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    SRA06. Demons as Saviours

    One of the most common phenomena in Satanic Ritual Abuse concerns spirits or demons presenting themselves as saviours or deliverers in order to win gratitude, sympathy and loyalty from the victim. This inversion of reality and play on the feelings is known by psychologists as the 'Stockholm Syndrome' after a famous bank robbery which took place in the capital of Sweden some years ago. Robbers took hostages whilst they were under siege from the police and during their time of capture, the victims became subtly reprogrammed as a result of the unnatural circumstances in which they found themselves. The astonishing end result was that even though the victims had been treated terribly, every perceived act of kindness from the robbers was magified out of all proportion to the reality of the victims' situation such that after the siege was over one of the victims actually ended up marrying one of her abusers and others set up a legal defence fund for them! For the full story, please see Individuality and Personality: Part 3 - Insanity, Personality Disorder & Demons, Section #D.

    In another more extreme example of the Stockholm Syndrome but which more closely resembles the SRA case scenario, is a true story from the United States. A school bus is dropping off students at their homes and is on the last leg of its journey. All that is left are the driver and three pretty girls about 17 years old. It is winter and dark and they are passing through a thick forested area when the bus is waved down by a man on the road apparently seeking for help with his car which is standing imobile to the side of the road. The bus driver obligingly stops and opens the door whereupon two other armed men leap on the bus, murder the driver in cold blood, and seize the three young girls who are of course absolutely terrified. The three men drag their victims into the forest. The girls pretty well know what is waiting for them - rape and murder. But before the men can have their evil way a woman in her 30's appears with a shot gun and effects a rescue of the three girls, killing two of the men and wounding the third who limps away. She pursues the last of the kidnappers and kills him too.

    Now I am sure you can picture the relief and grattitude of the three girls for their deliverance. Indeed, they are so besides themselves with gratitude that they are precisely in a psychological condition where they can most be exploited. The woman, who is apparently a reclouse living in the forest, takes them to her cabin and feeds and warms them, showing them kidness. She then proceeds to tell them that their desperate situation isn't over. What if the police come searching and find the three bodies of the kidnappers? Might the police conclude that the girls had killed their abductors? What might happen to them? Might they be charged with manslaughter? What if their stories aren't believed and they end up with a life sentence in prison or perhaps even face execution for murder? The girls are frightened and the story presented by the woman seems very real. She sets herself up as a protector but is in fact subtly moving them into a position where she has complete control over them. She eventually persuades them to help her bury the bodies and remove all evidence of the scene of the killing, thus making them her accomplices, on the one hand, as well as subtly manoeuvering them mentally into sympathising with her, since they know she has supposedly put herself in grave danger in rescuing them. The woman may go to prison for murder and they, naturally, feel grateful for being rescued. So when she gets them to promise to do everything she says, they readily agree. They owe it to her. Or do they?

    You see, this woman is not only a lesbian but also a dealer in the white slave traffic. She exploits the three girls sexually, making them work for her as virtual slaves, and then, once they are fully subdued and compliant, having tried to escape a couple of times and failed, she sells them into the sex slave trade. This is her business - murdering 'kidnappers' whom she has set up and then subltly manipulating the minds of young, impressionable girls.

    Satanists operate in precisely the same way when the victims are young, usually in their teens. This is much more extreme than the Stockholm Syndrome but is of the same genre. I have come across this form of dependence on one's enemy many times. I will relate two examples in SRA victims.

    In the first, a victim was brought up to be a 'Christian' (indeed, that was the Satanists' cover - they worked one of their coven members to become installed as the Pastor of a Baptist Church in the south of the USA and had gradually taken it over. They raised their children as 'Baptists', teaching all the cortrect doctrines minus the saving ones. The blood of Yah'shua (Jesus) as the means of salvation was never taught except in a very cursory way, there were no prayer groups, but lots and lots of choir programs and singing generally ... with songs that were so vague doctrinally that they were no threat to the demonic system being set up. Whilst experiencing waterned-down 'ordinary' Christianity on Sundays, on other days of the week the children were subjected to abuse and came to believe that this was genuine 'Christianity'. Occultic rituals and Satanic masses were held at night in the chapel, usually in the basement, though sometimes in the main meeting room.

    The victim related to me how she had been dressed up in black and taken to the baptismal font which was surrounded with candles. The coven was assembled, all dressed in black, and all hooded. She was, as I recall, only about 8 years old, and was told that she was going to be baptised. She had seen baptisms before, all the same as this one, but never a proper Christian baptism, so she had no idea what the real thing was like. She was then tied up with ropes and blindfolded so that she could not move or see. In this condition of complete helplessness, her freedom of movement and sight denied her, she was taken into the baptismal font and submerged ... and held under the water. After a while, of course, she ran out of breath and was in danger of drowning. She cried out to God who did not come but in His place came a spirit posing as an angel of Yahweh. The angel told the girl that if she would do exactly what he said always, he would rescue her. The moment she agreed, in a state of utter desperation, she was brought out of the water ... and was owned by a demon! That demon continued to 'minister' to her all her life as a counterfeit 'angel of the Lord', giving her instructions and guidance in her various life circumstances. The trauma of the event had caused the little girl's personality to fragment into a new alter which thereafter not only contained the memory of that trauma but who genuinely believed that her 'spirit guide' was an angel of Yahweh, until I met her (along with all the other alters, of which by then there were hundreds after literally hundreds of similar traumatic abuses). When she told me her doctrine and what she believed was the Christian faith - which wasn't, though it was close - she did not, of course, believe me. Subsequently, her demon guide had directed her, when she was older, to become a charismatic and had taken her to a charismatic church which was under demonic control with a counterfeit Holy Spirit. There she was taught to speak in tongues to invoke other 'spirit guides' for both herself and others under the guidance of her original rescuer. This demon had subsequently got her out of difficult situations (usually set up by the demons themselves) in order to convince her of his benevolence. When I came along with my wife, we were immediately painted as evil people who did not teach true Christianity! The demon 'warned' her and she ... naturally ... believed him. It took her a long time to unmask the demonic counterfeit. When presented with scripture about true Christianity she was, naturally, confused because it was not what she had been taught but she believed the 'messenger' first and foremost. Why shouldn't she? After all, this was the 'angel' that had saved her from drowning, this was the 'messenger' who had guided her all her life and got her out of dangerous situations. Indeed, the whole function of this demon was to keep her away from saving-Christianity and to use her to teach the other alters who might come to Christ to believe in a false christ and so remain prisoners of the demonic invaders, letting them believe they were 'saved' when they were not.

    To cut a long story short - and it took time - she decided to trust what the Bible said and, albeit reluctantly, challenged her 'spirit-guide' to reveal his true identity in the Name of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and by the power of His bloood. She felt as though she was betraying an old friend but when Yah'shua (Jesus) stripped the benevolent mask away and she saw her 'spirit guide' in all his ugliness, darkness and deceit, she knew the truth. She was a very sweet and innocent person, very likeable, and even prayed for us, but deceived in a monstrous way that took advantage of her youth and innocence. She was in mourning for some days afterwards, feeling that her whole life had been in vain, desperately sad that she had been so wickedly tricked and for so long. In time she discovered what her true mission in life was and her joy returned, but this time founded on truth and not lies. For me personally it was painful to see how this innocent child had been so brutally manipulated, and I must confess that I felt guilty at first in disturbing her peaceful yet diabolically perverse world of illusion, for the last thing any servant of Christ wants to do is bring pain to another, especially to the innocent. Yet facing painful reality is a necessary stage in the process of deliverance and restoration. Satan uses the Good-cop, Bad-cop principle to trick people into following his lies and enslavement. The important thing is that this victim got free and came to know the truth of the redeeming blood of Christ! I learned much from this experience including the way satanic tongues works and has presented itself to a gullible charismatic Christendom seeking short-cuts signs of salvation. For those interested in this subject, see Tongues.

    Every alter is artifically created by demons to serve their diabolical purposes and they are most often tricked into believing that they are performing an important mission or 'duty' for the world. They are the supposed 'children of destiny'. They are frequently made to believe they are important in order to puff what little self-esteem is left, but in a carnal way. But all that is good, noble, pure and virtuous is brutally supressed. Alters are treated differently. Some are pampered and made to feel like queens or goddesses, others simply abused again and again to stir up as much hatred as they can possibly get out of them, knowing that hatred is the most effective barrier to true deliverance. Yet deep down the true soul-nature remains - the innocent victim of abuse. It is to this that Yah'shua (Jesus) reaches with His love and promise of forgiveness and deliverance.

    My second example is like the one I have already told. Since this is a most effective technique, Satan uses it again again. As you can see, he exploits the vulnerabilities of the human psyche, vulnerabilities which are the only means by which we can express and experience love. In the second example the victim was taken at the age of 7, sealed in a box, and the box was then set fire too. I am sure you can picture the suffocating hell that poor child went through, which caused her personality to fragment into yet another alter, her means of coping with the horror. And guess what happened? A 'spirit' or 'demon' appeared to rescue her on certain conditions. The moment she yielded to the demon, the fire was extinguished and she was taken out of the box, grateful to her deliverer, not knowing that the 'deliverer' was in fact all a part of the plot, not knowing that she had become a slave and a puppet of a malevolent demon.

    Other satanic variations include burying a victim alive in a coffin under the earth, sewing the victim into an alive animal like a cow, and other bestial and horrendous tortures that I will not repeat here. They are so terrible that your average man on the street simply cannot believe that such wickedness could be happening in their world, a credulity strained by the fact that these satanists are almost never apprehended. People assume that were such vicious crimes taking place that they would be exposed more readily. But what they fail to take into account is the degree of the conspiracy that takes place. Children are born of rape (usually incest) and never registered. They are kept on 'satanic farms' or in ordinary basments like prisoners until they have been psychologically manipulated enough as multiples that they are relatively easy to control, by wearing down their hope and brainwashing them over long periods of times. For an ordinary person, one abuse like being buried alive is enough to scar them for life, but having this happen every year (usually on their birthdays, sometimes several times a year) is almost beyond comprehension for most of us. Yet these are the shadowy lives the victims live, under the watch of satanists and their 'spirit guides'. And in this conspiracy they are protected by doctors, politicians, psychologists, policemen, teachers, and others in important positions of social responsibility who are recruited into satanic covens and promised power and wealth. Many of these recruitees are themselves trapped (many are raised satanists from cradle to grave), not knowing that they will have to participate in criminal rituals like murder, torture and rape, and it is by these that their loyalty is ensured for fear of exposure and imprisonment. However, even for these seduced and manipulated people there is a way out. Yah'shua (Jesus) loves them too. Their consciences are so seered and hardened by what they have done, however, that the demons have convinced them that they have no choice but to see the chosen path of evil through and enjoy it as best they can for as long as it lasts. For some who still retain vestiges of any pure and holy feelings there is a way out. Satanists like them get free every year. For both victim and abuser there is much forgivening to be done, many tears to be shed, as part of the cleansing and healing process, but to be free of such an evil world is always worth it, no matter what the cost.

    For those of you who are victims of SRA let me repeat and underline for you this truth; demons are NOT your saviours. They are the satanists' partners-in-crime, they are abusers too. They hate you and every other image of God, we who are of the human race. The one and only true Saviour, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), defeated them two thousands years ago. They know they are defeated, Satan knows he is defeated, but the last thing they want you to know is that their power is limited and dependent only upon your believing their lies. They control and manipulate you with a combination of fear, hatred of them, and a sense of hopeless resignation. They do not want you to know that you can be delivered from their power and evil by the Deliverer, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ)! BUT YOU CAN BE!

    Yah'shua (Jesus) turns noone away who genuinely comes to Him in trust and surrender, no matter what your past, no matter what diabolical things you have been made to do. He offers you a free gift - a new life! Once one of the alters makes that decision and the others can see the results, the others will take courage. Then redemption of the whole system can take place. But it does take courage. It takes an enormous leap of faith into a totally new world that the satanists and demons have painted in the worse possible light. We have seen how demons and satanists lie about the true nature of Yahweh and Yah'shua (Jesus) (see Satanic Lies about Yahweh and Yah'shua). They KNOW that the Cross is their defeat, and that once a victim yields herself unreservedly to Christ their control and power is over, so they reinforce doubt, threaten, play on fears. Even the so-called 'saviour demons' soon turn sour and reveal their true colours. I knew an alter who loved to astrally project (see Warring against Satanic Introjects) who spoke of three spirit 'friends' who took her on guided tours of the universe (in fact, it was the counterfeit astral plane or Second Heaven) which really hooked her. She thought her friends were wonderful ... until the veil was torn down as she saw them as they really were. But she had to pluck up the courage to trust in me to challenge them in the name of Yah'shua (Jesus) and by the power of His blood.

    Once a demon has been exposed it can never perptrate their lie again. Their success is directly tied to their keeping their true nature hidden. Once exposed, humans don't forget. Then the only weapon left to them is raw force. It's at that point that most victims start to vigorously rebel against their task-masters. Some try to hold out against them in their own strength without Christ but such is ultimately futile. Please, if you are an abuse victim of SRA, do not try to fight them alone! You can't succeed. But with Christ the enemy is but chaff. Yah'shua (Jesus) is the Lord of lords, and all the Father's power has been given to Him. What would take a human an infinity of time to dislodge their demonic slave-drivers (i.e. it is impossible) takes the Creator seconds. Yah'shua (Jesus) means INFINITE POWER is available to you in your bid for freedom. But be sure it is the true Yah'shua (Jesus) you invoke - the Biblical one - and not the fake one you may have been taught about by the Satanists, or the counterfeit one whom demons may have manifested as (see Prayer Manual for SRA Survivors). The real Yah'shua (Jesus) is omnipotent (all-powerful) and you can safely trust in Him. To be free, you must renounce the occult in all its forms and forgive your abusers. The latter is especially important. It's not easy but with the power of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) in you, you can do it, because you will not be doing it in your own power alone. To forgive such monsters (who are likely victims themselves) does mean that you need to encounter the height and depth of the love of Yah'shua (Jesus), He who voluntarily died for your sins so that you would not have to bear the punishment of them yourself. The Way to liberty is there waiting for you - free.

    Remember, there is no such thing as a demonic saviour or deliverer - if they 'save' it is only to imprison you in a way you had not anticipated. Demons are murderers, liars, cheats, torturers, and slave-drivers. They have never loved you, do not love you now, and will never love you in the future. Whatever they 'give' always comes with a heafty price. They give no free gifts. And the price they charge is your own soul, happiness, future and hope. They are never worth it. Ever. They are the scum-bags of the universe. And they are defeated!

    Know also that your suffering has not been in vain. Your suffering will be consecreated to your good, but not in the way you have been taught by the satanists and demons. Former SRA victims make some of the strongest Christians I have ever met. They are greatly loved by Yahweh and are such a blessing to the Messianic Community. They are amongst the most competent in helping rescue others who are victims like themselves. And their victory gives great glory to Yahweh and honour to them in the eternities. Moreover, each victory is another nail in the coffin of Satan and of the satanic cause. Some of the victims I know are amongst the most wonderful people I have ever met whom I greatly respect. They have made the ultimate sacrifice and are assured great blessings both today but especially in the world to come.

    Make this your Independence Day! Test your spirit-guides and see who they really are.

    This page was created on 16 January 2004
    Last updated on 16 January 2004

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