. This includes the sex function, given to enrich marriage but which, in such circumstances, simply gets reduced to a mechanical process of physical sensations detatched from any real psychic or spiritual connection. It provides, in this case, a substitute for genuine 'aliveness' in the spirit because of its intense nature. A lack of forgiveness - the holding of grudges and hate against people, leads to a mechanisation of that function too.

    They journey seemed to just go on and on and on, further and further away from the guarded city of memories where unforgiveness lay, and getting deeper and deeper into slavery. You see, when we do not forgive our neighbour for the wrong they do us, we start splitting inside ourselves. It is as though we become hypnotised and do not remember the original feelings that lead us not to forgive. What then happens is that we simply go through a disconnected cycle of blaming which makes us more and more remote from the original events and from the people we hold grudges against. And the longer it happens, the more demonised we become.

    The dream was long and involved and I cannot not remember all the details even. But I do remember the feelings all to well - the loneliness, the emptiness, the dullness and the sense of resignation to fate. That is the slave mentality that Satan wants in his human victims and he wants to separate us from our conscience in whatever way he can. And his greatest weapon is unforgiveness.

    It took me good half and hour to shake off the gloom and lethargy that I was envelloped by as a result of having walked through the world of those who do not forgive. I saw, amongst other things in my dream, the long, convoluted and complex 'explanations' that people invent to 'explain' their situation but always without reference to unforgiveness. In the dream they were drawing complicated flow charts to show their thinking processes. They were creating enormous worlds of self-delusion which were simply taking them further and further away from the truth. In truth, the enemy had to do little or no policing of his captives because the demonised mindframe was its own system of slavery. Once people believe that they are on an inevitable course of imprisonment, then literal guards are not needed. I hardly saw any. And the guards that were in the city of records were not alert because they knew the people would guard themselves with false guilt, resignation, indifference, hostility or whatever. The demons are not fools. One thing that amazed me was how the British were able to police their vast Empire because they hardly used any British troops at all. The vast bulk of their troops and police force were made up of natives! If the natives had rebelled, the Empire would have crumbled in no time. And that is what Satan does to us - he gets us to police ourselves! I learned also that in the Nazi Concentration Camps in the last war that the 'best' guards were the Jewish 'Kapo' men - they were the most brutal of them all. And they were guarding their own people. Satan knows how to use us against ourselves. And how does he do this? Simply by getting us to believe in lies.

    Amongst the most common lies he uses to get us to police ourselves for him is that we are of no worth, that God doesn't want us because we are dirty, that no matter how much we do we can never be acceptable enough to Him. Satan gets us to believes these lies not only to spoil our relationship with Yahweh but also with each other. He does all He can to conceal one of the most beautiful truths in this Universe. And what is that truth? That Yahweh forgives us unconditionally if we will have faith in His Son and forgive others of their wrongdoings against us.

    Paul, in his great discourse on love to the rebellious, immature and carnally-minded Corithians, tells us one of its most important and life-saving qualities. And whilst I don't notmally cite from partaphrase versions of the Bible, I am going to do so this time because it conveys the true spirit so well. I know you know this passage well but please listen to it with me again very carefully:

      "Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and its faith, hope and patience never fail. Love is eternal ..." (1 Cor.13:4-8a, TEV).

    Love does not keep a record of wrongs. If you are keeping a record in your brain of things people have done wrong to you, real of imagined, and you keep bringing them up again and again, then you have not forgiven and are in bondage. How can you know if this is true? Because the symptoms of love will be absent from your life. And those symptoms are the opposite of bad manners, selfishness and irritability, to name but three of the signs Paul gives. If you hold on to unforgiveness in anyway then you are Satan's prisoner and have started down a long road of separation not only from other people but from the Heavenly Father Himself. You are on the way to hell, the slave-city of my dream. Your capacity to form meaningful relationships with others will at first be impaired and then destroyed. You will find yourself feeling more and more isolated and wanting to just hide yourself away from people and the world, or else to wage war on it.

    The solution is a very simply prayer, a prayer done in total sincerity of heart, in the manner that Yah'shua (Jesus) Himself taught:

      "Father ... forgive us our sins,
      For we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us
      And do not lead us into temptation,
      But deliver us from the evil one"
      (Luke 11:4, NKJV).

    Are you finally willing to cancel the debt notes that you have against others? If you're not, then you will go into spiritual slavery and into a world very much like the one I have described to you in my dream. Please don't go that way - it is very lonely and heartbreaking, and there is no comfort down that path, just emptiness and desolation. And the longer you go down that path, the longer the journey may be home again.

    As Christians, we are not allowed to hold unforgiveness in our hearts. Resentment, bitterness, complaining against others, and general negativity are signs that a soul is lost. All we have to do is go back and say, "I forgive you". And it doesn't matter whether the person actually wronged you or you just imagined they wronged you, so long as you forgive. For once you have forgiven, then you can enter into the mind and heart of God and see, and know, and feel as He does. Then you can become fully human again. Before that you are running blind and no amount of 'explanation' will ever allow you to see. That is why Satan works hard to encourage you to bitterness and unforgiveness, to bad manners and irritability, to indifference, impatience and unkindness, for by that simple means - even if you believe in God and try to obey the commandments - you will be his prisoner.

    May you seek to forgive, be forgiven yourselves, and enter into the heart of the freedom of God.

    This page was created on 7 May 2005
    Last updated on 7 May 2005

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