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    D7. Morena: The End-Time Antivirgin
    and Mother Goddess

    One of the complexities in identifying demons is that, in accordance with their disposition to subterfuge and deception, they use multiple names depending on the cultures they have manifested in and gained influence over. Morena is no exception. Moreover, the images she projects of herself are so vastly different that one might be tempted to believe that one is dealing with different demons.

    I never enjoy writing about demons. However, for deliverance ministers grappling with them, it is sometimes helpful to have handles to help the victims precisely identify how the demon gained access in the first place. Knowing the grounds of demonisation is the penultimate step to actually expelling them. This was, one supposes, the reason Yah'shua (Jesus) asked the name of Legion (Mk.5:9; Lk.8:30) before expelling them.

    The two main reasons I am writing about this demoness are (a) I have directly encountered her and know something about her, and (b) she occupies a central place in the end-time delusion that all Christians need to know about. She is very high up the demonic heirarchy and holds a powerful grip in the world today. Tracing her history will, additionally, help us understand better Satan's plan for her use at this time. This article, then, is part of the believer's commission to "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them" (Eph.5:11, NKJV).

    La Virgen Morena

    Morena is well and truly entrenched in Christendom, at least in that apostate and heretical part which Scripture describes as the "whore" or "harlot". She is worshipped by millions today as a benevolent, sinless, pure and holy 'mother of God'. If only she were. As we will see, she is found in many non-Christian world religions, which explains the extent of her power over so many people.

    Within Catholic Christendom Morena is known as 'Our Mother' or 'Blessed Virgin Mary' (BVM) though she is, of course, not the real Mary, but the original pagan Wiccan goddess which found refuge in the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) at a time when Wicca was being persecuted and when the Catholic pontiffs were syncretising Christianity and paganism to make their new religion more palatible to the masses. Of all the Catholic heresies, this one is the most dangerous because it has placed one of the consorts of Satan alongside the true Christ. Moves by that institution to make her a co-redemptrix (co-saviour) with Yah'shua (Jesus) must therefore rank as one of the major blasphemies because the demoness Morena is the diametric opposite of what the 'BVM' is supposed to stand for.

    When Mary, the mother of Yah'shua (Jesus), was elevated by the RCC to the position of a virtual goddess, she was named the Virgin of Gualalupe, the dark-faced Madonna, La Virgen Morena, La Virgen Guadalupana, the patroness and protectress of New Spain. She remains the protectress of Indian Mexico. Her idolatrous statues, frescoes and icons appear across the entire Catholic world.

    Some Black Madonnas from France

    In Europe alone there are at least 450 images of her in churches, 272 of which are in France alone (see above), though many more were destroyed during the French Revolution. Some are in private collections, others have been repainted lighter colours so that they are no longer black. The huge Cathedral at Notre Dam in Paris is dedicated to the demoness Morena. Perhaps the most famous Black Madonna is the one in Czestochowa in Poland.

    However, Morena predates the Catholicism that incorporated her. Why was she so readily accepted by the Indians of South and Central America during the time of the Spanish Empire? Because she was already the ancient pagan Aztec goddess Coatlicue of whom an enormous statue existed. Her function in the Aztec system was dual, and was regarded as simultaneously a creator as well as a destroyer. This the reader should bear in mind when we see even earlier manifestations of Morena in Asia. She was known by the Aztecs as 'The Lady of the Skirt of Serpents' or 'Goddess of the Serpent Petticoat'. She bore, in addition, the names Cihuacoatl the ('Serpent Woman'), Tlazolteotl ('Goddess of Filth'), and Tonantzin ('Our Mother'), which was the bridge the Catholics used to join the pagan Aztec goddess to another of Morena's guises in the form of the counterfeit Virgin Mary. In the statue aforementioned, her head is severed from her body, and from the neck flow two streams of blood in the shape of two serpents. She wears a skirt of serpents girded with a belt in the form of a serpent too. On her breast hangs a necklace of human hearts and hands bearing a human skull as a pendant. Her hands and feet are shaped like claws. From the bicephalous mass which takes the place of the head and which represents Omeyocan, the topmost heaven, to the world of the dead extending below the feet, the statue embraces both life and death. Squat and massive like the mother goddess statues of the Middle East, the monumental 12 ton sculpture embodies pyramidal, cruciform, and human forms.

    Morena is, however, much older than the Aztec culture which, as students of history know, was based on a satanic religion involving human sacrifice. The oldest pagan religion on the earth today, surviving as it has over the millennia from pre-flood times, is Hinduism where Morena appears in an earlier form as Kali (see pictures below).

    Kali has many names in Indian literature including Shamashan Kali (the power of destruction). From her mouth flows a stream of blood, from her neck hands a garland of human heads (like Coatlicue's garland of human hearts), and around her waiste is a girdle made of arms. She is worshipped by those who practice Tantric Yoga. Other names include Kalikamata ('black earth-mother') and Kalaratri ('black night'). Her best known temples are in Bengal and Assam.

    As Maha Kali this Indian 'great goddess' is viewed as 20-armed and 10-faced with 3 eyes on each face and is said to have emerged from the dark goddess Durga. As Kala Ratri, tawny-eyed,cruel, and fond of war, she likes to drink blood. Kali is known as the 'night of destruction' and is believed by Hindu tantrics to pervade the whole if the universe. And pervade the psychic realm is precisely what she does as we shall see.

    We have seen how Kali entered ancient Aztec culture and how the Catholic Virgin Mary effortlessly merged with her in Mexico. But where did the Catholic Virgin Mary come from originally? The answer is from other pagan traditions in Europe itself, again viā Kali-worship in India. We find Kali in ancient Crete as Rhea, the Aegean 'universal mother' or 'great goddess' who was worshipped over a vast area by many people. But Rhea was not restricted to the Aegean. She was known as Rha ('The Red One') by the ancient tribes of southern Russia, a version of Kali as 'mother time' clothed in her garment of blood when she devoured all the gods, her offspring. The same 'mother time' became the Celtic goddess Rhiannon, who also devoured her own children one by one. The image of this cannibal mother as 'goddess time' was virtually universal, who consumes what she brings forth. When Rhea was given a consort in the Greek pagan religion, he was called Kronus or Chronos, 'father time', who devoured his own children in imitation of Rhea's earlier activity. He also castrated and killed his own father, the 'heaven god' Uranus, and subsequenrly threatened his own son Zeus. As a result of these myths introduced by demons into pagan cultures, in early cultures kings who were supplanted were always castrated and then killed. It was originally Rhea-Kronia, 'mother time', who wielded the castrating moon-syckle or sickee, a Scythian weapon. This crescent symbol is basic to the occult and satanism and represents male castration, the overturning of Yahweh's Divine Order of Patriarchy by supplanting it with female-rulership (feminism and Jezebelism) in the form of demonesses like Morena and her other namesakes like Rhea. Rhea herself was the 'grim reaper'. Everything that is anti-patriarchal is demonic in origin. And the ultimate feminism is the supplanting of the male god by the female goddess, the foundation of Wicca. If only the Wiccans knew who their 'goddess' really was - one of the vilest, cruelest and blood thirsty demonesses, ever skilled at wearing masks, the ultimate being that of the Virgin Mary.

    Kali appeared in ancient Ireland as Caillech or Cailleach, an old Celtic name for the 'great goddess' in her Destroyer aspect. Like Kali and La Virgen Morena she was a black mother who supposedly founded many races of people and outlived many husbands. She was also a creatress. She built the world, building mountain ranges of stones dropped from her apron.

    Scotland was once called Caledonia, 'the land given by Kali', or Cale, or the Cailleach. 'Scotland' comes from Scotia, the same goddess, known to the Romans as the 'dark Aphrodite', to the Celts as Scatha or Scyth, and to the Svandinavians as Skadi. Like the Hindu destroying goddess Kalika, the Caillech was known as a spirit of disease. One manifestation of her was a famous idol of carved and painted wood, kept by an old family in County Cork, and described as the 'goddess of smallpox'. As diseased persons in India sacrificed to the appropriate incarnation of Kalika, so those infected by smallpox in Ireland sacrificed sheep to this idol. So there is no doubt that Kalika and Cailleach are the same word. According to various interpretations, 'cailleach' meant either an old woman, or a hag, or a nun, or a 'veiled one'. This last apparently referred to the goddess's most mysterious manifestation in the future - fate and death - ever veiled from the sight of men, since no man could ever know the manner of his own death. In mediaeval legend the Cailleach became the 'black queen' who ruled a western paradise in the Indies, where men were used in Amazonian fashion for breeding purposes only, and then slain. Spaniards called her Califia whose territory was rich in gold, silver and gems. It is from this that we get the word 'California', named after Kali and appropriately the most degenerate morally of all the US states. The territorial spirits governing California derive from Morena (Kali).

    The black goddess was known in Finland as Kalma or Kali Ma, a haunter of tombs and an eater of the dead. This same black goddess was worshipped by gypsies as Sara-Kali ('queen Kali') and to this present day Sara Kali is worshipped in southern France at St.Marie-de-la-Mer during a yearly festival.

    Gypsies appeared in 10th century Persia as tribes of itinerent dervishes calling themselves Kalenderees ('people of the goddess Kali'). A common gypsy clan name is still Kaldera or Calderash, descended from past Kali-worshippers, like the Kele-De of Ireland. European gypsies reclocated their goddess in the ancient 'Druid Ghetto' under Chatres Cathedral, once the interior of a sacred mount known as the 'womb of Gaul', when the area was occupied by Carnutes ('children of the goddess Car'). Carnac, Kermario, Kerlescan, Kercado, Carmona in Spain, and Chatres itself were named after this demoness, probably a Celtic version of Kore or Q're traceable through eastern nations to Kauri, another name for Kali. The Druid Grotto used to be occupied by the idol of a black goddess giving birth, similar to certain images of Kali. The Catholics found in this a ready made symbol for the Virgin Mary, and called the idol Virgo Paritura ('virgin giving birth'). Gypsies called her Sara-Kali ('the mother, the woman, the sister, the queen, the Phuri Dai, the sourse of all Romany blood'). They said the black virgin wore the dress of a gypsy dancer , and every gypsy should make a pilgrimage to her grotto at least once in his life. The grotto was described as your 'mother's womb'. A gypsy pilgrim was told, "Shut your eyes in front of Sara the Kali, and you will know the source of the spring of life which flows over our gypsy race". This is the origin of the gypsy religion and racial memories, clearly an ancestor who made a satanic sacrifice in this grotto and cursed his seed thereafter. The gypsies ever since have been ruled by the demoness Kali.

    The Greeks had a word kalli ('beautiful') but applied it to things that were not particularly beautiful such as the demonic centaurs called kallikantzari, relatives of Kali's Asvins. Their city of Kallipolis, the modern Gallipoli, the scene in the Dardanelles in Turkey of a disastreous British defeat in World War I, was centred in myth in Amazon country formerly ruled by Artemis Kalliste, or "Diana of the Ephesians" (Acts 19:28; 19:24). The annual birth festival at Eleusis was Kalligenaia ('coming forth from the beautiful one' or 'coming forth from Kali') .

    The pagan moon-worshipping religion that the Israelites descended into in the wilderness of Sinai, and which is the origin of the violent religion of Islam, also comnects to Kali ... and to Morena. The worshippers of Sīn, the moon-goddess, called themselves kalu. Similar priestesses in Ireland were called 'kelles', from which we get the name Kelly, which meant a hierophantic (priestly) clan devoted to the 'goddess Kele'. This was cognate with the Saxon Kale, or Cale, whose lunar calendar or kalends included the spring month Sproutkale, when 'mother earth' (Kale) put forth new shoots. In antiquity the Phoenicians referred to the Strait of Gibraltar as Calpe, because it was considered the passage to the western paradise of the 'mother goddess'.

    And as we have seen already, the 'mother goddess' was carried into a counterfeit Christianity called Roman Catholicism (and its Eastern Orthodox offshoot) as 'mother Mary', depicted as a Black Madonna.

    Countefeit Christianity and Mother Worship

    The 'mother goddess' claims in most myths to be the cause and affect of everything, blasphemously usurping the place of the One and Only Father-God, Yahweh-Elohim. This false mother goddess is not only the foundation of the occult, Wicca, Satanism and all false religion, but also of the harlot counterfeit, the Roman Catholic Church, where the mother of Yah'shua (Jesus) is blasphemously called the 'mother of God' (see The New Covenant and the Virgin Mary).

    The demoness Morena has been especially active in the last few decades to bring the Roman Catholic Church and her surreptitiuous worship to prominence again following her defeat at the time of the Protestant Reformation when Mariolatry was rightly condemned. Morena wants her former followers back, or at the their descendants. This has been done by a strong ecumenical drive to try and recapture the Protestant denominations for Rome. This is being done in many different ways and is far advanced, reflecting the '10 faces' of Kali, some of which we shall be looking at.

    12 December is the Roman Catholic feast day in honour of 'Our Lady of Guadaloupe' with perhaps as many as 2 million or more people making a pilgrimage to Mexico in her honour in 1996. About 10 million pilgrims visit her shrine each year making it the most visited Catholic site in the world, second only to the Vatican itself.

    But what is the true source of all this adoration from the Catholic faithful?

    There have, of late, been many supernatural manifestations of 'Mary'. There are literally hundreds of them (often, incidentally, accompanied by UFO sitings), most famous of which are those that took place at Fatima (Portugal), Lourdes (France), Guadalupe (Mexico), and Medjugorje (Yugoslavia) ... neartly all seen by girls or adult women, incidentally. All kinds of purported 'revelations' have come from Morena disguised as the mother of the Saviour. Some people flock to these sites and experience physical healing. But then, remember, healing is also performed by satanists, mediated by demons, in order to win loyalty.

      "Many of these alleged Marian apparitions also speak prophetically of future events or chastisements that will occur if Catholics do not heed the warnings given. This is necromancy, attempting to consult the dead about the future, which is clearly forbidden by scripture. I do not think all these apparitions are hoaxes, and I know that it is not Mary. That leaves Satan, or one of his demons, as the only explanation for these apparitions, and Catholics very clearly are giving heed to these seducing spirits. And then on top of this, there are all the bleeding statues, stigmata, weeping icons, and on, and on" (Michael Scheifler, Bible Light Homepage)

    Catholic Truth for Youth, says:

      Page 67 - In front of the palm of Our Lady's right hand was a heart encircled with thorns which pierced it. We understand that this was the Immaculate Heart of Mary, outraged by the sins of humanity, and that she wanted reparation.

      Page 86- Mary had only ONE Child and that Child was Jesus. Thus, she was and remains the ever-virgin Mother of Our Lord and Savior. After her Divine Son, Mary enjoys the highest place in the Church because she did God's will perfectly and never committed the slightest sin. She was even exempt from original sin, which all the other children of Adam inherit. When she died, Mary's body and soul were taken to heaven. (This is what is meant by the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.) From her beautiful throne, the Mother of God continues to love and pray for all her children still living on earth.

      Page 89- When Pope Paul VI announced that a Golden Rose would be sent to the Sanctuary at Fatima, he also stated that he intended to entrust the entire human race to the care of the Mother of God.

    From the Catholic booklet Questions and Answers about Mary, Page 15, we read:

      11. Why does the Church render liturgical devotion to Mary?

      The Church renders liturgical devotion to Mary because Mary is joined by an inseparable bond to the saving work of her Son, which is made present in the liturgy.

      The liturgy make present Christ's paschal mystery (his life, death, and resurrection), enabling us to render fitting worship to God and to obtain the graces of Christ gained for all human beings. It is only right to show liturgical devotion to Mary, since she is joined inescapably to the saving work being represented.

    This is pure devilry. There is no 'inseparable bond' between Mary and Yah'shua (Jesus) but there is a myth which originally came from Babylonia, where all false religion began (and spread out across the world such as India) which declares that there is an inseparable bond between the mother goddess Semiramis and her son Nimrod because she 'married' him in an incestuous union. Virtually all the pagan notions that have found there way into Christianity viā Roman Catholicism, including Mary worship, come from this time (see Alexander Hislop, The Two Baylons, Chick Publications, P.O.Box 3500, Ontario, CA 91761-1100, USA or write to [email protected] - this book is essential reading for all Christians who want to know the historical-pagan/occultic origins of the Roman Catholic Church).

    Incest is part and parcel of raw satanism though it is shrouded in a veil of legitimacy and purity in the Catholic system of Mary worship. The worship of Mary is no different from worhipping the pagan mother goddess, and to be precise, the demoness Morena.

    The 'whore' nature of Catholicism is revealing itself as never before in out mordern age as the current Pope, John Paul II, advances a one world religion agenda in accepting the legitimacy of all world religions. In truth, the pagan aspect of Catholicism is merely returning to its roots, just as Europe and other post-Christian nations are returning to theirs. The whole world is sliding like an avalanche into the original mother-worship of HECATE (see Hecate: Origin and History of the Queen Demoness and The Traps of Hecate and Salvation in Yah'shua).

    Satanists are going to a great deal of trouble through ritual abuse and demonisation of victims to present a series of fake 'reincarnations' of old goddesses possessing considerable psychic-demonic power to the world to convince sleeping Christians and gullible pagans that the 'old religion' (paganism) is the true one, supposedly antedating the Biblical faith, as well as being possessed of power. Morena fugures strongly in this. Moreover, the fact that she is universally present in all pagan religions, as we have seen, as well as being in the largest 'Christian' (so-called) denomination - Roman Catholicism - is paving the way for the antichrist One World Religion in which she will come to prominence for a while before being destroyed by the end-time Beast (Rev.17:6). The Bible foretells all of this.

    The Catholic Church is a major pawn in the end-time delusion. She will briefly rise to prominence again before being extinguished by her own master.


    Do not be deceived - Morena, Kali, and the Catholic 'Virgin Mary' are one and the same, and all the manifestations of 'Mary' are, in fact, Morena or one or her minions. Morena is scheduled to make at least one more dramatic manifestation in the Roman Catholic Church again and probably many more in other places amongst the devotees of the occult, satanism and devil-worship, not to mention heads of state and other important people in the world system, through one or more victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. This victim, heavily demonised and fractured through horrendous physical and sexual abuse, they are calling the reincarnation of the pagan goddess Astarte (Ashtoreth, Ashtaroth, Ishtar), the Canaanite mother goddess of fertility, love amd war (1 Kings 11:5). The cult of Astarte was depraved in the extreme and one of the reasons Yahweh ordered the extermination of the Canaanite peoples. The Israelite failure to carry out this commandment faithfully was to have dire consequences for them and at length turned to this pagan worship shortly after arriving in Canaan (Jdg.2:13; 10:6). It was particularly rife in the time of Samuel (1 Sam.7:3-4). The cult centre, active in the days of Abraham, was located about 20 miles to the east of the Sea of Galilee, was known as Ashtoreth-Karnai, and was later the capital of Og, king of Bashan (Dt.1:4). Interestingly, it was allotted to the territory of Manasseh (Josh.13:31), the forefather of the modern USA where goddess worship is more developed than anywhere else in the world today and which many contemporary American prophetic voices are specifically identifying as the end-time Babylon the Great.

    There is, however, no such thing as reincarnation and when great psychic and other powers manifest in victims as well as voluntary practitioners of the occult and other dark arts it is because of the demons in them. Morena is one such demon, posing as a non-existant 'goddess' going back many millennia. I know how satanists perpetrate this illusion (though they are themselves deluded for the most part and believe most of the lies their demonic masters tell them).

    The power of Morena and all other demons, including Satan himself, is, however, nothing compared with that of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) about whom demons tell their satanist dupes that He is either dead or weak. However, "... the Devil and Satan ... deceives the whole world" (Rev.12:9, NKJV). For "the devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever" (Rev.20:10, NKJV). It will happen and nothing satanists say or believe will alter that fact. And if they don't repent, they will join Satan in that ghastly place, along with Morena and the billions of other demons who are infesting our world thanks to the rebelliousness of man.

    For those satanists reading this article, know that there is a way out for you, no matter how much evil you have done. It is certainly better than going the way of the father of lies:

      "[Satan] was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it" (John 8:44, NKJV).

    Whatever power you may currently have will be short-lived and you will be left destitute. The devil hates your guts and means to leave you nothing when he is finished with you. Whatever you have received from him now you will not retain long.

    Why not seek for the power of eternal life and live for ever in a state of blessedness and happiness?

      "Yah'shua (Jesus) said ... 'I am the way, the truth, and the life'" (John 14:6, NKJV).

    This page was created on 9 August 2004
    Last updated on 10 August 2004

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