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    A34. The Curse of Illegitimacy

      "One of illegitimate birth shall not enter the congregation of Yahweh; even to the tenth generation none of his descendants shall enter the congregation of Yahweh" (Deut.23:2, NKJV).

    It came a a pleasant surprise to me to learn the principle of patriarchal adoption which Torah spells out for those (in particular, daughters) who are spiritually fatherless. This little known Torah principle has made deliverance so much simpler and quicker. But we have more than this revelation to thank Yahweh for as we have probed into little known or understood passages of Torah which the bulk of Christendom has erroneously declared to be redundant in Christ. This false anti-Torah doctrine has cost the Body of Christ dearly. It has meant that even after salvation, believers continue to go around carrying curses and hosts of demons that they frustratingly cannot get rid of.

    The spiritual adoption of orphans was, however, only the tip of the iceberg. This article follows on the heels of a revelation received through one of my wife's clients which led us back into a careful study of Torah in the matter of illigitimacy.

    There are many passages in the Old Testament that baffle and sometimes horrify believers. The typical reaction is to brush them under the carpet and pretend they are not there. When critics cite them, instead of defending them as the revelation of Yahweh, they balk and offer excuses in a vain attempt to 'explain away' (i.e. twist) the Word of God. Like it of not, Yahweh's Torah is not something we can take lightly. Yahweh's laws, even if they may not at first make much sense to us, do have an impact on us, especially when we disobey them. The demonic host knows that, fully well understanding that when we break Yahweh's rules - consciously or unconsciously - that this gives them legal rights to oppress. Typically those who are oppressed and who follow through with deliverance come to understand the truth of Yahweh's Torah and have a deeper appreciation of it than those who tend to shunt it aside in their minds and hearts.

    Whether we like it or not, or understand it or not, Yahweh has categorically stated that children who are born out of wedlock are cursed and demonised. The old English word we use for a child born in this condition is 'bastard' and indeed there are whole family lines bearing the prefix 'Fitz' (bastard son of) - as in Fitzwilliam or Fitzpatrick - which are cursed. In the olden days, when marriage covenants were enforced, royals were particularly prone to this sin and explains why so many have sunk into the occult and satanism. This is no small matter. A child born out of wedlock cannot be a member of the congregation of Israel which, according to Paul in Romans 11, means that they cannot become a part of the Messianic (Christian) Assembly (Church) either even if they enroll as members. Such souls can be saved but they cannot become a part of the Body of Christ physically. They are cursed so long as they are in the flesh. Worse, their descendants cannot become a part of the Assembly of Yahweh for ten generations.

    Today it is common for children to be born out of wedlock. In the West, at least half the population has been conceived in this way, and are cursed - and their children too. This means that the bulk of the next generation will be cursed and prime targets for the enemy. There have never been so many illigitimate children in earth's history.

    How did we discover this truth? My wife was working with a female client who was conceived out of wedlock. Even though her parents subsequently married, the curse remained on her. This was revealed personally by Yahweh to her as we did theophostic with her. Her whole life had been messed up as a result of this which had left her uncovered and unprotected from a battery of New Age temptations that resulted in her becoming a highly demonised physical cripple. Though she had previously been offered adoption by a spiritual father in connection with the earlier revelation given to me, she had hestitated. And she had hesitated not only because the demonic system within her understood that this would give her adoptive father the right to dissolve all ungodly choices she had made throughout her life, and expell the demonic lock, stock, and barrel. No wonder the demons reacted for such a vow would give the adoptive father the right to remove the curse of illigitimacy. Her biological father could have done this but since he was ignorant of Yahweh's ways (as most are), it never happened, and her life became a dreadful curse. He has since passed away. She has subsequently become adopted by a spiritual father (replacing her biological one) and experience deliverance from this curse!

    Children born out of wedlock, children of incest and other abuses named by Torah, are cursed and demonised, and only adoption by a spiritual father can dissolve these. To be an orphan is a curse and it has never been our Heavenly Father Yahweh's intention that there should ever be orphans, even when parents are killed. The Gospel of Christ mandates that every single person coming to the Kingdom be adopted into a family as a spiritual son or daughter if their own parents are not believers or if they are abandoned, abused, or simply the victims of natural tragedy. In NCCG, new converts who do not have parents in Christ are adopted into a church family soon after their baptism, legally becoming members of that family in Yahweh's eyes. I cannot underline enough how important this is not only for deliverance but for healthy and wholesome Kingdom life as well.

    This truth begs another question: what is a legitimate marriage? It comes as a surprise to many Christians to learn that the Bible nowhere authorises a government or the state to legalise marriage. Nowhere. Torah teaches a very different doctrine concerning marriage and this was the rule up to three centuries ago and for thousands of years before. The issuing by the state of a marriage licence is a recent innovation and involves the state adulterously in a marriage either together with, or in place of, God.

    All that is required for a legitimate marriage is that the couple enter into mutual life-long covenants, in the presence or two or more witnesses, to be true to these covenants. That is all. No state licence is needed. Indeed, not even a minister or priest is needed. Indeed, under Torah, it was the father of the bridegroom who was authorised to perform the ceremony. In the New Covenant, that remains true, which is another reason the spiritual as well as physical orphans should be adopted. Then the adoptive father is able to not only perform the ceremony but can counsel, guide and monitor the courtship as a chaperone to ensure that Yahweh's rules governing chastity are upheld.

    If a couple sleep together without having made covenants or without witnesses they are guilty of the sin of fornication (which itself gives demons legal rights - fornication and adultery are not the same thing, see Gal.5:19, KJV/NKJV - most modern versions obscure the difference). And if they conceive a child, that child is a bastard and inadmissable to Israel. In terms of the Exodos Deliverance Cycle, that child remains in bondage to Egypt by virtue of the curse even if he accepts Yah'shua (Jesus) as his Messiah (Christ). Such a person remains plagued by Yahweh's curse.

    If the parents are still alive, then all they have to do is enter marriage covenants in the Biblical way. Then they can adopt their own illigitimate child into their lawful marriage and dissolve the curse along with the same curse on their son's or daughter's own children (or the parents of the grandchildren can do that themselves). If the original parents married subsequent to conceiving their child out of wedlock, then all they have to do is formally adopt their illigitimate child into their lawful marriage and break the curse. If the parents won't cooperate, then the illigitimate child must be spiritually adopted.

    The selection of an adoptive father must be done carefully. If that adoptive father is under his own curses, then it is possible that his adopted children will have those curses passed down unless such a generational curse is formally broken by the children themselves. "In their fathers' iniquities ... they shall waste away" (Lev.26:39, NKJV). As ever, purity is our watchword. Without it, we can be the instruments of terribly cruelty to our descendants without necessarily realising it. The "wasting away" phenomenon is all too common - I am sure you have seen it in people who have degenerative diseases - many of these are the result of curses.

    If you were born out of wedlock, male or female, make preparations with a spiritual father to be adopted! These cannot, however, be just 'anyone' as Paul reminds us:

      "For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Messiah Yah'shua (Christ Jesus) I have begotten you through the gospel" (1 Cor.4:15, NKJV).

    A biological father has a natural affinity to his own children by virtue of his genetic connection so it follows that a spiritual father should have some sort of spiritual affininity to those whom he adopts. Paul explains that affinity as coming about as a result of birthing a prospective spiritual son or daughter in the Gospel. Paul 'birthed' many by his witness as an apostle. He also points us that then (as is true today), there are very few 'fathers' or 'patriarchs'. He makes a distinction between a 'teacher' or 'instructor' and a 'father', so what is the difference? If a spiritual father isn't a mere teacher, what is he in addition? A father is a nurturer, a protector (by virtue of his covering) and a provider. You can attend a Sabbath Assembly once or twice a week and hear the instructions of a teacher but a father must be available at all times, in season and out of season. So a Patriarch is far more than a Teacher. And a person seeking adoption needs more than an instructor, but also a friend, confident, pastor and defender. Most of all, he is the one who begets, rather like a midwife (or 'midhusband'), his child into the spiritual life. He is the one who brings his child into the Kingdom rather as a mother brings her physical offspring into the world, nurturing her in the womb and then after birth until that son or daughter gets married.

    An adoptive father has a major responsibity, then. He can't just 'adopt' someone for the purpose of breaking ungodly soul ties or abolishing the stigma and curse of illegitimacy but must see that person right the way through the spiritual adulthood. In practical terms, that would at least be seeing them into priesthood service as a Deacon (or Deaconess) and Elder (or Eldress). This is therefore a position of great responsibility for a 'father' or 'patriarch' is literally a family pastor.

    In NCCG adoptive fathers should usually be mature Deacons (Pastoral Assistants) or Elders. A spiritual father must have some experience behind him and definitely be a married man having had at least one or more children (the biblical requirement for being a Deacon or an Elder (1 Tim.3:2; Titus 1:6 - the expression, "husband of one wife" means simple "married" - see 1 Tim.5:9 where a similar expression, "wife of one man/husband", is used of widows). He may, of course, we a widower.

    Spiritual fathers are a rare and valuable commodity in the end-time Body of Christ and are much sought after. Of course, spiritually adoptive children have their responsibilities too and must carefully weigh themselves before asking for such a covering. Amongst other things, they are to be obedient in all things (Col.3:20) (that are not against Yahweh's Torah - Eph.6:1) to their adoptive fathers as they would be required to do of believing biological fathers (Col.3:20). They must be prepared to take their corrections and chastisements (e.g. Prov.15:5) and therefore learn submission in all humility.

    This page was created on 29 March 2005
    Last updated on 7 April 2005

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