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    The Edge of
    Explosive Change
    The Norwegian Revival
    16 November 1999

    For some years now the New Covenant Church of God has been declaring that a revival will take place in Norway that will be quite unlike any other revival in history. From this small country the revival will spread across the whole face of the earth and will be the very last genuine revival before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    This revival will have nothing to do with any existing denominational structure. It will not begin in a local church congregation. It will begin amongst the outcasts of society, the beggars, and the down-and-outs. It will begin amongst the lowest social castes of society and amongst those who have been snatched from the very jaws of hell and gloriously saved. It will begin amongst those who have nothing to brag or boast about - it will begin amongst those who know what deprivation, poverty and to be outcast is. It is here it will start.

    This revival will recognise no ministry or church because it will signal the beginning of the end of denominations and ministries. Whereas independent churches, denominations and ministries have been tolerated by the Lord over the last two millennia the time for the end of this division will have come.

    However, this united Church will have nothing to to with any of the existing ecumentical movements and it will have absolutely nothing to do with the attempts by the Catholic Church to bring the protestant churches under its umbrella of power. This Church has but one purpose only - to gather the wheat from the tares and to separate the sheep from the goats. It's purpose will be to gather the true Christians from the merely symbolic ones - those who call themselves Christians but who are spiritually dead.

    And it will begin in Norway. Do we know where in Norway it will begin? Yes, it will begin in Oslo. We even know where in Oslo it will begin - we know the suburb and we know the exact room. What we don't yet know is the exact time...though it is very, very close indeed.

    It won't begin in a Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, or independent Church, Ministry or Centre at all, though there will be people present from many of these denominations. That day something very special will happen as an unmistakable sign that the Lord's hand is in this work which noone who truly believes in Christ will be able to deny, though they will be able to resist...and persecute...this work. You will see a sign that Christianity has not seen for 2,000 years - the people who receive this anointing will never get ill again from any disease known or unknown to man.

    Those suffering from AIDS, Altzheimer's, rheumatism, polio, multiple sclerosis - any and EVERY disease - will get better and never get ill again for as long as they live. They will not become immortal - they can still injure themselves or be killed - but they won't suffer any bacterial or viral diseases again. Ever.


    If they subsequently deny their salvation thereafter, there will be no forgiveness for them either in this world or the next, and many who openly and willfully break the commandments in a spirit of rebellion may well forfeit their lives as Annanias and Sapphira did. So there will be a price for the unfaithful.

    There will be other miracles and spiritual signs but this will be the chief one. How it will happen will be explained presently.

    This revival is first and foremost going to shake up the churches. This will not be a spiritual harvest for all the denominations to take part in. It will be a harvest out of the denominations. And its going to fill alot of people - the modern-day Pharisees - who love their power and influence in the churches blind with RAGE. For the first time the world will see on a huge scale the foothold the devil has within the Christian Churches. And it will not only shock the world but also the Christians within them.

    This, brethren and sisters, is not just one of many revivals that will take place before Christ comes or Christians are raptured away, but is going to be the VERY LAST ONE. This, friends, is to be the


    And what will happen to the tares? They will be bundled together and BURNED.

    And what will happen to the wheat? They will be gathered together into the end-time Church of God - a new Church which the world has never seen before and which will suddenly spring up everywhere as the true Christians leave the denominations and as the last converts from the world are made.

    And now for a dose of reality that will terrify the lukewarm and lazy Christians: there is NO PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE.

    That's right, hear it again. The doctrine that has been taught for the last two centuries by some of the Churches that all true Christians will suddenly be taken off the face of the earth before the great persecutions begin during the reign of Anti-Christ will never happen. It's a lie concocted by the devil to make Christians complacent. And it doesn't matter who has told you that there's going to be a pre-trib rapure - it doesn't matter how great and worthy they may have been in other spheres of ministry, or whether they have claimed fantsastic revelations and visions - the doctrine is a lie - FULL STOP/PERIOD.

    Instead, those who have believed this lie will sit around waiting to be raptured and before they know it they will find themselves in the middle of the Antichrist's one world and one religion system with the Mark of the Beast in their foreheads and/or right hands, because they will refuse to believe that God will permit them to pass through the bloody times of torture and murder that lie ahead. You will be here along with the wicked. But the real question is, what will you do?

    That's right, every one of you is going to pass through the GREAT TRIBULATION. Yes, there will be a rapture, but only when Christ actually returns after the seven year reign of horror. Preachers will lie to you and say that the Lord will not receive a bloody Bride but they will not tell you that the Bridegroom Himself is already bloody and that the majority of the Bride which has already passed through this life is bloody through and through. They will tell you that a sign of the good Christian is health and wealth - economic prosperity, and that a sign of your salvation is that you are not ill again.

    Both are lies. Whilst the Lord does indeed bless some people with wealth so that they can bless the building of the Kingdom, and whilst He certainly blesses some with miraculous healing and good health, He also permits sickness for many reasons.

    "But you say that the end-time Christians will never get sick again?" That's right, but this isn't a sign of salvation, but of SEPARATION.

    The Lord God of Israel, Yahweh-Elohim, through His Son Yahshua haMashiach (Jesus Christ) is about to separate the redeemed from the damned and place them in a new Church called the New Covenant Church of God or (in the Hebrew) B'rit Chadashah Assembly of Yahweh.

    How will this anointing take place? In God's sovereign Grace, of course, but it will be through a special medium which will be revealed very soon.

    On this site and in our publications we have been warning not only Norwegians but the world to prepare for Y2K and big political and climatic changes. We've warned rebellious and neo-pagan Norway of imminent economic disaster and a possible earthquake. Though it didn't happen last November as we expected it WILL happen...and soon.

    Clinton and his New Age Illuminist cronies have been in Oslo again and though nothing spectacular was made public much, I am sure, took place behind closed doors. The One Worlders everywhere are planning their next moves and hoping to make a big splash with the turning of the millennium. And Norway is cow-towing all the way.

    But not for much longer. The blow that strikes at Norway will cause many, many souls to wake up and the Lord of the Harvest will rejoice in the wonderful catch that will be made amongst this special people. How I love the Norwegian people! The Lord sent me here in 1988, to leave my homeland, and to prepare for this great day. It has been a long and painful wait, with much preparation, much sorrow and trial, but it is going to be worth it. The Norwegians may lose their wealth and influence but they will gain infinitely more.

    Every city of Norway will be affected - and though the revival will start in Oslo it will grow its strongest and deepest roots in Bergen, where this tiny, insignificant Church began.

    And then it will spread - everywhere.

    You may be called to be a part of this work. Perhaps you, the reader, are a future apostle, evangelist, pastor or missionary in this work. Whoever you are, you have an important part to play.

    If you are a Norwegian, get ready. The call could be going out to you any day, as seen in the prophetic dream of Herman Rustad (click here for a Norwegian translation) and in my own vision and an independent witness from the USA.

    May you, the reader, now get your spiritual house in order, and prepare for the marvellous work and a wonder that Yahshua (Jesus) is about to do. Amen

    Laget: 16. november, 1999
    Oppdatert: 16. november, 1999

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