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    SRA07. SRA, Miracles, Kidnapping
    and Yahweh's Justice

    Satan has gained control over humans to the extent that he has today not only because of the rebelliousness and sinfulness of man in violating the commandments of Yahweh but also because believers have little or no idea how Torah protects them, have remained indifferent to it, and have made no appeal to it. As Christians we are rightly reminded that vengeance belongs to Yahweh, and to Yahweh alone (Dt.32:35; Rom.12:19; Heb.10:30), but forget that the execution of justice is given to Yahweh's elohim or judges in Israel (Zech.7:9; Amos 5:24). Because Israel as a theocracy does not exist either within the historical area of the Holy Land, or globally as shall obtain in the Millennium, it is wrongly assumed by believers that Yahweh's justice in a temporal sense is of no effect. Whilst it is perfectly true none of us has the right to assume or exercise temporal power or justice except within the framework of the nation-states as presently constituted, it is not true to say that Yahweh's justice cannot be invoked supernaturally. Because the principle of law is sacred, irrespective of its abuse by wicked governments, we are not entitled to take the law into our own hands. Yahweh has given a certain measure of authority to secular governments to ensure the preservation of law and order until the return of Yah'shua (Jesus) and the establishment of perfect justice.

    Satanists who abuse their victims have no regard for secular law and government. They are amongst the worst criminals upon the face of the earth - they are murderers, rapists, abusers, torturers, kidnappers, perjurers, and almost any and every category of evil that you can imagine. They have great wealth and power, especially in the upper echelons. As their power increases, they become bolder and more indifferent to state law. Historically, we have the recent example of nazism which progressively undermined all law until Hitler became the law himself and did pretty much as he pleased. That same kind of power which was exercised in Germany and the occupied territories will take place globally under the rulership of the Antichrist. It is already being exercised selectively by the powers that run and control governments today.

    All of this is prophesied in the Bible. We have known about these things for millennia. Yahweh's prophets have warned of these times which are now virtually upon us. The purpose of this time is to test and judge mankind. Those who have been born at this time were reserved for this time. Nothing is accidental. From the very beginning Yahweh has known who would be saved and who would not. We are simply playing out our individual and collective choices to determine whether we inherit the rewards of the eternal Kingdom of Love (Heaven) or the kingdom of Condemnation (Eternal Burning - Mk.9:48).

    Yahweh's servants are equipped with the tools they need for whatever dispensation of time they live in. We often wonder why at certain times extraordinary miracles were permitted and at others they weren't. In the case of the Exodus of the children of Israel out of Egypt, spectacular miracles were shown - such as the parting of the Red Sea - for several reasons. First, because this was the only way a nation could be liberated from a murderous and demonised Pharaoh. Second, because Yahweh's servant - in this case Moses - was purged of his carnal nature in the wilderness of affliction as an exile in Midian. Third, because it served as a picture of the rescue of sinners by the Messiah-to-come (our time) and Yahweh wished the picture to be sufficiently dramatic for people to know that real power was involved. And fourth, it needed to be sufficiently dramatic to be remembered and retold over many centuries.

    In this example, Moses is initially given powers to match and outstrip the occult powers used by the demonised priests of Egypt. Both he and the enemy turn rods into snakes. The difference, though, is that Moses' snake devours the snakes of the priests to make the point as to who is really in control. At first, the priests match the miracle performed by Moses and in their conceit believe they can do anything Elohim (God) can, much as Satanists believe today. But Yahweh had the last word. Also please note that there were many priests but only one Prophet of Yahweh and one interpreter, Aaron. Satanists, like the priests of Egypt then, are more numerous than the true servants of Yahweh. They measure their success in terms of their numbers and supposed power. This Yahweh permits to show them that their confidence is in vain. Yahweh's priests are always in a minority even if His people are in a majority - for the majority of people are not Satanists. Devil-worshippers are but a small underground movement.

    Satanists are self-confident because they observe how as a minority they rule the majority, just as Egypt ruled the Israelite slaves who were outnumbering them. Satanists have observed how easy it is to trick and overwhelm nominal Christians and those who adhere to watered-down versions of the Gospel. This causes vain-confidence to grow in them and they assume they can do pretty much as they please. They become arrogant, boastful, and overconfident. Today in Satanic covens great miracles are taking place, as the Bible prophesies. People are cured of every kind of illness, including cancer and AIDS. People are ritually murdered and brought back to life again. Of course, it's always at a price, but people, being carnal, are mostly only concerned with what their eyes see and do not count the spiritual cost. Indeed, more miracles are taking place in Satanic covens than in your average Christian church except those where demonic powers have been admitted (as in Toronto, Pensecola, Bownsville, etc.). On the surface it looks as though Satan is pretty much able to do what he wants. It's what Pharaoh thought. It's what the Assyrians thought and the Babylonians thought. It's what the Russian Communists and the German Nazis thought. History reminds us, however, that all these systems and kingdoms were brought to a violent end.

    And the most spectacular of these was the world as it existed before the Great Flood. Satan had mastery of the whole earth - over millions, perhaps even billions, of souls. Fallen watcher angels were coming to the earth unopposed for centuries and were interbreeding with humans to make a race of monsters called nefilim, called 'giants' in some Bible translations. Theirs was a Satanists' paradise and they honestly believed they were going to get away with it. What they didn't realise, until the day that Yahweh struck and wiped them all out, was that Yahweh was in control from beginning to end as He is today.

    Satanist covens are expanding rapidly across the earth as people are seduced by open displays of power and lures of wealth and lawless sex. They are concluding with their unregenerate carnal minds that Yahweh is 'old and tired', that He is being defeated by Satan, and that the demonic party has just begun. They believe the lies they have been told that they should join Satan because his is the winning side. It isn't. And Yahweh occasionally reminds them that this is not so by sending at first, irritants, and then stunning demonstrations of their own folly. He sends Moses-men, prophets, to strike down the pride of evil men and women.

    There are many of them on the earth today. They are all deliverance ministers in one form or another. They come along to suddenly disturb the Satanists' unrestrained orgy of terror. They do not come in their own strength but purely in faith, trusting in the omnipotent and omniscient power of their Master. They are sent to rescue the SRA captives, as Moses was sent to rescue the Israelites, and to pronounce judgment on the demonic hosts, as Moses pronounced judgment on the firstborn of Egypt and the Egyptian army. And the enemy was powerless to do anything about it.

    There are two types of Christian in this world. There are those who are not living obedient lives in purity, and there are those who are. The former are powerless and the others are formidable. The former are the easy prey of the Satanists, the latter are their scourge. The former the Satanists have power over, if Yahweh lets them, but with the latter they have none.

    The purpose of the end-time prophets is to gather out the chosen - the elect - from the power of Satan just as Moses delivered Israel out of the hand of the Egyptians. Yahweh knows who each are. The elect are amongst Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors and even amongst some of the Satanists themselves (for nearly all are SRA victims to one degree of another). Because the rule of law will not sustain them (and they don't expect it to), Yahweh equips them proportionately. The judgments they bring with them are supernatural, not earthly. What the Israelite elohim or Judges did anciently, Yahweh does Himself now through His angelic powers or malakim. Because the prophets of Yahweh cannot usually invoke the law of the land (sometimes they do, and succeed that way) they invoke the Power of the Universe itself, Yahweh-Elohim. When Yahweh executes justice it is swift and final, without prevarication. Once His judgment is given, there is nothing that any living creature can do about it except His prophets appeal to Him directly, as Job had to do for his foolish friends, as Noah did for the inhabitants of the earth, and as Moses did for the Israelite people. Yahweh permitted 8 souls to be saved in Noah's day, and 2 of the original Israelites to enter the Promised Land in Joshua's. The cost of rebellion is high. Judgment may be delayed by Yahweh for mercy's sake - to give time for repentance - but it is always executed in the end.

    My message today is one of warning to Satanists and one of hope for the elect amongst SRA victims. A word of Yahweh was given through my wife a few days ago which I am passing on as a general message to all.

    Satanists have multiple death-sentences upon their heads. Murderers, adulterers and rapists all have the sentence of death upon them. Satanist initiates are often gradually inducted into coven crimes, always culminating in murder. I am principally, at this moment, addressing those who have not yet committed acts of murder or sexual sin. For now I am speaking to kidnappers.

    Kidnapping is a common occurrence in covens. Many of its members are born secretly into the coven and their births never registered. Most are used in ritual sacrifice. SRA victims are repeatedly kidnapped, sometimes violently but more often using more passive hypnotic techniques. Removing anyone to a place against their will and holding them captive is a capital offense and brings with it the death-sentence. Yahweh has decreed:

      "Anyone who kidnaps another and either sells him or still has him when he is caught must be put to death" (Ex.21:16, NIV).

    Since there is no Israelite theocracy to carry out this punishment today, it is being done by Yahweh and His malakim. The witnesses and messengers of judgment are Yahweh's prophets. It is they who bring the charges, as they have always done.

    And now I speak to those who have been involved in more serious crimes:

      "The murderer shall be put to death" (Num.35:16, NIV).

      "Both the adulterer and adulteress shall be put to death" (Lev.20:10, NIV).

    I am bringing these charges forward to those Satanists and their 'wise men' who know who I am and who have committed these offenses against the Most High God, El Elyon. Because of His great mercy and tender, loving-kindness, He gives them one short opportunity to repent and to forsake Satanism completely and unreservedly with their whole might, mind and strength, and to embrace the salvation of Yah'shua (Jesus). Fake repentance will not work. Their sins are great and will not be lightly forgiven, but forgiven they will be if they feel godly sorrow for their great evil, make restitution, call upon the Name of Yah'shua (Jesus) for deliverance, renounce Satan and all his works, and submit themselves to deliverance ministry, and serve the Most High with their might and strength. They will be protected. They are being brought to judgment because they are holding some of Yahweh's elect captive whom they are claiming belong to them through SRA.

    I therefore being the charge against them of murder, rape, kidnapping, torture and invoke the justice of Yahweh against them, in Yah'shua's (Jesus') Name and by the power of His blood, to punish them in the manner He has ordained.

    These charges include the following crimes against the holiness of the Most High:

    • Cursing the unborn and the born
    • Murdering foetuses, babies, children and adults
    • Drinking human blood and eating human flesh
    • Rape, prostitution, adultery and fornication
    • Witchcraft, divination
    • Various tortures - attempted drowning, burning, live burial, freezing, starving, etc.
    • Kidnapping, abduction and slavery
    • Mutilation
    • Forced hypnosis

    leading to accute trauma and fragmentation of personality, and many other crimes which are recorded by the malakim of Yahweh-Elohim.

    They are ordered to release their victims - the ones who belong to Yahweh, those whom I have been sent to collect.

    To whom ever I deliver this message is the messenger to the entire coven or covens involved with that person.

    This page was created on 1 March 2004
    Last updated on 1 March 2004

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