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    The USA Terrorist Attack
    and what it Means for the World

    New Covenant Witness, July-September 2001, 72:7-12

    The media, both secular and Christian, is full of speculation as to what the future holds following the concerted terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and Word Trade Center in the second week of September. For almost everyone, the attack came as a complete surprise, though the FBI knew that an attack was going to occur somewhere and wrongly concluded it was going to be on some American installation in Japan or other foreign country. To date I have only met one Christian whom I know to be an anointed prophet who knew something of the same magnitude was going to happen three weeks before the event.

    There are many things that are abundandly clear as a result of this terrorist attack which I want to talk about today.

    The first, is that the world will never be the same again. Emboldened by the success of their attack, terrorists will resort to even worse terror the next time round. The situation will not improve but continue to degenerate.

    Whilst meditating on the attack yesterday I received a very clear word from the Lord that what happened was permitted by God to warn the world of what was shortly to befall it. Whilst we may with righteous indignation and holy anger look upon the perpetrators of the terrible deed with contempt and feel a desire for justice, we must not forget that the reason that this attrocity was permitted was because the nation itself has removed its protective cover from heaven because of all its abominable sins. And when that happens, the evil as well as the good suffer.

    A day after the attack I was sent a "prophetic word" by a well-known ministry in the United States which said that only good would come of the recent attack globally. He prophesied that the American government would become stronger, it would repent, and that a new era of goodness would prevail. This is utterly false. It is not a message from God. The proponents of "Kingdom Now" theology are not inspired by God. The Kingdom of God is not going to sweep the world as a result of this terrorist action, nor as the rest of any other attrocities in the future. The very opposite will happen. What has in fact begun is a more rapid slide into global terrorism, anarchy, economic instability, and finally, one world dictatorship.

    Those of you who are expecting things to get better because of divine intervention to save the world are going to have a terrible shock. I will tell you exactly what is going to happen, and why this terrorist action is the signal for the end of the present order of things.

    Whilst meditating about the attack, I saw in my mind's eye the World Trade Center, which currently lies in a heap of rubble, and instead of the two towers (each of which was hit and demolished by a hijacked aircraft) I saw two pillars like the pillars of Jachin and Boaz in the Temple of Solomon. Only these pillars were not those of the House of Yahweh but represented the Temple of the World System or, in another words, Babylon. The destruction of the Word Trace Center is therefore a representation of the eventual demise of the capitalist world order. The hit on the Pentagon is similarly a warning of a partial breakdown of government leading to increased anarchy, the condition the Illuminists have been seeking after (and even trying to encourage) in order to stage a coup d'état for their One Word Order.

    I don't need to tell you what all of this means practically for us. We have been long expecting a Third World War. That has yet to come. It may be very soon. Some say by next spring. We can't be sure. Prophecy does hinge on a number of factors - intercession, repentance/reformation, and so on.

    So expect economic, social and political conditions to degenerate at an accellerated pace. Expect more are nore audacious terrorist outrages around the world. It will probably be Europe's turn next. A bacteriological attack on a major populated area is very likely. And expect more covert government seeding of the atmosphere with antibacteriological agents as they take precautions against such a terrorist attack. Watch out for more contrails in the atmosphere.

    On the spiritual front, the suicide bombings represent a signal for an accellerated cleansing of the Body of Christ. This means a more rapid separation of the wheat from the tares. The Whore Church will become temporally more powerful and larger in size whilst the True Church - the Remnant - shrinks at an ever accellerated rate. As the Remnant becomes smaller and more pure, so will follow a dramatic anointing. This anointing will not, however, be to inaugurate a Christian World but have as its sole purpose to gather in the elect and prepare them for the One World Order Tribulation-to-come.

    In this regard, I have a few important things to share with you - fulfillments or clearer understandings of previous visions which Yahweh has given to me.

    Those of you who have followed NCCG affairs over the years and are perhaps acquainted with the Olive Branch revelations, prophecies and visions, may have heard of the "Vision of the Three Waves". Some years ago I was shown in a series of visions what would happen to our little Church, the New Covenant Church of God.

    Recapping that vision, what transpired was that our little congregation found itself standing in a lake or shallow sea such that we were waiste-deep in water. It was perfectly calm. At length, a wave came and we effortlessly jumped over it. After another period of calm, a much larger wave struck us, but with a little extra effort we were again able to jump above it and reland safely with our feet on the ground. The third wave, which came after yet another calm spell, was enormous - like a very high building. This we were not able to esape but were completely overwhelmed by it, never to return to the standing position we had been in before.

    In the second vision the survivors found themselves lying on a beach after the wave had receeded. There was destruction everywhere but the survivors were unharmed and safe. The vision changed yet again and I found myself in a lecture theatre waiting for a film to be shorn. There were many people in these, including many Koreans. I was then drawn into the screen, leaving lecture theatre, and found myself very busy indeed in the ministry, first, in a large meeting hall which we being prepared for evangelism, and then talking a shower whilst shaving and videoconferencing.

    The three waves part of the vision was fulfilled some years ago, resulting in the decimation of NCCG, leaving only six survivors. That was in 1995. The lecture-theatre period has been from that time until this - a time of receiving and giving instruction. There have been many willing to listen but few willing to act or do - those, like the symbolic Koreans, being more interested in the philosophy of our mission but not being willing to engage in it - who believe they are the "Chosen" (a name for Korea) but who are not, because they will not do.

    Since 1995 - really from 1996/7 - we have mostly been in the educational side of the Gospel through the Internet. That changed this year with the establishment of New Covenant Ministries and when subsequently 32 churches in India, with nearly 3,000 members, joined NCCG.

    During this time - 1995-2001 - two things have happened. Firstly, we have got ourselves doctrinally sorted out when, in 1999, we became Torah-observant Sabbatarians in harmonny with Yahweh's Word. It has taken us the better part of a year to be restored practically and spiritually into the Israelite Cycle of obligatory festivals, sabbaths, and other observances. The completion of the first cycle took place when we celebrated our second Hanukkah in December 2000.

    Secondly, we have been bombarding the Internet with NCCG teachings, creating one of the largest Christian websites in the world and, at the time of writing, having attracted nearly 100,000 readers. In fulfillment of the prophetic vision in the lecture theatre, many have come interested by the philosophy but few who have been willing to take action. Only now has that begun to change and community-minded people with to gather.

    The change started this year and a number of high-callibre spiritual men and women have been attracted to this work and are making deeper committments. The gathering of an apostolic and pastoral core leadership is now well underway.

    The only unfulfilled part of the Three Waves Visions is the spiritual anointing which we have been impatiently waiting for for so long. Many have impatiently gone after counterfeits and have been swallowed up by the Whore Church. Many more will be swallowed up too, impatient to force Yahweh's hand as Sarah was, reaping a bitter harvest as a result.

    A few weeks ago Yahweh shared another vision with me to tell me that the anointing we have been waiting for for so long is now imminent. This was before the terrorist attack on New York and Washington. This is what I saw.

    I found myself outside our house in the garden where some of my children were playing. An orange scorpion appeared, transparent and apparently harmless looking. But in my spirit I knew it was evil. I therefore took a large stick and began to beat it to death, as I supposed. It shattered into hundreds of small orange globules which, like the original scorpion, were alive and in many ways seemed more dangerous that the original. Just as I was wondering how to deal with this new threat, the ground fell from beneath my feet and I, my wife and daugher found ourselves swimming naked in a large lake where the garden had been. But this was no ordinary lake. The water was crystal clear and absolutely pure. It was bottomless and completely clear. Imagine, if you will, looking up into a clear sky into infinity, turn the sky upside down and in place of air substitute this crystal clear water. Underneath was a bright light which illuminated everything from beneath in addition to the sun in the sky above so there were no shadows. Because the experience was so utterly unexpected and unfamiliar we began to panic and to swim vigorously towards our house which was now floating in this vast bottomless, bright and pure lake. I could see its foundations clearly under the water. We clambered onto the steps leading to the front porch to notice that part of the roof of the house was missing. Seconds later, the front wall of the house began to collapse, indicating that the whole edifice was about to come down. The vision then ended.

    Thanks to a Canadian brother who is a seer and prophet, I was able to put together many of the missing pieces of my understanding. I knew that the lake represented Yahweh's end-time anointing, the fullness of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), that I was afraid of it, and tried to leave it. But I did not know that the orange scorpion represented false New Age teaching which is what we, as the Remnant, are principally fighting against, and which through our exposés has divided into miriads of other false doctrines. These will all be swept out of the Remnant Church when the anointing comes. And it is due to come any time now.

    We are now rapidly moving out of our education-only phase (1995-2001) and into the time of anointing, miracles and end-time evangelism. The anointing has not yet come. What you are seeing in the churches in the form of Toronto, Pensacola, Vineyard, and other "manifestations" are almost entirely false counerfeits and demonic. Those claiming to be apostles aren't - there are many who are called or designated but none are yet anointed. Yahweh's end-time apostles, evangelists and pastors are yet to be manifested, even though they are in the making and have been now for some time.

    The bombing of New York and Washington is a dire warning to let go of everything false. It is a warning to Christians not to rely on the world system anymore. It is warning to quit the Whore Church and all her daughters -- to separate and be separated, to gather out of the denominations and into self-sufficient communities and independent house churches linked to the apostolic order which is yet to be fully manifested. Even NCCG is only a precursor - we ourselves will be utterly transformed when the anointing comes. But we have provided the vessel - the doctrinal vessel that will contain this outpouring. That has always been our mission up until now.

    There is much more I could say about this subject but time constrains me and the urgent need to get this article out to the world.

    The Body of Christ just doesn't have time to sit in the wings anymore. It must make a decision either for the Fullness of Christ or take its condemned seat with the Whore. That means division - full and complete. It means an enormous gathering out of God's people in the churches, to abandon them to be bundled together and thrown into the fire.

    What we are asking for now is for Yahweh's men and women to stand up and gather out. This is the time. The task ahead of us is enormous and we have so very little time now. We need a cross-fertilisation of experience - spiritual and temporal - to help establish the end-time colonies around the world. We are going to have to get used to living without the System as much as possible, because if we don't, a time will come when we will have to, or perish. And to perish means receiving the Mark of the Beast.

    There is short time - very short - while the forces of mass destruction gather and poise for a massive assault leading to another brief but devastating World War, a war that will signal the end of nations as we know them, the end of religious freedom, the end of all freedom on global scale: one-world satanic dictatorship. Then will come the end, the return of our Lord, the destruction of the wicked, and the beginning of the Patriarchal Christian Theocratic Millennial Order with Yah'shua (Jesus) enthroned as King.

    Visions that I and many, many others have seen of end-time scenarios will be fulfilled. The economic ruin of Norway, the rise of Catholic-New Age Europe, the destruction of cities like Stavanger and other Norwegian coastal cities, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and others will all take place. The decimation of the population of entire cities like Oxford by disease will take place, some caused by terrorists, others by "natural" causes. Missile strikes, invasions, more oppressions. Our world is coming under siege. Vast tidal waves, huge showers of hail stones the size of massive rocks. Our world is coming under judgment.

    It won't all necessarily happen over night but it will happen nonetheless. The World Trade Center and the Pentegon were but the opening moves of a much bigger terror.

    Are you prepared?

    14 September 2001

    This page was created on 15 August 2003
    Last updated on 15 August 2003

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