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    Archive Section V

    Deliverance from the Spirits of Mormonism

    As a former Mormon who, like almost everyone I know who has exited that organisation, has had spiritual forces to contend with, which at first were incomprehensible until I came subsequently to understand how the world of demonic spirits operate, I offer today a simple formula for exiting Mormons to be free of all forms of major and minor demonic oppression.

    The belief in, and practice of, anything that is erroneous or a perversion of the true plan of salvation, gives Satan legal grounds to harass. This is particularly true when covenants or pacts are entered into. And in Mormonism there are many of these.

    What first alerted me to this problem was when a Mormon friend who decided he would leave the LDS Church because he could not believe in it any more, began to vomit violently for a whole week after he had taken his name off the Mormon membership rolls. He had occupied an important leadership position, and in particular had been ordained a 'High Priest' in that organisation. Little did he know at the time that scripturally there was only ever one High Priest at a time, both in the Old Covenant and in the New - and that the singular High Priest of the New Covenant was, and is, the Lord Yah'shua (Jesus) in perpetuity. Without realising it, Mormons who are ordained to their 'High Priesthood' are claiming to be Christ and committing a most terrible blasphemy.

    Dangerous an ordination as this it, it is nothing compared to the spiritual bondage that lies behind the whole system of Mormon Priesthood which is a form of Priestcraft. In a number of articles previously written, I have explained how to Mormons its priesthood is, in fact, its god. The LDS Priesthood is supreme and ultimately stands above all moral, ethical, doctrinal or spiritual accountability. If someone holding this 'priesthood', particularly those holding 'high priesthood', command something to be done, Mormons are expected to unconditionally obey. The one carrying out an immoral instruction is supposedly absolved of responsibility or sin. In the history of Mormonism many atrocities have been committed in the name of this priesthood and justified accordingly.

    The New Covenant Priesthood - which is called the Melchizedek Priesthood (not to be confused with the priesthood of the same name in the Mormon system) - is not conferred by the laying-on of hands. It is not passed on from father to son through one tribe as it was in the now defunct Levitical system (a system, incidentally, still perpetuated as a supposed 'adjunct' of the LDS Melchizedek Priesthood), or from priest to priest as in the Catholic and Mormon systems, but is, according to the apostle Peter, received solely by faith. The Priesthood is Christ - it is His Spirit within a man or a woman. It is His divine presence. And our authority to exercise it is in direct proportion to the presence of Christ in our lives, which is the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). All authority is ultimately spiritual, not legalistic. Therefore if a man sins and does not repent, he loses Priesthood by degrees until finally he may lose it altogether by denying the faith.

    Now obviously there has to be a visible order in the Body of Christ, and in particular in the local congregations, to prevent people from choosing and ordaining themselves to whatever office they please. It was, and still is, the responsibility of apostles to set apart Pastors and Elders over congregations and their offices, and the responsibility of Elders to set apart Deacons in their offices. This is done by the laying on of hands as a confirmation of what Yahweh has already done, or is in the process of doing, inwardly though the Ruach (Spirit), which has been confirmed, by revelation, to the officers responsible for calling and ordaining. We find numerous instances of such ordinations to offices in the New Testament but not one to an actual "conferral" of any "Melchizedek Priesthood".

    To lay hands on someone and "confer" Priesthood is to literally claim the authority to give someone Christ and is a roundabout way to saying that one is a co-Saviour. Exactly the same is true when it comes to the laying-on of hands for the conferral of the gift of the Holy Ghost, as Mormons practice. No man can give the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) - the Ruach (Spirit) comes and goes as She chooses under the direction of the Elohim, and whatever "gifts" man receives from Yahweh are not viâ human intermediaries. Sometimes the Ruach (Spirit) enters at the same time as the ordinance of Chrism (confirmation) - as happened on at least one occasion in the New Testament . and sometimes before or after the ordination. But when Mormons are confirmed it is a demon that is being transferred which masquerades as the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). By this means demons have been gratuitously spread from one member to another infecting millions of souls. I have heard Mormons describe how they have felt the "Holy Ghost" on their shoulders - if only they could see what they feel - for this is a place where one class of demons have their residence, as it were.

    In the Mormon system, therefore, the "Priesthood" stands as a power over both Christ and the Holy Ghost, two more blasphemies. Indeed, anything mediated by this idolatrous and blasphemous priesthood system, which would include baptism, confirmation, priesthood conferral, Patriarchal blessings, priesthood blessings, and every and any kind of temple covenant, is actually giving Satan and his demons legal grounds to oppress and deceive, and the latter principally in the "burning bosom" phenomenon by which all Mormons attempt to discern truth, even to following it at the expense of scriptural truth.

    This same priesthood blesses the emblems of the Lord's Supper, or as it is called by them, the "sacrament", which it does using the same "authority" as it does in the ministration of all the other LDS ordinances (see Doctrine & Covenants (D&C) 20 - one of the most mutilated sections of the Mormon revelations, suffering many deletions and additions as Joseph Smith modified his theology). Renouncing the priesthood-mediated Mormon sacrament is another vital part of deliverance.

    So vital is this priesthood authority to the Mormon system, by which demons are spread amongst its believers, that it has been inculcated into the act of salvation itself, declaring as it does in its Articles of Faith that "though the atonement of Christ, all mankind will be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel" (Article #3). These are then qualified in Article #4 as including, after faith and repentance, baptism and the laying on hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost. Mingling the vital truths of Christ's atonement, faith and repentance with the false necessity of salvation through works viâ the priesthood system (which alone can baptise and confirm), the truth is perverted and demonic channels are opened wide. For whilst indeed believers are under obligation to obey the ordinances of the Gospel, they are required not as a condition of salvation but as a fruit of it.

    Mormonism is one of the most crafty and almost believable neo-Christian systems ever evolved by Lucifer. And I can say that because I was there. That is not, of course, to say that everything Mormon teaches or does is diabolical. Indeed, in many respects, there are important elements in the Mormon faith absent from traditional Christianity which are vitally important to the Body. It is in possession of truths that the whole Body needs. But what the Body most definitely does not need is its priesthood claims to absolute authority, which it not only does not possess but becomes the very means used by demons to hold Mormons in thraldom.

    What I am saying is, of course, the most preposterous suggestion that could be made to a Mormon who is absolutely convinced in his mind and is under the control of its counterfeit bosom-burning "Holy Ghost". And he will display all the symptoms of one who is under cultic control and bondage. He has likely experienced so much supernatural activity as a Mormon that he cannot possibly comprehend that the source of this activity is not at all what he supposes it to be.

    As an illustration, I know one fine Christian lady who every time Mormon missionaries visit her home silently enters into prayer and binds up the spirit of priestcraft in the Name, and through the blood of, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). And each time she has noticed that the missionaries are either unable to speak or become so confused that they cannot put a coherent sentence together. Relying as they do in their spiritual gifting to teach, they are rendered powerless by the genuine blood of Christ. That is how weak the Mormon priesthood actually is. It is a counterfeit spirit.

    The bondage deepens in the Mormon system by major leaps and bounds as you enter the temple and partake of its ordinances. Though there have been modifications in the Mormon temple ceremony, and the former bloodcurdling oaths and penalties requiring that those who revealed their secrets have their throats cut and suffer disembowlment (a practice that was actually performed in early Utah but which did not survive into the 20th century), the whole system is in fact a modified form of Freemasonry whose demon-god is the pagan Jahbulon - a blasphemous combination of Jah (Yahweh), the Canaanite Baal, and the Egyptian On. Mormonism even has its own name for God, which it calls "Ahman", well known by Christian deliverance ministers as a demonic entity from Egyptian pagan worship, and no doubt connected with Joseph Smith's Egyptian papyri (which turn out to be pagan funerary texts) from which he supposedly obtained the "Book of Abraham". Ahman is a variation of another demon name, Ahriman, connected with Zoroastrianism and fire worship, and is itself another spelling of Amon, another Egyptian deity. Renouncing the false god 'Ahman' is also a necessary part of deliverance.

    The list of blasphemies is so long and involved that an in-depth investigation would stagger you. The ancient Mormon Mecca called Adam-Ondi-Ahman, where Adam and Eve supposedly lived in ancient America and where the Mormon "Zion" is to be built, is simply the rearranged Adam-On-Diamon - On being an Egyptian deity (demon) and daimon (or daemon) being another, older spelling of the word "demon".

    Early Mormonism taught that Adam was mankind's father and god who was alone to be worshipped, a doctrine vigorously promoted by Brigham Young in his sermons (and recorded in his Journal of Discourses) and by other leaders from his time, but today vehemently denied (contrary to the plain evidence) by the modern Mormon leadership trying to gain more respectability. Yet we know that Joseph Smith was, at heart, an occultist influenced by Freemasonry (through his brother Hyrum), kabbalism (through a Jewish scholar from Prussia who taught him, and by whom he was taught about Adam-Kadmon, the Kabbalist deity, namely man ... kabbalists worship man), the occult teachings of Swedenborg, and practised a considerable amount of folk magic. His dying words were a Masonic invocation - a desperate appeal to the Masons who were amongst his assassins and who were taking revenge on him for stealing their Masonic secrets and incorporating them into the Mormon Temple system and palming them off as a "restoration" of old biblical truths - and an occultic Jupiter talisman was found on his body afterwards whose purpose was the warding off of evil. We may indeed wonder as we examine the occultic and Christian elements of Mormonism and be amazed at the way in which two utterly opposing systems were so cleverly amalgamated to create one of the most subtle and dangerous of all Christian imitations.

    Though Mormonism has tried to distance itself from its visible occultic roots by purging many of the bloody Masonic oaths from its temple endowment, and though its latest presidents have tried to escape Smith's more obvious occultic doctrines about man's destiny as gods (though in fact being quite unable to do so ... a problem that has caused a major split in the contemporary Mormon hierarchy), the spirit or essence of Mormonism remains occultic. So long as it maintains that it alone has exclusive authority to represent Christ and build His Kingdom through its bogus priesthood system, it will remain demonised. Every ordinance involving the laying on of hands is the means of spreading this cocktail of invisible spiritual entities from member to member, by whose activity the delusion is solidified, false visions and other supernatural experiences are mediated, and a false hope perpetuated.

    Now just because Mormons do not go around openly worshipping the devil, frothing at the mouth, and doing the things that devil worshippers normally do, does not mean that they do not have a demon problem. And you have to remember that Mormonism is a kind of paradox as well as a dilemma, because it simultaneously promotes Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the world. A great many Mormons truly love and seek to serve the Redeemer of mankind. They have a genuine love for God, even if their image of Him has been distorted. I was shown in vision many years ago that about 3% of all Mormons are genuinely saved (and that's quite a lot given how big their church is), about half were caught between the devil and the wide blue sea (as it were) - well meaning, basically decent, but living under a massive delusion - and the rest were hell-bound.

    You will find many different Mormon "spirits" depending on the admixture of the good and the evil, from genuinely loving souls touched by the true Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and who have experienced bona fide salvation, to those who are more tied to the occultic system, who glory and delight in the priesthood and its corpus of scripture, the Doctrine & Covenants, and temple worship. Only a small percentage of Mormons attend and participate in the more overtly occultic temple ordinances where much higher level demons are transferred under oaths of total secrecy and total, unquestioning obedience to the priesthood order. Simply stated, some Mormons are more demonised than others.

    Whatever other Christians may say, Yahweh is working with the Mormon people and genuinely loves and cares for them. He does acknowledge the truth that is within them and has an end-time plan for them when they finally cast off the enslaving demonic priesthood system and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which, instead of being the fellowship of the saints, is an organisation like the W Jehovah's Witness' Watchtower, that carries out the program of the priesthood, and has an existence apart from the saints themselves. And you will notice that Mormons covenant in their temples to pay tithes to the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" - to an organisation - and not to Yahweh Himself. Renouncing that covenant too has to be done as part of deliverance because it ties your prosperity to Satan.

    We have a large Internet homepage which examines the Mormon system in depth (www.nccg.org/LDS-Page.html) and covers many other areas not in this article. My purpose in giving this review is to shine a light on those areas which those exiting Mormonism need to address, for it is not simply enough to accept Yah'shua (Jesus) as your sole Lord and Saviour and throw yourself into Kingdom labour: as in all forms of occultism, demonic strongholds have to be dismantled. And until they are, ex-Mormons will experience oppressions, doubts, false supernatural manifest- ations, and a whole range and series of spiritual impediments. Exorcising the demons of Mormonism, as is true of any false system that people come out of, is a priority. All those coming from occult systems to the New Covenant Church of God are expected to go through deliverance before being considered eligible candidates for priesthood service, and are usually invited to have this done as soon as possible after being baptised, or before.

    The basis of deliverance is simplicity itself and operates on two principles: faith (on the part of the one seeking deliverance) and the atoning blood of Christ. Demons are terrified of the blood of Christ. It is what has defeated them and sealed their fate in the eternities. Faith that Yah'shua (Jesus) is God (Elohim) - the incarnate Godhead, who spilled His blood to literally pay for our sins, is the key to all deliverance. Its invocation is therefore central. In my years as a deliverance minister I have been witness to hoards of demons, whom Satan has placed in individuals over decades, evacuated in the space of 5 minutes or shorter. The blood of Christ works. I absolutely guarantee it. It can be used by anyone and requires no priesthood office to mediate it. Anyone who genuinely trusts in Christ and who is seeking to live a life of true discipleship in faith, possesses enough of the true Melchizedek Priesthood (whose name is never invoked, incidentally - only the Name of Yah'shua/Jesus) to order all demons out. There is no liturgical formula that needs to be used though it is important to spiritually prepare beforehand and be as thorough as possible in listing, and then breaking, all covenants, ungodly spiritual ties, ordinations, vows, and anything by which Satan can have legal grounds to oppress a believer. Repeating the deliverance does no harm and it is better to renounce demonic bondage's several times than to miss any out at all.

    The purpose of deliverance is to simply be cleaned out so that one can walk close to the Messiah, hear His voice, and lead a victorious life in Him with out constant sabotage and harassment from within and without. Deliverance brings with it a spiritual freshness and sense of cleanliness and purity. Everyone who I have ministered deliverance to has experienced this feeling of renewal and freedom - sometimes (and most often) there and then but also (frequently) over a period of time as they notice their discernment changing.

    Perfect love casts out fear, the scriptures teach us, but Mormonism is held together, like all demonic systems, by the manipulation of fear - fear that one will lose ones salvation and exaltation if one denies the "truth" - I know, for it took me many years to get over it before I knew anything about deliverance. Renouncing the LDS Church, its Priesthood and its ordinances liberates one from that false fear and frees the soul to place his whole faith and confidence in Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) Himself.

    Renouncing Mormonism does not mean renouncing the true principles you may have been taught in it. Virtue, chastity, obedience to the commandments, and all that is lovely and pure ought to be eagerly retained and promoted. The thirteenth LDS Article of Faith is to be praised indeed. Ex-Mormons should not allow themselves to be pressurised by some of the Christians who have helped them out of Mormonism to lower their moral and ethical standards: renouncing Mormonism is not a licence to take up smoking, drinking alcohol, or indeed to flout any of the commandments. Though many ex-Mormons are disgusted by the low standards of the vast majority of Christians, they should remember that they are now following Christ and not a Church system - leaving Mormonism is not to replace it with Protestantism, Pentecostalism, Methodism, Catholicism, or any other -ism, but with Christ. They have many precious gifts from the LDS heritage which they should not think they must automatically discard. Leaving Mormonism is absolutely not to throw out the baby with the bath water - just the demonic elements and false teachings.

    Getting rid of the Mormon mindframe may take a little longer. Habits ingrained into us, perhaps over many generations, are not changed overnight. Which brings me to another aspect of deliverance which no ex-Mormon dare overlook, and that is the spiritual-psychic influence of family and ancestors, living and dead, who are, or were, connected with the Mormon system. And like it or not, we are connected to a blood line which has a profound influence not just in our upbringing but through invisible spiritual forces on our very souls.

    The demonic realm is highly organised. It is a system of hierarchies. This is required of it because Satan is neither omnipotent nor omniscient. He, or any one particular demon, cannot be in more than one place at a time. He cannot read your minds unless demons have been given legal grounds to be inside you to eavesdrop. To compensate for this handicap, he employs billions of evil spirits who have special assignments and duties. They work together in what are called "councils" whose purpose is to subvert in every way possible. The dead are used as well as the living. And I can assure you that the Mormons who are on the other side of the veil of mortality are every bit as organised as they are on this side. They remain in bondage in the spirit world and actually believe they are in Paradise. They are used by the demonic hierarchies to perpetuate the Mormon myth in the form of visions, visitations, and the like. They are sealed off from other areas of the spirit world by Satan so that he can operate multiple - often contradictory - schemes. Needless to say Jehovah's Witnesses, who have been taught that there is no conscious-awareness after death, have almost no supernatural experiences, and certainly no contact with the dead.

    Satan is operating a complex network of deceptions and schemes which he tries to keep separate from one another as much as possible. Within his own dark realm are Hindu universes, Muslim universes, Mormon universes, Catholic universes, and universes of every false system imaginable. He has divided them all off by a series of veils so that they are invisible to each other. Devotees of the New Age who astrally project, for example, are conveyed to specific areas of this compartmentalised dark spirit world where they are treated to various kinds of "experiences". Many who experience NDEs (Near Death Experiences) are similarly introduced to such dimensions, frequently spectacularly. Interestingly, those from different religious persuasions have different NDE experiences and are taught different as well as contradictory and mutually-exclusive things by supposedly "heavenly beings". These contradictory accounts are themselves used as evidence by sceptics on earth as evidence that it is all fantasy, or by ecumenicals as evidence that there are many paths to God. Only those who are born again and who have the living Christ in them, freed from demonic strongholds, are able to discern between truthful and counterfeit supernatural experiences. And a great segment of charismatic Christendom is even now being deluded because of the spiritual corruptions they have embraced at the invisible hands of demons.

    Deliverance from false influences in our genealogical tree is very important. It means cutting all false spiritual ties to our ancestors and families. This does not mean cutting ourselves off from our families - we are talking about spiritual forces here. But it will mean being spiritually prepared before re-entering Mormon homes and other environments because the spiritual presence is oppressive. If you are an ex-Mormon living together with Mormons in the same house, much intercessory prayer will be needed by you both for your own spiritual protection as well as for loved ones you seek to influence with the truth.

    There is a vast swathe of territory in the western USA centred on Utah where the Mormon presence is dominant, the border of which is sometimes known by deliverance ministers and others as the "Zion Curtain". This is not intended so much to be a disparaging remark as to reflect a spiritual reality - there is zone where strong delusional forces operate which those sensitive to the Ruach (Spirit) are able to sense when they cross this invisible boundary. And the longer you are in it without any kind of - or inadequate - spiritual covering, the easier it becomes to slowly and almost imperceptibly be influenced by it. I know of at least one Christian ministry based in Utah which, though vehemently anti-Mormon, has breathed the Utah air for so long that it has literally caught its priestcraft spirit and became an oppressive cult. One should never underestimate the spiritual forces around one, and take care when choosing a place to live.

    One of the ordinances that binds Mormons together is "temple sealing". Children are sealed to their parents, and husbands to wives, all, of course, through the bogus priesthood system. This is another level of demonic bondage and must be renounced, because it creates ungodly ties. This can be quite scary for Mormons who have been brainwashed into believing that their family will scatter into the four corners of the heavens if they deny their priesthood sealings, or that their marriages will somehow cease to be eternal. But this is a lie. That which binds us together is Christ through the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), non-compulsively and without the mediation of any man-made or demon-mediated priesthood system. Learning to place our eternal security in the invisible, eternal Christ and not in a visible chain of human command through an imaginary priesthood is one of the first lessons ex-Mormons must learn. Herein we see another level of bondage to priestcraft. It cleverly plays on our sentiments - our genuine love of families by placing them within an emotional thraldom of subtle manipulation.

    The "patriarchal blessing", supposedly imitating those given by the patriarchs anciently to their children, is another thing to beware of. Apart from the part that patriarchal blessings are the calling of every family's father and not some priesthood officer, the manner in which they are given - by appointment - reveals that they are, in fact, a kind of divination. Not surprisingly if you compare the patriarchal blessings of LDS members (which you are not encouraged to do), especially those given by the same patriarch, you will find their content almost identical. Mine, and those of many Mormons I knew, contained many false prophecies. Prophecy is not given by appointment or by the will of man, but by the Spirit of God when and how He chooses. It cannot be contained within a priesthood system.

    If you are hesitant or unsure about renouncing ordinances from your Mormon past - and you may have legitimate concerns - then it does no harm (and may, in fact be prudent) to cover yourself by asking in prayer beforehand that Yahweh ignores anything that you say which is not in His will so that you do not end up renouncing something that is truth. In the matter of the LDS priesthood, however, there can be no doubt or compromise. But I think what people are mostly, and rightly, concerned about is that they do not end up rejecting something which Yahweh has indeed taught or spoken to them, as opposed to demons. For there are many Mormons who, in spite of having to unconsciously wrestle with false powers, who do meet the true and living God, and who looks favourably upon them and protects them. Casting everything Mormon into a dark dye is not what true deliverance is all about.

    Deliverance ought to be both general and specific. Renouncing the spirit of Mormonism at the beginning of end of the session is desirable in addition to getting down to specifics, but is not itself enough. You can't just renounce "falsehood" and leave it at that. Specific pacts and covenants do need to be broken and the associated demons cast out in the Name, and by the power of the blood, of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Remember also that the "Jesus" of Mormonism as portrayed in the Book of Mormon, though close to the truth, is still a perversion ... "he" amongst other things repudiates Torah in the Book of Mormon and contradicts the true Yah'shua (Jesus) in the Gospels, a good example being Saturday Sabbath repudiation. This is not easy to do because the Book of Mormon is undoubtedly the purest of the LDS scriptures, being one of the most Christ-centred books that I know of. And yet it does contain serious errors that make Yahweh and Yah'shua (Jesus) out to be liars, as well as claiming to be an historical document, which it is not. For me, and I know for many ex-Mormons, finally discarding this book proved to be difficult but necessary. Its many truths notwithstanding, there are demons that stand behind it and use it as the springboard into the meatier occultic doctrines of the Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. It is not what it seems to be. It bears witness of a false prophet, Joseph Smith, and speaks of his treasure hunting and occult practices as though they were in some way normal things. Amidst the gems of truth are dangerous lies and connections to other things. The Book of Mormon is a beautiful apple laced with poison. Renouncing it, along with the other LDS scriptures, including Joseph Smith's perversion of the Bible (the Inspired Version or JST) must also take place.

    Olive oil, blessed by the priesthood for administration to the sick, must not be used but destroyed. Olive oil may, and should be, used for administering to the sick but without any invocation of the LDS priesthood. You should renounce all false angels, including Moroni (who called himself Nephi in his first appearance to Smith) and the others that were involved in the setting up of the Mormon system, including the counterfeit 'John the Baptist', 'Peter', 'James', 'John' who supposedly ordained Joseph Smith, who (if they actually appeared - at least one must have, and we suppose it was the false 'Baptist' who is known to have appeared to various LDS Church break-offs) transmitted the first package of demons to Smith and his early followers. 'Moses', 'Elijah' and all the others who supposedly appeared in the Kirtland temple in connection with 'restoration' of the priesthood must also be renounced, along with the three 'Nephites' who have been seen and experienced by many Mormons but who, like Moroni, are, in fact, fallen Watcher angels or their progeny, the Nephilim.

    If as a Mormon you have seen visions of angels or other phenomena, ask Yahweh to rebuke and sever any connections to you of any which were not of Him. Discerning the multitude of the demonic hosts is not easy and so the Lord's help is needed.

    To complete the process of cleansing you may need to gather up LDS-type jewellery and other memorabilia. Whether you plead the blood of Christ of it, dispose or burn it, is up to you. Most ex-Mormons clear their homes of things LDS. I myself have retained a library for research for my ministry and have pled the blood of Christ over it. Pictures of LDS temples, with the gold-plated angel Moroni idolatrously occupying the position of prominence on the steeples instead of a cross or no representation at all, I got rid of. Destroy all temple clothing which contain Masonic marks for the invocation of demons.

    Covenants of obedience to the LDS General Authorities, Stake Presidencies, Bishoprics or Branch Presidencies need to be renounced. Total severance from the claims of Mormonism and Mormons has to be made in a final, absolute way. All of this should be done audibly and visibly, preferably in the presence of witnesses, as a sign not only to Yahweh but to the angels, both the good and the evil.

    Ex-Mormons are astonished, in the light of their deliverance and anointing by the true Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), by the extent of their bondage. It all seems so innocuous and reasonable at first sight until you discover that the innocuous things, which are good and holy under the right conditions (like baptism), are subverted by association with the Nephilim "priesthood". Demons are riding the backs of hundreds of true Gospel principles by virtue of the "priesthood". So inclusive and controlling is this priestcraft that it subverts our very humanity to the point where, in Mormon circles, priesthood-holders are simply called "the priesthood". They are absorbed in both substance and name by the power of a malignant force clothed in false light. It is like a bacterium which spreads and totally takes control.

    Again, there is nothing wrong with obedience to men placed in authority so long as it does not exclude the true Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) or subvert the voice of conscience. But whereas we should indeed have respect for offices which Yahweh has instituted, respect for persons is something that has to be earned, not expected. Our obedience to leaders must always be conditional upon the Word of God, for Yahweh nowhere expects us to follow another man into hell.

    Seen through the lens of truth, the Mormon monolith reveals itself to be a house of cards. I have been told by Yahweh that it will collapse in a day. Doctored revelations and history, deliberate lies and deceit to cover up sin, threats of damnation to those who leave the system (and especially those who have been through the temple), starkly remind us that we are dealing with a dangerous cult that has duped both good and not so good people. Freed of the chains of the priesthood, men and women who have passed through Mormonism and who remain true to Christ, often prove themselves to be most valiant and desirable warriors for the Kingdom. We have found, in bringing ex-Mormons and -Protestants together, that they have a wonderful leavening and complimentary influence on each other. And once these are allied to Torah, you have an unstoppable partnership that reminds us so much of that primitive New Testament Church which we seek to emulate. In many ways, the exorcising of the demons of Mormonism was not unlike that of Talmudic Judaism in the first century which held back the Jewish people from really being liberated. But when Paul, the ultra-Talmudist was finally freed by Christ, he became a force to be reckoned with, a dynamo in the House of Yahweh. I believe that is what we shall see of many delivered ex-Mormons too.

    This page was created on 6 June 2002
    Updated on 6 June 2002

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