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The 12 Books of Abraham


    Eros Made Sacred
    The Biblical Case for Polygamy


    The task lies before me in preparing this study to give some account and explanation for an opinion on marriage which I have adopted in recent years - one which breaks away radically from what Protestants have come to accept as Christian. I speak of marriage in the form of monogamy.

    I have become an opponent of enforced monogamy, but not to the destruction of marriage as an institution and ordinance of God. Unlike the erotic revolt by mainline Protestants, I do not view favorably the "alternative" lifestyles of adulterers and sodomites - such practices are under God's judgment. My departure from the tradition of monogamy has been set on a different course. I have become a vigorous advocate of polygamy.

    Some people reading these pages may be scandalized by my assertions. They may self-righteously deny my conclusions. But they cannot refute my arguments. One does not assault a universal and time-honored tradition without convincing and overwhelming proof. I have such proof. And this study is a brief summary of the evidence which I present to you for examination.

    Notwithstanding my boldness, I still acknowledge my position as propositional. While my mind is convinced to the point of conviction, yet I am open to debate on this issue. Certainly, others are under no moral obligation to follow my course of thought. The message must be tested before it is received.

    The following is part of a continuing work on the sex and marriage customs of the Bible. My position on polygamy will be the most controversial and revolutionary part; yet will also represent the active mechanism in cleaning-up immorality - Eros Made Sacred.

    J. Wesley Stivers

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    Author: JWS

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