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Month 4:10, Week 2:2 (Shanee/Matzah), Year:Day 5939:99 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50, Omer Count Day 32/50
Gregorian Calendar Friday 26 June 2015
Countdown to America's Judgment
With Daily Countdown Devotionals

    Continued from Part 6


    Introduction and Background

    I interrupt this Sh'mittah or Sabbatical year in which I have been ordered to rest (along with the land) to bring you an important prophetic davar (word), most especially for the United States of America and its Western partners in Europe and elsewhere. In some respects what I am directed to share with you follows on from another revelation, Vision of the Fall of the USA and Israel which was advance notice of what has now started. The countdown to judgment has begun and cannot now be reversed - the opportunity for the USA and the nations to make teshuvah (repent) has now passed. It is now up to individuals to get right with Yahweh in order to escape the wrath to come.

    For Those New to This Witness

    For those of you who are new to this prophetic ministry I have to state clearly that we are not in a countdown to the Great Tribulation or Final Judgment, we are not in a countdown to any 'rapture' and we are not in any countdown to the Second Coming of our Master Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) even though the vast majority of modern 'prophets' are claiming that we are. Nothing that I have to say today has therefore anything to do with these things beyond their being a dress rehearsal of these end-time events. There is another generation yet that will see and witness these things. I will not, even if I live another 10-20 years, see them.

    The False Prophets

    So we are not on the lawless bandwagon of false end-time nevi'im (prophets) who have been deceived by recent events because they did not discern the correct prophetic markers (see Jabob's Trouble) and/or are not obedient to all the mitvot (commandments) as they must be if they are to discern rightly. So if Yah'shua (Jesus) does not return after the current and approaching tribulation has passed in a few years, do not point the finger at me. Rather, point it at those who prophesied falsely if your anger will not permit you to forgive them (for we are all surely in need of much humbling and grace at this time, including the well-meaning but deluded false nevi'im/prophets). So if you are new here, and have been called by the Ruach (Spirit) to either follow or join us, immerse yourself into the stream of prophetic events that have led to today by beginning with the Kethuvim (Writings) Series and the last Shemot (Exodus) Series.

    Getting Physically and Spiritually Prepared

    For many years I have been counselling everyone to get in a minimum of one year's supply of food, medicine, water and other essentials, and/or to secure the means to produce these things. Unless you have a lot of money, this isn't something you can do overnight - it takes a lot of planning and gradual saving. I have also said that if you live in a city or town that you need a place in the country to retreat to because built-up areas will be killing grounds. Finally, and most importantly, you need to get your life right with our Heavenly Father Yahweh so that you can hear His voice and know where and when you should move. When martial law is imposed and the killing starts, you will no longer have the freedom to move around in urban areas. I have also told you to dispose of nearly all of your liquid assets (cash, electronic money) before the banking system collapses (which could be any time between now and the autumn/fall) by converting a large portion into precious metals (gold and silver) so that you both have something to restart your life with after the crisis has passed (because your savings will have been wiped out) as well as to have the means to make purchases during the crisis when paper money (fiat currency) will be worthless. The rest of your cash you should invest in food, water, guns etc. both to survive yourself and with which to trade/barter.

    They Will Come After You

    If you have not done this, and still don't plan to, your chances of survival are probably going to be low. And if you are a family head, and your children perish, their blood will be on your heads for doing nothing or for not doing enough. It may be very, very late in the day but keep on prepping to the last minute and do it unobtrusively if you don't want to be robbed later. The shops will be sold-out or looted, the infra-structure securing goods will break down, the water supply will be cut off (you'll die within 4 days if you don't have water stored) and there will almost certainly be no more government handouts, benefits, pensions, etc.. FEMA (or the equivalent state terror organ in your country) will be rounding up the homeless, destitute, Christians and those against the corrupt government and putting them in camps. They have already bought their coffins.

    Get Right With Yahweh or Perish

    This may be the very last time I say this. If you're not sure about the necessity of doing this, now is the time to get on your knees and pray mightily to Yahweh for His guidance. Ultimately it's your responsibility. Ask and you will receive. Don't ask and you will remain in ignorance and it may cost you your life, and the lives of those you are responsible for. (If you think Yahweh will provide for you when you have received a prophetic warning but have ignored it or failed to test it, think again - there are going to be a lot of dead believers after this tribulation period is over, even as there already are in a number of hot-spots around the world today from the Middle East to Nigeria).

    What Has Been Happening With the Remnant?

    For the rest of you who have been following this work and been wondering what has been going on during the last two months when I last spoke, I have to reply, a lot! There have been huge changes on the 'Ark' - nothing is static there. We have moved beyond the incredible manifestations at the Dedication of Messianic Israel and the Aviv 9 Anointing - to learn more of what Yahweh has done, go to the section of Shemot writings marked (click the image below):

    On the Move: The Ark, the Great Train and the Wilderness Emergence

    Whether you are on board the 'Ark' or not, this is - or soon will be - a season of intense forging on the anvil, shaking on the fig tree and grinding in the mill as souls are made for the ongoing work of Elohim (God) or broken for being lukewarm or presumptuous. Moreover, I can absolutely confirm that the Great Train has set off and that it made its departure on the 29th of the third biblical month (15 June 2015). I can furthermore confirm that as the current generation of Messianic Israelites emerges from its Wilderness wandering so the nations will be simultaneously coming to a full ripening in iniquity. It is no accident that this is the Sh'mittah or Sabbatical Year (to be immediately followed by a Yovel or Jubilee Year) and that such judgment as has been postponed up to now because of the pleadings of the qodeshim (saints) will, in a matter of a few weeks, NO LONGER BE POSTPONED. So don't put off your final preparations any longer! The current generation, refined by the afflictions of the Wilderness, will simultaneously arise to confront and triumph over the current rebellion. The rest must in effect play 'Russian Roulette' in the outer courtyard of the Temple (which will be partially overrun for a season) and pray they are in the right place to avoid the destruction all around them - more about that in a moment.

    From the Santuary to the Holy of Holies

    During the Great Dedication in March and April this year those who are now on the 'Ark' were admitted into the Sanctuary (specifically, the Holy Place) from the Outer Courtyard by means of the Aviv 9 Anointing and are currently being guided and prepared for entry into the Holy of Holies that involves a visit to Egypt. Some of you may be aware that, according to the Elephantine Papyrus, a small replica of the Temple at Jerusalem was built by a Judahite colony on Elephantine Island on the Nile River, opposite Aswan at the first cataract, in about the 5th century BC under Persian protection, the colonists serving as mercenary frontier guards. Like us today, they were a Hebrew diaspora under special protection while being about Yahweh's business.


    1. Chourney

    The following visions and revelations took place yesterday and today in the early morning. In the first, yesterday, Yahweh woke me up at 0627 and spoke the davar (word) CHOURNEY. At first I wondered if He had not meant 'Journey' but the Ruach (Spirit) was most insistant. I later did some research and discovered it was a Ukrainian and Ashkenazi Jewish surname that is also a nickname for someone with a dark skin complexion or hair. It comes from the Ukrainian, chornij, meaning 'black'. I did not know this at the time the second vision opened up around an hour later.

    2. The Black Helicopter in a Bottle

    I next saw a large, swollen glass bottle such as are used for miniature ornamental gardens and displays behind glass, and in it was a black helicopter buzzing around furiously looking for a way out of the bottle, but it could not escape as the neck was far too narrow. It had no markings of any kind but was very clearly a military and not a commercial helicopter as it was armed (see illustration at top of article).

    3. Countdown to Judgment: 107 Days

    A few minutes later a second vision opened up to me and I saw the number 107 appear, having changed, apparently, from '108' (though I did not, as far as I can remember, actually see the '108'). Unlike the earlier 72-day countdown that began on 6 February and ended on 18 April 2015 and concerned the remnant qodeshim (saints), the second count is about America and the Nations, the USA being currently the leading nation globally and the pre-eminent modern Babylonian power. The typeface of the number (107) of this second count was smaller than the '72' of the first count and there was no wall calendar background - the number was simply 'there' in space and not very large. It was black. The end of this countdown is on 10 October 2015, 6 days after the end of this year's Sukkot (Tabernacles) festival according to Yahweh's Creation Calendar.

    4. Vision of the Rat

    The last two visions came this morning at 0730. I had been much occupied in my mind about the visions of the morning before and the evidence strongly suggests that the two sets are connected. I saw myself standing in front of our brand new shiny kitchen sink. When I turned on the tap (faucet) and started filling it with clean water, a terrified grey rat suddenly leaped out of the sink hole from the pipe below (presumably to escape drowning) and fled in terror past me to the left at great speed, almost brushing my face, and disappeared. It quite shocked me, taking me completely by surprise.

    5. The Burned Ground

    Seconds after this vision had closed, another opened up. I found myself in the air in the daytime looking down on a mixture of forest and fields. There were large black circular marks everywhere, perhaps up to ½ a mile in diameter, the ground was completely charred or burned, and the nearest ones had rings of fire around them that were slowly going out. The fire had clearly started in the middle of each circle and then finally burned itself out. There were scorched circles of land everywhere, but they were not connected to one another, each of them having been started separately.


    Day 107 and American Independence Day

    The fivefold witness of this revelation really leaves no doubt as to its overall interpretation though more details may be forthcoming later. Running like a thread throughout these revelations is the colour black - whether as the name 'Chourney', the black helicopter, the black digits of the countdown or the black burned out circles of forest and field. As Brother van Staden pointed out to me in a correspondence, the 107th day of the Creation Calendar this year falls on 4 July which is American Independence Day - the revelations point to a substantial loss of independence of the USA and, coupled with the earlier revelation cited in Part A, we are led to understand that the USA and its client state, the Republic of Israel, are about to be subject to massive destruction and loss of effective sovereignty. However, this is not the total destruction of the USA as the vision of the burning circles points out. War and destruction will only come to specific areas which are linked to what the black helicopters represent (corporate satanic power structures) which are currently being restrained by the hand of Yahweh...until the appointed time in October.

    4 July 2015 - the final Independence Day

    Black Helicopters, Jade Helm and the Shriners

    The unmarked black helicopters are most likely both symbolic of the operation of dark powers through the ruling élites and are literal instruments of death and oppression. They exist in large numbers in the USA and throughout Western Europe and have been seen sporadically in the past. Just before Aviv 1 a sister kept dreaming of black helicopters flying over their home in Ireland and could hear bombs being dropped. These black, unmarked helicopters do not belong to the military but to international bankers, corporate giants and their agents operating above the official government level and quite possibly with nephilim assistance [1]. Their occupants have frequently been seen to wear black suits and ties, which they may - or may not - continue to do. They have been around a long time and have been the subject of much discussion by conspiracy theorists as well as being given a soft, benificent and humorous image by Hollywood in the Men in Black movies.

    Jade Helm and the Shriners

    It should be pointed out that Operation Jade Helm, ostensibly a military exercise but, it is believed by many, in fact a cover for the subjection of the American south-west where the greatest resistance to the satanic corporate élitist take-over is expected, follows 11 days after US Independance Day, on 15 July 2015. And between these two events, 5-9 July, the Arabia Temple and Texas Shriners will be gathering on 5 July (Day #108 on the Creation Calendar) from all over the world for their 141st Imperial Session. But as Psalm 141 testifies:

      "My prayer is ever against the deeds of evildoers; their rulers will be thrown down from the cliffs, and the wicked will learn that my words were well spoken" (Ps.141:5-6, NIV).

    The United States Stripped Bare

    At this point I must underline once again that though much destruction is about to be unleashed followed by considerable poverty and hardship and the stripping of American power and sovereignty, it will not result in the total destruction of the nation of the USA, as I understand it, and as made clear by the vision of the USA seal seen in 2014 (see below). The shield is intact but control has fully passed to the Jewish élites whose goal is a one world satanic government.

    Symbolic Representation of the USA Before and After the Stripping

    The Sex Rat Exposed

    The vision of the rat emerging from the sink pipe is a depiction on both a national and global level of the spirit of impurity (and most particularly in regard to sexuality) which will be flushed out immediately before the destruction:

      "'Of the animals that move about on the ground, these are unclean for you: the weasel, the rat, any kind of great lizard, the gecko, the monitor lizard, the wall lizard, the skink and the chameleon. Of all those that move along the ground, these are unclean for you" (Lev.11:29-31, NIV).

      "Those who consecrate and purify themselves to go into the gardens, following the one in the midst of those who eat the flesh of pigs and rats and other abominable things -- they will meet their end together," declares Yahweh" (Isa.66:17, NIV).

    The US State-Wide Legalisation of Same-Sex 'Marriage'

    On this day the Supreme Court of the United States mandated the legality of same-sex marriage in all the states of the USA, something which I only learned about at the end of the day some 12 hours after seeing the vision in Sweden when I read the first news items and saw the pictures of the White House illuminated in the colours of the rainbow (see below). The unclean 'sex rat' agenda of the élitists, who vigorously promote homosexuality and pedophilia, is now therefore fully flushed out and exposed, and its power base is demonstrably shown to be in the White House itself. This is one of the many reasons for the Mishpat Yahweh against the United States, formerly the leading Christian nation in the world.

    Legal Rights Given for the Stripping and Humiliation of the USA

    This now gives certain categories of demons the legal right to arise in the USA in force as the land is cursed. It is this cursing of the land that will open the door to dark powers to attempt a coup d'état openly through their human élitist agencies. This design will, however, be frustrated. Though America, through the permission of its electorate and the willfull, unrepentant sinning of a majority of its people in turning away from and blaspheming the Most High, will be devastated and reduced to ashes in numerous places, it will not be wiped out for the sake of the elect that remain within its borders and for the sake of the end-time witness and Final Gathering.

    The Latter-Day Cyrus is Here

    Finally I need to return to the word Chourney which is Ukrainian and Ashkenazi Jewish. We must not forget the civil war in the Ukraine which prompted the first Mishpat Yahweh (Judgment of Yahweh) against the nations. The élitists wish to topple the politically shrewd and militarily able anti-NWO and pro-Christianity [2] Vladimir Putin whom Yahweh has raised up as a latter-day 'Cyrus' against the modern 'Babylonians' represented by the USA, EU and NATO. And it is in the Ukraine, where the Khazar Jews who dominate the élites originate from and whose Zionist state in the Middle East is being threatened with extinction, where the modern 'Babylonians' launched their ill-fated bid for total world dominion in the hope of the toppling of Russia. The end-game is, of course, about world dominion and the extinction of Christianity.

    Preparing for Shavu'ot

    For the nations, it is too late - judgment is coming and it is a little more than 100 days away, or at least its climax as countries and alliances unravel and as moral anarchy and civil disobedience break loose from their moorings. The EU could start falling apart any day now. For individuals, there is still time to repent, and indeed they are commanded to or face the very real threat of perishing. For the Remnant, we must go on, our eyes being fixed now on the next Shavu'ot (Weeks) on the 28th day of the fourth month (14 July), the day before Jade Helm officially begins. So this will be an important gathering time for those in the 'Ark' as we await the further unfolding of the Aviv 9 anointing. The writing is on the wall (Dan.5) for this the most wicked of American presidents whose illuminist mission is the destruction of the United States and of Christianity. Like Putin ('Cyrus') whom Yahweh has sent as his adversary, Obama ('Belshazzar') too has been sent by Yahweh to punish the stout hearts of America and the nations for their gross wickedness.


    For you, the reader, whether you are American, European or from any of their allied nations, all you can do now is raise a warning voice that per chance some may be saved and make sure you are at the right place at the right time, properly provisioned to survive alone for at least a year according to His revelation to you and your family. You dare not chance anything for these are evil days. Be wise, be strong in emunah (faith) and, above all, be obedient and we will meet up again at the other end of this, Yah willing. Remember, this is NOT the Great Tribulation or the Second Coming but a dress rehearsal. Shalom!


    [1] See Black Helicopters: What are They Doing and Do They Exist?; The Truth Behind Black Helicopters; Military Drills and Black Helicopters in U.S. Cities Spark Panic; Obama Admits: 'There are Black Helicopters'; Jade Helm 15: The Black Helicopters are Coming. Well, Maybe Not and Jade Helm Preview in Texas? Black Helicopters and Chinooks in the Air - research by François van Staden
    [2] At least the Eastern Orthodox version of it

    Comments From Readers

    [1] "A sobering call to active repentance and the need to be able to hear and walk in the Ruach in order to be where we need to be and do what we need to do" (AH, Sweden, 27 June 2015)
    [2] "I am in agreement. Many think the Maschyiach will return and falsely prophesy so only to their doom and disbelief and falling away … and that of others too who will fall away when He doesn't burst the skies or when they don't get falsely raptured out. They have been warned to flee and make preparations from the falling system but would not heed and wait for a Saviour when the prophets of old told them that they have been given the power to save their souls and themselves and families through discernment and preparation and repentance and fleeing out. Shalom … we are truly in the end of [an] era where the Babylonian system must rise to its highest before its fall … as with all systems and empires who are built and operate outside of the will of Yah .. thanks for sharing Shalom … now is a time to reap and prepare for this sabbatical in order to make it through the tribulation period … summer was a time of reaping and preparing for the winter now comes where no man can sow …" (EY, 1 September 2015)

    Short Inspirational Messages
    Given During the Countdown


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    #87 - 15 July 2015

      "Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel; prophesy and say to them: 'This is what Yahweh-Elohim says: Woe to you shepherds of Israel who only take care of yourselves! Should not shepherds take care of the flock? 3 You eat the curds, clothe yourselves with the wool and slaughter the choice animals, but you do not take care of the flock. 4 You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally. 5 So they were scattered because there was no shepherd, and when they were scattered they became food for all the wild animals. 6 My sheep wandered over all the mountains and on every high hill. They were scattered over the whole earth, and no one searched or looked for them.

      7 "'Therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of Yahweh: 8 As surely as I live, declares Yahweh-Elohim, because my flock lacks a shepherd and so has been plundered and has become food for all the wild animals, and because my shepherds did not search for my flock but cared for themselves rather than for my flock, 9 therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord: 10 This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am against the shepherds and will hold them accountable for my flock. I will remove them from tending the flock so that the shepherds can no longer feed themselves. I will rescue my flock from their mouths, and it will no longer be food for them." (Ezek.34:1-10)

    #86 - 16 July 2015


      "Gather up your belongings to leave the land,
      you who live under siege.
      18 For this is what Yahweh says:
      'At this time I will hurl out
      those who live in this land;
      I will bring distress on them
      so that they may be captured.'
      19 Woe to me because of my injury!
      My wound is incurable!
      Yet I said to myself,
      'This is my sickness, and I must endure it.'
      20 My tent is destroyed;
      all its ropes are snapped.
      My children are gone from me and are no more;
      no one is left now to pitch my tent
      or to set up my shelter.
      21 The shepherds are senseless
      and do not enquire of Yahweh;
      so they do not prosper
      and all their flock is scattered"

      (Jeremiah 10:17-21)

    #84 - 18 July 2015


    #81 - 21 July 2015

      "Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul (spirit); rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul (spirit) and body in Gehenna (hell)" (Matthew 10:28, Weymouth)

    #80 - 22 July 2015

      "And he said to me, "These words are trustworthy and true. And Yahweh, the Elohim of the spirits of the nevi'im (prophets), has sent His malak (angel) to show his servants what must soon take place"" (Revelation 22:6, ESV).

    #79 - 23 July 2015

    TWO MORE COUNTDOWNS are simultaneously underway:

      1. SINAI COUNTDOWN, a 40 day count in which the qodeshim (saints) must get right with Yahweh and receive His will in their lives at this very critical time including knowing WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE and WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING - His Torah for you personally and for your families; and

      2. A 166-DAY GLOBAL COUNTDOWN that ends on 12 January 2016 as shown me by Yahweh in vision that runs together with the US Judgment countdown and continues after that ends on 10 October 2015.

    There is also an ARK COUNTDOWN which is not recorded on this public calendar.

    **NONE OF THESE COUNTDOWNS HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE GREAT TRIBULATION, THE SECOND COMING, ANY 'RAPTURE' OR THE FINAL JUDGMENT but they will impact everyone depending on their choices - their relationship to Yahweh and their spiritual and material preparedness of lack thereof**

      "Go out from Babylon, flee from Chaldea, declare this with a shout of joy, proclaim it, send it forth to the end of the earth; say, 'YAHWEH HAS REDEEMED HIS SERVANT JACOB', They did not thirst when He led them through the deserts; He made water flow for them from the rock; He split open the rock and the water gushed out" (Isaiah 48:20-21, NRSV)

    "Behold, the tempest of Yahweh! Wrath has gone forth, a sweeping tempest; it will burst on the head of the wicked. The fierce anger of Yahweh will not turn back, until He has performed, and until He has accomplished the intent of His heart; in the latter days you will understand this" (Jeremiah 30:23-24, NASB)

    #78 - 24 July 2015

    Frederick Simons has a few words on spiritual preparedness I would like to share with you today:

    The Ruach Ha Kodesh started to guide me in the area of prayer and spiritual warfare many years ago . The Ruach told me to always put on the full armour of El before engaging in prayer/warfare. Not only that, He also told me the form into which it has to be poured. Over the years the Ruach has continually been refining its form. I would like to share this with you. I have never shared this prayer with anybody because the Ruach would not allow me to. But now I believe the moment has arrived to share it. The form was birthed through the Ruach.

    I believe it can be usefull for you, your family, friends and the body abroad.

    The Full Armour of Yahweh (Ephesians 6:11-17)

    Blessed are You Yahweh Eternal King. I put on the whole armour of Yahuwah in obedience to do so as stated in

      "Put on Yahweh's whole armour [the armour of a heavy-armed soldier which Yahuwah supplies], that you may be able successfully to stand up against [all] the strategies and the deceits of the devil" (Eph.6:11).

      "But clothe yourself with , Yah'shua the Messiah and make no provision for [indulging] the flesh [put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature] to [gratify its] desires (lusts)" (Rom. 13:14).

      "And put on the new nature (the regenerate self) created in Yahweh's image, [El-like] in true righteousness and holiness" (Eph.4:24).

      "For as many [of you] as were baptised into the Messiah [into a spiritual union and communion with Messiah, the Anointed One, the Christ] have put on (clothed yourselves with) the Messiah" (Gal.3:27).

      "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose (declare lawful) on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven" (Matt.16:19).

    The Helmet of Salvation

    I therefore put on the Helmet of Salvation so that I can stand against all the wiles of the devil. I proclaim and confess:

      "For Elohim did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control" (2.Tim 1:7).

      And if I lack wisdom I can ask of Yahuwah as stated in:

      "If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving Elohim [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or fault-finding, and it will be given him" (James 1:5).

      "Get skillful and Elohim Wisdom, get understanding (discernment, comprehension, and interpretation); do not forget and do not turn back from the words of my mouth" (Prov.4:5).

      "In Whom, because of our faith in Him, we dare to have the boldness (courage and confidence) of free access (an unreserved approach of Yahweh with freedom and without fear)" (Eph.3:12).

    Breastplate of Righteousness

      "And I put on the breastplate of righteousness covered in and out with the blood of the Messiah. And thank You for declaring me righteous for the righteous shall see Yahweh" (Eph.6:14)

      "Boys (lads), let no one deceive and lead you astray. He who practices righteousness (Torah) [who is upright, conforming to the divine will in purpose, thought, and action, living a consistently conscientious life] is righteous, even as He is righteous" (1 John 3:7).

      "And He raised us up together with Him and made us sit down together [giving us joint seating with Him] in the heavenly sphere [by virtue of our being] in Yah'shua the Messiah (the Anointed One)" (Eph.2:6).

    Therefore: satan, devils, and demons, snakes and scorpions and rulers and evil people are under my feet. And through Messiah Yah'shua I am more than a conqueror and overcomer, as stated here:

      "Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us" (Rom.8:37).

      "Create in me a clean heart, O Yahweh, and renew a right, persevering, and steadfast spirit within me" (Ps.51:10).

    The Belt of Truth

    And I put on the belt of truth, and pray that You gird me and uphold me through the truth. The present truth as stated in 2 Peter 1:12:

      "So I intend always to remind you about these things, although indeed you know them and are firm in the truth that [you] now [hold]" (2 Peter 1:12).

    And I proclaim and confess:

      "She kept following Paul and [the rest of] us, shouting loudly, These men are the servants of the Most High Elohim! They announce to you the way of salvation!" (Acts 16:17)

    Yes Abba! continually show me the Way of salvation.

      "But as for you, the anointing (the sacred appointment, the unction) which you received from Him abides permanently] in you; [so] then you have no need that anyone should instruct you. But just as His anointing teaches you concerning everything and is true and is no falsehood, so you must abide in (live in, never depart from) Him [being rooted in Him, knit to Him], just as [His anointing] has taught you [to do]" (1 John 2:27).

      "Yah'shua said to her, I am [Myself] the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in (adheres to, trusts in, and relies on) Me, although he may die, yet he shall live" (John 11:25)

    Yes Yah'shua I believe, therefore I live

    Sandals of the Gospel of Peace

    And I put on the sandals of the Gospel of Peace and the prepardness theirof with the studs there under so I shall not be dislodged out of my heavenly place, therefore I proclaim:

      "[After all] the kingdom of Yahweh is not a matter of [getting the] food and drink [one likes], but instead it is righteousness (that state which makes a person acceptable to Elohim) and [heart] peace and joy in the Ruach haKodesh" (Rom.14:17).

      "Then I saw another angel flying in midair, with an eternal Gospel (Good News) to tell to the inhabitants of the earth, to every race and tribe and language and people" (Rev.14:6)

    Yes Abba! Let me proclaim this gospel to every race, tribe, language and people.

    Shield of Faith

    And in my left hand I take the shield of faith, and with this shield I ward of and quence in the Blood of the Messiah every fiery dart the enemy slings at me. I quench every fiery dart and bind every demon of Fear, Limitations, Doubt, Denial, Lust, Uncleanliness and Perversions. And I cast you into the pit of hell and command you to be silent hench forth into all eternity in the name of Yah'shua and through the power of His Blood. And I loosen and proclaim Matthew 17:20:

      "For truly I say to you, if you have faith that is living] like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, Move from here to yonder place, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you" (Matthew 17:20).

      "But Yah'shua looked at them and said, With men this is impossible, but all things are possible with Elohim" (Matt.19:26).

      "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand]" (Ps.91:1-2,4).

    I will say of the Master, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my Elohim; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I [confidently] trust! [Then] He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings shall you trust and find refuge; His truth and His faithfulness are a shield and a buckler.

    And I proclaim:

      "Yahweh is our Refuge and Strength [mighty and impenetrable to temptation], a very present and well-proved help in trouble" (Ps.46:1).

    Sword of The Ruach

    I therefore take in my right hand the Sword of the Ruach haKodesh, which is the Word of Yahweh. And I proclaim:

      "But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall show to be in the wrong. This [peace, righteousness, security, triumph over opposition] is the heritage of the servants of the Master [those in whom the ideal Servant of the Master is reproduced]; this is the righteousness or the vindication which they obtain from Me [this is that which I impart to them as their justification], says the Master" (Is.54:17)

    I therefore take in my right hand the sword of the Ruach haKodesh which is the Word of Yahweh, and I lead into captivity every stronghold every curse and witchcraft and thoughts that satan, devils, demons, wicked spirits, snakes and scorpions and rulers and evil people bring against me, my marriage, my family, my finances, health and business. I bind these things in the name of Yah'shua the Messiah of Nazareth and through the power of His Blood and cast them into the hell and command these things to be silent into all eternity in my life. And proclaim and confess that our weapons are not carnal as stated:

      "For the weapons of our warfare are not physical [weapons of flesh and blood], but they are mighty before Elohim for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds, [Inasmuch as we] refute arguments and theories and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the [true] knowledge of Elohim; and we lead every thought and purpose away captive into the obedience of the Messiach(the Messiah, the Anointed One)" (2 Cor.10:4-5).

    And I bind all the works of the flesh and every demon as stated in Galatians 5:19: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, hatred, variance, jealousies, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies. They which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of Yahweh. I cast all demons that try to manifest these traits in my life into the pit of hell in the name of Yah'shua the Messiah of Nazareth and through the power of His Blood and command you to be silent henceforth in my life into all eternity. And I unloose the fruit of the Ruach in my life: that their may be an abundance of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, agains such things is no Torah. And I proclaim and confess:

      "Let them curse, but do You bless. When adversaries arise, let them be put to shame, but let Your servant rejoice" (Ps. 109:28).

    And I proclaim and confess:

      "Bless those who persecute you [who are cruel in their attitude toward you]; bless and do not curse them" (Rom.12:14).


      "When men revile us [wound us with an accursed sting], we bless them. When we are persecuted, we take it patiently and endure it" (1 Cor.4:12).

    #77 - 25 July 2015

    PREPAREDNESS - What You Need to Do to Practically Survive What's Coming:

      1. MAKE YOURSELF INDISPENSIBLE TO YOUR BOSS AT WORK so that in the event of the inevitable lay-offs you will be retained - better, if you are able,. become self-employed;

      2. START A GARDEN - food stores will either be empty or goods will be unaffordable because of the devaluation of fiat currency;

      3. EARN FRIENDS - you may need to take care of more people but you will have extra hands for gardening and possibly self-defence;

      4. INVEST WISELY with such liquid assets as you have by converting paper and electronic money (which can either become worthless or be seized at any moment) into PRECIOUS METALS (Gold, SIlver) with which to trade, and surplus FOOD, WEAPONS/AMMUNITION, MEDICAL SUPPLIES (with which to barter) - but choose your friends wisely and according to the Ruach/Spirit;

      4. LEARN SUVIVAL SKILLS such as:

        a. GARDENING and STORE SUPLUS (canning, etc.) for the winter months - DON'T TELL OTHERS WHAT YOU'RE DOING because those who haven't prepared will have no second thoughts about robbing you when they start getting hungry;

        b. SELF-DEFENCE SKILLS - if you are unwise enough to try to survive in a built-up area you can't manage without these;

        c. FIRST AID SKILLS - though doctors will be around during a collpse, will you be able to afford them? And what if there aren't any around?

        d. MAKING A BUSINESS out of your skills because it's better to be self-employed than to be a debt-slave to the existing or emerging system as well as to be to trade resources:

      5. STOCKPILING for AT LEAST one year, two to be absolutely safe. You seed to inconspicuously store:

        a. WATER - you can survive 4 days maiximum without;

        b. FOOD - a garden won't be enough. Store food with LONG SHELF-LIVES, preferably in tins/cans or in airtight barrels. Things which store a long time include WHITE RICE, PRESERVED/CANNED FRUITS & VEGETABLES, CANNED MEAT, FLOUR, MIXED BEANS, FROZEN OLIVE OIL, COCONUT OIL, NUTRITIAN BARS and PEANUT BUTTER and then add to your list. Make sure you rotate your food so that you eat the oldest first;

        c. PRECIOUS METALS like gold and silver will not only hold their value but, if you buu early (like now) will considerably appreciate in value. This will not only allow you to trade with some people (most will want to barter) but it will enable you to start again after the crisis has passed;

        d. ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGY - the power grid may be down for weeks or months and you need to break dependency on your power company. SOLAR PANELS, RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES, SOLAR RECHARGERS, MATCHES, LAMP OIL, FIREWOOD , etc. will all be needed so that you can cook, stay warm and see at night. Don't forget TORCHES/FLASHLIGHTS and extra BATTERIES;

        e. FIRST AID KIT must include BANDAGES, ALCOHOL, IODINE SOLUTION, COTTON SWABS, OINTMENTS, SCISSORS, etc. You must also includes MEDICINES for common illnesses like FLU, COUGH, COLDS, HEADACHES, STOMACH PAINS, FEVER, etc. Include a stock of VITAMINS and MINERALS because you cannot afford to be sick and risk your health in critical conditions;

        f. CLOTHES and PERSONAL HYGIENE supplies which most people often forget. Hygiene affcts your health. You need to invest in BLANKETS, SLEEPING BAGS, DURABLE CLOTHES, etc to get through extreme weather conditions, like heavy snow, long periods of rain and heat. Have GOOD HIKING BOOTS and RUNNINGH SHOES and a TENT, just in case you need to flee - make sure you have a back back with survival essentials (good,w ater, medicaines, etc.) which you can quickly grab too;

        g. COMMUNICATION DEVICES - forget your cwll phone, iPad, etc, as telephone/internet servives may either be down (EMP attack) or monitored by persons hostile to your welfare. Keep a RADIO to know what's going on (hand-held would be better), WALKIE-TALKIES are important for keeping in ciontact with family members;

        h. GUNS & AMMUNITION - unless you are in a totally safe place pointed out to you by Yahweh, you need make sure you can defend yourself and your family - if you're in a built-up area you won't survive without them;

        i. a GET-AWAY VEHICLE and FUEL SUPPLY. If you're going to stay in a built-up area until the last minute you will totally need one because public services will not be functioning. And even in the country you will need one to trade and get supplies.


    If you are living in an area likely to be affected by nuclear radiation (nuclear generators melt-down, nuclear war) you will need medicines (iodine) and healthy food that can mop up contaminant in the body.


    Last but not least - IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YAHWEH'S WILL IS, OR DON'T KNOW HIM, YOU NEED BOTH NOW by repenting and getting to know His Son Yah'shua/Jesus. THAT is the most important survival kit of all but don't suppose that Yahweh will take care of all the practical side without your doing anything yourself. There will be LOTS of foolish believers who are going to assume that more diligent believers will take care of them. THAT WILL BE FATAL.

    #76 - 26 July 2015

      "[The purpose of the Torah] is to shut every mouth and make the whole world accountable to Elohim/God" (Romans 2:14, NIRV).

    In this Sh'mittah year the USA, the leading Christian nations, followed by the West and then the whole of the world, is being called to account for its rebellion against Yahweh. No nation can escape it, believers will be caught up in it UNLESS they repent, trust in Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus), obey the Torah and Commandments, prepare spiritually and practically, and be in the right place at the right time.

    There is going to be destruction but it will not be everywhere. Yahweh showed me rings of fire that consumed everything within them but between these rings was safety. Only Yahweh knows where these safety areas are. You must find out from Him PERSONALLY by getting right with Him and LISTENING attentively. Your life, and the lives of your family, may depend on it.

    #75 - 27 July 2015

    The true House of [Messianic] Israel is like the Five Wise Virgins who are prepared with enough oil to see them through the dark time ahead. The Five Foolish Virgins are those who would not listen to the Ruach (Spirit) or to the Nevi'im (Prophets) and made no preparations, having not enough 'oil' to sustain them in the dark time, and who, when their oil/provisions ran out begged those who had stored up to sell them some of their provision, but who were told that there was not enough for both of them but to go and seek from the merchants. But it was too late.

    DO NOT BE FOOLISH. Do not make ill-considered and vain remarks like "God will provide" when you have done nothing to provide for yourselves when He has forewarned you to do so in advance. Your own rebelliousness will cost you dearly.

      "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field" (Matthew 13:44).

    As in salvation, so in providing the necessities in time of calamity. This is, in any case, a SH'MITTAH (Sabbatical) Year so you are SUPPOSED to have stored double anyway. And as next year is a YOVEL (Jubilee) Year you are supposed to have stored up TRIPLE.

    Yah, in His loving kindness, HAS forewarned you even in the moedim or divine appointments. The cost for ignoring them is high indeed.

    So repent an d save yourselves and your families. Get on your knees and ask Yahweh how to get right with Him and how to make provision even at this very late hour.

    #74 - 28 July 2015

    When you have come to the end of your exploring you will arrive at where you started and know the place for the first time (T.S.Eliot)

    These countdowns seem to have excited not merely curiosity but also rage and the Enemy has sought to misrepresent them in order to create doubt and to justify those who do not love the truth to scorn, mock, attack and discredit. So for the sake of those who may be confused - and remember, confusion leads to self-deception more often than not - I am going to once again spell out what is happening and its end.

    The major count, of which this is Day #74, concerns the Judgment of the United States of America. Day #0 is the final Ground Zero. The longer, smaller count, of which this is Day #161 concerns the Judgment of the rest of the World. Why the USA first? Because it is the most Christian nation in the world and is under a national covenant with Yahweh.

    What I have NOT said, as my detractors are trying to make out I have said, is this: "That in October and/or January, at the end of the countdown, everyone and everywhere in the USA will experience drought, famine, pestilence, war and financial collapse". This I have not said. ALL OF THESE THINGS, HOWEVER ARE PROCESSES AND ARE ALREADY UNFOLDING (financial collapse started in 2008) and they will reach CRESCENDOS and to differing degrees depending on your location in the USA and the choices of individuals, families, hamlets, villages, towns, cities, counties, and states.THIS WILL ALSO BE TRUE OF ALL NATIONS. However, all these things will negatively impact EVERYONE, again to differing degrees, depending what they have chosen, how they have responded to the Divine Will, and if they have been obedient in:

      (a) Locating to the place of safety where Yah wishes them to go (remember the vision of the rings of fire - in between them will be comparitively safe havens); and

      (b) Whether they have made adequate material preparation (food, water, medicine, etc.) because of the impact of a collapsed economy, unavailability of food and clean water, disease, martial law, etc., etc.

    What is special about the dates, then? The dates are the time we are commanded to be COMPLETELY READY BY, and to warn others to be ready too.

    Drought has already started in California and will spread beyond that state. I prophesied this long, long ago because of visions Yahweh showed me. The many visions and revelations about these things are all available at http://nccg.org/lev4.html and in earlier collections of articles, sermons and devotionals. (There is MUCH more than drought, famine, etc. coming, including major natural disasters).

    Above all, you need to be in right relationship with Yahweh through Yah'shua and OBEDIENT to what He tells you if you want to make it through what's coming, Remember the adage:


    You absolutely do NOT want to risk your life in a state of confusion.

    The real reason detractors are coming against this Word is because they hate our teachings which hold them accountable and make them responsible. They are infected, in part, by the self-entitlement attitude that our governments have inculcated into the population and which the churches have adopted, not realising that government is the oppressor because it has abandoned Yahweh.

    What are some of these doctrines these detractors are hostile to? RAPTURE for one thing ( - they're counting on not going through Tribulation. FALSE TONGUES for another because they have built their lives around a counterfeit system of revelation. WRONG TEACHINGS about key prophetic markers like Israel. And there is muchy more that I don't have time to summarise here.

    This is what these counts are about. And I am not the only prophetic voice saying these things. There are others.

    I am not in this for popularity or to gain members for our ministry. I don't care (for myself personally) whether people agree with me or not, and am more than prepared to ride this out alone, but I do care about their lives. I have been called by Yahweh to warn those who will listen. Other voices have been raised up by Yahweh so that those who might not hear me in my circle of ministry but might hear them and their and will more likely hear and respond.

    These are the plain facts. Every other analysis is distraction. You can believe or disbelieve. That is your choice. I just want to make sure you know what *I* am saying.

    I repeat, as before:

    **NONE OF THESE COUNTDOWNS HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE GREAT TRIBULATION, THE SECOND COMING, ANY 'RAPTURE' OR THE FINAL JUDGMENT but they will impact everyone depending on their choices - their relationship to Yahweh and their spiritual and material preparedness of lack thereof**

    Go in peace and may the Master, Yah'shua, bless you and move you to respond with affirmative action.

    #73 - 29 July 2015

      "1 Why do you boast in evil, O mighty man?
      The lovingkindness of Elohim endures all day long.
      2 Your tongue devises destruction,
      Like a sharp razor, O worker of deceit.
      3 You love evil more than good,
      Falsehood more than speaking what is right. Selah.
      4 You love all words that devour,
      O deceitful tongue.
      5 But Elohim will break you down forever;
      He will snatch you up and tear you away from your tent,
      And uproot you from the land of the living. Selah.
      6 The righteous will see and fear,
      And will laugh at him, saying,
      7 "Behold, the man who would not make Elohim his refuge,
      But trusted in the abundance of his riches
      And was strong in his evil desire."
      8 But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of Elohim;
      I trust in the lovingkindness of Elohim forever and ever.
      9 I will give You thanks forever, because You have done it,
      And I will wait on Your name, for it is good, in the presence of Your godly ones."

      (Psalm 52, NASB)

    The wickedness alluded to here is to BELIEVERS - ISRAELITES - because they are in rebellion and unbelief.

    Not until the last minute will the majority of Christians and Messianics accept that the judgment spoken by Yahweh through His nevi'im (prophets) is true but by then it will be too late. But none will be able to say that they did not have the opportunity to repent, nor will they be able to say that they were deceived in such a way that they had no possibility of doing right, because the Scripture - which they are commanded to study - condemns them.

    The issue is one of character rather than theological correctness - theology will not save you, but the Word believed and applied to the life that is thereby transformed. Nevertheless repentance is intensely practical - if Yahweh tells you to do something with your hands and feet then more than the assent of the mind and heart is required.

    Don't just 'believe' but ACTIVELY TRUST by DOING IT.

    Faith without works is death - it always has been and always will be.

    73 days is not a long time to order up your life. Imagine your doctor has told you that you have cancer and have 73 daysto live. Consider what you would do with those remaining 73 days.

    You are to have the same attitude in the present crisis. If you want to know how urgent it really is, read the Book of Jeremiah.

    For every navi (prophet) of Yahweh warning you, there will be 100 telling you all is well and to be at ease - to trust Yahweh but do nothing other than to follow prescribed outward religious ordinaces without any substance. Do you choose to go out of 'Jerusalem' in safetly or will you, in a fit of self-righteous and egotistical patriotism, try to push back the judgment with your own hands and expect to be delivered?

    The wicked instruments of this judgment have been sent by Yahweh - you can do nothing about them except to repent or perish. Your only course is heartfelt TESHUVAH/REPENTANCE - deep sorrow for sin FOLLWED BY AFFIRMATIVE ACTION by RELOCATING (if told to do so) and getting PROVISIONS for at least a year.

    Judgment may come to your area BEFORE THE 73 DAYS ARE UP if you are in the wrong place. TODAY, therefore, is the day of salvation/deliverance, NOT tomorrow.

    Many false doctrines that have propped up your belief system will be swept away in current events unfolding before your eyes. And false modes of revelation that are psychic rather than spiritual will lead you into dire straits, not places of safety. So get out your Bibles and get on your knees and divide that Word apart from the traditions of men for those traditions will NOT deliver you.

    And if you are not in the USA, DO THE SAME. Judgment is coming to your nations too.


    #72 - 30 July 2015

    When empires and nations fall, its citizens are the first to disbelieve what is happening because they fail to recognise that it is not their wicked leaders who are the main problem but themselves. America is falling and it will fall hard. It does not have to fall, it just has to repent, but it will not - http://www.nccg.org/lev20150626.html

    The former president of the Czech Republic, one of the few enlightened leaders of our time, understood the problem fully well when he said:

      "The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him to the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama administration than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is far deeper and much more serious than Mr.Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."

    A lack of common sense is a fruit of sin, for sin is the primary issue. The same is true of Cameron in Britain, another prince of fools, who was likewise elected by a confederacy of foolish citizenry. And so the list could go on.

    The greatest patriotism Americans can show is repenting of their sins and calling upon the rest of the nation to follow suit. Whether we are American or the citizens of other nations, the message is still the same: we are to warn of impending judgment and to let the righteous know Yahweh's timetable so that they can prepare themselves and their families.

    The "confederacy of fools" is no different today than it was anciently:

      "When Ephraim (the head of 10-Tribed Northern Israel) spoke, all trembled, so great was He in Israel, but through Baal he brought guilt on himself and perished. And now they add sin to sin...Therefore they will be like morning mist, like the dew that quickly disappears, like the chaff whirled from the threshing floor, like smoke escaping through the window...I pastured them, and they were satisfied; once satisfied their hearts grew proud, so they came to forget Me. Very well, I will be a lion to them, a leopard lurking by the way; like a bear robbed of her cubs I will pounce on them and tear the flesh round their hearts; the dogs shall eat their flesh, the wild beasts tear them to pieces" (Hosea 13:5-8, Jerusalem Bible).

    The United States is West Manasseh, Britain is Ephraim, Germany is East Manasseh, France is Reuben, Holland is Zebulun, and so on, and all are 'Ephraim', the 10 Northern Tribes. The judgment that came to them anciently is returning full cycle. Most will not believe it but they will be astonished when it happens and beat their breasts because of their earlier stubbornness and unbelief.

    This is not the Final Judgment so the righteous need NOT fall with the wicked, but they WILL fall if they fail to be obedient. There are safe places in all nations for those who will get right with Yahweh and obey His commandments and obtain His revelation to them through repentance and prayer. But they must make provision too and not count on others helping them or doing the work they should be doing - read the Parable of the Ten Virgins and apply a midrash to it to understand its application here.

    This is not a drill, you cannot continue as before, you will not be ALLOWED to continue as before if you want to live and prosper. Yahweh is ANGRY with the abominations of the nations, He knows they will not repent, and thus He comes:

      "See, the Name of Yahweh comes from afar, blazing in His anger, heavy His exaction. His lips brim with fury, His tongue is like a devouring fire. His breath is like a river in spate coming up to the neck. He comes to sift the nations with the sieve of destruction, to put the bit of His bridle between the jaws of the nations. Yahweh will make His majestic voice be heard and display His arm falling to strike, in the ferocity of His anger, in the glare of a devouring fire, in cloudburst, downpour, hailstones" (Isaiah 30:27-30, Jerusalem Bible).

    No, my friends, there is no preventing this judgment now, save individuals and families and congregations who will repent and depart from the centres of death and destruction ahead of time. As Belshazzar took his nation of Babylon to ruin, so Obama and any successor will do the same. The deliverer - a modern-day Cyrus - He has sent to deliver the world as His proxy.

    MAYBE a state or two will repent and separate. But states like Texas will have to do more than simply back up their money with gold. They will have to make teshuvah - repent! Self-reliance alone is not the answer: Christ-reliance is the ONLY way.

    For the remaining 31 of 40 days I am commanded to warn and do nothing else but warn and I am asking those who are led by the Ruach and who are obedient to the mitzvot/commandments to share this message that per chance souls may be saved. Get the message out so that the elect will get out of the courtyard of disobedient believers, which has in part been given over to the Gentiles in this prophetic cycle to be sifted, and get into the Sanctuary where alone there is safety. But you must do your own footwork. There will be no manna out of heaven, save in very special cases indeed, so flee Babylon and make provision. Get on your knees! Yahweh will deliver the trusting and obedient.

    #71 - 31 July 2015

    PRINCIPLES DO NOT APPLY THEMSELVES AND NO PROXY LIKE A GOVERNMENT CAN APPLY THEM FOR YOU. You must apply your own with a faith in the Messiah that leads to joyful application of every divine principle in Yahweh's Commandments. Furthermore, summaries in books do not replace books any more than Messiah's summary of the Torah - Love Yahweh and love your neighbour - replace the Ten Commandments or the 600+ laws that hang on them. Next time you try to make that excuse ask yourself whether you are prepared to pay the price of a whole book and then only be given, in exchange for your dollars, the dust-cover with its summary of the book.

    EVERY Word of Elohim is given to direct our life and hold us to account. Judgment comes to people and nations alike when they cut corners and then reinvent the laws they have dismissed because of summaries. And that Judgment is just days away.

    #70 - 1 August 2015

    Though the judgment that follows will be a terrible thing and change America and the world permanently, it will be excellent news for the Remnant who trust and love Yahweh with all their hearts and whose love-response is obsedience to the commandments - all of them - and service in divine tavnith/pattern.

    Both now (in this the penultimate prophetic cycle) and in the final cycle that is yet to come in the last generation we are given specific prophetic promises in the Tanakh/Old Testament. In so many ways this IS the prophetic commission of the Remnant, bearing in mind that it has its psychic COUNTERFEIT in every detail that true believers must be aware of, not falling into its traps:

      "4:1 And seven women shall take hold of one man in that day, saying, "We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name; take away our reproach."

      "2 In that day the branch of Yahweh shall be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the land shall be the pride and honor of the survivors of Israel. 3 And he who is left in Zion and remains in Jerusalem will be called holy, everyone who has been recorded for life in Jerusalem, 4 when Yahweh shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion and cleansed the bloodstains of Jerusalem from its midst by a spirit of judgment and by a spirit of burning. 5 Then Yahweh will create over the whole site of Mount Zion and over her assemblies a cloud by day, and smoke and the shining of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory there will be a canopy. 6 There will be a booth for shade by day from the heat, and for a refuge and a shelter from the storm and rain" (Isaiah 4:1-6).

    On either side of this passage are chapters devoted to exposing the counterfeit, that use the language of the Remnant but whose minds, hearts and deeds bespeak corruption, evil and imminent judgment by Yahweh. It is not enough to call yourself 'Christian' or 'Messianic' - you must be the genuine blood-bought, Yah'shua-trusting, Torah-obedient, Ruach/Spirit-responsive article.

    Isaiah 4 promises great miracles AND THESE WILL BE - AND HAVE ALREADY BEEN - COUNTERFEITED in the churches and assemblies. So beware of false signs. So learn how to distinguish between them, see our website .

    Just because believers are OUTWARDLY doing what appears to be right does not mean that their HEARTS are right. It is possible to visibly obey certain commandments and be thoroughly corrupt. Remember:

      "Elohim (God) is spiritual {NOT "a spirit" as in so many false translations], and His worshippers must worship Him in RUACH/SPIRIT and EMET/TRUTH" (John 4:24). Lively praise music can equally be spiritual or demonic, for example, as can passionate expressions of faith. Remember, "Judge not according to the APPEARANCE, but JUDGE RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT" (John 7:24).

    #69 - 2 August 2015

    Character is formed by thousands of little choices which is why we need time to be adequately prepared for major change - it's why Yahweh gives us advance prophetic warning and countdowns so that we can systematically and thoroughly work on our repentance.

    I was talking to a family member a few days ago about the need for physical preparedness. She admitted she only shopped food for each day and had zero food storage. But she agreed with me - she should get some food in, so she bought a large bag of rice and a few extra tins/cans of food. She had missed the point entirely. Indeed, she has been ignoring all my warnings for a very long time now and only as it becomes increasingly obvious to all but the thickest-headed that we're heading for a time of economic trouble is she responding...on the basis of EVIDENCE rather than FAITH because she is not living the Besorah/Gospel.

    Not only that, but recently she moved to an area bang in the middle of what I prophesied decades ago would experience volcanic destruction. The city she now lives in, I was shown, will disappear beneath the waves of the sea.

    Too little too late. Food for a week will not see you through this crisis. Nor remaining in the metropolis will guarantee you any kind of safety, but quite the opposite.

    She is WHOLLY unprepared. A couple of minor choices at the last minute is worse than useless - it's futile...and irresponsible.

    Yahweh has given the Overcomers 40 days, of which we are in the 12th day, to wrestle to overcome any character defects that are likely to be a hindrance to full communion with Yahweh before the balloon goes up in the West - in some parts of the world it has already started, and with a viciousness reminiscent of the worst horrors in human history. I speak of the Middle East, of course, where even now our Western autocrats have already taken first steps toward an invasion of Syria. Expect boots on the ground in a matter of weeks and for all hell to break loose. Judgment is coming to them once they have crossed the final line.

    I realise that most reading these daily bulletins think these are the rantings of a lunatic. A few have already told me so but when they are in the open, unprepared, starving and naked there will be a lot of proverbial wailing and gnashing of teeth. These warnings are not for them but for those who are listening to the Ruach/Spirit and can- and should - test them, because ultimately you are responsible for your own choices. We are to live in the Now and the Not-Quite-Yet - distance planning is effectively long over.

    There is also a right way and a wrong way to get this message out because evangelism and preparedness go hand-in-hand. Ultimate deliverance is supernatural - simply going forth in our own strength at this time making only material preparations would be worse than futile - it would be insanity. What would be the use of being prepared for a year if you're in the wrong place not sanctioned by Yahweh? The hope is that those who have chosen the low road by refusing to repent and prepare now will at some point repent and be saved when all hell breaks loose. They will learn the hard, painful way, It is a sad truth that the vast majority will do nothing until the proverbial knife is at their throats. The wise listen beforehand, test, and respond while the going is yet good.

    The end of talking is approaching for those who talk the talk but never walk the walk. But it also the end for the wordsmiths whose goal is not to save and edify but to tear down and hurt:

      "Thou hast loved to speak all words that may do hurt" (Psalm 52;2, Miles-Coverdale)

    I will be at my post until the end and it is my prayer that some of you will finally wake up and know the truth. Spread the Word and the word. Amen.

    #68 - 3 August 2015

    I have not been posting current events for a couple of weeks now. Those of you who have been following events in alternative sites will have noted that things are rapidly getting worse, not better, and that the end should be obvious to all but those whose eyes are totally blinkered. Judgment is now unavoidable, Sin is ripening now as far as Yahweh will let it in this penultimate generation.

    It should also be obvious to all but those in denial that the vast bulk Western Christianity has failed. It is divided, weak, impotent and practically dead. Its slow but painful death began in the modern era when it endorsed or excused the mass murder of the First World War. The disillusioned masses responded cynically and with scepticism. After 1914 we progressively started losing all delicacy of language and feeling, and all that had been previously considered good and fair was disdained. 1939 - the Second World. deliberately planned like the First precisely to erode and destroy Christian faith and values - simply catalysed the decline, and fostered mercilessness and cruelty at home. The planned corruption of men's morals and the devastation of family life and the social order, its imperfections notwithstanding, is the fruit of those evil times. Secular and satanic forces have never felt so bold and confident - we see it in the news every day, whether it be the harvesting of body parts from murdered unborn children sponsored by the government, the government's support and promotion of some of the most violent and brutalised men in the world in the form of ISIS, or whether it be the increasingly overt persecution of believers, we see around us the disintegration of our cultures and nations. And once the majority support this, as it now does, so judgment must come for the sake of the elect. Increasingly, men's hearts are failing them, as Scripture testifies (Luke 21:26).

    The Christian/Messianic faith has become the principle obstacle to the desire of earthly Utopians for absolute power. It is the greatest barrier to Babylonian hegemony and that is why the satanic élites rage at it.

    What does the New Babylon with its alternative (to Christianity) socialist agenda offer? Perpetual oppression, regimentation and shortage. Because it is anti-Christ, it is anti-Life and anti-Prosperity by definition. What prosperity it DOES generate is always short-term and results in even greater POVERTY both materially and spiritually afterwards.

    The solution is not patriotism. The solution is REPENTANCE because SIN and REBELLION are the cause of the misery, not the social and economic POLICIES of MEN. Babylonisation always leads to REVOLUTION, NATIONALISATION of private property and CENTRALISED STATE POWER. Always. It started with the Anti-Messiah Nimrod and today he continues to be emulated. Life in the Marxist Utopia, whether the old Soviet Version or the emerging new European and Obaman fascist hybrid, always results in a life lived at a dismally low level materially, ethically and culturally that results in DISMAL PRIVATION. The lure is always 'something for nothing', appealing to the idle and the spirit of entitlement.

    One reason Christianity is falling is because it has been seduced by Babylon's ways. I know SO MANY believers who are relying on state persions and state benefits (like food stamps in the USA) and who naïvely believe these will somehow continue even after the governments that supply them have gone bankrupt and have collapsed, as they will and in some cases already have done (Greece, Ukraine, etc.). WAKE UP! And, yes, there are those who are prepping who are counting on continuing to store food and other provisions USING GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS.

    These will end. Have you considered that? The alternative for those who have not been rounded up and killed or otherwise neutralised will be to seek help from the state who will offer relief at FEMA camps and other places like them. Then the slaughtering will begin.

    Most of you don't remember the 1950's because it was before you were born. A friend of mine was in China during the communist takeover and she remembers the lorry loads of people being driven to stadiums and the continuous shooting that took place in them round the clock for weeks on end. And don't suppose because you have supported the élites that they will thank you and reward you - you are to them what Lenin called "useless fools", canon fodder for their revolution. You do not understand their cynicism and depravity.

    Even without the spirit of prophecy, a simple knowledge of history and plain observation of events should tell you in unambiguous terms that history is repeating itself. But then most people don't study history any more, dooming people to repeat its mistakes. And the apology-of-history taught in state schools - mere propaganda - will certainly not have prepared any of its dumbed-down pupils.

    The tragedy of the state of the world is that this is not a question of the wicked government vs. the poor innocent people. It's the people, through their own wickedness, who chose or allowed the governments the power to do what they are doing to them, The responsibility is with you and I, and this can only end with each individual admitting their culpability and guilt and getting right with Yahweh. The kind of reform that leads to authentic peace comes when individual souls return to Source, Yahweh.

    The élites are not fools - they are guided by extremely intelligent but evil supernatural beings. They have come to understand that the most effective revolutions are those that strip the essence of truth, life, love and liberty but leave everything else standing, as Kirkegaard testified. They haven't started pulling churches down in the West...yet, creating the illusion that Christianity is still free and strong.

    Today I appeal to what little reason you may have left to open your eyes sufficiently to let a glimmer of light in so that you can invite Yah'shua/Jesus to do the rest. If you will not, you WILL perish one way or another, This is not a drill, it is not a movie, it is real life.

    You are seeing Psalm 37:35 fulfilled today - the ungodly exercise great power and they are flourishing like a green bay-tree. It's not the first time and it will not be the last - this is the dress-rehearsal for the GREAT and FINAL TRIBULATION before Messiah comes in some years down the road, but you are still going to bitterly regret doing nothing concrete about it. Today, as before, believers have forgotten the Name of Elohim (God) and have lifted their hands up in worship to any and every strange god the devil sends them. Do they really believe Yahweh does not see them, or that He will not judge them? (Psalm 44:20)

    When this all comes to a head in a few weeks, only the stubborn, proud or insane will not declare: "For I will not trust in my bow; it is not my sword that will help me". Unless you have made preparations as you have been directed to, Yahweh may indeed forgive you but that does not mean He will supernaturally fill your larder with food or whisk you away from the place of calamity which you should have left long before.

    The days are fast disappearing - repent, change direction, and PROVIDE for yourself and your families NOW.

    #67 - 4 August 2015

    Perhaps, like Job, you are saying today:

      "My thoughts today are resentful, for Elohim's hand is heavy on me in my time of trouble. If only I knew how to find Him, how to enter His Court, I would state my case before Him and set out my arguments in full; then I should learn what answer He would give and find out what He had to say" (Job 22:1-5, NEB).

    But perhaps you have got beyond this need for self-justification and can, like Job, now declare:

      "I know that Thou canst do all things and that no purpose is beyond Thee. But I have spoken of great things which I have not understood, things too wonderful for me to know. I knew of Thee then only to report, but now I see Thee with my own eyes. Therefore I melt away; I repent in dust and ashes" (Job 42:2-6, NEB).

    Wherever you may be - at the beginning of this process of repentance or at the end of if, or somewhere in between, you still have important choices to make concerning what is about to be unleashed on the USA, West and rest of the world.

    In a matter of a few weeks US and allied servicemen are going to be sent to fight another ungodly, wicked war in the Middle East but it will be their nations' last war of aggression before judgment.

    Will you make preparations - spiritually and materially - are you in the process or are you already prepared? Are you in the Sanctuary of Yahweh with a right and uncomplaining heart, fully cogniscent of your true place in the divine relationship, or are you still complaining, or worse perhaps, have you gone into hiding and denial?

    Job's friends were accomplished theologians and speakers. They could have passed well in any pulpit today. But they were wrong, and Yahweh was angry with them (Job 42:7). Do you know why He was? Read the speeches of Eliphaz, Elihu and Zophar - separate from Job and the narrative - and follow your reaction to their teaching. Many search Bible databases for inspirational material and end up quoting one of Job's friends, not realising it was them, let alone discerning their spirit. These three men were great philosophers but their Ruach was not of Yahweh-Elohim.

    It is time to roll up the old life of sin and entirely put it away, along with the false pseudo-spiritual teaching of Job's friends. Anyone can be religious, anyone can cobble together high-sounding words. But there are few who melt away before Yahweh and true repent.

    #66 - 5 July 2015

    When a state takes upon itself the responsibility of Elohim/God and of Believers in Elohim/God, by systematically supplanting the forces of conscience, responsibility and self-control that all humans should by default exercuse, it has made itself Elohim/God and is blaspheming against the Most High. The longer it does this, the more rapidly the forces of social decay consume its citizens leading to an accelerated march to its Divine Judgment and demise. In sacrelegiously assuming this mantle that belongs alone to Yahweh, it does of course invent its own Mitzvot/Commandments, replacing those of the Creator, because it - the State - seeks worship for itself through the subservience of its citizens.

    This is what the socialised governments whom we have elected have consistently done, transforming once gentle, innocent and kind citizens into cynical, brutalised and cruel slaves. Only by means of the Besorah/Gospel can the virtues of patience, gentleness, charity, constancy and honesty be returned to the public domain.

    But this will not happen by direct appeal to men's hearts any more because those hearts have become hard and impervious to persuasion. They will now, because they are sufficiently ripe in iniquity, only be impacted by judgment. That is why at this time all those who have the Mark of Yahweh, by profession or by conduct, are called to gather into individual places of safety until the imminent judgment has passed and a degree of normality has once again returned.

    Yes, it looks 'normal' overall now, but this is just the calm before the storm. You had better be ready. You had better be prepared in body and spirit for there is no promise for the disobedient believer. He will go the way of the reprobate and wicked in the unfolding calamities if he does not obediently take his spiritual place in the ranks of Yahweh's qodeshim/saints.

    Get out of the domain of the state cult, which is Babylon, and Egypt and Baal and Moloch and be self- sufficient for 1-2 years.

    #65 - 6 August 2015

    To the USA and the nations in our time:

      "Gather yourselves together;
      gather together, undesirable nation,
      2 before the decree takes effect
      and the day passes like chaff,
      before the burning of Yahwehs anger overtakes you,
      before the day of the Lord's anger overtakes you.
      3 Seek Yahweh, all you humble of the earth,
      who carry out what He commands.
      Seek righteousness, seek humility;
      perhaps you will be concealed
      on the day of Yahweh's anger"

      (Zephaniah 2:1-3)


    #64 - 7 August 2015

    Belief or faith (EMUNAH) is always linked directly to action and involves progress. Faith doesn't happen in an instant and then it is over. It must grow roots, rise into the light, strengthen, flower and bring forth fruits. There is some ebb and flow too as doubt intrudes and we take steps backwards instead of forwards. Faith is a journey and it does not end until death. We are saved by grace - Yahweh's undeserved loving-kindness - THROUGH faith or trusting. If we cease to trust then we are pulling back from grace.

    We must not cease trusting our Messiah at any time, and especially not in times of tribulation when it can literally become life-saving. Such a time faces the USA and the West and is ALREADY the case in many lands like Iraq and Syria. Will you maintain your faith when you face similar trials or will you, like some Christians in those lands, renounce your faith for another one in order to save your skin? Or will you be wiser still and ensure that you and your family are in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME fully PREPARED so that you do not have to make a choice that may cost you your life?

    It is in many ways harder to live for Messiah than to die for Him. It is harder still to live for Him if your faith is not strong and must be strengthened by trial and tribulation.

    Yahweh knows what is needed in your life right now and it is for you to respond immediately, procrastinate or walk away. Endurance and constancy are essential components of true faith, as also is patience. Faith is not just believing or trusting - it is also faithfulNESS.

    The number 64 may be relatively meaningless to you today but be assured it is Yahweh's loving way of getting your attention so that you can translate your faith into ACTION to that you are adequately prepared against the storms that are building up.

    Where do you plan to go to ride out the storm?

    Has He told you when?

    Do you have food, water, medicine, sanitation, weapons and all that may be needed for survival?

    Have you considered all things and asked Yahweh what actions He specifically wants you to take in your current location and situation?

    Do you even care?

    Or do you think this is some sick joke or great delusion that will join the scrapheap of all the other false prophecies that have been made and exposed as false?

    You need to find out. It's your responsibility to become a prophet for your own life and the life of your family.

    I am but a prodder and, I hope, in some small way, an enabler and encourager.

    You'd better believe that I am taking this seriously.

    Go in shalom!

    #63 - 8 August 2015

      "Yahweh has opened His armoury, and brought out the weapons of His wrath, for Yahweh-Elohim of Hosts has a task to do in the land of the Chaldeans" (Jeremiah 50:25, NRSV).

    The original Chaldea, to which this prophecy originally and principally spoke, is in the Middle East, in today's Iraq and Syria where we see wrath outpoured to overflowing in our day - it has yet to get worse. The modern Chaledan lands today are not, however, 'Babylon', which was the superpower of its day - that rôle applies today to the USA in this current and penultimate prophetic cycle to whom judgment is coming in full, along with her allies and subject nations in Europe and elsewhere.

      "I am against you, O arrogant one, says Yahweh-Elohim of Hosts; for your day has come when I will punish you. The arrogant one shall stumble and fall, with no one to raise him up, and I will kindle a fire in his cities, and I will devour everything around him" (vv.31-32).

    All but those places of safety, that is, that Yahweh has ordained for His qodeshim/saints which is why you MUST get right with Him and know where you and your family and to go to escape tribulation and the sword. You will recall the vision Yahweh showed me, of circles of fire with safe places between them. You are responsible for finding out where you are to go for there is no one single places, but very many.

    The King of Babylon today - you all know who that is as he brazenly and arrogantly displays his power and indifferent contempt for the founding principles of your nation.

    The Enemy who is coming is merciless:

      "Look, a people is coming from the north; a mighty nation and many kings are stirring from the farthest parts of the earth, They wield bow and spear, they are cruel and have no mercy. The sound of them is like the roaring sea; they ride upon horses, set in array as a warrior of battle, against you, O daughter of Babylon! The king of Babylon heard news of them, and his hands fell helpless; anguish seized him. pain like that of a woman in labour" (vv.41-43).

    In the original and principle prophecy this cruel enemy was Assyria. The lands controlled by today's 'Assyrian', occupying the original land of Assyrian should be obvious, a people without mercy who ride in 'horses' (vehicles), This modern-day ISIS 'Assyrian' is a type, only, however, of another nation whose power and numerical size will make even the King of Babylon grow weak and faint - note that many nations are stirred also. If you have been following this ministry at http://nccg.org/ you will know of whom is being spoken. Remember also that today not all warfare is military and that there are many ways to bring a nation to its knees. Economic power is as great, if not greater, than military power. The Ruach/Spirit will show you the details.

    These things are not now far off. They will not, moreover, occur in a day but over a tribulation PERIOD that must parallel, in some form, the Great Seven Year Tribulation of the last generation-to-come. This is why you need supplies for a MINIMUM of one year. Prepare for two if you can, or the means to resupply yourself after your original stocks have been exhausted - that is as important as stocking itself. Remember this - YOU WILL AT SOME POINT NEED TO BE SELF-SUFFICIENT *AFTER* THIS TRIBULATION IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE RE-ENSLAVED. Think BIG, prepare BIG, and have BIG faith!

    Go in Yahweh and PREPARE.

    #62 - 9 August 2015

    We are on the 19th day of a 40 day cycle that corresponds to the 40 days that Moses spent on Mt.Sinai with Yahweh where He received the whole Torah. We all know what happened in his absence.

    This 40 day period has been set-apart for the Remnant for each individual - and especially each head of household - to seek Yahweh's face to find out His complete and perfect will for their lives in advance of total collapse. One of the most important tasks of the heads is to be 100% where Yahweh wants them to be geographically and situationally over the next couple of years. There will only be narrow bands of safety between the trouble areas. Indeed in a vision Yahweh showed me this morning, the effects of the collapse - though universal - would be uneven depending on location. It is still not too late to make last minute preparations but make no more unnecessary delays!

    Another important think that Yahweh laid on my heart this morning - this time in a dream - is the importance of releasing ALL whom we know from their debts to us. This is the YEAR OF SH'MITTAH (SABBATICAL YEAR) in which we are OBLIGATED to release all our debtors of moneys owed. But Yah'shua (Jesus) took the Sh'mittah to a new level of meaning when He commanded His talmidim/disciples to forgive one another of ALL debts, including and not exclusing ALL SINS AGAINST US, EVERY DAY. Spiritually-speaking we live in a PERMANENT 24/7 SH'MITTAH just as we live a PERMANENT INTERNAL SABBATH REST. Nevertheless we must forgive physical debts as must as we are obligated to observe a physical Sabbath IN TIME AND SPACE.

    It is not an accident or an afterthought on the part of Elohim (God) that He ordained the Collapse to get under way during a Sh'mittah or for its after affects to be lived during the YOVEL (Jubilee Year) that follows it during which we may not sow or reap for ourselves. You see, forgiving the debts and transgressions of others requires spiritual preparation on our part, just as the forgiveness of sin in our OWN lives required Preparation on the part of Messiah. That 'preparation' for us was the Cross which cost Him EVERYTHING He had. Are you too prepared to make sacrifices in order to be prepared to do the Father's will?

    This is not a game, neither is it a drill. The most important event globally is about to happen in our time as far as HUGE CHANGE is concerned. Your choice is to either be crushed by that change or to ride victorious on its crest because that is all you can do during a period of JUDGMENT.

    Your repentance, or lack of it, will determine how you and your family come through this storm that is only being held back by the malakim/angels to give the elect time to prepare. You will not get this opportunity again. Do not squander your time or resources. Dedicate yourself and your families and your belongings to Yahweh and MEAN IT. Faith without works is stony dead and if you do not follow up your profession of faith with CONCRETE ACTION there is a very real risk that you may find yourself stony dead too.

    #61 - 10 August 2015

    In the final generation - the one after this - which must pass through the Great Tribulation and finally be judged by the returning Messiah - there will be a total separation of the sheep from the goats (Mt.25:34-46). But what of judgment such as the impending one in this penultimate generation?

    The first thing to remember is that whether one is a sheep or a goat is determined LONG before one stands before the actual Judgment Bar. Yah'shua merely identifies what already is based on a continuum of choices over a very long time. Judgment isn't based on last minute choices but on consistent behaviour. In other words, constancy counts for a great deal. No con artists will make it, even if the conning is merely of oneself.

    Though what we are about to pass through is not the Final Judgment, IT WILL SEEM LIKE IT IS to those - and that's everyone - who experiences it. Those who are in the divinely appointed place for themselves, who have made advance preparations like the 5 wise virgins with their sufficient oil, will find themselves unscathed. Your degree of preparation, or lack of it, will determine how well you fare in this judgment of the nations. So the degree of tribulation you pass through may be a function of how attentive and obedient you have been to the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit).

    To be sure, those who are limited absolutely by their circumstances will receive grace. However, be careful of excuse-making - Yahweh will not deal sympathetically with THAT.

    Left to themselves, people will typically justify almost anything - and they will do it in seconds or minutes in a crisis. Those who do not bind themselves to the absolute code of Torah ALWAYS believe themselves to be "good" and entitled to "special treatment" - and yet, when they are not in desperate need, they will by default fail to defend many and every kind of ethical and moral principle of the Gospel/Besorah. When Yahweh judges He KNOWS who are being real and who are not. You won't be able to pull the wool over HIS eyes.

    Don't fall into the delusion that because you are a 'believer' that that automatically makes you 'good'. People typically create a dualism by comparing themselves to the greatest evil possible and then come to view themselves as 'good' BY COMPARISON. But we are not allowed to do that. The only standard of comparison permitted is with Messiah Himself.

    ALL non-human sources or morality, goodness or rightness are FALSE and to compare ourselves with these man-made codes is to by default fall short of the mark. Beware of such codes as 'common decency' because these are not absolute moral systems such as the One demanded by the Creator. The 'Golden Rule' - do as you would be done by - is not enough. A Satanist and a Christian can equally apply the rule and arrive at totally different standards.

    Yahweh has given us 40 days to seriously take a good look at our hearts and to turn to His for His living word. It's half-time already. Have you even made a start? When the real troubles start, you won't have time for such contemplation - you'll be too busy rushing around doing what you have to be doing to get yourself and your family secure.

    May I reiterate - once again - that Word War 3 isn't necessary going to happen in 61 days. I have NO IDEA what is going to happen. All I know is that we are supposed to be PREPARED by that date IN CASE we have to deal with great tribulation, war, drought, famine, pestilence, etc.. Consider also the INFLUX of people coming into safe zones from zones of destruction. Aside from looking after yourself, have you considered what Yahweh might want you to do to help?

    The other day the Ruach told me to go and buy lots of second-hand sleeping bags to give out to such as may be in need. If you have the means, once you charity has been completed at home and you have ensured the safety of your family, He will most definitely call you to make provision for others in some way. Again, you must listen carefully to the Ruach - if you bring someone into your home whom Yahweh has NOT told you to bring in, you may have initiated the destruction of your own family. Those NOT following Yahweh Torah absolutely are absolutely not going to respect the sanctity of your home, let alone recognise the hard labour and sacrifice you have made to provide for your kin and kith. Those not under the anointing will steal and kill to get what they consider to be their entitlement.

    So be wise. Sympathy is not necessarily righteousness. Noah did not let ANYONE else on the Ark even though his heart was breaking seeing the people's destruction. We are NOT to interfere with Yahweh's judgment but rather to learn DISCERNMENT and OBEDIENCE.

    Sadly, many individuals and families will be destroyed because of misplaced compassion. Typically these are people who will do deals with Gibeonites and not cleanse the land of Canaanites because they have bought into the lies of liberals.

    You leaders of home are going to have to be made of sterner stuff if you want to survive and prosper. It is not your business to do Yahweh's judging at a time like this. Be forewarned. Love a viper and forgive a viper but don't embrace him in your bosom.

    So have you found out what you are going to do? Where you are going to be? When you are supposed to go? Or have you been told to stay put? There is no margin for error here. The American couple who in the 1930's moved to Iwo Jima thinking they would find a place of safety as they sensed the approach of World War 2 were guided by human wisdom, not by the Ruach. Iwo Jima was the site of the bloodiest battle of that terrible war. Using human wisdom, they chose a hell-hole. They would have been safest staying put.

    Do what Yahweh tells you and hold onto your ground of revelation. If He tells you to ignore me, do it. If He tells you to respond to this message, do it. Just be sure it's Him.

    #60 - 11 August 2015

    The most dangerous people, both to themselves, their families and to others, are those who think they are free when they are enslaved, who think Yahweh is in control of their lives when it is their own flesh and self-will. You can as easily whitewash your mind and heart with religiosity as you can paint a crumbling wall with a fresh layer of paint and convince yourself that everything is perfect.

    So what is an "approved" person in Yahweh's eyes? What does he or she look like practically speaking? Since we know how critically important it is to be prepared and approved before and during a crisis so that we can be certain we are walking in the safety of His will, then we rather urgently need an answer to that question.


    Yahweh explains further:

      "Hear the Word of Yahweh, you who tremble at His Word! Your kin who hate you and cast you out because of My Name say, 'May Yahweh show His glory, that we may see your joy'; but they shall be put to shame" (v.5 - also see the rest of the chapter).

    One is not necessarily visibly joyful when ones spirit is crushed, but that is the evidence they are looking for, the evidence they demand even when it is they who are pursuing the satanic agenda in being the instruments of crushing because they hate the truth.

    In case you are planning to ride the next 60 days out and 'see' whether there is any truth to what I am saying, I have to share a vision Yahweh showed me this morning. He showed me a calendar, the whole month of September that is less than three weeks away, and under each day of that year was a jet black rectangle. As I looked at this my spirit understood that this would be a very disturbed and disturbing month. As the day approaches those who procrastinated or delayed will become more and more unsettled as the hour approaches. In what form this will come I cannot say - it is sufficient to know what one is supposed to be doing each day and to leave the rest in Yahweh's hands.

    Many of you are writing in to me and insisting that this is the final generation and that you will either soon be raptured or pass through the great tribulation. Many, based on these false assumptions, are foolishly even preparing to die and for glory. Do not be deceived. You are supposed to live and you are supposed to triumph during this evil time. Only the Enemy wants you to embrace a spirit of fatalism and inevitability. So I repeat most emphatically:

    NONE OF THESE COUNTDOWNS HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE GREAT TRIBULATION, THE SECOND COMING, ANY 'RAPTURE' OR THE FINAL JUDGMENT but how they will impact everyone will depend on their choices - their relationship to Yahweh and their spiritual and material preparedness of lack thereof.

    Be wise and live.

    #59 - 12 August 2015

    At times of national judgment false prophets multiply exponentially and with few exceptions their prophecies deny judgment and offer unconditional escape (like 'rapture'). The fact that they bear witness of one another, citing the "two or three witnesses" passages of Torah (Mt.18:16; 2 Cor.13:1), is not a validation of their false prophecies. Satan is always able to procure false witnesses, both the blatant liars as well as the sincerely deceived.

    I have learned through my long walk as a minister two things about those with the prophetic gift:

      1. Having the prophetic gift does not guarantee that the prophet(ess) will necessarily bring forth true prophecy any more than a being which is endowed with supernatural power will necessarily use supernatural powers righteously (like demons); and

      2. The more lawless those endowed with the prophetic gift are themselves, the more deceived they tend to be and the more lawless and inaccurate their prophecies are.

    I was listening to a very sincere and dedicated Christian lady yesterday share her story of supernatural encounters and prophecy. It was all the more convincing because many others independently bore witness through similar supernatural experiences, thus apparently confirming one another. And yet her testimony was riddled with so many errors - some of them pretty bad - that it was plain she was being led by false spirits along with those giving confirming testimonies.

    That is the problem with lawlessness. Once you choose it you are inviting the spirit of deception. You are closing the doors to the blessings that obedience to Torah brings and allowing admission to spirits that hate Yahweh's commandments. There are always spiritual consequences to disobedience. And that is why so many millions of believers are already deceived as to the true interpretation of current prophetic events and why so many follow lawless false prophets.

    As you read the psalms of David in particular you slowly come to realise why it was he had an open channel to heaven. Not always, mind you, because doubt and rebellion often closed it. But when he gave expression to his heart and repented of his doubting and disobedience, the door always reopened and he was filled with the Ruach (Spirit). As you carefully read ALL that He testified of you will hear him again and again testifying of the importance of loving the Torah, obeying the commandments, statutes and ordinances. He says this over and over again.

    But why are there false prophets amongst so many messianics too? Some are disobedient and deceived, for sure, but many elevate Torah to the point of idolatry, putting it above Yahweh Himself and ahead of love, compassion and mercy. Many, like many Christians, are not born again or spiritually regenerated. So the label you wear is irrelevent. What matters is that you are regenerated and obedient.

    There is a massive delusion abroad in the world and countless numbers of Christians and Messianics are deceived. Many are trying to figure prophetic events out in the flesh without the spirit of prophecy using wrong calendars and human reasoning. It will fail them consistently.

    Like David, we must "hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not cling to me" (Ps.100:3b, NRSV) but at the same time we shall love them as people, pray for them, and attempt to lead them in the ways of all truth. True prophetic voices will always be hated by those who, through error, have admitted perverse spirits. That is to be expected. But the elect will know in time, even if it is a close call for many of them. So I pray you will remain humble, that you will "make a joyful noise to Yahweh" and "know that Yahweh is Elohim" and that you will "enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise [and] give thanks to Him and bless His Name" (Psalm 100:1-3, NRSV).

    #58 - 13 August 2015

    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el!

    Do you remember Harold Camping? A little over 4 years ago this evangelical Christian dispatched his flock to every part of the USA telling them to announce on billboards, in tracts and by word of mouth that the 'Rapture' was definitely going to happen on a certain day because 'God told him so'. His prophecy failed and he has, I believe, since gone to join His Maker by the only method available to leave this world to explain his error. He was not an Enoch or an Elijah, and nor are we.

    Rapture mania has been with us now for a couple of centuries. And it is still deceiving millions of believers.

    The Rapture doctrine is a modern invention and was totally unknown for the first 1,800 years of Christianity's history. Recently someone, desperate for an historical precedent, tried to prove to me that Ephraem The Syrian from the 4th century taught it. Closer inspection revealed that he did no such thing. His 'rapture' was not translation but DEATH - we are transported to heaven when we DIE, as is true. He never said that we would be whisked away live like Enoch. Do you really believe we have attained to a state of holiness like Enoch or Elijah? Many are reading a LATER version of his testimony that has been ADDED TO. After this period is over, I will write something about this but for now I do not have the time.

    Consumed by red blood moon mania and yet more inaccurate and shoddy scholarship, and cobbling this together with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn's basically correct teachings on the Sh'mittah (Sabbatical Year - we're in it now), many are now creating YouTube videos, writing books and making webpages proclaiming that they will be whisked away in the much spoken of 'RAPTURE' and that this will happen on 22 or 23 September 2015 - in little over a month's time.

    Brethren and sisters, THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN (at least not to true blood-bought and Torah-obedient believers) and yet more people will be disappointed and disillusioned both because their scholarship is sloppy AND because they do NOT have the true spirit of prophecy AND because they are uncritical of their mentors and teachers. They have been deceived as to the times and seasons, not understanding the biblical Creation Calendar, not understanding the truth about Israel and other vital prophetic markers, not understanding the nature of repeating prophetic cycles, not understanding the importance of tribulation for the perfecting and purification of the saints (sheep) and their separation from the goats, and much else besides, because they are lawless, lazy and unspiritual.

    They are infected by the spirit of the age, which stinks of self-entitlement. Instead of fearing Yahweh, they view Him as a dispensing machine of blessings, a sugar daddy ready to do whatever they 'name and claim' - the kind of Heavenly Father made in the image of their own failed and secularised, fleshy earthly fathers. And they are doing EXACTLY the same thing they once condemned the Jehovah's Witnesses and others like the Mormons and Adventists like them for, when THEY made false prophecies about the Second Coming. They are little different from the Heaven's Gate Cult except they aren't all committing suicide. They are living in an escapist mode. And if you are on that bandwagon, you need either to wake up and repent now or be in for a terrible and rude shock quite soon.

    When the candyfloss prophets of this age fail you, remember these words, and do not blame Yahweh. You were deceived, plain and simple. You allowed yourself to be influenced by false spirits. You allowed yourself to be charmed (and fleased) by false witnesses. You were sucked into all the false tongue-speaking, not understanding what it was you were doing. And when you see all of this come to pass, many of you will be tempted to turn away from Yahweh. You will either seek new religions or no religion at all. Some, sadly, will even kill themselves in desperation. I pray NONE of you do these things.

    My prayer is that some of you will remember this witness and NOT lose hope when false prophecy does not come to pass. There will ne no rapture to heaven next month and there will be no second coming in the next decade. There will, however, be terrible judgment and suffering, and only those who walk in the truth and preparedness will prosper. This is the penultimate generation, not the last one. Huge swathes of the world are yet unevangelised. Our Master cannot return until EVERY nation, kindred and tribe has heard the Word. Though the Islamic word is BEGINNING to hear it, it has barely been penetrated. Huge swathes of India have never heard it.

    Please do not attempt to 'prove me wrong'. At this particular time I am not here to debate but to announce what is shortly to come to pass, and what is not. I have prepared large quantities of teaching materials on our website where you can find all the important answers for this time. Time IS very short, though, and life as you once knew it IS about to change forever. You have a great deal to do in almost no time at all. Do not come begging for oil from those who have prepared for there will be none to spare. GET YOUR OWN NOW!

    Please spread this message and may Yahweh bless you.

    #57 - 14 August 2015

    Peter Hitchens, the Christian journalist, once said that "fear is good for us and helps us to escape from great dangers. Those who do not feel it are in permanent peril because they cannot see the risks that lie at their feet" (The Rage Against God - How Atheism Led Me to Faith, p.104). Against this believers like to refute this with the Scripture "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love" (1 John 4:18, NIV) but in so doing fail to make the distinction between unhealthy fear and godly fear. After all, we are commanded many times to fear Yahweh and that can hardly be said to exclude love or contradict another commandment to "love Yahweh your Elohim (God) with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength" (Deut.6:5, NIV). If you exclude all fear there is a danger of suppressing a divine gift and becoming a Buddhist.

    There is a great need for godly fear at this time so that you don't find yourself in the flesh when tribulation descends and you find the other kind of fear surfacing and blocking your communion with Heaven. And you have got to be in communion with the Most High at this time.

    Yesterday I said that there will be no rapture to heaven for true believers. The reason I said that is because there won't ever be one. There will be an ascent a short distance into the air to meet the returning Messiah at the Second Coming, probably at about the original height of the cloud of glory and the pillar of fire during the days of the Exodus (at which time we will also be changed in the twinkling of an eye to a resurrected state - 1 Cor.15:51-52) at which time we will be returning with Him for the Millennium but no one is going to be translated to heaven as Enoch and Elijah were.

    That doesn't mean that Satan won't put on some kind of show to deceive those millions of Christians who do believe in a pre-tribulation rapture. He loves to play with and frighten (and destroy if he can) those who are deceived. What if millions of unbelievers DID suddenly go missing on 22 or 23 September next month? What would be the effect on believers who were expecting to be whisked away? They would conclude that they were the "left-behinders" (and get very depressed, blunting their spiritual edge even more), for one thing. For another, because they did not expect to go through any sort of tribulation (let alone the Final Tribulation which they have misdated a generation too early), they will be wholly unprepared spiritually, mentally, emotionally and materially. They may even EXPECT to be martyred and not resist, when they are not at all called to do so at this time. Can you see the havoc Satan would wreck?

    Sadly, all too many evangelical Christians are going to find themselves in precisely this situation. Some of them are already cobbling together likely scenarios for the "left-behinders", such as 'alien' invasions from the pit, etc., come to torment them. Worse, they will conclude that they were not saved (which would only be a half truth) and not know what to do. There will be panic leading to blind terror and crisis of faith. Needless to say Satan will have a field day.

    I tell my pre-trib friends who insist there will be a rapture that they should prepare anyway - if not for them then at least for unbelieving family and friends amongst the "left-behinders". And if they ARE left behind, then will be prepared anyway - so some extent. At least, they will be off to an advantage and preparing for others would be an act of loving kindness and charity. And if I am wrong, what will anyone have to lose? They will have a sound foodstorage program and be ready for THE final Tribulation and have got some useful prepping experience. Either way, you win. After all, there's still economic collapse on the way - it's so obvious now you have to be in a spiritual coma not to see it. So you are on solid ground however it pans out. Preparedness is the way of the wise not of the doubters.

    The current 40 day count ends on 30 August. You need to know Yahweh's plan by then. September is likely going to be a black month but it will still only be the squall before the main storm breaks in October. I'd want to be ready by Yom Teruah on 13 September for whatever the Enemy is planning to throw at the world. Certainly the élitists want people to know that they are planning SOMETHING on 22-23 September (Yom Kippur is on 21-22 September) otherwise they would not have gone to all the trouble to code that date into numerous movies. They are obligated by a satanic code to announce in advance what they are going to do but at the same time they also sow tons of misinformation in order to obfuscate and confuse. Unless you have the spirit of revelation guiding you you aren't going to know what's real and what isn't in the pot pourri of lies and truth.

    People - believers and unbelievers alike - are all hyped up and many are full of FEAR. And the movies are designed to just stoke up that fear. Those who fear Yahweh, who have not been deceived by the false prophets, who are obeying the commandments and listening attentively to the Ruach (Spirit) have NOTHING TO FEAR. I repeat again - these will be prosperous days for the believing, obedient Remnant. It's the rest who are going to be in major upset and running around to feed, house and protect themselves. The Enemy has got so many frightening things going, or on the planning board, that when he unleashes them all, those who are not prepared won't know whether they are coming or going. And that's the plan.

    I hope there is fear in your life right now - the right kind. And if you have none of either kind, you need a big jolt to wake you up. This is no drill. Repent, get right with Yahweh, trust in Yah'shua (Jesus) and stay in prayer until you get your marching orders. If what I am saying upsets you or fills you with disbelief, you still have the free choice to ignore me or move on. I'll not hound you. If you've been led here then there's a reason you were. And if you won't listen to me, maybe you'll listen to someone else, or, preferably, start listing to Yahweh yourself.

    Go in peace.

    #56 - 15 August 2015 - ROSH CHODESH 6

    Chag sameach Rosh Chodesh kol beit Yisra'el!

    Special message: Rosh Chodesh VI: 30, the Priesthood and the Bride Unveiled

    #55 - 16 August 2015

    With shortages of essential commodities steadily rising in South Africa, desperate farmers are now to be found lining the roads begging Yahweh for mercy for what is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone there that grave difficulties lie ahead.

    If only farmers in the USA and elsewhere would start doing the same BEFORE the judgment occurs. There will be plenty of prayers directed heaven-ward but the motives are less likely to be right. There's a stark difference between being sorry for yourself and feeling sorry for having offended Yahweh.

    You see, these South African farmers are white farmers whose ancestors seized lands from the indigenous population who today - as in Zimbabwe - are demanding their ancestral land back and are prepared to murder farmers to achieve their aim.

    War and tribulation bring out the best and worst in people. The white farmers are repenting for the deeds of their ancestors, praying for deliverance from the assassin, and for safety for their farms when tribulation comes, as they are realising it is going to.

    The land distribution policies of Robert Mugabwe have been an economic disaster as former white farms are handed out to cronies who have no experience in agriculture, with the white farmers commonly being murdered or mutilated. Zimbabwe has hyperinflation and a once flourishing economy has collapsed. Starvation is now present.

    South Africa has a unique opportunity for the ongoing reconciliation between the formerly oppressed and the former oppressors. They can either follow Mugabe's economically and socially disastrous Marxist model that widens the rift not only between whites and blacks, but between blacks of different tribal origin too. In Zimbabwe the M'shona oppress the Ndebele.

    There is an opportunity here for the Christian way to prevail. All South Africans - but white South Africans in particular - have an opportunity through VOLUNTARY repentance and reconciliation, to demonstrate to all South Africans that Yahweh is alive and in the business of doing miracles when HIS ways are followed. When starvation stalks the land, as it surely must at some point, the people can see how Yahweh blesses the contrite and humble with abundance and surplus with which to feed the starving poor voluntarily.

    The coming crisis will have the effect of clearly demarking the sheep from the goats of all races, breaking down racial barriers and dividing people on the basis of what REALLY matters - the state of their hearts. THAT is the division Yahweh will be effecting so that ALL can see who is who.

    How are you planning to give Yahweh glory and honour during the coming crisis? Will you use it to demonstrate His power, sovereignty, forgiveness and love or will you use it simply for self-interest? Are you just planning to survive? Our are you planning to prosper? And if you are planning to prosper, what will you do with your prosperity?

    Something to think and pray about.

    #54 - 17 August 2015

    There are many reckless Christians who believe that Yahweh will take care of them even if they make no preparations themselves. Yet the prophets of Israel and the patriarchs before them consistently linked repentance with deeds. Had Noah not built an ark there would have been no survivors from the flood. Faith without deeds/works is dead, the apostle James stated (Jas.2:26).

    Even more reckless and dangerous are those who believe that reciting the sinner's prayer years ago was all they had to do to secure themselves a place in heaven. Making light of grace and living recklessly on the basis of the promise of a man-made doctrine, many self-professed believers will find themselves in the 'hot place' because of the lie they swallowed. Trusting has to be genuine and trusting must always be followed by obedience.

    Since there will be many casualties in the coming judgment, with many self-professed 'believers' as well as unbelievers forfeiting their lives, it is time that the heretical 'once saved, always saved' or OSAS doctrine was confronted again. If leading British evangelical Christian minister and popular writer, David Pawson, can clearly see through the dangerous error of OSAS (see his book, Once Saved, Always Saved? - Hodder & Stoughton, London: 1996), then all honest believers can do so too.

    So if you have been deceived by that particular demonic scam, I invite you to take a look at our OSAS website.

    Remember, church tradition won't save you, only the truth can.

    With that in mind I would like today to briefly share with you the conclusions of 30 years of ministry I have come to concerning the process of falling away and how it works. Just as there is salvation-past (our initial decision for Messiah), salvation-present (our continuing walk as trusting disciples in Messiah) and salvation-future (the state in which we find ourselves - whether saved or unsaved - when we die), so also there is apostacy-past, apostacy-present and apostacy-future.

    So long as we are alive there is hope. The problem is, no man knows when his time is up, and it could as easily be tomorrow as it could be during a Judgment such as is at our doorsteps. And when faced with death, salvation- or apostacy-future suddenly becomes very present.

    The process of salvation is clearly coded in Yahweh's 7 Annual Moedim or Festivals which are a prophetic picture of a 7-fold or complete lifespan. However, there are also 7 year cycles called SH'MITTAH or SABBATICAL cycles at which judgment for rebellion takes place - we are in one RIGHT NOW - with a 50 year YOVEL or JUBILEE cycle that symbolically represents the whole of a person's life.

    When a person deliberately turns away from Messiah and refuses to repent, it is my understanding, experience and revelation that if they do not make teshuvah (repent) during that time, they will progressively cross more and more lines of sin until they have left the pale of salvation altogether. There are those who continue - in some part of themselves - to cling onto faith and salvation, and continue to repeat successive 7 year cycles, clutching on in some small way. But it is very hard to know whether such a person is saved or not - only Yahweh can know that. However, they are taking a TERRIBLE RISK. I would NOT wish to take that gamble.

    Grace can be trampled on to such an extent that justice must make its demands. Please do NOT take that chance. Once this life is over, there's no second chance.

    #53 - 18 August 2015

    I expect you have noticed that the biggest numerals in the caption are those that relate to the Judgment of the USA - 53 days to go. Next in size is the countdown to the rest of the world - 140 days. And smallest of all, the Sinai count - Day #28 with but 12 days left to its end. And yet the most important count NOW is the Sinai count because it's about YOU AND ME individually.

    For the first time since all these counts began I am beginning to feel a little TREPIDATION, not just for my own unpreparedness but especially for YOURS. We have only 12 days to be personally ready, and then follows BLACK SEPTEMBER.

    Some of you will remember a perplexing vision I had recently of a calendar showing SEPTEMBER 2015. In each day of that month was a VERTICAL BLACK RECTANGLE. I knew instantly upon seeing it that it represented a BAD MONTH and that each day of that month would in some way be bad.

    A lot is happening in Sepember - Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets) on 13 September - that's when major heavenly announcements are made. It is the day Yah'shua (Jesus) will return in some year in the future and is accompanied by blaring trumpets and shouring. Yom haKippurim is on 21/22 September, the Day of Atonements and also a Judgment Day - major global events of a negative character are expected on or around then by many. Sukkot - the Festival of Tabernacles - begins on 27 September and lasts through to 4 October - many are expecting a Currency Reset around 1 October with new bank notes being issued in the USA following an expected financial collapse on or around 15 September. These may, or may not, occur then or shortly afterwards as these are only speculations at this stage. And 10 October marks the end of the USA Judgment Count and whatever it is Yahweh may do then.

    So I recommend you get your preparations finished by the end of the Sinai Count on 30 August. There may be some time after that too, we can only wait and see. All I know is what Yahweh told me about September. The vertical black rectangles may represent doors or portals through which evil entities will pass during September (CERN and other manipulations). Whatever the reason or explanation may be, care and caution are advised. I certainly would NOT recommend you have any money left in the bank by mid-September save enough to pay monthly bills. That, of course, has to be your personal decision. What I have will be gone by then.

    Be prepared, be ready, and get right with Yahweh.

    #52 - 19 August 2015

    There is advantage to be had in numbers for any number of reasons (safety, mutual support, companionship, etc.) and one thing Yahweh laid on my heart early this morning was the importance of gathering of those who are equally prepared and committed wherever possible in order to ride out the worst of the storm.

    The GATHERING of fellow believers has been central to the Besorah/Gospel in all ages and it will play a vital part in the EXODUS and FINAL GATHERING in the last generation.

    On this occasion of the penultimate judgment of the world the emphasis has consistently been on SMALL FAMILY UNITS as during the Patriarchal Period. Man and women alike have to finally outgrow the self-entitlement mindset of the modern liberal, socialistic secular way of life if they are to survive this period of tribulation by properly assuming their divinely assigned gender rôles - men assuming proper leadership in sacrificial love and women proper helpmeetship in submission.

    During times of great danger false rôles are always inadequate in the long term and at times positively dangerous in the short. A great awakening has to take place and men and women rediscover who they really are in Messiah.

    Accordingly this period of tribulation is to be both a learning and an unlearning time. It will profoundly shake people up, leaving no false system standing. Those who prosper will be those who have faith in Messiah, have properly prepared and are walking in divine tavnith (pattern): http://nccg.org/tavnith.html . False systems of belief and practice will fail the escapees in critical, life-threatening moments.

    Find out who you are IN MESSIAH so that you can know who to BE during the hard times.

    #51 - 20 August 2015

    A couple of days ago Yahweh showed me a vision of the 10 commandments printed out as a list. What was odd about this list is the 10th commandment was missing:

      "You shall not covet" (Ex.20:12).

    It took me a while, after an in-depth study, to figure out why Yahweh had showed me this vision. What was so special about this commandment? Did it perhaps differ in any way from the other 9? And was this Yahweh's way to getting my attention in a way He might not otherwise have obtained it?

    The 10th commandment is the climax and the tenth length in a complete fence of Torah which was given for the believer's protection. The 10th commandment differs from all the others inasmuch as it is the Law of MOTIVE, making it the most remarkable of all the 10 commandments. Unlike the other 9 mitzvot (commandments) it legislates against evil desire and therefore PENETRATES THE HEART. Unlike the other 9, it speaks not of the Citizen of Israel but of the MAN. And as such, then, it could proceed from none but a Divine Sovereign. Had the Ten Commandments in toto been simply a Legal Code, as many of its detractors accuse it of being, the 10th mitzvah (commandment) would have been completely out of place because earthly courts take no cognisance of anything but outward acts.

    The 10th commandment therefore gives the lie to the accusation by many evangelicals that the Torah is solely temporal, lacking the heart-content of the New Testament. Quite the contrary - the 10th commandment connects the Song of Moses to the Song of the Lamb (Rev.15:3). It is at the 10th Commandment that the Torah and the Beattitudes of Messiah overlap. The 10th commandment is the bridge to the Torah of Messiah that leads to the filling or completing of the Old.

    By its introspection, the 10th commandment hints of deeper spiritual principles that underly all the other 9. It tells us that a chaste man does not even DESIRE another man's wife; it assures us that illicit conduct always has its roots in illicit desires. This last mitzvah (commandment) of the Decalogue therefore completes the circle of the Torah which began against precepts of polytheism and idolatry and ends with the prohibition against coveting: for covetousness IS isolatry (Col.3:5).

    The 10 Commandments are the alphabet of the Beatitudes - each is the Magna Carta of the Old and New Covenants, respectively. And both were - and are - intended for ALL peoples, not just Israel.

    The 10th commandment is about MOTIVE and is both the introduction to, as well as containing the unwrapped package of, the Beatitudes. Yah'shua (Jesus) took, "You shall not kill" and explained its obverse as 'active love', showing the positive aspect of the negative precept. Every negative commandment has an obverse, like two sides of the same coin.

    Did Yah'shua (Jesus) cancel or nullify the Law? No. He cancelled the debt note - the certificate of death which becomes our own when we break Torah. He did not nail the Torah itself to the Cross but the PENALTIES associated with breaking it by being Himself nailed to the Cross as the punishment for sin. He nailed our SIN DEBT to the Cross (Col.2:14).

    Yah'shua (Jesus) expanded the former Torah into New Covenant Torah, completing or filling it up so that it became complete. There is nothing more that needs to be added to it now. He reveals the spiritual roots of each mitzvah (commandment) - every one of the 10 commandments was reaffirmed by Him and its spiritual root explained:

      1. Hear O Israel, Yahweh our Elohim is Echad (One) (Mk.12:29);

      2. Elohim is spiritual (Jn.4:24);

      3. Make no oaths at all (Mt.5:34);

      4. The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath (Mk.2:27);

      5. Children obey your parents in Yahweh (Eph.6:1);

      6, Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer (1 Jn.3:15; Mt.5:22);

      7. Everyone who looks at a married woman to lust for her has committed adultery with her already in his heart (Mt.5:28);

      8. Let no one seek his own good, but that of his neighbour (1 Cor.10:24);

      9. Therefore laying aside falsehood, speak emet (truth), each one of you with his neighbour, for we are members of one another (Eph.4:25); and

      10. For I would not have known about coveting if the Torah had not said, 'You shall not covet' (Rom.7:7). To which Yah'shua (Jesus) added, "A New commandment I give you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you" (Jn.13:34, NASB).

    The whole Torah is now established on a new, permanent and Messianic basis - it is not annulled but amplified, but on a new platform - on a Person. Now we are able to understand Leviticus in a new context:

      "You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbour as yourself....You shall do no wrong in judgment, in measurement of weight, or capacity" (Lev.19:18,34, NASB).

    Now the standard or the measuring line is Yah'shua (Jesus) Himself - "as I have loved you", so do. We imitate the incarnated Torah, now understanding its substance and origin.

    Thus the Torah is not annulled by ahavah (love), but rather love carried through its work in a love-governed sphere. Incline our hearts, O Yahweh, to keep this Torah:

      "Incline my heart to your testimonies, and not to covetousness" (Ps.119:36, NKJV).

    Why, then, the absence of the 10th commandment in the vision? It represents the heart of spirit of Torah and like the rest of the Tanakh (Old Testament) is pointing us to the Messiah and the resultant effect on the trusting and obedient heart. It is the bridge between the Old and the New, leaving behind that which is fulfilled in the Law and bringing over with it the other 9 commandments into the New Covenant.

    At this time there are many sincere evangelicals and messianics wanting to repent and be right with Yahweh before the counts are up, and to remain that way too, I pray. This is the 30th day of the Sinai Count and there are only 10 left. Faith (emunah) - active, obedient trusting - is what saves us, not the passive belief that even demons have (Jas.2:19). If you want to get out of the spiritual Courtyard - which is soon to be invaded, and its disobedient Christian and Messianic occupants sorely afflicted (along with unbelievers), some unto death - and into the Sanctuary, then you must add to your FAITH or TRUSTING your ACTIVE OBEDIENCE too. You cannot separate them. Many, hearing this message, will continue to stubbornly do so until the Enemy invades the Courtyard, paying a bitter price for their foolishness, shocked when they are not delivered. Do not imitate them! Do not say, 'I will trust Scripture' but refuse to implement it in your life. Repent!

    #50 - 21 August 2015

      "I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Messiah" (Philemon 6, NIV)

    Some think evangelism should be the responsibility of paid preachers but Paul urged his friend Philemon to share his faith as part of his everyday routine. Indeed, the work of the Great Commission (Mt.28:16-20) will never be completed if we wait for non-believers to come to our sabbath meetings or to listen to a gospel broadcast. We can all spread the Good News through a commitment to evangelism that is part of our daily lifestyle.

    Surveys reveal that most people who come to faith do so because other believers share their faith with them where they work, live or play. You can involve yourself with non-believers in all kinds of ways to enable you to witness.

    Yah'shua (Jesus) Himself went out to the people and became known as a friend of sinners (Mt.9:11). We should too. We can make ourselves available wherever we are,

    As the Judgments unfold so our opportunity to witness will grow exponentially. Are you prepared to do that? Yahweh is going to use this dark time to save MANY souls but it is our job to do the witnessing.

    #47 - 22 August 2015

    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el!

    Today there is a special message entitled, The Onesimus Factor: Preparing for Black September

    #48 - 23 August 2015

    One form of prepping that people rarely consider is the CONSERVATION OF ENERGY and IMPROVING HEALTH through a change in eating, sleeping and other habits. You are going to need a surplus of mental, emotional and physical energy in order to successfully react to the many situations you will face in the months and years ahead. Yahweh will, of course, give you want you need when you act in faith but He will not do what you can do - and ought to be doing - for yourself.

    This morning I was talking to Him about my health and state of exhaustion and He showed me a vision of all the times I had wasted valuable energy. I was astonished. It reminded me of a vision He showed me years ago in which ALL the meat I had ever eaten was stacked up in this room. I was in my 30's at the time. It was a reminder to me of an earlier revelation still that we should be eating meat in moderation and not to excess.

    Scripture is not playing around when it says, for instance:

      "In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat - for He grants sleep to those He loves" (Prov.127:2, NIV).

      "Woe to those who rise early in the morning to run after drinks, who stay up late at night until they are inflamed with wine" (Is.5:11, NIV).

    We may need to get to bed earlier and certainly we have NO need of alcohol - indeed, alcohol is prohibited of the Royal Priesthood of Messiah.

    You are going to have to live simply, moderately and healthily. Medical services may either not be available to you or may not be affordable. You want to minimise the need for medical assistance. So start taking steps. Stop eating junk food altogether. Quit alcohol, stop smoking, say no to recreational drugs of any sort. All these will either weigh you down or kill you. Stay alert, sleep well.

    Of course, we should have been doing these things all along if for no other reason that the body is a temple of the Ruach (Spirit) and we are commanded to treat it as such. We can't replace it if it breaks down. It is sad that we should need a crisis to get us to repent but better late than never.

    So in your prepping start doing your body a favour and treating it as Yahweh intended. Blessings will flow and, who knows, it might very well save your life. And it will give glory to Elohim.

    #47 - 24 August 2015

      "No one, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of Elohim" (Luke 9:62, NKJV).

    Have you ever heard someone described as a 'backslider'? It, alas, is fairly common to hear someone give a testimony by saying something like, "I gave my heart to Jesus when I was a child. Then I fell away from the Lord and became involved in drugs, robbery, rape, murder, pornography, gambling, adultery, extortion, and other things I would rather not mention, All this time I still knew the Lord. Then I came back to Him when I was 30 years old".

    I'm sorry, but that 'backslider' never knew Yahweh in the first place because there is a fundamental difference between true and false conversion. Almost all those who say they are 'backsliders' aren't because they never went 'forward' in the first place. They were false converts - 'stony-ground' or 'thorny-ground' hearers (Mark 4:16-19) who fall away in a time of temptation, tribulation or persecution. The true convert puts his hand to the plough and doesn't look back, because he is fit for the kingdom, 'Backsliders' don't just look back, they actually GO back, showing that something is radically wrong. They lost their salvation, assuming they ever had it.

      "For we are not, as so many, peddling the Davar Elohim (Word of God); but as of sincerity, but as from Elohim, we speak in the sight of Elohim (God) in Messiah" (2 Cor.2:17, NKJV).

    A true beliver is like a pair of glasses with titanium frames. Titanium twists and bends but retains its integrity. That is what a true talmid (disciple) of Yah'shua (Jesus) should be like. We bend, we are flexible, but we do not break - we retain our integrity. We refuse in all situations to compromise the emet (truth) of the Davar Elohim (Word of God).

    There are many self-professed 'believers' who are going to go into the current tribulation severely compromised and spiritually handicapped and without a proper blood covering because they are un-yielded, disobedient and unregenerated. Such will either be severely burned or perish. So warn them. Cry repentance! Time is almost out...

    #46 - 25 August 2015

    Who are you? What are you? As you look into the mirror, do you see someone reflecting the image and character of our Messiah, ready to go into a time of tribulation to fervently bear witness of the Besorah/Gospel? Are you ready to endure trial and want with grace?

    The coming period of tribulation will have the very positive effect of making a preliminary sorting of sheep and goats. There is nothing quite like fire to purify metal ore or burn up stubble. Which are you? And do you know why, and how?

    Elizabeth Elliot once said that if you want to know if you have the heart of a servant you will find out when you are treated like one. Talmidim or disciples are first and foremost servants.

    Yah'shua (Jesus) symbolically revealed His Servant's Heart when He washed the apostles' feet. But the full revelation was not seen until He was on the cross, in agony, and being reviled for His life's sacrifice.

    Yes, we can choose to be servants WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT TO US - that's the easy part. But are you ready to behave like a servant when servanthood is forced on you? How then will you respond? With anger or indignation? Or will you respond with humility and be the best servant you can be even when forced into servitude as Joseph was in prison? And will you continue to serve even when there is no possibility of release?

    Like most of the virtues, they are easily spoken of and easy exercised when we're 'in the mood' or are in control, but they are a lot more challenging when we are forced against our will to be servants.

    Yes, tribulation simultaneously brings out the silver and the dross in the believer but it burns up the fakes like dry straw. You will see the good, bad and the ugly coming out of their holes in this time of tribulation. Masks will be stripped off and we will be seen for who we really are. In tribulation, the actors leave the stage and the audience gets on its feet and to work.

    The stock markets took a big plunge yesterday, didn't they? Yesterday is already being described as 'Black Monday'. The pundits are all praying that it will pass and that things will return to normal. But the trend is now irreversible. Judgment is coming no matter how much human ingenuity is exercised to try and prevent it. There is a national and individual accounting to be made because of sin.

    Unfortunately, because people love the fallen, carnal, fleshy, satanic, Adamic nature so much, with all its lies and exaggerations, they will live their lives in the same way as if they were at a funeral listening to a eulogy. You know what I mean. How many funerals have you attended where praises were heaped on an unsaved soul who is spoken of as though he is in heaven now? Brethren and sisters, this is YOUR funeral and you can either come out of it ALIVE and SAVED, or DEAD and HELL-BOUND. You can be a mourner over your sin or a mourner over someone else's.

    Spurgeon once preached:

      "When anyone dies, I ask myself, 'Was I faithful? Did I speak all the truth? And did I speak it from my very soul every time that I preached?"

    Well, it's time your soul heard your own fervently truthful funeral sermon. You need to be honest with yourself and your Elohim (God). Are you truly saved - born again, spiritually regenerated? Are you obeying the mitzvot (commandments) with joy and in faithfulness? Do you even KNOW what they are? WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO PREACH YOUR OWN FUNERAL EULOGY WITH A STRAIGHT FACE?

    The flesh fears nothing save the loss personal esteem and power. The spirit fears nothing except the loss of its salvation and REJOICES in the death of the flesh - in pride, conceit, gluttony, greed, covetousness, ungodly lust, and all that the Davar (Word) condemns as unholy. Do you rejoice in the loss and death of these things? Are you content not only to CHOOSE to be a servant but, if necessary, to be FORCED into being one WITHOUT VOICING A COMPLAINT? Or do you like being in charge - in control - of your life to such an extent that you will guard it with your life?

    Things to seriously consider at times like these because you DO need to make some MAJOR LIFE CHOICES and you need to do so RIGHT NOW.

      "He who is often rebuked and hardens his neck, will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy" (Proverbs 29:1, NKJV).

    Time to look at your neck in that bathroom mirror. Then you must either tell that neck to bow down in contrition or ask Yahweh to beat the living daylights out of you. It'll be one way or the other.

    #45 - 26 August 2015

      "Always rejoice in the Master: I will repeat it, REJOICE. Let your forebearing (patient, self-controlled) spirit be known to everyone: the Master is near. Do not be anxious about ANYTHING, but by prayer and earnest pleading together with thanksgiving, let your requests be unreservedly made known before Elohim (God). So will the shalom of Elohim (God), which surpasses all power of thought, be a garrison to guard your hearts and minds in Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus)" (Phil.4:4-7, Weymouth).

    It is well to remind ourselves as the storm looms ever closer what is promised to those who love and serve the Master unreservedly. That is not to say we should be idle or complacent, though - you still need to be getting your 'ark' ready materially-speaking.

    You need to be asking yourself, "If the shops are empty (and they will be within the first 24-48 hours of financial collapse), will what I have in my home to sustain me and my family for the next few months to a year...or longer? If the electricity and water supply are cut off, do I have substitutes and a water store? Can I survive off the grid for a long period of time?"

    One opportunity is fast running out and that is getting precious metals like silver and gold at a decent price. I'm not claiming any revelation here, just basing my analysis on the markets, but my guess is that gold and silver will shoot up in price quite soon, by which time it will not yield such high returns to investors when you come to trade it in for the new currency(s) that will replace the current one(s) after the collapse is over the the economy has stabilised again.

    Why do we need precious metals? Primarily so you can reboot your domestic finances after the collapse has passed and new fiat money is in circulation again. The old fiat money (coins, banknotes) will be almost worthless and electronic money will be wiped out. You need something to start with again or you'll be completely broke and unable to meet your basic needs as you get your home economy going.

    Second, if you are in dire straits, you can use silver and gold to trade while the economy is in tatters. But realise this - food, weapons, ammunition and medicine will be of far higher value during that time and you are likely to be ripped off if you try to trade precious metals for food, water, medicine, etc., because you will be charged a fortune for them. You should have these safely tucked away already.

    It's probably around now - though this is just my personal opinion (as Yahweh must tell you what you should personally do in your situation) - to get the bulk of your money out of the banks and converted into useful assets. If you're planning for the future - as you should - it is probably time to get those silver and gold orders finalised before their selling price goes through the roof.

    Paul reminds us, in all of this, that we need to have a proper spiritual attitude so there is peace in our soul. If we are walking in faith and obedience we need not be anxious. Prayer and earnest pleading are the order of the day for loved ones and friends who have NOT responded either to the message of salvation AND/OR to the warning to get prepped before the collapse.

    There is much to do. Don't waste any valuable time. Get your ark stocked and equipped fast! And may Yahweh bless you.

    #44 - 27 August 2015

    It has been a week of disturbing visions as we fast approach the end of this Roman month of August. I still cannot exactly say what will happen in September, because I have not been told, other than to urgently counsel everyone to be ready - to be fully prepared - for anything ranging from financial collapse to World War III. There are a lot of 'great' and 'dramatic' prophecies being made out there, some true but most false. Usually the timing is all wrong. Every spirit that is in man, both the holy and the profane, is being stirred up as righteousness is justified and sealed against the day of tribulation and unrighteousness brought to maturity and full display. There will most certainly, as I have said before, be a partial separation at this time of the sheep from the goats as indecision becomes decision, as on the one hand there will be those believers who finally choose wholeheartedly to be a part of the Kingdom of our Messiah and those who finally choose wholeheartedly to foolishly commit themselves to the many occultic and neo-occultic counterfeits at great spiritual cost to themselves. Parallel will this will be many unbelievers coming to salvation and many openly choosing to serve blatant evil.

    I said I had seen many disturbing visions and these were mostly of demonic beings agitatedly awaiting their time of release on the earth. Believers' knowledge of the nature of the enemy is abysmally poor and many will find themselves thrust into demonic scenarios and will not know how to handle them. Ignorance, in such situations, is far from bliss. Not only are the vast majority of believers unaware of HOW to deal with demons but WHO and WHAT they are dealing with. There is a lot of pop theology that has been taught them in the churches concerning these evil powers which is worse than useless - it will render them powerless, making them mere play things of these deadly forces. Please, if you know little or nothing about the dark side, acquaint yourself with our deliverance website.

    However, demons are not the only problem that humanity will have to face 'in the raw', as it were, but other entities whom Scripture describe as being bound up temporarily in the bowels of the earth. These chimeras, or part-demon, part-human (and sometimes part-animal), entities practically wiped out humanity genetically and morally in the days of Noah, the hybrid offspring of fallen malakim/angels and women. They have returned periodically since the Flood and are about to be released in increasing numbers once again. A small vanguard is already here.

    The problem here is man who, in his rebellion and iniquity, is releasing these entities once more, foolishly believing these are the original extra-terrestrial 'gods' who 'created' mankind and are returning in fulfilment of various pagan prophecies. Needless to say there is a lot of myth and nonsense surrounding them in order to appeal to man's need to worship something greater than himself whilst at the same time avoiding repentance and instead appealing to his pride, vanity, tendency toward sensationalism, and fallen, carnal nature in general.

    I will be talking a lot more about these beings at the appropriate time. For now you need to be aware of their existence and to start getting on your spiritual armour to do spiritual warfare in September. I spoke about this on Countdown Day #78 (scroll above). The prayers of the righteous are of powerful effect. The imminent calling now is of INTERCESSION.

    In addition to getting your final prepping done - really it should ALREADY be done but maybe Yahweh will extend further grace depending how He intends to let the Enemy unfold his plans, permitted by the Most High for JUDGMENT. But really our forces, energies and time need to shift more and more over to prayer warfare, and especially for the salvation and deliverance of loved ones. This also means we have got to get OUR issues out the way so that the opposition doesn't render us useless - we don't want to be sidetracked wrestling with our own issues (that's what these 40 days have been for - there are only 3 days left of these) when we are needed to intercede for others. For so many such talk sounds fantastic, unbelievable or the province of the unbalanced. That was always to be expected. What has been the province of the 'lunatic fringe' (and there is plenty of lunacy around based on false data) will become mainstream soon enough. It's just a matter of time. So continue repenting and started getting KITTED UP for spiritual warfare! And may Yah'shua (Jesus) guide and strengthen you.

    Comments from Readers

    "For the past fortnight I have been plagued by vague,intangible forebodings (which I am unable to vocalise at the moment) that something sinister is about to burst upon the world scenario,something more horrendous than the ISIS.So like a man groping in the dark I embarked on a partial fast for my family and all the godly families on earth to be shielded from whatever evil is about fall upon humanity.For quite sometime I have been a persistent student of Revelation but a major part of it eludes my understanding but now I have an uneasy feeling that what is described in chapter9 is about to take place.The lid of the bottomless pit is about to be lifted and those locust-like beings of unimaginable evil are about to pounce upon us as part of God's judgement on defiant humanity.Are they the so-called aliens appearing and disappearing from time to time, sometimes abducting people for a time and then returning them to their homes.I have read reports of these abductees talking about their bizarre experiences on the space ships.Strangely their accounts tally with what the New Agers have been telling us.I have a strong feeling that these are demonic entities who inhabit interdimensional space.Their leader is called in Revelation 9 the Destroyer.Since I am an Indian I am conversant with the triad of Supreme Deities in Hinduism-Vishnu who is the Preserver;Brahma who is the Creator,and Siva who is the Destroyer.The Destroyer in Rev.9 is Appolyon and I think he is none other than Siva.Strangely the dance of Siva is given prominence in the CERN experiments to duplicate the Big Bang.Who knows this CERN experiment may take the lid off the Pit releasing evil Asuras of Hindu mythology-ugly and ruthless demons who have been bidding their time to wreck God's creation.The next CERN experiment is to take place in the 3rd week of September.So in all probability it will result in the release of myriads of demons on to the earth's surface.So I earnestly entreat my fellow Christians to wake up from their complacent sleep and fall on our knees and pray for God's protection in the days to come" (Kurien George, India, 27 August 2015)

    My reply:

    Had this been the Final Judgment I would agree with you 100% - I do believe we will have a FORETASTE of these things as numerous portals around the world open and such creatures enter our dimension. However, I do not believe they will necessarily remain in this dimension - that will be up to Yahweh to determine what and how much will be allowed and what will not.

    I believe Hinduism is the oldest pagan religion and that it has not substantially changed from before the Flood. I grew up in multi-ethnic and multi-religious Malaysia. We had many Hindu- and Sikh-Indian friends, attended their festivals, etc.. Many of these memories are still vivid. including men walking barefoot and uninjured ón red-hot coals in altered states of consciousness. And you're right about CERN - they are invoking Hindu deities whilst opening portals using their Hardron Collider.

    I am afraid you are better prepared than most Westerners who know little beyond the cultural aspects of world religions. But then it is the West that is the primary recipient of judgment at this time. I too sense the restlessness - I have been feeling it for weeks. A few days ago I was looking at these demonic entities in vision and they were definitely preparing to materialise or appear in some way when certain doors are opened by wicked men and women practicing occult and satanic arts.

    Years ago I shared a house with some people - disciples of George King of the occultic Aetherius Society - involved in the much trumpeted Harmonic Convergence event of 16 August 1987 in Sedona, Arizona, which, mercifully for the world, failed to achieve much of anything because they were, globally-speaking, too few in number. But today is another story. Fools are today electing politicians and leaders who are covert satanists and swallowing their lies and promises, people anxious to open demonic doors even wider to empower themselves even more.

    The good news is that this worldwide satanic mafia is going to suffer a defeat because this is not their time - the 3½ years prophecied when they will run rampant throughout the earth is, mercifully, not now. However, it will be bad enough for those who are not under the blood covering of Yah'shua (Jesus), including those who think they are, propositionally and intellectually so, but who have not admitted Him into their hearts or effected a proper surrender of their will.

    We will see whether the Rapture Scam survives the big disappointment its adherents are about to experience - I suspect most will abandon it, believing as they do that this is to be the time of the beginning of the Great Tribulation, Final Judgment and Second Coming. Some will re-embrace the doctrine when they realise this is not that time but the result will be the same for the next generation anyway. Hopefully, though, evangelicals in particular will have grown out of that babyish, self-entitlement doctrine and mindset, and realise that tribulation is mandated by Messiah on ALL and that those who are protected are those who are fully-surrendered, free of Judaism, and Torah-obedient.

    #43 - 28 August 2015

      "On that day the remnant of Israel and the survivors of the house of Jacob will no more lean on the one who struck them, but will lean on Yahweh, the Qadosh (Holy,. Set-Apart) One of Israel, in truth. A remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob to the Mighty Elohim (God). For though your people Israel were like the sand of the sea, only a remnant of them will return. Destruction is decreed, overflowing with righteousness. For Yahweh-Elohim of hosts will make a full end, as decreed, in all the earth" (Isaiah10:20-23, NRSV).

    This particular prophecy portended the Assyrian destruction of the northern 10-tribed Kingdom of Israel. The apostle Paul quotes a portion of this prophecy and applies it to his time too (Rom.9:27-28), reminding his readers that had Yahweh NOT left a remnant of survivors, the whole world - and believers in particular - would have fared like Sodom and Gomorah (v.29).

    Those cities of the plains are prophetic markers of this repeating cycle of prophecy which is being applied even now. And it is being re-applied to Israel in exile in the north countries, and to its modern league of Great Britain (Ephraim, the economic centre), the USA (West Manasseh, the military centre) and to the other tribes, all of whom have embraced the sin of those former cities long ago reduced to ashes.

    I have seen, in this coming judgment, a vision of the centre of London reduced to a parched wasteland, whether literal (as of a nuclear attack) or symbolic (indicating the breaking of the financial power of the City of London), or both, I cannot say. I have seen other visions of the splitting of the United Kingdom.

    I have seen visions of the USA, of New York burning, and destruction elsewhere - whether literal, symbolic or both, I cannot say. And I have seen these over the course of many years.

    So let us be under no illusion as to the apocalyptic nature of the imminent judgment - not THE final apocalypse but AN apocalypse.

    There are only two days of this 40-day Sinai count left. I hope your prepping is complete. Black Monday (24 August) was probably the last warning before THE financial collapse. I'd be converting the last of your surplus fiat money into something useful and enduring like food and precious metals before it is rendered worthless.

    I will see you in the last sabbath of this 40-day cycle tomorrow.

    #42 - 29 August 2015

    Shabbat shalom!

    There is a special message today entitled, Fatal Advice from Jaazaniah and Pelatiah

    #41 - 30 August 2015

    Today is the final day of the Sinai Count given by Yahweh to the Remnant in order to determine what His will and revelation is to each individual and family. You - and you alone - are responsible for what you have - or have not - received or done. I fear, though, that very few have taken this nearly seriously enough. You do at least have until sunrise tomorrow to be sure.

    Several times I have been warning about the sin of self-entitlement and falsely using Scripture to justify it. Sadly, there are a lot of lazy Christians and Messianics who are yet stubbornly determined to reject the injunction by the apostle James who said that faith without works is dead.

    I have one final warning which I hope you will carefully note, this time through a prophetic dream my wife had this morning. This I am adding to the MANY witnesses I have given on this subject so that no one is without excuse and so nobody's blood is on my head when Judgment punishes the wicked. This testimony, though, has an interesting twist inasmuch as it reveals that the spirit of self-entitlement is also the SPIRIT OF THEFT and is a direct violation of the EIGHTH COMMANDMENT.

    In this prophetic dream a group of about a dozen people had arrived unannounced and without invitation to our home. The financial collapse had already taken place. These people had arrived with tents, camping equipment, etc., and were starting to settle down. But they did not have food.

    It soon became obvious that they expected a share of the food we had stored for our family. One man arrived with many dogs on leashes and it was soon evident that these symbolised spiritual issues that he had not bothered to get resolved. In the dream I told the man that he had had many months to seek help in having these problems fixed but he had instead chosen to waste his time and go and have a good time.

    The people started looking around for wood to start fires and it became very plain that they wanted feeding. They came with the attitude both that it was their RIGHT to be fed by me and with assumption that it was my OBLIGATION to feed them...as a Christian. They were already deciding in their minds how they were going to help themselves to our food and chickens.

    By this time we were beginning to feel very guilty because of all the evident needs that were there. Each person had brought a small table with him- or herself at which I was supposed to sit with them individually in order to NEGOCIATE what they were to receive in terms of food. They all knew that my family would eventually starve if I agreed to their demands but that did not trouble them.

    No sooner had they set up their small tables at which they intended to force my hand by guilting me, than, suddenly, Yah'shua (Jesus) appeared and swiftly, one by one, began overturning all of the dozen or so tables, in a scene very reminiscent of the turning over of the tables of the money-changers in the Temple.

    As soon as He had done this, the people, realising that their attempt to defraud me had failed, began to leave. Like petulant children at not getting their own way, they were very angry indeed but knew they could not resist the judgment of the Saviour, having failed to manipulate, indirectly threaten and guilt me into handing over my stewardship to which they were not by any means entitled.

    After my wife had finished relating the dream, I saw immediately that these people were disobedient and unprepared disciples, like the five foolish virgins who had not prepped enough oil for their lamps, and who meant to rob Yahweh's House by demanding a share of the oil of the wise virgins who HAD prepped.

    They had fundamentally failed to understand that the Remnant are STEWARDS and not OWNERS of what they have and do not have the right to dispense what Yahweh has given them without reference to His will. These people were self-entitled thieves, lazy servants, expecting OTHERS to prepare for THEM. They had no remorse, no spirit of repentance, just anger at being found out and not getting their way.

    All preppers with a heart do, of course, as they are able, lay aside provisions for those Yahweh ACTUALLY sends to them to be helped. I myself was told to buy sleeping bags to distribute when told to do so.

    This is why we were given 40 days in order to fine-tune into Yahweh's mind and heart. It is so we can properly discern His will during the coming Black September in two days' time and during the hard times head. We cannot be steered by carnal thoughts or emotions. Unjust stewards will try to guilt Yahweh's people into doing what they refused to do for themselves, and who in turn accuse preppers of 'lacking faith', for the imagined sin of marrying works with true biblical EMUNAH (faith).

    My household will not be blackmailed by the lazy and rebellious who, I guarantee, will be sent away. I will help, as I am able, to help those whom YAHWEH wants me to help and not help some whom I have have been commanded absolutely NOT help. These He has already shown me in vision. And He has directed me to send these warnings as far and wide as I can so that each man can take responsibility for his own house as a MAN and not as a self-entitled BRAT.

    Do not allow the enemy to guilt you with the kinds of lies illustrated in this prophetic dream. He means to destroy you and your family if he can. Noah did not open the door of the Ark to the wicked which he in any case COULD NOT because YAHWEH SHUT AND SEALED IT. It is the same in this latter-day ark. Remember that.

    Obedience will lead to divine protection. Disobedience is an open door to the enemy to loot and despoil you. In the very, very short time that's left, GET PREPARED spiritually and materially. When the crunch comes it will literally be FAST and FURIOUS and you won't be able to do much more than react to new situations 'on the ground' as they happen day by day.

    Be blessed in Yah'shua (Jesus)!


    #40 - 31 August 2015

      "And you, son of man, say to the house of Israel, Thus you have said, 'Surely our transgressions and our sins are upon us, and we rot away because of them. How then can we live? Say to them, As I live, declares Yahweh-Elohim, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked man turn from his way and live, turn back, turn back from your evil ways, for why will you die, O house of Israel? And you, son of man, shall say to your people, THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL NOT DELIVER HIM WHEN HE TRANSGRESSES, AND AS FOR THE WICKEDNESS OF THE WICKED, HE SHALL NOT FALL BY IT WHEN HE TURNS FROM HIS WICKEDNESS, AND THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL NOT BE ABLE TO LIVE BY HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS WHEN HE SINS. Though I say to the righteous that he shall surely live, yet if he trusts in his righteousness and does injustice, none of his righteous deeds shall be remembered, but in his injustice that he has done he shall die. Again, though I say to the wicked, You shall surely die, yet if he turns from his sin and does what is just and right, if the wicked restores his pledge, gives back what he has taken by robbery, and walks in the statutes of life, not doing injustice, he shall surely live; he shall not die. None of the sins that he has committed shall be remembered against him. He has done what is just and right; he shall surely live" (Ezekiel 33:10-16, ESV).

    Dear friends, please understand this emet (truth) about the character of our Elohim (God) - YAHWEH PUNISHES SIN AND VINDICATES HIS HOLINESS AND JUSTICE. Yet because He is a loving Father, He feels sorrow over the punishment and the death He is compelled to impose on His creatures who wilfully and persistently rebel against Him.

    We must clearly understand the foolishness and rashness of fallen man when He presumes to judge our Elohim (God) by saying that "'the way of Yahweh is not just', when it is their own way that is not just" (Ezek.33:17, ESV).

    Much is going to happen in the weeks and months ahead that will cause unjust men to question the justice of Elohim (God). Do not be among them. For when people do wrong, they are quick to complain about Elohim (God) and to blame His servants for imagined mistreatment for speaking the truth to them. The truth cuts, and its cuts deep. But that is the only way to cut out the cancer of sin.

    As the darkness descends upon mankind, the words of the prophets will become more cutting and more unpopular. These words will provoke irritation, then anger, then rage and finally murder. The response of Heaven to them is certain, a foregone conclusion:

      "When the righteous turns from his righteousness and does injustice, he shall die for it. And when the wicked turns from his wickedness and does what is just and right, he shall live by this. Yet you say, 'The way of Yahweh is not just'. O house of Israel, I will judge each of you according to his ways" (Ezek.33:18-20, ESV).

    There are presidents and prime ministers claiming to be 'Christians' and to be 'just' but their works testify against them. Their words are boastful and arrogant. They WILL perish if they do not turn from their wicked ways and repent. The earth will swallow them up.

    Yahweh has consumed the wicked and turned them to dust, they who would kill the righteous. They have been blown away in the wind, never to be seen again. Their memory is no more, their lives futile.

    For the righteous at this time, there is a B'RIT SHALOM or COVENANT OF PEACE and the wild beasts who afflict them shall be banished (Ezek.34:25a, ESV). Our Master is the SAR SHALOM, the Prince of Peace, Those who follow Him truly, without guile or deceit, shall know and retain Shalom (Peace), even in the midst of the whirling tempest.

    After the fierce Judgment, brethren, there will be Restoration. Though the enemy in his pride has declared, "the ancient heights have become our possession" (Ezek.36:2, ESV), it will NOT be so. The Remnant shall possess the heights and become the mountains of Israel. Because the enemies of the Remnant sought the Remnant's extinction, these enemies shall themselves be made desolate and shall be crushed from all sides, and what they stole shall be repossessed (v.3a). Though the enemies of the Remnant will become "the talk and evil gossip of the people" (v.3b, ESV), their evil talk shall become their own judgment. For thus says Yahweh-Elohim:

      "Behold, I have spoken in My jealous wrath, because you (the Remnant) have suffered the reproach of the nations...I swear that the nations that are all around you shall themselves suffer reproach. But you, O mountains of Israel, shall shoot forth your branches and yield your fruit to My people Israel, for they will soon come home" (Ezek.36:6-8, ESV).

    Understand this midrash, O nation of Messianic Israel, and be uplifted. Know that Yahweh your Elohim (God) is with you you, choose, and remain in, the righteous way. Do not be boastful, save in your Elohim (God) and in His Messiah, and you shall be vindicated.

    #39 - 1 September 2015

    There is, A.W.Tozer, insisted, a great difference between a navi (prophet) and a Torah-teacher (scribe). The difference is between one who has read and one who has seen.

    There comes, in the life of every genuine seeker, a point at which reading is not sufficient and there is a burning need to meet with the Living Elohim (God) face-to-face. More than that, Scripture actually COMMANDS us to "seek His face ALWAYS" (1 Chron.16:11; Ps.105:4; 1 Chr.7:14; Ps.24:6; 27:8).

    The Body of Messiah is full to bursting with Torah-teachers but very few nevi'im (prophets). There are plenty of false, counterfeit prophets too, those who have often seen or experienced something which they have confused with the Ruach (Spirit) when it has been psychic in content or simply their emotions. This is why many believers think that working yourself up emotionally is communing with Elohim (God). It isn't. The heart is terribly deceptive.

    Seeking Yahweh's Face is a very precise spiritual operation. In fact, it's so hard that we often have to be reduced to desperation before we can find it. Yahweh, speaking through the navi (prophet) Hosea, said:

      "For I will be like a lion to Ephraim, and a great lion to Judah, I will tear them to pieces and go away, I will carry them off, with no one to rescue them, Then I will go back to My place until they admit their guilt,, And they will SEEK MY FACE; IN THEIR MISERY THEY WILL EARNESTLY SEEK ME" (Hos.5:14-15, NIV):

    Historically, this speaks of the northern and southern tribes who were taken into captivity. Ephraim was ripped to pieces by the "lion" of Assyria, Judah by the "great lion" of Babylon. It took a greater or larger lion to rip apart a more stubborn and rebellious people.

    But Yahweh is also showing through Hosea a general principle - a broad emet (truth) - about the need at sundry times to rip stubborn and rebellious believers apart - to cause them great affliction - so that, finally, in their misery, they will TRULY seek Him in spirit and in emet (truth), and not merely in words and pretence.

    Of all those who wrote about the human condition, Tozer was probably the best. There was not an ounce of nonsense in him. He spoke the Emet (Truth) in such a way that it cut deep - redemptively for the honest but to the destruction of the false believer.

    Why do believers suffer? Why are they sometimes in the deepest misery and despair? I will not be so flippant as to claim there is a single answer to this question because there isn't. I wrestle with physical pain 24/7 as I know some of you do too. And we wonder why. And we especially wonder why our prayers - and the prayers of others - are apparently of no avail.

    Such was my question last night. Continuous, unrelenting and debilitating pain leads you to ask hard questions and to beg for urgent answers.

    I got mine this morning, and though I had suspected what the answer was before, I didn't really understand it in any great clarity until Tozer laid it out plainly for me. I will attempt to render a précis of that section of his book, The Pursuit of God, which I recommend all serious students of Scripture own and apply in their lives. For this man spoke both as a Torah-Teacher AND a Navi (Prophet).

    I draw your attention to the crucifixion and to the point of the Master's death on the cross ('torture-stake' for the more pedantic). At that moment there was a rending of the thick and heavy veil that separated the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies in the Temple at Jerusalem. At that moment the flesh of Yah'shua (Jesus) was also 'ripped' completely. When the flesh is metaphorically ripped, it dies. The death of Messiah was enacted typographically by the rending of the veil in the Temple.

    Evangelicals rightly teach that the rending of that veil represented the availability of the born-again believer's direct access to the Holy of Holies, and to the Throne of Yahweh the Father, through the Eternal Cohen Gadol or High Priest, and mediator between man and Elohim, Yah'shua (Jesus) through trusting. This is most emphatically true. We have now have direct access to the Father through Christ.

    BUT there is another, vitally important, layer of understanding that we must come to and apply before we can put the theology into practice. I have heard many a believer claim he was "in the Throne Room of God" on the basis of mere theological supposition. And Yahweh has told me that this was an untruth based on a major deception.

    The Tabernacle or Temple represents many things. We know that we must come up to the Sanctuary and enter it in divine tavnith or pattern. This we learned, applied, and received an anointing from, at the Great 2015 Dedication last spring. You cannot force your way into the Kingdom by violence in whatever form (Mt.11:12). You have to come with a right heart - "a broken heart and a contrite spirit" (Ps.51:17; cp. Isa.57:15).

    Access to the Father for mankind was achieved when Messiah's flesh was rent asunder in death - not by nails and spear but by the sins of mankind. He rent His human flesh in death.

    Since so many believe this to be true, what is it that prevents believers from entering the presence of Yahweh? It is because we are in the Holy Place, bathing in its light, being - at least until we are brought to the point of death - with ITS presence instead of with the fullness which is in the Holy of Holies.

    The more honest of those who are not in His Presence as they would like, acknowledge it is because they are SPIRITUALLY COLD. But there is, as Tozer insists, something more important than that realisation, and it is the CAUSE of our being cold. And that, he maintains, is because there is an INNER VEIL that has NOT BEEN RENT yet. That veil, he says, "is the veil of our flesh fallen nature living on, unjudged within us, uncrucified and unrepudiated."

    This I most fervently testify of because I know it to be true. That is the first step, knowing the truth AND OWNING IT. In a word, ADMITTING that it applies to you.

    Tozer went on to say:

      "It is the close-woven veil of the self-life which we have never truly acknowledged, of which we have been secretly ashamed, and which for these reasons we have never brought to the judgment of the cross. It is not too mysterious, this opaque veil, nor is it hard to identify. We have to look into our own hearts and we shall see it there, sewn and patched and repaired it may be, but there nevertheless, an enemy to our lives and an effective block to our spiritual progress."

    The threads of this inner veil over men's hearts consist of the self-life, what Tozer calls "the hyphenated sins of the human spirit." They are what we ARE rather than what we DO, which is how they are so easily able to hide themselves, concealing also their great subtlety and power. They are what prevent us from seeking Yah's Face. They stand as a thick, heavy veil between us and His presence.

    A brother recently asked me why Yahweh makes it so hard to hear Him. My answer was that we are the problem, not Him.

    So what are these self-sins?


    and many, many more. You can add to the list yourself.

    How do they manifest? In a myriad number of ways including EGOTISM, EXHIBITIONISM and SELF-PROMOTION. You will find these exhibited even by the most brilliant Torah-teachers, Evangelists and other leaders in the evangelical and messianic communities. Yes, they have great head-knowledge which they and their followers are not shy to boast of, many of them, but they do not know Messiah because they do not speak to Him face-to-face as they must. So often they promote SELF by declaring that either they - or their ministry - is indispensable to the Kingdom. You must, they say, go to THEM for enlightenment.

    Many have been my teachers but none have been indispensable. Yahweh can raise teachers and prophets from stones if He so wishes but none of them can rend that carnal, fleshy, selfish veil that separates us from Yahweh's Face. Teachers and Nevi'im (Prophets) can only point. The rending of veil is UP TO US INDIVIDUALLY.

    Tozer said that "self can live unrebuked at the very altar" of Yahweh. You can preach eloquently of salvation by grace and of obedience to the Torah but that will not rend the veil - indeed, they can so ably FEED THE SELF. Only when we are longing for Elohim (God), to know Him face-to-face, when all pretence at self-importance is DEAD, can we actually enter the Holy of Holies.

    That veil of flesh can only be ripped in spiritual encounter, never by mere instruction. You might as well try to instruct it out of your system as you might try to read a medical manual to a man on an operating table dying of a heart-attack and in need of a shunt.

    You see, ripping that veil of self is PAINFUL and NEVER EASY. It is made of living spiritual tissue - your living spiritual tissue. It consists of that stuff of which our whole being is made of and to touch it is to touch us where we feel pain. Tozer said that "to tear it away is to injure us, to hurt us and make us bleed. To say otherwise is to make the cross no cross, and death no death at all. It is never fun to die....Yet that is what the cross did to Yah'shua (Jesus) and it is what the cross would do to every man to set him free."

    Which is why, brethren and sisters, if you reject the cross you can never be free.

    Black September, my friends, is not only about our country or the world but it is also about US as INDIVIDUALS. It is Yahweh's calling to us to confess, forsake, and repudiate ONCE AND FOR ALL the self-life, and then to reckon it crucified. Because if it ISN'T, the devil is going to play with you like the cat playing with a doomed mouse, in the dangerous days ahead.

    This is your calling to make a clear distinction between LAZY ACCEPTANCE OF THE GOSPEL and the REAL WORK OF YAHWEH. If we do not insist on that work being done in us, Satan will do his own destructive work in its place. If we do not do this we become a Saul who spared the best of the sheep and the oxen after he had been ordered to slaughter them by Samuel.

    Are you desperate enough to ask Yahweh to do this work of ripping now? He never said that the cross was easy - it is rough, deadly but effective. But, as Tozer said, "it does not keep its victim hanging there forever. There comes a moment when its work is finished and the suffering victim dies. After that is the RESURRECTION GLORY AND POWER, and the pain is forgotten for joy that the veil is taken away and we have entered in actual experience the Presence of the living Elohim (God)".

    There is no more important message for this Black Sepetmber or, for that matter, for the rest of your life. Here the sheep and goats are separated in the Judgment. Your choice is between two deaths - the one that leads to life and the other that keeps you dead.

    Comments from Readers

    "How presumptuous we have been to think anything of ourselves. Over the last few weeks I have been led to recall various things I had thought, mindsets, attitudes, matters of the heart- the things we all think when we are following Him but very rarely actually admit to the others around. Such selfishness is so easy! It is so easy to put on a show of piety, to look like the spiritual person, the righteous woman, the wise man, but to be completely corrupt in heart and fallen in nature! In the end it is all a vapour. There is nothing to us except wicked selfishness until we die to our self and find ourselves hidden in Him. I have realised that I was not who I thought I was and the best thing I will ever be is broken, and that is good smile emoticon" (SP, Ireland, 1 September 2015).

    #38 - 2 September 2015

    Yesterday evening, while sitting sipping some tea before retiring to bed, Yahweh opened up a vision to me. I saw an army of men but they appeared to have no visible weapons. They were lined up in ranks, with winter clothing on them. I was reminded of the dress of prisoners in the former Soviet gulags. Their heads were all bowed, as though defeated and helpless, their vigour and will-power gone. I felt great pity seeing their unhappy condition. Curiously, they all were of about the same stature, height and age. They had no visible rank. All were dressed plainly.

    Not until about two hours later, after I had gone to bed and was forced to get up again because of considerable pain, did I realise who these men were, at which time I wrote this message.

    This was, and is, an army of the servants of Yahweh, called together to wage war in our day. But they were all tired, worn down, exhausted from years of combat without rest. They had been summonsed together for a common cause but had no strength left in them. They came together as one Body of witnesses. They all faced one direction, but they had no energy left within them but to stand still and pray silently. They were downcast because of their condition and had no recourse but to wait on the Most High.

      "Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your tiqveh (hope) in Elohim (God), for I will yet praise Him" (Ps.42:5,11; 43:5, NIV).

    Yahweh is bringing His ministers to the end of themselves so that the little strength they have left might be used to cast all their cares on Him. They must be broken-hearted and contrite in spirit. They cannot enter this battle that they are called to engage in until they are fully yielded and dependent on Him who gives them life.

    It takes every last fibre of being to stand when you are ready to sink to the ground. It takes a shared purpose and a common vision to hold your ground even when you feel you have no power to do anything more. But fortitude they must have. They come not with boastings of position or rank for they know that the grace in which they must abide cannot be earned. They know they are nothing without the Master and make no pretence to be otherwise. They know their humble station. There is no self-glory, no bravado amongst them. They are men of soft clay waiting to be recast as vessels the way Yahweh wants. They do not complain.

    I write this with barely any strength in me but these words I must write and I know they are true. The message from Yahweh to my fellow brethren is this:

      "'My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness'" (2 Cor.12:9a, NIV).

    To which they reply in one accord, as a single man:

      "Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Messiah's power may rest on me. That is why, for Messiah's sake, I delight in weaknesses (infirmities), in insults (reproach), in hardships (afflictions), in persecutions, in difficulties (distresses). For when I am weak, then I am strong" (vv.9b-10, NIV).

    To be in this end-time army you must be broken, held up only by the almighty hand of the Father. You must be of a common character-type where self-reliance and self-confidence have no part of your spiritual make-up. You cannot be used if you have any trace of these in you - the Enemy will bring you down if you do.

    So don't be alarmed if your condition appears hopeless. It is only when all your tiqveh (hope) is in HIM that you have any real tiqveh (hope) at all! This is how the servants of Yah are made and how they must remain to be useful. The Kingdom cannot be led in any other way. No patriarch, no apostle, no evangelist, no prophet, no instructor/teacher, no pastor, no elder can stand and operate in his calling in these dark times in any posture other than this.

    This, too, was the nature and background of the EMUNAH (FAITH) of the ancient servants, of whom it is written:

      "And what more shall I say? I do not have time to tell about Gideon, Barak, Samson and Jephthah, about David and Samuel and the prophets, who through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and gained what was promised; who shut the mouths of lions, quenched the fury of the flames, and escaped the edge of the sword; whose weakness was turned to strength; and who became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies. Women received back their dead, raised to life again. There were others who were tortured, refusing to be released so that they might gain an even better resurrection. Some faced jeers and flogging, and even chains and imprisonment. They were put to death by stoning;[a] they were sawed in two; they were killed by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated — the world was not worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, living in caves and in holes in the ground" (Heb.11:32-38, NIV).

    You men out there, who claim to be servants of the Most High, are you walking as these men of old did? Or are you consumed by a lust for wealth and fame? The goats have no part of this army. You must repent of your carnality or be otherwise swept away as worse than dross.

    To the rest I say - be of good cheer, your patient fortitude, your unwavering courage and your determination to do what is right, no matter the cost, even to the point of death, will be rewarded. You will serve, and with the honour reserved for those who own none for themselves, but only for Him.

      "Praise Yahweh, all His works everywhere in His domain. Praise Yahweh, O my soul" (Ps.103:22, NIV).

    Comments from Readers

    [1] "Thank you this message was much needed" (CB, South Africa, 2 September 2015)
    [2] "Very timely word of encouragement...Thank you" (SG, South Africa, 2 September 2015)

    #37 - 3 September 2015

      "Then Peter began to speak to them: “I truly understand that Elohim (God) shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him. You know the message he sent to the people of Israel, preaching shalom (peace) by Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) — He is Master of all. That message spread throughout Judea, beginning in Galilee after the baptism that John announced: how Elohim (God) anointed Yah'shua (Jesus) of Nazareth with the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and with power; how He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for Elohim (God) was with him. We are witnesses to all that he did both in Judea and in Jerusalem. They put him to death by hanging Him on a tree; but Elohim (God) raised Him on the third day and allowed Him to appear, not to all the people but to us who were chosen by Elohim (God) as witnesses, and who ate and drank with him after he rose from the dead. He commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that He is the One ordained by Elohim (God) as judge of the living and the dead. All the nevi'im (prophets) testify about Him that everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through His Name" (Acts 10:34-43, NRSV)

    The present and arising crisis is not just for the survival of the Elect, and its purification, but also for EVANGELISM. When people no longer have material crutches to rest on they begin to start turning toward spiritual solutions. Have you given though to the message you will be preaching and sharing?

    Yahweh led me the other day to today's passage which is a pretty good digest of the Gospel message so I thought I would quickly run through it with you. Here are the main points as I see them:

      1. YAHWEH HAS NO FAVOURITES, He does not prefer whites, blacks, Jews or any other racial or national group over all the others. When we look at a person he or she is simply a HUMAN BEING irrespective of the religious, political, social, sexual, racial or philosophical badge. We are to be blind to all of these things in our witnessing. The message is for EVERYONE and ALL groups of people are of equal priority. There are no 'teacher's pets' out there (vv.34-35);

      2. Whom does Yahweh accept? Simply those who FEAR HIM and DO WHAT IS RIGHT (v.35). It doesn't matter where they are in their life walk so long as they are HONESTLY SEEKING to PLEASE ELOHIM (GOD) and DO WHAT IS RIGHT. We are all born with a basic moral compass called our CONSCIENCE, otherwise referred to as the LIGHT OF MESSIAH (Jn.1:7-9), which we can either listen to or ignore and in consequence defile (1 Cor.8:7). There is a MORAL LAW or TORAH that every human being understands, especially when it comes to (a) acknowledging that Elohim (God) exists (because the evidence is plain), and (b) treating our fellow human being with kindness and decency. This is the first measuring stick that Yahweh commands us to use. Remember, Peter's audience was a GENTILE HOUSEHOLD, that of Captain Cornelius, a Roman. Most of the people we meet will have a non-Torah background (v.35);

      3. Peter reiterates the simple message preached to the Judahites, the remnant of the people of Israel in the Promised Land, namely the BESORAH or GOSPEL or GOOD NEWS of SHALOM (PEACE) through YAH'SHUA THE MESSIAH (JESUS CHRIST). The word 'shalom' does not mean 'peace' in the sense that we use it in secular society but means WELL-BEING OF THE SOUL. The Messiah brings a settling, a harmony and a rest from inner struggle. And though the physical is embraced by this, including wellness, the primary meaning is having peace of mind and of heart. The quest for meaning and purpose is resolved. The end of inner civil war becomes a reality. And with this witness comes the critical message that YAH'SHUA (JESUS) IS THE MASTER OR LORD OVER EVERYTHING. He, and He alone, is the One PERSON all humanity must go to for these things. You cannot find them anywhere else. The Good News is about a Person, not a religion or an organisation - religious observation (like kosher, observing the sabbaths and festivals, etc.) comes LATER (v.36);

      4. Then there is the HISTORICAL WITNESS of what Yah'shua (Jesus) did. The Besorah (Gospel) is firmly rooted in HISTORICAL EVENTS. It is not some myth conjured up in the fertile imagination of a story-teller of fiction. There were plenty of WITNESSES who were ALIVE when Peter preached this message. He was one of those witnesses. These historical events are a concrete part of our witness, beginning with the anointing of Yah'shua (Jesus) with the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) with real POWER that resulted in PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALING including the casting out of demons. The CESSATIONIST doctrine of Anglicans, Lutherans, Baptists and others, which says all the dramatic spiritual gifts like prophecy, tongues, moracles, etc., were removed after the apostles died, and which is very popular in a large segment of Christendom, is FALSE. The gifts of the Ruach (Spirit) are for ALL ages because they are a part of the WITNESS of Yahweh's POWER (vv.37-38);

      5. Like Yah'shua (Jesus), we are to DO GOOD (v.38), which includes healing. Our witness must have a concrete impact not just on the spiritual but on the physical too, establishing that Yah'shua (Jesus) is truly Master over All domains, spiritual and physical, proving that Elohim (God) the Father was, and is, with Him (v.38);

      6. The central witness of the Besorah (Gospel) was, and is, the PHYSICAL RESURRECTION OF THE MESSIAH who was SEEN again after His death by CHOSEN WITNESSES who numbered in their thousands. He is, in this respect, inlike ALL other religious leaders who died and never came back to life again, and the few that did, like 'Mithra' and Nimrod, have NO WITNESSES and NO SAVING POWER, though they may indeed connect to demonic spiritual power that wastes the soul (vv.39-41);

      7. We are commanded to TESTIFY that the Resurrected Messiah has been appointed by Yahweh as the JUDGE over both the LIVING and the DEAD. This means that EVERYBODY is accountable to Him and to no other pretended deity, including those who try to circumscribe Him by going, as they suppose, directly to the Father whilst in denial of the Messiah (v.42);

      8. We are to show, through the NEVI'IM (PROPHETS) in the Tanakh (Old Testament) that this Messiah was foretold in detail and with accuracy (v.43a);

      9. The crux of the Good News is that all those who have EMUNAH in the NAME (Character, Reality, Person, Substance, Life, Power, Divinity, etc.) of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) receive a FORGIVENESS OF SINS. EMUNAH is NOT passive faith that simply believes (which demons have because they KNOW the emet/truth about Messiah) - it is an ACTIVE TRUSTING, 24/7, that LEADS to freely and joyfully given GOOD WORKS that include VOLUNTARY OBEDIENCE TO TORAH, which is the TEACHING (DOCTRINE) and MITZVOT (COMMANDMENTS) of Yahweh (v.43b).

    This was the central message of the apostle Peter. As a result of his audience believing/trusting with genuine Emunah, there was EVIDENCE of an inner transformation in the expression of one of the gifts in that polyglot environment (remember this was a Roman household that would have spoken Latin, Greek, Hebrew and perhaps other languages that we find listed in Acts 2:8-11):

      "While Peter was still speaking, the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) fell upon all who heard the davar (word). The circumcised believers who had come with Peter were astounded that the gift of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) had been poured out even on the Gentiles, for they heard them [supernaturally] speaking in foreign languages ('tongues') and extolling Elohim (God)" (vv.44-45, NRSV).

      10. The result of this true Emunah (Trusting leading to Obedience) was that the listeners began SPONTANEOUSLY PRAISING ELOHIM (GOD) THE FATHER, YAHWEH. This is what I experienced when I was born-again on 30 March 1977 and I fell to my knees and was filled with such amazement and joy. Because there were those present who spoke different languages, Yahweh also caused them to praise Him in languages which were not their own, that they themselves could not speak to others present who DID speak them, so that they would have their faith strengthened even more. For a full understanding of what tongues are and what they are for (to convert unbelievers), see our important webpage on TONGUES. Therefore we are to witness of these things too. And whilst the gift of tongues is NOT for everyone but just for SOME in CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES (such as this polyglot gentile gathering) , it can - and is - important in evangelism where interpreters are needed but who are unavailable, or because Yahweh wishes to demonstrate His power to the unconverted.

    This then is our primary witness in these dark days to come, making sure we ESTABLISH PRIORITIES, not putting Torah before Messiah or exaggerating the importance of some of the gifts and making them primary or universal when they are not. This is the simple witness we are to give as messianic evangelicals. Discipling comes afterwards.

    Go to it!

    #36 - 4 September 2015

    The other day I bought a new bookcase to accommodate my ever swelling library and decided to sort out all my psychology, psychiatry and philosophy books and install them there to make space on my other bookcases for all the new books coming in. I recalled the days when I dug into Freud, Bauer, Jung, Janov and others trying to make sense of human behaviour and the human psyche in general. And later, when I became a believer, I even tried to understand psychology from a Biblical perspective with the help of mentors like Oswald Chambers.

    Since 1978, when I bought the complete works of Freud and started on my journey, I have had to radically alter my understanding of the human psyche. From the time Yahweh showed me in vision a few years ago that the psyche was as large as the universe in its scale and complexity, to a recent set of visions when He showed me a man's thinking processes in a rapidly moving series of symbolic images, I have come to the following conclusion: Trying to understand the length and breath and depth of the human soul is a bit like asking a caveman to analyse a modern, sophisticated, computer-controlled jet fighter plane. It is impossible.

    And if human beings are THAT complicated, can you begin to even conceive how vast and complex our ELOHIM (GOD) is?!

    I love, and am fascinated, by psychology. I have striven to understand human nature from the day as a teenager I started a journal recording my dreams and tried dissecting and analysing them. Friends, it's all too big, and you'll NEVER get to the bottom of it.

    The same is true of the works of the devil. He, like Yahweh, is a supernatural being, albeit orders of magnitude inferior to Yahweh. Yet he still 'knows' a lot more than we do.

    Now there is undoubtedly an advantage, if you have the time, to figure out what is going on in this universe, but eventually if you pursue this, as I have as a scientist as well as a theologian and minister, you will be forced to stop and to consider this important question:


    I have narrowed these priorities down to five:






    You may wonder why I am sharing this at such a time as this and the reason is simple: I want to be prepared not only for the coming crisis BUT AT ALL TIMES. I see no better way of doing this than by establishing prioreties and knowing the difference between what I CAN accomplish and what I would LIKE to accomplish.

    I keep myself pretty busy, in sickness and in health, and find that nourishing for my soul. Idleness (as opposed to mandatory sabbath and night-time rest) is a curse that eventually sends your soul to sleep and curtails your awareness of what is going on around you. So I am all in favour of the Protestant work ethic. And though I am an Arian and not a Calvinist (for reasons I'll not go into here), I am nonetheless a great admirer of the Scottish reformer, John Knox, and his attitude toward work.

    Psychology is a dead-end. It is a kind of "do-it-yourself salvation" and it is an abysmal failure. It's focus is the self, and self is dead. We, rather, are called to yield self and live for, and in, and by Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus). I am diametrically opposite to the bankrupt, social and moral failure that is the narcissistic self-worship of today's anti-Elohim (God) society. And the New Age movement, and indeed ALL occultism, is just an extension of this love of self, which is Luciferianism.

    There is a better way to which we have all been called. The world is going financially bankrupt and that is only happening because the human soul has become spiritually bankrupt. The solition is not politics or economics but repentance. For if the bulk of humanity does not repent, and embrace the Saviour, it will most surely perish.

    #35 - 5 September 2015

    Shabbat shalom! Today we have a special message entitled, Baruch's Warning: Black September Message 1

    #34 - 6 September 2015

    Ben Witherington notes that "the churches in the West have become a group of nurture organisations that have an occasional missionary committee or a sponsored missionary rather than being essentially a missionary organisation that also does nurture, which was much of the character of the early church...It is, of course, easier to cling to Yah'shua (Jesus) than to heed the demand to go and tell others, but this is what we are called upon to do" (John's Wisdom: A Commentary on the Fourth Gospel (Lutterworth Press, Cambridge: 1995, p.335).

    To be evangelical is to be the evangelist in outlook as well as to subscribe to the core teachings of Evangelical Christianity. To be messianic is to be Messiah- and Torah-centred. We are Torah-obedient evangelicals. That is why we are called 'Messianic Evangelicals'.

    We are Yahweh's witnesses and what we witness of is rather special.

      "Judge therefore which things are precious and desirable, those that are abundant or those that are rare?" (2 Esdras 7:57, NRSV) is a question purportedly asked of Ezra by Yahweh, to which Ezra replies. Yahweh continues:

    "Consider within yourself what you have thought, for the person who has what is hard to get rejoices more than the person who has what is plentiful. SO ALSO WILL BE THE JUDGMENT THAT I HAVE PROMISED; for I will rejoice over the few who shall be saved, because it is they who have made My glory to prevail now, and through them My Name has now been honoured" (2 Esdr.7:59-60, NRSV).

    There is a positive side to the imminent Judgment that I must briefly touch on today, remembering for a moment the Remnant who are to pass through judgment also. And I must emphasise, once again - because there are yet those who are misreading these daily words - that what is imminent is NOT the Final Judgment, let alone the Great Tribulation of the final apocalypse or the Second Coming. Apocalyptic in content and nature though the current and developing tribulation is and will be, it is NOT leading directly to the Second Coming as so many are erroneously supposing because of the many who are presumptuously insisting that it is. IT IS NOT. What is here and is coming is a DRESS REHEARSAL of that final time that will end the current world order permanently.

    It is not an easy matter to be of the Remnant. It is VERY HARD which is why it is CALLED a "remnant", a 'surving trace' or 'vestige' of what once was that multitudinous mixed company that we call 'Christendom'. The 'remnant' is therefore that part of a nation or a spiritual community that survives a divine catastrophe - it is actually a DIVINELY PREPARED SPIRITUAL NUCLEUS FOR THE FUTURE REBUILDING OF THE MESSIANIC COMMUNITY and always functions within the theological framework of judgment and salvation. The Remnant, therefore, is a miniscule left-over of the original pure body of believers after the latter have apostacised - the Remnant is faithful in all things. The first Remnant in Scripture was the family aboard the Ark of Noah, the survivors of the Great Flood that wiped out the human-demon hybrids or chimeras (nephilim) that all but totally corrupted the human genetic line along with the morality and spirituality that was once abundant in the earth before the invasion of the Watchers.

    Lot and his two daughters were also a remnant, albeit a corrupted one. And as we see in the First Exodus, ONLY THE COVENANT FIDELITY OF THIS REMNANT ENSURES THE FACT OF YAHWEH'S GRACIOUS SALVATION OF A FAITHFUL GROUP.

    Amos declared that only a tiny, insignificant remnant would survive the Assyrian crisis (Amos 3:12; 5:3) but YAHWEH'S GRACE WILL REJUVENATE THE FAITHFUL "REMNANT OF JOSEPH" (5:15; 9:11-15). This is happening again - now - in our time. This is the Day of Joseph.

    Isaiah denotes the Remnant as a "qadosh (holy, set-apart) seed" (Is.6:13) which will survive divine judgment (4:2-4), embrace the election promises, and become the centre of a new faithful community, rebuilt by Yahweh (10:20-23; 28:5ff). One of the important purposes of the coming Judgment is to SEPARATE OUT SUCH A TRIED AND TESTED COMMUNITY OF OVERCOMERS AGAIN. So important is this concept of a divine Remnant that Yahweh commanded Isaiah to name his firstborn son, SHEAR-JASHUB, which means 'a remnant shall return' (Is.7:3). Therefore another name of the Remnant is THE FIRSTBORN OF ELOHIM (GOD) being named the CHAVURAT BEKOROT or "community (church) of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to Elohim (God), then Judge of all men, to the spirits of the righteous men made perfect, to Yah'shua (Jesus) the mediator of a b'rit chadashah (new covenant), and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better davar (word) than the blood of Abel" (Heb.12:23-24, NIV).

    A characteristic of this regathered and forgiven Remnant in every prophetic cycle of judgment (Mic.2:12; 7:18) is that it is endued with NEW LIFE, STRENGTH (Mic.5:7-8), HUMILITY and PURITY (Zeph.3:12-13). In them the pre-existing covenant is renewed (Jer.23:1-8; 31:31-34) because they have received a RENEWED HEART (Ezek.11:16-21; 36:26). The Remnant is, from the point-of-view of the enemies of the Besorah (Gospel), insignificant and poor (Jer.8:3; 21:8-10), yet the reality is otherwise.

    In every Judgment of Yahweh "only a remnant will be saved" (Rom.9:27). The history of Yahweh's people is one of remnants of remnants of remnants which is why, when Messiah finally returns, there will be so few who remain true.

    We need, therefore, to be reconciled to judgment:

      "When the Most High made the world and Adam and all who have come from him, He FIRST PREPARED THE JUDGMENT AND THE THINGS THAT PERTAIN TO THE JUDGMENT" (2 Esdr.7:70, NRSV)

    Yahweh is the Gardener and He prunes His vineyard, also uprooting that which is spiritually dead. His Garden is one of life, not death. Thus those who obtain the Torah (Teaching, Law) and the mitzvot (commandments) but do not keep them, dealing unfaithfully with what they received, MUST be uprooted (v.72).

      "What, then, will they have to say in the judgment, or how will they answer in the last times? How long the Most High has been patient with those who inhabit the world! - and not for their sake, but BECAUSE OF THE TIMES THAT HE HAS FOREORDAINED" (2 Esdr.7:73-74, NRSV).

    None of us are the casual victims of our circumstances when it comes to judgment and salvation. We are all what we are because of the choices we have made. None will have any recourse to complain that he has been dealt with unfairly or unjustly. So consider your ways, make teshuvah (repent), and do so urgently and without delay, before the curtain comes down when no man may escape the righteous judgment of the Most High.


    #33 - 7 September 2015

    This is a hard message to give precisely because no rebel wants to believe they are a rebel and certainly few rebels believe they aren't going to get away with their rebellion when to all intents and purposes Yahweh SEEMS to be turning a blind eye to their sins. This is absolutely NOT the time, however, to continue thinking like that. Those who are not under spiritual cover, believing they do not need it whilst the storm is held at bay, are soon to be dismayed when all hell breaks loose and they are UNCOVERED and UNPREPARED.

    Needless to say, Courtyard qodeshim/saints believe they are Sanctuary qodeshim/saints. We are expert at deceiving ourselves, thinking more highly of ourselves than we should, investing hope in the absurd, having faith in that which cannot bear us up when we most need it.

    Good times, as a rule, tend to be far longer than crisis times...until the crisis times come along and then sometimes never seemingly goes away. Then we forget what the good times were actually like. We adapt into the permanent crisis until it becomes 'normal' for us.

    I realise there aren't many who have paid much attention to these countdowns or days of urgent preparation, who are counting on Yahweh - or other believers - to do for them what they refused to do for themselves. These people need to understand - and I am sorry if I keep repeating this, but it HAS to be said - that it is FOLLY IN THE EXTREME to expect others to do for you what you refused to do for yourself. Charity does not extent into judgment times precisely because they ARE judgments. Charity cannot prevent judgment in the form of deprivation when we had a genuine choice - otherwise the five foolish virgins would have been admitted to the wedding and Judah would never have been exiled to Babylon or Israel to Assyria. The most merciful thing that you and I could possibly do at this time is to WARN, WARN and WARN AGAIN such people.

    The last two days I have been having prophetic dreams and seeing open visions about what's happening and what's going to happen. A lot of people aren't going to turn up in the Sanctuary because they prefer the lifestyle of the courtyard...without actually USING the courtyard for the reason it was created. You don't just 'turn up' anyway - you're expected to spiritally lie down on the altar of sacrifice and THEN, when you have FULLY SURRENDERED, you're supposed to go to the brazen laver and get washed by the Davar (Word) until you are clean. THEN you enter the Sanctuary! That is what a true cohen (priest) does.

    So this message is not for those using the Coutyard to get to the Sanctuary but for those who have entered the Courtyard UNDER FALSE PRETENCES who have NO INTENION of overcoming the flesh or fully surrendering their lives to Yah'shua (Jesus) in order to enter the Sanctuary FOR REAL. They have come to receive but to give nothing in return, while those in the Sanctuary (on the Ark) rest after the struggle of Black September, those in the Courtyard will be fighting for their lives.

    Two night ago I saw a funeral. The wife of a carnal man, whom he had relied to fulfil his self-entitlement, had died. His wailing at her death was enough to turn your blood to ice because it was not sorrow for sin - it was not repentance - but was the sudden realision that he could not longer spiritually ride her like a pack mule and was now standing alone before the Great Judge of mankind based on his OWN merits alone. It was a terrible moment.

    This morning I saw a vision of the Courtyard from the vantage point of the Sanctuary. There was this bare piece of furniture, like a combination of a TV table and a book or DVD case. It is one of the altars before which most worship these days. But it was empty. What had been their god - their substitute for Yahweh with which they anaesthetised their consciences by immersing themselves in filth or the trivial - was taken away.

    The stripping away of idols from an unrepentant idolater is to leave him naked so that he has to face himself, the truth of his situation. This is the cause of much terror in those who KNOW they have REFUSED Yah's gift and can no longer receive it. That was the condition of the Judahites in exile in Babylon. Though they mourned and wailed, they could not change their situation. Judgment had been passed and the Davar Elohim (Word of God) could NOT be made void. They had a 70-year wait. Pleas and protestation were of no avail. They had crossed that last line that cannot be recrossed back again until justice has had its full payment. Grace had been available up until then, for CENTURIES, but it had been deliberately and willfully spurned. When Yahweh's grace - His undeserved loving kindness, His unmerited favour - is rejected, then full payment must be made until the Cosmic Yovel or Jubilee brings the judgment to an end.

    As I stood looking at this empty idol's stand from the vantage point of the Sanctuary, I heard Yahweh speak a single word to me: "CHANAK". This is a Hebrew word that means 'DEDICATED' or 'TRAINED UP'. It was a reminder that discipleship is the intense TRAINING OF ONE WHO IS DEDICATED OR SET-APART TO SERVICE, and not his own will or desires. That is what Priesthood is and it is bequeathed only after much preparation - first PHYSICALLY as a STEWARD OF PROPERTY and MANAGER OF TIME AND TEMPORALITIES (the office of the Deacon and Deaconess), and second, SPIRITUALLY, as a WITNESS and MINISTER OF THE DAVAR-ELOHIM (WORD OF GOD) (the office of Elder and Eldress).

    A while later, after hearing Yahweh speak this one word, I was reminded as I was meditating on this revelation that Enoch - whose name in Hebrew is CHANOCH - means 'DEDICATED'. Those who are dedicated to Yahweh abide in the Sanctuary and belong to the ORDER OF ENOCH which is the ORDER OF ELDERS (or its female equivalent, the ORDER OF MIRYAM) in this NEW COVENANT after the SUKKOT ANOINTING.

    Those who are PROPERLY ministering as COHENIM (PRIESTS) in the Courtyard are after the ORDER OF ZADOK (and its female equivalent, the ORDER OF MARTHA) which corresponds to the Deacons and Deaconesses, respectively. Together these constitute the NEW COVENANT MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD.

    Ordinarily there would be ministers in the Courtyard BUT THEY ARE WITHDRAWN TO THE SANCTAURY IN TIMES OF JUDGMENT because THE SANCTUARY IS GIVEN OVER TO THE GENTILES for a season so that LUKEWARM AND REBELLIOUS BELIEVERS MAY BE JUDGED and the COURTYARD CLEANSED of the children of Eli. When the time of Judgment is over, the Gentiles are expelled and the Zadokian Order resumes its ministry.

    I do not know the length of this Judgment but my estimation is that it will be at least a year, if not longer.

    Having meditated on Enoch for a while, I was told to open the First Book of Maccabees, and to the fourth chapter, that speaks of the rededication of the Temple following the defilement of the Greeks. It was from this event that the the spurious festival of 'Hanukkah' or the 'Feast of Dedication' was devised as a means by which the ruling Pharisee sect might maintain an ungodly hold of power over the people - you can read all about this on our Hanukkah website. This is the text I was led to:

      "Early in the morning on the 25th day of the 9th month...they arose and offered sacrifice, as the Torah (Law) directs, on the new ALTAR of burnt offering (in the Courtyard) that they had built. At the very season and on the very day that the Gentiles had profaned it, it was DEDICATED with songs and harps and lutes and cymbals. All the people fell on their faces and worshipped and blessed Heaven, who had prospered them" (1 Macc.4:52-55, NRSV).

    They then proceeded to celebrate a LATE SUKKOT. By the mere command of man, this was then ADDED to Israel's Festivals after the Feast of Sukkot (Tabernacles) and made into ANOTHER (AND UNLAWFUL) FESTIVAL at around the same time the Romans were celebrating Brumalia which apostate believers mutated into 'Christmas'. And the Hasmoneans who instituted it, as we now know, were corrupt, violent, and blood-letting rulers even with their own.

    However, that is not the point. Yahweh wanted me to understand that THIS YEAR OF JUDGMENT has certain RESEMBLANCES to this historical event (before it was mutated into a myth with a false miracle or oil renewal). I was then told to go to the 5th chapter:

      "When the Gentiles all around heard that the altar had been rebuilt and the Sanctuary dedicated as it was before, they became very angry, and they determined to destroy the descendants of Jacob who lived among them. So they began to kill and destroy among the people - BUT JUDAS (Judah Maccabee) MADE WAR ON THE DESCENDANTS OF ESAU IN IDUMEA, AT AKRABATNE, because they kept lying in wait for Israel. He dealt them a heavy blow and humbled them and despoiled them" (1 Macc.5:1-3. NRSV).

    The Re-dedication of the Sanctuary was a righteous act but the reliance on brute force was a DEFILED COURTYARD METHOD OF SURVIVAL, at least as far as New Covenant values are concerned. The Hasmoneans DID drive the heathen out but only after much bloodshed, and as I said, their Kingdom AFTER liberation was ALSO soaked in blood. It was not a very spiritual time and indeed it was to be subsequently followed by ROMAN OCCUPATION. They had become 'Jacob' the deceiver again and ceased to be the true spiritual Israel.

    I give this abridged history lesson ONLY to reveal the DIVINE TAVNITH (PATTERN) that is about to repeat itself. Those who refuse to come up to the Sanctuary and rely on DIVINE, SUPERNATURAL PROTECTION are going to have to depend on the precarious ARM OF FLESH (weapons and guile) to defend themselves. Such a time is very close.

    The 25th day of the 9th month corresponds, in the Creation Calendar, to 6 December this year (2015). The Enochian Order dedicated the Sanctuary in the Spring of this year but at this time the uncleansed Courtyard Qodeshim (Saints, Set-Apart Ones) will also attempt to rededicate it WHILST REMAINING (spiritually-speaking) in the Courtyard in a defiled state.

    Because Talmudic Jews, and the Messianics who imitate them, follow the corrupt Rabbinical Calendar, whey will be celebrating their pagan Hanukkah festival a day late on 7 December, on the 26th day of the 9th creation month. You should make a note of this time because I believe around then, or shortly afterwards, the Courtyard believers may expect physical violence against them, and I am speaking specifically here of American believers in the aftermath of the Judgment of 10 October. It may well be then that they will have to take up arms to defend themselves. And this may well be repeated in other Western countries as they defend themselves against modern-day 'IDUMEANS ' who are of the HOUSE OF ESAU.

    Where is Idumea? And who were the Idumeans? This territory was conquered by John Hyrcanus and its population was FORCED TO UNDERGO COMPULSORY CIRCUMCISION as part of the requirement for becoming citizens of the new Maccabbean (Hasmonean) Kingdom that birthed the Jewish 'Hanukkah' festival.

    I should not need to say that HANUKKAH CELEBRATION HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH TRUE MESSIANIC ISRAEL but belongs to its COUNTERFEIT. This will give you some clue as to WHO is going to be attacking believers stranded in the Courtyard and WHY believers may have to defend themselves and go on the offensive to survive. UNFORTUNATELY, this experience will NOT enhance, but rather DIMINISH, their spirituality, paving the way for the final, latter-day 'Roman occupation' in the form of the spirit of the Anti-Messiah/Antichrist system.

    A final clue: Idumea was wicked King Herod's power-base, he himself being an Idumean, and not actually a true Israelite or a bona fide convert to Yahweh, even if he did build a magnificent temple, though to bolster his popularity and secure political advantage. And just as ancient Idumea ceased to exist once Romanised, so the latter-day 'Idumean' will be absorbed into the Antichrist system and cease to be a separate entity resembling in any way the actual people of Yahweh.

    One of the BIG problems for the Courtyard qodeshim/saints is that they have fallen for the GREAT COUNTERFEIT ISRAEL DECEPTION - and if you don't know anything about that, you need to urgently read my series of sermons called, JACOB'S TROUBLE because belief in this LIE is defiling the qodeshim (saints), causing them to worship the Beast AND Yahweh. And you cannot serve two masters but must choose between the one or the other. That is part of the separation of sheep from goats that is about to accelerate in the days ahead.

    For those on the Ark, you must but wait patiently in as the waters of tribulation gradually recede. Indeed, in the prophetic dream of the funeral that I mentioned earlier, the minister officiating specifically read from the 8th chapter of Genesis, which points of the current time of the Arkers. Their timetable I shall speak of another time because my word today is to those in the Courtyard, which summarised is this:


    #32 - 8 September 2015

    The Wisdom of Solomon contains an interesting section on the Final Judgment, and though what is approaching in a little less than a month's time is not the Final Judgment, it is a major MISHPAT YAHWEH or Judgment of Yahweh and its elements are similar to those of that final one to come. Speaking of the Righteous saved, the Unrighteous have this to say:

      "These are persons we once held in derision and bade a byword of reproach - fools that we were! We thought that their lives were madness and that their end was without honour. Why have they been numbered among the children of Elohim (God)? And why is their lot amongst the qadoshim (saints)? So it was we who strayed from the way of emet (truth), and the light of righteousness did not shine on us, and the sun did not rise upon us. We took our fill of the paths of Torahlessness (lawlessness) and destruction and we journeyed through the trackless deserts, but the Derech (Way of) Yahweh we have not known. What has our arrogance profited us? And what good has our boasted wealth brought us? All those things have vanished like a shadow, and like a rumour that passes by; like a ship that sails through the billowy water, and when it has passed no trace can be found, no track of its keel in the waves; or as, when a bird flies through the air, no evidence of its passage is found; the light air, lashed by the beat of its pinions and pierced by the force of its rushing flight, is traversed by the movements of its wings, and afterward no sign of its coming is found there; or as, when an arrow is shot at a target, the air, thus divided, comes together at once, so that no one knows its pathway. So we also, as soon as we were born, ceased to be, and we had no sign of virtue to show, but were consumed in our wickedness" (Wisdom of Solomon 5:4-13, NRSV).

    This is why, for the unrepentant wicked, it is too late, because righteousness passes them quickly, and if they do not seize it at the moment it is sent, and the Son who authored it, they will lose sight of it and it will be as though that moment of realisation of emet (truth) never was, as though the witness was never made, as though the Ruach (Spirit) was a phantom that suddenly intruded upon the continuum of sin that they had made their lot.

    So "the hope of the ungodly is like thistledown (or dust) carried by the wind, and like light frost driven away by a storm; it is dispersed like smoke before the wind, and it passes like the remembrance of a guest who stays but the day" (v.14, NRSV).

    For the ungodly, death brings judgment and final separation from Elohim (God) so it is an act of mercy on His part that this is NOT the Final Judgment that most believers seem anxious to usher in. All is delayed for the sake of the elect WHO ARE NOT READY for the most part. There is still purging to be done, and some, alas, in the fire of adversity itself. May we have no stubble to offer it, but if we remain in unfortunate possession of such at the Judgment, may we not flinch when the fire turns it to ash with the sudden heat of pain. We must be brave and NOT flee or abandon our ground in Messiah.

      "The righteous live forever, and their reward is with Yahweh; and Most High takes care of them. Therefore they will receive a glorious crown and a beautiful diadem from the hand of Yahweh, because with His right hand He will cover them, and with His arm He will shield them. Yahweh will take His zeal as His whole armour, and will arm all Creation to repel His enemies; He will put on righteousness as a breastplate, and wear impartial justice as a helmet; He will take holiness as an invisible shield, and sharpen stern wrath for a sword, the Creation will join with Him to fight against His frenzied foes. Shafts of lightning will fly with true aim, and will leap from the clouds to the target, as from a well-drawn bow, and hailstones full of wrath will be hurled as from a catapult; the water of the sea will rage against them, and rivers will relentlessly overwhelm them; a mighty wind will rise against them, and like a tempest it will winnow them away, Torahlessness (lawlessness) will layw aste the whole earth, and evildoing will overturn the thrones of rulers" (Wisd.Solom.5:15-23, NRSV).

    Yesterday I was searching out old friends and praying for them. In addition to our own spiritual and material preparation, we must continue to intercede for others as the Ruach (Spirit) leads us. Most still think this warning is folly even though the signs of imminent collapse are everywhere manifesting more and more obviously. The radiation levels from Fukushima contamination in the United States are shockingly high, and even beyond the west coast. In most instances, even as far east as Washington DC, it is several HUNDRED times as high as normal. Friends, that is your new 'normal', get used to it, and prepare accordingly. This too is part of the judgment. The Belarussians and Ukrainians have had to live with the awful aftermath of Cernobyl for decades, but this is many orders of magnitude worse. The Pacific Ocean is dying very rapidly now. You need to take steps to protect yourself from radiation poisoning, including eating vegetables that mop up radiation as well as strengthening your thyroid by having an adequate iodine intake. This deathliness creeps up on your unawares so you MUST take steps NOW! By the time the symptoms of radiation poisoning manifest visibly, it is usually too late to intervene.

    Europe is flooding with refugees and ISIS is boasting that they have smuggled at least half a million warriors in with them. Europe has yet to experience THIS wrath, and it will NOT be pleasant. Fear will stalk the continent. When financial collapse comes, the states that offered them shelter will not be able to feed them, as welfare they depend on dries up. What do suppose will happen then, realistically?

    Radiation and terrorists are but two aspects of this multi-faceted judgment. Our whole way of life is about to change - drastically - and even if it does not occur all at once, it will feel as though it has. People are already overwhelmed by all the information on-line - who can realistically keep up with it all? We simply cannot absorb it, and that is part of the plan - give your opponent sensory overload and, unless he is equipped with the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), he will not know what to do. That is why I have a daily newsfeed.

    The behavioural psychologists know that beyond a certain point people just turn off and stop caring, resigning themselves to whatever might come. Such was premeditated, it is what the élites have been counting on. But even they cannot grasp the whole picture, dependent as the satanists at the very top of the pyramid of power are on their demonic guides. And when YAHWEH steps in, then even the demonic guides are thrown into confusion, along with their human hosts. So do not suppose that the Enemy has control over this - he does not. He only THINKS he has. He is permitted to do only what Yahweh permits him to do as Heaven executes Judgment, and then he is brushed off the stage like the hand of chess player casually brushing the chess pieces off a chessboard. And so it is for the righteous who have no need to fear the calamity and confusion all around them. They need only stay under the tent roof of Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus) and within the walls of Torah that align with, and surround, it.

    Do not allow the Enemy to stir up dissent within the home or the local congregation - work hard to keep these in proper order, the home most of all. And then the righteous will be secure. PRESERVE SHALOM (PEACE)!

    #31 - 9 September 2015

    It was a tough night for me last night as Yahweh brought me low like a beggar but now I have understood, as far as one can, why. Chronic illness has the very desirable effect, especially when the soul is forced into it for his own good, of bringing the affairs of life into proper perspective.

    The flesh has a tendency to cavil ... to raise annoying, petty objections to things. And when a man does so with the SAVIOUR, you can be quite sure NOTHING IS TO BE GAINED. In my experience - and the experience of many others - Yahweh turns a deaf ear to such.

    Spurgeon pointed out that a beggar is going about his occupation in the wrong way if he begins a discussion with the person he means to gain charity by if he starts contradicting him. He said:

      "If beggars must not be choosers, certainly they must not be controversialist. If a mendicant (beggar) will dispute, let him dispute; but let him give up begging. If he cavils (makes petty objections) as to how he shall receive your gift, or how you shall give it to him, he is likely to be sent about his business [emptyhanded]. A CRITICAL SINNER DISPUTING WITH HIS SAVIOUR IS A FOOL IN CAPITALS. As for me, my mind is made up that I will quarrel with anybody sooner than with the Saviour; and especially I WILL CONTEND WITH MYSELF, AND PICK A DESPERATE QUARREL WITH MY OWN PRIDE, rather than have a shade of difference with my Master. TO CONTEND WITH ONE'S BENEFACTOR IS FOLLY INDEED!" (Sermon, 'Pleading, Not Contradiction').

    I can tell you that like Job, and more than once, I have complained to Him over my condition. And it has simply got worse. Last night I reached the point where I COULD DO NO MORE than to beg, and without contradiction or complaint, and finally - thus reduced in my pride to that of a squirming worm - He finally answered my question: WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF THIS DESPERATE ILLNESS? WHAT IS IT I SHOULD NOW DO?

    Then a vision opened up to me in response to my question and I saw a vast net cast over me by an invisible Hand. The Heavenly Fisherman wanted me in His net FOR GOOD and not always darting out when it suited me.

    Spurgeon, who knew much illness at the end of his life, gave this counsel:

      "If you find your heart agreeing with what Jesus (Yah'shua) says, even when He answers you roughly, you may depend on it, THIS IS A WORK OF GRACE (undeserved loving kindness), FOR HUMAN NATURE IS VERY UPSTART (arrogant), AND STANDS VERY MUCH UPON ITS SILLY DIGNITY AND, THEREFORE, IT CONTRADICTS THE MASTER WHEN HE DEALS TRUTHFULLY WITH IT, AND HUMBLES IT."

    I had to admit to myself that the flesh - and therefore my life in the flesh - was a giant LIE , not merely theoretically, not merely propositionally, not merely theologically - but from THE PLAIN EVIDENCE OF EXPERIENCE - FROM REALITY.

      "Human nature, if you want to see it in its true condition, is that naked thing over yonder, which so proundly aims at covering itself with a dress of its own devising...this wretched human nature proudly rebels against salvation by Christ. It will not hear of IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESSS: its own righteousness is dearer far. Woe be to the crown of pride which rivals the Master Messiah!...

      "THE MASTER YAH'SHUA (JESUS) HAS NOT COME TO SAVE YOU PROUD AND ARROGANT ONES, WHO SIT ON YOUR THRONES AND LOOK DOWN CONTEMPTUOUSLY ON OTHERS. Sit there as long as you can, until your thrones and yourselves dissolve into perdition: there is no hope for you. But you who lie upon the dunghill, you who feel as worthless as the broken potsherds around you, you who mourn that you cannot rise from the dunghill without divine help - you are the men whom He will lift from your mean estate and set you among princes, even the princes of his people" (Ibid.).

    Rich (by global standards) in spirituality, wealth, self-esteem and self-imporance, Western Christians have become so full of themselves that Yahweh must now bring them very low. Yet the impoverished have fallen for another kind of pride, that of self-entitlement, and they will be punished for no less a sin that that is until they also repent. The whole pot of Christendom is to be vigorously stirred. The call to repentance is universal, both to those who are full of themselves, thinking they know or have everything, as well as those who delight in the self-pity that often comes with poverty. Both are proud, both sit on thrones of flesh that must now crumble if they wish to hold on to their salvation.

    The Body of Christ is going to look very different at the far side of this time of Judgment and Tribulation. It will be forever changed, and in a way that demolishes pride whilst making it strong in emet (truth). And it is with that humble emet (truth) that it will conquer the nations that oppose it. Gone will be the childish and foolish bravado and brashness of bratty children poking dragons as though their poddings would actually slay them! Those infantile pins and needles will be replaced by proper swords of Emunah (trusting Faith that leads to Torah-obedience) that can do real harm to the kingdom of the Enemy, Away with silly toys, the ridiculous 'demon-stomping' of cocky youths. The Body must now grow up, and grow up fast.

    It is time to be sober, and with that sobriety, to become properly humble. You will not defeat the enemy with the cavalier attiude of a coarse mercenary, proud and boastful of his defects. Yahweh's soldiers are properly TRAINED and DISCIPLINED on the purposeful obstacle course that this life is, and not as some casual Christian visitors come to the 'Church of Disney World' for a day's entertainment. The childish 'Yabbadabbadoo' babblings of 'Bedrock Charismatic Church' must likewise cease and give way to the authentic article. These soldiers must eat real MEAT and stop drinking the canned sweeted condensed milk of false spirituality. And no more petty messianic quibbling over 'ehs', 'ahs' and 'uahs'. For there is nothing quite as absurd and obscene as a fully grown gorged man guzzling at the breast and letting even that run to waste when starving newborns could be receiving their necessary nourishment. It is time for the big, spoiled and pampered babies of the decadent West to finally grow up, So yes, everything must change, from your lifestyle in general to your attitude to the Most High.

    So stop caviling with Yah'shua (Jesus) and start PLEADING. Time is short. Far better to be disciplined NOW while there is yet a measure of peace than in the storm and receive a lot of stripes because of stubborn pride. Have an eye for the Land of All Emet (Truth) and stop fleeing from one city of truth to the next and then the next. Draw comfort from hard Emet (Truth) and stop neglecting it for the simple stuff. And stop thieving from others, supposing you will gain anything from it, or badgering wise virgins to give you of their oil when you refuse to buy any of your own. Get off your rump and sally forth, dealing with what you must, confessing your sins and getting those foul, stained robes cleansed in the blood until they are glistening white. Venture on Him who died for you, and venture wholly, letting no other trust intrude!

    #30 - 10 September 2015

      "King Belshazzar held a great feast for 1,000 of his nobles and drank wine in their presence. Under the influence of the wine, Balshazzar gave orders to bring in the gold and silver vessels that his predecessor Nebuchadnezzar had taken from the temple in Jerusalem, so that that the kind and his nobles, wives and concubines could drink from them. So they brought in the gold vessels that had been taken that ahd been taken from the temple, the House of Elohim (God) in Jerusalem, and the king and his nobles, wives and concubines drank from them. They drank the wine and praised their gods made of gold and silverm bronze, iron, wood and stone.

      "At that moment the fingers of a man's hand appeared and began writing on the plaster of the king's palace wall and next to the lampstand. As the king watched the hand that was writing, his face turned pale, and his thoughts so terrified him that his hip joints shook and his knees knocked together" (Daniel 5:1-6, Holman Christian Standard Bible).

    The well-known account goes on and records Daniel's interpretation which was Yahweh's Mishpat or Judgment against this last king of the Babylonians:

      1. Elohim (God) has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end;

      2. You (Belshazzar) have been weighed in the balance and found deficient; and

      3. Your kingdom has been divided and given to the Medes and Persians (vv.25-28).

    The very same night that all of this transpired, Balshazzar was killed and Darius the Mede (aged 62) became the new king of Chaldea (vv.30-31).

    Now you know I have said several times that in the current prophetic cycle that Obama is a type of Balshazzar and that Putin, who is 63 and has his birthday on 7 October, is a type of Darius. Almost certainly Obama is the last 'king' (president) of the USA as a constitutional republic, what little of it is left. Whatever rulers emerge after him will be presiding over something completely different.

    I have also seen Obama and Putin in visions many times, especially Obama, and in one of these visions I saw of a dead president, apparently assassinated. I now share with you one of these visions - of Obama - which I saw only a couple of days ago. He was wearing a tall black hat made with a complex weave, that tapered upwards but not to a point like a dunce's hat, that was slightly rounded at the top, reminding one a bit of a Halloween hat. On the front of this hat, just above his forehead, was a logo consisting of a circle of white-coloured plain shapes like cartouches or lozenges, rather like the petals of a flower, but not touching one another (see right). They seemed to be radiating from a dark central point like the rays of the sun. There were at least a dozen of these cartouches or smooth-cornered white rectangles. Brother van Staden offers this interpretation:

      "He is an authority figure wearing what we believe is a Pilgrim's Hat, indicating that he is under submission of an unrighteous authority (Elite) [Ex.29:9]. He is programmed and ready to fulfill his destiny / task. The white from the lozenges is a false white, indicting a deceptive person (Joel 1:7), however white also may point to divine judgement (Ex.4:6, 2 Kings 5:27)."

    I believe this is essentially correct. The logo, in my opinion, in some way represents pretended or claimed godhood, as occultists understand that term, and is the authority to rule that he claims. It's core is darkness, the rays being counterfeit light and having little or no penetration. The illusion of power and spiritual authority is maintained by the hypnotic effect of this logo.

    Everything is coming to a climax very quickly now and you will see a convergence of events in rapid succession like knock-out blows. However, remember that Yahweh has the last word in all of these demonic schemes and it takes but a single Davar (Word) uttered from His mouth to change or stop the courge of élite-planned events. It is not for us to attempt to figure it all out, but simply to be in the right place at the right time obeying the right mitzvot (commandments) with the full compliment of preparations with Divine Covering to withstand the wave that is coming. Those thus prepared, centred in Yahweh through Yah'shua (Jesus) with all their hearts, have absolutely nothing to fear. They are marked as Yahweh's own and are secure in the Sanctuary.

    Those on the Ark need also know that it will not be floating apparently aimlessly around for much longer and in less that two weeks will find ground on the mountain where it will remain for a season as the 'waters' drain away. More on that later.

    Go in shalom (peace).

    #29 - 11 September 2015

    As the economic collapse hastens, and with it panic and the misunderstandings that arise out of confusion, it's important that I clalify one or two things today.

    First of all, though ministers like Jonathan Cahn and a host of others are saying the Sh'mittah ends on 23 September, and to expect disaster on this day, this is based on a FALSE RABBINICAL TRADITION that has corrupted both Judaism AND the Messianic Judaism which imitates its calendar. As I wrote in an article last year (2014):

      "In the modern Talmudic, Rabbinical or Jewish Calendar (which is not the Biblical one), sabbatical (Sh'mittah) years begin in the autumn (fall) in their Babylonian month of 'Tishri' in accordance with their false 'New Year' at Rosh haShanah. Accordingly they count their 'sabbatical years' from one 'Tishri' to the next. Though Torah most definitely states that the Yovel (Jubilee) is to be announced on the 10th day of the 7th month, at Yom haBikkurim (Day of Atonements) (Lev.25:9), after a count of seven weeks of years (49 years - v.9), it does not say it is to begin then. Clearly the word yom (year) in verse 8 is also to be counted according to the biblical calendar, with the year beginning in Aviv ('Nisan' in the Babylonian Talmudic system). Thus the Sabbatical years should be, and originally were, as were the Jubilees, counted from the month of Aviv (the 1st month) in the spring."

    For the whole article, which contains vitally important prophetic markers for this time, please carefully study the article, The Sh'mittah and Yovel: Establishing the Moedim in Our Time.

    There is no doubt that 23 September is to be a key day this year, both because it is YOM KIPPUR (Yom haKippurim, to give it its proper name) but also because THIS IS THE DAY THE TRUE NEVI'IM (PROPHETS) ARE COMMANDED TO ANNOUNCE THE COMING YOVEL OR JUBILEE YEAR THAT BEGINS NEXT AVIV 1 (7 April 2015), at which time the current Sh'mittah or Sabbatical year ENDS.

    I wish it known, in saying this, that I have enormous respect for Jonathan Cahn, whose books I have studied. Now it MAY WELL BE that there will be economic collapse on or near 23 September BUT THERE IS NO ASSURANCE OF THAT. I know of no true navi (prophet) who has said so AND NEITHER HAVE I - most of the modern claimant 'prophets' are, in any case, just imitators of the prophetic office and are false. About all they are good at doing is stirring up people and panicking them. Nevertheless, Cahn and others DO speak a tremendous amount of emet (truth) and Yahweh is using them to call the United States in particular to repentance. Cahn especially is in a unique position to do this and is listened to by people high and low in the social and political hierarchy of the USA.

    I have no idea the exact date the bubble will pop and the value of fiat money will plummet to the depths. All I know is that it is SOON and I am sure it will be before the Roman New Year (1 January 2016) and more than likely will be much sooner than that. IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANK BY NOW THEN YOU PROBABLY HAVE VERY LITTLE TIME. And if you have not converted the bulk of it to precious metals or something that will weather financial collapse (like land or property - if you do that, make sure you have convertible assets with which to pay property and land taxes during the difficult times) then you are certain to lose that too. I know a LOT of people who have already emptied their bank accounts and have converted it into gold and silver, and keep no more in them than is needed to pay monthly bills.

    The current Countdown Yahweh showed me ends on 10 October 2015. What exactly will happen on that day I have not been told other than it is Judgment Day USA. All I know is that it will be a VERY BAD DAY for the American nation and that a vast host of other nations will follow, taking us to the end of the final count that has been running in the background of the current one.

    The second part of my message is one I have not stressed much before because it is not an option in every country, but remains a real and important one in America. I speak of ARMING YOURSELF. If you choose to ride out the crisis in a city or any large built-up area, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT WEAPONS. And even if you're in the countryside, there will be desperate people in search of food who will fan out from the cities to search the countryside too. As the saying goes in America, "When people lose everything, they lose it". People will do anything - including kill you - to find and obtain food and whatever else they may need for survival.

    At the same time, if you are communing with Yahweh and getting revelation from Him, if you are in right relationship with Him, and if you obey Him by placing yourself in the right place at the right time with the provisions you need for at least a year, you will not need weapons for self-defence because Yahweh will be your defence. BUT YOU HAD BETTER BE 100% SURE YOU'RE RIGHT WITH HIM AND A FULLY SUBMITTED AND OBEDIENT TALMID (DISCIPLE) because you DARE NOT RISK SO MUCH IF YOU'RE NOT SURE.

    You'd better be sure. You'd better not be pretending or kidding yourself. You'd better not be putting on a false show of bravado or trying to show off how spiritual and faithful you are. Your life - and the lives of others - may depend on it. People are going to die in large numbers EVERYWHERE during the coming tribulation. And it's not just looters, marauders and soldiers you will have to contend with.

    Yesterday evening my wife called me outside to observe a UFO jumping all over the place in our night sky. UFOs have been very active again since Black September began, and a little before. We have seen hundreds over the years. I have been taking lots of movies and stills of them for the sceptics - you can see some of the ones we have taken in articles on our UFO website. I don't want to get much into a discussion of UFO's and the paranormal today as this would distract from my main messages, other than to say you will not only have non-corporeal entities to contend with in the days, weeks, months and years ahead but with very PHYSICAL ones too as portals get opened to the dark world and wicked beings flood through them.

    A dog is a useful asset in such situations because they spot demonic activity, both spiritual and temporal, long before we humans tend to pick up their presence. Two of our dogs went wild yesterday evening when the UFO appeared - they didn't see it but FELT it. They make excellent watchers, adding to their blessings to man. (Cats tend to pick it up too but they are far more cowardly than dogs when facing down these intruders). And, of course, properly trained, dogs make excellent guard dogs too.

    I have been warning about such phenomena for years but most of the Christian world continues to live in unbelief. But many are waking up thanks to the work of well-publicised evangelicals like Stephen Quayle, Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam. And what was once considered the domain of the loonies and mad conspiracy theorists is now rapidly becoming mainstream. The élites and the media they control rarely suppress it anymore, though they still don't give it much coverage. There are simply too many witnesses now. Aside from the deluded New Agers and other occultists who think these are aliens come to either save or destroy us, and madly pursue their supposed 'saviour-aliens', the Christians and Messianics are few in number when it comes to belief in this phenomenon. But it is real and it is an existential threat. These powers have lined up 'good cop' and 'bad cop' actors to draw us into the New Age delusion of Nordics, Pleiadeans, reptilians, greys, etc. who are all on the same demonic side.

    None of these beings are extra-terrestrial. They are INTER-DIMENSIONAL and are able to take on PHYSICAL FORM. Some of them, like greys, have PERMANENT (though mortal) physical bodies. Would you know what to do (apart from run) if you encounter one of these demonic beings, especially human hybrids? They are not your friends and, in some respects, are even more dangerous than looters and the government run amok. For some of my readers, this might also be the time for a crash course in spiritual matters which you can study at our Deliverance website.

    You need spiritual weapons at hand and many of you will need physical ones too. If you live in a country where guns are illegal (like my own country, Great Britain, and my adopted one, Sweden), get a hunting licence and own a shotgun or hunting rifle. If you can't manage that, own some high-velocity air guns - they can deter an attacker and drive them off if used right. You'll be grateful to own SOMETHING like this for critical moments. Even a bow-and-arrow or a crossbow are great weapons. Get your property blessed and dedicated to Yahweh - that's the responsibility of the head of the household. Obedience and faith are a powerful combination, but obedience may also include some degree of weaponising. I don't need to add that you should not break the law in this matter, however ungodly it may be. Just make sure you trust in Yahweh more than you do in your weapons.

    #28 - 12 September 2015

    Shabbat shalom mishpachah! There is a special message today entitled, Prayer Journey: Black September Message 2

    #27 - 13 September 2015

    When George Santayana said that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," he had in mind the mistakes of the past.

    It is no accident that a substantial part of the Bible is history, and though recalling the past with a view to learning from it not its only purpose, it is a very important one. We need to be reminded - and often - of the consequences of disbedience when individuals and nations turn their backs on Yahweh and His Torah. And it also reminds us of the blessings of faithfulness.

    As you examine history systematically you soon discover that the Enemy is not very original. He knows human weakness and how to exploit it successfully. True, he tweeks and modifies his methods over the ages but the psychology is more or less the same. He knows especially how to harness the passion generated by false religious conviction. People will commit almost any atrocity in the name of religion if they believe they have the sanction of a higher power.

    It surprises many to learn that both Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler harnessed religion to serve atheistic ends (though neither were, in fact, true atheists). Their goals were the elimination of religion. Both described atheism as an opiate of the people, the SS as well as the NKVD (precursor of the KGB). Both were socialists - the one, an international socialist (communist), and the other, a national socialist (nazi). Both were occultists, atheists, believers in a higher power, and Hitler frequently invoked God in his speeches. Confused?

    False beliefs create contrary positions. There is no such thing as an atheist, I have long maintained, because EVERY soul hungers for Elohim (God), even the most ardent atheist. Put him in a foxhole with artillery shells exploding all around him, with death staring him in the face, and the most passionate atheist will call upon a higher power for deliverance 99.99% of the time.

    Why am I mentioning this today? Because our political leaders are confused men and women. Many make themselves out to be Christians when they are not, in order to win the confidence of Christian voters or to assure a Christian caucus of their benevolent intentions. Others simply have split personalities and others are just plain old rebels, and know it. They are very confused indeed, and yet they often hold their views with great passion. They can have genuine, righteous impulses which then get smothered by evil ones. They have many faces.

    Here, then, is the problem. People hear something they want to hear of a leader and then trust him. If he says something contrary, they will assume he meant something else. Wicked, double-minded people know how exploit trust. It's regarded as normal and acceptable in politics because few political leaders are held to account these days. There are so many corrupt leaders and officials that they all scratch one anothers' backs. They defend and protect one another in sin because they know their continued careers depend on it.

    I mention this today because the coming Judgment is going to fall heavily on them. As wickedness increases, so they will compromise with truth more and more until there is none left in them. Those that repent and become whistleblowers know they run the high risk of being 'taken out' or assassinated, or they simply succumb to blackmail when threats are made against their families to ensure their silence and compliance. It takes a brave man or woman to spill the beans these days. And that's why there are so few true leaders anymore.

    Now and then I mention righteous political leaders. One I have admired is the former president of Uruguay, José Alberto Mujica, who held office from 2010-15. Under the previous military régime, he had been imprisoned and tortured for 14 years.

    He came to be known for his very modest and simple way of life. He certainly had no lust for money, donating 90% of his presidential salary to charity each month. He refused to live in the presidential palace in Montevideo but continued to reside on his family's run-down farm outside the capital.

    Can you imagine Obama or Cameron living like that? Left- and right-wing (meaningless designations now) presidents and prime ministers live oppulent and decadent lives, and continue to rake in millions even after they have left office. It is hardly surprising that the young (and not so young) would dearly like to follow in their footsteps.

    So I hold leaders like Mujica of Uruguay and Klaus of the Czech Republic with the greatest respect. But they are a miniscule minority. Most leaders milk their office unashamedly.

    This is not going to be a good time for corrupt and decadent political leaders or their minions or their corporatist handlers. They are currently drunk with power, convinced they are unassailable and untouchable. Many of them unashamedly hide beind the name of Christ and patriotism to give them an aura of benevolence and respectability. They, and their invisible masters, are in for a rude awakening, because Yahweh is about to bring them to account.

    Tomorrow is Yom Teruah - the Day of Trumpets and Shouting. The Righteous Judge, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), the true Ruler of the Visible and Invisible Domains, which He created, is going to be heralded by divine messengers, angelic as well as human. The ungodly need to be afraid - VERY afraid. Because at Yom haKippurim (Yom Kippur), a week and a day later (23 September 2015), the Judgment begins - not the Final Judgment, but the Judgment of this generation. When it is over, in several months' time, the final period of time will begin, leading to THE FINAL Judgment.

    Everything is about to be changed. Everything WILL change and in ways you have not even dreamed of yet. Are you prepared?

    Comments from Readers

    [1] "I find that's a very good description of the mindset of contemporary politicians and their way of thinking" (SW, Germany, 13 September 2015)

    #26 - 14 September 2015

    Chag sameach Yom Teruah mishpachah! There is a special message today entitled, Yom Teruah 2015 - The End of an Aeon

    #25 - 15 September 2015

    Someone wrote to me the other day and sheepishly asked if the economic crisis had passed and whether we could now relax.

    My friends, IT HASN'T EVEN BEGUN YET. And if you think 2008 was a 'collapse', it was but a minor downward 'adjustment' compared to what's coming. When the economic crisis happens, the dollar in your hand will be worth one or two cents, the food stores will be empty, basic services will have ended, and there will be no water or electricity running into your homes, let alone a means to dispose of your sewage. You'll need a gun to go out and stay safe, and you'll probably have to kill to stay alive. There won't be any police, ambulances or fire service. You'll be on your own. Gangs will rule in cities. Look at Chacago today, or Mogadishu, and you will have a vague inkling of what is to come. Then the tanks will come in and outstay their welcome. When the economic crisis has passed, all of these things will have been around for a long time. So, no, the crisis isn't over, it has barely warmed up.

    WAKE UP!

    Not so long ago a believer told me that he was unspiritual, almost implying that this was something genetically inherited that nothing could be done about it. By this means he excused himself of any responsibility to change.

    Yet we are none of us predisposed to certain spiritual 'conditions' by some merciless fate. All of us who claim to be Christian or Messianic should be in habitual conscious communion with Yahweh. Why do professing believers know so little of this? It's called CHRONIC UNBELIEF. To cite A.W.Tozer:

      "Emunah (faith) enables our spiritual sense to function. Where emunah (faith) is defective the result will be inward insensibility and numbness toward spiritual things" (The Pursuit of God, Chapter IV, Apprehending God).

    NO MORE EXCUSES. If you're unspiritual it's because you're not exercising emunah (faith). EXERCISE IT. REPENT OR PERISH.

    Christendom suffers from Hyper-Grace Syndrome and Messianism from Hyper-Law Syndrome. They're both spiritual extremists and NEITHER mindset or lifestyle will uphold them in the coming crisis. Faith without works is dead and works without faith are dead too. The Body of Messiah is suspended between two mutually hostile, extreme poles - ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED and TORAH-IS-MY-GOD.

    I don't get a lot of comments on my Facebook posts unless I post something ridiculous like some text upside down. I got about 60 responses to that the other day. Have we become so trivial? So excited about nonsense? So disconnected from what matters? When you bump into an ISIS gang carrying their black death-cult flag and brandishing knives with which to sever your head from your body, will you be asking the leader what kind of shampoo he uses?

    I do get some responses to what I post. And the kind of answer I get ususally reflects the sweetness or acidity of the poster's disposition, his faith or lack of faith, his zeal or laziness. Some are beautiful people, others are pompous old sods.

    One thing you can be thankful for, the coming trbulation will sort out believers' acidity, faithlessness and indifference problems. Life and death situations have a way of doing that. The crisis will bring out the best and the worst in people. You're in for a few surprises. Most people are not at all what you suppose them to be because of the masks they wear. Those masks will be useless. The only things that will work will either be emunah (faith) or bullets.

    If you want to live and be useful to Yahweh in the times ahead you have no choice but to be mentally strong. Here are some identifying features of strong people:

      1. They move on and don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves;
      2. They embrace change and welcome challenges;
      3. They stay happy and don't waste energy on things they cannot control;
      4. They are kind, fair and unafraid to speak up;
      5. They are willing to take calculated risks; and
      6. They don't resent but celebrate other people's successes.

    Doubless you could add more. These are some tell-tale signs of the people you can rely on in times of crisis. Don't suppose all you need will be believers for your survival. You'll need to know how to recognise decent unbelievers too.

    I have to insert here that I write and post nothing for anyone's approval or approbation. You are free to listen or not listen, accept or reject, to come or go. But arguing or disputing I have no time for. Polishing egos and scratching backs is not my game. My highest priority is fellowship with Elohim (God), not fellowship with man. I heartily welcome and treasure all fellow travellers and companions of divers giftings in a spiritual society of equals in Yah'shua (Jesus) as far as worth and salvation are concerned. I do genuinely mourn those who depart but I do not chase after them if they believe they are their own shepherds. Shepherds have to stand alone in Yah'shua (Jesus) and when they wander, Yah'shua (Jesus) chases after them Himself. A sheep that thinks he is a shepherd (usually without a permanent flock of his own) has to fall flat on his face and rediscover he's a sheep before he can get anywhere. Indeed the flock of the false shepherd usually consists of deceived actors. They flee when the shepherd falls.

    Humility is everything. One of my personal mottos is, "he who will not eat crumbs is not worthy of the loaf". Self-entitlement is the curse of this age. I have no truck with it. Try it on someone else.

    A symptom of apostacy is a glut of false shepherds, most stand-alone, the rest with self-willed sheep ambitious to become their own shepherds or people too lazy to make their own choices. Most will fail the sheep and abandon their flocks in the crisis that's coming.

    Too many shepherds are afflicted by a common malady that Spurgeon identified as "a slenderness of knowledge". They know little but think they know a lot. Now I am not saying that knowledge is the redeeming feature of men of Elohim (God) because it isn't - character is; yet so many well-meaning and potential spiritual giants are hindered by that poverty of knowledge. A true shepherd is conscious of his defects and makes every effort to improve himself. The problem for many is an absence of seasoned and reliable mentors (they're scarce), a need for good study materials (most are intellectually and theologically impoverished) and precious little spare time that combine to hinder their progress. That's a reason we have our large website at www.nccg.org where thousands of resources are available free. We offer a free copy on DVD to those who will cover postage, packing and the cost of a blank DVD. You may be glad of it when the internet goes down or excludes 'dissenters'.

    The coming tribulation will demand everything you have, and those who are properly preparing spiritually are giving their all NOW. Acidity, pomposity, pride, stubborness, gluttony, laziness, self-will, impatience, implaccability, self-entitlement and every vice and stumbling block to true emunah (faith) and ahavah (love) must either be voluntarily yielded NOW or must be burned out through suffering in a short while. So stop entertaining and feeding these things before they consume you.

    There shall no longer be half-hearted believers and indeed the Remnant will not suffer them. Malakim (angels) will exclude them. Neither do you have to be a scholar or a navi (prophet). A simpleton has as much business being in the Remnant as anyone else provided he can follow the narrow derech (way) in the light of emunah's (faith's) rare Wisdom, since she places her hand in that of her Guide, Yah'shua (Jesus). So go and wash in the Jordan seven times if you need to until the leprosy of a proud heart has been dissolved.

    #24 - 16 September 2015

      "Here is the patience (endurance, long-suffering) of the qodeshim (saints, sept-apart ones): here are they that keep the mitvot (commandments) of Elohim (God), and the emunah (faith) of Yah'shua (Jesus)" (Rev.14:12, KJV).

    Translating ancient languages is notoriously difficult and this is as true of Greek as it is of Hebrew and I suppose this is one of the reasons that I have lusted after owning a copy of Gerhard Kitzel's, Theological Dictionary of the New Testament which comes in 10 volumes. This German theologian goes to great pains to closely examine over 2,300 theologically significant Greek words by looking at their secular background, their rôle in the Tanakh (Old Testament) and extrabiblical literature, and their various uses in the Messianic Scriptures (New Testament). Works like this bring home to me the importance of every theologian becoming a linguist to some degree and to keep at being one until every nuance is understood. It's hard and sometimes very tedious work but it pays dividends. It's important to examine Hebrew and Aramaic versions of the New Testament too.

    You appreciate the problems of the translator when you start comparing versions. When I was unschooled in these things the many variations caused me no end of confusion but as I stuck with it I began to appreciate how, in fact, many of these variations turn out to be simultaneously correct. We need more Amplified Version-type translations to bring all of these word-thoughts out.

    I have tended, also, to be somewhat critical of paraphrases, and whilst I still believe they are of limited value, every now and then they do some wonderful worthsmithery with the English language.

    Take today's passage in which The Message combines both the 'patience' and 'long-suffering' nuances and renders them as "THE WILLINGNESS TO STICK WITH THINGS".

    Christian discipleship requires us, above all, to STICK WITH IT because it really can't get anywhere if you only allow it a short period of time and then expect it to pay you the dividends of a long-term investment. When you commit to Yah'shua (Jesus) He makes it clear it's FOR LIFE.

    You can't acquire patience from a slot-machine. It's something that builds up over a long period of time, like maturing character. Those who are in a hurry to 'get rich quick' in the Ruach (Spirit) are deceiving themselves which in large measure explains the attraction of the charismatic movement that often treats Yahweh as a Spirit-dispensing machine. It just doesn't work like that.

    In every generation believers have been admonished to prepare for the Second Coming of Messiah as though it were tomorrow. And it could be even if for countless millions it obviously wasn't. Why, if so few over so many centuries have had their hope unfulfilled, should we continue to do it? Because the point isn't whether the Master returns on this date or that but whether you are in Him or not.

    What did Yah'shua (Jesus) say in this connection?

      "Remain in Me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself, it must remain in the vine. Neither can you berar fruit unless you remain in Me. I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing. If anyone does not remain in Me, he is like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned. If you remain in Me and My devarim (words) remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you. This is to My Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourself to be My talmidim (disciples)" (John 15:4-8, NIV).

    He goes on with this theme, telling them to remain in His ahavah (love) (v.9).

    Patience is one of the hardest qualities of emunah (faith) to acquire because it requires STICKERS, HOLDERS-ON. And in this extract of Scripture the Master makes it clear that if you are in a hurry, you will never see fruition in your spiritual life. Some species of plants take a LONG TIME to flower and make fruit and seeds. Everyone is different. So don't compare with others. So what if you take a bit longer? The result - the fruit - will be worth it.

    This is true for friendship and marriage as it is for discipleship. All relationships, to be successful, require "sticking with things", even when you don't much feel like sticking it out. You just never know when the other person is going to bloom.

    This is also true when it comes to calamitous events. Many people, sadly, will stop believing tribulation is coming and go and 'cash in their metaphorical chips' (prepping). I know people who have already done so. When the first signs of collapse manifested in 2008, some very observant and connected people started prepping. But when nothing much seemed to happen a few years later, they stopped prepping, and in some cases just used their stores up. They didn't stick with it, forgetting that some things require a long haul or waiting period. Besides, prepping is a useful habit at all times.

    It won't surprise you to learn that I get a lot of flak from fellow believers because of the prophetic warnings I give. I expect that. But as with the Roman Centurion, whom Yah'shua (Jesus) said showed more emunah (faith) than the Judahites of His day, so a Muslim friend of mine has responded affirmatively to my message. As a Middle Easterner he knows what it means to be cautious. Today he was telling me that when someone visits your house where he comes from, you don't invite him inside unless he is close family or someone you know very well and is trustworthy. We have known each other for many years and have a mutual trust. He is has listened to me and started responding. He will likely save his family from tribulation. My prayer is that he will eventually listen to me and respond to the Besorah (Gospel) too.

    So please, those of you who know me at least, and know my track record, don't suddenly change your mind and throw in the prepping towel just before the balloon goes up. The good news is that even if I AM wrong (and frankly I think that pretty unlikely given what's clearly going on in the world), you will not only have a system of storage that you could, and should, maintain but you will have developed character traits including those which will see you personally benefit. As Yah'shua (Jesus) said, if you don't believe Me, at least believe My works (Jn.10:38).

    Time is almost out - stick with it and accelerate your plans, trusting in Yah'shua (Jesus)!

    #23 - 17 September 2015

    The great appeal of King David was that he was raised as a common man and could identify with the people. Men and women of all stations in life continue to be engaged by his psalms. He was ENTHUSIASTIC, FIERY, DEVOTED TO YAHWEH, and ZEALOUS and it was this kind of dynamic emunah (faith) that caused him to respond to Yahweh's universal and timeless invitation to engage the Creator Himself.

    Christianity is about engagement - involvement - in the witnessing, discipling and worshipping dynamic. From these flows genuine fellowship.

    Yahweh said to the people of Israel, "You are My witnesses" (Is.54:10,12; 44:8) and not just the nevi'im (prophets). And the purpose of being witnesses - missionaries - is also personal: it is "so that you may know and believe Me and understand that I am He" (Is.43:10b, NIV).

    There is no better way to know Him because Yahweh always responds to the witnesses in not only revealing Himself to the one being witnessed to but in revealing Himself more to the one who is witnessing!

    Judgment is not the only purpose of Yahweh in permitting tribulation. One of the most important purposes that He will set into motion is witnessing to people who would otherwise not listen. When the flesh does not get its way because of reduced or disadvantagous circumstances, it tends to be set aside somewhat by the spirit hungry and desperate for answers and solutions. It is a sad indictment of human nature to be sure but this is the consistent pattern of human nature in those who have not overcome or who refuse to even try.

    My first calling, and yours (if you are a believer) is to witness. It is to tell the story of the Besorah (Gospel) and to invite souls to salvation and Torah-obedient discipleship. We preach Messiah crucified and resurrected, the forgiver of sin and the deliverer out of hell and into heaven, and the Torah lifestyle that only only protects and blesses but which also serves as a witness itself. We are to preach and live the Davar (Word) to have a properly rounded witness. And if the devarim (words) our mouth do not match the lifestyle mandated by Yahweh, we are reckoned as hypocrites and our wordy witness is null-and-void.

    I had a busy night last night in connection with these dangerous times. I saw the duplicity of man - his double-dealing and deception, most especially so many who call themselves believers but who, like Judas, have one foot in the Kingdom and the other in the camp of the enemy, playing to whichever seems to offer the most promise, the most recongition, the most safety, or the most comfort. And this is definitely not a time to be double-minded. For such will not allowed to remain so, but will be forced to choose one way or the other. The double-minded, moreover, neither witness nor do so with any enthusiasm, unless, in some cases, they are per chance witnessing of a false gospel and are riding the crest of a demon-mediated psychic and fleshy wave.

    It was made very plain to me last night is that Yahweh's witnesses have to be ready NOW. We must, at a moment's notice, be ready to rise up and go forth....not just the nevi'im (prophets) but ALL true believers, and into whatever situation we may be sent. Some will be sent to preach to crowds, others to witness informally in convivial settings. Either way, the witnesses need to be ready to step out immediately.

    There were warnings to, especially concerning those who claim to be believers but who are not. And there are some sons of perdition among them who are willing to betray their brethren in order to save themselves, as they suppose. Be careful. Be as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves.

    I saw one man who had been invited as a guest to Yahweh's Table. He was seated there as the food was served. It was a grand meal, one of specially prepared fish, of the kind reserved for royalty. The man arrogantly demanded to know what kind of fish had been served, not because he was concerned that it might be inferior or harmful, but because he wished to exercise a presumed authority that he did not possess. When he was told that it was inappropriate to question his host in such a manner, he grew stiff. I approached the man and told him to repent or perish for this meal was not his right but the gift of the King, and the King would never serve anything defective. He arose suddenly and left the table when he saw a man of influence and wealth who had covenanted to support the work of the Kingdom and proceeded with wiley charms to be the man's friend, all the time conspiring in his evil heart to steer him away from the ministry he had purposed to support. I did not see what happened to him but knew that he had willingly abandoned Yahweh's Table so that he might receive the praises and friendship of a man of power whilst being set on taking revenge on the one who had chided him for demanding a place of honour and authority that he did not have. I do not know what happened him but he never returned to the table.

    We are ourselves in this ministry well acquainted with treachery and it will not end until the princes and powers of this world are finally cast under the feet of the returning Messiah and King. But we do need to be aware of them and to discern them for they will seek to hinder the work of the Kingdom, and violently if they can, when like Cain they are condemned for making an unclean sacrifice. Be under no illusions - you either do it Yahweh's way or not at all. There is no acceptable way of King Saul.

    Last night I saw that there is to be an arising of Yahweh's servants in Germany, ones willing to love with all their hearts as well as to come under the strict discipline of the talmid (disciple). As West Manasseh (USA) sinks so East Manasseh (Germany) shall rise, for both good and evil.

    In a revelation I received in 1990, in which the expansion of the EU into a unitary state is described, naming specific nations, including the most recent addition of Croatia leaving only Norway to yield, Yahweh said that "alliances will change and a new order will emerge. And this is as it must be, that there may be an utter division of light from darkness" (Olive Branch 279:9-10). The revelation continues:

      "The city of Berlin will become the financial centre of the new Europe (in those days it was Frankfurt). And there the division will be great, the good on the one side and the evil on the other" (vv.11-12).

    There is to be a transfer of power and you will see it clearly happen on or after 10 October. Berlin, which contains the seat of Satan is in part what is empowering the European Union. Parts of the Pergamon exhibits are on display in Brussels, the current EU headquarters while the museum, containing that devilish artefact, is closed for repairs. This is of prophetic significance. However Germany is not a world power like the United States (West Manasseh) in spite of the power it does own and exercise, and there is currently division and strife between the élite factions, showing again the weakness of this endtime system whose constituency is an admixture of iron and clay. The wise will know how to avoid the iron and remain in the environs of the clay.

    Be prepared now for witness and make sure you are in the right places, in the 'clay' areas, where the destruction will not be found. And be like King David - enthusiastic, fiery, devoted, zealous and engaged in the task of the Kingdom. Many are called but few are chosen becase they are double-minded and impermanent. Shalom!

    #22 - 18 September 2015

    You all know how it goes. When prophecy isn't fulfilled according to OUR timetable we stop believing and ignore the prophecy. Not only that, but when you have been reading passages in the Bible about the end-times all your life you start to stop believing they're actually going to happen to YOU or in YOUR LIFETIME. Praise Yah, people are now waking up and realising, at the very least, that the world is in such upheavel that it can only result in bad things happening.

    Common sense alone tells you, if you have bothered to do some basic economics homework, that we are due for a complete financial collapse. The only question has been: how much and for how long do we prepare for? People are still slow on the uptake when it comes to prepping but at least some of you are doing SOMETHING now. True, most aren't doing nearly enough, and there are some who could be doing a lot more. Don't dance with death, my friends, do ALL you can in the narrow margin of time left.

    I have been telling people to prepare for a MINIMUM of, or AT LEAST, one year. I have used the word 'minimum' deliberately' because, understanding something about human psychology, I know that if you pose too great a challenge most people will feel overwhelmed and do nothing at all.

    However, I cannot, in all conscience, continue doing that. We need TWO YEARS' storage to get through what's coming, and I'll tell you why today.

      1. Firstly, Yahweh has TOLD us to, and without any kind of prohetic Davar (Word) beyond what is stated in Scripture. I am speaking of the SH'MITTAH (Sabbatical) and YOVEL (Jubillee) years. We're in the Sh'mittah or Sabbatical year now (spring 2014-spring 2015) and we will soon be in the Yovel or Jubillee year (spring 2016-spring 2017) - learn more here. Believers are not supposed to plant or harvest crops during these years for He promises a double harvest (a triple one when the Sh'mittah and Yovel lie back-to-back) the year before the Sh'mittah. The Torah-obedient follower of Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus) receives the necessary provision. So whether you even know about financial collapse and other calamities, you should in any case have a two year supply of food and other necessities to tide you over for two years.

      2. Secondly, we have long been expecting a recuring NATURAL DISASTER on a global scale which occurs approximately every 3,600 years when a small solar system consisting of a brown dwarf and five planets moves into our own solar system and out again causing tremendous destruction as it does so. Called, varioiusly, NIBIRU, PLANET X, WORMWOOD, NEMESIS, etc., we have known about this approaching holocaust-in-the-making for some years now but because it has not appeared when certain pundits and 'prophets' have said it would, most have grown sceptical and forgotten about it.

    I have an important article where you can read about this phenomenon.

    We have additionally been sidetracked by various comets and asteroids that have passed close by us and sometimes wrongly assumed that these were 'Nibiru'. Such objects pass us by all the time. The élites don't want you to know about Nibiru because they want a drastic world population cut and they're hoping Nibiru will do it for them along with their vaccines, nuclear pollution, food additives, etc..

    It is now my belief - and I present this as an observer and scientist only since I have no direct revelation beyond the strong urging of the Ruach (Spirit) to share this information with you today - that the Nibiru system will become visible to the naked eye sometime around December of this year (2015) as it comes around from the backside of the sun where it has been obscured or eclipsed and that by the time of the end of the Sh'mittah and the beginning of the the Yovel in the spring of 2016 TWO SUNS (our own and Nibiru's) WILL BE PLAINLY VISIBLE IN THE SKY.

    Nibiru's sun has a thick atmosphere of vapourised iron oxide which is heavily electromagnetic. It's impact will be far greater than any feared EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack because it is heavily magnetised. As such, it will interfere with all communication systems on the earth making it impossible, amongst other things, for planes to fly. It is spewing out this highly magnetised iron oxide dust which will likely blanket the whole earth, blocking off the sun for anything as long as a year, making it impossible to grow anything using natural sunlight. Assuming that there is any electricity functioning (electrical grids MAY be knocked out), you will have to survive on livestock and stored food anyway because unless you have equipment that still works to generate your own equipment to generate electricity to produce light, you'll not be able to grow anything. So solar panels will be useless. Hydroelectric generators MIGHT work, assuming the electronics haven't been fried, rendering the equipment useless.

    There is good news with this iron oxide dust blanket, though you may not feel particularly happy at the time because this will happening invisibly.

    The arrival of the Nibiru system occurs at the same time that the sun is dipping beneath the galactic plane. The entire galaxy, just like our own solar system as well as each individual planet, is a giant magnet. Those of you who remember your school physics will know that magnetic fields have two polarities, north and south. The magnetic field in one flows in the opposite direction of the other. When the sun dips beneath the magnetic plane in its journey through space, it will be moving from one polarity to another, because the electromagnetic force flows in the opposite direction there. In order to continue journeying, the sun will have to reverse its polarity to adjust to the new electromagnetic flow in the southern plane of the Milky Way, forcing all the planets to do the same.

    There has been much talk over the years of earth reversing polarity and this has, we already know, happened in the past more than once. It has to happen again. But the flip time is dangerous because it removes an important protective mantle against being fried by cosmic radiation. Moreover, it takes many MONTHS to accomplish. The good news is that the iron oxide dust from Nibiru may very well be the means used by Yahweh to provide earth with a protective shield during this magnetic changeover. So while we may be being denied photosynthetic light, we will be protected from being roasted too.

    There's another positive side. Blanketing off the sun for a year will mean rapid global cooling. But another positive kickback of this iron oxide dust is that is is very HOT and will heat up our atmosphere too. So two blessings to be thankful for if we have the time to remember them while we are blanketed in semi-darkness.

    No here is my point and my warning. You may not believe me in which case I urge you to do some serious research. But consider this scenario. The economic collapse comes, you have a year's food supply that will see you, hopefully, to autumn/fall or winter 2016. Nibiru appears in December, the first signs of things 'going wrong' are felt in the spring of 2016, and then the serious stuff happenes in the autumn/fall of 2016. You realise you need another year's food store. But the collapse has alredy happened and you only have what's at hand. Food, water, medicine, etc. are in short supply or non-existent. There's already famine in parts of the world. What are you going to do about it? You can survive the first year and maybe six months into the Nibiru crisis, but what will you do when that supply runs out?

    Let's pause to remember also the warnings scientists have been making about mega-earthquakes and volcanic eruptions along the Madrid Fault in the centre of the USA and the long-expected megaquakes in the San Andreas fault in California. We are already experiencing the effects of Nibiru in our solar system. Earthquake occurrences have been off the charts since 2012. The ring of fire in the Pacific is highly active, the ocean life has been destroyed by Fukushima (the Japanese government just released several hundred tons of radioactive water into the ocean) and Chile just had an 8.3 earthquake. When Nibiru's system gets CLOSE, volcano and earthquake incidences are going to multiply exponentially.

    Are you getting the picture? ISIS, NATO and economic collapse are probably going to be the LEAST of your worries by the time of the Yovel. My point is you are going to have to THINK BIGGER and PREPARE BIGGER.

    Am I a doomsday madman? Go and do your own research as far as scientific data is concerned. I am, in any case, speaking primarily to BELIEVERS who CLAIM to be led by the RUACH (SPIRIT). I am inviting you to ASK YAHWEH and TEST EVRYTHING. I am not asking for blind trust. I am simply warning you to take responsibility for your own lives and to act accordingly. Find out the truth for yourself.

    By the time Nibiru's system becomes visible in December, it will almost certainly be impossible to start a SECOND Year #2 storage program, unless Yahweh shows grace. And He might but I am assuming personally that that grace is being given NOW.

    Some more encouraging news. I have long predicted the élites would fail in their attempts to start World War 3 and set-up a New World Order dictatorship. They are still waging war and are still trying to set up their global fascist state, but they are not achieving their goals. Indeed, the information I have is that the Illuminati itself has split into as many as five different factions. They are, in any case, more concerned about saving their own sklns because THEY ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE Nibiru is on the way and have known about it for a LONG TIME. Indeed, they essentially completed their underground city bunker program back in the 1980s, anticipating this. Russia has already threatened to nuke their underground bases if NATO (which is élite-controlled) starts WW3 and they are more concerned about THAT than they are about their WW3 program. (We'll talk about the Pike Prophecies another time). They have tried to start WW3 so many times alrerady (and failed, because Yahweh has prevented them), so basing any analysis using purely geopolotical data I personally doubt we will see a full-blown WW3 until the Great Tribulation or just before it. Wars and rumours of wars will continue but it is my personal BELIEF we will not see WW3 in our time (but I claim no revelation for that). Nibiru is a much bigger threat and the élites know that.

    I could say a lot more about this topic but my purpose right now is simply to prime you as to very real possibilities, Yahweh has never given me a countdown or date for Nibiru which is why I have said little about it. But you do need to be informed of the possibilities and to respond accordingly in your prepping program. So my counsel to you is to UPGRADE YOUR PREPPING PROGRAM WHILE YOU STILL CAN to make sure you can survive for two years. I have said this before though have tended to focus more on the first year.

    Finally, please don't expect someone else to do your prepping for you and then pass the responsibility on to Yahweh and claim that you are just 'trusting' Him when you have not done anything about it yourself. There are many of us telling you to abandon the parasitic self-entitlement attitude and to DO YOUR PART NOW. What you cannot realistically do, when ALL the avenues have been exhausted, Yahweh can and will do if you have been faithful. Just don't be presumptuous because it could cost you your life and make for much misery. You'll find if not all private storehouses closed to you if you continue with this wicked attitude.

    Faith with works is alive, faith without works is dead (Jas.2:20,26), so don't go recklessly gambling either your salvation or your physical life. In His grace, our Heavenly father has granted this time of prepping. I know many who REFUSE and who will PAY DEARLY. I try to warn you and it is my prayer that some will listen. Because when the dark cloud descends you will be ON YOUR OWN WITH YAHWEH for a season. Consider this to be SPIRITUAL PREPPING and training for the kind of ministry you will have when the 'new world' emerges after these bad times. For the time of the Last Generation begins after the Yovel is over. Life will be completely different at the end of this tribulation period.

      "Unless you repent - radically change the direction of your life - you too will all perish" (Luke 13:3).

    #21 - 19 September 2015

    Prophecies that World War 3 would start on 13 September have, as should be obvious to all, fallen flat on their face and this is causing many to reject ALL prophecy concerning the current times. The nay-sayers, who, in the vast majority of cases, seem to have no prophetic gift at all, are quickly invoking the Torah warning that prophets have to be 100% accurate to be credible. And certainly, under the Old Covenant, such false prophets were stoned to death, for taking the Name of Yahweh in vain.

    This why we must be very careful what we utter and to make sure we clearly distinguish between our own opinions and what the Most High has actually said.

    And a word for those with stones in their hands... show the same kind of mercy as you would wish to have shown in the days of YOUR ignorance when you confidently spout out supposed 'truth' in the days of your ignorance. The penalty for Torah-breaking has been paid for by Messiah - there is an order of mercy now but don't interpret this to mean that you can do whatever you want and mock grace. For that payment came at a HUGE price.

    Janathan Cahn (author of The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah) and others must be forgiven for not knowing the biblical calendar yet - just as those of us did not in the days of OUR ignorance. If he had (and I don't know whether he has been confronted with the truth about it or not) he would have known that the current Sh'mittah (Sabbatical) year does not end until next spring because it started last spring, and not in the autumn/fall.

    The Remnant is on a steep learning curve, especially those coming into it at the last hour who are discovering that SO MUCH of what they were taught in the churches and messianic assemblies was false. We need to be merciful much as those in the know were merciful to us in the days of our ignorance. Far too many are willing to stone ignorant prophets and ironically many of them are anti-Torah but who love to invoke Torah penalties. Just stay away from them (warn them too) and point people to where true prophecy is taking place. Better still, FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF..Bible open and on your knees.

    One other thing we need to remember at this critical time in the world is the fact that the real enemy is not those ignorant of the emet (truth) but the powers and principalties (demons) blinding men and goading them into becoming accusers - and sometimes murderers (of their reputations and sometimes their physical lives) - of the brethren (Rev.12:10).

    I have a lot of good, well-meaning friends who are stuck in false traditions and denominational shackles. I allow them to air their concerns and belief that I have lost it (some are more gracious than others). But I don't mind that because I know the impulse (of those who show grace) is good will. And without that we aren't going to make it. We can agree to disagree with a loving rather than a condemning heart. What unites us is a passionate love for the Saviour and for His Davar (Word) even if veils of unbelief and false teachings may be blidning us to all of its emet (truth). But Yah will take care of that - the Remnant WILL come to unity by the by. Just don't try to force anyone - lead them to the trough but don't dunk their heads into it and expect them to remain your friends.

    Today's message is for my friends who disagree with me. Firstly, I want them to know that I'm OK with that. Only the immature turn away from people who disagree with them. For now we are, inevitably, a 'broad church' (sorry, there's no messianic equivalent for that expression) but Yahweh will take care of that by the by so long as you are an honest seeker.

    Yahweh gives us this amazing promise:

      "Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not" (Jer.33:3, KJV).

    In the primary sense Yahweh is telling Jeremiah that there is a great deal that he doesn't yet know. In the secondary sense, He is saying that ALL of us are ignorant of some things all the time. It takes a special form of pride and arrogance that looks down on others and then condemns them because they do not know as much as we think we do.

    We are not, in any cases, gnostics - those who believe that Gnosis or Knowledge saves (New Agers, Mormons, etc.). And yet you'd be surprised how many gnostics there are in both the churches and messianic assemblies. Gnosticism - salvation-by-knowledge - can spring up anywhere, including in the most die-hard Calvinistic settings. Your religious or spiritual label means nothing - it's who you ARE that tells.

    Yah's Davar (Word) to Jeremiah consists of three parts:

      1. THE MITZVAH (COMMANDMENT) TO PRAY: "Call unto Me";

      2. THE PROMISE THAT YOU'LL GET AN ANSWER: "And I will answer thee"; and

      3. ENCOURAGEMENT FOR YOUR EMUNAH (FAITH): "And shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not [at present]."

    It's OK that you don't know or understand right now but so long as you obey Him and keep praying, you WILL get an answer. It may not be the answer you want, it may come in a wholly unexpected way, and it likely will not be according to the timetable you would like. But if you are persistent, you will get gnosis (knowledge), through emunah (faith). It's the emunah (faith) part that saves and guarantees the answer - remember that. That way, as Paul says, you'll have nothing to boast about except Christ (Eph.2:9; Gal.6:14).

    The faithful Remnant IS being shown great and marvelous things which it never dreamed of. And that because of its emunah (faith) and persistence - because it "sticks with it", perseveres, has patience.

    So I am here for my sceptical friends because I have every confidence that eventually they will see things more or less the way I do at present. And by the same token, I hope those who are ahead of me on the playing field will show me the same grace. It is, as I said, a steep learning curve, but its end is glorious.

    So go easy on Cahn and others like him - he has stuck his neck out far more than most of us. You have to take risks to get anywhere and he has taken them. He has had a HUGE impact in waking up Americans and others and Yahweh bless him for that. But he's human and on the same learning curve. His work will not have been in vain.

    #20 - 20 September 2015

    A lot of people are setting themselves up for a massive disappointment on 23 September 2015 if they believe any of the following things:

    • 1. The world is going to end;
    • 2. Believers are going to be raptured away;
    • 3. World War 3 is going to break out;
    • 4. Christ is going to return physically and visibly; or
    • 5. The current Sh'mittah (Sabbatical) year ends and the Yovel (Jubilee) year starts resulting in the judgment of the United States and/or the whole world.

    The world - and that includes the Christian world - is walking blindly in a theological and prophetic haze, not knowing the Scriptures and deceived by false doctrine.

    For one, THERE WILL BE NO RAPTURE - it's an escapist myth. We will be caught up in the sky to meet Yah'shua (Jesus) when He does return but it won't be to some other planet - we'll be returning HERE WITH HIM right away for the Millennium.

    One other thing, there won't be any 'rapture' in 2015 either...or 2016 or at any time in the 21st century or ever. If you believe in the rapture, you have been grossly deceived by a modern heresy. If you only want to read one article about it, then read this one.

    Yah'shua (Jesus) is not returning during this generation. He will return sometime in the future in the next one.

    Finally, the Sh'mittah and Yovel begin and end in the spring, NOT at Yom Kippur in the autumn/fall.

    But doesn't Leviticus 25:8-12 tell us that the Yovel begins at Yom Kippur? No, it says we are to ANNOUNCE it then so that the world has time to prepare in advance. For a through study, please see this article.

    What about the financial collapse? Mightn't it occur on 23 September? It might or it might not. I haven't been told though I know a number of people who are saying it will, or round about then. We'll just have to wait and see. Just be sure you're prepared and have your money out of the bank and the bulk of it converted into precious metals and/or food and other items essential for survival.

    If you have now read the article on Yom haKippurim or 'Day of Atonements' (plural, not singular Yom Kippur or 'Day of Atonement') then you will know that this day concerns not the world or any secular country but ISRAEL - not the modern 'Republic of Israel' (which isn't any biblical Israel, mind you) but TRUE TORAH-OBEDIENT BELIEVERS IN THE MASTER YAH'SHUA THE MESSIAH (JESUS CHRIST). In other words, this is the day that all Christians and Messianics come under CORPORATE judgment for their collective conduct over the previous year and on this occasion for the previous seven years. We are to be judged as a single family.

    I can tell you right now that the result is NOT going to be good which is why there has ALREADY been a separation of the spiritually alive from the spiritually dead. The spiritually alive will not be affected but those who are pretending or are being disobedient may not expect good things.

    Our only concern right now need be whether we are on the ark of safety or outside confronting the raging swell.

    What about the much spoken of Judgment of America by such witnesses at Jonathan Cahn? He's right, America is about to be judged, but it has nothing to do with 23 September (Yom Kippur) or any red blood moons.

    The Judgment of the USA is a separate event from the Sacred Calendar because though America is an Israelite nation (West Manasseh) and though she is under a national covenant with Yahweh, as Cahn correctly teaches, she is not under the Covenant of Messianic Israel. Her judgment comes on 10 October, or at the very least the nevi'im (prophets) will announce it on that day and then it will unfold.

    You may expect a series of events to take place that will accelerate her decline leading to an ignominious fall like that of the Roman Empire she has come to imitate and resumble.

    In the late fourth century AD, the Western Roman Empire crumbled after a nearly 500-year run as the world’s greatest superpower. Historians have blamed the collapse on hundreds of different factors ranging from military failures and crippling taxation to natural disasters and even climate change. Still others argue that the Roman Empire didn’t really fall in 476 A.D., since its eastern half continued for another thousand years in the form of the Byzantine Empire. While just how — and when — the Empire fell remains a subject of ongoing debate, certain theories have emerged as the most popular explanations for Western Rome’s decline and disintegration.

    Manasseh, like Rome, also has Western and Eastern halves - the USA and Germany, respectively. As America falls, so Germany will rise again.

    The Roman Empire collapsed for a number of different reasons but chief among them was invasions, overreliance on slave labour, over-expansion and military overspending, government corruption and political instability, the loss of traditional values (immorality).

    We should not be using Yom haBikkurim to concern ourselves about our countries or worry about being whisked away into outer space to the Planet Raptured. We need to be interceeding for the Body of Christ. We need to be pleading for mercy for corrupt believers. We need to be at the Golden Altar of Incense praying hard!

    That is why I hope you'll be doing from sundown on Tuesday.

    66. SHABBAT SHUVAH 2015
    #19 - 21 September 2015

    Shabbat shalom! Today there is a special Shabbat Shuvah message.

    #18 - 22 September 2015

    Yom Kippur begings at sundown this evening for most of you - check our Dynamic Calendar in case it begins a day before or a day after in your part of the world. My main Yom haKippurim messages will be given tomorrow.

    So many believers are ill-prepared for what is coming because they have not taken the word of the nevi'im (prophets) seriously and have not even bothered to go to Yahweh with an open mind and heart for confirmation.

    There is a famous messianic prophecy in the Book of Zechariah, chapter 13, verses 7-9, that speaks of the consequences for followers of a Shepherd when that shepherd is cut off. Earlier Zechariah speaks of "the pierced one" (Zech,12:10-13:6), an undoubted reference to Yah'shua (Jesus).

    However, as with all important prophecies, there are multiple layers and general principles that are repeated many times in multiple events. The assassination of a national leader or the spiritual fall of a pastor or evangelist are two examples of what I mean. Let's take a look at this messianic passage and you will see what I am getting at:

      "Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, against the man who is My associate, says Yahweh of hosts. Strike the shepherd, that the sheep may be scattered; I will turn my hand against the little ones. In the whole land, says Yahweh. TWO-THIRDS SHALL BE CUT OFF AND PERISH, AND ONE THIRD SHALL BE LEFT ALIVE. AND I WILL PUT THIS THIRD INTO THE FIRE, refine them as one refines silver, and test them as gold is tested. They will call on My Name, and I will answer them. I will say, 'These are My people', and they will say, 'Yahweh is our Elohim (God)'" (Zech.13:7-9, NRSV).

    Amongst the malakim (angels) one third fell away and two-third remained loyal to Yahweh-Elohim. Amongst mankind it is the other way round. When this judgment and shaking are over, two thirds of those who call themselves Bible-believing 'Christian' or 'Messianic' will no longer identify themselves as believers of the true Elohim. Their reasons will be many but one will be that they do not want to be refined or purified, because they are unwilling to suffer to have their robes washed white.

    It is well to view judgment in the understanding that it is a cleansing process, for all the sins that we have committed and failed to resist and repent of. As I look at myself in this season of Teshuvah or Repentance I am appalled. I know perfectly well I have failed, and I say this not to put on a show of false piety but because I know it to be a fact. My whole soul acknowledges it.

    So I approach Yom haKippurim, which starts this evening, as one deserving of judgment knowing that this is the condition of the WHOLE Body of Messiah. We kid ourselves if we think we, or our group, is otherwise. We throw ourselves collectively at the feet of the merciful Messiah. Two-thirds of Christendom will not but the rest will when they understands that their shepherds cannot save them or absolve them of their sins. Silently and penitently we go in the invisible to the Master, one and all, to our Heavenly Cohen Gadol (High Priest), Yah'shua (Jesus) and seek His pardon and cleansing as a nation. I hope to see you there.

    68. YOM HA'KIPPURIM 2015
    #17 - 23 September 2015

    See Yom haKippurim 2015: Judgment of the Body of Messiah, Announcing the Coming Year of Jubillee

    #16 - 24 September 2015

      "Yes, thus says Yahweh-Elohim: I will deal with you as you have done, you who have despised the oath, breaking the covenant; yet I will remember my covenant with you in the days of your youth, and I will establish with you an everlasting covenant. Then you will remember your ways, and be ashamed when I take your sisters, both your elder and your younger, and give them to you as daughters, but not on account of My covenant with you. I will establish My covenant with you, and you shall know that I am Yahweh, in order that you may remember and be confounded, and never open your mouth again because of your shame, when I forgive you all that you have done, says Yahweh-Elohim" (Ezek.16:59-63, ESV).

    When you are through with finding fault with Yahweh, you will be pardoned, and be purified. But first comes your shame for sin when your two sisters - Samaria and Sodom - are given to you as daughters. In other words, you are now being compared with Samaria and Sodom, whose judgments for sin were very terrible. In other words, you, America, and your utterly corrupt allies, have multiplied Samaria's idolatry and Sodom's perversion many times over, and committed more abominable sin than they ever did, as Judah did in the days of Ezekiel. But when you have come to your senses, Yahweh will be gracious. But first comes the long night of repentance when you have received judgment for your wickedness.

    It's going to be a long, long haul, so be ready. When the declarations of abominations are over in 16 days' time, then you will feel the hand of Yahweh as Samaria and Sodom once did.

    Mark these words.

    #15 - 25 September 2015

    I had a dream this morning. And in the dream three men from Northern Ireland - ministers - came to my home and began praying in my courtyard. They were praying for Iain Paisley. As they began to pray I separated from them and wend down the hill and to a patch of stinging nettles. And there I wept bitterly. I wept for Iain Paisley. And as I wept, I knew that he was gone.

    When I awoke and started to think about this dream I wondered what it could have meant. Iain Paisley died last September (2014). Then I understood. I was weeping because there were no great ministers and preachers like Iain Pasley in Northern Ireland any more. The likes of him - bold, strong, courageous, fiery, and solidly grounded in the Davar (Word) were few and far between.

    I know exactly what Paisley would have been preaching today in the light the Pope's visit to Washington DC. He would not have minced his words. His voice would have thundered out and he would have been Yahweh's navi (prophet) speaking out against that gathering of perdition.

    Northern Ireland is in need of true nevi'im (prophets), but not just the Ulster folk, but the whole world. In Washington DC the Pope has been received with rapturous acclaim by the USA's 70 million catholics (22% of the population) and by millions of other Americans. He has received a welcome like the American troops returning home from Europe and the Far East after the last world conflict. He preached a 'gospel' alright, not of Yah'shua (Jesus) and not of holiness, but a 'gospel' of climate change and of refugees, a 'gospel' of socialism.

    There are 1.2 billion Catholics in the world and all but a thimblefull will support whatever their global vicar tells them to do or believe. No matter that his message is almost diametrically opposite to his predecessor, no matter that it has nothing to do with our Messiah. They will follow him blindly as Mormons do their Presidents with their contradictory teachings, or the Jehovah's Witnesses with the ever changing prophecies of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, or the charismatics with their ever wilder antics and Catholic-supporting mega-evangelists, or the followers of President Obama who has spoken more lies publically than all the other US Presidents put together. Spiritually lazy and unrepentant people will follow every pied-piper who promises them something for nothing, whether it be socialist paradise or Jehovah's Kingdom.

    There are those who say Iain Pasley 'lost it' toward the end of his life as the First Minister of Northern Ireland, that he made political compromises with the Catholic IRA terrorists. I cannot comment on that. I have heard his speeches and interviews. I cannot judge his heart or motives. Certainly he was not wrong to want an end to the slaughter in that sad, blood-stained province of the United Kingdom. "Blessed are the peace-makers", Yah'shua (Jesus) said (Mt.5:9) and whilst it may be argued that that has a political dimension we know full well that shalom-makers are first and foremost in the business of persuading men to make shalom (peace) with Elohim (God). So long as a minister does not blunt the edge of his Gospel message, so long as he does not compromise with evil, then he is surely blessed in his attempts to create peace and reconcilliation among men.

      "Peacemakers who sow in shalom (peace) raise a harvest of righteousness" (Jas.3:18, NIV).

    No. And here we have been deceived. First, Yah'shua (Jesus), whom the Pope claims to worship, said this:

      "Do not suppose I have come to bring shalom (peace) to the earth. I did not come to bring shalom (peace) but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law againhst her mother-in-law - a man's enemies will be members of his own household" (Mt.10:34-35, NIV).

    Was Yah'shua (Jesus) a war-monger? A deliberate sower of family discord? Of course not. He came to bring salvation to the world and was the messenger of peace, but not any old 'peace'. and certainly not the devil's version of 'peace'-through-compromise with emet (truth). He came to bring shalom (peace of soul) and the only way to that kind of peace is through self-surrender. The Master explained what He meant:

      "Anyone who loves his father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me; and anyone who does not take his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me. Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it" (Mt.10:37-39, NIV).

    The reason there is warfare in families and in the world-family (mankind) is because there is a conflict of interest between following Messiah and following the devil. The trials and temptations engendered by that struggle come into no sharper focus than in the home which may be said to be the final battle-ground. Believers love their homes and families passionately and the devil loathes them. So the devil creates conflict and then tries to shift the blame on the Besorah (Gospel), "See, this is what religion/Christianity/extremism" does." And he is a liar, as always.

    Obama is one of the best documented worst liars of our century and probably the last too. What is the leader of the worlds largest 'Christian' religion from Rome doing pandering to him and to his élitist, occultic, satanic and Islam-sympathetic handlers? Iaian Paisley would never have had any doubt in his mind what the answer to that question would have been were he still alive. But Yahweh took him home, giving him an honourable discharge. Yes, he had some wrong doctrines, yes he was an antinomian, but he was an undoubted man of the Book and a passionate follower of Christ. No honest man can deny that. He was the man-of-the-moment, in the breach where it counted, and a true Protestant in every sense of the world. Because of him Ulster remained Christian longer than the rest of the UK. There are very few true Protestants left. Most of them are in the Pope's pocket and more will follow until it becomes an avalanche because they will be deceived by the devil's rallying call, "Peace at any cost."

    Now I cited James 3:18 to you earlier in the New International Version which is pretty representative of English-language Bibles, Protestant and Catholic alike: "Peacemakers who sow in shalom (peace) raise a harvest of righteousness" (Jas.3:18, NIV). But that isn't what the text says. In the Aramaic it reads:

      "And the fruits of righteousness are sown in FERTILE LAND by them that make shalom (peace)" (Jas.3:18, AENT).

    You see, the Greek translator has used eyrene (from which we get the English name 'Irene') to render TWO DIFFERENT ARAMAIC WORDS. The first word the Greek translators renders 'peace' is SHAYNA which can indeed mean 'peace' or 'stillness' but it has a second meaning of 'CULTIVATED LAND'. There is no doubt this is the intended meaning because it reinforces the sowing imagery already used by James. It matches perfectly what the Master taught in Matthew 13:3-23, Mark 4:3-20, Luke 8:5-17 and John 12:24-26 and what Paul discoursed on in 1 Corinthians 15.

    The fruits of righteousness that make shalom (peace) can only come about when the Davar Elohim (Word of God) is sown in prepared (repentant) hearts. It cannot take root in the heart of an unbeliever or that of a false believer. There is the world's or devil's 'peace' of those compelled to submit to the dictatorial authority of a false messiah and there is the genuine shalom (peace) of one who is submitted to the emet (love) and Torah-emet (truth) of the Saviour. And never the twain shall meet.

    Paisley knew the difference between the two but most 'Christians' and 'Messianics' do not. Politicians want 'peace' so that they can maintain their power and rule undisturbed by protestors again, and opponents of, their wickedness. Satan wants 'peace' in the sense that he wants non-resistance to his rule in the Babylonian world-system of which America is currently at the head and for which she is about to be severely judged. Both are happy to resort to violence and oppression to attain their 'peace'. Yah'shua (Jesus) forces no one into His Kingdom but warns that there will inevitable conflict between these two sides and that the worst of it will be in the home. He was simply speaking reality, the reality the world is in accute denial of. He did not - and does not want - conflict. But He knows the beginning and end of all matters, and one thing He has always known is that planet earth would become a conflict zone so that men's faith might be tested and grow. There's a constructive reason why the devil has been let loose here.

    We live in an homogenised world. The goal of the élites is to have an homogenised mass of humanity, sardines-in-a-can, all thinking alike, all subdued and servile. The message of valiant and fearless men like Paisley were antithetical to the satanist dream that is now unfolding apace.

    The Papal visit to the United States, in which he is being treated as a super-star, is in direct violation of America's National Covenant that Jonthan Cahn speaks of in his book, The Harbinger. Both Pope and American President are communists as well as being Catholic and Muslim, respectively. How can they be both? Because in the occult world the outer is a charade, an act, concealing the inner agenda. Outwardly they are Catholic and Muslim to appeal to those groupings of people who together constitute a huge chunk of humanity, but they are neither. Outwardly they are socialists to appeal to the secularists and atheists. Inwardly they are both satanists serving the élites and THAT they are keeping well concealed...for now.

    Yahweh knew this meeting would happen. And though no navi (prophet) that I know of has at an earlier time spoken of it, our Navi (Prophet) and Cohen Gadol (High Priest) certainly did and recorded it in history. The city we now call Washington D.C. was built on land originally owned by a Roman Catholic named FRANCIS POPE. David Ovason writes of this in his book, The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capital, pp.8-9:

      "In 1663 the owner of this tract of land had been one Francis Pope. It has been suggested that Pope was slyly joking with his own name when he called the hill Rome—and the inlet marking the western boundary of his land the Tiber, after the famous river of the ancient city...

      "Indeed, the story might easily be taken for the stuff of myth, were it not supported by a long manuscript in the Maryland State Archives, at Annapolis. The deed, dated June 5, 1663, is in the name of Francis Pope, and sets out the basis for a survey and granting of a strip of land called Rome, bounded by the inlet called Tiber."

    Pope Francis wasn't joking. The United States of America BECAME A PROVINCE OF ROME - specifically the VATICAN - when it welcomed its Catholic Pontiff as a returning Potentate on 23 September during the qadosh (sacred, holy, set-apart) feastival of Yom haKippurim, the time when Yah'shua (Jesus) judges Israel and the world. Pope Francis has been speaking in HIS American capital ('Rome') and HIS Congress, and this 266th pope purposefully chose the 266th day of the year to address Congress and to stake his claim. And he was more than happy to greet the chief activists of the Bisexual community in the White House - on 'Bisexual Day' - that Obama had arranged. Because spiritually that is what the two are - they're 'both' and 'neither'.

    It must not be forgotten, if you want to understand what is going on in the Middle East, that the Roman Church created Islam. The two are inter-linked in spite of falling-outs over the centuries. Both need each other because both are counterfeit religions. Each knows enough history about the respective religions to sink the other so they are inseparable. And we see a foreshadowing of ISLAM'S judgment when least 717 people were killed and 863 injured in a stampede near Mecca, Saudi Arabia, yesterday morning, on the first day of Eid al-Adha, one of the holiest days in the Moslim calendar, as millions of Moslims were making their pilgrimage, or hajj, to Mecca. It is again no 'accident' that this year the hajj takes place during this moed season. A clear prophetic warning prior to this was given when on 11 September over 107 Moslems were killed and 239 injured in the Grand Mosque in Mecca when a crane collapsed on the building during high winds. Similar winds have been blowing in the Republic of Israel, a sandstorm preventing the Karaite Jews from determining when their 'Yom Kippur' would begin because of two days of sandstorms. They are celebrating that today.

    So both the American President and the Pope are symbolically and typically 'homosexual' and 'heterosexual' because they HAVE to be. They are deceiving many communities who believe in different things. Rome ensured that the 'Virgin Mary' would be venerated in Islam because that is Catholicism's pagan goddess - not the actual mother of Yah'shua (Jesus), who was in any case a mortal human like us and who offered up sacrifices in her day for her sins, but a DEMONESS known by many names in the occult - please see, Morena: The End-Time Antivirgin and Mother Goddess.

    Obama, in his speech, told the pope that he believes in the freedom of religion. He believes no such thing. He believes only in the freedom of people to say whatever they want about religion PROVIDED it does not violate the emerging One World Religion's 'Peace Accord' and agenda which is, amongst other things, the acceptance and acknowledgement that all religions are EQUALLY TRUE. And this is what these papal days in America are all about. This is the apex of sins leading to America's judgment.

    The American President and Catholic Pope have both blasphemed Yahweh's moedim (fixed, mandated appointments) and particularly this year on the Day of Atonements, Yom haKippurim, a date which the demonically-controlled élites deliberately chose in order to spit in Yahweh's eye. Their arrogance and cockiness is, moreover, on account of the fact that either they think they have it all sown up or because they are in a panic as their plans are starting to go wrong. They're not in control. They are about to see all their hard work come apart, giving us a respite of a generation.

    There are but two days to Sukkot (Tabernacles) and then, starting five days afterwards, the One who is REALLY in control will make His presence plainly known and fully felt.

    #14 - 26 September 2015

    I am an Englishman, born in Singapore, raised in Malaysia, educated in England and then sent by revelation to Scandinavia to help build the Kingdom, and specifically to Norway and Sweden. It is in Sweden that I now live, and indeed have lived here longer than anywhere else.

    Having nearly frozen to death here for nearly 20 years (remember, I come originally from the tropics) I have often asked Yahweh if I could move elsewhere, preferably to a warmer climate. But every time I have asked Him, He has unequivocally told me to stay put.

    Why? What is so special about Sweden? It is, after all, the Illuminati's most successful experiment, becoming the seedbed for Illuminist planing since 1944 for the New World Order as an alternative method to bloody communist or fascist revolution. The EU has copy-catted the 'Swedish model' and now it is the USA's turn, along with the rest of the West.

    Sweden is the least family-friendly place in the whole of Europe and authentic Christianity here has nearly all but been wiped out. And it's the first 'democracy' to outlaw homeschooling (normally totalitarian states do). It is also the most generous of all nations in giving sanctuary to refugees, the government exploiting the good-will of the electorate whom it has both hoodwinked and brainwashed as to the real purpose behind multiculturalism: the destruction of Christianity.

    But Sweden is rapidly imploding, both economically and socially. It has the highest rape and suicide index in Europe and its national character has almost been totally destroyed by its 'progressive' neo-Marxist rulers. The Swedish Church is but a pale copy of the Marxist political establishment and the heavily censored press that defines everything tows the government line. We have a social dictatorship here.

    Yet Yahweh has marked Sweden for a special purpose. Like America, it, along with Finland and Estonia which were once one country together, has a national covenant with Yahweh. And like Finland, it is not a member of NATO (along with Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia, Serbia, Monte Negro, Macedonia and Cyrpus (though Cyprus has a British NATO base on it)). In the event of a conflict with Russia and/or China, this means that these countries would likely be spared the worst of any war damage....assuming it is not nuclear.

    Key: Purple = EU + NATO; Blue = EU but not NATO;
    Orange = NATO but not EU; Grey = Not NATO or EU

    As the United States (West Manasseh) falls, so Germany (East Manasseh) will arise to fill the power vacuum left by Washington DC and the financial vacuum left by the UK. We may expect great changes in the years ahead.

    But Sweden, Finland and Estonia have a special mission in the revival that is coming to Europe. Here, in the midst of the most socially controlled people in the whole of Europe, Yahweh will do a marvelous work and a wonder. Sweden (with Finland and Estonia - tribe of Napthali) is to become the leader of one one of four spiritual loci of permanent revival until Messiah comes, the others being Kenya (Africa), Bolivia (South America ) and the Philippines (Asia).

    So in the midst of the emerging social and economic chaos, remember these nations. Other countries will have revivals which will come and go but not be permanent. As one set of lights gets extinguished, a new set will be lit. Be of good cheer!

    #13 - 27 September 2015

    With the 13- and 23-ers still wiping the mud off their faces and setting new dates for World War 3, it is time, once again, to stop fooling around with prophecy and to stick with what Yahweh has CLEARLY revealed and NO MORE. We are all of us accustomed to either think, or to interpret Scripture, the way we have been taught by MEN or because we have been fooled into supposing PSYCHIC phenomena (like our personal feelings or thoughts popping into our head) were the actual Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). And while the Ruach (Spirit) certainly impacts thoughts and feelings, the Ruach (Spirit) is never the thoughts and feelings themselves. Too many believers make this mistake, the most susceptible being those of a charismatic disposition.

    Last night I asked Yahweh, "Where do we go now?" and He answered immediately with an intense vision, I saw a couple of green military-like trucks moving rapidly, though with some difficulty down a straight country road, with forest either side, in the middle of one of the heaviest rain storms I have ever seen in my life. I come from the tropics, as most of you know, and I have experienced heavy tropic storms that would demolish a Western umbrella in seconds (we used heavy bamboo ones). And the storm in this vision was FAR WORSE than that.

    The meaning is very plain which can be summarised in these main points:


    • 2. Make sure you are WELL COVERED; and

    • 3. Be SELF-DISCIPLINED as you would be in the army and be ALERT.

    In such a storm you cannot see very far ahead and you cannot travel fast. So patience is required and emunah (faith). There is so much going on - the 'storm' - that it's hard to keep up with it but so long as we are traveling surely but cautiously we will have nothing to fear. When we need to know something, Yahweh will speak. What we must NOT do is invent a 'word of God' to comfort people or to gain popularity.

    I am very strongly led to talk to you today about COVERING. All Biblle-educated believers know that we are covered by the Blood of the Lamb and that emet (truth) we proclaim, and employ, unapologetically. But what many, if not most, believers, do not always understand is believing in a theological proposition, however true, is not enough if there are other thoughts and feelings which are not of Messiah continue to be believed, and to some extent continue to be translated into action and deeds (behaviour), which can puncture that covering with holes. You don't want to be in a leaking truck during a heavy storm because holes and tears considerable weaken the tarpaulin and can result in their being destroyed.

    False beliefs mixed in with the true are always potentially fatal. There is a Torah principle which we ignore at out peril that is illustrated in a number of places:

      "You shall not wear a material mixed of wool and linen together" (Dt.22:11, NASB)

      "You shall not plow with an ox and a donkey together" (Dt.22:10, NASB)

    The second mitzvah (commandment) is perhaps more obvious in its purpose than the first because if you have two different animals of unequal strength they will either not plough straight or the one will carry the heavier load and tire out rapidly. Other Scriptures talk about such things as not being unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Cor.6:14 - a midrash on Dt.22:10) because the marriage will be unstable and cause much distress to both parents and children, oftentimes ripping it apart. There are mitzvot (commandments) forbidding us to marry unbelievers, whether they be atheists, agnostics, those from other religions, or unregenerated Christians or Messianics. The reason why ought to be common sense yet believers disobey and rebel and wonder why troubles come. And you don't want those kinds of stresses in a spiritual storm. For the same reason no army enlists someone who has sympathies with the enemy because it is inviting a Fifth Column into its midst. The worst enemy of a nation or an army is betrayal from within, the problem the USA and other Western nations have right now.

    You cannot be of two minds and survive this storm as it develops. You cannot be like the bulk of this world and claim multiple allegiences and not bother to figure out the consequences. I have already talked to you about our politicians who are veritable chamelions - they are one thing to one segment of the electorate and the total opposite to another as they try to dishonestly court support. Does anyone know whether President Obama is a Moslim, Christian or communist-atheist? He has certainly posed as such but in reality he is a satanist.

    Last night Yahweh showed me, in some dreams, where there were still some disjunctive beliefs in my being, leftovers from long ago. I can share one of them for illustration purposes. In one I was dressed as an Anglican clergyman and whilst I hate that particular garb, I do have a soft spot for 'old England', in which the Church of England played a major rôle as an integrator of society that was decent and law-abiding. I must admit I long for that in our modern chaotic world. But the trouble is, Anglicanism still has roots in Catholicism (there are Anglo-Catholics who are all but Catholic in name) and the monarchy. I outgrew the monarchy long ago when I discovered how corrupt and evil it is and Catholicism has never fooled me in its real agenda and spirit.

    Yahweh abhores a doctrinal, spiritual or moral mixture (like kabbalism and messianism). There is only one Emet (Truth), only one Emunah (Faith), only one Code of Morality and they are non-negociable. Many of the more 'obscure' mitzvot (commandments) have, as their main purpose, to underline this divine tavnith (pattern) and principle. The Torah is, indeed, full of the importance of ceremonial cleanness because the high principles they represent are also clean and we must not mix them with Satan's perversions of them even if they SEEM similar. Yahweh bewails the sin of Samaria, saying:

    "How long will they be incapable of purity?" (Hos.8:5, NIV)

    Young people are especially called "to set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in ahavah (love), in emunah (faith) and in PURITY" (1 Tim.4:12, NIV) because they are under tremendous peer pressure to imitate the world. Our conduct in all things is to be "with absolute purity" (1 Tim.5:2, NIV). Women in particular are to set an example in this for the sake of less spiritual husbands so that their men can "be won over without words by the behaviour of their wives, when they see the PURITY and REVERENCE of your lives" (1 Pet.3:2, NIV).

    You see, I love traditional Anglican hymnody and much of the old culture that is now dead but there are dangers of taking on board 'other baggage' when you try to imitate a system that is not pure. We are imitators by nature, whether we care to admit it or not, and there are many admonitions in Scripture to, first, imitate Messiah in everything (requiring familiarity with the Davar/Word), and mature spiritual leaders like the apostles. Judaism takes this to an extreme by insisting that the disciples of a rabbi under whose instruction they come be imitated down to even their minutest mannerisms...which would be fine in theory were the rabbi the spitting image of our Saviour but in practice can be both dangerous and sometimes absurd (like imitating a stutter or a limp).

    Do you realise how discerning you have to be at this dangerous time, and in the time ahead before the Second Coming, in order to both survive and be victorious in Messiah? This is not a small thing and it is especially now that THE DETAILS COUNT. Don't treat 'little sins' as though they were unimportant. Little sins grow into big ones. Little sins, like horse-shoe nails, can ruin nations. If Yahweh is particular about what you can and cannot mix, you can be 100% sure that He also wants you to be attentive to the little things once you have the big ones - like MERCY, GRACE and JUSTICE - in the bag. Never be so cocky as to suppose that the little things don't matter. They can just as easily bring you down as the big ones. The fact that the consequences of disobeying the 'minor' mitzvot (commandments) may not be so apparent at first and that it may take time to appreciate their destructive effects doesn't mean they are unimportant. A small pebble from the Brook Elah brought down Goliath but a small pebble in Satan's arsenal can bring down a believer too. Be warned.

    A lot of believers mockingly dismiss what are sometimes wrongly termed 'permissive sins'. They reason, with their fallible, fallen minds - the genius along with the not-so-bright - that, to quote a rather arrogant British pilot who gained fame in the RAF in the last world conflict, who said that "rules were invented as guidelines for the wise but to be obeyed by idiots". Yahweh's rules were invented by Yahweh for the well-being of EVERYONE, monarchs as well as peasants. There aren't two sets of rules for different 'classes' of people because no-one is 'excepted' because NO-ONE is morally and spiritually EXCEPTIONAL. If they were, then wise Solomon would not have fallen to become the greatest fool, and David would not have committed adultery, murder, favouritism among his sons or called for a census to see how strong the national arm of flesh was apart from Yahweh's protecting Hand.

    Don't be fooled. You may think that eating bacon is unimportant. You may think the Royal Priesthood can enjoy a glass of wine. You may think the festivals don't matter. You may believe you are immune to influence in an area of sin which you THINK you have overcome and forget that Yahweh has told you to FORSAKE the company of sinners for social purposes. We are to 'mix' with them ONLY for the purpose of evangelism and then 'unmix' as quickly. You may not believe it but you WILL be subtly and gradually leavened by the habitual company of unbelievers. I say this as a minister who has seen believers SO MANY TIMES, brethren and sisters who thought they were strong and immune. Don't be a fool. Be obedient. And if not for yourself, then at least for your spouse, children and brethren.

    Last night Yahweh showed me something else. Several times He awakened me and I felt the urge of the Ruach (Spirit) to 'see beyond'. And though He would not show me the precise nature of the future, I most definitely FELT ITS SPIRIT. About all I can say - because finding words is hard when you interface with something unfamiliar and unknown - is that the spirit of the coming time, along with the dark powers that drive it, will be UNLIKE ANYTHING WE HAVE EVER KNOWN, so different is it going to be. And as a corollary to that, I might add - and more importantly for our well-being - was the sense that the DEGREE and QUALITY of the PRESENCE OF YAHWEH was going to be different too.

    I did not jest earlier when I said we were leaving one aeon and entering another. It may sound flippant to have announced that but I most assuredly tell you that is the reality. The changeover does not, however, occur in a day, and that is why everything seems so 'slow' and 'ponderous', much to the dismay of the pop-'prophets' who have been anouncing this disaster or that. And, yes, they're right, in a way, for most of those disasters will will come, but not necessarily as they imagined and clearly not accourding to the timetables they have been announcing...and getting egg on their faces when it has not happened.

    You cannot 'view' what is happening, and what is about to happen, in the familiar terms of the current or previous century. The changeover will not be unlike that of suddenly waking up to an alien invasion and having to adapt to a totally new set of life variables. Of course, I am not speaking of a literal alien invasion though I am not at all excluding intra-dimensional beings invading our space and time. They're here already - for real - and coming in ever greater numbers.

    Last night I was showing some Christian guests some UFO's which are clearly visible from our home. They saw them through our telescopes and cameras. They were scared (one was terrified) because it suddenly hit them that this was real. I showed them the dozens of movies and pictures I have taken of them over the years. They wanted to know what they were and who they were dealing with and they were not prepared for the answers.

    Most believers aren't going to be able to cope with the big changes because their minds and hearts will shut down, paralysed. They were either never taught by their brainwashed ministers or they refused to believe the accounts they had heard, following timidly with the other brainwashers of society, the media and their presstitute writers. But they will have to face what's coming now whether they like it or not. Would you know how to deal with some nephilim if they turned up on your property? Do you think simple deliverance prayers are going to be enough? How will you deal with part-humans and part-machines? Or chimeras? Do you even know what these things ARE? Do you yet know how to discern between the Ruach (Spirit) and your own psyche? Or someone's psyche impinging on, and influencing, your own? Can you discern between all the clutter in the airwaves being beamed at humanity? Can you even make sense of the different voices in your head? 'Onward Christian soldiers' makes no sense if the soldiers are unarmed, naked and wounded.

    Are you covered? Is the Sukkah over your head immaculate? Or does it have tears and holes caused by wrong belief and disobedience? Tomorrow is SUKKOT, the Feast of Tabernacles or Coverings. You're going to need what spiritually Sukkot provides. And, yes, it's about the future Marriage Feast of the Lamb which we are looking forward to because we need the hope it brings, but it's a lot more than that. It's also about coveringS for our time.

    Be sure you are ready for the storms that are NOW and that are COMING not just in terms of prepping or physical preparedness but now - urgently so - in terms of SPIRITUAL PREPAREDNESS. We are in a very hazy zone right now between the old aeon and the new one. The rain is beating down hard and visibility is low, so you need additional tracking devices.

    I will see you at the Feast tomorrow. Amen.

    #12 - 28 September 2015

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    #05 - 5 October 2015

    Chag sameach Shemini Atseret! Today there is a special sermon, Shemini Atseret 2015: The Penultimate Reset of the World

    #04 - 6 October 2015

    The autumn (fall) festivals are over but we can by no means return to 'normal' as we might have done in past years. We have spent the last 8 days focussed on our Bridegroom Messiah and have rejoiced in His salvation and promises.

    This morning I awoke to the worst chemtrail spraying over my home that I have ever seen. They are no longer trying to disguise the trails as water vapour coming from commercial airliners flying in the straight lines. Today I watched the plane as it looped the sky again and again until there was a veritable spaghetti junction of poison in the sky. The Enemy is going for bust seeking to destroy as much life as he can. But this time it is the Enemy who is going to be busted, along with his willing servants. And the beginning of the End for him is but 4 days away.

    People are starting to wake up but it is too late if their hope is to escape the Jugdment without actually doing something about their separated condition by repenting and changing their lives radically. We pray for Yah's mercy - it is all we can do - but once the train of sin with its human passengers derails there is not a lot you can do to prevent what follows. Sin has consequences and the longer you postpone repentance, the worse are the consequences.

    Today I want to share a vision I saw four days ago which I did not feel led to share until it had been tested by the brethren and sisters of MLT, several of whom have shared their understandings with me. Since our interpretations are almost identical with differences only in respect of different levels of meaning, I can now share it with you for your edification.

    I saw a bus-load of people driving down a small, straight tarmac road in a typical yellow bus belonging to the Värmland Bus Company here in Sweden. This road is just beyond our house that leads to our local village and then goes further on into the main town of our municipality. When the bus had passed by, I saw a child standing by the road next to a dead goat. Behind this point next to, and nearly surrounding, our home is the remains of a forest that was cut down two or three years ago which is now used as a grazing area for sheep. There is a watering station quite close by for the sheep. Neither the boy nor the goat's body had been there before the bus had passed by. The goat rapidly began to decompose and at length a large, thick, luscious green bush grew where the corpse had once lain. The moment the bush had grown up, which was literally within 2-3 seconds, the child parted the branches in front of him and walked into the bush where he completely disappeared, to be hidden and protected for a season. It was then I sensed he was an orphan. Then the vision closed.

    This vision has meanings on multiple levels. We will examine these in turn. The first and most important one concerns those of the faithful Remnant believers who failed to come up to the Ark because of disobedience and/or procrastination. The fact that the location was very close indeed to our house indicates that they are not far off from us spiritually-speaking. Instead of preparing as they ought to have done, whether spiritually or physically (or both), having failed to meet the time limits given by the several countdowns, is, of course, to their cost. BUT - and here we see Yahweh's mercy or undeserved loving kindness - provided they GENUINELY repent NOW, there is hope for them in the form of special provision and protection. They had been on a regular commercial bus, representing the world behaving according to its schedules and routines, but got off just short of one of the places of safety ordained for this time. The boy represents those people who disembarked.

    The dead goat is the key to this prophetic vision. The dead goat becoming a bush that gives shelter and nourishment to orphans is a repeating divine tavnith or pattern that has application on different levels (a Besorah/Gospel fractal)

    On one level, it is a macro view of the Besorah (Gospel). Yah'shua (Jesus) is the goat - both our scape goat and our Pesach lamb (the Pesach lamb could be either a sheep or goat - Exodus 12:5) - who was slain for our sake, and yet who was raised up, growing into a living bush that we, as spiritual orphans, could come to hide in. In Him, we find protection, covering and nourishment - all the things that orphans lose when their parents die or are taken away from them.

    On another level, we are called to be the goat that dies - to die to self, both for our own sake and others. When we die to self, Yahweh will also raise us up again (even as the living bush grew in the goat's place), and become a place of shelter and nourishment to spiritual orphans - people in desperate need. So the bush is both Yah'shua (Jesus) Himself one the primary level but also His Covenant Sukkot Bride or Remnant Body on the secondary level.

    These things become true for us when we surrender to Yah'shua (Jesus). By His grace, as we surrender to Him in emunah (faith), we become One (Echad) with Him, both in His death (the goat) and His resurrection (the bush), and through Yahweh's resurrection power working in us, we become able to nourish and shelter others in a supernatural way (the orphan being nourished and protected by the bush who then ceases being an orphan upon Heavenly adoption by Yah'shua/Jesus and Earthly adoption into the Messianic Family).

    So the vision is both, on one level, describing what is going to happen to the 'last-minuters' as well as, on another level, the mechanism by which they - and all the Remnant in the most general sense - will be delivered from the coming tribulation and judgment.

    On a completely different level, the bus could also signify a movement which takes people on board to a new destination. It may show involvement in a training- or equipping-ministry (2 Tim.2:2) and may also refer to a member(s) of a group who is/are not in control of the direction of travel.

    An additional and parallel understanding of this aspect would be that indeed those who continue in the direction of the world, and to the seat of local government (the municipality), totally do NOT have control themselves but are controlled BY the world system which continues on in its reoutine way to its judgment, unravelling and eventual destruction.

    Going downhill can also mean blessings for those in the bus who are on the straight and narrow road (Deut.33:15; Ps.89:36; Isa.54:10; Ezek.37:25, 26; Jon.2:6; Hab.3:6).

    It is also possible to view the dead goat, as we have seen, as repented sins which were offered as a sacrifice by the group (Ezek.43:25; Lev.16:21) represented by the child. The luscious, green bush emerges from the remains of the repented sins that will bring healing to him/them, in a physical or spiritual sense (Isa.44:14; 1 Sam.14:25). The young child may also be seen as representing a new beginning individually or for a ministry, that still needs to grow to full maturity (Ps.127:3). As an orphan, the child belongs to Yahweh and not to someone else (like the world system). In climbing into the bush and disappearing, the child engages a higher, spiritual platform for covering and protection from what will come.

    So the vision can be seen either in general or specific terms - in general, referring to the mechanism of deliverance from tribulation (dying to self through sacrifice and repentance and in the process being rendered invisible to the enemy who can only 'see' and operate through our flesh) - or specifically to those who did not make it to the Ark but who yet have the opportunity, if they will now repent and properly die to self, to be hidden and preserved from the Destroyer being let loose in our lands. Those who do not avail themselves of this second opportunity and unmerited favour of Yahweh will, I am afraid, come to bitterly regret their choice if they have either given up or continue to hope for deliverance while in a state disobedience.

    The latest news of the war in the Middle East where there is a convergence of nervous, warring superpowers (USA, UK, France, Russia, China, Iran, etc.) all now engaging in military action on multiple enemies on a small patch of turf could so easily get out of control and lead to apocalypse-like scenarios. British Prime Minister David Cameron, in threatening to use nuclear weapons, is simply increasing the risk factor provocatively and unnecessarily. But then we are apparently witnessing the check-mating of the élites by the latter-day Cyrus, Vladimir Putin, who has now openly declared himself the champion and defender of Christianity and the family while anti-family Western leaders are barely concealing their hostility to it and their allegiance instead to radical Islam and to the forces of instability and destruction. Putin has done to do more damage to ISIS in a few days than Obama has in a whole year, suggesting that accusations that the USA has been bombing the desert rather than the positions of its ISIS creation and protigé are in actual fact true.

    Yahweh will not allow this to go on much longer. The judgment of the USA is 4 days' away. It is time to become that Torah-obedient, Messiah-trusting child and get hidden in the bush of protection for the duration of the troubles. If you don't there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth either in this world or the dark side of the next. Don't be a fool.

    #03 - 7 October 2015

    I hope you are awake. I hope you are prepared. And I hope you are daily on your knees before the presence of Yah. And if you are not surrendered to His Son, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), I pray that you will be persuaded to do so today. Surrender sovereigny of your life to Him, accept Him as your Master, ask Him to reveal His ahavah (love) for you, and covenant to be His talmid (disciple) for the rest of your life. Mean it sincerely and prove it by obeying His mitzvot (commandments). Ask for the New Birth, for spiritual regeneration. Be singleminded, without an exit Plan B. Be resolved to go all the way with Him. He IS the Derech (Way), the Emet (Truth) and the Chayim (Life) (Jn.14:6). That is my testimony to you as one who has known Him for 37 years. And if you already know Him, you're going to need Him as at no other time in your life. Accept no substitutes, no vain religions or philosophies of men because they will fail you at the critical hour.

    I had a vision this morning at about 7 am. It was simple, an image you are bound to have seen somewhere or other at least once in your life, the symbolism clear, the interpretation beyond dispute. It was the top part of a clock and it read less than one minute to 12.

    It looks like Armageddon (Har Megiddo) in the Middle East, doesn't it? Well, it isn't, even though panicking believers are wildly procliaming that it is. And, of course, since it is 'Armageddon' they're saying there isn't anything they can do so they won't. Well, there is a great deal you can, should and MUST do. Get ready, be prepared and otherwise carry on as normal UNLESS Yahweh has told you personally to head for the hills or go to your redout. That becomes your responsibility, of course. You alone are accountable for the decisions you make, especially if you make wrong ones.

    It's amazing that in spite of the fact I have said DOZENS OF TIMES now that this isn't Armageddon, the end of the world, the mythical 'Rapture' or the Second Coming that people are still saying that I am. I am not. These people are liars and you can tell them so from me. It is these peoples' false belief systems that I am speaking AGAINST because such can cause panic and result in dangerous decision-making. Stay calm where you're suppsoed to be with your families, having made all preparations, and carry on as normal until Yahweh tells you otherwise. Every location in the world will be somewhat different as far as danger and what you have to do are concerned.

    I praise Yah that some people we know who were planning to make Aliyah to Israel are staying put. You really don't want to be in Israel or anywhere in the Middle East right now. The map of the Middle East will be changed. That is the main cauldron and yet it is also a distraction. Other events elsewhere will soon be in the news.

    I am appalled by the continuing ignorance of people as far as the meaning of current events is concerned. In America people are still locked in the Cold War mindset of "America, land of the free" and "Russia, bad, bad commies". Everything as been reversed and they don't see it or don't want to see it. Today NATO is the greatest threat to world peace, run as it is by stooges of the élites. Today Russia is, for now, the good guy.

    You may have seen some chemtrails I posted yesterday. They have been posted elsewhere too and the reaction was, "Who could possibly be doing this?" and "Why?" I think the greatest trauma that people are going to experience is not economic collapse, war, famine, drought, epidemics, meteor bombardments and the like but a CRISIS OF REALITY. People just aren't going to be able to mentally process the truth of what's going on around them. Nothing will fit, nothing will make sense, because they refused, long ago, to deal with the evidence and chose to continue believing in state and corporate propaganda. So long as you believe your national government is your friend you will never figure it out. We have been run by crooks for decades and they simply get worse and worse. They are the worst of criminals and only continue to exercise power because people let them...because they believe their lies.

    Please don't, having heard this, get the crazy idea that you should go and try to depose your government. They were elected by the people and the people are simply getting what they deserve. As believers we are called to pray for them, not plot against them. Yahweh will take care of all the deposing. Let Caesar get on with his business and so long as Caesar lets us alone we'll get on with ours. If he won't, then you can expect the Elijah nevi'im (prophets) to warn them to back off or perish.

    Be reconciled to reality and to your Elohim, pursue righteousness and holiness, and you will be taken care of. I cannot say there won't be martyrs to the emunah (faith) because there always are, as Yahweh wills - but those whom He has chosen to be His witnesses now and beyond the current troubles He will preserve for other labours.

    Have emunah (faith) and be at shalom (peace).

    #02 - 8 October 2015

      "Judge between Me and My vineyard. What more was there to do for My vineyard what I have not done in it? When I expected it to yield grapes, why did it yield wild grapes? And now I tell you what I will do to My vineyard. I will remove its hedge [of protection], and it shall be devoured; I will break down its wall, and it shall be trampled down" (Isaiah 5:3b-5, NRSV)

    As parents and as citizens we tend to be blind toward the faults of our own children and nations. We have a natural in-built bias which is why we often need outsiders to show us the uncomfortable emet (truth).

    I grew up with a rosey view of the history of my own country, Great Britain. Yes, we knew of rogues like Henry II who murdered the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas à Becket. We knew of other awful monarchs like Henry VIII who decapitated his wives, and yet we were also taught to secretly admire them because they fought off various 'baddies' worse than themselves. We were taught that we were always a fair-minded people and that our empire was pretty benevolent. And, yes, some of that was true, but an awful lot of it was not. We did some pretty awful things and are doing pretty awful things now. Our social services are out of control and we are waging ungodly wars abroad.

    Patriotic Americans, like nationals of other countries, tend to have an over-inflated sense of their own goodness. Many have bought into the lie that the avereage American is 'good' but it is the government and corrupt Congress that is 'evil'. In my country, we speak of 'Cool Britannia' since it's obvious that 'Rule Britannia' is a thing of the past. But who are we deceiving? Just because someone is 'nice' on the outside doesn't make them set-apart or holy before an offended Elohim (God) when these self same people are flagrantly disobeying the mitzvot (commandments) and would turn in a flash on a minister if he started speaking the full Besorah (Gospel) and challenging their false traditions. So let us not delude ourselves. As the crisis grows and want increases, the majority of those whom you thought were 'good' will prove to be anything but.

    The righteous in any age are always in the minority, and in an especially wicked age such as our own, that minority is even smaller. And it will shrink even more before we are done.

    I was up much of last night praying and it was a struggle because I was overwhelmed by all the spiritual activity going on, something I have noticed for several nights in the last couple of weeks. This is not at all a time to be letting your guard down just because tribulatiion hasn't come to your country or neibourhood yet. Wickedness has been creeping in slowly and stealthily through the back door for years and people have learned to adjust to it without realising they have become it themselves. If we have not learned to be on prayer alert BEFORE calamity strikes we may not have the time to develop the habit when it does...and overwhelms us.

    The world is asleep even though it is surrounded by fire. And in case you haven't noticed, Europe has already been invaded - not by regular armies on the ground or by paratroopers from the air but in the guise of the oppressed and by traitorous governments.

    I grieve for both the world and especially for those calling themselves Christians and Messianics who have remained utterly naïve as to reality. The USA and the West are about to get a shaking the likes of which they have never experienced before. It will be worst for the USA which has never been bombed, invaded or occupied in its history, the Civil War excluded and some earlier skirmishes with my own country some time ago too.

    What about Asia and Africa? Does anyone remember the Rwandan and Burundian genocide? Nigeria and neighbouring countries already have Boko Haram butchering Christians. Kenya borders the most lawless nation on the continent which regularly sends in terrorists. Do you remember the Angolan and Mozambique civil wars? The Biafran war? Or the unrest in Congo? That is all about to get a lot worse. Don't suppose it's just America and Europe about to go up in flames.

    Asia is not so stable either. The Philippines and Indonesia have their Muslim insurrectionists. India and Pakistan are never very far from war and internal strife. Hindus and Moslems kill one another, and both kill Christians. China is champing at the bit to invade Taiwan and get its revenge on Japan, and Japan wants to militarise. Asia is no less volatile. The whole world is ready to burst into flames.

    Last night, around 5 am I was awakened and started praying again. Then a vision opened up to me. I was at the bottom of a deep ocean looking at the sea-bed. I supposed I was off the coast of California but I can't be sure of that - it could have been the Atlantic too, or anywhere. And then I heard the most ALMIGHY CRACKING sound, far louder than an Antarctic glacier splitting in two. It was almost like an explosion and at first I thought it might have been a bomb going off but it didn't actually sound like that at all. It is hard to describe. It was loud and sharp, like something splitting on a huge scale. I could see no change anywhere on the seabed - I just heard the sound. The vision closed. As I meditated on this, a second vision appeared and this time I saw a GIANT crack open up on the seabed, but it did not seem at all to be the place I had previously been viewing. It seemed to be somewhere else. It extended for miles in either direction and beyond my field of vision. The seabed was stirred up because of it. And then that vision closed too.

      "Honour the King of Heaven", Yahweh-Elohim, "for all His works are emet (truth), and all his ways are justice; and He is able to bring low those who walk in pride" (Dan.4:37, NRSV).

    #01 - 9 October 2015

    We all have fears. And though fear is 'natural', the natural man forever remains the enemy of Elohim (God) because he is not of emunah (faith). Fear, at ground level, is just our flesh's atheism. And in fearing we choose to own the flesh, so in owning the fear that comes from the flesh we come to own atheism too. We stop trusting Elohim (God).

    As we come to the end of the count of the Mishpat Yahweh, today being the last day, I know many of you have been wondering the same question as I have: "What's next?" It is a blessing that we do not know everything in advance, or even just a little, because then we would not be able to live by [his] emunah (faith), and emunah (faith) is the main thing:

      "For in the Besorah (Gospel) a righteousness from Elohim (God) is revealed, a righteousness that is by emunah (faith) from first to last, just as it is written: 'The righteous will live by emunah (faith)'" (Rom.1:17, NIV).

    What that means is that the righteous shall not only have emunah (faith) in the general sense, nor merely but have emunah (faith) in Yah'shua (Jesus) but rather have the kind of emunah (faith) and faithfulness that is of and from Yah'shua (Jesus). They will have His emunah (faith).

    The idea of preparedness, which has been my main theme from the very start of this count, and before it, is not something that ought to be new to the believer. 'Prepping' is part and parcel of the Besorah (Good) in good times as well as bad. It is written:

      "Preach the Davar (Word); be prepared in season and out of season" (2 Tim.4:2, NIV).

    If we are to "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the tiqveh (hope) that you have" (1 Peter 3:15, NIV) then preparedness is the default state of the spiritual man or woman. In season and out of season, we are to be ready - prepared.

    Ready for what? When you go shopping every week, you are making preparations to feed yourself and your family. When you go to work to earn a salary, you are doing so so that you can do all that is necessary to live. That's prepping in its most basic form. If you know someone is coming to visit you, you buy extra food in - you are making preparations for your guest. You don't think twice about it. Some of you may even be prepping for your children like saving money for their future education. One way or another, prepping is something that is built into us. There is nothing extraordinary about it. It is common sense. If you know some fantastic sale is coming to a store you prep by putting aside some extra cash to get whatever it is that will be on sale. And when you do all of these things, you live by emunah (faith) and you take the necessary practical steps to ensure you can meet those goals.

    What you don't do, unless you have been deceived by an heretical self-entitlement doctrine that is plaguing the churches, is 'name and claim' a food storage for a crisis. You don't do it for your daily food needs, do you? It just doesn't happen that way. Miracles happen only in extraordinary circumstances when all the avenues of man's works are exhausted. Had there been a bridge over the Red Sea (Yam Suf) Yahweh would not necessarily have parted the waters, but He might have created another sort of miracle to preserve the bridge from being destroyed or occupied by the opposing Egyptian forces.

    There are one or two people who have been writing in to me who have finally decided to respond to my warnings and start prepping. But they are in a panic because time is so short. Many are still assuming, in spite of my continually correcting them, that on Day #0 of this count all the calamities that I have spoken of are suddenly going to strike them where they are. They're in a panic because their resources are limited and they don't know what to do.

    When I first started prepping I panicked too. I reasoned it would be impossible to do anything on a small retirement pension that had already been stretched 'impossibly' to to the limit to take care of a large family. We succeeded because we did two things:

    • 1. We didn't waste money on unnecessary and frivolous things - we made sacrifices; and
    • 2. We worked on the basis of the simple principle that my mother taught me, 'if you save the pennies, the pounds (dollars, etc.) will take care of themselves'.

    You don't need a fantastic amount of money to prep. You just need to consistently save and put aside, week in and week out, over a long period of time. Yahweh knows your personal situation. If you are a late-comer to this message, you can still do incredible things with only a little. So long as you are willing to

    • 1. Make sacrifices; and
    • 2. Trust Yahweh to do what you physically cannot do

    you will be provided for. Just don't do nothing. Don't simply have 'faith'. It is no credit to you to have a numb backside at the end of the day. That is not emunah (faith) - it is presumption. In fact, it's insanity.

    The day before the sabbath is called "preparation day" (Mk.15:42; Lk.23:54). The day before a moed (appointment) or festival of Yahweh is likewise called "preparation day" (Jn.19:14,31,42). Preparedness is built into the lifestyle of the Torah-obedient talmid (disciple). It is viewed in Scripture as a mitzvah (commandment) and so is to be regarded as a duty or an obligation.

    Since pagan festivals are not commanded in the Bible (actually, they're forbidden), when lawless believers celebrate pagan festivals like Christmas or Easter they do not feel the same kind of obligation to prepare. They do their 'Christmas shopping', of course, because it's common sense that if you want to celebrate a festival you have to prepare beforehand. But if you don't like these festivals, then you presumably don't bother about them. My father disliked them and had he been single I am sure he would have made no preparations at all. But then he was an agnostic.

    Preparedness suffuses the Scriptures. Indeed, Yahweh was so particular about it that He commanded His people to prepare for the annual festivals well in advance, especially the three pilgrim festivals of Pesach (Passover), Shavu'ot (Weeks) and Sukkot (Tabernacles) which required cash for travel, food and accomodation. Every year the equivalent of a third of the 10 per cent tithe was commanded by Him to be set aside in order to finance the proper celebration of the feasts.

    Regularly and dutifully, then, with every pay check, the true modern Torah-obedient talmid (disciple) is commanded to make preparations to support the ministry, help the poor and prepare for the annual festivals by setting aside 10 per cent of his income and then divide that tithe into three equal parts. Anciently if he did not do this, he would not only fail to be prepared but be in direct violation of the mitzvot (commandments) and regarded by Elohim (god) as a thief (Mal.3:8).

    Not prerparing for yourself and your family is a sin. Pure and simple. And if Yahweh has commanded you to make extra provision because of an approaching calamity, and you fail to after He has warned you, you are sinning too. That's why you need to get a personal testimony of what's coming. Don't simply lean on my witness or others'. That's why I have told you not to rely on my warnings but to take responsibility for yourself as required by the New Covenant. My job is to be a watchmanm a catalyst and a facilitator. I am here to point you in the right direction by first and foremost telling you to go to Yahweh yourself and find out whether what I have been saying is true or not. I am not going to leave this Count racked with guilt if you think I am deceived or off my rocker. I have discharaged my duty. I have acted in emunah (faith). Now you must discharge yours. Now you must act in your own emunah (faith).

    Oh, and one other thing - once you have made your own preparations, you are to continue prepping so that you can be a blessing to others who, having done all they possibly could, may then be blessed by your surplus. For it is written;

      "I am not trying to relieve others by being a burden to you; but since you have plenty at this time, it is only fair that you should help those [fellow Torah-obedient, Messiah-trusting believers] who are in need. Then, when you are in need and they have plenty, they will help you. As the scripture says, 'The man who gathered much did not have too much, and the man who gathered little did not have too little'" (2 Cor.8:13-15, GNB/TEV).

    When the crisis erupts and people start going short of food (and it will happen very quickly), huge demands will be placed on those who have prepped. You won't be able to feed everyone, obviously, or even a tiny fraction. Let's be brutally realistic. Thousands - maybe millions - will starve to death. Many who have not prepared will rob and kill in order to survive and lose their souls, assuming they have not already lost them. Many - believers and unbelievers alike - will come claiming to be worthy beneficiaries of your surplus once they learn you have some - I guarantee it. But how will you know who to help? Will you know when to say no or when to stop helping? Remember, you and your family need to survive for 1-2 years and if, in your generosity, you give your supply away, how will you feel when your own family starves to death in spite of all your 8and their) hard work, sacrifice and emunah (faith) in order to save those who have not worked or exercised emunah (faith) at all?

    Crises breed moral dilemmas for those who are not governed by right thinking. If you don't think like Noah and Ezekiel your ill-considered kindness will kill you and those you are supposed to be protecting, and then you will be unable to claim any kind of righteousness. Your family will curse you. Our first responsibility after Yahweh is always to our immediate dependents, to our families and homes. That is a default rule built into the fabric of creation. Only when you have taken care of them have you any right to start taking care of others. Charity begins at home in every way. So if you are able, and are willing, and have emunah (faith), keep on prepping after you have met your targets so that you can bless those whom Yahweh tells you to help.

    This requires both maturity, leadership skills, strength, resolution and spiritual preparedness. If you are able to form a small community or network of like-minded, trustworthy souls, by all means do that. But you had better make sure you are yielded to Yahweh in this so that He can tell you who to trust and who not to. Some of you will be able to network, some will not.

    Most of us who are on small incomes will probably keep on prepping to the very last minute with many of our goals unrealised. Having done all we could, then we can safely trust Yahweh to make up our deficit. It may well be that where you are, the crisis will be less severe and shorter than elsewhere. It's a possibility but don't let laziness make you gamble. If you're in the West, there are going to be millions of hungry, desperate and oftentimes murderous refugees from other countries as well. You are already seeing the violence in Europe while the shops are still stocked with food. This is another reason not to be in cities or towns where the greatest suffering will take place. And if you're in the country, you don't want to be too close to these built-up areas either because once the food has gone there, looters and others will start fanning out into the country.

    This is my last-but-one message in which I want to tie up any possible loose ends and to repeat some of my more important messages. One or two of you have complained that I have already written too much! Perhaps you are right. I do have one last and very serious warning to issue, building on what I have said before, and that concerns spiritual discernment. Without it, no amount of physical preparedness is going to make a lot of difference. Above all, you are going to have to be able to discern people. There will be times during the crisis when you will probably have to be 'home alone', for longer or shorter periods, during a time of lawlessness where there is no protection from law-enforcement. There will be hungry, unprepared and lawless cops too. Remember that. It will be down to you, Yahweh and what you have stocked, and your ability to defend your redout.

    I had a warning vision a few days ago of a beautiful woman with a brightly shining sphere in her mouth. The spirit of false prophecy and of seducing words is already widespread. If you cannot discern between the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and the psyche and demonic counterfeits you're already in big trouble. You have to be able to see behind the charm and 'niceness' of false or deceived people. You have to discern the devil's subtle wiles. It will be a matter of life and death, not just during the crisis, but throughout the rest of the aeon or age. Like I have said so many times now, our world is changing, and it is changing very, very fast, heading to eventual apocalypse. Be thankful this is the dress-rehearsal.

    Your greatest danger will be from false believers who appear true but who are not. There is a terrible fate awaiting Yahweh's people "who invoke the Elohim (God) of Israel (Christians and Messianics of every denomination), but not in emet (truth) or ohr (light)" (Is.48:1b, NRSV). These are they who are not in Yah'shua (Jesus) who is the Emet (Truth). Be careful! Test everyone, test everything. You can't afford to make mistakes.

    Many of my readers, as I have said, have certain expectations of me. If 'nothing' happens on 10 October, as they interpret events, they stand ready to denounce me even though I have not said X, Y or Z will happen on Day #0. I have said that many things will certainly happen - like economic collapse - at some point in the very near future, and that it could be sooner rather than later. I don't believe the secret QE4 will stave off the collapse assuming it has even been implemented. I have told people to be ready for famine, drought, disease, martial law, FEMA camps, war, nuclear radiation, EMP attacks, earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, Nibiru and much else. When some or all of these things will happen, I do not know. My message has, from beginning to end, always been to BE PREPARED - to be doing what you should have been doing all along and to continue doing it afterwards. Yahweh said:

      "The former things I declared long ago, they went out from My mouth and I made them known; then suddenly I did them, and they came to pass" (Is.48:3, NRSV).

    I am quite sure that most of the things I have speculated on, above and beyond the actual visions and revelations I have received, will happen and to different degrees and in different combinations depending where you are. But I am prepared to be pleasantly surprised. I believe in Yah's mercy and in miracles. Some of these things may be for much later, some preactically around the corner and just days or weeks away. When they do happen, they will be sudden and for those unprepared, unexpected, like Yahweh said.

    You have the substance of my witness, repeated many times. Be prepared spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, then you will have no cause for fear. You may do with my counsel as you will. I am not trying to recruit you into an organisation or anything. I have discharged my duty as best I could. I will have one more word to share tomorrow and then that will be it for now.

    May the Elohim (God) of love, mercy, grace and justice be with you, through Yah'shua (Jesus) our Messiah as we complete our preparations and continue in His shalom (peace). Amen.

    Comments from Readers

    [1] "Great and very clear message. I look forward to sharing this with loved ones. I was on the train heading to work yesterday morning, and I heard a message, that said 'Some of My children need dates, otherwise, they would never prepare and just procrastinate.' I know that was Yahweh speaking to me about my state of preparedness and reception of your updates, Pastor. Yes, I understand, its not about whether something happens tomorrow or not. Its about our faith and response-ability to/in Him. Thanks again for your obedience, your thoughtful messages (the longer, the better for me to learn) and prayers, Pastor Chris. Thanks for bearing with us sheep. Praise Yah for His mercy!" (MM, USA, 9 October 2015).

    [2] "Thank you for being a watchman" (LLAB, USA, 9 October 2015)

    #00 - 10 October 2015

    We know how it all ends on the great Day of Yahweh a few years yet down the line:

      "Now, brothers, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of Yahweh will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, 'Peace and safety,' destruction will come on them suddenly, as labour pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape" (1 Thess.5:1-3, NIV).

    This may not be that day (as indeed it is not) but when the final element of judgment comes - destruction - there will be no time for the wicked to repent or prepare at that time. As for the righteous, there is always adequate warning:

      "But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be alert and self-controlled. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us be self-controlled, putting on emunah (faith) and ahavah (love) as a breastplate, and the tiqveh (hope) of salvation as a helmet. For Elohim (God) did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Master Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with Him" (1 Thess.5:4-10, NIV).

    Please notice that the sudden destruction comes as no surprise to "the sons of light" because they are awake, alert and self-controlled.

    A brother asked me yesterday evening what I thought was going to happen in the next 24 hours. He speculated that an attack on the USA, if it occurred, would likely take place at dawn on Sunday when people have hangovers from their Saturday-night binges. He even thought it might be an EMP attack. In 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour at dawn on a Sunday knowing that people would be less alert. In the last major offensive against the Israeli Republic, the two Arab nations on her borders chose to attack at Yom Kippur when they supposed the Israelis would be so occupied with their major religious festival of Yom Kippur, as well as being less alert physically because of fasting, that they would be caught unprepared. So such an eventuality is, of course, possible...along with many other possible eventualities.

    My reply was that I had no clue what would happen today and I predicted that outwardly it would probably look like a 'normal' American day. I told him that my understanding of Divine Judgment is that it consists of a rapid succession of many judgments unrolled one after the other over a span of time and that perhaps the last count I have been given, which ends on 12 January 2016, might witness the dealing of the 'final blow' that lays low. But I honestly don't know how it will play out, as I said yesterday, and we shall just have to wait and see. There is little to be gained going into the unknown without revelation.

    What concerns me more is the fact that there has been no repentance to speak of, either amongst the general population or in the vast majority of the churches. If anything, the people are drawing further and further away from Elohim (God). A certain, fatal line of separation between a nation and Elohim (God) has been crossed and there is no stopping the judgment of the nation as a whole now. The only hope is for individuals and for small communities. It is possible that a state or two might repent and break away but I doubt it. The apostacy is just too widespread:

      "And since they did not see fit to acknowledge Elohim (God), Elohim (God) gave them up to a debased mind and to things that should not be done" (Rom.1:28, NRSV).

    We are not here dealing simply with the past 50 or 100 years. We are dealing with the entire existence of a nation. There is neither the time to rehearse, nor is their any profit in considering, the historical scope of a whole nation. It is, moreover, a task best left to some of its own citizens of integrity and honesty. Sadly, there are few who are objective when it comes to self-assessment. When human beings make ethical and moral judgments of others, their default measuring stick is invariably themselves. We look at others and we compare them with ourselves and feel considerably better about ourselves if we perceive the sins of others to be greater than our own. This causes us to relax and accommodate whatever sin of our appears small or irrelevent to ourselves, even if it is a delusion. David could never have exposed his own sins against Uriah objectively. It took a navi (prophet) - Nathan - to do that. So-called 'love' - in truth, selfish lust - clouded his objectivity.

    It seemed fitting to me to conclude this series of 85 commentaries on the Judgment of America (and by extension, the whole West, with its political, social and military alliances) with a quotation from Romans. The true Elohim (God), Yahweh, is no longer acknowledged, and the god that is honoured is largely the invention of the carnal man projecting itself into imagined holiness. Sin and wickedness can only be measured against "the righteousness of Elohim (God)" (Rom.1:17; 3:5,21-22,25-26; 10:3), which is Paul's main theme in his Roman epistle. That is the anvil upon which we must all be judged as we are beaten into a proper view of reality.

    Yahweh's nature and activity are consistently portrayed in Scripture as a combination of righteousness and justice, and in particular in His relationship to Israel, both old and new. We also understand Yahweh imparts righteousness to sinful humanity only through the atonement of Messiah upon the cross (Rom.3:24-25). We do not 'create' it or 'accumulate' it by any deeds of our own. We are certainly rewarded for our good deeds in the next world but we are never saved by them. One who does righteousness does so because of the righteousness of Elohim (God) through Messiah in him. This righteousness is only apprehensible through emunah (faith) - the trusting that leads to Torah-obedience.

    Though we may all be guilty of different sins, there is no final distinction between the guilt that arises from those sins (Rom.3:10-12; 11:32). And in this great epistle to the Romans, Paul exposes those two great sins that may be said to characterise every fallen nation, America and the West no less: the sins of idolatry and immorality. Yahweh's wrath boils against all unrighteousness and wickedness. His grace is freely available to the nations but only upon collective respentance. And that repentance has absolutely not been forthcoming. No one is handicapped when it comes to right-living since creation itself bears witness to Yahweh's eternal power and divine nature - a rudimentary knowledge, at least as far as morals and ethics are concerned, is available to all people with or without preachers or the witness of the Bible. And Yahweh holds them accountable to that creation witness, and declares them to be without excuse when they violate it. The problem with all mankind today, as yesterday, is not an inability to know Elohim (God) but an unwillingness to know Him.

    Humanity's problem is not, therefore, an inability to know the Creator. It consists, without controversy, of a rebellion that changes Yahweh's glory, which makes humanity wise, into idolatry which in turn makes humanity foolish. The West may not bow down before images of the kind that were common anciently but they bow down before multitudinous images anyway, be they humans themselves or of the lusts of the Adamic nature. Humanity has exchanged the authentic for the counterfeit (Rom.1:23,25-27) and because of it, Yahweh has given them up to their degrading, reprobate ways (Rom.1:24,26,28). The major problem is not sin but unrepented sin that has become habitual sin that leads to degradation, which in turn affects not only behaviour but the thinking process itself. They become beyond reasoning. Corrupt minds condone sin too, lending tacit credibility to something deserving condemnation. Thus they are cursed twice over because there is no longer a seared conscience.

    When Yahweh judges a nation, it is in accordance with His unchanging Emet (Truth). Just because Yahweh is silent for a long time - years or decades or even longer - does not mean that He is indifferent to sin. Yahweh's apparent inactivity in passing judgment breeds self-righteousness and self-satisfaction when sinners despise His kindness, forebearance and patience. He is long-suffering. Why? Because He wants every opportunity to be given to make teshuvah (repent) - He stretches time out as long as His Justice allows Him to. But when grace is exhausted, then Justice falls hard on the unrepentent. Yahweh's forebearance is not His consent.

    So here we are, today, at Day #0. The Heavenly Court passes sentence. The Enemy has been harrassing the nation for a long time because of the legal rights that sinning citizens give to Him. But now Yahweh's wrath is added and that is to be feared a thousand times more than the Enemy's. For now Yahweh, who has been holding back the Enemy, gives him leave to execute a precisely measured judgment. Those who are in right relationship with the Messiah are marked for deliverance if they will obey and go where they are told to go and be where they are supposed to be. They will be spared. And they will thrive and prosper if they have made preparations for survival and prosperity. Our experiences will vary depending on our calling, our emunah (faith), our obedience and our preparedness.

    It is impossible not to be heavy, knowing what is coming. Yes, millions are already suffering, and that has long been an cause for sadness too, but what is coming is nothing compared to that. Just as at the final Battle of Armageddon further down the road of years, so now the nations are gathering in the Middle East for a very real dress-rehearsal. For the very first time in history Chinese and Russian soldiers are now in the Middle East - in Syria and soon Iraq. The region has become a powder keg. The United States and her allies have been checkmated, and their leaders know it, but they will not admit defeat because they know it will mean their personal end. And they are more than willing to drag their countries their countries down into oblivion to save their own skins for as long as possible. That's what Hitler did. Yet we do not know how this will resolve. What we do know is that the potential for a terrible destruction that will negatively impact all of us, is right in place even as I write to you early in the morning on this 27th day of the 7th month of the Creation Calendar or 10 October 2015.

    He who is "the Elohim (God) of Abraham, the Elohim (God) of Isaac, and the Elohim (God) of Jacob" speaks and decrees, and we must hide our faces from His as Moses did, "for he was afraid to look at Elohim" (Ex.3:6, ESV). Yet, "who among us can dwell with the consuming fire? Who among us can dwell with the everlasting burnings? He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly, who despises the gain of oppressions, who shakes his hands lest they hold a bribe, who stops his ears from the hearing of bloodshed and shuts his eyes from looking on evil - he will dwell on the heights; his place of defence will be the fortress of rocks; his bread will be given him; his water will be sure. Your eyes will behold the King in His beauty..." (Is.33:14b-17a, ESV).

    We are all to be shaken up, every one, but not all will be consumed. We must all pass through the fiery water of the Brazen Laver to be cleansed of iniquity.

    I pray that you will respond - and continue responding - affirmatively to Yah'shua's (Jesus') call to repentance and right-living. Remain alert at all times and pray continuously. I have given you my witness and must now be about other things. So I make an end to my witness.

      "Here is the patience of the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones); here are those who keep the mitzvot (commandments) of Elohim (God) [the Father] and the emunah (faith) of Yah'shua (Jesus) [the Son]" (Rev.14:12, NKJV).

    Continued in Part 8

    Comments from Readers

    [1] "A brilliant article...thank you Christopher. May those who have ears to hear...hear indeed. May we be found faithful" (SG, USA, 10 October 2015)

    E N D

    "This very day I will begin to put the terror and
    fear of you on all the nations under heaven.
    They will hear reports of you and will tremble
    and be in anguish because of you"

    (Deut.2:25, NIV)

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