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    D11. Exposing Lilith:
    The High Queen of Demonesses

    by Ruth Johannesen

    Ruth Johannesen is a recent convert to Yah'shua through this ministry. During deliverance she came across the demoness Lilith simultaneously with two other clients. This article is a summary of what was learned during these deliverance sessions. We consider this material so important to end-time deliverance work that we have prioritised getting it up on our webpage. More articles will follow.

    History and legends about Lilith

    Much information can be found in the Internet and in books about Lilith. However, much of it is far from valid. Here are sources of various facts and myths about her.

    According to a medieval text, the Alphabet of Ben Sira:

    (The phrases in parenthesis followed by a question mark are much too questionable information and theres a possibility they are not even mentioned in the Alphabet of Ben Sira. Whatever is in italics is directly from that book.)

      In the Garden of Eden, long before the eating of the apple, the Holy One created the first human beings a man named Adam, and a woman named Lilith. Lilith said, "We are equal because we are created from the same earth."

      "My name thou knowest not, and yet shall know, And know too late. But, know thou this indeed: Joy is my sister. Sister I, to Death."

    Lilith was the first wife of Adam who, in contrast to Eve, was also created from dust. She rebelled against her husband claiming to be equal to him and refusing to be below him when they laid together. God cast her out (and transformed her into a demon of the air?) or she used her powers to fly away, this part is a bit obscure. However, if the latter is valid, three angels (Sanvi, Sansanvi, Semangelaf?) were sent after her to make her return (by killing 100 of her children per day?) and she countered that she would prey eternally upon newborn human babies, who could be saved only by invoking the protection of the three angels. (She could have also been the snake that convinced Eve to eat the apple?). In the end, she flew out of the Garden of Eden to the shore of the Red Sea. There she made her home in a cave, taking for lovers all the demons who lived there, and giving birth to a great multitude. This explains the proliferation of demons in the world.

    An angel named Samuel had fallen in love with her and to him she bore three children whom even demons dreaded. Lilith, using the wisdom of Samuel of God, became the first witch, and subsequently, mother to all witches. Her followers called her Arionrhod. The dancing and worshiping of the Moon are things that she herself taught the witches. Her symbol was the night owl.

    She's highly active at night, provoking erotic dreams to men and nocturnal emissions. Apparently, she seduces men in their sleep, because she needs the semen to give birth to more demons.

    Important note: The unknown author of the Alphabet of Ben Sira has filled it with many elements that seem designed to upset the sensibilities of traditional Jews. In particular, the heroes of the Bible and Talmud are frequently portrayed in the most perverse colours. The book is consistently sounding the praises of hypocritical and insincere behaviour. So shocking and abhorrent are some of the contents of "the Alphabet of Ben-Sira" that modern scholars have been at a loss to explain why anyone would have written such a book. Some see it as an impious digest of risqu folk-tales. Others have suggested that it was a polemical broadside aimed at Christians, Karaites, or some other opposing movement.

    Of unknown origin (perhaps folk tales):

    Caine is said to be the father of all Vampires. A clan of Vampires, Liliths Children, are supposed to be the few chosen ones to follow and have the wisdom of Lilith. They originate from as back as Caines children, whose grandchildren turned against them and tried to kill them. One of those grandchildren, Jahared, deceived the rest to have Lilith to himself. In the end, Lilith saw through his lies and cursed him and banished him. She even took his children under her wing and she revealed the future to them. Eventually, though, she left them, and they are rumoured to ever since bide their time and waiting her return and the final battle against the other children of Caine. Also, they are said to live among us, and their meetings and communication are done in their sleep in the form of dreams.

    According to Kabbala:

    Zohar 3:19a

    When the Holy One, blessed be He, will bring about the destruction of the wicked Rome, and turn it into a ruin for all eternity, He will send Lilith there, and let her dwell in that ruin, for she is the ruination of the world. And to this refers the verse, And there shall repose Lilith and find her a place of rest (Isa. 34:14). (Patai81:466)

    According to the Bible:

    Isaiah 34:14f (NRSV):

      Wildcats shall meet with hyenas,
           goat-demons shall call to each other;
      there too Lilith shall repose,
           and find a place to rest.
      There shall the owl nest
           and lay and hatch and brood in its shadow

    Some claim that the owl is Lilith herself.

    From an article by Ellen M. Umansky for The Encyclopaedia of Religion

    In postbiblical Judaism, a female demon who seduces men and kills unsuspecting children, Lilith (Heb., Lilit) also became identified as Adam's first wife, created from dust to be her husband's equal. As the name of a demon, _Lilit_ is etymologically related to the Sumerian _lil_ ("wind") and not, as some once supposed, to the Hebrew laylah ("night"). Yet like the Sumerian wind demon and her later Babylonian counterpart, Lilitu, a succuba who seduces men in their sleep, Lilith is active at night, seizing men and forcing them to copulate with her. Although as child slayer Lilith bears greatest resemblance to the Babylonian demon Lamashtu, Lamashtu eventually became confused in the popular imagination with the succuba Lilitu.

    In the Hebrew scriptures, there is only one clear reference to Lilith. _Isaiah_ 34:14, describing the devastation of Edom, maintains that Lilith shall be at rest in the desert, among the wild animals, screech owls, and satyrs. This reference to Lilith as demon is more fully developed in postbiblical Jewish literature, where Lilith is associated with the _lilin_, one of three classes of demons that appear in rabbinic writings. In the Babylonian Talmud Lilith is portrayed as having a woman's face, long hair (_'Eruv._ 100b), and wings (_Nid._ 24b) like the cherubim. Her identity as demon is underscored in _Bava' Bashtra'_ 73a, referring to the demon Hormiz or Ormuzd as Lilith's son, and in _Shabbat_ 171b, where men are warned against sleeping alone lest they be seized by Lilith.

    From the book "Lilith's Cave: Jewish Tales of the Supernatural" By Howard Schwartz.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that much of the demonic realm in Jewish folklore grew out of this multifaceted legend, which came into being as a commentary on one passage of the Bible, "Male and Female He created them" (Gen 1:27). This passage was interpreted by the rabbis to mean that the creation of man and woman was simultaneous, whereas the later accounts of the creations of Adam and Eve appear to be sequential. Working on the assumption that every word in the Bible was literally true, the rabbis interpreted this contradiction to mean that the first passage referred to the creation of Adam's first wife, whom they named Lilith, and the other referred to the creation of Eve.

    Liliths names:

    According to a number of sources, among them The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Lilith means "screech owl" in Hebrew. According to other sources, Lilith means Lady Goddess and some even claim she was the female counterpart of God. Lilith is often described as a Goddess of 1000 names. Shes been also called Poetress of Darkness, Imp of Impetuosity, and Serpent of Seduction.

    Possibly related song:

    Layla, got me on my knees, Layla
    Anytime you please, Layla
    Darling wont you ease my worried mind.

    Lilith's characteristics as a very active
    and dangerous demoness of our time

    There is absolutely no doubt that Lilith is and was one of the most powerful demonic presences in our time and in the past. Some describe her as mother of all demons and she enjoys wide worship from Wiccans, Neopagans, Satanists, Judeopagans, Goddess worshipers etc. In fact, she was believed to be goddess of rage, alienation, stillbirths, death of newborn babies and abortions. Indeed, her power is great: one of her former victims described her as goddess rather than demoness (but make no mistake, shes NOTHING compared to Yahshua).

    Subtlety is her most dangerous weapon against people who arent involved knowingly in witchcraft or any occultic or pagan acts. Her power, which is very strong over women, is not exercised by force - she works her way from the woman's heart very quietly. She's described as light, soft spoken and friendly. Feelings that are so common, like competition, need for perfection, dedication and devotion are more than enough to let her in ones soul.

    Her beauty and grace are mind-numbing to some and can be parallelised to a whirlpool, where the twirling of the water is quite elegant and impressive and has hypnotising effects. So does her appearance, her promises and manifestations (it is possible she is connected with fairies and other elegant yet evil entities). All that, matched with her quietness and friendliness make her seem as if she doesnt pose any immediate threat at first.

    Nonetheless, Lilith uses a few acute manifestations, most common of which are

    • 1. fear: she is able to create it in great amounts, especially during deliverance
    • 2. perverted sexual impulses

    Moreover, Lilith is reported to be after some of the qualities of her victims. People, especially women, if they have had her in their heart long enough, may lose the ability for certain emotions, such as honest love and respect for others. It is not undoable, but it is very hard to detect as it happens so quietly and gradually.

    She can be easily confused with Hecate (the differences between the two will be discussed further), because some of Hecate manifestations resemble those of Liliths so Hecate functions as a kind of front. However wherever Hecate is, Lilith is also. The latter digs deeper in the soul and feeds on hidden emotions in the heart. She might draw her victim at her so slowly that one cannot easily see where it started. Thus, it might take time and meticulous soul-searching for her legal grounds are identified and renounced.

    I made an effort to make a list of these legal grounds so they can be identified more easily in the future. The list is based on visions and information that was given straight from Yahweh before we started looking into sources of Liliths history, and youll perhaps notice that many things match. This list is by no means complete, so any additions to it would be more than welcome.

    1. Lilith can be let in through tradition. The ancestors pass on a prayer that makes the infant and sometimes, all future infants subject to Liliths presence and will. More particularly, it creates a vulnerability and inborn interest to all sorts of magic and occult. Old houses can also have that effect.
    2. Any sort of perfectionistic compulsion is also enough to invoke Lilith. Its a self-imposing task to always be in performance in life at any expense. This is contrary to what Yahshua taught us that Yahweh takes care of us and we should relax and take one day at a time because each day has enough worries.
    3. A female role-model of our time: The woman who wont let herself be substitute to any man, but instead she uses men for purposes of pleasure instead of life giving purposes. This is accompanied by a more or less subtle feeling of rage. Hence, shes behind the feministic movement (in fact, the Independent Jewish feminist magazine is called what else Lilith).
    4. Another female role-model: The woman who is lost in her vanity and tries her very best to look good in appearance and makes grace and beauty her ultimate goals (even for a short while). The type of attitude that is encouraged so elaborately by magazines and the modelling business. Lilith uses beauty and elegance to almost hypnotise, and as beauty and elegance are generally considered positive things, such tricks are not easily detectable. As all this is based in lies, one can easily see through the paradox that haunts so many women nowadays. They go into strenuous efforts to look perfect, not only to attract men whom deep inside they are afraid of and/or enraged against but also to present themselves as better than other females. What they call shopping therapy, which in reality is food for vanity, is an example of this process. This, however pleasing at first, never pays off long enough so the effort becomes bigger as time passes. In fact, this type of behaviour should be added to the category of quick fixes (same as sex, drugs, alcohol etc.). Eventually it creates confusion of ones identity. Some eventually give up the effort blaming themselves for their failure and they are left with the jealousy and anger at others (the evil mother-in-law syndrome, among others). Its obvious how she steals away some qualities. Its also obvious at this point how they once believed that mirrors are gateways to Liliths world. Mirrors can be a vehicle for a deep self-study and a source of vanity, in contrast to what Yahshuas teaching, i.e. to forget about ourselves and turn the other cheek and love our enemies. Such blinding and hypnotising powers also explain why Lilith is reported to have created a very different world and rules than Yahweh.
    5. Jealousy. That is similar to the previous. These women feel anger not only against men but also against other women, without discrimination. If blinded by Lilith, one sees in others ONLY how they are superior to her, or ONLY how they are inferior to her. Jealousy could be described as the first step to hatred.
    6. Also, acts and words that are against and/or aim to destroy ones body, heart and mind as were given from Yahweh as a better self-image is valued as most important. Examples of this are self-rejection, anorexia etc. Such thoughts/actions defile Yahshuas direct command to love your neighbour as you love yourself.

    Moreover, Lilith can creep into ones soul and heart through:

    1. Any form of prostitution, adultery and fornication or encouragement thereof. Also, its close to worshipping Lilith when one indulges in any kind of deviating or dark sexual activity (sadism, masochism, lesbianism, orgies, fetishes, sodomy etc.) The use of fear for purposes of lust is a main manifestation. In fact, after an actual and willing successful invocation of Lilith by witches or her followers all participants should feel the emotions of simultaneous fear, lust and the urge to submit.
    2. Any form of moon worshipping, whomever its coming from, is in reality worshipping of Lilith, as she is the mother of all witches. Also, any worshipping of demons and entities who serve her is also an indirect worshipping of her.
    3. Anything related to the gothic movement (from dress code to gothic-inspired singers and bands for example Evanescence, Nightwish etc.) is indirect worshipping of Lilith. In fact, the movement itself is directed and controlled by Lilith.
    4. All oracles/fortune-tellers are possessed by Lilith (among other entities) and thus, any attempt to predict the future without licence or aid from Yahweh.

    Differences between Lilith and Hecate:

    1. Lilith takes control of your heart and innermost feelings, worries, desires and impulses. Hecate is possessing more immediate feelings and thoughts.
    2. Lilith is subtle, quiet, calm, graceful. She doesnt mock you and seems very friendly and soft-spoken. At first its hard to see the evil in her. She looks very much like a godess. Hecate, on the other hand, is more loud, has more manifestations of her possession (as in actions, thoughts, and feelings), she might bully you and laugh at you and acts much more like a witch.
    3. Hence, Lilith is not well known, while Hecate is easier to spot and get rid of.
    4. Hecate's motto is Each to ones own. We have to stand alone. Lilith says You have to be the very best and most admired and successful at any expense.
    5. Lilith is the ruler of her temple and she has many servants Hecate is one of these servants.
    6. Hecate seems to serve as a front to Lilith's actions. However, as Hecate is a servant, wherever she is and whatever she does, Liliths will is behind her.

    A vision of Lilith

    As the information on this article and the editing and writing have been group work, Lilith has been showing herself to all of us, one way or the other. Here is a vision of her that one of us saw:

      She saw an old forest pond. There was a new shining gravel road going by it. She saw the back of a woman who had stopped to look at the pond. She sat stooped over looking at the surface of the water and the forest behind it by the side of the road. The woman wore lots of shawls in several red/blue colours, much like a gypsys gear. She stopped by the woman and urged her to come along with her. Everything was stagnant about her and the pond and she had met this many times in women. She asked Yah'shua what He wanted her to do and Yah'shua wanted her to move on. That tore her apart, because to leave someone behind is gruesome (we stop because we doubt that Yahweh will move our loved ones caught by stagnation unless we work their salvation). But she walked on and she saw a light up ahead. Later in the morning she realised that it wasn't a woman who had been by the pond: it was Lilith, making people stop and have sympathy. She said that Lilith is actively obstinate.

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    Last updated on 9 May 2008

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