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Month 7:19, Week 3:4 (Revee/Shavu'ot), Year:Day 5939:197 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50,
USA Judgment - Day #T-8, Global Judgment - Day #T-95
Gregorian Calendar Friday 2 October 2015
Sukkot V 2015
Into the Torus of a New Reality

    Continued from Part 4


    Chag sameach Sukkot mishpachah - welcome to the fifth day of the Feast of Tabernacles.


    May we begin by lifting up our praises to the One Elohim (God) who saw us in our mother's womb (Ps.139:13-16), to the One Elohim (God) who knew our fathers' and mothers' circumstances of the home in which we were ordained to grow up, to the One Elohim (God) who knew the schools we would attend and the neighbourhoods in which we would live. We praise the Elohim (God) who gave us the ability to survive and who walked with us through good times and bad, who gave us protecting malakim (angels) and taught us the skills so that we might live (Ps.91:11). We thank Him that he chose us before the foundation of the world to be where we are today, who taught us how to be qadosh (set-apart, holy) and to be without blame before Him in ahavah (love).

    No matter where you are in this spiritual adventure with Him, young or old, hestitantly or boldly, you are growing and learning so that you might exercise emunah (faith) in all circumstances, familiar and unfamiliar, in restfulness and in great danger. We acknowledge - because we are aware - the diffulties of the times and of our great dependent need of His grace. He has cried with us when we have cried, and He has laughed with us when we have laughed. He has grieved with us when we were misunderstood and treated unfairly, and He has wrapped us in His pinions when we were persecuted. He has watched and waited patiently these many years, waiting for us to make Yah'shua (Jesus) our Master (Lord) and Deliverer (Saviour). And to as many who received His Son He has given power, the right and the toqef (authority) to become His sons and daughters (Jn.1:12). He longed then, and longs now, for our fellowship in sweet communion, to make spiritual boys into spiritual men, and spiritual girls into spiritual women. He wishes to be known by us even as we ourselves with to be known.

    Your survival strategies are almost certainly different from mine. Some were kosher (clean) and have been blessed, and others were not and must be unlearned because they are an impediment to your growth. Some have moved far down the Davar (Way), some have crawled slowly and some have stopped altogether, uncertain whether to go on or to return from whence they came. And yet others have made the fateful choice to return to the fleshpots of Egypt, abandoning their inheritance. You know people in every category. And you know some who have chosen Satan as their sovereign and who are in great bondage who harrass and persecute the children of Elohim (God). All are where they are because that is where they choose to be. We are none of us spiritually prisoners of our circumstances, and one of the greatest favours we can do ourselves is to acknowledge this emet (truth) and to stop making excuses. You can no longer choose this harmful luxury of making excuses, it is not an option in the tribulation that is on the doorsteps. Those who perish will perish because they chose to perish but they will attempt to blame you.

    Do not receive their lies or accusations, do not own them in any way, but rise above them, speaking the emet (truth) plainly in ahavah (love). You already know who you are in Messiah and need no one to tell you who you are not. Warn them soberly and urgently for their very souls are imperiled. However you survived and came to be where you are today, whether you chose to survive in the right or wrong way, know that as far as the latter is concerned, that the shalom (peace) of Yahweh can change the regrets and wounds of the past into thanksgiving and praise. We do not deny our sufferings of the past, and if we have responded to them in purity, then they are recorded in all eternity as a testimony of our love of Elohim (God). But understand this also - if we have suffered and chosen to respond in sin. Know that there is no glory to be had in this, and never will be, and that the best thing you can do is simply repent and hand everything to Yah'shua (Jesus) and move on. Do not become a prisoner of the past. The past is dead. We live for the present and for the tiqveh (hope) in the promises He has given us.

    Before we move on in this next stage of our journey - whether you are in the Ark ahead of the crowd or lagging behind because of carelessness or indecision - now is the time to seek resolution, obtain wholeness and offer up praises and thankgiving. Therefore, Father, we come before you on this fifth day of Sukkot (Tabernacles) in this voluntary assembly, in the Name of Yah'shua (Jesus), and join in with the heavenly host in making a joyful noise to You, to serve You with gladness and to come into Your presence with a singing heart of simcha (joy). We shed off the serpent-skin of offences and self-pity, of anger and irritation, and of all that is not qadosh (holy, set-apart), for we know we cannot worship You with these burdens of sinful attitudes. We acknowledge the past for what it has been but we choose to no longer walk in it, but only in the Eternal Now with the tiqveh (hope) of what is to come in that Final Sukkot (Tabernacles) to which we aspire with much longing and anticipation.

    We come first of all to recognise and proclaim that You are Elohim (God), that it is You who made us, and not ourselves, nor some impersonal cosmic force that randomly gathered stardust and formed us over millions of years. We were created in our spirits even as our parents created us in the flesh, and our father Adam was created by Your own Hand, and His wife, Eve. We own neither the philosophy or men nor the religions of the devil. We are therefore Yours. We are Your people and the sheep of Your pasture. We wish to feed nowhere else. Therefore we enter Your gates with thanskiving, presenting offerings of gratitude in place of serpent-words of complaint. We enter into Your courts with praise! We are thankful for what we have and what You have done for us. We are thankful for our shalom (peace) and simcha (joy), and we delight to say so often and without reservation. So we bless and affectionately praise Your Name, Yahweh! For you are good, and Your mercy and loving-kindness endure for ever. You are everlasting and our safety is always in that. Your faithfulness and emet (truth) endure to all generations. Therefore it is a wodnerful and delightful thing to give thanks to You, El Elyon, Most High One!

    We ask you today that by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) that you perfect the fruit of our lips so that Your harvest of us may be qadosh (holy, set-apart). Help us to draw thanksgiving from our deepest and most innermost spiritual resources. Reach down, Father, into the most secret places of our heart as the bee draws nectar from the deepest parts of the flower, that our thanksgiving may be substantial and not mere devarim (words) but of the innermost being. Help us resist superficiality in our worship.

    Thank you for our parents who gave us life. Thank you for the victories and achievements which we have experienced in spite of our hurts - the bruises and the abuses that boxed us, and cut us and shattered us when we were small children. You used them for good even though Satan intended them for our destruction. You prepared us to listen to the inner voice of your Ruach (Spirit). Thank you for Your patience, Your long-suffering, and Your grace which is teaching us to trust ourselves and others. Thank you for chayim (life) - chayim (life) in all its multi-faceted abundance.

    It was You who gave us the desire to pray and we are grateful for our prayer closets where we meet to commune. We thank You for Your Davar (Word) which You have preserved faithfully down through the ages. We do not always understand it perfectly but we know You will give us the understanding when we need it. We know the devil hates Your Davar (Word) and seeks to destroy it. But we shall be faithful to it, according to our Shavu'ot (Weeks) Covenant.

    Thank you for resurrection chayim (life) which fills us with such delight and excitement. We are grateful to be alive at such a time as this, great though the challenges are. We know that You will lead is victorious through it as we are true, faithful and obedient.

    Thank you for past and present relationships. We learn from those who oppose us and from those who are for us. You have taught us to recognise our strengths and weaknesses. You have given us discernment and spiritual understanding. For these things we express our undying appreciation. Your are our Father and we are Your children, loved by You fully and without reserve. We rejoice in You, Father, and give thanks at the remembrance of Your holiness. We are overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb and by the devarim (words) of our testimonies. In Yah'shua's (Jesus') Name. Amen.


    Wicked Leaders and Latest Massacre in Oregon

    Brethren and sisters, it seemed right to me that we should begin today with thanksgiving before we return to the very serious and deadly matter of the impending judgment of the United States and of the world. In a matter of weeks you will be in no doubt that what Yahweh has been directing me to share with you is true as the combination of wickedness reveals itself even more starkly in the blood-soaked hands of those men who claim to represent the people. Their hour is soon over. You have probably heard of the latest massacre of students in a community college in Roseburg, Oregon by a Moslem fanatic. We know of 13 dead and 20 injured so far. We know who is responsible for this and we have seen yet again how Obama has exploited this to demand gun control. All of this is to be brought to judgment and all the other élite-sponsored murders over the years. Our latter-day Cyrus, Vladimir Putin, is now fully exposing Obama and that fact that He established ISIS.

    David Cameron Turns on Obama?

    Even Obama's allies, who are up to their necks in blood too, are turning against him. As Obama tries to pin religious extremism on all faiths, the intended target being Christianity, so other élitists, fearing what is coming, have now apparently started opposing him publicly. Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday:

      "Barack, you are quite right, that every religion has its extremists, but we have to frank that the biggest problem we have today is the Islamist extremist violence that has given birth to ISIL, to Al Shabaab, to Al Nusra, Al Qaieda and so many other groups. We need to challenge the extremist worldview right from the start. What does that mean? In Western countries it means we have to root out the extremists' preachers that are poisoning the minds if young Muslims in our country."

    Élitist Buzz-Words

    Do not suppose that Cameron is repenting of his Illuminism. This is damage control as Putin and others expose what the Cabal is actually doing. His real agenda remains unambiguously the same and you must become aware of the élite buzz-words if you don't already know them. The fact that Cameron appears to be attacking Obama should not deceive you into believing that he is suddenly 'one of us'. They are all crooks. He goes on:

      "We have to build more integrated societies (ed. making everyone think the same way) so young people feel they truly belong (ed. to us, the state). And we have to make sure that we don't allow the incubation of an extremist worldview even before it gets to justifying violence (ed. by brainwashing the people with Illuminist ideals - more control). We've got to get it out of our schools. Get it out of our prisons. Get it out of the universities. I believe in freedom of speech (ed. lie, he has been trying to gag reporters and Christianity). But freedom to hate (ed. as defined by Illuminist political correctness) is not the same thing." [1]

    The Good Cop-Bad Cop Game Again

    You have to understand the double-talk of these wicked men. Do not be deceived. Both Obama and Cameron are puppets. They are victims and they are not victims because they have free will. They know what they are doing. They serve the same masters. And the demonic powers that steer their masters view them as mere canon fodder to be used and disposed of when it is convenient for them. These people set up the Islamic religious extremists themselves and Putin is exposing them, though you will find no reports of it in the Western mainstream media. These people created a monster to destabilise uncooperayive nations like Syria so that they could control their oil wealth - they have set their stooges against one another in a good-cop, bad-cop fashion, counting on the stupidity of the sheeple to take sides. Yet they manipulate and control both sides. Obama and Cameron projected a front of unity to begin with, but now they are playing new rôles in order to deceive the people to retain power in the face of political reversals.

    Becoming Cunning and Wise as Serpents

    The Remnant must be as wise as serpents, knowing how the enemy works, whilst at the same time being as harmless as doves. We are called to be watchmen, discerning the times, exposing the deceptions and lies of the Enemy. Why? For the sake of believers who are sucked into these deceptions and lies, that they might not be overwhelmed but saved. We have much to do still.

    Stepping Up to Our Responsibilities

    In the meantime we have much to do. We have to be at the cutting edge of discernment, revelation and prophecy. It is the responsibility of all the Remnant to be thus connected, and not to shirk away from the responsibilities laid on its shoulders. Yes, certain men and women will, as it were, be 'specialised' in these gifts and devote more time to them than those who are not, but all must be able to hear and be willing to listen to the Ruach (Spirit) with great attention. This is not a time to go playing in the fields on the side of the Derech (Way). This is a time to wake up and to step up to the Master and accept responsibilities we might not otherwise believe we were capable of receiving. But that is the point. None of us are remotely capable in our own flesh anyway. Our capability derives exclusively from our emunah (faith) in, and obedience to, Yah'shua (Jesus).

    Vision of the Giant Wave

    Now to share with you what I promised yesterday. Two nights ago I awakened in the middle of the night to see this great wave - a dark wave - poised to break over the world. It was a powerful one and it will overwhelm those who are unprepared and uncovered. It will break forth across the world and into the courtyard of the qodeshim (saints), and upon the disobedient qodeshim (saints) still there because they refused to consecrate themselves and enter - or remain in - the Sanctuary. But it will break over those who are in the Sanctuary and leave them unharmed. Yahweh is our shield

    Vision of the Zero's: The Resetting

    Then I saw a vision and in the field of vision I saw dozens of zeros ('0's) swarming around, and I heard a voice say: "The Resetting".

    The Apple and the Torus

    And then a final vision opened, this time of an apple - the top of a red apple to be exact, and the stem where it was formerly attached to a branch of an apple tree - and I saw that it was the north pole of a torus [2] and that I was being drawn into the north pole of this torus, represented by the apple, and down the central shaft that links it to the southern pole. And I understood that not only I, but all of us, and all our surroundings - our entire solar system, in fact, are passing through it also.

    The Nature of the Judgment

    I need to spend a little time explaining this to you. The giant wave is the tribulation about to be unleashed on America and its wicked leaders as well as the whole West and the whole world. This is not a local judgment that is to be executed, though it will begin in the heart of the American Babylon and spread. It will touch different nations differently depending on the amount of wickedness and corruption there in. And as I have said before, the destruction and anarchy will be uneven, which is why you must listen to the Ruach (Spirit) and be in the right place at the right time with all your physical preparations and be prepared to ride this out for 1-2 years. Again I cannot say how many years' worth of supplies you will need because every area will vary, depending on many circumstances. But my counsel remains: have enough for a minimum of one year - I am counting on two.

    Explaining the Reset

    The vision of the zero's connects with the vision of the apple torus. You have probably heard about the expected economic 'reset' on the alternative media but my impression is that this 'resetting' is much, much bigger. Certainly a financial 'resetting' is imminent though whether this will be through financial collapse or through systematic downgrading of currency value by banks in one or more steps I cannot say. We will know soon enough. It will in part depend on the outcome of the contest between our contemporary Cyrus and the sons of perdition in the élites. What Yahweh wishes us to understand is that everything is about to change, including the make-up of physical matter itself and the way we interact with it in our spirits.

    Structure of the Universe

    The apple was designed by Yahweh to represent the structure not only of the universe but of galaxies, stars, planets, atoms and living beings like ourselves (see diagram below). Secular scientists view the galaxy as an expanding sphere based on the erroneous 'Big Bang' theory which does not include a Creator in its assumptions. Yahweh built the universe like an apple - the technical word is a torus - with a north and south pole. I am sure you can see the resemblance to a magnetic field. Magnets are fascinating things to play about and you can learn much about us and our universe. We too are arranged with a north pole (our head) and a south pole (procreative area) and there is an electro-magnetic field around us generated by the structure of the physical body. One of the reasons we are so sick is because of all the electro-magnetic waves impinging upon us from a variety of electrical devices.

    Pole Shift

    To cut a very long story short (because this is a large subject requiring a lot of physics) our entire solar system, including ourselves, is undergoing an enormous physical and psychic change as we dip below the galactic equator of the Milky Way and enter its southern half. This necessitates a change of polarity of our star, planets and creatures to meet the new conditions. So we are accelerating at increasing speed through the centre of the 'apple' and will emerge with a reversed polarity. How long this will take I have no idea though it is my current belief that we will not be 'through' until the Second Coming, but I could be wrong. The vision indicated that we were close to the north pole. Our own planet will change with a flipping of the magnetic poles.

    The New Age Version of Events

    Some of you may have read a lot of hype about this in New Age circles which they equate with spirituality, evolution, enlightenment, evolution, the creating of a new spiritual man, and much other nonsense. New Agers have been ahead of Christians in the curve of awareness of this phenomenon but have no clue how this realtes to spirituality. It will affect our psychic sensitivities but not our spirirituality which is a function of our relationship with Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and nothing else. The planet is in upheaval because of this cosmic 'resetting' and we see it in the confusion in nature which relies on the magnetic field of the earth for navigation. It also affects our biochemistry, our hormones and other chemo-regulators. In this huge time of change our relationship to Yah'shua (Jesus) becomes all the more important.

    Yah'shua and the Reset

    So if you have been going experiencing mental obfuscation and and illness, this may possibly be one of the causes. However, we are not helpless victims in all of this. Yahweh is the Creator and the Ruach (Spirit) also mediates the electric and magnetic fields around our bodies. Surrender to Yah'shua (Jesus) will be, and remains, the main thing.

    Vision of the Burning Hexagram

    This morning I saw a vision at 06:57 this morning of a giant hexagram (the so-called 'Star of David') that was on fire, about a third of it having already been consumed. In each triangle and in the central hexagon of the interlaced star were occultic symbols. The fire was raging. And as I watched the vision, I heard a voice saying, "Mystery Babylon!" (Rev.17:5). The meaning of this should be self-evident. The current élites are burning but like Hitler they will try to take as many down with them as they can and don't care who or what perishes. Russia has already seized the initiative in Syria and has dealt a heavy blow to ISIS already. Pray for grace and mercy in this Judgment


    May Yahweh our Elohim (God) bless and keep you all. We pray for the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones) in America on whose country heavy blows are soon to fall, and for the qodeshim in Europe where similar things will follow. Amen. Endnotes

    [1] England Prime Minister Publicly Humiliates Obbama for World To See
    [2] A ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle about a coplanar line that does not intersect the circle


    [1] Germaine Copeland, Prayers That Avoil Much (Harrison House, Tulsa, Oklahoma: 1999)

    Continued in Part 6

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