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    Seeking the End-Time Anointing

    Sabbath Day Sermon, Saturday 27 March 2004

      "Elohim (God) performed uncommon miracles, too, through the hands of Paul to such an extent that people carried off to the sick handkerchiefs or aprons he had handled, and their illnesses were removed and the evil spirits cast out" (Acts 19:11-12, RBV).

    Ever since the inception of this work in the 1980s, but more especially after the Church got underway in Scandinavia in the 1990s, it has been our prayer and desire to have the same kind of anointing as the first apostles in the New Testament period. We knew from the very beginning that to qualify for so great a blessing, which has not been in given fully in two millennia, that what would be required of us would be complete purity of soul. Its attainment, however, proved to be a battle the dimensions of which we had no conception of. Twenty years on since the first revelation was received commanding the organisation of this body of believers, we have struggled to realise that goal as overcomers. Year after year, often facing great hardships in the areas of health, financial problems, battles with the flesh, persecution from other believers and unbelievers alike, demonic oppression in latter times since taking up the challenge to battle the enemy in the spiritual dimension, and other problems too numerous to mention here, we have often wondered if our hope was misguided - whether we would always be too unworthy for such a blessing, whether we were being presumptuous in our requests to the Throne room of Yahweh. The struggle has, at times, seemed too great to bear - mass desertion of dearly beloved brethren, illnesses taking us to death's door, inexplicable multiple accidents, family crises and psychological afflictions, being misunderstood and misrepresented -- on face value one was at times tempted to believe the taunts of the unbelievers that our faith was all in the imagination, the many, many little miracles notwithstanding, the numerous manifestations of heaven proving that Yahweh is alive, interested in us, blessing us, and always moving us on towards a grand consummation.

    Over the years often overlooked scriptures have taken on added greater significance as we have come to realise that the Christianity of the apostles is even more radically different from the hollow Christian-like religion that circles the world today. The original six members, who stuck together through thick and thin, through heartbreak and peril, have much to bear witness of even during this our much longer-than-expected wilderness journey - the journey of spiritual purging and purification. In the space of this time some of our children have grown up, no doubt sceptical of our course, wondering when our afflictions would end, and whether there is actually a God or not. That itself has drawn our hearts out. And not only them - parents, brothers, sisters and wider family have looked on, scornful, disbelieving, and often hostile, contemptuous of the little body of six souls, even following the Church's sudden growth at the turn of the century to many thousands of souls. They have watched us, sought to divide and separate us, longed to see this two decade-old work sink into the dust of oblivion. Assailed by doubts at times, wondering when the afflictions would end, we have nevertheless been guided by a power greater than our own that has consistently assured us, by gentle witness and sometimes by demonstrations of power, that Yahweh-Elohim, the Most High God, has always been in control, and would see our faith and efforts vindicated and justified in the end. The Spirit of Elijah is not just asked for - it has to be fought for and won in spiritual combat.

    With each trial has come new awareness of hidden idolatries within the collective soul of this people. With each tribulation has come a humbling that has provoked us to seek even deeper, peeling off the layers of personal sin, parting the mists of demonic deception in the world, opening new vistas of understanding, and surfacing even greater areas of our unconscious selves. Which each revelation of good and evil has come astonishment and surprise - amazement that there could yet be more of that desperately wicked thing called 'self', yet more subtle twists of truth posing as reality, yet more illusions and masks built up over the years to be torn down. Old and young, we have struggled, sometimes crawling, sometimes running, often having to get off the ground off our faces, but each time to be met by the shining sun of holiness which is our Father-God to warm, assure, comfort, and gratify our souls.

    Then at the beginning of February of this year I began to question my own willingness to lay my life down for my Master, Yah'shua (Jesus). We had often made professions of this nature as a nascent apostolate but never really known what that had entailed. It is easy to be jocular about such great thoughts when the event is far off but as you age and wonder just how many more years you have to live, especially when your life has been characterised by much illness and deprivation, you suddenly want to cling on to life like never before. So in February I began to find myself thinking such thoughts. Having pretty well put the issue of possible martyrdom on the shelf, and taking it for granted that it would simply 'happen' one day as an inevitable aspect of one's testimony, and thinking about living for each day for itself, I suddenly startled myself and asked myself: "What if it is just a few years, or even months, down the road?" I have had death threats from many over the years and intimidation of all sorts. Then I saw that my family was not grown up, in a financially precarious situation, in a foreign land, and in need of me still, and suddenly my whole being revolted at the idea of martyrdom.

    It struck me suddenly one evening. A part of me surfaced and rebelled inside. I could not pray, I did not want to pray. My life, which I had taken for granted as being Christ's, suddenly took on aspects of not actually belonging to Him totally. The reality of the moment shocked me, as I am sure it has shocked others when they have been confronted by such unpleasant realities, and I did not know what to do. I went to bed in this dark spirit and had a very restless and disturbed night.

    I am not exactly sure what happened afterwards. The next day seemed to be a perfectly ordinary one. The melancholy and rebellion seemed to have moved away leaving me in somewhat of a neutral to slightly positive mood. I thought little of it, the subject of martyrdom slipped into my subconscious, and I simply went about the tasks of the day.

    That evening towards the end of our family devotions, and just before the concluding prayer and before people started preparing to disperse, I picked up a Bible lying on the table next to me and decided quite spontaneously I would read a passage out before the benediction. It opened on Acts 19:11-12 which I read out aloud and which I began this sermon with today. It sort of hit me rather strongly. There was an account of the miraculous works of Paul, healing the sick with the anointing we had always wanted with which to bless others, and to be healed ourselves of our illnesses so that we would have the energy and vitality to serve even better. Before the passage had seemed rather quaint - I remember sending my very sick and aging father a handkerchief that I had blessed in the hope that it might extend his life because of that passage of scripture, but to my knowledge nothing had happened, even though he had lived on for some time longer before finally contracting a fatal illness. This time, it seemed to ingrain itself in my mind.

    I opened the concluding prayer, the passage of scripture still vivid in my mind, and began to simultaneously meditate on it whilst at the same time invoking blessings for all the children before they retired to bed. It's not often one can multitask like that but the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) began to manifest in ever greater power and enabled me to do so effortlessly, even though I did pause and slow down. I knew something was happening and the adults present felt it too. My whole heart-area and mind became, as it were, one, and a great light began to burn brightly within, coupled with tremendous warmth and love. As it grew greater in strength, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was not me, but El Shaddai, the presence of the Most High One. It was simply beyond questioning. One didn't ask, "Is that God or is that my fantasy?" because it was absurd to think such thoughts. I was in the presence of the Elohim. And my whole heart suddenly melted, the tone of my voice changed ... He was in my heart, speaking. No words, just the very clear understanding that if I still wanted the anointing that we had been praying for all these years, that the cost would be a willingness to lay down my life for Him, here and now, because such an anointing would never be given to anyone who was not willing to do that - not just in their intellects, or even in their feelings, but in their very spirit or essential-self. The whole soul - body, mind, heart, and spirit - had to be in complete agreement, undivided, unclouded by uncertainty, but perfectly echad or one. And at that brief moment, which maybe lasted a minute, it was undivided. And I knew. I knew what I was willing to do, because I was not deceiving myself anymore. I had confronted the flesh, which had said a definite 'no', and simply walked past it as a disinterested spectator, my eyes firmly fixed on Yah'shua (Jesus).

    I know great changes have taken place in me over the last few months. Areas of carnality have suddenly, almost mysteriously, just faded away, as a result of a firm decision and a determination not to look back again. These had been real hindrances and the objects of demonic sport and torment in the past. But I had quietly said 'no' to these as well and trusted Yahweh to take care of them. He did.

    This revelation was not, however, the end of the matter. It happened again a day or two later, likewise at the end of an evening family devotion. Again I was blessing the children, and again the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) descended in power. Again, no words, no thought processes involved, just a deep inner knowing that the long sought-for anointing would soon come - very soon - because of the decisions we had all made, individually and collectively, to see the overcoming through to the end and to victory. And again everyone felt it. For several evenings this was repeated, though with less power, as if to assure me that it had been real before and would come to pass.

    You have all heard me preach from this pulpit about the importance of subduing the carnal self. Thinking that as a result of these experiences my carnal self had been 'licked', I was shocked and depressed some days later to have a dream full of wild animals all running all over the place. Lions were leaping on carnivorous dinosaurs much as Velociraptors do in the Jurassic Park films and a great battle seemed to be in progress, the lions being hurled helter-skelter all over the place. When I awoke I groaned, wondering whether the battle would ever be won.

    Again, a few days later, something extraordinary happened which had never happened to me before. It must have been about 5 a.m on 10 February, last month. I had woken up, and as it happened my wife was awake too, so we got to talking about things. Every now and then we prayed or meditated on questions that were on our mind, sometimes she saw a vision in answer to a prayer, and sometimes I did. And then, as we lay quietly thinking in a state of half wakefulness, I suddenly saw a wolf in front of me, no more than four or five feet away. But instead of with raised head and gleaming silvery eyes as I have seen before, its head was bowed with eyes closed as though in surrender. I had never seen anything like it before. I told my wife who was likewise surprised as she has had dreams about wolves as part of her battle with the carnal nature.

    Now this was a very quieting and relaxing scene. What came next I was totally unprepared for. Suddenly, there in front of me, no more than a foot away, was the head of a gigantic Tyrannosarus rex. Moreover, it was real to life - I could see every detail of its grey reptilian skin - I could have reached out and touched its nose. It's mouth was slightly open, its teeth clearly visible, and there was the fierce glare of the predator in its eyes. I was sufficiently conscious, however, to know that this was not physical but a psychic manifestation. Nevertheless, the presence of something so huge and so potentially dangerous is hardly a comfort. Yet I was not disturbed. I stared, and stared at this manifestation, understanding - because of the wolf experience - that this was a manifestation of the wild and violent forces of the carnal man. I felt no fear, just calm, unlike in the dream where lions were battling these prehistoric monsters. There was a great calm over me. The head moved lightly so I knew that it was 'alive' and not just a 'picture' but I remained undisturbed. And then something remarkable happened. The teeth just vanished and in place of the grey scales a brownish fur began to appear, giving it a softish appearance. The glint in the eyes faded away and there before me was a docile giant. It was an astonishing transformation. Like the first vision, it suddenly disappeared.

    But before long, yet another vision opened up - a third one - but this time before me was a crocodile. This vision, however, was quite unlike the other two, for the beast was not looking at me but upwards at a great light which seemed to mesmerise it in some way. And then, like the other two animals, it was gone.

    Now I expect you are wondering what all of this means. The forces of our psyche, and particularly the unconscious side, are typically symbolised by animals in our dreams and often represent the chaotic forces of the fallen Adamic nature. The wolf, so beloved by New Agers, is an alarming, swift-moving predator, and represents the unrestricted, unsheltered and vicious. It is the diabolical inhabitant of the wilderness and is frequently used to portray cruel, sadistic fantasies without apparent responsibility on the part of the dreamer. Finally, it is often a symbol of what psychologists call the 'terrible mother', the worst of the female psyche, personified by such demonesses as Hecate, Lilith, Astarte, Maia, and the like. The wolf is the diametric opposite of the sheep or lamb, the symbols of the innocent Christian disciple and of the Son of Man Himself, and the chief victim of the wolf here in Scandinavia. Wolves act together in packs and have a kind of internal structure but confronted alone are cowards and easily run away. The wolf-nature is lawless, hating rules and regulations, resisting Torah and the rule of Yahweh. And they are quite untamable by natural means.

    The wolf is the emblem of the Tribe of Benjamin, one of the tribes of the Israelite dispersion here in Scandinavia, and very predominant in Norway. "Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; in the morning he devours the prey, in the evening he divides the plunder" (Gen.49:27, NIV), a prophecy literally fulfilled in the Vikings. Wolves are also used in the Bible as symbols of false shepherds or pastors (Jn.10:12) who care nothing for their flocks because they are hirelings and not the true owners. Both lions and wolves are used scripturally as instruments of Yahweh's punishment against the lawless - "a wolf from the desert will ravage them" (Jer.5:6, NIV), in this case a nation possessing the qualities of the carnal wolf. These animals lie in wait just as Satan's demons do and can therefore represent evil spirits too. Indeed, the wolf has become an object of adoration to such an extent that many laws protect wolves against farmers' sheep! This tells you something of the 'spirit' of these lawmakers, for the wolf is a symbol of evil, not good.

    The good news, however, is that the wolf can be tamed. Speaking of the Millennium, we read:

      "The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. The cow will feed with the bear, their young will lie down together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox. The infant will play near the hole of the cobra, and the young child put his hand into the viper's nest. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be full of the knowledge of Yahweh as the waters cover the sea ... The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, but dust will be the serpent's food" (Is.11:6-9; 65:25, NIV).

    This represents not just the condition of the world of nature but also the 'natural man' within. The Millennium is a time of peace with the inner and outer forces of nature are subdued, controlled and tamed. Part of the work of the Christian overcomer is to tame his own lawless flesh and bring it into subjection to Christ.

    This, then, is the wolf. What of the dinosaur? Dinosaurs don't, of course, live today, but the psychic force that they incarnated most certainly does. Films like Jurassic Park awaken that nature, or at least make us aware of its form, giving us dream and visionary symbols with which to portray it. Carnivorous dinosaurs, those devouring monsters, represent the most basic and primitive quality of fallen life and often death itself. Specifically, they represent the unknown, and something too ghastly to contemplate. No doubt you, like I, have wondered what sort of a world this would be with dinosaurs roaming about, a world that for humans would be virtually uninhabitable. The dragon, or flying dinosaur, often spewing fire out of its mouth, is another favourite of the New Age and of Satanism, and are a favourite symbols of demons. Because dinosaurs are from the remote past, they often connect to events in childhood, which is emphasised by the dreamer's size in relation to these monsters, which can depict the giant like proportion of adults - and particularly evil adults - as seen through the eyes of a child. Satan himself, the ultimate lawless one, is depicted as a dragon in scripture, who is waging war against Yahweh's people (e.g. Rev.12:4) but who will be overcome by Michael and the angels of Yahweh (Rev.12:9). Why a flying dinosaur to represent Satan? Because he is the "prince of the air" (Eph.2:2).

    Crocodiles are like dinosaurs though on a smaller scale, and are contemporary animals. I am not sure quite what the crocodile represents to me though it used to be one of the pagan gods, and therefore demons, of Egypt. The land-crocodile (Lev.11:30) is one of those animals we are not allowed to eat because they are unclean. Whatever this represents in myself, it seems to have been directly taken care of by Yahweh Himself because the crocodile was subdued by the light shining above it.

    Christians talk much of revival but are for the most part unprepared to pay the price which overcoming demands in order to maintain it. Revival that is not accompanied by an overcoming of the carnal nature is destined, in time, to peter out. If we are to have the anointing which, I believe, seals our spirit into what it has become, we need to seriously be about the business of taming the flesh through the light and power of Yahweh. My testimony is that this anointing is soon to grace us once the founding members have, one by one, overcome. The cleansing of the House of Yahweh must, of necessity, start at the top with the leaders. Until we have struggled and won the war against the flesh, the work of this ministry will, ultimately, be in vain. It is for us to set the example so that everyone else can follow after.

    Let me conclude by mentioning another experience we had on the morning of 10 February, this time a vision seen by my wife as we were talking, and praying, about a lady we know in the United States for whom we are greatly concerned and whose disconnected behaviour has been baffling us for some time. My wife had prayed to Yahweh that the scales be taken from our friend's eyes when she saw a vision of complete blackness. In this blackness were about 50 green and yellow brightly shining eyes which we understood represented the demons in her life. And then, out of the darkness, a playful and attractive little black kitten came walking towards her, only this cat had no eyes, only fur where the eyes should have been. As it came closer it began to get older, scruffier and less attractive with grey fur under the chin. We knew at once that our friend had no idea where she was going in her life, that she was blind, and yet able to respond by walking towards us and to the ministry we have offered her. Why a cat? The feline represents the catlike quality in human beings, usually in women, who in their unredeemed state often behave in what we call a 'catty' way. Cats represent both elegance and the familiar spirits, or demons, of witches, and also the Egyptian gods. And black, of course, represents the darkness of her body or spiritual covering. Thus our friend, probably unknowingly because the cat was blind, and probably through some sort of abuse, is steered by the spirit of witchcraft. As black cats are used by witches for spying (with eyes, of course), so our friend has been used to 'spy' on us, since demons cannot be omnipresent nor occupy space which has been dedicated to Yahweh.

    As the leadership of NCCG we therefore stand excited and expectant for what we know will come. Our one wish is to be faithful and diligent servants in our calling, to share all we have as led by the Ruach (Spirit), and to bring glory to Yahweh. To that end we pray for your blessing and support too, for without your prayers the journey would be considerably more difficult. And may you too, in your turn, receive of this great and wonderful anointing that is to come. Amen.

    This page was created on 10 February 2004
    Last updated on 10 February 2004

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