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    FAQ 316
    What is a Jew?
    NCW 71, May - June 2001

    Click here for more information

    Q. I am very confused about who or what the Jews are. Some people say that a Jew is someone who believes in Judaism, some say that a true Jews is a descendant of Abraham? What is the truth?

    A. There is indeed much confusion over this question both in the Churches, amongst the Jews themselves, and amongst non-Jews generally. There are basically three types of "Jew":

    1. A Judahite. A Judahite is a true blood descendant of Jacob's son, Judah. To be a Judahite you do not have to be 100% Jewish. Blood lineage is, according to the Word of God, traced through the father (as opposed to the false modern 'Jewish' mother line). The promises in Scripture that pertain to the Jews are to these literal descendants to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Judah;

    2. A Judean or an Israeli. A Judean was a citizen of the now extinct Kingdom of Judah from the time it became a separate country following the death of Solomon until the final dispersal by the Romans after the Bar Kokhba revolt in the second century AD. Since 1947 a new state called the Republic of Israel was formed and passport-holding citizens of that country are known today as Israelis as opposed to Israelites. An Israelite (like a Judahite) is a literal descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel whereas an Israeli is a citizen of a modern political entity. The two are not the same;

    3. A Jew. Although the word 'Jew" appears throughout the New Testament in virtually every English Bible translation this is incorrect and should be translated as "Judean" (see #2 above). In other words, the New Testament "Jew" is in reality a citizen of the now extinct Roman Province of Judea. A distinction is made in the New Testament between the southerners (Judeans/"Jews") and the northern Galileans. A "Jew" in the sense that it is used today is a person who subscribes to Talmudic Judaism and is a purely religious designation. The vast majority of Jews today (about 92%) are not descendants of Abraham at all - they are not Judahites. In other words, most of those who call themselves "Jews" today are, in fact, gentile converts to Judaism. Almost all "Jews" who came from, or still live in, Eastern Europe are of Turkish extraction, being the descendants of the Turkic tribe called the Khazars who converted to Talmudic Judaism centuries ago. Talmudic Judaism is not, moreover, the religion of Abraham's descendants! Judaism has nothing to do with the people of Judah whatsoever because, like Catholicism which is based on the Bible and their traditions and occultism and the Pope's ex cathedra statements, Judaism is based on the Old Testament and the traditions of the Rabbis and the Talmud and occultism. Talmudic Judaism is to the faith of the Old Testament Israelites what Catholicism is to New Testament Christianity - it is fundamentally different.

    To summarise, then, we have three entities:

    1. The Judahite, who is a literal blood descandant of Judah. They are for the most part completely interbred with the gentiles. All Bible prophecies about Israel and Judah pertain to these people;

    2. The ancient Judean or modern Israeli, who were, or are, citizens of political entities. The Bible says nothing about either of these because Israel is not a mere political entity. The Zionism of the Jews of the Israeli Republic is not the Zion of the Millennial Kingdom or the Zion of the former (now extinct) Israelite theocracy;

    3. The Jew who subscribes to the religious faith called Talmudic Judaism, which is a combination of the Mosaic Law, human tradition, occultism and Baal worship. It is militantly antichrist. It is a false religion. The true "Jew" who subscribes to the faith of the original Israelites no longer exists because that religious faith, and its political entity 'Israel', was brought to completion by Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and made into a Theocratic Order.

    Who, then, are the true "Jews"? As far as Yahweh-God is concerned, there are only (a) Judahites who are scattered across the world in all nations (including the Republic of Israel); and (b) Messianic Judahites - those descendants of the Patriarch Judah who have received Yah'shua (Jesus) as their Lord and Saviour, as well as those gentiles who are adopted into that particular Tribe.

    What, then, is true Israel? It is not the political entity called the "Republic of Israel". True Israel is not yet gathered but remains scattered throughout the word (as well as in the 'Israeli Republic').

    An Israelite is (a) any descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel whether believer or unbeliever, whether of the House of Judah (Judahite) or any of the other eleven Houses - Ephraim, Manasseh, Benjamin, Naphtali, etc.; or (b) someone who belongs to the true Israel.

    The true Israel is a theocractic nation, presently in dispersion around the world (including within the secular political entity called the Israeli Republic), consisting of all those who have accepted Yah'shua (Jesus) as their Lord and Saviour and are walking in His Law (Torah). These people may either be (a) Israelites - the true blood descendants of Jacob/Israel, or (b) non-Israelites (gentiles) who, by their faith, are grafted into the vine tree of Israel and become Israelites by adoption.

    It should be clear from this biblical view of Israel and the Israelites that Talmudic Judaism is a satanic counterfeit of the true pattern, consisting of those who claim to be Jews (the decendants of Judah) who are not, and those non-Jews who have converted to their faith and have been 'adopted' as Talmudic Jews. In truth they have nothing to do with Israel whatsoever unless there are some amongst them who are actually Judahites by descent ... and they are a tiny, tiny minority.

    How can we know today who a true Israelite is? Anyone who accepts Yah'shua (Jesus) as their Lord and Saviour and who walks in His commandments (His New Covenant Torah) is a true Israelite - whether Ephraimite or Judahite - and is evidencing some of the blood of Jacob in their veins.

    What, then, should Christians have to do with Talmudic Judaism, the Israeli Republic and Zionism? Absolutely nothing at all. Why not? Because they are counterfeits of the true Messianic faith and the true Theocratic State which Christ is King of. Modern Zionism was founded by an antichrist Theodor Herzl who inspired the eventual creation of a counterfeit "Israel" which has a man who is a secular "President". The only True Israel has Christ as its King. Christians have been duped into supporting an anti-Christian counterfeit. They are sponsoring the emmigration into Israel of tens of thousands of unbelieving Khazars and other gentiles. They are supporting a state run by a religious clique who loathe Christianity, who blaspheme the true Messiah, and who cynically manipulate the good-will of Christians who believe these counterfeits are the "apple of God's eye" into supporting them economically and politically. These Christians fail to realise that they are supporting a false Zionic system whose aim is total political world dominion and the extinction of Christianity! They might as well be supporting nazism.

    So how has Christendom been duped? In the same way that Christians are being duped by modern occultism dressed up as Christianity. They see a people who claim allegiance to the Old Testament, God's Word, who use biblical terminology, celebrate biblical feasts, and who even worship - at least in Name - the same God, Yahweh-Elohim. They believe that the existence of the Israeli State is proof that biblical prophecy has been fulfilled.

    They have been duped. There have never been two Israel's except in times of apostacy and rebellion, as when the Kingdom of Solomon divided into the two kingdoms of Israel (Ephraim) and Judea (Judah). When Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) came to the earth He came not only as Saviour but also as King. The political entity called Judea, run by the Romans with the help of the Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes, was not the theocratic nation of "Israel". It's inhabitants were Israelite Judahites (true descendants of Judah) mixed up with various others (Samaritans, Greeks, etc.) who were following an apostate Mosaic faith - a kind of Mosaic "Catholicism". Amongst these Mosaic "Catholics" - a minority - were true believers of the Torah (the Law of Moses) who recognised their Messiah when He came and who became the true, continuation Israel. Those Israelites who rejected Christ were literally cut off from true Israel, and those gentiles who believed Christ were grafted on. With the advent of Christ Israel (and its Judah subset) changed and a new Israelite (and its sub-set Judahite) was formed.

    Who, then, are the modern Messianic Jews? Are they the "true Jews"? Must Christians become "Messianic Jews" in order to be saved? To begin with, the Jews who convert to the Messiah aren't necessarily Judahites. No doubt many are. Many of these "Jews" continue to follow the corrupt Talmudic Jewish traditions and are trying to force them onto the true faith. Not all of them are true Believers. Many Christians look upon Messianic Jews as a kind of super-race and bow down to them much as they do to the Israeli Republic, and many Messianc Jews are trying to lord it over their Ephraimite brothers. A purging of the Messianic Jews, and its false teachings, has yet to take place.

    There is a popular idea amongst the more 'liberal' Messianic Jews that there are two forms of Christianity - "Messianic Judaism" and "Gentile Christianity" and that gentiles are free to choose which way they want to go. This is, however, merely a guise for preserving some false elements of Talmudic Judaism, as well as encouraging "gentile Christians" to perpetuate some of their own pagan errors.

    There is, biblically-speaking, no such thing as "Messianic Judaism" and "Gentile Christianity". Christ did not establish two churches, but one. He has permitted the rise of Messianic Judaism to teach Christendom those parts of the True Faith which have been destroyed by Catholicism - to bring Ephraim back to Torah.

    There is, amongst Messianc Jews, a euphamism, is you like, which says that the rôle of gentile Christians is to bring Yah'shua (Jesus) to the Jews, and the rôle of the Jews to bring Torah to the Christians. This is a misleading half-truth. Yahweh is not trying to create a "new Christianity" which is essentially a Messianic variant of Judaism, because 'Judaism' has nothing to do with the Gospel at all. Yahweh is in the process of creating Messianic Israel, and Messianic Israel will ultimately spell the death of both "gentile Christianity" and "Messianic Judaism". Both are contaminated from different sources.

    The unification between New Covenant Judah and Ephraim has not yet taken place. There is still emnity - hostility and rivalry - between the two tribes. If the truth be known, gentile Christians ('Ephraim') are very upset about the rise of Messianic Judaism because the latter has exposed their paganism and brought a bright light to bear upon the truth of the Scriptures. And Ephraim is not keen to change - he loves his traditions as much as the New Testament Judean Pharisees, Saducees and Scribes loved their, and for which Yah'shua (Jesus) rebuked them. Messianic Judah, in his turn, has grown not a little proud and arrogant and, like the Judeans following Solomon's death who tried to lord it over the northern Kingdom of Israel (Ephraim), are trying to lord it over Torah-observing Ephraimites today, as well as to bring over some false Talmudic Judaism into the faith. And the foolish Ephraimites, who have swallowed centuries of Jewish propaganda about the Jews being the master-race, are only too willing to defer and kow-tow to their modern Messianic equivalants whom wrongly assume to be theologically and racially superior.

    The unification of Judah and Ephraim is not going to be easy. It is not a Messiah vs. Torah issue: Ephraimites are receiving Torah and Judahites are receiving their Messiah. The issue now is: Which is the governing tribe of the 12 Tribe Messianic Confederacy?

    I'm afraid this issue, which has yet to really be dealt with in the Messianic community, is going to generate a lot of heat. And our brethren the Messianic Judahites (as opposed to the counterfeit Messianic Jews) aren't going to like it.

    To Judah was given the honour and blessing to bring forth the Messiah, Yah'shua (Judah), and for its earthly king to hold the sceptre of government until the one to whom it rightly belongs (the Messiah) claims it (Gen.49:8-12; Ezek.19:1-7; 21:26-27; Mic.5:8; Num.24:9,17; Rev.5:5).

    The last Judahite King was Zedekiah. Thereafter it passed to the Heavenly King, Yah'shua ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ). Christ is now the theocratic Sovereign of Israel (not the 'Israeli Republic').

    In the patriarchal blessings given by Jacob to his sons (Gen.49) the longest are given to Judah and Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) because of the prominent rôles both would play historically. Judah's hegemony extends to the time of the Messiah, who represents the fulfilment of Judah's rôle, but thereafter it is Ephraim (Joseph) who receives the ascendant position. He is the "prince among his brothers" (v.26), his Millennial principality as the Ruling Tribe being foreshadowed in Joseph's lordly rule not over the nations (represented by Egypt) but also over the Twelve Tribes, for he became an economic and political saviour to him at the time of the great famine in Canaan. Historically, it was Ephraim (to the north Europeans, but principally to the Anglo-Saxons) who brought the Judahite Messiah to the world through first the British Empire and then the British Commonwealth, "whose branches climb over a wall".

    But Ephraim's Christianity was corrupt, just as Messianic Judaism is today, and so Ephraim's political hegemony over the nations was brought to an end from 1947 and onwards. The Ephraimite and Mannassahite nations (Great Britain and the United States, respectively) are no longer Christian nations but belong to the devil. They performed their tasks, just as other Israelite nations have performed their's. Ephraim-Manasseh (Joseph) is, however, to be restored to rulership once he is purged of his gentile and pagan tendencies, to be the theocratic governing tribe during the Millennium, not as an imperial power as in the former British Empire, but as servant-rulers under the Judahite Messianic King.

    Unlike the group which calls itself "British Israel" which believes that Great Britain is Israel, it is our belief that Britain, along with every nation, contains Israelite blood. When Abraham was promised that his seed would bless every nation of the earth, the meaning was literal - that his descendants would interbreed with the gentiles and thus bless them. Those genes are to be found in every race today which is why every race is accepting the Messiah! Recent studies have shown, for example, that genes peculiar to the Tribe of Levi have been found in some black African tribes. And it is well known that the Ethiopians contain much Israelite blood from Judah, which is probably why it was the only African nation never to be colonised by Ephraimitish Britain (though briefly occupied by Italy). The Blood of Israel is everywhere, and God has literally fulfilled His prophecy to Abraham.

    The counterfeit Judahites - the Talmudic Jews - have been involved in one way or another in practically every political and economic conspiracy throughout history. Satan has used these people to whip up hatred against the true Judahites and Israelites generally. Notwithstanding this diabolical scheme, God still loves Talmudic Jews, even if He hates their Talmud, as He loves all people, and the true remnant of Judah amongst them will gradually come to promenance. Like a leaven in the lump, the Messianic Judahites in the Israeli Republic will bring a knowledge of a Saviour to these pseudo-Israelite Khazars. Inspite of the fact that the Israeli Republic is not actually 'Israel' (or 'Judah' for that matter), He has a purpose for the existence of this politico-religious entity. And He has a purpose for Talmudic Judaism which the Talmudic Jews never dreamed of, much as He had a purpose for the Roman Catholic Church in its pre-Reformation heyday. Inspite of Satan's every scheme to corrupt and infiltrate, Yahweh always has the last Word and ultimately uses Satan's machinations against him.

    Without the Talmudic Jews we might not know as much about Torah as we do and without the Catholics we would never have had a Christian Europe or a Reformation. So it is possible to look on all things in a positive light to some degree. Since Satan has to mix truth with error to get humans to believe the truth part, he must also deal with truth to some extent - whether in Catholicism or Talmudic Judaism - and it is this truth which eventually shines out and blots out the darkness.

    We should therefore take great care by resisting the temptation to totally 'demonise' the counterfeits because within them are good people whom Yahweh is using for His own purposes. Where there is a mixture of good and evil, both principles will be at work simultaneously, the one serving Yahweh, and the other the devil. There will be people who will choose one side of the mix or the other, and there will be those in the middle - confused and blind. We must pray for all Catholics and all Talmudic Jews, but we must especially pray for the good Catholics and the good Talmudic Jews. Christ is at work everywhere and we must let Him get on with His work.

    The extent to which the world has been deceived by Satan will shock even the most enlightened person when all is revealed in the last day. Who, for instance, could have believed that Satan would set up an occultist Israelite, Adolf Hitler, to murder millions of non-Israelite Talmudic Jewish Khazars who thought they were Israelites!! We will, when all the record books are open, be shocked at the extent to which the biological Israelites have sunk into apostacy over the millennia.

    Things are not what they seem. Lies are layered upon lies sandwiched between the occasional layer of truth. The deception - the global ripening in iniquity - is now almost complete. Satan has managed to get Israelites to hate themselves and their God! Who have all the principal wars been fought against in the last century? The two World Wars were essentially Israelite Civil Wars, repeating the old animosity of Ephraim for Judah. Britain/USA against Germany - all Israelite nations - killing one another. Satan has relished these things. And He has tried to get the USA/Britain to fight Russia, another nation full of Israelite blood. Though they appear different in terms of appearance and culture, that is only because of intermarrying with gentile nations, and apostacy from the truth.

    Letter from a Reader

    The scales just fell from my eyes!

    Excuse me while I repeat myself:

    The scales just fell from my eyes!

    I've spoken of the veil -- over the eyes of the Jew -- a hundred times if I spoken of it once, and now I found out I could not see the "TREE LIMB" in my own eye for pointing out the scales that cover the eyes of a/the Jew.

    The light of truth is so bright at this moment that I know I'm going to need sunglasses.

    I'll be spending much time in prayer and research on this subject and I'll be trusting THE COMFORTER (HOLY SPIRIT) as I study to show myself approved.

    I bless you Christopher C. Warren, even though I haven't a clue who you are. Yes, SHALOM to you and yours!

    JB from Gainesville, Florida
    30 November 2002

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    Last updated on 1 July 2001

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