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    I Choose to Live
    Part 4: Amniosis in Egypt Revealed

    Sabbath Day Sermon, Saturday 6 November 2004

    Click here for more information

    Click here for Part 3

    Setting a person free from spiritual captivity through prayer is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences there is for a deliverance minister because you move out of the realm of mental pictures fed by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and into concrete, visible reality. Through prayer reality breaks through into the whole personality and the whole spirit of the one formerly imprisoned begins to leap for joy in the salvation of Yah'shua (Jesus). The visions serve merely as guidance beacons for the minister and the client and they may, as I pointed out last week, be highly symbolic to the point of seeming fanciful, or very literal indeed. What is important is the lasting fruits these visions lead to when deliverance actually takes place.

    People who have been spiritually imprisoned for large parts of their life, or maybe even the whole of their life, often wonder what it has all been for. And whilst we can never know the mind of Yahweh completely in the whys and wherefores of life, there is most definitely one observation which I feel we are qualified to make. And it's this: when people are freed from their inner prisons, it's as though they are on a mission to make up for lost time. They are often more on fire for Yah'shua (Jesus) than most other believers are and find themselves ministering with great faith and joy. It is not long before others seek them out for help until one wonders where all the people are coming from. My observation is that these liberated people who have struggled and overcome meet a need in the Body of Christ which they are best suited to meet because, like Christ, they are able to relate to other people's situations and minister to them directly. For them it is not theory. It is intense reality. I do not think it unreasonable to conject, therefore, that Yahweh allows souls to go through imprisonment and deliverance because they have been called to be deliverance ministers. And the best deliverance ministers are those who have been delivered from imprisonment themselves.

    So what happened to Jo after she was delivered? You will recall that she was the one who was chained up in this spiritual dungeon until Yah'shua (Jesus) came and set her free. Well, remarkable things happened in her life after that and it was not long before she was thrust into deliverance ministry herself. Indeed, it is almost certain that those who are delivered are called to be deliverance ministers in some way.

    What happened was this. She was called to minister to a family whose father was dying of cancer. Naturally, as this was her first assignment from Yahweh, she was afraid that she would do everything wrong. Anyway, she went in obedience to her call and found the family gathered in the house quarreling over who would get what when the father eventually died. It is something that sadly happens all too often as people family members jostled for imaginary 'rights'. The man had been large and strong when he had been well but now lay withered and frail. Jo panicked. She had no idea, inexperienced as she was, what to do. But she could hear the Ruach (Spirit) speaking to her and saying that Yahweh was with her. So she sat by the bed and began to pray. What happened next surprised both Jo and the others who were around, for she crawled into the dying man's bed, cradled him in her arms, and sang to him in the Ruach (Spirit) as she rocked him like a baby. After a while he fell asleep, the first sound sleep he had had in a very long time.

    The next morning Jo returned to find the man much improved, sitting up in bed having eaten a meal. The family was gathered in the next room and were still quibbling over who should get what when he died. Then, once again, she heard the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) speak to her audibly, saying: "Call them to repentance - they are killing their father."

    So she was reluctant to do so, she called them to the man's bedside and said: "You are killing your father by your continual fighting with one another. The Lord wants you to repent." They got down on their knees as she led them through prayers of repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation. And as they said 'Amen' to the last prayer, the sick man exclaimed: "The fire is gone! There is no more pain!" That's right, he was healed.

    Several family members received salvation that day. The rest continued in their old, selfish, carnal ways. The man died several weeks later but he never suffered pain again.

    Now here was a man spiritually imprisoned by the lovelessness of his family. They were psychically killing him without even knowing it. So many of the illnesses and diseases we suffer in this life are caused by psychic bombardment and draining. When we are selfish and think only of ourselves, we literally vampirise the life-energy out of our family members. This old man needed love - but all they became to him were leaches after his estate before he had even died. Like it or not, as families we are bonded together. We are connected by invisible umbilical cords called soul-ties. Some are healthy and some are not. The unhealthy ones have to be broken for our spiritual and physical health's sake. When the bonds are strong and godly, we end up nourishing one another. Simply getting some of those family members to repent of their selfishness and lack of love was enough to aid the man to better health and remove the fire in him that was eating him up and causing him such pain. Part of him had never been loved as a child and when Jo responded in obedience to Yahweh and cradled that man and sang to him, a part of him was healed. He was healed from the past and the present - the past of not being loved and the present of not being loved which had combined to give demons legal access to give him cancer. There are, of course, deliverance stories where people are completely delivered of illnesses but sometimes it is their time to leave and Yahweh simply gently takes them home after the deliverance has taken place, not necessarily moving the cause of the illness. There are no preset rules as to how deliverance will end.

    I think the story of Jo is important because those who are imprisoned - which is probably most of us at some time to one degree or another - often feel ineffectual and useless. But that is not true. Those who are set free are equipped like no others to know the power of evil and know the power and effectiveness of Yah'shua's (Jesus') deliverance. They know the reality of Satan and they know the reality of Yahweh. These people are blessed in spite of their suffering because they do not need to strive to believe. They know! And them know in Whom they have believed and the source of their deliverance. And others are drawn by their spiritual fire. So if you have been imprisoned and come to believe that you have been rejected by Yahweh, or that you are useless and ineffective, reject those two satanic lies immediately, for Yahweh can, and does, mightily used the prisoners who are set free.

    The stories of Snow White and The Sleeping Beauty may be seen as stories about slumbering spirits. They are perfect illustrations. Indeed, there are many fantasy stories of princes and princesses who are held captive - Bluebeard and Rapunzel and two such examples. I wonder why they feel fresh to every generation? They never seem to get 'out-of-date', do they? It is because they speak to a reality within so many people. The magical solutions may be occultic and dangerous - and these we need to remove if we are to use them, and substitute in the salvation of Christ - but the principles of spiritual enslavement are true.

    When I was at school we played a came called 'It' - in America it's called 'Stink Base' or 'Prisoners' Base'. In this game two teams face each other: each has its own line and its own prison. You dash across the playing ground, or field, or wherever you are, towards the enemy team and you attempt to lure the other side into chasing you. Whoever came most recently from behind his own line had the 'power' and whomever he touched became his prisoner. No one could interfere as he conducted his prisoner to the area marked as the prison. The other team, of course, sought to set their teammates free. If someone could run through without being touched and grab the hand of the prisoner, both could walk back to their own line unharmed. Which ever team held the most prisoners at the end of the game was the winner.

    There is a spiritual truth in this game. Those who come 'freshest' off the base line truly do have the 'power'. And there are real captives in life. We do run into enemy territory and grab captives' hands to set them free. When Yah'shua (Jesus) is with us, we are safe to walk hand-in-hand to freedom. But there's one difference: there are no Christian captives in Satan's camp when the war is ended! We win because Christ has already won.

    Deliverance ministry is not however for amateurs. There must be deep trust in Yah'shua (Jesus) for it to be effective, fear must be conquered, and we must not be distracted by the powers of darkness. And we must not be reckless or foolhardy. Obedience is critical - we must go into battle with Yahweh and not wage our own private wars which can never be won. The victor fights his battles on Yahweh's turf and in Yahweh's time - we choose neither of them. This means presence of mind and considerable self-discipline. Many a deliverance minister has charged into the battle and been cut down. He must fight one battle at a time and have ended any civil wars within himself or otherwise work with maturer people. He must have a lively imagination coupled with strict obedience. But that imagination must be firmly under Yah'shua's (Jesus') control. Simply having a visionary or prophetic gift is not enough because Satan can infiltrate and take those over too. Emotions must be disciplined not to run amok. You cannot serve in this work if you do not have self-control and discipline.

    Time is a deliverance minister's greatest friend. It serves the enemy's interests when we leap to premature conclusions. One more day for a person who is imprisoned will not do any harm. Time is needed to contemplate, pray and observe. Not everybody is imprisoned who appears to be imprisoned. If a person is not imprisoned, then the only thing our ministry will hurt is our own pride because no-one wants to be appear foolish. But the risk you take is in losing trust and, worse, actually wounding the person you are trying to help.

    All deliverance ministers make mistakes - it is one of the hardest ministries there is, and there will always be those who are unforgiving and critical when such mistakes are made. But deliverance ministers are few and far between, and desperately needed. It is better to try, and make mistakes, than to devote our energies to protecting our image or reputation, because if we do the latter, no one is helped except the enemy who is left unmolested. To be a deliverance minister means to take risks. But provided there is love, teachability, and determination - and a willingness to immediately repent when mistakes are made - then you have the makings of a deliverance minister. This is the work that Yah'shua (Jesus) came to the earth to do - to "set the captives free". But first we need to fix any problems of our own which may act as a hindrance.

    Last week I told you a little about amniosis and the story of an epileptic friend of mine. I would like to take up that thread here again if I may because amniosis is very common in both the wider society and church today. It is a common cause of divorce and churches splitting.

    The womb is a place of constant warmth, constant nourishment and constant darkness. The unborn child doesn't have to worry about the food input suddenly drying up because mother has forgotten it is mealtime, because it's mealtime every second. The unborn child doesn't have to worry about getting cold because the temperature is constant all the time even if mother is cold on the outside. Everything the child needs physically is automatically provided. Of course, if the mother drinks alcohol, smokes cigarettes, or takes drugs, the child will be poisoned and not be able to do a thing about it - it is the ultimate 'passive smoking'. My point is that those who have amniosis - those who have retreated mentally back into the womb - live a very limited sort of life that strongly resists change, adventure, risk or anything out of the ordinary. These people like to be mollycoddled and avoid decisions, confrontations, and public appearances. They want to be taken care of by strong people. They want security and petting but not intimacy. They prefer walls rather than open spaces, soft lights rather than glare or darkness, sure things rather than gambles, comfort and not hardship. Quite obviously amniotics are not pioneers and they shun leadership.

    Amniotics perfectly illustrate the example of the man who buried his talent. That is bad enough for their lives soon stagnate. What is worse is the fact that they have learned either subtle or aggressive ways to trap loved ones into their lifestyle, perpetuating a curse of omission. Amniotic or fearful mothers become smotherers who cannot let their children be free within the nest, or get out of it later. Amniotic fathers hide fear behind responsibility to discipline and protect, and so curb their children's zest to risk and discover. Some of the most well-behaved children you meet are often from amniotic households. They do everything properly but walk about dead-eyed with no bounding energies for anything. They are in bondage.

    In fact, the Israelites in Egypt weren't only in slavery but they were amniotic too, smothered by their Egyptian overlords. People don't realise that the first nine plagues were for them, not for Pharaoh, for it is written that Yahweh hardened Pharaoh's heart so that he would not yield to Moses' demands (Ex.4:21; 7:3). This is tough doctrine for liberalised Christians to swallow but it is true and it is why most people hate what we preach and do here at NCCG. So why did Yahweh make the Israelites go through those 9 plagues? What was the point? And why does He allow adversity in our lives? The answer is simple even if most will refuse to accept it: it was to frighten and disgust them so much that they would be willing to abandon the false comfort of their slavery and take any risk for freedom. And yet, as we know, after they had left Egypt and were experiencing the rigours of their desert wandering, they started yearning back to the 'comfort' of their slavery (Ex.17:2-3). Yes, human beings are stupid when they prefer the illusory comfort offered by slavery if it means abrogating personal responsibility to risk living. That's one reason the victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse often remain where they are because their whole lives have been controlled for them so that they fear to risk freedom in Christ.

    So many people are conditioned in fear and comfort in childhood that they consistently reject the rigours of freedom. The welfare state is a perfect example. Sweden, where I live, is an extreme example of this - the state cares for its people from cradle to grave so that few people dare to venture out and risk leaving the restraining and constraining borders of statism. They want everyone to think and act alike by making them dependent on the state for everything. Today the state has replaced God as their father.

    Paul said: "Where the spirit of Yahweh is, there is freedom" (2 Cor.3:17, HRV). It follows that where the spirit of Yahweh is absent, there is bondage and slavery. The spirit of Yahweh is rather particular. It has very characteristic hallmarks. It is vigorously free in the Truth and refuses to be chained by lies. And once you have tasted that freedom, you will never want anything else. If that spirit repulses you, it is only because you are in bondage. Where there is no freedom, manipulation and control are the prison house. Indeed, we manipulate and control one another in families until it seems natural and right to do so, twisting the truth to justify our behaviour. We live in such a society and under such governments today even in the so-called 'free' West. The truth is the West is about as in spiritual bondage as any society could be. The cage may be gilded for most but it remains a cage.

    The good news is that if you are currently going through hell in your outer circumstances then in all likelihood it is Yahweh waking you up sufficiently so that you will hate and loathe your bondage enough that you will be prepared to free and risk living in Him. He is not capricious. Everything that Yahweh does is purposeful and the driving force is always love. Remember that. Even when Israel found herself in the inky darkness of one of the plagues, Yahweh was there preparing them for a life of freedom - a rigorous life, to be sure, but a wonderful one for those in the spirit of Yahweh.

    Things always seem to get worse before they get better, particularly in deliverance ministry, so don't go promising your clients a rosy path from the moment they start deliverance. Remember what happened in Egypt - it is a model of deliverance. Leaving the world system is neither easy nor pleasant but it is absolutely worth it. The changes required of one leaving may not appear appetising to those who are in bondage, and indeed those who leave bondage may earn themselves scorn and even persecution. For unbelievers it is at best a mystery, at worst insanity, and like Paul's admonition to the Deaconate we must "hold the mystery of the faith with a pure conscience" (1 Tim.3:9, NKJV). We need to know what we are doing and why - why do you want deliverance? Have you tasted the freedom Yahweh offers? Would you like to taste it and discover why we 'crazy' believers do what we do? Yes, it takes courage, perhaps initially driven by adversity, to get us out into that desert, but once though it, there awaits for us a land flowing with milk and honey. Amen.

    Click here for Part 5

    This page was created on 7 January 2005
    Last updated on 7 January 2005

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