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    Of Angels, Sex and Men

    Thoughts and Speculations on a Great Mystery

    Brethren and sisters, whatever you have been taught or believed about angels from the popular culture I want you to forget. Today we shall dive into the Word and find out exactly what the truth about them is. I am not so much interested in fallen angels (demons) today as I am about Yahweh's angels, the Lord's Ministers of Flame.

    There was a time when angels figured heavily in my spiritual life. Then I got tricked by a very clever demon calling himself "Enoch" who, when I finally exposed him, started breathing all sorts of threats against me and prophesying death to my newborn son. I got rid of him but at the same time was so disillusioned with myself for being tricked that I foolishly (and presumptuously) decided I didn't want any sort of ministry from angels at all but would deal only directly with the Holy Spirit. The result was the opposite of what I expected - more demons came to bother me and Yahweh's guiding angels departed, presumably highly offended. One thing you do not do is mess around with angels, whether the Lord's or Satan's. More about them in a minute, though.

    If you want to gain a perspective of what Yahweh's angels are like and the degree of their participation in the lives of true believers then you need go no further than the time of the Exodus which was completely under angelic direction. Speaking of the angel who had the overall responsibility of bringing Israel out of Egyptian bondage, Yahweh said:

      "See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared" (Ex.23:20, NIV).

    From this we discover that angels are (1) protectors, and (2) guides.

      "Pay attention to him and listen to what he says. Do not rebel against him; he will not forgive your rebellion, since My Name is in him" (v.21).

    From this we discover (3) that we can hear angels speak to us and that (4) we are under an obligation to listen to them attentively. Disobedience to, and rebellion against, these angels is disobedience to, and rebellion against, Yahweh Himself, since He has placed His Name in them. We are therefore (5) to obey Yahweh's angels.

      "If you listen carefully to what he says and do all that I say, I will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you" (v.22).

    Obedience to Yahweh's angels leads to (6) Yahweh fighting our battles for us.

    Yahweh's angels possess Yahweh's authority and to obey them is therefore to obey Yahweh; to rebell against them is to rebell against the Almighty. The Law was given to Moses viâ angels (Heb.2:2; Dt.33:2; Ps.68:17; Ac.7:38; Gal.3:19). His angels always go ahead of those who walk in His will, demolishing demonic strongholds. Just look at the promises that the Israelites were given even before the New Covenant! "Worship Yahweh your God, and His blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you, and none will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span" (v.25-26).

    These divine agents possess great power and are easily provoked but always do as the Lord requires of them:

      "Praise the Lord, you His angels, you mighty ones who do His bidding, who obey His Word. Praise the Lord, all His heavenly hosts, you His servants who do His will" (Ps. 103:20-21, NIV).

    These angels are everywhere, both visible and invisible, and mingle freely with humans carrying out their appointed tasks:

      "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it" (Heb.13:2, NIV).

    If you are saved then you have at least one angel responsible for you: "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?" (Heb.1:14, NIV).

    It is therefore a fact that those who are saved are served by one or more angels, even if we may never see them. Since these ministering beings often speak to us, is it possible that we sometimes mistake their voices for Yahweh's? I have often wondered about that.

    Something very interesting happened to me a few months ago. I heard the voice of "God" speaking to me. Intrigued by this voice, which I have heard many times before, I enquired: "Lord, is Your Name Yahweh?" and in answer to this question I received a powerful burning sensation all over me, like an inner furnace. Deeply curious, I asked further: "Is the Name of Your Son Yah'shua (Jesus)?" Complete and utter silence - no voice, no burning at all.

    I was baffled for some days as I mediated on this experience. If this was our Heavenly Father, surely He would have confirmed that Yah'shua (Jesus) was His Son? There were only three explanations for my experience: (1) It was a false angel impersonating Yahweh (but why not then take the deception to the next stage and confirm that Yah'shua (Jesus) was his Son too?); (2) It was Christ Himself, who also has the Name Yahweh in Scripture (in which case, why not explain?); or (3) It was one of Yahweh's angels acting in His Name, and could not therefore say that Yah'shua (Jesus) was His Son without lying. I have concluded that the many times I have heard God's voice that it was, in fact, one of His angels.

    There is no doubt that Yahweh's angels have great power and glory since they possess supernatural strength and have access to the Throne Room of the Most High. And yet as we also know they are a little higher than us in authority right now, but we shall possess greater authority than the angels in the resurrection. The reason for this difference in power and authority is not explained to us in the Bible but is a question that has occupied my mind for many years.

    The only explanation I have been able to come up with is not generally liked by most Christians who appear to me to have a very naïve and childish picture about angels. One thing that orthodox Christians have never been able to explain to me is why these angels, possessing such great power and glory, would be attracted to human women and desert their high and holy calling in order to have sex with them, something they evidently had been forbidden to have (sex, that is) and yet also very clearly had the ability to enjoy this in a physical sense. There have been many woolly explanations for this angelic lapse for it has been assumed that they are "spirits" who were entirely lacking of any sort of physicality, something the case of the fallen angels or Watchers entirely disproves. Humans, inspite of their inferior position today, evidently possessed something they didn't have but wanted, and presumably before their time.

    Over the years I have become more and more convinced that angels are tangible beings and not airy "spirits". However you may define the word "spirit" the fact remains that angels are tangible beings with whom humans can physically interact. Moreover, they must be so like us as to make us effectively one species, otherwise the Watchers would never have been able to have children (the nephilim) with our women ("the daughters of men"). As we have seen, they have feelings like us too, and can be offended and pleased. We - humans and angels - each seem to possess something the other lacks and would like. The angels, power, glory and immortality; humans, sexuality and the right to reproduce. For now they are greater than us, but after the resurrection the rôles are to be reversed. Why?

    Another clue to be found in Scripture is in the fact that human beings with special callings from God are also called angels. Anyone who is a messenger of God is an angel, "one who is sent forth". All servants of the Most High, human as well as supernatural, are therefore "angels" of which there are three classes: (a) Yahweh's supernatural servants; (b) Human believers; and (c) fallen supernatural beings, the demons or devils, who used to be Yahweh's servants but rebelled.

    There are therefore mortal and immortal angels on the one side, and mortal, and immortal angels on the other - Yahweh's and Satan's angels, respectively, comprising mortal humans (the saved and the unsaved) and immortal "angels" (Yahweh's ministering "spirits" and Satan's demonic "spirits"). We are all kin, possibly from a common origin.

    The Watchers fell by listening and believing Satan and then helping themselves sexually to forbidden fruit - women. They bred monsters called nephilim, who defiled the whole earth.

    Adam and Eve fell by listening and believing Satan and then helping themselves to forbidden fruit - the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Interestingly the Bible speaks of the act of sexual union as "knowledge" - "Adam knew Eve" (KJV). They bred a killer called Cain whose art has infected the whole planet.

    Could there be a parallel between the angelic fall and the fall of man? Many have speculated that the "knowledge" that Adam and Eve were not supposed to partake of was the physical union of the sexes and out of this theology has arisen a fear and hatred of the marriage principle, leading to all kinds of perversions. That Adam and Eve became ashamed of their progenerative organs, which they covered up with fig leaves, is considered a good argument in this theory's favour.

    About all we can be sure about is the following: Angels were created to be able to have sex but were forbidden to have it before their appointed time. Mankind was also created to have sex (indeed, did not Yahweh proclaim marriage good, and command the Edenic couple to multiply and replenish the earth?) but it would seem that they partook of something before its appoinetd time. (I doubt Yahweh created the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil simply to tempt the first couple - it must have had a functional purpose but could only be partaken of at the right time - in the right season.

    Clearly angels are celibate beings capable of sexual union. It seems likely that Adam and Eve were commanded to be celibate beings capable to sexual union until their appointed time. Both angels and men had an appointment with sexuality but they rushed ahead. And isn't this the problem in society today? Stopping young people from leaping into each other's beds is like trying to stop wild horses running loose. The sexual appetite of man is all mixed up. Even apart from the perversions of homosexuality, bisexuality, polyandry, sexual communism, and paedophilia, even "normal" heterosexuals seem to grapple with a tornado of unbalanced feelings and passions. Some of the most demonically-infested sins are connected with sexual abberation and perversion. The demons just can't get enough of it.

    It is my current belief that Yahweh created men and angels with a sexuality which most have abused. Adam and Eve partook of something before they were ready for it and fell. Since then, mankind has been plagued by the inner storm of sexual passion leading him into both good and evil realms. The Watcher-angels likewise partook of something they were forbidden to, and before their time, and fell. Since then, the fallen angels have been leading souls into sexual tempation as one of their most powerful tools against Yahweh. And because of the perversion of sex, orthodox Christianity (thanks largely to the Catholic theologian Augustine) have leapt to the false conclusion that somehow all sex is inherantly bad and is to be shunned, and that the highest state of godliness is celibacy as exemplified by the Catholic Priesthood and monastic orders.

    The great mystery is thus: what was it that Adam and Eve were supposed to wait for, and what the faithful angels are waiting for today?

    I was once of the opinion that there was God-sanctioned sex in the Garden of Eden before the fall. Now I'm not so sure. I believe that Yahweh intended Adam and Eve to come together at a special time and partake of the physical union of marriage but that this never took place.I believe that the faithful angels are likewise to come together at some future time when they have fulfilled their first stewardship, but that some were impatient. Like Adam and Eve, they saw that marrital union was attractive and they wanted it there and then contrary to what God had said about celibacy before marriage. This leads me to further believe that Adam and Eve were only betrothed in Eden and had not yet received their licence to indulge in the full act of marriage. They were simply not ready for it. And when they went ahead anyway, they created guilt and misery both for themselves and the whole human race. But unlike the angels, they were innocent at first - the angels should have known better, and redemption for them, it would seem, is too late now.

    If what I am saying is true, then sexual union is so holy that great preparation must be made before it is entered into. Though Adam and Eve were alone and couldn't have committed adultery, it does not seem as though fornication was impossible even before other human beings came into the picture. What this also means is that though married couples have the right to engage in sex for pleasure and the procreation of the species, what we see and experience is not what God originally intended, but is a pale shadow. What the faithful angels are still waiting for we, as humans, probably have not experienced yet, and which is reserved for that happy day when in the resurrection we are entirely free of the sinful tendencies and dispositions caused by Adam and Eve's presumptuous fruit-eating activity and our tendency to imitate their ways.

    This also explains, incidentally, what Yah'shua (Jesus) meant when He said that in the resurrection we shall be equal to the angels, and not be "marrying, and given in marriage" as we are in this fallen realm (Mt.20:30; Lk.20:36). Yahweh has something much better than the coarse and corrupted sexuality we have here - something purer, something holier, which both resurrecetd men and angels will partake of, becoming equal partakers of the same gift.

    It has long been my belief that we all had a spiritual pre-existence prior to our physical birth in this world and God's children were given a choice of (a) the Path of the Angels - supernatural power, celibacy, and a simpler choice system involving little risk; or (b) the Path of Men - mortal, the right to have sex and procreate, but a much harder walk with a high risk and rate of failire. The angels would have higher authority than man in the beginning but would surrender that to man after the resurrection. Man would run the greatest risks but as his reward receive the greatest glory. Both, at the end, would be equal in terms of sexual prerogatives, the angels receiving their right to marry in pure unions, and the faithful men and women to be married in similarly pure unions, which would be new to both of them. This "marriage" would be made in heaven and not according to earthly ways.

    I believe we are going to enjoy a fantastic fellowship with the angels in the resurrection and enjoy the kind of life that Adam and Eve never enjoyed - full marriage with Christ at its centre. It wouldn't surprise me if there is "intermarrying" between angels and men according to God's rules too, and not according to the perversions of the Watchers.

    Could this all be true? We shall have to wait and see. In the meantime we should seek after holiness with all our hearts.

    This page was created on 26 January 2001
    Last updated on 26 January 2001

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