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Month 7:8, Week 1:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5939:186 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50,
USA Judgment - Day #T-19, Global Judgment - Day #T-106
Gregorian Calendar Monday 21 September 2015
Shabbat Shuvah 2015
from Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon, Sweden


    Shabbat shalom mishpachah and specifically a blessed Shabbat Shuvah, the last sabbath before Yom haKippurim or the Day of Atonement [1] during this season of teshuvah or repentance.

    The Panic Over 23 September

    My task today is to both prepare this mishpachah (and those who are aligned with us in the Ruach/Spirit), for Yom haKippurim that begins at sundown tomorrow as well as to bring you up-to-date on the latest revelations pointing us in the direction Yahweh is taking us. Right now Christians, Messianics, religious people generally and not a few secularists are all in a frenzy over prophecies made by others that supposedly will happen on 23 September, the second day of Yom haKippurim (Yom Kippur).

    The Papal Visit to the USA

    As you know, Pope Francis is visiting the United States, the first time a Pope has visited that country. And the fact that he is visiting this year is by no means insignificant, both because this is a year of Judgment of the United States and because this is the 266th Roman Catholic pontificate [2]. The number 266 is important because it is the length of the human gestation cycle. Why is that important? Because something evil is about to be born, as you will see in a moment, and the current pope is symbolic of it. Pope Francis will be visiting President Obama on 23 September, addressing the US Congress on the 24th and then addressing the United Nations on the 26th before returning to Rome on the 27th.

    Reflecting on the Rededication of Messianic Israel

    We as a mishpachah (spiritual family) have but a singular task in preparation for our main mission and that task is to become spotless, clean and qadosh (holy, set-apart). The process was set in motion last spring with the Rededication of Messianic Israel which began on Aviv 1, the month of blossoms and the biblical new year. It lasted 30 days, the most spiritually intense gathering we have ever had that resulted in a preliminary anointing - a deposit - for what is to come. And we marked the first of several important countdowns. No sooner had that ended that we were engaged in a Jericho March leading to the celebration of a Late Pesach (Passover).

    From Second Exodus to the End of the Aeon

    So a lot has been happening, both since the spring of this year and the spring of the previous one when the Second or Final Exodus began. And we have just celebrated Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpets/Shouting) on which many false nevi'im (prophets) had been predicting the end of the world, the financial collapse and/or World War 3, which never happened. The same crowd have postponed it now to 23 September at Yom Kippur. Certainly Yom Teruah was important as it was definitely a prophetic marker signalling or announcing the end of an aeon or era and the beginning of a new one. And this year's Yom haKippurim is very important too.

    The Final Cycle of Autumnal Festivals

    The final Yom Teruah (Trumpets) marks the return of Yah'shua (Jesus) with a blast of silver trumpets that will be heard around the entire world and is advance notice - 8 days to be precise - to tell everyone to be ready for the Final Judgment.

    What's About to Happen

    In this current prophetic cycle Yom Teruah marked the appearing of the Ruach Yah'shua (Jesus) or Spirit of Messiah giving notice to Messianic Israel to assemble 8 days hence at Yom haKippurim to receive judgment too. That's what the whole Body of Messiah is supposed to be getting ready for. This will be followed by the judgment of the nations, starting with the most powerful and influential nation of our time, the United States, 18 days afterwards. Then the rest of the world follows and is completed 87 days after that.

    Vision of the Obelisk and Stars

    Yesterday morning Yahweh showed me a vision in which Babylon proclaimed - or is about to proclaim - its Global Kingdom and Authority, what has come to be known as the 'New World Order'. It's quite possible it will do this on 23 September and maybe the Pope, on behalf of the Vatican, will make an announcement of this nature. At 0740 I saw a vision of a very tall obelisk, almost certainly the National Monument in Washington DC, the tallest monumental column in the world standing 555 feet or 169 meters tall. Above it and just touching the point of the obelisk, was a large circle of white five-pointed stars suspended in the air (see right). Though I did not have the opportunity to count them, I am guessing there were about 12-13 of them. In the middle of this circle of stars were 6 more white five-pointed stars unmistakably arranged in the form of a hexagon.

    The Hexagon of Saturn and the Nefilim

    I knew at once that the hexagon was, on one level, connected to Saturn. Some of you may be aware of the extraordinary vortex of gasses shaped like a hexagon at the planet's north pole photographed by the Cassini spacecraft. How it comes to exist in that form has baffled scientists - there is nothing like it in our solar system. What's important here to remember, bearing in mind that the Roman Pontiff is visiting Washington DC at Yom Kippur, is that where the city of Rome stands today was once called mons Saturnius. The Romans identified Saturn with the Greek Cronus who was the leader of the first generation of Titans, the giants, that is to say, the first nefilim who were wiped out by the flood. Thus the National Monument in Washington DC - an Egyptian obelisk-phallus - is now, or is about to, represent to the world, that it is a capital of the returning nefilim.

    The Three Sixes

    But why only one '6' in the form of a hexagon of stars? The answer to that is because there are two more 6's, one representing the City of London bankers and the other representing the Catholic Vatican city in Rome. These together constitute the end-time 666 Beast Power, a triangle of wickedness, with Washington DC representing the military might of Babylon, the City of London the economic power of Babylon, and the Vatican in Rome representing the mystery of inquity, the dark spiritual power of false religion. Though I have not been shown anything recently about either London or the Vatican, I am definitely anticpating something.

    Yahweh Will Overturn the Illuminist Declaration

    My belief is that the satanic and illuminist corporate power behind the American President and the corrupt United States Government is announcing itself, as symbolised in this vision, as the military wing of the end-time beast power. It is declaring that it is now in control of DC and America. It is declaring victory, that it has control. However, this declaration will come to nothing because Yahweh is about to Judge the United States and its leaders on 10 October. As I have said so many times, this is not the final establishment of the Antichrist system because it is about to be - and is already being - defeated. Yahweh will not permit it to rise at this time, at least not in the way the élites have planned and desire.

    Irritated and Frustrated

    This was not, however, the only vision I saw. Frankly, I was irritated and frustrated when I saw it because I knew it represented the kingdom of the Enemy and I was tired of the ever growing wickedness in the world. You get so sick of it after a while. My spontaneous reaction to the vision was the following words, uttered as a kind of prayer of annoyance: "What about Elohim's (God's) people??"

    The Second Vision - The Compressed Galaxy

    Instantly, a second vision opened up, completely taking me by surprise. I saw two giant hands clasping what at first looked like a giant black disk that was full of stars. Then I saw that it was, in fact, a nearly, almost completely compressed sphere that had a depth equivalent to about 5-10 per cent of its diameter. The curvature or circumference was smooth and rounded between the two sides of the disk, building up to a ridge because of the compression. Almost as quickly, the entire disk was thrust at great speed at me - right into my face - until I was in the area between the two circular surfaces and could see distant stars everywhere.

    Manifestation of the Sons of Elohim

    Independently Brother van Staden and myself have come to understand clearly what this second vision means and the revelation of it is breath-taking! With a new aeon there must, of necessity, come a new anointing, especially as the Enemy releases more of his dark power into the world. While Satan has his New World 'Order' that he has been gradually building up over the centuries, Yahweh has His that has been complete and ready since the very beginning. This is Yahweh's Order, the New Covenant Melchizedek Order after the Sukkot (Tabernacles) Anointing into which the Remnant is to be suddenly thrust at a time of Yahweh's choosing - or is already being thrust - and in a way that only He knows, and represents divine Sonship, Power and Toqef (Authority):

      "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of Elohim (God) to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of Elohim (God)" (Rom.8:18-21, NIV).

    The Day We are Acknowledged

    Have you ever felt frustrated? Wondered what your calling was? Felt held back? Paul understood this. There is a time, ordained by Yahweh from the beginning, when the beni Elohim or sons of God will not only be acknowledged but will be given some concrete, and I suspect dramatic, evidence of their adoption into the Heavenly Mishpachah or Family. We live in an unforgiving world of sin. We are exposed to trials and tribulation. We experience calamity. And though we do, of course, have adequate evidence that we are the sons and daughters of Elohim (God), we anxiously await for that day when we will be fully delivered from these trials and be admitted to all the privileges of the children of El Elyon (God Most High). The time when this justification - this acknowledgement and confirmation - that we are truly His adopted sons, comes when? At the final Yom haKippurim, on the Day of Judgment, when we shall be fully acknowledged in Yahweh's presence and in the presence of the entire assembled universe of malakim (angels), the saved and indeed all living creatures!

    Partial Acknowledgement Today

    That, at any rate, will be the fullness of our acknowledgment. That's when the struggle is over and the overcoming fully accomplished. In the meantime, in the parallel judgments such as the one the world is shortly to pass through, at the end of this prophetic cycle, while we continue labouring and struggling and working out our salvation, we shall receive a partial acknowledgement that will nevertheless be so wonderful that we shall have much occasion to rejoice. I think to think of it as another deposit or downpayment of the resurrection inheritance, and greater taste of the world to come, a bigger helping of the gospel pie.

    Examples of Men Anointed in the Supernatural

    Would you like some concrete examples of both the kind of toqef (authority), power and acknowledgment that the beni Elohim may soon expect? (And by 'soon' I do not mean the distant future but literally just round the corner). Let's take some scriptural examples of what I mean.

    Elijah's Experiences

    Let's start with the navi (prophet) Elijah. Two examples immediately spring to mind. First, the ability to call down fire from heaven to consume the adversaries. I know that's coming - indeed we have experienced it once in this ministry already a few years back. Do you remember the time he outran a horse and chariot? He must have run an an incredible speed. Expect such feats again but this time think of cars and of yet faster vehicles loike trains and planes! Does that sound ridiculous, impossible to you? Think big, let your emunah (faith) know no limits!

    Daniel, John, Peter and Yah'shua

    Think of Daniel unharmed in the lion's den or the three young men in the furnace of fire. They tried to cook the apostle John in boiling oil too but he was completely unharmed. He also survived on the baking hot island of Patmos without food or water. Do you remember the apostle Philip being teleported from one city to another - instantly. I know of accounts of similar teleportation happening in our own day. Expect a lot more of that. What of Yah'shua (Jesus) walking through a solid wall? I have heard of one or two examples of that happening in our day. Or of the Master being rendered invisible to the pursuing Nazarenes who wanted to stone Him after He announced in the synagogue that He had fulfilled a prophecy of Isaiah in their midst? And do you remember what Yah'shua (Jesus) promised to His talmidim (disciples)?

      "I tell you the emet (truth), anyone who has emunah (faith) in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these" (John 14:12, NIV).

    The Tree of Death and Cessationism

    Do you believe this? How far does your emunah (faith) extend? We materialistically-minded Westerners have problems with even the basic miracles like healing.We have had the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil - the Tree of Death - rammed down our throats since we were little. And the stories we read of in the Bible may seem remote to us and the circumstances 'primitive' yet whose emunah (faith) was the more advanced? There are plenty of Christians who subscribe to the false doctrine of 'cessationism' these days (like Baptists, Lutherans, etc.), the belief that great miracles ceased with the death of the apostles. That is because their emunah (faith) is weak or because they have been corrupted by false doctrine. They limit Yah'shua's (Jesus') promise of doing greater miracles than even Himself to the generation which knew Him. Do you marvel at the first apostles? We are nowhere near them yet, and yet we are called to do greater works than even them.

    Unity and Maturity Lacking

    But can anyone here claim that the Body of Messiah has found unity? Or that it has attained to full maturity? Yet they deny apostles and nevi'im (prophets) who are needed for the task and so make themselves out to be liars. For did not Paul testify:

      "It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be nevi'im (prophets), some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare Elohim (God's) people for works of service, so that the body of Messiah may be built up until we all reach unity (echadness) in the emunah (faith) and in the knowledge of the Son of Elohim (God) and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Messiah" (Eph.4:11-13, NIV).

    False Ministers and Manifestations

    Then there are those who call themselves apostles and nevi'im (prophets) who are not, who operate under false spirits and perform the odd little miracle here and there, tidbits from satan to keep the people enthralled and hopeful. But there are none like the original apostles and few nevi'im (prophets) like Elijah. Most are like children playing with small religious toys. They love the occult powers of wolves in sheep's clothing who send them sprawling on the floor by the wave of the hand. Can you believe that people have come to believe that simply falling over onto the floor is the height of their spiritual experience? Or laughing controllably? Or making animal noises? They are all lawless, they despise the mitzvot (commandments), they loathe holiness. They love the Tree of Death thyinking it is chayim (life).


    Between Two Trees

    All of that is about to be changed. Counterfeits will multiply but the little core - the true Remnant - will enter a new spiritual dimension the likes of which those great men and women from the past never saw or knew. Yes, emunah (faith) is needed but also purity. We have to be refined or purified and that process if neither easy nor painless because, to quote Brother van Staden yesterday, the very Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil has to be uprooted from our souls so that only the Tree of Life has sole claim to our desires. And the difference between the two is the difference between the power behind what that obscene obelisk represents, built on lies and the blood and suffering of innocents over countless generations, and entering into a completely new spiritual universe instantly, like a sudden immersion or baptism, the reality of the presence of Elohim (God).

    Hearing Yahweh

    The kind of emunah (faith) that is needed has to be consistently and constantly cultivated. It requires total commitment. 'Just' hearing Yahweh's voice is problem enough for most of us yet His quiet speech can only be heard if you are willing to devote yourself to listening for it. It's not so cheap and easy as trusting your own heart or powers of reason. You'll not hear it if you keep on insisting on eating from the Tree of Gnosis, the one represented by the obelisk, the Tree that the world, full of conceit and self-worship, pursues like a panting bull on heat.

    Want to be a Prophet?

    Understand this also. Do you think you are a navi (prophet) or that you are called to be a navi (prophet)? Then you must think like one, act like one, deny yourself like one, obey like one and be prepared to suffer like one. Nevi'im (prophets) make history! Those who enjoy the fruits of the Covenant of Miracles make history with their miracles - with the mriacles Yahweh does through them. They may run off to Sinai for inspiration as Elijah did but they are summonsed, in their human frailty, to take their stand in the current situations in which the people of Elohim (God) find themselves.

    Corrupted Science and Profits

    I am sure you have heard about all the naturpathic doctors being assassinated. I believe 8 or 9 have been murdered in the last few weeks in America. They are standing in the way of the murderous pharmaceutical industry and the politicised and corrupted pseudo-science of the corporations. All science is funded by a mere five corporations these days, and is censored, bent and controlled. Healthy people means no profit from useless or dangerous medicine. A navi (prophet) does far 'worse' than this - he comes up against the whole foul and corrupt political and social order and those who profit from it financially or derive their power therefrom. Such nevi'im (prophets) get taken up to heaven in whirlwinds or are removed, like Enoch, because they are too pure. Are you ready to face down a wicked, power-mad and Yahweh-hating Ahab or Jezebel? Or false nevi'im (prophets) like the prophets of Baal or Hananiah even before their claims have been exposed as fraudulent?

    One Tree or the Other

    We are to ready ourselves in ways we have not dreamed of before. The spiritual surgery must be radical so that not a root of that old devil's tree remains within us. You can't have both in the garden of your soul if you are to operate in the Sukkot anointing. You simply have to die to the earthy life and move bravely into the heavenly one without looking back.

    New Challenges

    These and numerous other powers will be granted to the Sons of the Sukkot Anointing, as Yahweh wills or permits. That sphere I was suddenly thrust into was a compressed space, in other words, representing compressed power. It was still vast. For the sake of the elect Yahweh is not only compressing time but power also. Genetically modified humans, androids, chimeras (hybrids) of all kinds, super-weapons, roving nefilim in ever greater numbers, and much else besides will face off the last generation. You have to be equipped to deal with them. The old tools will not suffice. Radical emunah (faith) and radical discipleship are to be the new order of the day and most believers won't choose them. They will, in most cases, choose to go over to the Enemy to survive or be left alone and in so doing sell their souls to Perdition.

    Gutted Churches

    The old churches, old messianic synagogues and old ministerial organisations will not survive the big changes coming. They will simply get absorbed into the One World Religion which will seem familiar yet are deadly because of their demonic core. Their names will remain but they will no longer be their own masters. For this is how the devil works these days, keeping the old outward structures to give the illusion that nothing has changed whilst radically altering their spirit. What little righteousness and emet (truth) in the old churches and messianic assemblies is being slowly but surely gutted. You have to let go of the old labels, the old allegiances to tradition, the false security of the years which, far from lending legitimacy, simply perpetuates the illusion. Labels don't matter any more. We have to belong to a Person and be in His Power.


    I groan at the death knell of the flesh but am excited by what is coming:

      "All who make idols are nothing, and the things they delight in do not profit; their witnesses neither see nor know. And so they will be put to shame" (Isa.44:9, NRSV).

    I bid farewell to all of that. I delight only in the Ruach of the Living Davar (Word) and the written Davar (Word) that unfailingly points me to Him. So let us approach Yom haKippurim with emunah (faith), anticipation and eagerness is my prayer in Yah'shua's Name. Amen.


    [1] The proper name has been abbreviated by the rabbis to the singular 'Yom Kippur' or 'Day of Atonement' and obscures the fact that there are five atonements made on this day - for the Cohen Gadol (High Priest), Sanctuary, Tabernacle, Altar and for the Assembly of Israel - see Yom haKippurim 2013: Applying the Five Atonements. It has nothing to do with personal atonement or salvation which belongs to Pesach (Passover) - see Pesach 2013: Passover and the Salvation Message

    [2] Technically there have been 264 popes but Pope Benedict IX served multiple times but with interruptions. Some argue there were 267 pontificates because of Stephen II who was elected but died before being consecrated.

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