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    The Day That Matters the Most

    Sabbath Day Sermon, Saturday 19 March 2005

    I welcome you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and to the end of the first week of the Sacred New year which began last Saturday. The prophecy which I received earlier this year that 2005 would represent a year of major change is certainly being fulfilled as the work of NCCG explodes into activity everywhere in the world. That this is happening is, of course, something that we can both celebrate as well as be concerned about, for a number of reasons.

    Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, it means that the end-time scenario is rushing forwards. We know the enemy is going to attempt a major push this year and whenever that happens, heaven always rises to meet it to make sure that the Divine Timetable is not hindered or diverted. It is Yahweh who calls the shots in this universe, not Satan, even though at times it may appear to be the opposite.

    Secondly, with a massive surge forwards in the work of the Kingdom, there will always be a sudden need for new leaders. In particular, we need them in the United Kingdom, several nations in Africa, Australia and the Philippines where, apart from the United States and Canada, there is the greatest growth. I also exclude India which is not only growing fast but under capable leadership.

    We faced similar problems when we first started in 1988 in Norway where the only 'trained' leader was myself. There is, however, a major difference between 2005 and 1988, as there are now many capable leaders in the Kingdom. But there is another difference this time, for the new vanguard of the Kingdom - the leaders in particular - will be young men and women.

    The Scriptures make it very plain, as we all know, that the Kingdom of Yahweh is patriarchal (meaning it is led by fathers) and that these patriarchs are to be seasoned and mature men of God. We have also been told that in these last times women believers will outnumber men in the ratio of 7:1 (Isa.4:1) particularly as the times of tribulation advance. Already in the traditional Christian Churches we typically find women outnumbering men 2:1 or 3:1, something that has alarmed leaders around the world. What they don't realise is that it will get worse.

    For many years Yahweh has been preparing for a major leadership shift in the Kingdom. He has told us that He will bring those young people whom He has called to leadership to maturity far faster than usual. He has also told us that in the Priesthood Orders of NCCG women will outnumber men considerably. With so few righteous men coming to Yah'shua (Jesus) and willing to follow Him obediently in all things, this of necessity means that much of the burden of the Kingdom will fall upon the sisters. However, in His wisdom and care, He has ensured that this will not detract from their domestic responsibilities as wives and mothers. Because there will be so many of them, the load will be shared.

    I remember back in 1996, when Yahweh was still preparing me for what was to come, of a vision I saw whilst I was commuting to work by train, and which you can read in Section 430 of the Olive Branch. In this experience I was shown that many women would be on the 'bridge' of the 'New Covenant ship', a representation of NCCG which we had been given in many previous visions and revelations. A new generation of spiritual women are to be raised, and are being raised, the likes of which Christendom has never seen before. I do hasten to add that this is not an affirmation of feminism, matriarchy or woman-rulership - what I am saying is that women leaders will, for the most part, me ministering to the great surplus of women who will gather to the end-time Kingdom. In addition, and alongside the spiritual fathers of Zion, spiritual mothers will be needed in abundance to minister to the many spiritual orphans which I spoke about last December.

    We have, as you also know, long been in the preparation. Yahweh never launches a true work of the Ruach (Spirit) without first building strong spiritual foundations. And those who called to begin such work must, without exception, go through a long, hard and painful cleansing in spiritual fire over many years. Even as I write this, all of us - without exception - who have been called to lead and guide the Messianic Bride, have experienced considerable hardship and suffering, not only from the outside world, but also from inside amongst our own people. The trials and tribulations of the first years of this Church are known to most, because they have been chronicled in our history as warning lessons for those yet to come. However, each and every new leader - and in particular I am speaking of the brethren here - has had to experience great burnings as he not only gets himself purged of the dross of sin but exercises his authority to bring his wife and children into line as well. This is agonising and painful at times, it pulls at the heart strings, but its end result is men and women of noble spiritual strength. Each and every leader, no matter who they are, must go through their purging process. The revelations speak of almost nothing else - now we know why.

    The Kingdom of Yahweh rests on two indispensable principles, the first of which most Christians love, but the second of which they almost universally hate. The first is faith in the Lord Yah'shua (Jesus), His free gift of salvation through His atonement on the Cross, and the love which He so patiently and graciously bestows upon us. Most, if they are honest, wish this was all there was. We all love free gifts and we love others to work for us. Indeed, were this all, we would end up as spoiled and selfish brats, as indeed many Christians seem to be. They strut around in the pride of their hearts, thinking they are mini-kings already walking in celestial portals.

    The second - which the carnal nature abhors, but without which the Kingdom will fall and be trampled to pieces by the enemy - is obedience to Yahweh's Torah. Satan knows very well that if he can persuade men and women to be lawless, and to rest their hopes of a heavenly future on cheap grace, that he has won the battle for men's souls. Faith and obedience are, in truth, inseparable, and as you all know from the many times I have quoted them, this is the incontrovertible witness of the end-time book, the Book of Revelation. Obedience to Law - Yahweh's Law - is what makes the Kingdom strong and powerful - not as a means to earn salvation (for this is impossible) but as a fruit of a heart liberated from the debt of sin by the supernatural work of the Son of Yahweh. We talked about this recently.

    Liberal democratic secularism has created within us an aversion for obedience based on a reaction to an equally obnoxious heresy, namely, ungodly totalitarianism. We are paying for this revulsion with lawlessness such as has not been seen since the days of Noah and which Yah'shua warned would characterise the time immediately before His return. And it is isn't getting any better (Mt.24:37ff).

    Our task, as a prophetic, apostolic and patriarchal end-time work, is to instil these twin hands of redemptive truth in all our young people and new converts. A new generation is being taught these things but there is also the need for great spiritual transformation in new converts, particularly those who are young and more mouldable. They need discipline and structure in their lives which will enable them to contain the flood of Ruach (Spirit) which Yahweh intends to pour into them.

    We do, however, face a determined and relentless enemy who is not content to simply control most of humanity but wants all of humanity, and especially those who defy his clarion call to lawlessness. Most people are tolerant of 'faith', even it is faith in Yah'shua (Jesus), because faith by itself challenges no one - faith without works, as James reminds us, is dead and useless (Jas.2:20,26). The only faith that is going to matter in this end-time is that which is harnessed to obedience to Yahweh's ways, for such a combinations makes the Kingdom of Satan tremble. Therefore you are all admonished to obedience to Yahweh and His Torah, and to the spiritual fathers whom He has set over the Kingdom to bring up and educate the new spiritual generation. In short, the apostles.

    The demands that Yahweh places upon us are great and terrible indeed if they are viewed in the wrong way, but seen through the eyes of faith, are a light cross to bear indeed (Mt.11:29-30). What exactly do I mean by that? To explain, may I refer you to some wise words of the Master, which we know so well, but which will have added meaning to you in the days to come? This is what He said:

      "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble" (Matt.6:34, NKJV).

    For those called to leadership service in the Kingdom especially, what this means is this: don't be overwhelmed by the daunting task that faces you as fresh converts come out of the world with little knowledge and even less experience of the holy ways of our God. Don't be anxious about that, because if you try to look into the future, you will faint from fear. There is no way that you can accomplish your mandate as a servant of the kingdom in your own strength and there is no way you can become a spiritual giant overnight. We grow and become like the Master by daily application of truth. But even in the daily helpings of spiritual food that we receive, there is more than mere eating - more than mere studying. Most of you have come to this work through our enormous web site and there is enough food there to keep you reading for years. That web site was created at the command of Yahweh (Olive Branch 415) and is being used to good effect by over two million visitors since 1999. However, the Kingdom is not about mere reading. A soul cannot grow by reading and studying. He can only grow by getting out into the rough and tumble of the real world and applying it in those areas that Yahweh has called him to. For most of us, that means dealing with the acute problems of our time, namely, deliverance from demons. Those who have grown the fastest and become the strongest spiritually are those who have placed themselves firmly under spiritual headship and learned how to defeat the enemy in our midst. This is the breaking ground of the leaders in Yahweh's Kingdom and I know of no other. Even women are doing this, but only under the headship of true fathers and husbands without which they would be dedeceived and overwhelmed. Again, this is why the patriarchal system is the key to the robustness of the Kingdom. Wives and children who are out of alignment with their husbands and fathers will not survive long in the outside world. There can be no compromise with the world. Either you are with the Kingdom or you are against it, not because it is something we choose (for no-one who has a heart wants to lose a loved one) but because it is the reality of the spiritual warfare around us.

    One day at a time is the message that Yahweh is sending to His trainee servants, men and women alike. The fact of the matter - and this is something best learned now rather than later - is that we have nothing to do with the future. It's none of our affair. It is our Father in Heaven's affair. Yahweh gives us life one day at a time except on the day before the Sabbath. This is the principle of Spiritual Manna. Each day has its own duties, its own needs, its own trials and temptations, its own griefs and sorrows. Those who refuse to deal with the issue for each day can never be prepared for the future. Those who postpone repenting today may well be postponing their own deliverance to a time when there is no more deliverance. Those who, for instance, know what Torah says about issues but who refuse to repent, lying to themselves by saying that they will be better equipped tomorrow, will never be equipped, and will by the by become lukewarm and spat out. There are people in this work who are refusing to tackle issues with smoking, worldly music, wordly entertainment, rebellious wives and children, pornography, politics, and a hundred other things who are storing up wrath and sorrow for themselves, who accuse those of us who remind them of these things of being 'dangerous', 'fanatics', or whatever, but who are, in truth, refusing the safety line that Yahweh is handing to them. If you know you have such an issue then today is the day of your salvation, not to some mythical tomorrow which your demons are lying and leading you to believe will come along at a more 'appropriate' juncture best suited to you. These are the rationalisations of atheism. What exactly has the enemy been saying to you? That you are too fragile? Too vulnerable? Too sensitive? Or has he been telling you other lies - that you don't want to rock the boat for fear of driving loved ones from the truth? It is love that says these things, not dilutes the truth. We do a gross disservice to those whom we care for when we refuse to tell them the brutal truth for fear that we will become the objects of hate. Well, Yah'shua (Jesus) has already said we will become the objects of hatred when we tell the truth (Mt.5:10-12), so why not accept that and allow people to hate you if they so choose? We, after all, are ultimately seeking peace (shalom) by exposing the enemy of men's and women's souls.

    Yahweh has a daily plan for each and every one of you. Every day should see you advancing one step further in deliverance if you are following His timetable. He gives us enough strength for the tasks of each day - but not just those humdrum things that we are forced to do each day (like work and caring for home and family) - there is always something 'extra' to be done if we are following His schedule. Always. There is always some healing and sanctification going on every day if we are willing to be honest and deal the with truth. And if your sins remain habitual - like smoking, or drinking, or gambling, or whatever your vice is - then it is because you are boxing yourself into the humdrum world and refusing the spiritual dimension to expand in you.

    Every day is loaded with the possibility of glory and joy. Every single day! And He gives us a double load of spiritual manna so that we can turn the Sabbath into something truly wonderful for that spiritual growth, for this is the day we are to set the world and our own pleasures aside and focus exclusively on Him and what He is doing for others. And yet people ignore what they are supposed to do each day and worry themselves sick about the future. This is a grave error. For those who have their eyes on the future are entirely missing the present. They are running away from reality. C.S.Lewis puts it this way: "Gratitude looks to the past and love to the present; fear, avarice, lust, and ambition look forward". My mother always used to teach me: "You look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves", and she was right. But I would take that one step further by saying: You look after today and tomorrow will take care of itself. C.S.Lewis also said that "the future is something which everybody reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is". How very true. And those sixty minutes in each hour are precious, so precious that Paul said: "See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil" (Eph.5:15-16, NKJV).

    You see, Satan works a 60 minute hour also and he is trying to undermine you. He wants you to fail. He wants you to miss the important turning points in life and stay trapped in your humdrum existence of habitual sinning. He'll not bother you much if he sees you veering away from the Kingdom and its Laws. He will rather widen the gap, day by day, and eventually prise you away from Christ, or at least far enough so you don't quality for the end time places of safety. He is out after your soul every day, seven days a week. So please, redeem your time.

    If we insist on dragging back tomorrow's cares and piling them on top of today's, what do you suppose will happen? How much strength has Yahweh promised to give us? He says He will give us the strength for the cares of each day, not tomorrow's, or the day after. If we worry about tomorrow we quite simply won't have the strength for today. Yahweh will not add strength simply to humour our whims of anxiety and distrust. I guarantee it.

    So the lesson is that we should keep each day distinct and attend strictly to what it brings us. Do today's duty, fight today's temptation, and do not weaken and distract yourself by looking forward to things which you cannot see, and could not understand if you could see them. We really have nothing at all to do with the future, save to prepare for it by doing with fidelity the duties of today. And that includes working on festering sin-issues.

    No one - I repeat - no one was ever crushed by the burdens of one day. We can always get along with our heaviest load until the sun goes down. That, brethren and sisters, is all we ever have to do. What about tomorrow then? You may have no tomorrow - you may be in heaven or in hell. If you are here, Yahweh will be here too, and you will receive new strength sufficient for the new day. Are you worried about hell? Well, for goodness sake, then, do something about it! Do what you have to do today to qualify for heaven, even if it is the least place in heaven (Mt.5:19). Whatever you do, ensure you are going to the right place! Start with your first act of saving faith - invite Yah'shua (Jesus) into your heart and confess Him before two or more witnesses that He is your Lord and Saviour. From that point onwards, the Kingdom will begin to grow in you and you will begin to bear fruit as you seek to please your Heavenly Father by doing His will for you every day and obeying His commandments.

    This Thursday evening is the first day of Pesach (Passover) and a new cycle of Yahweh's Appointments or Moedim. He has given these to us as a special blessing to draw near to Him and meet Him personally in a unique way. I invite you all to join with me in this the Year 6000 in the Hebrew Calendar as we celebrate one of the holiest festivals of the year. If it has seemed like a dull, uninteresting piece of religious ceremony to you, then I invite you to join with me in connecting to the spirit behind it. Many have done so and been pleasantly surprised. May Yahweh bless you and prosper you and give you new life and hope as you walk in faith and obedience into the glory of His Kingdom. Amen.

    This page was created on 5 June 2005
    Last updated on 5 June 2005

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